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Published Every Wednevltty it,
2'E RMS--13 AL F-ANCE.
Ono Copy one year, - - $ a 00
Ivo "" "" "" - - - .211)
on t " " - . 2r5i)
Lefler from Ex -Governer i1er'y.
To the E.litor of the Newa s0
I concur most heartily with you
in your co)ntroversy with the Green
Ville Jaily NVews, as to the organi
zation of the democratic party for
the purpose of running a straight
ticket at oar next election. In my
opinion it would be folly to (o so.
Tho only question at issue now in
South Carolina is reform, and an
honest admninistrati on of the govern
mont. All who are in favor of lion
esty, light taxes and economical ex
pendituro of public money, whether
republicans or democrat s, white or
colored, should unite in purging thmo
Logislature and our public olpices of
roguery, corruption and incompe
tency. There is nothing else worthy
of enteinug into the Canvass next fall
for State officers, conuty oflicers an(1
minmbers of the legislature. If I
thu(Ight a Republicain, white or
colored4, more"0 honest aml m1)1Dore
coseiitC(ent thanl .1 lealnoeat.. I sho uldt
cerLainly vote for him. ldotwitlhstanld
ink; my stronlg life long DmiOocrat iel
feelings and principles.
In the last election I opposed
' Governor Chmnberlain with all my
inflnence, lecauso . I thought he
would sustain and oeu(oura'.o his
party in their corruption andt dis
honesty, in their .oppressive taxation
and extravagant expelditmre of the
lpublic mYoniey. I now cheerflly
confess that in1 all this I was ic..
taken, an( that his alminiistrv pion
Hats bean honest, wise and patriotic,
as far as it was possible for hint to
m;iake it such.
If Governor Chanilerlan contin
lCs to pursue the course lie hats
done for the last twelve months, I
.tItink it would be exceedingly unwise
and ungrateful for the party to op
pose 1,is ro election. It is si11(1 thlat
m1:mny of his appointien: s have been
hol1, anld this lie could not well
itviid when lhe had to make from his
own party and sup 'porters in tihe
lce'ioni. Ii -lppo : oCed, as he oughSlt
to be, in the next election by the
democratic party and the hone-t
portion of the republican party, he
will have a wider and better field
to select from.
I think the great mass of the
colored people are beginning to see
th:tt they aro in no way belefited
by electing corrupt men to oflice
having heavy taixes to pay. If the
white people will purseailc liberal
policy towards them, my impressin
is they woubl discard the scoiundireis
who have govei ned them since their
emancipation, by making them be
liye that they were in danger of
being thrown back into slavery, or
having their political rights taken
from them.
It is urged by thlose who arc in
.favor of a straight Demoeratic
ticket, that no (3canf, by pr'oper ex
rtion, trilfimph ini South GJSirolinai, as
the dlemnocrat~ic party uits ono in
IMississippi, Alabonaii iind Geor~igia.;
I The y should riemiiiber that wVe
haiv( a, largor~ colored nuhjoist~y in
South Carolina to ovec'come i han
they had inl any of those States.
TJhety should likewise consider that
sutch ai course wouhl only tend to
keetp the c!olored people imiitedu,
nuder their unin)Vfciled~ leadlers.
Instead of dleclaring to thiem that
we are determined to knock them
down and destroy them as a party,
wo shouhld say to theii, uie with
uin reformmng thu government, and
govrnmenit wvhen reforme-1.
They03 wvho aire in favor orfi'riumph1
ing over the nrijority of thirty or
forty then'sand colored volters, as
they did in Mississippi, shoul have
commnencedl their policy soonier, and
do torminied not to Oml)oy or patro
nlizo those wvho wouldl not vote with
them. TJhcre is no( obligation in
morals or p)olicy on a man to keep
in his eumployment, or' parnz in
any way, one who steals from 1im
or enalbles others to steal from him
and( opproess h im.
You aro right in leaving it with
ea~ch county ini the Staito to pursuo
in the next elections thme course which1
the county nmay thiink most advisable
C harleston has acted wisely in this
respiet, ando the~ Sifate lhas p)rofited
by her wise policy.woiisggl
In conclhsion, Iwol net
that thoro shioul be a Conven hon by
dolegates of all who are, in favor of
Governor Cihamuberlain's policy of
hainig an honiest St a to governmmen t,
light taxes, comnpetent and hmones.
oiCulrs, and1( an economical expenidi
ture of public moneys. Let this
sconiventioni be composed of both
pa rties and let them nct se(para(tely,
as parties, in making aLlI their nlomi
natijons anud laying down a platform
for both parties to stand on in the
next campaign. The nomnees and
* .thie platform to be adopted by both
parties as a compromis. I lmake
this suggestiori for your considlera
tion and tha6 of the p~eople of
the Sato. .. .'. P7,nny,5
A Lady Torn to Pieces by Fero
cious Dogs.
The people of Natchez were, -on
Sunday morning last, shocked be
yond description by the announce
mont that Mrs. James Fagan, an es
tinable and industrious lady of this
city, in humble life, had been, at a
quarter to nine o'clock that morning,
attacked by threo forocions dogs,
And so torn and manged that her
death was imminent. 4
This announconenU Was first niado
in St. Mary's Cathedral at the ton
o'clock mass by Very Rev. Father
Grignon, who had just boon notified
and 'yas about proceeding to admin
ister to the poor lady the sacraments
of the Catholic Church, of which she
was a member.
The announcem'not of her death,
which occurred at about 1 o'clock,
was so horrifying, so sad, so painful,
that-very few, if any, could reclize its
import. It was almost impossible
to realize that, in almost the very
heart of the city, in the broad glare
of a Sunday morning's day, a hu
man being had been set upon and
destroyed by dogs before assistance
could reach her.
And yet it was all true, and one
of those strange truths. st.tangor far
than fiction, which nothing can re
concile and yet nothing render less
Mrs. Fagan was an humble, indus
triouis, anid Iharclworking woman,
wife of Mr. Jamu;es Fagan and mother
of a family consisting of two girls
and one boy. The family resided
at the eastern end of Stato street,
next neighbors to Mr. Win. Abbott.
On Sunday morning, her cow not
living retlurnecd in hike tiime, shio went
in the direction of the bayou, just
beod her re.ideneo, to look for the
At about a quarter after nine
o'clock the harking of several dogs,
mingled with scremuns, were heard in
the neighborhood of the bayou, he
tweeni Mr- Gastrell's residence on
Hlonochitto street, ind the late resi
deuce of Gen. Clark (Itouthland). in
an easterly direction. 1In a few mini
uites a colored boy, nm11ne not known
to (.s, employed! by Mr.' H. C. Euns
tis, wh(o was attatctal by the b:ark
mg and sr'ronming, )assed aiong.
lif loochi tto stred., Comling towards
town, and crying ou nt tlhalt ia woman
had lcen al!t esit.e'1n u1p by dogs,
ieoiignazttimg at thIle Suae time the
location. 'Thee boy, whenl l o reached
Mr. Eustis, decribed )to him what he
had wit mssed. Hie said lie had been
attracted by the screamiis, and going
to hie spot, found ia iday (Mrs. F.,)
in a (tfall or galley of the bayou,
her head ontl being out of the water
it ('on taimed and her body submerged,
and three dogs, which he dct:eribed,
ferociously biting and tearing at
hior'i: he lad, on seeing the situation,
driven th dlogs away, for some dis
tance, midut imvin g don so camiie to
notify Mr. Euistia and get help.
Mi. E u:hstis, imrnaediately after
hearing theo boy's narraltion, proce'ea
oil to the spot. Thoro ho found
poo' M. Fagan, submerged, as we
hav LOsaid,-in them water of the gn11y,
upi to heri neck, and her fa~ce (all then
visile above the waiter), most ho0111
bly laemrated'i, the dogs havinig evi
dently nmade a iimst furious attoehy
numd taken out wh~i~o piece~s of flosh.
imis was prlobaly about twciity
mmuIl Ites after tihe dogs had dono-0
the(ir dradLfl work. When Mr-.
Euis ~Jpoposed to help the poor('
womaen out of thme water, she wvithi
hereo ii modesty, diselosed the horri
ble0 woirk thme dogs hadl done, saying
to h~mihu r. Ei.,) that the dogs had
stippled the clothing from her per-~
soin, anid requnesting Mr. Euistis to
get a shawl or blamket to cover lher
before she should :gut out of tihe
wanter. What agonizing torture she
must hav-ie ondu11red in this assertion
of lher modesty can only be imagined
whion'it is known that, after Mr.
EustLis had sont to Mr. H. M. Gas
trelfs house (the nearest to the
sceo~,) and got a blaniket, and she
had beeun taken to Mr. Gasmtroli''s
houso5, to die, as thei sequel0 proved,
from licr terrible wvoundp, despite
erey anttention on) thin par't ot Mr'.
uandl Mris. Glastroll and the nministrai
tions~ of some of'thie best phmysiciansn
D)rs. Metealfo and .MePhieeters, it
wais foundi that not only the poor
wonlum'ks face had hoon~ torni to) pices,
limbs had been almnost stipped ' of
flesh, and yet shie lay -there in thc
watemr, this poor, bleodinig, lacer Lted
woman, a nmrtyr to most exerucia..
tinig ag~ony, for the sake of womanly
Mril. (astroll, 2Mr. Eiustis mind 'oth
iir' look the p~bOr wormani to Mr.
Glastrell's residenice, and there, be
fore two o'clock, afteria ifvinig receivedl
the last sacramminits oi her church,
she died. About the spot where she
h ad hmeon discoveredl andl rose ued,
alats I too hate, were found evidences
of a most fear ful conitest betwooen
the p)oor victim and the ferocious
dogs. Heri shiawl, stripis of her
cliing, of which slhe had been al
miost en ti rely denmuded, and giloat
picos of flesh from almost overgi
parit of her body, woro( found within
a shmort distance of the place, scat..
I red in every direcioin.
Gentlemen who afterwards went
to thme scene of the terrible tragedy,
tracked the (logs up the right b.anh
of the bayou for a contilerab .~ di~
taca- - - -;
The boy who 'tiist came np on o
sceno describes the dogs as a white
spotted bull dog, a black dog with
long hair, and wo hear that Mrs. Fa
gun herself, who never lost con
sciotusness front thg finding of her to
her death, coiciuts kith. the boy ex
actly in the description.
It has not yet, at this writing,
(half-past ten o'clock p. in ,) been as
certainod whose dogs they wore that
did this terrible deed, but the whole
police force was yesterday engaged
in searching and trying to identify
them, so they could be killed.
On Sinday there was a rumor
among ot1-s, that the dogft were
Mr. M. H. Gastrell's, but those who
brought Mrs. F. from the scone to
Mr. Gastroll's (whore she died), saw
IMr. Gastrell's dogs in his yard, a
few moments af the occurrence, and
Mr. Eustis' boy who drove tho dogs
off says they bore no resemblando to
any of Mr. Gastrll's dogs. One
of them is a large dog, and that one,
indeed all of them, were quiet, cloan,
and enclosed, as they worokept, and
none answering the descriptions
given. Mr. Fagan himself, the be
reavod husband, having investigated,
is satisfie( that Mr. Gastrell's dogs
had nothing to do with it.
Since writing the above we have
seen Mr. Eustis himself ; ho tells us
that the boy left his residence at
about half past eight o'clock, to take
somtlo cows over to G(en. CTark's
1to u tilhmdvl place, that on the way ho
heard the dogs amid lokiig in that
dilCetion saw Mis. iFa;an 's hand I
)eiig pilled to all hither by them
that the hoy then cate to hiam (giv
img the alarm along the way), tnd
told him, it. Eustis, that he dogs
were eating !b womanit~ up1." Mr11.
Eustis haistened1 to the plarn indiea
ted and there und A irs. Fagan
very lmei m h in the conldition abtove
describedl. Mir. Eusitis corrobratos,
si)statmially the accouint alreaIy
given of her miodest refusal to ie
lken from the water until a cover
ing was obtained for her pernsoin.
Her own statement, Mr. Eustis
tells us. is that she found the dogs
(describing them as we have stated,)
furiously attacking her cow, which
had noimt beeni up for two days, aed
she t temapted to keep the dogs oft
the cow, when they .et uipmn her,
uand the rest of the sad story is alI
read y told. Mi s. Fagan's Imiisb.m I
wals sick, andt.1 er soni, a lad aboi
thirteen-gears;,ol;)rwyn at ma:rket,
am11I site wtas for this r'asua plrompt
ed to search for the ruim;ing cow.
'T'his is the saddest. mo:t boart
tonling and most painfl narrltive:
of facts our editorial pen has ever
(hrniiled. I t c( ai a terrile)
s'oeck up1o!1 a m'm1n 1unit y 1un
used to such ferrible' occurr'entces.
ad uponl it htuisbaid, two daughter.s
and a son of the victim, as a blight
ing=; blow beyond all duscriptiou.
Ars. Fagan's mangled remains
o.vero followed frot St. M ary's
Catheral, yesterday ifternoon, *to
the cemetecry, by alahrge concoumrse of
tbowing people, amid Iho prolf'miitd
; v mnpathies of an enir'e comlnon
nity for her on (sad fate and the
aillitonLi of her family.--a'ehcz
Uniml fIri n' Inx-Pay3er's C'om en
\CAnE, .Novtomber 27, 1875.
In accminordanice with theo require
mntsA ot-;tf the con:sti ttin dlegatesf'
fr'oy a mrajoriity of' the Couniv
Uni''ns mt in Coltiumia onu the 231
of this muon Ih ; biut a majority of
the membersii not bteing presen I, it
was5 dee.meld inexpedient to do morec
tihan invite thme tax payers generally
to antothier meeting. This wasH donto
byv the passago of thje following reso.
lition :
"Ree/le'ed, That. the( State Tax
Union mioos hereby call upon the
counities ini the State to silect deks
gates from each county, in numhors
according to its represiont:dIion in)
the Liower.House of the General
Assembly, to be aissemtbled ini generail
conven0ftio~n, 'in . C.olumblliat, oni the
seetmd Tuesday in 2December', at 7.
p. mn., for' the purpose of urging
that tho.L~egishiiture adopt thle re
commnidatiops, conittined in the
veto mecssage of the Governor, and~
t.> conside'r any matter's touching the
genera'tl we'lfarie of the State."
Suitbjcets' of -gr'eat miofimnt de'
Smnd youri attenti ml, aind the time
indicated issthiotgh t, to'-hie a'Uspicious
for a convonttioni coming fiesh from~
the p eole , -and in numborsi'f sidlicientI
to speak with authority. We trust,
throorthat you will res'pond E
in'omphtly to this camll b~y sending a
full mutnber of dblegates.
CorrxS-rEAxtO. -In Spatan
bur g this week they had a cotton
stelig craeonwhich the genius
of ol.H. . Tomponwas brought
to bear. Parties had b~een stealing
cottIon frocm his cotton house for
severa'il wooeks, and lie out~paporsi into
smaldl slips ; hto put his initials on
them: &dthon, as the doctors say
'mixed!' with the sodl cotton. Su'e
enough, noxt mo(i ning, Uright and
early, the n'otton was lbrought tEo is
own gin to be~ ginned. and( pac(kedl
'The colored cotton spe'lamtors wo'io~
turned over to Capt. Alley, who prie
s et d.,Weg igh a couple gji ais1
of bliurizl 8teel bracelet&.-Grjeeti
* /
- Patrons of H usbandry.
LOUIsvILLE Novonbor '27.-Last
night Mr Davie, of Kentuuiky, of
fered a proamble and rosolhdion ire
citing that that the agrioultirai A,
terosts were unjustly bwudiend,, and
those interests were not pr1operly
represented in the legislation of the
country, recommending the' tubsti
tution of intelligent and practical
farmers and recommending. granges.
to keel) out of party politics and
give their votes to promoting agri
cultural intorests. Appropriately
referred. Mr. Long offered resolu ..
trons and 4, letter from the. Prairie
Valley Grange, Indian Torlitory, in
regard to patrons ginning cotton
declining to pay more than one
twefth of the cotton to gins, upon
which Governor Overton, part o'ner
of. the gins, issues an ordei drohiib:
iting the carrying out of the resolu
tions, and threatening to order all
tIh(3 members of the said grange i
from the Bhicklasaw Nation in the'
Indian Tori tory. A lotter from the
Master of said grange stated that
under said order some were leaving
and others Were unablo to got away.
Mr. Long stated that he had written
to the Governor but had receivod not
reply. Referred to the Executivec
Coinnitteo for appropriato action.
Carl Sehurz delivered his new lee
iure, " Cciitenn3ial thiroiights," in
Bost.on '.i'iesday evening. It is not
IL di:aphry of rhietoriie, but is an earn
est discussion of s:ubjects v'itilly im- f
perot al to the country and its honor i
and fame as 15a nation. He said our .1
Govcrniiint ats constituted by the I
fatheX3rs Was the true represcntat ive j
of the i)est thought, the noblest, of- e
forts, 11:1 the highest qualities of e
thme A m1eri31m1 people, but as it ex- Ie
isted to-day it showed a stedy de- a
eline(! from, this st:nuiard, although it I
had prospered in material things. t
'Tlis decline was duo to corruption}c
lict the lac]k sf statesmanship. The t
fathers, he said, would stand fairly it
aghast at the mor trous abortion <
which exists, and e: claii with scorn d
iiil disgust, "IS i, this .you have
made of thu aiir fabric WO trnlsiiit- i
ted to your haids, to be the em1bodi- it
miu~ of liberty, wisdom, purity and
Iho nus. y ? Is if, this you have made
of it ?" If they could be present 1
they would Iy : "Spend a little t
less time in patinsing our virtues
and a little more in following .Our i
e''am )le." -
An entorprising young man of <
Chiage lm'13 gone into a rather cu- v
iios bisiness. He call, himself a c
"'proiessional intruder." For at fee n
ranflu1.ing4 fromu 5 to :500 he will inl
ti'on:IIe yom ig genitlmiu11 to yung t
ldii:: they desire Very mnuch to 1
know, or for a similar muuo'nti, with ]
i por e:ntlg(e if anything coenis of it, a
he will make young ladies ao c
(lminti.ed wvith youtng gentlemen. He 1
is also pilrepared with ne:tiess and I
(le-:patch), to aldvanceo the suits of :
custolols or to set hack rivals with N
imiei loes as: to their character anlm
connections, xnd hopes, by a strict
:lteition to lusiness, to have the
coil o lc( "1i-. 'irdear of those who
halL 0 beeni Jie-tsed to patronlizo him
ina the p . t.
Thli Now York /Iomnm/# of 00m.
wnrir julishesx a1 istatomonrt Of thle
New Yowk for the mouth oIf Octo
her. Frioca it we extract the followv
ig parit iculairs : h imports show
a futhtler heavy delinie as compa~lred
wi Ih the correspningii period of
huist ye.ar. The~ tobld is only $21,..
i 78,X78, against S928,498.730) for OG
toberP, 1874: 83h7145,783 for' Octo
her', 1873, and 830,119.698 for Octe
bor, 1872. Ini fact, it is the smallest
total for October of anyi) year since
18G9. Tho impo~ts atI New York for
the len mont hs of the enL-nider year
ar'e -two lundred and ninety seven
illioiis, wichl is forty seven mil
lions hU3dow last yearV, lity-fivo mil
lionis bolo0w 1873, nnd eighty four
il lions below 1872. On the other
hand, the (X expots m ake a mu~ich more
favoral e showing as~ emnpared with
the imlpor'ts, tihe dlecreaso being quito
smai~ll relatively to the decrease in im
por1ts. Rt is, however, aL decrease,
and3( not anI inIcreafse, and1( is so far
niot discouraginig.
Tuna Wayls AND Mi.ANs.-Mr. Speak
(er Elliott hasi appinifted two conser
vaitiv'es (Mossrs. Meotzo and1( R. M.
Smith) to fill tiho vacncies on this~
mnost im portantmt Commuit ee, b ut has,
ualso, appoinitedl W. J. Whipper and
S. I. Bumpield (colored radicals) as
addIoitionlh mnembers of the commit
coniservative strength, and loaves the
miiori ty ais powuer'less as5 beforo
aind whatt makhes the appoiitmient of
Whipper pen~liairly obi ject1ionabile is
his not oriouisly badl chilaraer, and
the well-remoimberedl fact that lie
wals chairmian of the Ways and
Me3ans, andic accuml~liated a lmarge for
tunol( as such31, ini the worst per.iod . of
South (Carolina logislatiou since the
warl. Mr. Speaker Elliot t cannot
runii with thIe hare aml)1 hold with the
hond s. -Vews and ( Uourier'.
Tho Caldifornia Grangers' Inmi
aneo"( CJomIpan~y has ineroasedl its
em:pitLd fronm $100,000 to $600,000.
Dm)uing the first twelve months of
its existence it had risks to theo
amount of* $o,066,o0 and its gge-m
gate losses hvore oni 66 The f
:Ring men shedg 0 Qtja g
this loss. '1
A. R igh.Old- Phs enge Conducto .
A few days ago a freight conldul
tor on one of the raUroadP went to
the- Superintendent and said ho
Mght to be advanced, having served'
3n the' freight for seveidi yeaai
The Superintendent agreed with
hiim, and told him that the chanve
should be made tlle very next weui.
rind it was made. The -Superinten
lent-a da' or two'Attor took a seat
.n the tear end of one of the coaches
o see lIow the new conductor would
take to lousiness, end pretty soon
he official danced into the door, cap
mn his ear, slcoves pushed up. and a
alf acre smile gn, 94 a v
"Get out your pasteboards l" he
hontod, 'I'm the luh muncky muck
hat runs this train, ' {tnd thein turn
ng right and left, 'ho continued
"Right bowers this bay-play
ivoly.'-pass or- order up--how's
rumps with you--slido you right
uto Chicago-hurry up, therc
;rump this ace-what kind of a hand
lo you hold, old man 2"
There was something noVel and
.xhilarating in his style, but yet the
inperintendent called the conductor
ip-stairs the next day ainm told him
hat he wps the best man in A ueri
a to run 'a freight train, fnd that he
hould have to promote him back4
yards, He, was too talented for a
>assengor cour du -tor.
The Republic m managers at
Vashington .aro making preparations
or a do04aorate struggle in the com.
ng Presidential campaign. The
tepublican Congrossional Commit
c, of which Judge Edmuds is
hairman, will have control of flie
allvass. It is iid that the whole
ivil service is to be given up to the
onunittee as a source of revenue
nd a moans of reward and activity.
litherto the Department of the In
orior was the only one completely
levoted to the political fortunes of
lie administration. The World is
uthority for stating that this meth
d of organizing victory is corrupt,
langerous and demoralizing, but
'ith an unscrupulous President who
3 a candidate for ro election, it is
lso very formidable.
Whbat was belioved when the ro.
iort first circulated to be only a joke,
urns out to be a fact after all.
)akey Hall, ox-Mayor of Now York
g going on the stag0, and is now
tudyin r up a new play, in which he
a to ma ko his debut. Hall is a dclv
r follow, bright rather th in solid,
vho has attained considerable sue
ess as a lawyer and achieved nmag
iticent failures in public life. The
lea of not attending to his business
s the chief municipal ofticor of the
niotropolis, saved lii from going to
: ison like Tweed, oil exiling himself
ftor the fashion of other Tammany
h iefs;. Nast handsomely advertised
tim a few years ago, and wherever
1 may appear in the now profes
ion lie has chosen his physiognomy
vill be recognized.
The New York Herald thus come
Knne to the relief of Senator p3ayard,
who has been made the subject of an
LttneCk by the Cincinnati ]Jinlv/uirer:
'1t is thel nlleist, the purost, the
nost universally r'espeotedl doe-.
Lrats of the North, South, East and
hVost who are on10 aftar anothor the
ubjeck~ of the Cincinnati Edwpircr's
'0u1 aspersions. In tegri ty, nuinhood0(,
;tatemuansip are red rags that
rouse all -its defiling fury. -Our
(rr'esponident at Cincinnati appears
o expect the, possibility of that
ournal returning to good sense and
o operating wvith the den xocratic
>arnty of the Union. At present it
;eoms to have entered into a eon
,ract to promote the re-elootion of a
-epublicanu ]Frosiden t."
Dumi T aAnxi Anino.n.-Theu London'
Tintas notes marked indications of
miess 1 sh rinkago ini Great Brnifan.
1'ho October returns show a falling
>T'in the exports of 15.'? per cent.
mid onl the te* months of 7 4 por
onmt. The imports show an increaso
>f 44 p~or cent., for. Qtober, but for
ho tirst ton months.- are burely. up
o the figures of last year. The
TIimesq thinks that a.a values have nowv
n most oases ab~out touched their
owest point, thetradoe that is doing
nay be looked upon as in general
iouniider thani it was when naerchiants
ad to sell always in a falling mar
The JNebretio Leader of how York,
notes with satisfaction tflt, the so
yioticst for the conveorsion of the
Jews got no converts, and conslemnse
<ectarhaui <piar'rels. WVe ?toe If
Lhe surils energies of t Jo pohle
wore- turned from sectarian quiar'rels
ma1( contouitions~ to wvork .for the ad
*ce~cion, enlightenment and comfort
>f the masses, the wvoild would be
very largely the gainer.' ' .Real
Dhr'istians might well say"'we thank
thee, Jew," for those words. '
What married women want is
norO 4rest .'Then ihy don'g.,thp
-ako it, instead of 'lying awake be
the~ night, to lecture fhoiif husbands,
md getting up' first in the mndrihit
o find something fok tho next lee
An rn~ a r etsj ii~ ~ i
roub w ~Ightmara"
. The hour of Joe' Jefferso 's groat
triumph in England is clon d with
grigf. Rio, youngest child, a boy,
Just four yoarsi old, died in London,
two veeks ago, after an illness of
four days. The child--Harry, the
pot of the househdld--was born in
Ohioago w the night of the great
Are, sand ings sorrow tQ ono.pA the
happiest 1oines on earth. By per
emiptoi command of physicians,
Mr. Je fteoi 'ontinued to act.
The propriotors of the New York
Graphic, J. H. & C. M. Goodsell,
have brought six suits against the
New York Titees and -Lo'uis J. Jn
nings its editor. - The damages
clajined in All the uits aggregate
8000,000. Libellous matter is alleged
to have boon contained in articles
published recently in the Times,
charging the Messrs. Goodsell with
blackmailing.. insurando companies,
stealing news from a newspaper
Offico in which they wore formerly
employed and other disreputable
It is related that when Mrs. Molly
Richardson, late of Baldwin, Mo.,
was in her nineteenth year, as she
Oas one day eating a fine apple she
remarked that sho should like to
raise some fruit of that kind. She
therefore planted the seeds, one of
which sprouted and beehue a thrift.y
tree. irs. Richardson lived to be
ninety-soven years old, and ate fault
from tho tree.
'rho St. Louis whisky fraud trials
are still exciting attention all over
the country.- In the McDonald case
Col. Con. Maguiro testifies that
$8,500 i week was generally paid to
the ring, connisting of McDonald,
Joyce, Avery and others, though
me week the amount reached
X75,000. A bribe of 10,000 is
traced to Revenue Agent Brashoar.
The pool sellers on the groat four
inile race in California, hold more
than 5200,000 to await the result.
&s there is no immediate prospect of
the race taking place, and money is
worth four per cent. a month in
San Francisco, the pool-sellers are
in the enjoyment of a very respoecta
lde temporary Bonanza.
Among the most useful plntus of}
Now Mexico is the stup wied, the
roots of wlhich are used as soup. ''io
Mlexicans prefer it to soap, claiming
that it oxtrathall dirt mn' greaso,
and restores the lustre of I ho goods.
And Give J. 0. Bong a Call
-AT 01
lUCH has just bnen built and newly
litted up especia1lly for the ladies.
Nir.Roag~ will give her spocial attention
a heretotoro to this departmuent, and wvill
4Iarof 11no~l ais i iaking~ it the leading
|b illinery and Fancy3 Gi(oda iense in thme
uip-cunti ry. We study to le~ase anid give
tisfauction. No trouble to, show Roods
Dur stoci this departmn1~1t will 1be kept
hdll and comnplete du~ring' the seasson, al
waiys recoiving now additions. AMy sto'uk
Ii, other depmartments is full and( compleite.
3-rios, Confectioneries, Tobacco, Cigars,
0- Also on hmand F'urniture, Lumbor,
huinglesm, &c. J1. 0. BOAG.
Ontr1.'rosi, S. q., Nov. 1 1, li 75
TfAVING 'bbeen' erfgaged( for t~wenty
-.J.. yoars in the (Guno TJ.radoe wilih
ml mmInen~t success, 1 ricomi it adivisable to
i troducce ortilierm tnder mAmy own-name
ri cd guarantee. I baveo maudearrangemnsts
tr h dvo prepared a Guano uder myv own
ui's >etoi and contrbl, :called ROB8ON'S
G uneois cf the highest standard. Con.
tr Ins, among other valuable ingrodienats,
t -re0 percent1. of am~nmonis, one and a half
prir cnt, of Pt~h, And fourteen por conti.
(' Available Phospmhato. I also have pre
r.mreod.r me~ a COMPOUND A(CID P'HO8.
i II 0' i of the higliest stanidard. These
I-ertilizors are corfpimndedu of the purest
e ttrials, and1( are mipiuujulaited anld testod
Somdet~ the stapei4islton'of Dr. St J1. flaiven
c', of this City, wheeamogives a wvarraftt
fosrt.hue'r high mharacter andl adamplation far,
m ur soil. Ioffer these Ferlilize( rs to P'ln
I rs on theofollowing favorablo terms:
Cash, $44 p)or ton1;.On time, $50.
lPlantors ordering immediately wvill he
diodetl to the fast ofApril to dIeide wvhich
shoy prefer, cash or time. An order for a
car load of eight tens will be sent free of
dragA; but foi- a'less amount $1 per ton
willl charged. 'To Grang~ers or slaer, a
liberal discount will beallowed.
I tMtgthis odenmsion l6 return my thanks
to hese who hate so hlargely patron ized
iho F'ertilizeors hitherto offered by mec, and
ha doiolting 'their 'favorablo attentionm, I
p ledge ;ny best -efforts to meet a con
tinuanee of eon4ifnco by kceping the
hlghest stan da~d'of Fortflizers adapted to
,A)N40Nlater-It.Iditle, Curratits, Cit.
I'an B~ot's, Aqsr.
Car Load White Corn.
1 Car Load Flour-all grades
I Car Load Bolted Meal.
W bite and Smoked Bacon and
Rio and Java Coffee-"green
and roasted."
New Orleans and Common
All grades of SUGAR.
Lard in bbis., hall-bble., Kegs
and cans.
Genuin Durham Smoking To
april 10
W.H l. F1elniteil& C.
SpoQial Bargaiua in Roal Lace dollars,
" "" Ready Mado Clothing,
"4 " " Boots and Shoes,
" " " Linen and Paper Collars,
Charlottosville Cassi
Special Bargains in Choviota and Tweeds,
" ' " Bleached and Un
bleached Homiospun.
N.1 .-Wo bog loavo to inform our. gon
tlemen~z frvinds that no one can comipeto
with us in (lonts' Shirts and Underwear.
Shirts made(1 to order--soventoon noGw
styles of front18 to elecot fromn. Orders for
abovo executed proiAptly by
nov 27
R.ESrECTFiTFULL~Y infrorm Ibe pub.
Lieh in geI oral that they bave opened
the store formerly occupied by J. ii.
'athacart where ihey intend to conduct a
general stock of mecrchiandise, consiating et
Pllir and squtare treatment to .eao* and
overy one that, will eall on us,
marob 27
have just received a largeo assortment
.1.of New Goodc consisting in part of
Gold and Silver Watohes,
Gbold and Plated Curb Chaid,
. gAold Bracelets, with setts to match,
Sleeve and Shirt Buttons,
besides a large quantity of Spoetaoles.
. fine assdrtment of Clocks. Watehes,.
Clooks and oewery ,repaired promnoy
and waraht to'iveMatifation.

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