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R. Ml ANS DAVIS, Editor,
Weitnedny fliornlug. l)cciutbr 8, 15im
Virginia educats annuallly 103,
000 chih renl at u cost of $925,000.
Tho university has 373 students.
41l said that old Zack Chandler
is gouig abont, nf a roaring bull,
bsweC'eping out his offlce, and making
i general clearing away of old party
ruiish. It. is quite droll to ob
servo him playing the rule of civil
tlervice reformor. Verily reform
stalks abroad in tlo land. Butor
will next he soon proaching 'reform.
How good we are all gitting.
Thoro is now under considera
tion in the legislature a bill which
will abolish the fees now paid to the
solicitor (if the second judicial cir
cnit. Tho T eNAV.s C ('ourier very
priperly t.hiiiks that such a bill
siould be inaitde general. The foes
nOW lai(1 to solicitors dollbtleHs
haevo a telnd(ency in ruany ca-on to
en1eulirage th(so otlicors to bring
ipt.o court, cans that should have no
phlicO thi 0 e.
The legislaltiro is still nt work on
the tax bill. AN soon as tho bill is
finally passed, we shall publishb its
imporani t features; for the in forma
lion of our re.uders. We would fain
hIi p (hat theore will bo a groat re
(Itilon front the heretofore enor
m'ens levies, but, wge fear there is
lit l ti ho expected from the pres
('nt, nidic(al lujority inl the1 genoral
1' oei obly. (Gov. Ch)1anierlain's influn
(-ne S(0 us to he nIW to inconsilor
l IO (, wlen liriolit to bearl tpothe
n on~y-pmling proelivities of our
:, s'e'nt lawtt givels.
Th'!e Tax-..aye'rs' Con11senuanfoi.
Tn nanother collunl will ho folima
n (:11 for ia elettinyg o f ihe Tax pay
( r4 (.uiventiuin, to b held in (chun
hlia on Iit emcod '1T14 sday of the
1lsen m.1,loit-h, Ve ('hnlnestly hopo
Ihlihi Ihere will he in this (onventioin
a full represrentati on from eve'ry
(e.I'mtv in tIho Sttto. Thuis ('oniven
I ihmn is lihe only\',10 orizt i 1ion 1. though1
wichjil It simeniiwuts of the lax
intyes can1hi~ fin, ail andt dhecided uut
10iilti'C- 1t is thereorei' of the Iast
iiipafrtanenit hat there shoould b)e a
fuill ul st rongr, dlegaoltion sent from
C ery) por 't 11ion oh Statlo. We
into will tiko fte proper sfeps, by
fthe usua1:! miiet ~'hi.h ti he weoll reotO
I g ives uS lel.irtio to state that
Thle (Cfilumb) ia corl1resptiodent of
th Cew" am.i/ (''one-i'r givies a long
aeroun 't of uthe1 pralfeced iings inCidleut
to the1 hoearinig in) (lhe Supromoe Cor't,
(of thte ai~ppotd of thle attor'noy-gene
ra1Ilifrom i Ju-ge Shtekoy's order' which
res~ulte(d in thei r''eean) and subse
1)u01nt escap1o of theo inifamousii Ptar
kor.~' Friomn remarks madiue by Jlustico
Willardl, it is r'easonablelil to hopo that
the (''flt.i, ill reversei~o theo deiijon
of Judlge K)iekf3yI ts dlarint11tg
that his or'dor reflensmtg Pariker was
illegaitl nd voi. T.he 'orr'espondent
goe ion tl)fo stauto that,, flhe attorney
generial andt huis assistanlts havo only
b eeni awaiiItng the fi nal adjutdienition
of ft' m111t ter hofor'o intittuting vig.
oous0,1 proceeding, agaiust other of
fender~ls. Should the decision be' in
a Ccor~ idanc w ith te moltion'l of the
p riseiion, i ii A ttoriney-.Gener~al Mel
tion wiil1l have a lho opportumnityv to
pultt int prao'fi'e the pledtges he hans
ti often mu3Lde, for hhniseolf and for
his, pfarty, to pursue all the law..
in-eakers, hoig andu lit tlie, to the hitter
end. Andi we hope he wiill use his
oppor ltiuity Ito some~i puirposO.
O iCv eli'g' .*I 't3-y' 3*4 f(mg
(IU nuoter c. h1tonif of this papoF
wvil be 1 fotud a letter wititen bly ex
(Ghvetnmrl :h. 1. P eirry, otn the preCs
we ('fniimend it t o the( 'arie'ful prn
sal and ('(n01t coniderat Iion of our
ieaes. Thoe witeir is t'i? r icoi
as ;i 31an (Of linio jinte)lleeto, unlshaken
itegr;itfy, :and If obi'p'ee (ft po(lit ical
lie r iIe 5n1 ide ra i by {li'ol he people
(off ener given very' wiseC and1( p:1tret.
ii' I)ieo. \s will bie (los.eve on
fIvo xoi'f cont)innlinlg. I he poliey in
gura,~t ed ini thle last ceetion, and
mtor'e than once'( su('cessfiully pry',
ti..e.I ini the city tand ('outy of
Chalt1onl. With hiIflost, 0(oi~~
d mi 'i 'tliient govermnon~ilt as8 the
end)0 to be deiCedf~ by all, h~o suggests
the~ subordinationff of party initerest4
ando 1)acl'f.e on"omlrl',nt~out a t 03(
Here he sounds the key-note of the
sen timentpiwhich have found expres
sion in the colunns of this paper
and it.gr4Mlos us no little to -fl (1
that do, distinguished am1 far-sooing
a stateninaj favors that poliey-.-a
p lcy, we may remark, that has
found favor with a very large pro
portion of the conservative people
of Sonth Otrolina. Nor van
we doubt that he expresses, not
alone his individual judgment, bit
that of a good portion of the conser
vative voters of Greenville County
for, as our readers are aware, he has
always been a leading man in his
section. The views set forth In the
letter are so much in' keeping with
those to be found in our editorial
column for some time past, that we
need not discuss them further.
There are, however, suggestions in
it which seem to demand special
consideration. We- allude - more
particularly to that concerning a con
vention of the whole people, in
which each political party shall
maintain its distinctive identity, at
tho same time uniting on some
moderato platform of principles on
which all may consistently and
profitably stand. This strikes us as
impracticable. It is' an idea so novel
in politics that it can scarcely, un
dor any circumstances, he put into
actual practice. What is of great
eat importauce is a recognition by
the coaiservative party of our State
of the eminent propriety of a con
promfise which will give them an
honest government, and a resolution
to accomiplislh that important end.
Lot the conservatives but resolve on
the line of policy suggested by Gov.
Perry, and the means of practically
inaugurating tChat policy will not be
diflicult to find. The (Ieidcerata
seem to us reduciblo to those two:
1. A dotorlmination, on the part of
the conservatives, of the policy they
shall adopt. 2. A united effort to
put that policy in successful practice.
If the first of these ho settled, there
will yet renaini theoimportant task of
consolidating and utilizing the entire
conservative strength. It may be
safely asserted that not once since
the war have the white people of
South Carolina shown their real
strength at the polls-a degreo of
apathy as diflicult to understand as
it has been disfatrous. What we
want is lunion-union of all conser
vatises into a compact manageable,
aLviluale organization. This organi
zationt can, in our judgment, ho most
readily brought about on the plat
form of principles sot firth in Gov.
Porry's letter. Tor such ~a bringing
together of all the voting strength of
the conservativo party in this State
we must look for any success 'to
which we may aspire-wh th 'r we
vainly a t tempJt ai "straight-out" fight,
or strive for victory by means of a
comp1romnise such as has been more
taoneadvocated in the columns
of this paper.
William B. Aster died in New York
the other day, over seventy years of
age, and leaving, it is Maid, about fifty
million dollars of property, of which
$20,000),000 were inherited from his
father, Jolhn Jacob Astor. John
Jacob wasi born in Waldorf Germany
in 1763. At the age of 17 he set
out in the world with a crown or
two in his pocket. Working his way
down the Rhine lhe went to England
In two years he had amassed a sumf
suniient to buy him a new suit of
cohsand leave him fifteen guineas
mmoney. With this he embarked
for America and landed, owning
seven flutes and five pounds in
money. He sold his flutes and
wo~rkedl for a quaker furrier for two
dollars a week and board. He then
went to Canada and establishied a
fur trade. Ho married Sarah Todd
whose dowvry was $300. He rapidly
mecreased his property, which ho in
vested in real estate. He foumded
in Astoria in Oregon, which was to
have been a great depot for furs,
silks, and tens from China. But the
war of 1812 prevented a realization
of his anticipations of success. When
his son William B. was thirty years
old lie rotired from business. WVil
lianm emblarked with his father in
many successful enterprises. In
1848 his father dliedl, leaving thme
bulk of his estato to William. His
huligo es tate was judiciously managed
and grow in value. Eight years ago
Astor owneod 720 first class houses
in New York. He died at an extreme
old age, munch respectedby all.
The i Indians h lv inth
Taummany wigwvam were thoroughly
scalped in the recent election in
Now York.. Not content with these
capillary trophies, thiere enemies are
now thtirsting for their blood. The
//era/d, The Imhes, The .Kvening
Pot arolall clamoring for a demioli.
tion of thme wigwam and the politi.
cal death of Boss Kelly and his
brother Satchemrs. The Tammany
society, chartered three fourths of a
century ao as a sere .pran .tf j
has shaped he politio of New York v
and the fiatie jor. many years.
Boipg abld. 49 enMrol the party or-.
gadatio , it htas ajbed the candi, t
dates for te denooratio party for
many elections. For a long time c
it wet invincible bitt tweed by his
rascality gave it a severe blow, and
nearly demolished it. It had par
tially reenVerdd under' th '"ehier-'
ship of John ,K~ey, when it received
its recent overwhohniuk defeAt at }
the polls. The leading opposition
journals nhoW claim, and very justly,
that the Society is a nuisance, and
that its existende is incompatible t
with the purity of elections. They 11
ask the legislature to repeal its
charter. Whether this will be done
we cannot tell. But it does appear!
that politics would be better without
it. The Independent voter is abroad 1
in the laud. The day for party die
tation is passing away, and Tam
many has served its mission. Lot it
die and be gathered into the bosom
of thle great spirit.
O. u Policy. t
The Greenville Newts replies dos
passionately to our article in regard
to our state policy. The argument
it advances are to show that the
present radical leaders are untrust
worthy. and that while they make
a show of reform they are still
feathering their own nests at the 1
public expense. As a sample of
Gov. Chamberlain's milliluous pro.
testations of reform it cites his
pardon of Dublin Walker. In this
respect we acknowledge the corn,
and confess that this act of the
governor did not create any great
onthusiasm on our part. In this
mattor we must score one for the
Greenville News. It also cites the
Solomon Bank fraud, when two
hundred thiousand dollars woro en
gulfed and yet no one is to blame.
Here we are compelled to score
another point for our contemporary.
And right bore let uR say we are no 1
apologist of Gov. Chamberlain or '
any of his party. But the state is
in a bad plight, and we wish to dis
cover the surest means of helping
her out. Now we fear that the It
prejudices of the black's who as yet ]
control our politics can not be ro.
moved by appeals to Support a
straight out democratic ticket, and
believing that this effort would fail
we turn ourselves about in search of
one more feasible. We believe honest
ly that a co-nperation with the bet
ter republicans will be successful.
Let us see what Goyv. Chaimbergnin
has done for the State. He has
since his election advocated reform
in all his addresses. Words it in
true cost nothing. But in addition
he defeated Whipper for judge. His
action resulted in the election ualso
of Judge Shawv. He has improved
the character of appointees. He has
cut down the executive contingent
fund frorb $25,000 to $3,000. Hie
has vetoed everal ohnoxious bills
among thetm tihe tax hill. These
and many other good acts he has
performed since he became go ver
nor. In a word, under his adminis
tration the State has improved. We
do riot judge Gbov. Chamberlain'si
motives. It may be thkho is niot the
amber of reform, but is mnerely bend
ing to the will of the people It
may be simply that Gbov. Chamber
lain is ambitiouas, and sees that the
only path to future glory lies in re
deeming tihe State. In any case it'
is better to have a governor .who
recognizes the situation than one'
who would disgrace the office as
Moses (lid. We believe that Gbov.
Chamberlain will continue to im
prove our an'airs. And every stop) in
the direction of reform, by
whommoover made, renders a retro
grade movement more difficult. We
propose to support the governor or
any other mnn just as long as he canI
serve us. And we .must believe,
that Gbov. Chamberlain with his high
culture and refinement would much'
prefer p~refermoent in ain honorable
inanner than through the slums and
byways of corruption. Another
position we maintain is that instead
of being tools and dupes of Giovor.
nor Chambe~rlain, tihe honost masses
are making 'une of him. The mio.
menit Gbov. Chamberlaini backslides,
he is tuined, not the State. In
ending our remarks in this connee
tion we must say that~ while not'
altogether satisfactory, the Gover
nor has been a most agroeablo sur
prise. 'We have singled him out
merely because lie has given bettor
evidences of reform than any other
leading member of his party, and we
have used( him only as an illustra
tion of the banefit the State can re
ceive from a republican.
So mueh having been accomplishedi
when the conservatives are in such
a small minority how much could
be done were the legislature merely
evenly divided ? Our position is
that great good could be accom
plished in this wa. And as there
seems almpst a c~rtainty of the sue
.ee of snah~a oabizatonumd
ery remote probability of the suc
of a straight.out fight we favor
he former. We wish it plainly to
ienderstood that we do not coun
el a tacking to the tail of any radi
al fiction 60,000 conservative
Votes. We are tired of having- the
adicala do all the nominating and
urselves bearing the brunt of the
-oting. We must lave a divide.
AtL if the leaders of either faction
ae not fairness enough to propose
his, we will be convinced that they
re all seeking only for self aggran
Lizonent and will counsel with
olding all support from thern. If
t boa fight for spoils let them fight
t out. In that case it may be
iecessary to try the tactics of the
hreenvillo News But only after the
live branch has been rejected lot
1, enter upon a worst struggle. In
tnclusion we heartily concur as we
iave always done in the idea of
borough organization. Being
horoughly welded together we will
>o in a bettpr position to treat with
he opposing party. Let us first
organize, and then let events shape
aur action.
Bi Youn owy Pursic .N.-.-Ther-e is
Lo case of Dyspepsia that Green a
LUOURT Fr.owgn will not cure.
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ain hiring the sealson. It per-'
nantly cures Fever and Agno of
ong standing.
The prolpietor of the Uniontown
Ky.) Local refuses to receive the
mnount of. rubscriptions in wild
)liim. He says he mnut draw the
no soewelIhere, and he draws it at
nid plmns.
'in. Evirts as orator, fnd H. W.
.ongfellow, as poet, have been
elected for the opening of the (n
ennial. A 'rand(son of Richard II.
Jed, of ) rginiu, will read the
leelaratlon of indCpendence.
!illes, Mllglestetd. by the Deals of
fr. Jh .J. Neil,
)h ! what a rolemn sound, is that which
falls u~pwnahoi ear
ris tl h 4e4od fnnoral requiem, of one
Vo hear the. waihjf sorrow nIow, arounid
n dep ad~harteltanguish, thn anm
mUoiscomes--li-''9L10's cleaid.''
)h ! vrnol dW~h,- that fromzi the halls but
latt.ely lqinsk in mairth,-.
['hat 'you shiouldl take s. hair a prize frons
round the 'yfual hearth;
in and to think heyond all griof, ina
tiaite, cruel Fate
in soon1 thl! e bitis of wedlock.1 broklm, the
1Tim i aways an~d in thia vain world; when
iends arei enlled~ to parti .
rFoml joys we cheirisht here b~elow, en-.
shrined jp (every heart;
Bunt far miore sai to thoso1,bol~reft, toi lo(oso
their only'tie,
or wvhich thes here desire to live, nor
oiver fearedi to dli,;
)ur tears we dan butt shied for her, aid~I
our grief amnd imini,
Those tears we only WIpE away, to sigh
and-..gh again.
s tar of beaiuty hias gone down, but
airkfles weetly no0w,
na the bright 'flulgent VOronet, thatt
crowns a Saviour's brow;
Jonie to that better wvorld abhove, w hose
eict no~ne repel,
r'he Holy Biook informs us5 here, ''He
doeth all thinlga well."
[)ear frinds, 'ti death (so sure'to al11) to
somec doth ofteni prove,
[low 14oon we may ho called to part, frome
those we f'.ndly lovw.
('hen throuaIh life'sjourney as you walk,
We Rshould preplare for endile'ss 1,dis, where
sorrow is u nk~nown~
to overy miorftal gi ven,
"Rolieve on Ilim," who conqjuerr. DiathIi
and rest secure in Hleave~n.
A Mrees.
.tate of' Soll Il, Cat'olita,
Cour'ry o' F"Au111n:1.9.
L'homnas M[. Neely as adminiiistrator or thel
estate of' A nne Walin 1g dh'e-el, plin
M amlljng.. lhozrxy .Walling. 8allie W'allinp,
P'hibp WVallinig, Jameiis Wa~lling, J1r.,
d1ef'en dants t.
1,0 theo.Defendants
,Ilizabeth W~alling John Walling. Heonry
'/alhng, Jr.,'Elizableth McLean and Wil
iami Malhing.
V'Ij U )aro hereby summn~oned andi re
-l, iiedto ansawer the comlalinlt inl
h isnation, which hast boon01 flled in thle or
ice o~f the Colurt of Probiato, for the said
.ounm~ty. and to se.rve. a cop1y of your anm
wer to the said eromphlint on the subl
eribors at their nfiee, No. 2. Law Rainge,
Vmnsbor'o, S. C.. within tw.'nty days afltIr
lie survie hiereof, excilusive of theayi (if
u'r ice; and if you faiil to iaswor t he 'om.
'laint within the time alforlesid , tho plain
ti ini this act ion will apply to the (ou rt
or the relief dIemndaedi(. in the conmplaint'
W,n iness John .J. Neil, E'sql., Jludge of
'rhate for the (County of Firhicld, thisi
lhe sarententh day oIf Novenmber in the
ear 3875. GAILLIAlIRD & DAVL4,
'o the defendant. WlimWlig
'('akeo nolt i(' that thie summions in this
(et, of which the foregoing isf aicopy,
raa tiled in thie offie of thn .Judge of Pro
ate of FairtildI County, Stat0 oif Sont b
anroljia, on the seventeent-h de~y of No
ember, A. D. 187;5.
22d1 Nov. 1875,.
nlov 24-x6 Plaintiffa Attornoys.
Ecutior's Notice.
LLprsn indebted to Henry T.
Ihrmpt l eceased, are hereby re
netdto mnake payment to the under
gned. and those holding claims against
toe estate of ad deceased, are here by no
fled to present them duly attestedh.
Tuos. 3. H. JONES,
ao -SEeentor.
Pay your .ubsrto.
ORDERtS having been received from
\./ the Comnpany to turn over all notes
and accounts dIuo1 stt Novembeor last, for
Guano., to my Attoznoy for collection, this t
is to give appal IIQI o that all notes unpaid
byv 1st December next will positively be
disposed of ais above.
nov 2~ Agent,
" ~-- ' ' I.
fie l~y i-:Y E. .,.
11coin posed alhnp.y of w~...kii''.t HOOTS,
H-1nes9. and Fi UI' S, C"? ?:tiasc with other
iryiperii-a, ihin t E.elir a ersv Cathtle. .
A pe teul, 1IlIaiojnJ'.ure tx. /. l:rr:,tvo and Ant.
hiii.ugr. The wlvb to Is t ..or, if in n suffilnt
quso ty of r'j'hlL tr. t...: i" ( %.1 C'ANE to
I&. ep iberilu an btiflY C waVbwh zitak. s the
r 4 aa of te .n' "es~ri'ge Toil Irq ii ,t Cit lrn r
fle'd in tac wL.r&4l. .'ies- ran iutcndoo Sirhectly nuna
*-)fl'"r in~l ht'ted rwt a di."ine:. r.i'd alwaysnaedmre.!a1;
'Th"y are ti,n i1rr.":-- o d if t'f"bl' tand at'
hl;,rtavil. '1'. y i.t u;-me a di. cane'c I liver. aid
f~riu~t t- ruch u .""rree, t.'at r. Iaca.dhy action is
at careO ln'iui;ht ali'i~t. AAr a r,'zucIy to Which
Womi1 tit- .er"ail r))l',v.t. 11 'Ltrporiding
f-very other PtIW'": a:;t. 13 r 1.*r : n su; a~uxn.
~t, r 't ~pate-, trey ha:. Ill n. t: eq....fey ste a
lard a;' 1 p-t:'o.' r .vo irweft ra Tonto. Threy
in.t~v in I1' Jnt:. TIhy ar-anp;endI.I Appetizer.
Z".:ey T~alc ln weak HirolrIt. The"y pirtriry rrud in.
'igortto. Tinyv c'rr hyaillpin. Coristi pation. and
Hti adieho. 'The"y r.t a.. a c pecitic in a: I peeles. of
di:urcicrn which uni tr.iht" the bo Lty utrewgth and
Depot, C L ~ ?'_ Cr, :1Tlt7 York. --
Iron in ..hAea Blood
PAnTIX knowing themselves indebted
to Inc are requested to call and settle
it once, or their accounts will be placed in
tn officers hand for collection.
Dr. 0EOENO advises Consumptives to gt
to Florida in Winter.
Hating for the last thirty6-fe years devoted mny whna
time and attention to the study of Ing diseases and con
sumption. I feel that I understand fully the coureo that
ought to be pursued to restoro a tolerabl bad csse of die
eased lump to healthy soandness. Te first umit most
important step Is for the patiernt to avoid taking cold. and
the beet of all places on this ountieent for this pior mse, in
winter, Is Fiorida, well own in the State, w hero Cite tem.
eatre Is setgular, a out subject to such variatuon as
in more Northern latitudes. Palatka is a point I can re
cemmasnd. A good hotel is kel there by L'ateramm.a. Last
winter I saw several arsons ti.ere whose lnnge hod been
badly diseased, but who, under the eatling iul epos of the
elimato and my medicines, were getting well.
One hundred rolos further down th. river is a point
which I would prefer to l'alntka, ase s tenmperature Is
more even and the air dry and bracing. bleonvulle and
Eutorprtse are located there. I shmtid he it a decided
tLrefcreace to Molloviltle. It is two unties from river oe
lake, and It toese alnost. imictImlo to t-tke cold there.
Tih tables In Fiarida iivht .r 1-tocr, ant -tt patients coU
plaini at tone. but that s a good sim.:, as it Indiates a re
tre of apletite, an.1 when this Is the ees they genea-lly
Ibereave on flesh, and then tI-e ltpI ommist heal.
Jelso sUle. ilbarn:a. eu.n f wo, ari teeny othes
p ince la tarlous parts ..1 Fieida. nm 1" sefoly rcom
ended tonnsutoptives 1mm winter. .!y reasene for sa lag
so are that I atle:ts tine less i'ahle to 6el7s cold thero than
where there le t Ms e .en tons; era .re. end i fnot neone
eary to say that .hero a consuut .five parson exposes him
elf t-fre 0ent colds be Is ct.taln to die shortly. There.
fore my ad -doe is, go well down Into the State--out of the
reeh orprtvtrla east winds And foge. Jaionvio, or
almest anmy ther of the toval iies I have named. will bt.
St those who ate troubled wI 1h it trpvi liver, a disordered
eiennach, deranged bowels, sore threat as cough, but for
thse whoie longs are diseased a more Southern point is
earnestly reeornaende4.
For Ofeen~pars prior to 1160. I was rmtf.-vsionally In
New York, Rsotten, lal nnre and Ph ila-lellhia every
wee, whore I saw and oatnined on an averae, hie luu.
ired patients a week. A }racticn so eatonoive- ermlracing
seer possible phaso of luing diesec-has enitled tin to
understand the diseaso fully, and benoe ny caution In
tetard to tatklin g cold. A persnm mie take vat .inatties
af "Sohenk's Pultnnlo Syruie. 5e eeloriote, aid Mist
hrake fill " and yet die If ht dons not avoid taking enlet
In Fiorij.% nearly evtryhoedy is mmin< $ehrnek-' .inn
drake 1'illa for the elinteate is isnro likely to prohuire bilIl
ens habittthin enore Northern latitndt 1. It it a wetI.csia
lishod fact that natives of Finr14a rruely ito of consumimi
tion, espeatelly those of the Fonthrn ;.nrt. Ol the othlr
hand In New En gland. ecno third, at least, of thJ ppula
Lion ite of this terrible dibesse. In the iidttlo 8:stev it
does not prevail so largely, atill there are inany th..usandi
of ceos therm. w'late vast pe r.eta.m of liii t'-would to
saved if oonsummttim vnra :"; C; ily alarnmed In rem-ar.l <
talmu fresh cold as they are Slbsiet yearlet fitier. small
lei, Lo. But they are nt. 'I limey take who! they term a
little cold, which they :tre credad t.s seogh to .eleto uill
wear off in a few days. 'Tim-y pay n attetilon ti It. c..d
hene it lay# the fnundaiion for ai:.m'li..r an-l autther still,
until the imngs e.re etaeaeid Im -.'.-1 all hool. (..r eure.
My advioo to isnrseons whlcen lium,- ire alected. oTt
slimltly is, to lay in a stuns of :i-.nk-a luitnteulc Fyru
Sc e.:k's Seaweed Tonio and cmenmk's tl-andrako 'il
and go to Floride. I recoinmend"I thee.' tarticular nim.li.
clas beauvu I am thorouihly noquaii.ted with their no.
tion. I know that where thsy arte Weil i ste ict a":cerd once
with my directions they will do the work that is reqpuired.
This ateo lished, nature w it do dhn rut. . he physiciv
who l.retorlbcs for cold emugh or nirl.:+n cait, and then
adeises tie patient IoVt:.L or ridle imt esory day, will he
sure to have a corpse o hl. hand I otro lor.v.
My .lan is to gits ay res rum-iltime ms. in accord ace*
with the .rintvd dire."tions. exe- t In stne case ahere a
freer use of the Mandrake Pills la mcessary. ly etuct
is to give tons to time tnomiach-t". get upr a g.snd apl-etie
It Is alwas a good sign when a lisenm bomins to grme
litngry. I have Iopri of sucht. Wtith a relish for food
ant time gratilication of that relish con-ics g..ed blemmel, ane
with it ore lient, .ih is c:.-st: fv!iatea by a hemalint
of time linna. 'T'hen the ctih oosa aid atlis., the
ere.lgin chilli tnd clanin rt3 .i.thi rcue m n, lonmr p-e.
tr-te and annoy. and the lontimnt gets null-proito. he
uneids taking ro'l'.
N-ew there are incny contrnptiee r who lesn rot tii
Mauna to go it. F' -is. The mieet. l. i-.,1 h, m e .Imt, is
thero no himmpm) for vi.mh? Cert admc mre is. .'y advice
to Such Is, and over has Imeen, t etay in a wrmm roem
during tIe wainter, wh ithmn e-m: ;'thur,. it ilmiut anemnty
degrees, Whih aoi-uld i kelt iecilarly at that point by
moate of a thormnwtm er I..-t cm.:hi a t.aiti at take his ex
er.iso within the lanmttm of t.' r.. :n I'm walkitig ap and
diewn s muirjt us hi strength will l-rnit. in order l,. keel
imp a healthy t.irttltin of tie bhml. I hnive emrmi thou
sands hmm this F. t :nd mn d'. s-, atan. immt.mtmian
mu as ca.ny cur-d am any otit.-r itt.c... if it !I tal::m ti
tihno, nn i thte r -r kind r' me. itt..rt il t'remidi. *1'me
fact st -ie unltctdt--im: on rer..i 1 it f.-ti m . l'a mt .mi.le
al rip, .ltndrnk.: itv, n-im mnu1 Tnihae cure d
very mmauy cif whr.t e- tnm "I tm iie h. -.-:.:. casi of c-m-n
smnnition. On wh.-re you t ill, y--t 1 t.i .. nnm ein -air
to find san poor conm n'ptmmt 0L1 ti hrean re.sced rot
Che very j.", a mmf detai. . ti. i ire.
f:,r .t1 thu aln.li a n lt.ha i..t enn:ern..i, e'erybody
mh.mtmi kee supply ' i- h .- ha :. t:v am t a In tim
Ivr F--ai," t..n c..i.n.e . .. is !.".a .in . of it. hmrtful
crte tehit. In t'm 1 1.t'v- -vm i, at i ill c he
wr atmtmm pur.httive mcttivtiu i . i; -ii. I Om t aae I-:r'
"alen t..- r-.ly ..r tm-t. d% t .t..,m , . .., 'ma , ti ea .f
the Ma~it -..:a " i.: tr- .. .r. : a;& " t tit,
hiitv. ho, take a .f. -.f ti... .%i-.mt..a! -a l1 ti-m r ma1ll m-.
lis.mo von In two? l...ur . m 'iu n..uihl nit..:, "ti. clenl
of a c tenr' of na:--re. or ! tm fL. i I:nli.-a l fmt
tako n em :ho ml.mutirttnm -r . m.-in -r tnr other
night. ind you noy tht di in. r m mwr ii -iAt n:te:rim.-h.no.
Jimcese aplois. pitmammn. e ai .or e i. mit.I.. rmh of
eint uIchde ick l;y t.eta. T.. v i: rnect thm o vi
miv. mindami aitum nsaaucanit chitnimit t.:irs. 1t} tl.or.
eImrfmctly arnil.':s. 'lih .m n d .>u It . idogly.
I hits 1 in ned e pmr..fe..i.nil visit, to 't..ten, Wimd
Ne York. I it e..tiim i t. cm . ;-:tim intat ray hit-.., No.
IS N. SIXitl Sreet, Pitmladelli.it. crery Satiarday. frm
9 A. M. to 3 1*. 31. uimnimew by t idli a. tior.atur ex':nina
ti.,n with ite lI~mpirmntertr w-ill be rtlarr.d tie dollars.
iT;o llemtmir-mnmeter declr- te etennditiim of thme
tuns., and pratients cani Sadly -m ealwetht-r ther are
imitable or not. It-t I desi-e it ilictineily uraderstoind that
tite valume of my mmedicimmts dmilmt emi irmly upon their
ieng taken strictly- accoirngC- torectiions.
Ini conctionm will ty thmat whetn pereons iten mn,
ecedicinecs end thetr ceysttu.mm are tin-vi , .it ia h-nith
sendition thetrohy, they~ are ntot oa limt., to take cmlid. yet
no ons wIth ditetasmd tungv eumn ivar a sudden chinyn of
ttias ihre wlithoutt thes tin.,lity cii greater or less irritsi
tioni 01 thei brncihiial tubets.
Full1 directinmsm in l Icatmeme neatnpanyv my mmnedi.
slnes, ton m ltrmnndclmar that anm-otc an ue ti-rn with
sot osulimng mime, andu etan s hitight f:itm amm v dr.:ggit.
- INo.15N~. SIXThijtroitIhmiad ia,
Which can be cured by a
timely resort to tljis stand
ard( preparation, as has been
proed~ by the hundreds ot'
testimoICnials reCcived by the
pr-oprietor's. It is acknuowl
edgedl by manlfy prmomin~ent
phiysicians to be0 the most
rliab~le prepar~ation Cever in
troduced for the relief and
cure of all Lung complIlaints,
and is offermed to the public,
sanctioned b~f the experience
of over forty years. When
resorted to iln seatson it sel
dom fails to effect a speedy
cure in the most severe
cases pfm Coughs, Bronchitis,
Croup, Whooping Cough,
Influenza, Asthma, Colds,
Soro Throat, Pains or Sore-e
neCss iln the Chest and Side,
Liver Complaint, Bleedling
at the Lungs, &c. 'Wistar'sa
]Balsamf does not dry up a
Cough, and leave the cause
behinld, as is the case with
most premparations, but it
loosenls and cleanses the
h mgs, and allays irritation,
thuls removing the cause of
the complaint.
SETH W. FOWLE & 80N~S Boeten, Mess.
And sold by Druggista andLhnieragenoralf1
White Leade
t)NE, Ton of White Letad wvhich I gnamr.
. antee a pure Lead, folr sale at thei
drug store of
a E N.C. Mountain Ihutter. Alae
break last dish, for salo low for the cash b
nov 9--2w Aet
For Sale.
A LL parties indebted to me for tp
L3plies &tu, will come forward ab4 Rttle
at oneo, as all lions joust be settled by thet
first December.
dcc 4 R J McCAULEY.
& Newsaper of tbto Present Timos.
Inioioal for lYooplo Now on 5srgk.r
hcelnding FarmerSe. laleclianls. Dior, hants, Pro*
Abslonal Mcei, t~orkers. Thinkers andat al tia
her of Iloaierr Folks. soud the Wlyer.. Moia. adl
Daughters of all such.
Or icew thnan Ono Cent a Copy. Let there be s.
$3JO Club at ev rry Poet Offce.
of the aime algaso t gr~eaul character as
TRE WEI.LT, but with a greater variety of
iscnellaneous rcaadhnn* arid fornilhun; the o'wa
to Its su bacribure with greater freshncss. because
Ilcooa ice week instad.. of once only.
A prat .io-tlv rcear'h'o -w~hiapar. wits t'"
iairires: , arriauna to the wo-a.i. Free, Ina'e.
ucitdenit. andl tearlotain loltie,'. All the nae%..
fromn avarywhar. . w " c.aaa:s a copay; by esail,.
40 coastA aaaaullab, or 00 a yar.'c
'Ivo copter, one ycear, aoiiara:ely ft'idrei a .
Femuir Dollars,
Ton roplac.. one yenr, aenratevt aalelre ia (.t..4
ala exar.a ccc, t0 the cgolivr it) ""r rlaaa.)
.El uhtiJ)oltire.
Twnntv cronies, ot ye1, *cp~iaoll adaldressed
(a..J as extra copey w)ia meitrer lip or ceel).
Fifey earl-ai. onef veer. ''ato ir sldreail.1 (at :
bu ia flta. 'e~l L)a'ar V u'tipr laif cl),
','liarty-live Dolalar,.
One lipn'!rei ola n e'Uo" vaair. ti nli OddrC.
(%3I tie., Lenlly for .we~ )ai..t in the e-tr n-" n,
c~un). Flit Illar.t
('~i a :'dr'aot el, n. V.:.r. a "ua:anury aaa.
dlr-'e I ean,.! the ii~a.iy ...c a..e )' r III [email protected],cs'l'ot
up of mlul.), N'xiy Dollar.
'rriu; t0~. .%,: ?T(IY S5UN.
Fie cortaas. e:..; year. :alaaratleri ill,*'.e'..
E-armt l)ollavq,
1 r, r"" l e ''er~.r *.rrn'rlv alraseda (a,.i
r. t ii art.. ti.a .la . .!(1": t ),
..a.xti;l DJollars.
'.r. aai l.1. 1..1.:.

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