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R. MEANS iDAVIS, Editor,
Wednesday Morning, Decemnber IL 18Th
The Now York authorities area
still perplexed about Bos Twegd's
uncoremonious departure. Various
opinions are entertainod respecting
his whereabouts, some bolioviog
that he has crossed the Atlantic,
and others that he is sti.ll lurking
about the metropolis. The Colum
bia Register thinks he has "gone
to meet Parkeir." Where ?
Congress met on the 6th inst. In
the house of representatives the
election for speaker resulted in the
choice of Hon. M. C. Kerr, of
Indiana, who had previously bcen
nominated by the democrats in
caucus. Mr. Kerr stands high as a
politician of long experience, pure
character, and groat skill as a
parliamentarian. He will doubtless
make a most excellent presiding
There is in circulation in soveral
states a petition to congress for the
repeal of the bankrupt law. It is
alleged that creditors are hasty
in availing themselves of the pro
visions of the law, against debtors,
and that in many cases the large
costs in proceedings, together with
the decrease in values involved,
operate to the injury of both debtor
and creditor-diminishing the
percentage paid by the former, and
inducing the latter to accopt a
compromise at a great sacrifice.
In the prsoxnt congress the politi
c rl elements are well mixed. The son
ate is composed of 42 republicans,
29 democrats and 2 independents,
with one vacancy. In the house
there are 101 republicans, 177 demo
crats, 6 liberal republicans, 4 inde
pondent republicans, 4 independent
reformers, and one vacancy The
republican majority in the senate is
now 11 ; in the last congress it was
21. In the house the domocratic
majority is G3 ; bo ore the "tidal
wave" the rcpublicans had a majori
ty of 84. There are one hundrod I
and sovonty six new members.
The state appropriation bill re
cently passed by the house of rep
resentatives provides for a levy of
104 mills for state purposes, 3 mills
for county purposes andl special
taxes in n 'dition which will make
the enth levy, in most counties,
seventeen or eighteen mills. In
Fairfield the tax will be about 174
mills. This infamous bill now goest
to the senate for 'concurrence, and(
it is hoped that it will there udergo
such modifications as wvill reduce
the levy considorably beOlowv the
p~resent figures. The vote on the
passage of the bill to a third reaid
ing, stood 71 for and 32 against it.
Representatives Copes, Gibson and
Thompson, of Fairfield, voted in the
The Ke. and Courier givo., an
account of an entertainment in
Charleston, which is one of the
many proofs that the era of good
feeling between the different sec
tions of the union is well upon us.
Gen. Vogdes and his command, the
1st U. S. Artillery, having been or
dered away from Charleston, he and
officers were invited to,a. handsome
entotr tainmient by the WVashington
Light In fan try, German Fmisileors
and Palmetto Guard-the favoritoe
rifte-cluba in the city. The affauir
passed off very pleasantly, and G an,
Vogdes and his ofileers will no
doubt take with them most agreea
ble recolloetions of Charleston and
her gallant riflemen. The 1st
Artillery, officers and men alike, have
won the good opinion of the
Charlestoniansa by their uan iform
soldierly and gentlemanly dleport
men t.
A strikeing example of the ox
pendituro of public money uinder an
-honest management and that under
a corrupt one, is given in the ac
counts recently examined by a com
mittee of the Chamber of Com-.
mnerce in Charleston. In il 'muni
cipal election of 1873, the commris
nioners appointed by Gov. Moses
rendered an account for election
expenses footing up the enormous
sum of $18, 208.67, of which $12,000
was naid to Corbin & Stone and
Molton & Chamberlain, attorneys
for the new board of aldlermnn, the
balance being put down to regular
expenses. In the last election, the
coammissionere appointed by Gov.
Chamberlain conducted the cloction
at a total coat of $1,184-less thanm
one tenth of the sum expended in
1873. A more forci.. -xmn)I
could scarce# be 0duced to show
the differsee betwgen honesty and
offiloohy On the" ono nd t
knavery auk ext.vagaie I, on th
other, Ii,
%iet u~i6 .1 a h"
been elected to 'the professorship of
law in the South Carolina Universi
ty-made vacant by the recent-death
of C. D. Melton. The Moses. family,
have shown a decided peaechantfor
holding public office. The doelcta
ble F. J. Jr. at one and the cuno
time was adjutant general, oio be
of the lgislature and speaker of the
hovo-all of which ho turned to his
own advantage. Montgomery Mdddc,
the brother of the chief justice, is
now judge of the sevo th circuit, and
an aspirant for re-election. AndI
with a due"regard fo' tl o''etorbaI
fltabss of thiig', the 6ldest Mo cs
of all has a well paying sineuro in
adition to his judgeship-tho two
positions yielding him, exclusive of
feos, the neat little sum of et1,d10
per annum.
Newspapermen, as eve ryblody
knows, are fond of coining words.
Sonmotimos they succeed admirably,
but often their coinages have so
much alloy as not to pass current
very easily. "Reportorial" is agood
looking and pleasant soun(ling
word ; it reminds one of senatorial
and gubernatorial and dictatorial.
But unfortunately thoro is before
the final r an e which cannot be
changed into a without giving the
now word a decidedly counterfeit
air. If "reportorial" is good, then
"ministorial" is equally so ; and if
we may speak of the "reportorial
dlesk," as' we do of the "edito
rial chair," then we may with (orital
proprioty do so of the "printorial
iRno" and "spin storial gosii p."
Those would scarceoly pass mnuster,
yet they are quite as correct as the
low much-used and seemingly nuc"h
dmired "reportorial."
The appropriation bill, at which
he lower branch of the legislature
ins boon for some time working,
ins at last passed its third reading
a the house, and is now bofore
,ho senate for concurrence. The
ovy is as follows : For rala rics, 1.
nilla ; for penal and charitable
nititutions, lf mills ; for public
chools, 2 milli ; for legislativo ex
onsos, one and ono-tenth mills
or interest on the public debt, 2
ills ; for deficiencies, one and
wo-fifths mills ; total, 9 mills.
L'ho two bills to provide for the
>aymient of past miintbtelness, known
ospoetively as the "i~ttle Bonlanz.a"
,nd the ".Big Bonanza," will together
nvolve an additional tax of 1A
mills, making the entire state tax
levon mills. To this must of
ourse be added the regular county
ax (which cannot exceed 3 mills)
he school tax, varying in different
ownships, and the doficiency tax.
iIaking those additions, the rato in
Pairfiold will be about sixteen
The legislature will, dufrinlg its
uresent session, elect one associato
ustiec of the supreme court, and
ight circuit judges. From prosenit
ndications it is safe to conclude
hat the election will be a rstrict par
~y fight. In this connect ion the
'orrespondont of the News and
'ouir says, in a recent letter:
"In the sixth circuit Judge Mackey
a a candidate for re-election, and up
to a (lay or two ago his success was
ussertod to b~e certain. But Dublin
Walkor', who was r'ecenitly p~ardloned
by the go~~rnor upon the re'onm
monda~l~tionl of Judge Mackey, who
son tenced him to the penitentiary,
has since his release Ibeen actively
working against him. Who his o1)
ponrn wI be, is not clearly stated.
M.Wmn. H. Birawloy, the former so
licitor of the circuit, is spoken of."
T1hme election is expected to tako
plaieo not before ('hr'istmas, though
there i.' now on the table of thme
house a rosolution to go int~o an
election on thme 15th inst., and con
tinue it till all the needed judlgos
shall be0 chosen.
The papers announce thme eseppe
of Boss Tweed from LudIlow~ Street
Jail, New Yor'k. Thelj Iera/d gives
a detailed account of the escape,
and expresses great indignation.
A reward of $10,000 has5 been offered
for his recaptumre. There is SQJmo
thing p~eculiarly striking about thme
career of T weed. Tihalt he is a great
rascal, and that he stolo millions
from the people of New 'or'k
cannot be denied. His case has
been before every court in the
staite, hio, lawyers have found protext
after pretext for his release from
custody, succeeding in their efforts,
only t' o'e their client incarcerated
on some new ground. Notwith.
standing his guilt, it seems almost
impossible for the law to reach him
in such a way as to get a sure hold
npon him. What will becomq of
him now, it is diffieult to sati. 01
courso. the strnes arts ...m be
mado for hi t t ; but it will
be rather a . c if the Boss
sak u accustome
shr es os. The
gene esp ems to be that
ho h o to foreign coun.
try. . .'
South Carolini hasat present but
h?To. f e n ,tivP p iig to
Rlainoy, from the first district is op.
~in the ' , o'Ot ~ o-~ lib'ab
paigu .- ]apt, yppy,, tiockcyn ,b
ehins to represent: the second . dis
trict, is confronted by Buttz who
claimns to hav'e beoA li1'~lly bictki.d
A petition has likoiysj *ce '
sedted to the house, setting fortik
that the electloh of Hole, 'from .rhe
third district ,pis illegal and' void,
from the fact that the ebuntie 'e:
braced in ihis district aii not con
tiguous. Until theino sovriel1 qu.es
tions are settled our State'ill hiavo
but two aorescdntttite pin the
houiso,- .mas it} thzo fi tl c
triet and Wallace from the fourth.
These contosts al p a nice thing for
the cOntesttnts, ns, under a law. of
congress, both littics draw fill pay
till the controversy ,.is auktled. A
good example of tho.working: of the
law was the case of Bowon Vs.
)oLargo from the second district.
After an examination of two years'
duration, tho committee, idocidod
that neither had been lawfully
elo(ted I
The reporter of the Necw and
Courier has ineu red the direful
wrath of the i-adicals in the legisila
turo, by writing a truthful and
scathing letter on the subject of
the appropriation bill. The lotter
appeared in print headed "Nino
ltadical Rascals," the reference
being to the radical members. of
the louso committee of ways and
means, and showed up very -plainly
the infamous doings of that com
inittee. This was too much for
radical virtue to stand, and, after a
usolossly kng and acrimonious do
bate, Mr. J. R. Blacknman, the- ro
porter, was expelled from the privi
logos of the house. The re porters
of the Charleston p,:pCrs have more
than once incurred the wrath of our
l4ensitive (?) logislators. In 1869,
Mr. To. T. Sloan, of the Courier
was expelled for telling the truth
dabout a corrnl)t schmemo of Whipper.
In 1872, Mr. Thomlinson, of the
Xcws, wrote a truthful account of
the folly and rascality of IUen
Blya,- imember from 'Oi-agebumrg,
in the matter of Scott's
impeaclunent, dhaI was attacked by
that outraged innocent with a cowv
hide; but calmly drawving a revolver,
ho caused li o et a. hasty re
treat, followed by a ball which gave
the member .from Orangeburg a
wound in the back. Mr. Medaw, of
the Nrews and Courier, gotj
into trouble because of some
thing he had sai,1 which did not
please the fancy of Senator Dunn;
but after a corretion of ,Dunn's fool..
ish mistake, the affair wams smoothly
an 1 ho'n'rably settled. Mr. Black
man is thu hatest victim, andi if a
manm is to be punished for writing
bold(, spicy and trum Ih ful let ters about
thme legislature, he deserves the terri
blo p~enalty .he has incurred. We
are pleaisedi to observe that time
paper he hiLas no ably servedl fully
susmtains him in the courseoho haspumr
lame Tax ~paye'a' (ommveniom.
What ever doubt may be enter
tained as to the feasibility of a
gathering of the taxpayers of Souith
Charolina at this time, there -can cor
tainily bo.ofear that .it ill reait
in ham .in any direction. There
are doubtleijs some who are inclined
to belittle the iumportance anid the
ini enco of such a conv entIion. It
was a long time hoefore the toeice of
he honest t:uxpiyors of our State,
linding speech in the addresses and
mietooials of the convention was
heard by the American people. For
this reason there were many good
and true men -in South Carolina
who, whilst they admitted the ne
cessity of united action in some~
form, entortainedi doubt as to the
paIyers' conven tion. This feeling wasi
mmch too general in 1873, whcn the
convention was called for the. pur..
pose of memorializing congress gn
the suibject of our grjovanices. -lhIt,
however much that asmsembllage of
the best and truest men of oiur State
may have failed of its chief .end--a
direct interposition by congress-...
yet n~o onie will douy that its nmoral
ef'ect upon all classes of people at
the North an~d upon +the radical
party in South Carolina was lyy no
means incoriniderable. At pi'beht;
the convention is recognized as a
body tepresentinfg the &edith' a'nd
intelligence of the State, and ~As such
entitled to the hiie1tegegyt, The
number of those who attempt to
cost ridicle upoisenigg go
radi 1o e-holders a "j -leg"
an hose baref&ced on
is o - ' led yb th *
i im t y
oco ent hic was led
Col bia tho 3th
c at t p - tyo
ends :--It can assure Gov. Cham
offd4 fe . t) rt h antynOp ofitio
honlest'fin tAfci ofu$u pde61inW
an: parnert protest :against the
mIgasures <& r'u4al eo fsN&a
about to be enacted. Such an assu
ran6&bnthe 'one'h'and' and ri fth
Protdst 60' the other; enntn6 but a
mODlish cmoe good. If thcy'd
no mlo, t hey.. wi1 { Ie4t' prgt
that ther taxpaying citizens oi South
Carolia; ato alivo to the 'angers.
which 'suiiround them, and' that
they' ill no a(riger permit a clan.
gorous letohargy to prevail or -i ,the,
dictates of intei'est, of patriotisni, ox
'Golf-lfe:;trvatiouil. Fo dursolves
we ai ticinh uothing but Dodd 1e'
sults from the colv ion. We"haye
favored . such 9rgnnizations in tho'
-phst, and the exporionco of the past
eighten months has only strength
od us in our p 1evioud donvictions.
.Lt T w N ee Cngress.
The congress which ha just
oponed its first mooting is in more
than one particular a rcmarkable
body. The. aidden change in 'th6
politida:1 complexion of.- the body,
resulting from the political revolu
tion last fall, must of course have .a
decided effect upon . its policy and
epactments. In the house of rep
resentativs, the denocrats,- from
having booni for many years in a
helploss minority, now find them
selves the ruling faction ; while in
the senate, the republican majority
has boon greatly reduced A
democratic . ltouae, a republican
senate and a republican president,
all at work at the same tin, present
a political anomaly posaible only
in a countiy like ours, whoro peace
ful revolutions are wrought at the
ballot-box . The meetiig . of the
present congress has for many
months been looked forward to with
groat intore;t, we mlight say with
eager curiosity. The chief intorost
centered of course upon the house,
where the democrats were to have
an opportunity -of exercising a
power to them quite new. There
are many in the ranks of the 1:opub
lican party that seemed to feel. safe
in predicting that ,what seoneod a
victory for te-delnocratsg would
ultimaitelj rodound to -tho trihinph
of. the oppodite party. Thoro were
not a fe. who said that the demno
cractic party did n~t knoiv holi' to
use the newly acquired power, and
that, left to thomselves, , they would
Roon) rush headlong to destruction.
This is the merea *parlisan tattle.
A party that has. in its ranks many
of tihe ablesat and' purest statesmen
America' has over producod,. r:
pat1rty that has expericticed ablnost
every possible phase of p~rosperity
anal adversity, and- come out with
its honor utnsullied1, its gr'est" name
udishonored, is not likely to be
guilty of the folly 'to whjch its
enemies charge it to be. so prone.
The action of .the present demo
er'atic house is sure to be eminently
The fist thing~ to be done by
thme new hio'use, in its power to
regulate the expcnditure of the pui!
lic money, is to keep its pledges
so often made,-to practise a genci
al anmd wh'o'lenomec econmy in the
fiscal ,rfleirs of the gorgr'nmnent.
is one( whichb hats been r'epeatedily an
~nost justly madlo agndt he re'
publican parmty, adte ~de
success of thme democr'ats was largec
ly due10 to the hope), on the part oJ
the umasses, that a political factisi
so ,long in a helpless minority,
wioul, Oit thir accession to power.'
bring about speedy and. universa
retrenchment. Accordingiy, t
de~mocrmats claim that they can ad
will reduce the animal' expen ~es of
the gover'nment fiftty nliillions8 be.
low thme presenat figurim' and this
too wvithmout ait all cr'amping anay o.
tha departments or' 'imlpiing-~ theb
ofileie~ncy. d~ui'did 'repmliana
freely admit that a rodnelio 101 0
twenty mllions ('can he made, but
assoert that any fitte'ngt; todchrt'y thea
eonomy further would cauto ' ed
ti nancial emmbharram-,ent, Retweer
those oxtremesa thme democratic mnajori
tytin the houdte 'will be forend; t(
adopt some molops, that wilj redteive
the sanclOtont .of the ne t ati&'
preidlentt 'Tlgim will no. .dglubt hob
dlOe, i The) republicansi in' congrene
eatn'ot be blind' to ,the 'faAl 'thai
the eutiro peo k1 of thio ntaiof' !ar4
demanding i:O isncinnentaidd ~liai
the party that attemptf taresist
*uteh #'d ia lovmed4 pdit
eim1 anhihiltk~t! %d'Zfa~d the ~ra~
osa of tho'gnkatt't2Jn o
in wchich the democrats will be
called to.. fulfil their es. Ea
ra gl c al~d rr in band
Ahd, d u oy
1 t pu n ea Id eck.
t th will o ze and
evils and t rn aiia
government up to the 1 h; f
t r, tojo dou~t ((oxJet .~
c irh a 11 ti* inids of .those .L I~
thought..ft it' ttatt
veryv Ipopuhu' sclool 11Y1111 I \\?nt'"
to 1;() An ye'." It1 only a"~
lfad no' iniii r' fconi thi9 picqo.
'AcientAL lids Aeortainox1 that 'a
iifaii 1,87;,: tiihsezP arj 11" g6 A
heinsc fiy, aind 'this' kn,owldilgo'is1
enoug~h to mnake ~ 'frlro 'a ho 'hii
hat over hlisitr htn l stdp'Uh1l.
A boy '.thiirte$n, ;years. oldl ellotf1
himself in St. 3Zjoui.~ lust. ivuiek' be
C4ause his' pairents.'h kid7 do eil.o -toy
asiud 'bini tnwaV from hoklio- to -till a
bisenoas situation. ~;i
At 3 New 4faru1oy, , : ldhnii
portublo engine boi o:" ex dolediI
killing 'ilt n, o111et,.n . S olo
: w, ;llry u. ja~c~",and ljo. liy
i. alding Fiuvral. .
A l.'loodlod ep'v in n .ndi re'ent
ly sold for. $1Q,800. Thither highi
t)rjyced beef stealk.
CO~itE1"c''to-' WEEKLY 13Y
Coi'ros--Sales for the pa.t ?eck, 61(3 baleot
at p'ricesi ratgoiat from 1 l(l112A
I1i(cs to-day 't lb ; I Atta;12
zo-taIari, Lornes'tie
li~ Nam Ar:auw ~lb 4
IlAcO'i-Shoalder:;- : "
Bulk S1,wuidrn . .' .1
131l11 C l.. '41(I( ' " 3 x,:'
rI.%m5 -'u C (7anvn,sed' 2
.AND1413--Ade.,nnxe " i.Vt 182
k ; Jttv.. " la) 3t3t. l t
t'UAt-- ('rtiitl flfl(
CiraIi.attd 1; '.
C Y.IIr'w and
I'.:::'ta C1 1 ite." " I !0n 13.1
N oI ('luritli " 3'2ci11
:,U.SSN () " . gal 90(4A 100h
titan ovu,1o " 44 15' 7:
RICE -Caurolin~a " i'"1(c1
iot - .. .. o. I .;
*1i.1. loltedl 1. ;'0
OAv1t4--1Vh t.. I I'd "' 8C~il .25}
S. I~ - ""2.001
NA~t.4-- 25
YARoN~ the Blood1.
. com . i.'tI Sin. of Vi'kehnk. R t(OQTS
FIER8 . tna PXR I'rA, Ctinancd wth ott.eL
.tiperttes, wthich in t!:c'r t.*.u. c cdo C.thiuartc,
r.1,orient, Nutritions, y.tiret, /.1I'.tvoand Anti
lious. Tite whoele is DtyCe'v,-d Jn a auticieut
ittity of spirit frot thl S ,.a C U AR ' CA210 to
et tuxw ti Ally caisate, whiit taka the
neo of the nnot d'itrAblo Tontic rne ;Oatlhstr
i as in tic weurid. They Are intended etrictly as a
only 1"tn, used rno a inedicino, a~nd alw ayssoording
to clir(etrbo.
'ii/T are tin tha'nt- e'cor of tho f"bi. and del.
b';ttteld. Ttscy r^: npon a 4..'casert )iver, antt
sltuluite te' s:c'h r, etitre, t'.a: a bealtiy action Id
at since brought alm'ut. A it remeIdy ft 'hitb
\1 att eir sa. 'eqpc.iaalv rnbjoet, i, Ii. t.urperseiung
Det-ryother stlsae.nUt. Ada 81) 1. at11 t hurn.
u" A- ' Mutoje, they have no equal. 'soy nas a
in'd at: I etrt'o I url'at.vo as well an Toniac. They
I istityt'tM 1i ud. They arde bplendia Appetier.
Toy inako te wr'tk trong.i They purity andlr
ny~ornte. Tht-~ytu:n 1 yai~epsia. Constipation. and
l'..dlach. 'i hy nat as a rlsoilic it all species o
itiorw't'h vtin-iermnito.tbe Ldilyet1ength and
l rv-6 den: a t.Ao nu.:.J t;-::.-1+.
Tepot, C3 P.- I" e, Ecw Ter\
Dr. SCHENOK adviseB 0OnBimptivOS to \
to Florida in Winter.
Vating for the last thirty-five years devoted ny whol
titue and attention to the study of lung diseases and con.
gumption. I feel that I underotand fully the course that
ought to be purated to restore a tolerably bad ease of die.
eased lungs to healthy soutdness. The first and most
Important step is for the patient to avoid taking cold, and
the best of all ldaces on thin continent for this purpose, in
winter, is Florida, well dgtn in the 0tate, wbere lb+ tem
Ierature is regular, and not suijet to such variations as
In more Northen' latitudes. Palatka is a point I can re
commiend. A good hotel is kept there by Potorma.s. Last
winter I saw several persons Itere whose longs had been
badlydiseased, but who, under the healing inliuence of the
climate and mny medIcies, wore getting welt.
Oile hundred miles further down the river is a point
which I would prefer to Palatka, as the tem.erature is
more oven and the air dry and bracing. ?lelliuuville and
Enterprise ae located there. I should give a decided
preference to biellonvlllo. It is two miles from river or
lake, and it sents almost impossible to take cold there.
The tables In PF1tida mIght be bolter, and patients torn.
slinir at tins, hut that is a good sign, as it lindioates a re
turn ofappetito, and whenthdith esse theb eeal
incrcage ini itosh and then the innmgs mnust hsail. tl
Jaeksonvilie, hilherila, Green Cove, and many ethes
p tacos in various piarte o'f Florida, can be safuly recoma
mitnded toeonsumpttves in winter. bly reasonsc for saying
to are that pationas art lesa liable to Lake cold there 1*ham
where there is a leos even temperature, and it is not neoh.
rary to nay ilt ere a itonsum:41'tie pereon esposes him.v
evi to freasent cullds he it cc.Cain to die shortly. There.
fee.mneivice is, go weli down Into the State--out of lbe
read, of p~revailing e'r.st wlieaud tot. Jaclmonville, o,
ahisat an. : sher of the ioejitits I have namned, awi ha'te
fit tthest Who are trcublied wheh a torlidt liter, a disordiered
5.oraeh, deranp-:d boweis, r',re thronet cor cough, but for
those vwhnoe huoigs sre diseased a miore Southern point i,
earnestly recommendedi.
pa ato er rior to .IPA9. I waespref-sooally ie
New orkBostn; alttdloro and fleniadelphia- every
week, wllero I sawe aind et.aanined oat an average live hun
4 redgaientsna week. A practtieso exteosve-etnbracing
evory possie-phse of Iunt disraae-bes etnaled me te
arestnd t',e diseaso fully. andt hence oty caution in
regardl to iekiwi cold. A jnreim nay take cast 'tuantitles
of ' Set..nek's P'ulmoic rupi~i, Scaweed TIonic, n nd itlan
3rake~ P'ill'," ar.,j . cC die tho .s nCo t avohi taking colid
ln kloridae. nart/ overyh--'.y ts uioig Schior.ek's Maniet
d rake ills, fo.! tho'cliimnte is mere likinly to prondiee bill
.us hulite tha~n mu.re Northerg latiudos. Itc oisael-est.b
lishied factt thiat nr.tlives of l'ltrid a rarely die of cone upsic
tinst, cetecially th'ee of the flotuthtrn D'art. UIn tie inthii
hand, in Now E'ndhitrn, ione tird, at least., of the pi
titt die cf ti terrible diu-jace. In ths iia S..ates i
does net prevail so irergeiy, still there are csnaiiy thmcisandi
ef eased lter.,. what :t tast p'erc'intage '>f life we~ild be
saved if etustusptivs wre its easily alarined In regard 1.
ttaing fresht ettld as they are .ihoutt scarle fver, smtal
rox., &c. tiut they are nit. 'They take wht they termn
Dtto coldi, tilhich they a'rie:-edtlousin uhtio telete wil
atar till in a fete da:,:1. The3 iny nn aittentiiontit it, s
hine it leys thte founiiatiin rr ano'tt.ar and anothler still
onti' the hitngs :ad diseuto b'eyol:4 alt hele for cure.
My tadvico to pe.'rvtna wh,:e l tnig.t crc iileteelni eve1
eli-htliy is, 5. to tin l e st.',k of P-i-ueia's t'ohanic $3 at
1:,t.'.:k'c iScawend '-2ie aned iithienick's :.iandiree l'ill
amtl gon to Fii'ridas. I recitin-nand liege prticular msedl
eites because I amn thorougihiy aequainte- will, their cc;
tion. I know thne where they are tased in strict accoirdane
with toy direetir .'e t4ey wcii lu the wrerk mu-at I, relinirod
niho pireiorlki' fir ced~i. ciughi cr p~it-s..ent., and tie.
einst the o attlient to wnik idt. 'it eery day, will b
gOre ':oticts n irisr on hnis h~atd's ioefero l-ing.
li phi iq t.. .,en lny lhree atneduiumit, in neccaudanc
with ti r itti d1 ireetk.s, vresIt in eo'.nti caes alihee
frnct' 'u f ti..W.r .e tills t.c ro:.1e'ery. My ot'.ec
le ii C r thu' Cn iih.. itentsch--to pet tip u. giod apipetite
at ,it iue'r oooA eng,: het, a. 5irmtiei nt 'oa to. greo
tutu'rv. I hav,- 6.:. ' 4.f .tth. * ith .t telishi fear Dlo
iaiid tiiigr miit anmoii '- :.ha, roll i cen's goeC ble,,,A si
s.thit ir- .iveth ii. ''I- i' elitoy fiolili ad b~y a lentin
it f'in' iun cs. I 'it ti.a gouia toier an,;c' r.'.aes, tII
r.tiy i'i . nr. i itou.night.,'eet noi loaturv prits
te--mi are "silty. and. the piatimta R-t., wsln-promidedi b
N.",w hart "re iniany emetu. q ih.- upo" hatrs eel lt
lss e i ..,t a. 'en; f..i'4,.,, i ei k,
CO- *u-1tee.i',trh.- fit, -i''"tuni..v ,...... eot
fac n r-a.nt -. rt' i rd tha '1 hen.miit rr
t nic, Maatlr:t.ku l'iil, l3i.' 'OtAuit'ed 'T. htte -
wy'vnn f ihatsieeni Jto betu.,.ilea sn.iacofe
lo:,eivery ; . whdr ci. ii r t;. ... -'iiie.e
.i .r: i Mana the .. motiiorw. cv r
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btce de * t. ii Cr t '* .i 'aii - ,i .
l'.' ea in t I o bii m .I.t v . 'ifU . .r.
of ni ehancr' of i.to- oe I ' Win ' cc it~ u*. e~ lin f~uti
c.k eu o th ...in..rakes lcrr tnigtt- ei' t c hcii
iidd '. a ud -u .sy the ndrlink watera vae e-atoiictoe
i'us a) ;-l, aiturn. paohes or enhra, Ittctit ttee robk e'
icing inde ik l.y t~l.'i 'he u' titl prte't thnose wit
. itO ' iau statinirmstl iii i'iniferti.t. 1ry Listr
'ihey its e"'pitutly hiartuit . l.iTi-sento it' '... d 'oienly
i 0 .e :.ne et "-'.t.intl vi' Cts '3 itten an,
Nev i .''t ' ii'. :,criii Si or tiea..s at any ti:.". 'Cl
1. c. 'I" pill "ere, ph tadii . eveir; itu'rda',' i'rr:s
* . D. T' i te wit wish a it. rozih inutin
ii it4etirtg i.' dim.t 'oumat' nie lot' r- ii h
*ii."engl ien at~o. t.i ' * 'S,'
.. 1 it N . '', S1Xst.'tk m -bli
V f"'ttin orm e c,it tniz n.i hori ;l
itde iminuity thiat weva tag'' .Oi'.ju (te'
neelvesx Tnnee the iirsl~lo a i'n'J ~ '''
P'i'ITeln'e, antd wvilt kee'j > oon nii~~ m.o
handst at largamociiuk of linel Wii'. '3a.i
Gi1n, & -. Atlso McEc'sun -h:~~
(Ouitnner-s I ubltlin peut'rni et1
G ilepr Ale A I i J l'y 'ttk o'inu
and 'ho'es, I~s) ry oQ'--t Uothings, (irim e
iand iever(ting us'uallyt kep~t int a first-cla.9
ltusO inan., fis for fih beyairil irt~ a
1) -.IIItdAe ont thW old hoffad, lt feiuit
C1 ItIB3 A, DS.'Ae. Editor.
Cie x0a *Ve bI~j s n
" Newspaper~ oo. t Pesent TIuGO.
Intended for Pople New an B3.wb.
'cludlng Farmen. )tochaolws. Jlerebsats. Pro.,
Asuioal Moo, Wizke. Thinkers and alt Rtan.
:1[ all ihs.MtetCopy.. Let thore be
sarbof aiv iry Post ime.
6*311-WEEKLY S3I4 s, A FEAR.
of ih ' ~,+& ( 0 eiei t pricrbt 19 '
snieeliancous roedipc, and furnothlogf the now*
I to its mob tcrlbedswltbale toftmee. becaso
it Cotnie tyilce 'week tz}stead of once only.
' A Pr* el ~tiV rba4e ile wugaer wlt1 tI
aidr cv eiries Tw~ rantice.p7 o *itri 1
Vi1vo ooptea, one year, Soparatel a~tdres -4 7
Ten copies. one ?er, &cr.tb~ R44 r$ (a
j*Au.OXLF. cup') to the getter U? ofcgtolusi,.
Twn * oaoeVnr dep lr hi @1w..
V tfty eopl e. one Tear, to one setdreus last. 1, t
Fify 1Ai hekiyTear. uearttnf wie e (anb)
toe St*'an"ck~y osleycar n ctiar Ill. o: ciU'),
One lrnldrcA cn-le. one. year. to env adde*
(ani f Ibhl 1Jul17 for one y'u&.g to tile cotter l
*CIOI)J.,. Fsipy Dovaurla
One l,'r iered coniesor yP- var. o-nrtly m*~
Five Coejo.. cup year, sC.pnrIv~a &4uP,~
Ton a+tg,r lo T)Rr.eCp rlv adsrrI.4d (awlJ
Oh: t. ":. L('1I tO gutter Up of Glen.),
Pr '."t (' lo. i' i"O?. &s-~a,s, or triafte ot
2. :t11, * l
COSI PTinrI u 1
wvhich can be cured byj a
timely resort to this stand
ard lprcIarationl, as haw b~een~
proved by the hundrls of
proprietors. It is ackunow
edged by miany prominent
phIysicians to be the most
reliable preparation ever in

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