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' IV1MsBon I
It. MEANS DAVIS, Editor,
Wedinesday Mlorning, lkcrmber 22, 187
Bettor twenty-fivo imaills of ttxa.'
tion than a corrupt judge.
- --- --4*--- - - -
The now judges will not bo Ieated
till August. 'Much may bo done by
that time.
Now lot the point argue(d by the
ews and ('urier that judgos are
elected for four years he tested.
Whipper and Moses may yeb be
The I'nlion-HcreddL thinks that'
..tie svorest commeIont.ary on univor
Hall suflrage l is that, deilgat.es chosen)
by this system should have plired
upon thu benh11 on11 whose propler
p)lace is lie prisoner's dock.
The Fairlielh d1legation voted
solidly for Vhipp 1r and algainst
M1osoH. We see0 but little dill'rence
betwec'en theso mnll. 'he election of
oither wvo da have been sailicientt to
onsure ia conservative victory,
The Legislature is cowardly, 1t
truclcod t.) the goverlnor in the m al.
ter of taxation, becasllI ho held the
veto power. But in the judici.1
election he h hal no voice, and the
logislatllro retuirnod to its wallowing
in the mire.
The tragedy that was einetod in
Iho lJegislat.uro on 'lmtirsday woul
havo 1011 relieved by at little ulimr
had MHoses 1)001 e(lected to Cho first
circuit: Ho would then halve bel
ale to s(2enence himls elf to thie peni
t.lltiay for Htealinig that six tou10118.
an1)d dollars in Orangebiirg.
Tle houso of representativest
recently spent much t.ime in dir
(eu:ssiig a h ill to repeal thea Bll
l-tw, ancd finally settled tei matter
by leaving the law to sIu ld just as it
hats stood for t'he past live yeaPrs.
We 110 informed that. i hill - will
bo introduced in the senatC, with
every phobability of bemin passed,'
proividinlg for the repea1l of the law
after the fiat of January. I7.
It iv coniisitderd' Iikely thatt ibis
bill will likcewiso 'a;' h th l hme.
Ther 141e to be dive(rsoIl opin ions11
enlbtinied by thei membe11rs of thle
leg~i:ih ihire on Ithe Hiubject1 ofth
TIhiern has b4 eeni riinsiced ill fthe
house, anid passed to a)2 thindiorad
Ilin alhll to liit, Iho 14ossion) of (Ib
leislature3 to sixI v dayvs. It is to
be hoped that this bill will hoeome
a haw. It is tru1( tha1 li~Lh1(e1 acual
shorteninug ofl the4 (essionii'~ wi11 pu a
penses which have been a~ em' to
i a hiort. Aeshsionf w ill leav e
nmeh1'l 1less o)ppor1tunIity for aL was-.1
of t imol ill trivial debaf ( idl1 u:44less
bee a431 Icon01stanti source1 (4 of com11plaitl
has b eeni n1 ~llo evienc of an des~ire~
to imuprovo ini th is partiiicutlar. A
formail enactmeint b. y ,theIn legisha iure
itsh apor to ho the best means12
of c]4hinlg t he (vi . W(4 .rust theo
hill will becomiio a la w.
(Convenitions) are (cortainlly hw'.n
ing e'xceedinmgly plopular. Woe have
had them11 inl every3 form.--politIical,
religious- social and (coInuerial.
Priniteors, (conducg.f trs, doctors-, 1boo)1
blacks, n1ewvshoys, tenehbers, oflco.
fleekers, --I mi'sionaries, tax payers,
tiekOt-agents, actorsH,-... indeed men01
of ever'y clas aind (every o4ciuationi
hiavo their 'onlvntions in wh1ih they
assert. their rights an uud ondeav'or to1
redress their wrongs. Ihlt the
Jlat-est ting out in this in( is an1
hldlw ini Chiiengo, to determ1)ine onl
mealisurles by wVI hih ai sl~op may be~
Trm-amps)1 aro( crtaIinly a soulrco olf
ucth annoyano everywh~'1ere, 1and1 it
15 very deslirable that11 they43 should(
ho rid of and1( pu1t to wo~rk. Whethi
or thle "autIi ramp1j eenIventio'' will
m ina i;to be 14oon. Jni this c3ouPee
tion-l theo extract in this~ pa1 *r,
heoaded "WhIat to IDo with Tramsps,"
will bo roaid wit-l h iorosit.
.&, Peaplo aire lJomuewhait p~erplexod to
knIow tihe exact meanuing of (111 of
fihe cloinug een tecesCO o f thie presi
dont's message to conugross, which is
inl tlhose wor1(1s : "Tis is the last
me~isage I shalll wvr't~ 1(o coneyss''1
beoforo my 1ulccessor is4 ecl(ted." TIhe(
the 1hraso "ny successor." Many
think that Grant, in speaking thus,
repudiates the idea of a third term
"my succossor" having referenco to
somebody olo, to the presidoit at
present unknown. The New York
leread holds that, according to
Grunt's view at least, a man may bo
his own sucoessor by holding an
oflice for more than eno term, and
that the presidet, so intetidod in his
message. Grant is certainly hard
to "spot" onl the third lerm question.
He has said but little, and from
what he his said, no posit.ive in
forcnce can be made. That he
would like to remain in the White
1cutso for four years aftoi the
fourth of Marcb, 18771, nobody
doubts ; but whether he supposeu he
can do so, is yc.t u.docided. We
The 'i'Taxipay ers' CIonvenltio, has
met and aidjonrned. There wore
but ninetecn countics representled,
ander some of the lologations wore
not full, the entire nuber of dele
atles being abut t one hundred.
T'he following editorial in the Co
lumhili ( 'n ion - He( radd, the acereodi tot
ortgant of the republican party
show H lie construction which vill
be placed upon the sparse attend
unee by tho radicals. The italics
ate our own :
'"10 taxpayers' c11veit.ion, aft(er
a quiet. session, his adjourned.
Only about half the counties of tie
state were represented, and even in
those tho imeet-aings. to elect idle
gates wore very slimly attended.
In this county only fifteen personas
wt)ere attracted to it meeting for thti.
Iml1rpose, atd in sevoal otter (o11n
tic:; We know of ia less nunbi
sultlil'ed. Thr .ie fact s shothat/ct t/cc
propic at/' the state crre pretty wel,
sitti'/icl U-it/t the s'ituution of
aftr 11<tm the yenneral j-npie
'the reimbtI licatl majority in tho gon
c'ral aLsHemlbly would do well to keep
tihem so."
TJ'he Columbia correslponent of
the Gireenovillo 4 wnvi mentioned in a
rnecn I. let ter that (hov. Chamixberhain
hbad c tt:od of State Treasurer
Canhdoza and Co'mptroller General
Danm, new olicial bonlds. .Dunn
sHui ceded in procuring new sureties,
but, when tlie ltiter was written, the
treasure'r had not dn i o, Car
doza's present suretios are J. L
Neagle, wuv!t kin -n as eomptroller
tiler S-c ott andr as a great ML'olii
drel, C. U. Wihler the present post
aisteir at Cobtilbit, and H lardy
Solcmiaon, president of the South
by 1.h11 rtcenit, faihtIo oif which. th<.
statep lost a few hunmdred thioustuid
Neaigle is of courmso ui tthry bauik
rupjt :~ Wier owns1 nio propertly, ali
lie enoys bteing in his wife's namo :0
nothinig or* what he has cantll be1)
reatch ed.I A niice Het of surOtiWs in
dotods, for ant oi.'tr who lus thie
h~ein~Ig of all the funds of the
stat', aimounitinig to muilions ! Thie
wvoit hilesness of bondail~ given by
stati. muad couniity tlIhida ha~s long
ena pa lpal frauI (iitd u ponl the 1peo.
ple0 :mdt it. is gratifying ' to kntow thatt
Gov. (Chamiberlaini will taike steps to
put an1 endl to it. Whaetever m-iv
bet the honest'ty of i-lho ofhi,'er.--and
)xpieneo sI O hol ws that, itere has
b-en nio matperabun tdainio of this
iqualit y ini Stth Carolina oflit
ihlers---at good bond1 shtouii always
be exactoad, to insureo againist 10s5
fromn th ler cauises.
Thie ('ron~ nming oaI .
'The ('rownfing outrage 1has. been1
perpetratd upon1))1 thle people of
SoutthI (~ Caolina. 'The L1 egislat ure
iln t he! et'C ti 'n of judgies x .ti dt'tied
all de totby and hats givenU a lairge
nid pillag.o, rapino al~t nd urder.
Whiippeir hats beeni eleced j 1dg1 of
the first judicial ci rcuiit, comipisinig
the large and weal thy coun ties of
Chiarlestoni and Oraungebutrg. This
isi t he miost imlt-O. t mit. cirenit o f
thle state, andi demaunds~ penliiarl v
anI abile, learneU- I and honesCt judge.
Whio it- W~hipper ? An adventurer
into0 ouri Slate, to whloml is color
ist the least objectim H'f. -e was ai
membe~h~tr of ft sinikinig fundi comii
isionl, and0 is to-day chiargod with
the Omblhezzlemien t, of toni thioustand~
dollarso is 8OWn account, bot-idls
being imliienmted ini mtll) of the
swidlos which disgr'aced the
transti'tons~ of that board. It is a
mattIer of niotorioty that. in 01ne
sitting in Johunnhia hie gambled
awaty ant amou~tit of mney' v'ariously
e.stimiated at from fifty to eighty
thioustandt dollatrs, aill atcumuillatedl
wile lie was a mitmabor of the legin
Lure drawing six humdredi dollars a
year.. Last year' when lie aspired to
ai similar i~ oin he wa oponlly do
nionneted by the governor' as incomn
poetenit, andt cori'upt And thin is
the mnan whom c/ighft-thre me1m
hers of t-he Leginlaturo have at.
tempted1Cc to con1s titlute sole arbitor
of the lives antd fortuhios of the
P(eople of Charleston and1( Orange
burg. Thie iing is mnonstrous..nJ
out re nmncil (loele,,. et ai
Nor is this all. TFbs infamous
deed of the legislature isi if possible
ci>edfby another at of ehormity
.F. J. Moses, Jr., the robber gover
hor, has been elected judge of the
third circuit. Sumter, Morry
Claroeidon, Williambiburg, Georgo
town ahd Marion compose this cir
suit. Of Moses nothing need be
said save that lie stinks with cor
ruption, He is khown wherever
the English language is spoken as
a moral ulcor. When lie was thrust
into obscurity last year, honest men
breathed freely. Now that lie has
again boon called to preside over the
fortunes of a large community, in
dign:.tion mu.st lav vent. Search
history through all ages and nowhere
will be foundi a more damnable and
d'tmning outrage than the investiture
of Moses with the judicial erwin
In comparisoi with the election
of these non the eloction o1" the
other judges however reprehensible
sinks into insignificance, except that
for the second circuit, .Judge
Maler was a conservative, but in
his administration of justice be
knew no distinction between par
ties. races or social standing. And
yet, by the same horde who elected
Moses and Whipper, lie Was de
feated and the ermine thrown upon
one P. L. Wiggin, of nothing is
known save that ho is a carpet
bagger andi a office seeker.
Judge Townsend was re elected
without o))osition. He is a good
judge and has given satisfaetion.
In the fifth circuit Judge Carpentei
has been re-elected. He has never
yet boon able to offect any reform in
Edgefield, nor has he given satis
faction to his circuit. Judge
Mackey has boon ro elected. Judge
Mackey is an able judgo and would
give satisfaction if he would only
refrain . from intermoddling in
politics. le an-1 Judge Townsend
are the host of the batch. In the
seventh circuits Judge Montgomery
Moses has been displaced by L. C.
Northrop. Of Mr. Northrop we
know nothing, but that he was once
edi bor of the Union- /ierald, and
that he has of late bdeon city attor
ney of Columbia. Judge Cook har
1)0011 ro deted in the eighth circuit.
The people of that section .have only
to thank Heaven that they fared no
This then is the array in South
(.arolina. These are the mon who
are to preservo ordor and maintain
justice. 'Tlhe Courts are the highest
power in thme land. It, is essential
to thme p~eace andl welfare of any
State that the judges inspmlire con
fidence. When Cottrts are not
trustod1, law~lessne(ss aboithds, and
viilanIIIIcc coiniitteeH, conlheils og
safety and other self protecting as
$ociaLtions are orgah ized b~y the~
Pl)( -~( Self perserviatioh ipo the
Iirst, law of naituire, antd in obediene
t) its dictates the dread kut klux
hlorro~rs theo10(1 ret elc'tion may
entail upon01 thle laih1 cannot bo forc
This shameless action of the
Lecgishtture, although a sovere blow
to~ thme State is not. without its bone
Iicial rosults It has killed the
r ldlital patty, as the Un ion-Herad
indcignmantly -asserts. Tlhait party,
would notd have lived a day without
the in terven tio n of bamyonetsn. It
wvas only whon Gov. Chamberlain,
bry tona'iporaurily defeaiting the thievues
began to infuse dcency into the
governmentfl that he succeeded ini
tr-anqiiz ing the people. His work,
like au house buiilt upon the sand has
been topple 1 over ini a day). The
whit cd sepulchre has been removed
and the hideotis festoring ma1ss of
c'orruipticoni apphears, aind appears not
only to the peole of the State but
to the people of the whole Union.
Thle party is again in tho hands of
the samou vilhimins who two years ago
causned a wholesale slaughter of the
national republican party. Will
this party receive that outside sup
p)ort, noecessary for its mantenance
in power I C~um Whipper and
Moses successfully invoke the aid
of federal bmyonets hi seating them
on the bec they wih to disgrace,
aind can they invest thomnsevles with
thme ermine without such aid ?1 These
are ques~tions of grav0 miomnent.
TLheo party is gone, gono to meet the
ghost s of the radlical p~arty i other
Sou therni Sta tes.
Another question remains to be
sol ved., What will be the course of
those republican~s who cim~ to be
hone1(st and~ to boe imbued with reform'i
They muist either r'aise their protests
immnediately or else he overwhelmed
with the miajor ity ini the coming
flo. 0n thing is assitred the
p)ople will have reform, and every
Impllediment will be ground to pow
dor. If there- be a wing of the re
punblicanl party that will fight the
corruptiohists to the bitter end, the
taxpayers will probably eombine
with them ini the task of purifying
the government. But if there be no
element in the radical ranks that re
fuses to be driv-en by the noty Ia
into the anksgi the thieveb, then
the qondervativos will byganise, ald
organ k e fb$ 'etory, and just as
Louisiana; Coorga; Texas, Arkafisas,
Alabamn and Mississippi were re:
doened, oven so will South Caroliun
be redeemed, and the last -rbstige of
radicalism will be swept from the
It is still too early to dictate our
policy. We shall counsel that which
is most feasible and most peaceable.
We confidently believe that the
uloction of Moses and Whipper will
ureato a wide breach in the republi
31an1 party, and that an opportunity
will be given for a peaceful solution
>f the difficulty. But at the same
Lime we but express the sentiment
>f the people when we assert that
south Carolina shall be redeemed
i some way, that no stop will be
taken backward, that the day for
robbery and oppression has pased,
md that the whole army of thieves,
rank and file, must be routed forever.
'he only hope for the republican
arty lies in the immediate resigna
ion or impceachment of Whipper
end foses. And in the light of
?arty expediency we might hope
;hat neither of these resorts will
io adopted. It is just as well to
.ave a Mississippi democratic victory
n South Carolina, if the people
esolve upon it, as to h.vo a victory
brough coalition. But events will
:hape themselves. Let us in the
neantime be on the alert.
Kfr. Editor i
I am much gratified to hear of
the sermons preached by Rev. Mr.
hichester to the young men of
Winnsboro. I am fearful his last
will not be remembered. A story is
told of an old minister who preached
n a sillage. On a certain occasion,he
vas invited to the coun try to preach
Dne of his official members went out
to hear him, but unfoi tunately, he
repeated the sermon of the previou:
Sabbath. At an early day his elder
3alled to remonstrate with him
'he minister seemed astonished and
asked.1"Did I preach the same sermon
[ preached last Sabbath ?"
E.-You certainly did.
Af.-Let me remember, what was
the text 1
E-(Scratching his head) Well, I
e-a-n-t think just now.
.1f.-What was the subject ?
E.-Well 'pon my word I forget.
MA.-What divisions were made of
the subject I
EU-or tile life of me I cant call
to mind.*
MA.-And you have heard the ser
nuon twice amd cannot remember
Lhe text, nor subject, nor the ar
ranlgemen t.
E.-No I canflot.
21.-Well I have certainly
preached to little purpose, if I can
mot muake one of hty leading mom
oras remember a sermon after
preachinig it twice. My brother, I will
aave to preach that sermnon again.
Doko, December14, 18'75.
Thi.e FI~ghat onS & ott(on.
Mfr. Editor :
In consequence (we presume) of
your notice of the high rate of
freight (two dollars per bale,)
chuarged by C. C. & A. R. Rt. on cot
ton from your town to Columbllia,
S. C., the rate was reduced to $1 50.
We bmeg to call youir attention to
the fact that the C. C. &- A. R. R.
has again advanced its rate on cot
ton to $1.75i per bale for 24 miles.
Can we do nothling I
Ridgeway, S. C., Dec. 15.
Petition to tlhe legislatureo.
Mir. Editor :
The merchants of Itidgeway, S. C.,
Fid the farmers and laborers of the
vicinity, are prep)arinlg a petition to
the Legislature, praying thle enact
ment of a law prohibitiing the sale
of seed cotton eithler by daylight or
at night. We respectfully suggest
to the merchants of WVinnsborro that
they assist us by doing likewise.
A won in Virgin ia City,
Nev'ada, who had been bedridden
for mouths, had to be carried out
of the hotten ditring the late fire,
and within half an hour from that
time her great fright had effected a
(domp~lete cure of her ifirmity.
The father of a newsboy in
Lafaette Ind hasbi'otght suit
~f~omagd aans a iewdaler,
because th~e latter stated that the
newsboy waS Itn the habit of picking
up and smoking the strtmpd of cigars
cast away on the streets,
When a Chinese hank filsn all the
officers have their heads etit off and
flung into a corndir with the assets ;
aalit as been five hundred years
(unde there were was a bank failure
in that doity.
There is a dilatory cotiple iin
Tennessee that have been "eugaged"
fortefue ~
K ~ 2
As an Arab eling "t0\ his
acid as an Indian plits W e
legeiid of his father) - poo'd
men clinig to the habit of wa 'ng on
railroad tra.cs.
doffgi-dhstlhaar i kah o Odi
announced thathe is a candiate
for Us 1 Sbna r from Mississippi,
and unless appearances are do
ceptive he is vdry likely "t be
chosen. There is a little opposition
to him, but it seems to be weak and
The Raleigh Bentine1 says there
is a negro in that city lot) years.
old. His name is John Hunter.
Ho remernbors seeing Tarleton's
dragoons passinig the place diring
tio groat North Carolina campaign
of the Revolution.
Miss Catherine E. Beecher has
discovered "a sure and immediate
remedy" for the Brooklyn scandal.
which is simply this : That the pub
lic and press shall agroo that Mr.
Beecher is an innocout man and that
all his accusers are slanderers.
The supply of fresh water on one
of the English stoamors gave out on
the fifth day from Queenstown, and
cabin and steerage pasrengers wore
furnished with wirne and beer.
Married, on the evening of iho 15th
inst., at the resid1enco of the bride's father,
near 1ioca Hill, S. C., by Rev. It .P. John'
S,'a, Dr. Thos. 0. liobe.rtson to i.-4,
alnnio 13011, dau1ghtor of Co'. Cadwallader
Jones, all of York oanoy, S.C,
MoNDAY, Dec. 20.
CoTToN- Sales for the past week, 625 bales
st prices ranging fron 9( 121
Prices to-day 1 lb 9,121
iAooix t-standard, Domestic
and Borneo yd. 154 J16
TIEs---New Arrow 11 lIb
BACON--Shoulders " "
C It Sides "
Bulk Shoulders " "l 10
Bulk C I Sides "
iaIMs-s C Canvassed " " 2
LA'RD- , 2
CUsm.---Adannntino " net 18(Q.2!
CoFFEE -0 G Java " lb 38(i/,
Rio " " [email protected]
SUOAin-Crushed and
Powdered '' " 1
Granulated " " i3(a)14
C Yellow andt
Extra C White " " 11613A
N 0 Clarified " " 12 lI
Mo.nSE-N 0 " gal, g.(
Demaraira " 80J85
Muscovado " " s 6.
Syrup '' " 371 40
KERoSENE- " " 3
ItICE---Carolina " lb c,12
ConN- " bu. I .0
MEIAL--Bolted " 1.0
OAT--White & it.d " " 80 1.2:
fl'fLOvn-Super S. sack 3.75(,,4.0(
Family " " 4.2:
Choice Family " " .1.71
.ALT-- " " 2.of
NAu,"- keg [email protected]
.AltN-- " bun. 1.5(
WE, the unidersigned, desire to inm
fort thet citizens of Winnab~orr,
and~ vicinlity that we have alsociatedl our
selves tlndler thle iini nlamea of JonNwroN A
PETTcol.Ew, anid \vill keep te'4an . o
ha~nd a largestook of line. Whiskies, W ines
Gin, &c. Also McEwanas S4cotchm Ale,
Guinness' Dublin Porter and Belfast
Ginger Alo Also a large stock -f -oot,
andl - hoe.:, Dry Goods, Clothing, Groceries
amn:1 everythiing usually kept in a first-class
honse. 'I'hank full for the liberal patronag.
Doalowed o'n the old houseo, we solicit a
contiunuanco oftheo siatue
Ronr. PET r10aEti.
oct 30-t(
L ST ABLl~iSHD 1853
hvjutreceived a largo asseorttuecnt
I01 No.V Goods conslisting inl part of
Gold and SilIver Watches,
Gold andi Plate.d Curhl Chains,
Gold Braceletr.s, with .setts to match,
Sleeve andm- Shirt Utton.,
ba-ides a liarge qtinantity of Spe.,taeles.
fine assortnment of Clocks. W~atches
4Clocks andi Jewe-lry repaired p~roumntly
and1( warranlted to giveKatistet ion.^
't 8l0ek of French, En (li-sh am
Scotch Cloths, Cassimeres and Doeskinas
oct 2--3mos
cT. Ef. Bno~0W 1
WILLnowv be fouild in that large an I
V splehd id stdre formecrly occupied
by MdLaughlin & Co. Ho has on hand
Dry Goods, Notionas, Shoes anid Millnriry
in \Vintishoto, to which he invites, the at
totiton df hia ffiends and the publio.
A?"I the ngett ot eleven FIFe insutrnfree
(Colhpanies whose comibinuer naseis
ordeed 40 illhott dolaa. Short rate,
ailisd atttrm polhcies, isbued. (tetn It-y
dwelling ris'ks a spedla~iy Gia notise
risk. I. akon at retaagnahIe F-anes.
JAR. a IAW, agtht
F.CUltITY Life tlurance ain4 A ,n
* CoinpanyI. Aegers ,4*,VU8 25.
uadoafntut alnd ' unuhy I ollig Iggueg
rm the Ufroat fntuirable ferms.
~ Ja, W- LAWN, Agoet.
sept 2
~.pe01a, __
Don't lbt thel otidl irit sd
yQtar windows *itiout Has tr. good
Whole doors, btit hitvb the'n t co
from thei au lru4M.
He saf . eht I th9Nationija
Mixe l'aiE rtl" ( who wart'atl thoir paint
not to orukj pool (' fades Any qno can
'?)l'y it,
NE of the largest stocks of Milline'ry
and Fanov Goods that haye ogo been
in Winnsboro 11n5 flow arrived at D. Lau
derdalo's. The inspection of the ladies is
invited. Our genernl stock is full in everyv
line of goods which wo usually keep. W'
guarautee our prices to b as low as the
Sheriff's Sale.
Ad riino Miller, Jost A Haigood and others
Petitioners, vs. Martha 1laignsoc, John
D Haigood and others.--Salu for divis
TN obedinco to an order of the Judge of
1 Probate uate in the above stated case
I will sell on the first Monday in Jan
nary next before the Court Houso door in
Winnsboro, S C, the following described
ptoperty, to wit;
All that certnin tract of land contning
52 acres, more or less, lylij4 and situate,
on waters of Morris Creek, i the County
of Fairilet, and Staite of Sonth ('rolinn.
bounded by lands o' Jannes Cork, U H
Scruggs, tSam'l Crawford, Wim. Boyd and
One.third cash (or the whole in cnash at
the option of the purchaser) the balance
on a credit of one and two years, the
purchaser to give bond and a mortgage of
the premises sold for tiio bahlneI of the
purchase money with interest 'rum diate,
purchaser to pay for papers.
Sheriff's Offic, S W ItUFF,
Winnsboro,8 t', Dec. 11, 1875. 8 F C.
cleb 14-1 tx2
601) 0 13:. N. Y. Dairy Chooso.
Fresh, good and warranted to give satis
'wcnty cents per ib is all I ask for it.
.A.1l o,
A largo and completo stock of of
at lowest rates for ClASH.
UV G.Despo ies.
oct 14 _______july 8-6mn
i PIF~'IAL atte'ntion endlled to our flne
stock of ban I-sewed lietits and Shaoei
rihwe are offering at extremecly low.
oct 30 McMASTER & IC.
which is' -itu ed a e'om moa'dliug.
1we Unag 'ad oult hm'dIIings! beloa.ginag Is
-l. J. I'. Menns. For particulars ad
0.1IlLhA RDl & D)A~ls.
Winne -orn
R ESECTFTFUhLY inomtepub.
life tore formerly occui by .1. ii.
' *sthIicart where. they intendat to conducat m
general stock of meerch nndilise, consilting of
UlAY GO01ld
Fair and seqnnrs treat ment to *e.oa and
overy one thaL wall tja'h on us
march 27
UT. C.
Hlowes' great London Cirous is coiming, but
IS the ,place to go for Frehoh Ofad
Amecrican Candies, Nuts; Frunts, Oy.
ters, Sardines, Pick les, Oban~s6 (tulkers,
Cakes, Bread hnd numefttas othat thiligs
to support the Pilgrim on hiS)nohey ings
to a place--I anIa undecided whore,
-but am snre that thes utnoking ofohe
5 cent Jfitena Cigar~s,
will leave any oti fa ft ltppjy anud cheer
fiul mood. Tlythlkfftl for jmat F~idhge,
I hope to inorit ax dottinuated~ of the taime
by keping eohstantly oni hiafd a full and
varied assoartmnt of Corifectionei-iest fine
Chewing afid Snmokciing Tobacco, and all
brands of Cigars. Somne of whiteh ato
The Best and4 Ohluapest fi T'oln.
ObNtTJLnt1N T14 tUNE1
cot 9 )Iz .do.. to . 0
tate of South Carolina,
/ 9 COUNTY OF FAIii n .
,ionas M. Noely as administrator of the
eatato df Aiid. tilling, dp 'ed, plain
tiff, agblit Elizab h iig , John
Walling, ehry W4 Ing, Sallie Valling,
Philip Wudijig, James lli , . Jr..
Elizabeth AISean afid Will aml milling,
'. the Defeldants :
l4lizabeth Walling, Jobi Walling, Henry
Walltiig, Nallie Walling, Philip Walling, .Jar
Walling, Jr., 1izabeth McLean and Wil
liam Wallitig.
Y OU tro hereby summoned ano re
- Jtiitrct to anwer the cumplaint in
thisactl4fl, which has hemci Wled in the of
floe of the Court (it Protitie, for the said
County, and to seft a copy of your an
swer to the sad comaplibt on othe sub
seribefft at their office, Nu. 'S. Law ]ange,
Wiftisboro, S. C,, wit'iin twenty days after
the utCor lc.' hereof, excwitivo of the day .t
eri'ce; and if you ftil to antn or the con
plaitit within the tittle aIfuresaid, the plain
tiff it this actiwhs will apply to the Court
for therelief tiemitaal in the complaint'
Witness John J. Neil, Esq... Judgo o'
Probate for the County of Fairield, this,
the saventeenth day of November in the
year 1875. GAILLAltJ) & DAVIS.
Plai:ntitfs Atrtorneys
To the defendant. William Wautting.
Takte tiue that the ttit nons in this
action, of wlieh ther foregoing is ia copliy,
was tiled in the ofie of the .1udc of Pro
bate of Fairfield County, State of South
Carolina, on the seventeenth day of No
venabor. A. P. 1875.
22d Nov. 1875.
nov 24-xC Plaintiff' Attorneys.
The Best HouseholOiltho in World
W.1iti A.'i'Dli l',o )E ftFP,:S Flai: T1C3'r
Endorsed by the Fire In rene Conpunies.
13"' Prd it,, fn:itering rertifleu. scered
fruun niany other. :
I c .N lt II. . IC *fi:AI.TiMontI,
Da censb r 2'1.1'4.
.Measra. C. W'rn! { Send:
innltemne--finnt rtnd th vnalongi pill -old fa
'hi: city for -l1tna 3t" '.vri rn(erA i takr- g.i i an r" in
Cr meri.ea.ngi ae,ur'"A inhI I er ita y its the safett
and host ever uavu in our hi,,iqhnhi
Yo'urs T1rully
Sigrned) AND 1i REF.S. Pae.'t.
C. W'T & S"NS,
A'k yaur storekereper ' r it WI'.',ir Depot:
1:3, I11,. W .nrninra Street. D.lthiine.
spt 25- limos
The State of Nioltth CO oli1na,
COUNTY OF Fami Iy.n.
Court of Common Pleats llenry Golden,
Plaintit, against Patsy Golden, Defend
ant. tuimmous for reiief. To the de
YOU aro hereby summoned and , ro
quired to answer the comlnhaint in
this action, which will be filed in tho
office of the Clerk of Cairon Pleas, for
the said county, and to serve i copy of'
your answr to the said complaint on the
subscriber at his office, Winnshoro, S. C.
within twenty days after the service hereof,
exclusive of tho day of such service; and if
you fail to answer the comuplaint within
the time aforeoaid, the plaintiff in th:a
action will apply to the Court for the re
lief demanded in the complaint.
Dated l5th December, 875.
Plaintiffs Attorney
To the defendant: 'Take notice that the
summnions in this action of which the form
going is a copy, was this day tiled in the
office of the Clerk of the aforesaid (:ourt.
Pliintiff~s Attorney.
dee 16-law~w Winnsboro, 8. C.
Bly A. M. Maic9:y, Ewq., Tria' Justice in
and for the said State and Coun y. To
the 8'teriti of Fairtie'd County, or any
Lawfnl C'onstable.
G OMPLANT haviiing been made unto
nme by G1eor.te W. Crawford, tl.at
K. Cyrns immons.w is indebt.-d to him int
the sum of eighty dollars.
THESE are therefo~re to require you to,
qunmon the said defendnaut to appear he
fire me1 ini miy 4)nice'ini WInnsb5Iore inl tweni
ty days after th servinm heor', t' ansiwer
lite~ utaid coinplint, or jndguenut wall ho
tfn I1..einst himz, by deufanit. .
GIVEN unaler myn hand and rseal at
W'innsboro, the .15th day:~ of November,
nov53 A. M. MACKEY,
TrialI Juutice..
WlINSI.alO, S%. C.
.)ff~' All buisiners - nttailed io Idul L
i I- cejit.., Pn, ~ a 1r , io
W1N'NaSIO FOr T!! CA ROI.1y,
Double Turline Water Wheel,
. . ,,Fasieic4ro, PMd.
alwayz. reliabhi and nai a
. , fctoor
a.2 ~X gi'-s~te~ li ora
n ahie eain.
g ia Cotton '.iIa, Flou.
OillMill Ma Paicr8RnWitO Lead anJ
OR Ml inety ()oeds, l'en.s Goodsq an~
- Woohln Flaitels and~ iaunket1
Domestics ad Prihts1 Notions, hiosiery
and Oleivos, M~eritkr IJnderwear, Shawh.
ahau oloak,t. 8plen~did IiU0 tif Dlack Als
1:fadas, ad ~hie
nov 25 'WINNSBORtO,
Ties ? Ties! Ties!
A Lot of U&ard's Loek 'ies
at 5 3-4 cents per 1b6, at
R 3. MoCARLtars.

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