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j0' An p4 mark on a subscriber's
Ippr ep denotop, t 1.i pript' l
exinred. We- i tvolfl4&
linquent stibAo -rt i t d l i12W
iy up for another year. There are a
od nany persos whonm we have boon
indulging for a long tline. As we undergo
heavy expense said are coinpullud to make
cAsu IYaMTs for material nld labor, we
caannot alford to wait longer for our just
dues. On tlhe FiRST oF JANUARY NExT we
propose to erase 1h i naines of- all deli4
q ent subscribers frbu our 'books,. how
ever we may regr't it. Thu NEws is only
four dollars, and the HanarI,.thrqo dolLtrs
n year. i'ay up your subscriptions.
Nnw AvvsRI'rznsEmEN s
J.apalloso Troupe.
Christmas Tree.
Shoerifr ,sal. -
umnons for 1elief.
Church building for sale.
Pay your Subscription before 1st
Our thanks urn duo to Mr. .JIno. D.
MlcCaluuey, for a tine piece of venison
a part of the doer Mr. Met: trley so
cruelly put to death a few days
We call attention to the comumu
niications in this isste, signed re
spectively "Cotton Moreli ant" and
"X. Y. Z." The:so reachu.t u too
late for n to ntiiethimn'ito ig3",
but we shall (o so in our next issue.
The mattors presented are certainly
of the gravest importance.
The Japanese Troupe exhibited on
Monday night before' a full house,
and their performanees were fully
up to expectation. This company
has acquired a high reputation ill
over the comlt;yv, and that reputaa
tion was fully sustained at their
exhibiilon in Wilnnsbloro. We doul .t
not they will conmand large audi
eclces wherever they ma;1y go.
Axxu.r. CATIA I.OoLE.-We acklnowl
the receipt of the cntalogue of King's
Mountain Military School, for the
school-year ending Novehiber, 1875
*l'his catalogue contains full imufor
mnation concerning the course of
studies, discipline, length of session
cost of tuition, and other matters
likely to interest parents or guardi
ans who contemplate sending young
ment to school. Copies may be had
at the office of the NEwsAN) HERAI.D.
The exeo sion train to Columbia~
passed Winnsboro on Friday at half
past eleven o'clock.--being considera.
bly behind time. There were a
large number of passengers aboard
and11( this number received considera
ble additions at this place. We have
no doubt the excursiounists had a
turnihg from Columbia, passed
Wimisboro at a late hour on Friday
TnEu Naw J UDo~s.-The election in
the legislature for one associate jus
tice of the supremue court and eight
circuit judgei resralted as follows:
Associate Justice-J. JT. Wri ght.'
First Circuit--W. J1. WXhippmer.
Second Circuit-P. L. Wiggins.
Third Circuit-F. J Moses, Jr.
Fourth Ciicuit--C. P. Townsend.
Fifth Circuit-Rl. B. Carpenter.
Sixth Circuit-T. J. Mackey.
S 'ven th Ciricui t-L. (I. Northrop.
Eighth Circuit-T. H. Cook.
Fnaunum:Nrty PAcxETn Co-r'roN.
Mr. Donald Macaulny informs us
Sthat lie has discovered amnong a lot
of cotton recently p~urchased b~y him
in Winnsboro several bales water
paicked and otherwise fraudulently
put up. By an act of the legislature,
approved March --, 1875, the
fraudulent pack ing of cotton, anid
selling it so placked, is madec a mtis
demeanor punishale by a line of
not more than $500 or les.s thanm $20,
and imprisonment for not less than
one0 month or' mlore than six months.
IIAsION~o ECTEeI'ON.-At the regu
lar commuunicationi of Monticello
Lodge No. 100, A.'. F.-. M.-.. held
D~ec. 11th, the following officers
were elected to serve dui'ing the
ensuing Masohic year
Thos. E.L Bell, V W.K
J. N. Busby, S. W.
J. T. Dawokins, J. W.
Wm. Bell, Treasurer'.
JT. Ru nyan Davnis, 8ooretary.
H. M~.'.ealy, S. ID.
B. 11L James, Tfiler.
Ivthl1dule1 on the Oharlottee Columbia
anid Augusta .Railroad went into
effect on Hulnday night. It has been
many year's sinco there haYe
been noe (day ttris thrbu~lgh *Winns
boro, and this chanuge gives a ver'y
quiet air to the town. Our boys
have long enjoyed a reputation for
promplht and1( conlstant attendance at
tihe depot on the arrivals of the
trains, and we have noe doubt they
deeply regret this new arr'angemen t.
By the present scl~hedl thme Colum
bia papers' r'each its a day after
p)ublication, the Charleston and the
Augusta papers coining at the samon
time. The Charleston papers' thus
reach us as soon after publicationm as
the others.
our last report, the following trans
fers of rMeal estate have 6406 Ir44or
IA ) n the office of the county audi.
S. W. 1!09, 2, rM, to "*tn. I
Croight,' 66 acres in township No. 7 ;
considozation $22;
Amanda Robo'rtso'n' to L. A. Davis
393 acres ix township No. 7.; con
sideration $3015.
ilichard S. Desportes to Washing
ton Thompson, ono' acre in townslup
No. 8,; consideration, $25.
TabithBroom- to Mack R. Broom,
28 aores in township No. 8 ; consid
oration $100.
SAMne to Mary Boyd, 50 acres in
township No. 8; consideration $21).
James S. Hutchisoh to Allen
Stewart, 160 acres in township No.
13 ; consideration, $650.
party of gentlemen, consisting of
Baylis E. Elkin, E. W. Olliver, D.
J. Seiglor, T. J. 11. Jones, John
D. McCarley and Joseph Jenkins
had, a few lays ago, a very success
full deer hunt on lho Longtown
road between Rilgoway and C.am
-len. The p.rty kille.l three line
dper-ono a buck weighing about
two hnndred pounds-and two does.
Mr. Olliver brought down the buck,
Mi. MeCilestlelare r doe and
Mr. "'ieiglen the smiallei- The party
captured all the door with whieih
they. met, showing that they are
fine huntsmnen. The antlers of
the buck may be seon at.our ollico
and they are a sight-that will make
the sportsman's eye sparkle with
'or Scom)rm.-We are in
formed that there will be a change
of schedule on the Charlotte, Colum
bia and Aug us ta Railroad, commnnenc
ing on Sunday, the 19th inst. '1'he
northern bo1)und mail train will pas
W innshoro at 11:55 P. M. and the
southern at 1:30 A. r}. 'This chinge
is necessary in consequence of a
change on the North Carolina Rail
road, which will considerably short
en the tiime from . Charlotte to New
York. There will be no day passen
ger trains on the C. C. & A. R. R.,
but a coach will be attached to the
daity freight trains, for the accom
modation of way travel, which will
pass Winnsboro as follows: Going
north 11:35, going south 11:33.
We had the pleasure last week of
partaking of the hospitalities of our
sister town, Rock Hill. The occa
sion was the marriage of Dr. T. C.
Robertson, of the Rock Hill Grang e,
formerly of Winusboro, 'and Miss
Annie Belle Jones, daughter of Col.
Cadwaliader Jones, of Rock. Hill.
The cor~emmony was . performed by
R1ev. Rioberts P. Johnso: rector ofj
the Churich of Our Savior. The fol
lowing is a list of the attendants :
RI. Means Davis and Miss Bleckie C.
Robertson, Louis E. LeConto and
Miss Helen Jones, WV. 13. Wilson,
Jr., and Miss H. Mi. Lucas, M. 0.
Robertson and Mliss Coley Goodwin,
Jno. T1. Sloan, Jr., and Miss Sallie
Robertson, WVilie Jones and bliss
Emma MceDowell, J. Q. Mlarshall
and Miss Hatite Rawlinson, NV. L.
May and Miss Fannie Blaskin, and
Elio B. Springs and Miss Jennio
Meares. After the eeremiony the
guests were most hospitably enter
tained, and the festivities were pro.
longed till at late 110ur1.
We (congratula to our brother of the
(luill upon lhis good fortune in thusi
escap~ing thme severe hardship~s of a
bachielor's life. 1His success stimnu
lates the rest of us to renewed en
A Botx~uax PRIEsR--Rev. A. N.
Experido~n, a .priest of the Greek:
church, arrived in town on Tuesdlay
last, intending to dleliver a lecture.
His appearance is very peculiar. He
is dressed in a long black gown
reahin tohisfeet, and gathered at
the waist by a girdie ; his skull cap
is of red, and scarcely large enough~
1to cover his head ; his hair hangs in:
long rolls, reaching nearly to his
s hIoulders ; his hiands arc encased in
black kid gloves : and is entiro apl
peu~dingeois dicidedly odd. lie hmas
beon lecturimig all over the -United
States, and seems every whero
to hanve attracted considerable atton
ion, lHe ipeaiks English with re
ni:kable neeunracy and fluency, and
is very ready in convermsation. Upon
mrattors confieted withi his religion,
however, lhe is Vuryreticent,, and is
somewhat curt wh en interrogated
on the sumbjeet:---rathier a bad sign in
a Christian priest. He is very forld
of hunting, always Carrying with
liim in his traveld is gitu~ and hunt
ing--dogs, and says he is afine shot
never missirig hid bird, loe is said
to have ma~do1 *by means of his lec
tures, $20A000 for his chunrcin during
the two years and five months ti
he has spent in this couihtry. Fal
ing t4 go~ther an audien~eeo !ues
day night, lie stated his initention to
deliver a lecture in the Town Hall ori
Wednesday night.
J. N. RoD~oN, EsQ.-.Wg hkd thk
plodt&~i of ,Meetig'this gentleman
in oum! town on Saturday. Mr.
Robson has been long and favorably
known throughout this and the
neighboring states. as cud of the
most reliable, prompt and conscien
tious commission merchants and
dealers in fertilizers in Charleston ;
and b his correct and honorable
dmlhlgs with . the planters, has
gained their confidence and good
will. Mr. Robson, we are glad to
see, has coni*Quced the maihufacturo
of now fertilizers which will beast his
own name-a sure guarantee of their
value. His "Robson's cotton and
corn ortilizer," will be of the highest
standard, containing, among other
valuable ingredients, three per cent.
of ammonia, one and a half per cent.
of potash and fourteen per cent. of
availablo phosphate. Every ship
wont is tested under the supervision
of Dr. St. J. Raventl (f Charleston,
one of the best chemists in the
state, and if not up to the standard
is returned to the factory to be
worked over again. We commend
Mr. Robson's fertilizers to the plan
tors of Fairfiold, believing that they
are in every. way adapted to. the
'ro:uirements of the soil in this
og'on. Mr. Robson is prepared to
manufacture fertilizers to suit overy
sectiotn, and adapt the necessary in
grelients to each variety of soil.
Menars. H. L. Elliott & Co. of
Winnsboro are the agents for the
Robson fertilizers, for Fairfield
County-an additional guarantee of
their value.
-BE YouR owN l'IYaSlCAN.-There is
no case of Dyspepsia that Green a
Auous-r FLOWER will not cure.
Conie to the Drug Store of McMAs
'ER & l3cE and inquire about it.
If you stifler from Costiveness, Sick
Iead.(ache, Sour Stomach, Indigos ,
tion, Liver Co1p1ilairi, or derangtao
mtie(nt of the System, try it. Two or
three doses will relieve you.
AoUE CoNQUEJRORI is the only
rointedy in the United States that
contains no Quinine, Arsenic, or
other poisons injurious to the
system, that will eure Fever and
Agne, Intermittent or Bilious
Fevers, &c., and the Chills not re
tarn during the season. It per
m:mntly cut s Fever and Agiue of
long standing. *
Free of charge. Your druggist
will refund your money if Dr. Bul's
Cough Syrup do- s not give you sat
isfaction and cur your cough.
WE : MUs- XrA lu. -: -This is aj n.ul fact,
and it blehoove. us to 10 prlepared to die
right whtna the tile lomeias Few of us ex
pe)Ct it until old age overtakes and almon.
isles its with grey hair.; that tlao ti sin,
arrived when we must dev. Tihen welook
arounail to iind out tho best way. We will
t -11 you. Use no other dye thaa Dr. ''utt'.,
and you will dye right. Your grey hairs
wil disapear like lma gie, and in thin
lasyou will hrave glossy, llak wis
I'ers, munatnohe andi hair -- a perfect imita
tion of ature1, o naztuirail thait it. cannot be
atnteetedl, aud your dyeing expenses will
be but otte dollari.
Christmas Tree
Evefconsistinig la ristas Tee Ye
aIstrumuental Mu.. iie, nae n
Tableauux. PrOoaceds to be given t h
Me~thodilist Church . Oine haundred tifts t
be distributed froma haltf-prast aix to half
ist sevenl o'clock. Otheaar perfomaneaos
to berina aat 8 o'cloeu . Price of audmrittaace,
A dults 501 elhildren 25 . ?Nt'JTickkt fr
sub aeat Muble aster & Brie's and1( Conanor A'
hiifale''. doc 1(b-12
*lTE have a nice assortment of
TVBooks, Albums and Faney
Articles for the holidays.
Customers will please (call hiofore
Christmas, aaswo wvill close eon that
WLo beab soldl at the risk of the for
fner putrebaiser, oh i the 1sat Maon.
ay int Jainuary next, the Chauarch buildiang
kniowna as the (Gibsorn(~ hu rch. nr Whl' ~lite
chiaaer to pay for ill niiecessary papers5 Ia
e'xpenseQ oft salet. J. C. CA LD~lItLL,
dec 17-Ixtd Agent.
________R EP E CTFUL LY ian'rm Ithe
citi:ln aniad the puitii ge-ner
e rlly tihat lhe will visit W.inns
horo, 8. C., professiallyihh, the I 'th daiy of
IDereambher, anal remaina I 0 days. Terums
White Lead.
\NT Ton of W.hiteu Leaid wthaich Igur
.1antee a pure Leadi, for aasle ait tho
d trug store of
W. E; AIaK.
*nov 4
Beaty, Bro- & Son.
IIAVE (his dasy received
5 bahas a honiea now (cralp'N: 0. Molasses.
I hd N. 0. y'llow cIlua id.1uar.
I hihd N. 0. mancy ctlariitieda Sugar.
W ~ill not drip or get hardl ini1 th p k
Low for cash. Call and aeO,
dod 14
MNIarr-rhetsor 0
Toliacco, Sniuff, Pipns &c.
Writing Paper' and En~
WE invite attention to out Atook of!
VYNote, Letter, Bill nnd Legal Cap'
Papei, and Envelopes. Tro merchants
wishinig paper by the ream, or envelopes
by the thousand, we will make special
deo ii McMA WrER & JfIN.
W. D. iOV. E C
rIDIE citizens of Fairfield county will
.L above houio They keep i bnyer ii
they reecivo gyods by every steuer from
('IIA'. RI'S' FOR CQA i. They kooe
hiouise this vide of New Yor., and sells as
city. We keep a full line ofCarp)ets, Oil
Hoots, Shoe,;, Jeans, Tweed", Uansimtor
lhtnkets, Fiitnnel<, Dress Goods, 4ilks, I
Underwear, eni olgate & Co's 'oilet. Sot
Ringlo piee a t Colgate & Co's prices by Ui
agents for Kan1's PARTy Mu taiu RT, .Al
The Cheapesit, tlt' best tltting Hlhirt eve
seit when retq uested, and all packags ov
oct 23-txly
ARGATNS in Clo'thing at the o1
store of .. LANDECK ER & CO.
. in Men's ains i Yu)thI' sizo ,
Our stock of Mouny fur
nisihinlg Goods, great
or than ever and
wO call upon .
our friends
to suo
inunensO STCK which is
1 N all e(ireies, even to L.ulios ih
havo iesen our t be.ntiful lino of
Calicers which we sell and
our hand:aotnc stoek of
Alpacens1 tihil defy
Our lino
Ladies Hose, as large an assortmuen
ats Can he found in Winns
boro, for it is anl ac
fact for
to go
thoy are bound to sell- even at
sacriiiCes on accoun t of the
hard times and thero
fore oil'or all the
in Our pow
or to
you our
Go.>..s. Our
BI(eachings canl
Our line of -Ladiesr' Bolts
aro beautiful, and our Stock
of Gents' HEnts are inninenuse, si
that they are
uiov 16
8 1)oor's TW'est of P'ost Offic
Wh!1ere~ we constantly keep o
hand ai fullyr sttjpy ofgood
Insure Your Gin Houses
ri HEI Richmond Fire Association
..L Virginia affords an dpportunity
planiters to irisuro their Gin Hlouses. at
jpf-Now is the time, dlelay is dangor'o
JA8. WV. LAWf, Aont,
Oflie at the stare of J M llowa;
B oots> Shoes, &c1
0., Columbia, S. C.
stave money by buying their groodis at the
the Now York anid other Il(t8e all tlhe time;
ai>etiozi antd wherever the.y enht bb boughtl
the lairgest andi miost vairied~ stootk of "buy
low its' the "tuneO goods can be bough'lt in thati
Cletus, Window Shades, fapler !Ii,iigt;,
+. Cloth", lto1Ineslpu1s of evert dlescrijptionl,
jjlams~, 'i'wellugs, 1 ates, Notions, H osiery,
ill aud Perfumrie,. which we sell by thet
e piack aige to) the Wi"4lC.%alII trade 11-) are~
r iitQI~Iulc to t he ii,:r..ct. . "r templdet.
yr ten dollars Stit lby expr'rt fr'o of *2 idr" ;v.
W. 1). LOVE & CO.
S E1 *LL I N G.S
l1(ll3i1il(,5 tob~ 11.CP1 0111 (..112 h'
CI'lll( flatill hg2('r111 to rv'sp olsi
1)10 )dlt los.,
..J. S. ELDER & C(',
I 11 (5S O'i4 tei i('j I tl 1 cStock :11
tieslj IZOIS 111lt this fa;ll it
thoC loWpst
O i)SLS'1IN(x IN PA I' 'Olj
Ladii ,e Dressi Goods, S1 taw Is,
3ac~1mles of ovOI.V sizeO aInd tint rip
Corsets, I ft Kieiy3. IdLtlie5
andlt U(:1115ton flisi ig
Prozitf '('lotli for he clies
('oas ii (xVi
vanic.ty n.
11111 l
R E C E I NT ,
." t..: I'lia'!; : tf tit;ti .l:t . l':6ii .
f / ) Ili, ... ":: .)t I'I:sl.l ():..I:lill:r" '11
till'( X 111 \\ V III .1 ';Itlti. I II" +.I..: .11 (' , : i.
IIiI"l't \ t"f \\'ilit. 1'I::it at";, I"i( .,,
I)I' Ilt"tl I'Iata111"I, '') h:allla r 1",
C I:IIIIi:ti1
sh "ls:. \!i. s ;u atl ('l:il.lr. tt'>: t':Its. 1'".It tl
Iil"s. . l.l1111 s 811.1 (it Iltl('lllt'1':. :tl) \ i )
\lt riI O \'.'t ', iilxt Italsilit I)I' )1.I.Il."t: 1 1
:am-s' \Vhito 11-lank(- t, tea.:+ll p .r 11) I)irrrv ('.)r/l.'d .1!tl.wa 11!1.1
I..itl ;t'l''S 1 IUlll, _' piv( '.".'i li lI
I'1'+'till . +n.)l'tI111'11i (It' K. a,
,I '1': ('ll)(lllll,'.) ('lI:.I ", t)l"
Sll I It's 211111 I't 111t.-. jll>.t
111" I 1111_11(1 tO
hull thelt).
It iii v I)I"i(('t tilt' itill urtiti"t I:.. 1 il!
tlill"ti" iii' ttll ;' litl llla ls' ill ;tit\- I&I;tI I") ill
111 r"I:s!Itry. I, N. \ti'1.1'Hi:1:1,
N. 1!, --1)on t fail to rlltl ,. anti s+rt" 1s:
r'ur'al) goods. I. N. 1\ I'I'l ll:li .
mov 27
c a,5 c & Br is e
i \'1; 11riN' O11 ll II st O ltl"" _, Ii ll I"Iltll
1.. . 1)ll"te ::ti)t:k 01 .,'ofo.1S, l't"lt :l:.llllr 111
Ir.tl'1 ul
t a
.l it).)tr, i .III' , il:s(':. (':111": ( 1. Ii l:l)1 .
('01"...11111 I:$. ,Ii'lllls. It111t11ci l: t
tlltti till Illllill':.111
illl 1.1 .) r
\\'iaich we lair o11'I ring; ?tt u'.iuui " lilt !(
11)1\' llrlt'("x.
I..;l) "t l;ll altt nil.tit 1-NN- ti Io 11111" ):t,),"I"
Dross (Iloo li I;ll(1 sllu\ti k)
... .... ".vi, .. r- ::. , sou rr .:: :>;t .
l OW
if ow Goods !
nrt" :tul wt":i t""";t,,'tt" i,"; t.f clt,"i; t1
11 tnt x ;;n 1 I.iIll to r.3 14 1110 lint st
1 l,,t ~t' :t ut t',ttr."t, utt l ut"a"
,t.,t"I4t"t', IIIP I1ut"o-: ill tu11 It.
11," t
A !t t.f I
iy 11' G: r
Jc3i111 D. Mcc;vl y.
>,!t"I I 1
_ 1.1 6 1 [. 1'. J. a ' " l l
('4 lUlliti ,Full )Iel'('Iltlnt.
licl llrllln. ill Commercial hirllfizvri.
I' t ~ tl t", i !, , I." "., 1 1,1.1, i' ,:,.,: ,
):I: '' lit
j"<)1:"I'lll;li\ t',tl:t.t::,t'.:, t)n i.,tt ;u :
iri::lt t'.,t.tit~ " l.v't,'d i t i ll, a ". ,,,t
t't,, i,. r:.,itt I nt rit'" i Ir.".tlt A
\1,:Into; r : I Itt tt, I \tt , ,,t
.. N G.
)' I E C'
^' A'T'
a. n 1.2 c. 2,n Atl
-f " 4 " r W

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