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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, December 22, 1875, Image 4

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Publidhod Ev.,ry We-lnesday at
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One Copy otte year, - $ 8 00
lye " ' ' -- 1210
en ' e' 2 60
O:elal Jli'ectory of Fairfleld
F YArot -Mornos Martir,.
it Pitutst TATVRe -Joloph T'Ompson
John fGibs.nn. Joel ( ones.
S W. Rtff.--Sheritf.
4m i'I. It. Ulowney-(NIerk of the ('ourt.
J. J. Neil---Judge of l'rnante.
V. B Peake--Coannty Auditor.
W. M. Nelon' -Count y Tretsror.
IV. J. Crawford--"thool Commissioner.
U. F. Mortin-Jitry Uomnmissioner.
0o'IN'rY 100t)3 rHs.10Nvils--Js. It. IlI arvey,
Aenry Jacob, Cart'or Beaty.
11. N. Obear--- U. 8. Commissioner.
NOTAttRIRA PenLO-M. U. Itoh'rsM. .1.
Q. Davis, -II. N. Obear, D, 11. Kirland.
TRIAL, arrimw.-A. M. Mackey. W. I
larshall, Jatne Aiken, Silaits W. Ittiff.
H. J. F. W. Coleman, Thottmas Walker,
Dr. Ira S. Scott..
T. It. Roberteo.
CA to.tNA. A'rTtonano.rirAL $2J0,000
rAI to -$75,000.
W. It. Robertson, President.
OAo. II. McMaster, Vie.-l'resident.
t'ain't. 1B. Clowney, Cashier.
Nl. C. 1tobertson. ' eller.
W. R. Robertson, II. L. Elliott. Jame.
Aeaty, George It. Ntclnster, D. It. Flon.
s Ikon. Jae. H. AleCanta . Jas. If. Ron. Jas.
. Brice. A. S. Douglass, Col. William
>hnston, yr Charlotte, N C.
TO'aN OYric5Its,
Pierre Baoot,-Itondanat.
WARTIB--F. (lerig, J. A. Fraser, W.
M1. Neison, J. ., McCarley.
Ctttav OF PoL.oH-.-T. J. UI. Murphy.
1. 1!. McMaster-l'resnilent.
Jantes li.iuty-Vioe.President.
I). It. Flennikon Soc. and Treas.'
It. N. Obrar, Attorney ;
Dirootor-'-.Ja- A., Brioe, S:m'l B
Clowr'ey, 0. A. White, I. N. Withers. J.
M. 0.llow iv, F. E'l or, 1'. ii. Ma.d.jlen,
W. I. Flennikon, J S. Connor.
Turl and Raml~iltonl.
The duel betwoen Aau'on Burr and
A lexanider Hamilton was fought early
on the morning of July 11, 180.1.
The prclimlinary C0 rresp5)ondoieo had
egun on the 20th of June, William
1'. Van Ness being Cho friend of
Burer, and Judgo Nathaniel Pendle
ton acting for Hamilton. The clal
longe was at longt-h given by Burr
and accepted, and the parties pre
pared for the meeting. Hamilton
executed his will, stating sovoral
reasons why ho shoull not light a
(11101, but still yielding to the pre
vailing sentiments and domand of
the time. Burr, the night 'before,
wrote some letters, and thou lay
down and slept till morning.
The spot solooted for the combat
wais at W\oohawkon, in Hfudson coun11
ty, Now Jersey, about two tmiles tand
a htalf abovo H{oboken, and1 oppo)site
Sixty-fourtht stroeot in Now York. It
was5 a qutiet nook in the rock abIove
the North River' shore.
Ton full paeos woroe urom'd, and
then they catst lots for the choice of
p)ositioni and1 to docido who shdould
give thet word. (Gonenil Hmil ton 's
socondl won inl iboth cases. VTo pi
tols wereO theni loaded inl presenIco
of all1, aind the~ princeipals p)lacd.
Ham~utilton's position faced the riverfl
and1( the city, It wals unfortunate,
for the sun andt~ the glancing waves
mtight have interferod. B~ut in tho
end it malttorode~ not. Burr was
facod toward thto heights under
which thley stood.
Jumdgo 't Pedleton handed thte pis
pistol tolHamilton, tand askod :
"WVill you have the hair spring
sot 1'
"Not this time," was the quiet an.
Pendleton then expinod the
ru11 le unde which lhey were to fire,
asF follows :"The parties being sta
tioned, thte second who gives tho
word shalil ask thoem whethor thove~
are ready. Upon boeing answered is1
the atlirmuativo, ho shtll say 'Prosent i'
Aftor this the parties shall present,
anud fir'e whcn they plonso. If One
firos before the other, the opposite
secondi shall say, 'One, two, thtree
lire !' and Ito shall thou firo, 01' lose
his lire."
Pondleton asked if they were
read~y. Upon being answered, Ito
gave the word "Prosent !" Both
paruties presented, and lirod in sue.
cession. The seconds did not pro
cise'ly agree as to the succession of
shots, but it is believed that Burr
fi red first, andl t hat Hamniliton's shot
was involuntary. Cjolonel Bur's~t
shot took effoet, and Hamilton fell
alnost iLe''y : against the boulder,
htis pistol going off at the moment.
Burr then adlvanood toward Ham
ilton with with tan air' and gesture
expressive of r'ogrot. But being
ur'god from the field by his friend,
Ito turnied about and withdrew, his
ftriend shielding himt wit an um
1brella to proven t recognition by the
boatmen and surgeon, wiho wore
then app)roachting. Burr rettiuned
home to breaikfast.
Hail Iton's. second sprang forward
and li fted thte general to am sit~ting
posture'. The hall had str'uck a
mtiddle of1 a rib and fnteturod it, and
then lodged in his spine. Dr. H~o
sack says :I "li4 c'ountenaineo of
deoath I shall never forget. He had
at that instant just strength enough
to say :'This is aL mortal wvound,
doctor,' wh'ien he sank away andi
beca me to all appe'aranc'es lifeless.
His pulses were not to be felt, and
upon laying my hand upon his heart
and poeoiving no motion thern, I
considleredl him as irrevocably gone.
I, however, ohser'ved tor Mr'. Pen..
dleton that the only c'haO;co for' liis
rvvgwas immediin ly to get him,
upon then water. We th.erfor lif
ed him up and carried him out 6f the
woods to the margin of the bank
where the bargeino~i aided us in
conveying him into the boat, which
immediately put. out."
Before they reached the opposite
shore ho revived, and from a ro
mark he made seemed apparently
unconscious that his pistol had beon
discharged. He was taken to the
house of a friend, Mr. liryard, at
Greenwich and survived until the
next day about two P. M., wheu ho
died in the forty eighth year of his
ago. Hamilton s town residence was
at No. 25 Coular sttoot, and his fani
ly were at the Grange, but ho was
buried in Trinity church yard, from
the residence of Mr. Church, his
brother-in-law, in Robinson street,
now .Park place.
An examination the next day, as
to the direction of Hamilton's ball,
showed that it had passed through
the limb of the cedar tree, about!
four feet wide of the direct lino be
tween him and Burr.
P edicting Ntoriims.
In the course of the weather ob
sorvations so far, only one generel,
always reliable, law of storms has
been discovered. It is called Bal
lots' law, and is as follows: "The
wind always flows from thc place of
iihiest pressure to that of lowest."
This law has been found to bo ab
solute in every case.
In the winter reports of the
United States Service, the coming
of storms is generally predicted
with singular accuracy, its rato of
progress and its rain or snow area
mapped out, in advance for as inmueh
as three days in some1 (caros. The
method of prediction is by no means
co mnplicated, depending on Ballots'
law and its observed corollary that the
rain area is to be found in the area
of low baromoter, and to be includ
ed by the lines of equ:d barometr,
which defines the edge of high
barometer area.
Professor Blasius of Hanover in his
work on storms, lays down the
following laws :
1. All stories are the result of
opposing current, of air, one cold,
the other warm or on pohlr, t lhe
other equatorial.
2. Winter storms are proclteed by
the warm equatorial current Imlovinsg
north, and climbing over the cold
polar current, They all come from
the Southern seni-aircle of the
3. Sommer storms are produced
by the cohl polar current moving
South It, pushing the warm equatoiial
evirrent before it. ''hev comic front
the Northern solmi cirefi.
4. Tihe place of mceting of the
two currents is the area of cauba and
of the low barometor. The oppos
ing current.; neutralizo e-tch other,
prloduce at nhnl, heat tihe air by
friction, and perhaps (loe'tricity; and
the barometer falls.
5. The region of high barometer
is that of either carrent before it
moieets opposition. The i (gion of
highest baromoter is that of the
cedoest ecurrent, brecause the air is
h-savior than that oif thre warm enr
rent, and exerts morilo pressuro.
6. The gradient is the s1lopo of
one current over the other. In
winter it is very gradual, because
the warml cuirrenit is Lte agg-ressor
and11 slpe fr over the cold cold
one. In summuer it is steeper b)e
eause the cold current bank~s up
aginist the warm one and cannot
elimbh over it from its greator)
weight. The rain area is under ilbo
Wm Im rn SeN DoEs NO-r SEr-.
A scene witness'5fed by some2 travel
ers inl the north of Norway, from a
cliff elevated a thIousand feot above
theu sea, isi thus descibe(d:
At our feet flhe ocean stretchleid
away inl silenit vastiness; tdie sounid of
its waves scarcely reaced our iry
lookout ; away in thme nolrth, the
huge old sun swung lowv along the
horizon, like the the slow heat of
the pendulum in tho tall clock of
our grand father's palor- C~l cOrne.
We aill stood silent, looking at our
watches. Whrlen both hands camefl(
together at t wvelve, midnight, the
full roumd orb hung triumphantly
above thle waves of ai bridge (if gold
rultnmg due north, spannlin;g tihe
water beltween us and him. There
he shone in silent majesty, which
knew no setting. We inv'olunLa rily
took off our hats ; no0 word was said.
Combine, if you can, theu mo1st bril
lian lt sunrise aind suinsot vou ever sawv,
and the b~eaution will paio hoefore thle
gorgeous coloring which now lit
upl the' ocean, heaven and( mountain.
in half an hiour the sun had swung
up pecrceptibly on his beat, the
cliors changed to tho)sei of mori)ning,
a fresh breeze rippled over the floodi,
one0 songster afiter ainothier pipedl up
mf tile grove behiind us-we had slid
into anothter (lay.
Eating too oflent is unblllthiy.
It is weakening and inljuriouls to mIx
fresh food wvith that which is patty
dligestedl, and the stonah also
needs rest alter the labor- of digest
mng a meal. In grown peon~ ls fourI
hoturs shoul inltervone afteor e
mieal. Children wtho are growing
fast need a simple luntcheon of bread
bhetween meals.
A young ladly fremi St. Taui
wvrites as follows to a friend and11 crc
wvhile schoohnaite "Maii Stebbins
is af,. home againi and) putttinig 01n no
Indl of style, thoutgh you kno~w as5
well as [ doi that her fatiher didnl't
fail for more thanlfl75,000.
A poor woman in St.Louis wvent to a
doctor the other dlay for medicine to
check the alpptites of her fivec
children, she being inable to pro.
vide suflicient food for themlf.
A little two year. old girl, wit
nessing the snow, ran to her mother
saymng :"Mamma, look out of theO
vindCow and seo the pop-corns fall
Of the thirty-eoven convicts' re
cently brought from the penitentiary
of North (arolinta to *or o the
Spartaibifrg afnd Alst'ille; roams
and who made their escape Tom the
guard a few night' ago, about t~eti
ty have boon arrested afid seat back
to their work o i the road, A pro
test should be raised against the
importation of Notth Caiolina coye
victs into - our' State. Thoee are
thieves esough flow in South Caroli,
A suit of the State of Louisiana
against Gen. James Longstreot, the
ox-Confederate, to recover $62,000
paid to him for "militia". services, is
now pending in the Supreme Court
of Louisiana, and will be recognized
as oo of the fruits of the political
troubles in that State.
In Virginia, Mr. Allon Hannah
has married Mica H-tnn.h Allen,
and now Mss Hannah Allen is Mrs.
Hannah Hannah, and is, perhaps, the
only woman in the world whose
whole name can ibe spl11 backward
and forward. That's what's the
matter with Hannah.
The orchestra at one of the Lon
don theatres refused to play the
other night because they had not
beon paid for sevoral weeks. The
manager appeared and paid them all
sotnothintg on accouit in the
presenee of the iaudience, and then
tho muisic Went on. Buuiness is
A Japones e:litor has avowed his
intention (f becoming ia citizen of
the Unitod States, so that he may
hereafter have the privilege of
speaking his minil with entire free
We neglect the littlo things of
every day life to reach for fame. A
Detroiter arnkod 814 different poo
plo how nnn-my spokes there wore in
a buggy-wheel and not ono could
toll him.
There is, it continued trouble be
tveen fore!gnora and Chineso.
Anmrican itissina.ries tin 1 ladies
are assailed by mobs in Nankin, and
am English lady was attacked at
A fool in a high station is like a
man on the top of a high nontatin
-everything aippears suall to him
and he appears small to evorybx)dy.
A Kentucky jurigo has decided
that it is not legal for a farmer to
bitch his wife Ip with a mule, no
rtnatier htow anxious ho is to plow.
Strange as it may apl)e:r, the
Mississippi Legishit're will contain
a genuine black Democrat. His
name is Vaughau, and he is from
Panola County.
"I go through my work," as the
needle said to et idle boy. "But
rnot. till you arc hard pushed," as the
idle I)oy said to the noodle.
"Ho do you define 'black as your
hat ? " said a schooluastenr to one
af his i)ml)ils. "Darkness that may
be felt," roplied the youthful wit.
Anot'her statistician has cointed
tla COwsH. H-le swears to 13,000,000
in this country.
A Phmiladelphia girl lies broken
her engagemtenit, beccuro lier lover
"md u f the Cntnnal.
*Whoev'er it was5 tha~t called a
mao"a gtound hog" h-is made
TJhe president will, in a few days.
se-nt a me miage to congress on Mis -
(';t~urwroeN. S. C., Nov. 10, 1875.
a1. AViNG boeen engaged for twenty
.yasin the Gutano 'Tnieel withI
'etienit sitec ss, I dleem it adv-tiabo to
' ro...lce Fert-ilize~rs unde~r my own ina
t idi guaerant -e. I htave madtte arrangomnents
I have pe-pared a Guano under myi own
* -spettioni anid cont rol, cal led RtOlIt8s(I'
U .J"I'ON AND ('GUN FETi'LIZ~wJ-t. T1his
Unanoa, of t he hiigheest ,-andard. CLon
1. itns,; aong ot her -e valnbl ingredilentse,
I- ree pier cent . oflii ammonic,1 one and1 aitil halfC
ldr en. of Poah, an d fourteen por cet.
A vml able PhIosphante. I also heavn pre
Ip.ired ihr moo a ( 0'd 'OUIN D) A-. 10 PHo
I ii 'T ofl th' le highest staendardl. These
ct-rtiliz.crs~a nrc comipouandted ofl the pure'st
Sat eraels, and( tare itwintiptilated andt tested
Iiii 11der t upervisioni ol' Dr. St J. Raveen
ofihi Cae(ity. whosenaome give's a warriat
I er the -ir high ebarnter~tt~lii andlt adapttitn for
I or soil. I olli-r these Fertilizers to P'lant
I rs. onlli hth fllowinlg favoraleo termis;
Cash, $1- per ton; on titme, $50O,
C'asha, $28 por totn; on timoc, $33.
Photitets orerinig immnedliately will be
ci owed to th ft I irt oVA pr-il to dicide whicht
;hely peert, ensh otrI tie. An order for a
car loadl of "ight bons will be sent, free of
.lr'ayaei': bitt for- a less amountitt Si per ton
will be chargoed. To ( t'rantgers or- dealers, a
i betnld dist'cuni i il be allowed.
I takeO this oCcaseioni to returnt tmy thanks
to theise who haove t,O largely patron ized
the Fort-i lizer hhrto ofli-red by mc, and
in solicit ing their favorale at Itet, T
Ple-lge toy best eftorts to me-et a con
tiuet of1c. eoilenciee by keeping ..the
htighe at ineilnrd'i of FertIili-ze'rs aedupted to
nov 27 Itm
1Ieaporter andl Dealer in
Sawts, Mill Iroens, .Nugrar Pias, Carria e,
linildinig and Ti.rimmting Mateorials, India
Ittubbler anld Leater Blelt in , Carpetetrs,
iBlacksmaith andto Tlanners' 'i'onls, ilouse
koepimg atnd Ftunisinga Ilardware, Ag ri
cultured Imiplemctents, Lime Cement, Plas
tnr, Pameit, Oils, Frenoh anti American
WVindow (Glass, Guns, RIiIes, Pistols, Shot
Itelte, Powvder Flasks, Powder, Shtot, &o.,
11holostdo anrd lietail at the Aiga of theI
Golden Padt Look.
nov 10--x3aios
- ~ t'NDON Layer liaisins, Currantsi, Cit
.JJ ronExt ra Cream Cheese, Pare Italian
MacaronI at the lowest cash prices at
P~rannE RAcfeir'st Aomwo,.
A osarr 20 6e gatoil otornc h orm-o
ed, sje Ji for i11 Noveties a0
o446oso of ey depor1ptfon. ,lationq
t bromo Co. bm +t
$t a day gunkteod ueti out we]
.auger.id drilie. $n0( a moitt
pid q . uger l0'6cl
flreJ.lpauger oo., 6t. Louie d.'
."an *'ntiet d.i DistIae sade i o i
. waYdted fot''Holian's Now - Etolfa
Biblesit. 190iliuttrations, AdIte,,s tor hol
ciroulars, A J Holmiafn 4 Co., i 0, Arel
street, Phila.
THE $50,000 .BONANZ
5 TOinrvented in wall fat
$5 5 oftes to a-for
tule. Fuil partioularu sohl free. Adrlos
Pend lutob & Read, 05 Vi all street, Nov
Ngeruta far ti
.bss elli g
prize pnkag
in the world. It corta ns li sieats pnper
lii enrlcopos, golden pen, pen bolder, pelt
cil, pat- nt yard measure, and ' jIeeW t
Jowelry. i ngle paokugo with elegant pr'ize
post paid, 25o. Circular frge. Bride & Co.
Broadway, New YorA .
Illustrated Homo Magazine. The House.
hold .Magazine r.f America. Two serial
'tories in 18/1l. E..lesoliff, by' Mrs Julia
C R Dorr; and Mirian, by '1 S Arthur.
itutteriu.'s Nlwent Paterns in every nun
bar. 'Terns $260 per year; 3 copies for
$6.50). Splendid Book offers and Premium
number 10 ceuts. 'T S Arthur & eon.
Plhila lelphiai Pa. nov 20
( 'vIennrAxCY or Porr. C.StAAIXn.'
.L Ilow either ,-tx rnny fas-innic
:nl gain the Ici e aail nifections of any
person :', y ehr ore in,' iatt ly. 'T'his rim.
gI, niental nequireroent all :an posiSs
fre. by mail for 25t, ioreIbLer with ai
o arringe guide, Egypt iun Oracle. Dreacns,
liata to Ind ice. Weiding Night Shirts
&o. A queer book Adress T. W I L.
LI.% & 1:t).. Puba Phila 1'a
00110113, 1000, 10A RSENESS
Wells' Carbolic Tablets
PU T UP ONLY 1N D I.r' D 'X5S8.
A Tl ill) AN) SURE REM.\EDY.
Sold 'y Dr~uggisls generaly. and
Joh'ist .n Ilolloway & Co , Phiha'd elphia
W ewant some one in every county to take
orders and deliver goods for the old origi.
nal t'. fl. D. HIouo. Large cash wages.
dpendid Chance in every neighborhood
for the right person of either sex, young of
old. sapln;u1.o, new liite, circulars, terms,
etc., a complete outfit sent free and post
paid.Send for it. at once and make mnone
at your houises. Address, If J 111, & t'o., l
N Hloward street, Baltimore, Md.
D. Josxra, J. H. DAvis, E. BOUKNIGH'
E. S. Bouxsion-r.
D3 ouhnights.
Suocessors to R. 0. Shiv r & Co.
ANIJ D?.u-ras is
Dry Goods, C'arpets. Oil Cloths,
Maltf Ings, Boots,
IShoes%, Eic,
Colurnbia, B, C.
T HE attention of putrcbasers in every
paLjrt of this State is called to co..siderI
a very important fact, lnmely, that the old
e'stablishced house of H. 4.. NGiE VINli t
4 0., is not closed b~ut reorgani/.ed Nua
the only basis thait can be carried on suc
And we assuro our ptatrons that we
shall continue the name honorabilo course
of dealing with them that was such a dis
tiniguishaed feature with thec house of IR. C.
Shiver & Ce. We have now in store the
best aeected stock of
Ever acen in this city, aelected by one
of the firm, who superintends the busi
ness, and consequtentliy knows the waniits
of this conmunity better than buyers re
sidinig elsewh'.ere. The enctire stock wvil
hbe oflered at prices neve~'r before equacled
in thin section. - Tihe ptrices will star te
and14 attract. you at sight. We invite you
to nendi at once for.
Samples of thIese~ New and Hand1
some1 G.oods
And, -if shown td your friends and neigh.
bors, we are sure it will ho to your ad van
tngo to sendi usn a-ag ordeir. W~e pay
freight on all bills amounting to $10 anmd
upwards. All orderci must bo accomnpan.
ied with the CASHl, or we send them U. 0.
D)., and guarantee .qatislfactijon.
Best 69. Prints in the city. Long
Cloths 83, .10, 12.3>. None eq~ualI to themt
in the State. WVell known brands ol
Alpacas and Mohcairst, just imtported. Ho
siery Department -Vull of well assorted
goods at p~optul prices. Geunts' Furnisl
mng gooda (coimphete, as5a dlepartmnt. Oni
Boot anid Shoe Deptartment is second t
none on this continent. Fromi the cheap
est Brogan to tho finest hand made goods.
The msost complete anid best managedl
Carpet D)epartmient in the world. Cloths,
Cassimeres and Jeanis are bought by the
case andio sold at ai very smaltl advanco
Brown aund Bleached Shir: inscs sold atl
factory pricea. Flannels anid Blakets at1
prices that will astonish.
We shall oxpect an order from you ora
call when you visit Colum'bia,
Rsep 30-3m
18 55
A Full Corps of A ble Professors,
Complete outfit of Arms, Apparatus,
Eto.. for thorough montal and physics)
training. Loctioh noted for healtbrul.
ness, and poe'seasing linllroamd and Teho.
graphco facilitie,. For lltustratedi Cat 5.
l( gua apply to Princlpal.
Eich inond Advertisements.
slo oe a Ishine Works,
ANFAdiT of Stoh 1 Eg o
d. R0d Doilers, A rsoultuintl Ehglde
Ciroulag Saw ; ~i1s,-t, Mark aind Ian
ter Mils. Shating, Aors ati d Pall ye.
IN (.I' D Tt/IlDll' WTmf WfE L.
WM. JrInkdftti. H P' EmoONt
Ettenger & Edmond,
M .,4ANUF'ACTURtEwR of Portatle fid
Statiottry Engiuos and BoileRs 0
all kinds, Cirutdat Saw M ills, crfrst Mills
4lill Guarfbg, Shaftitg, Pulleys &c.
C'aInteroia'si tp elal Stein unpu
Send for Catlogtte.
oot 19
Surftkire Works and Litulyor MjjIif
BUicni~oyj, V.
(1OT''A(1E Bdsteadzi. Chatrzber r ufi
J Parlor IFurtiturn. LOungoH, Chair,
&a. Mattufactttrer of IV.ilnut aln( Cheape
hard wvoods, no soft pine used. Cottagi
Beadsten'a.is andi Cheap Mattra ms' laoeding
Canal Stree/ from Sth to Serenth
E EA, Portable and Stationary,
Fiw Mills, Grist Mills, Boilers, Vas
tings of Bras and Iron, Forgings dAc.
AgriculuIIr Iron W1'ork,
in all its branches dono by experienced
han ds.
Improved Portable Engineg,
for driving cotton gins, threshing in.
chines, sopnrators, grist milly &c.
A numler of second hand Engines nn-1
Boilers of various patterns, in first rate
order, on hand. RIepair work solicited
anl l'romptly done.
Wi. . E. TANNER & CO,
te~ t 19BIf
Car Load White ('orn.
I C'ar Load Flour---al] grad(es
1 (Car Lowl Bolted't Meal.
W hite annd Snaok1 Bacon and
Rio and Javn Cuofle-"green
aildrod l.
NeW Orileis aind Con non
All graes of S G AR.
Lard in b1._, hal -l1bIs., Kegs
Rild( Calls.
Gelulie IDuriaHm Sinokilig TIIo
D). R. FLENN!K atN.
april 10
R. WV. PiH I L PS,
- pURNITUREI alrBrektXn
.iue ramaes, for dlesigni and
wo~rkmanhip~a1, unelaqualled. I memlj
her may prlis are beyondr comnpetitiona for
the Hamei quality of goodar.
A NE IB8iPri.Y
of Rustic Window Shandes, low in price,
durable, convenient, t hat never get out of
order, and wvill last, lonlger thanz any other
Shade. Mattresses, Pictires, HtIaloaksi,
Mirrorirand Lutamber for sale.
Furniture neatly repaired at moderate
prices. Special attention given to the Uin-.
dertaker's Department. I keep on hand a
full supply of Cases and Wood~ Cofihas.
- flY TER3i18 ARE STIRI0'LV, ('asl.
sept 28--ly
At J. 0. BOAG'S
jROM nlow until flr..st Jw. 187' Milli.
.. Jaery e.mbraing. lat aai at' le:4 of !!ati
an~d Itona etn. Ribbionsr, flowversr, Faseathem
of a'l m-ind, veils illusiorns, hilks,nott,
velveta, cralpes, ornamewnts &.c.
on ing in part of black andr colored
alpaea., nna assortment of diff'erent kindt
of dres~s materials, water prooflng, flannzels,
a full lirte of calicoes, b~enched andl in.
b:ench~led goods checked Homesponas,
pan rt jeans, enssimeors &o., ladies'and gents
Iundervesta, houilevards, shawls,, cloaks,
fairs, corsetsR talrlotansu, swiRseS, nainisooks,
&o. hosiery, gloven in great variety, hand
kerchiefs, notions, button. and trinmings,
dif ferent kinds, ladles' and gents ties, fancey
and jet jewelry to arrive for tho holidays.
Our fancy goods are full anid comlhete.
A fuill stock of shoes, hats, read 'nade
clothing, drawers. shirts &e. Pamily
grocerie. of all l.indsa, a full st-ool! alway's
on hand, fresh aryly1i; daily. You will
find everything you wnnt by ealling on J C
IJOAG, on tho corner. Several handsome
bedroom suits with and withont marble,
wardlrobes, bedstends, matresses lontage,
cradles, andl safes for sale very cheap, et
suresto call on JO HOAG.
Lumber I Luinbert I always on hand And
for sale b~y J O) IOAG.
You will fiad a full and complete stock
of almpost evervhing, very low and cheap~
as we want to Aiminish stock at
4.. 8 3. 130A u 'a
10,000 yds. Standa.r4 Domes.
tic and Borneo Bagging,
700 bundles Arrow atnd
Wedge Ties.
100 1l1q. haling Twine,
50 :egs Nails, assorted,
4 dozen Axes,
A lot of Wooden Ware, Shoes
and 'i general assort
ment of
Repit. 4
Gold and Silver Watches,
Gold and Plated Jewelry,
Bronze and Walnut Clocks,
Sterling and Plated Silverware,
Tea Sets, Casters, Cups, Spoons,
Forks, Wedding Gifts, &c.,
Table and Pocket Ct+,lery,
Bronze and Glass
IHall Pondants and Bracket L'tnmps,
Crockery and Glassware. Vases,
nijnd Toilet setts, &c., &c.
nov 9
Manu facturer of
fl00RSt, SAiiiR, lILt'IDS, FLO0RI!N, &C
Dealer in
But der's' Hatrd ware,
Ther National Mixed Paint Co., The Great
Amnerican Fire Extinguisher Co., Page Ma
ohine B Jting Co.
MGMG.for Pices.
INos. 20& 22 Hayno, & 33 &25Pinckney sta.
Ashley River, WVest End Broa~d St.,
ZLh-aieStonk, s. co.
sept, 23-ly -
3. C. Squier &Co. 's
IF you want D~ross G1oods at a sacrifieo,
[. ns call on JNO Cot SQhEs &Co.
T~yo"''ant"l'l"*-t~,Sha's, ior Shirts
j rawers and Underwear of all kinds.
go to JNoO BoQRRa & Co.
TIF you want hats, Cape, Satchels and
A.Valises; if you want to pay that little
BILL for goods bonght "01n my word of
honor," cil at JNo C SQUiEa & Co.
All goods at prices to anit the timne
dee 43yN. 0. SQUER & o
IO -IlVo i tihe
100 E~ug~tge-eA
LHFellhiiei &C
#peeia1 Bargains in Beal Lsate Collar.,
~ '" "Ready Mado Clothing,
'" "' "' Boots a chzos,
"'"Lisotelracl aper fullarY,
"i " " (Chsrlottegyille Crnssi'
m efe51
Avoeinl Jiarguin" in Cheviots and Tweeds,
"" of .J loached and Un.
b~leachaed lburnenpvtn.
1,ARGESI' ma0x of WIATf 12t 'oux.
I\ L 1N J.- -'Mve lin Ien'e to inform oar g en
tleraten frienads thait no one can compete
with us itt Gonts' shirts. cud Underwvear.
Shirts made to order-seventeen flew
styles of fronts to select front. Orders for
above executed 1.roanptiy by
nov 27
11(1-4 'l, t ( 1'-tI i
/ -"i~ '.1 :h t. -v "' 1S n ' l (i ) . /
\n, .,-s" Cal ae hse,.t
" C'O ll gt(1dl 'e(liI .a d e m 1 1n,
:11'llt~ i1+ 119"1(145a en t l
'trvd by miealp io o tlt
llealls, -411 a'so o5t.
~'cp. ~ju~:wrZ'ifwnru s

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