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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, January 05, 1876, Image 4

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Who knows where pns anal noodles go-.
Whtere are all the o ttons stray ?
Who knows where ill the pennies go,
Tlat somehow get away ?
Who knows how all the china breaks
'li'ht wasn't touched at a'l ?
Iltow baby gets so black a leilse,
l et ne~ver gets a fall ?
who knows whence all the fashions come,
Andl, when they disappear,
\'ity ono brief' month should make a fright
Of what was "such a dear ?"
Vho 1. Hnws little bill can swell
'1'o sauel prodigious Size ?
Who lnowt, intleed, what's going on
.lktenth his very eyes ?
Who ljnows. ju; wboro her husband goes
themn "basint s keeps himt out ?
Vho knows when best. to wear a imilo,
Anm'l when to wear a pont ?
W ho klows ti time to-fago the fact
That she's not lolger young ?
Who knows how best. to speak her mind,
And how to hold ior tonguo?
Who knows the most convenient day
To lring a friendl to disige ?
ahoikhows the half of what be spends
On chibs, cigars ani wiinn ? '
Who knows one bonnet cannot lst
A woaain halfl her life ?
Who ln is toe w'man is thei same
WVhen sweetheart turns to wife ?
Who knows why all the pretty girls
Are often last to go ?
I4w i]: the ugly women wed
W1'ho nev-r ha(v at b eau ?
Wh'ay ,inall aaen ianc' wives so largo,
Anil large mnl fancy small ?
Wlao knows, in faet. how half the world
Was over mnatched at all?
Who knows how far to trust a friend ?
How far to hate a too ?
Juist when to speak a kindly "Yei,"
Ainl when a sturdy "No ?"
W1'ho knows ? 'T'ne grim old grecian sago
navs, gravely. "For mvself,
The Wisest iman in all the womald,
Is he who knows hinself."
The Plain Truth About Mississippi by
One Who Knows all About it.
Mr. W. If. lodfield, Ilie keen
sigfhtedl and impartial cot rresponudtt
of the C'inacinnati (ononercial, writ
iii to that paper of the lat.et;t move
of "En1ody-Shirt" M1'orton, says :
I fail to SOc wat. Senator Morton
can acconplisl by sonding an in
veistigatiIIg conmiiittO to Missis
1.ippi. 'l'hol c'ommlittee, if appoint e~d
w1ill prolaly consist of three re
inili'anis ati two detinoeratl.. Tey
will take an ilmeinse mass of testi
llmanly, and bring in at imiajoirity roe
port and a minority ren rt. ''hso
repubalicarnsi on the commi.t tee will
report fraud, Violence, 'inutimaidut.itsi
ind Ierrorisl, and the dtemorats
vill repiort, thiat the eleation was
pe(rfect ly fair, and that fall is lovely.
That is t he way with invest i
ting conmmhit ees etilt S, muth Ji, in
invariably so. There is aalw'rya a
maajaority report and a minority ro
port. und volu enn1 pay your maaoney}"
Ii'uI t a youir choic e.
. was iin alississippi during flte
1.at ter part, of thocamlpaignl and unt1il
atfe('' the electioni . ''ho sumii1 1iiaI
sbll sItaneo of I he wh o t.hing is hin:
'.l'h b lac'ks atro not oriously imei(omi
Thely alevatd amifs~ ioral'lo set to
aolico, mal mall thej Oinrets of the
S:tate sual'red. (ontnv alie'rs;
wer'ie r'asa'ally aund inconaipe(ent. in
pr4 oort ion toe the pr'loondoranco(' oif
negroa voter's inl such' count1( i0. A
ilmd a vet ing 4ppulat in as5 detlltlv,
in(om aprehen~isily ignoan amiI s that in
moitst of th aonti es' oif Mlississipi
isiippi has~ beun on the downi
g ratdo sincte so il'rage wasR conf) erred
upl~oa n h blacks', aiimpily heau.'se
ilm el'a iss of pleople, whlerC inl thei
mlajorYitAy. areC in(oimp1otentI to judage
of quaaliintion foi' alico'. Loaot ad
I he (tflicers$ in V~ilbr ami Wara
ren ('osialy foItr insaneoia~ , hoforoI( the
counity'. L~ook at, thme jmiiliim lv (of
t.he( wholo State. MenI woro0 namde
judges whol netverl road( a law bootk.
Th'le wh1( o 'oncornii dtowia thert'e is a
I ravesty on the very inme of govern
metnt. It wvas not a govemilimaent :it
whites, and~ inl .h0 late eanial gn it
beenme a qjuesttin of self prieaierval
tion, and thme properltioders aroso05
and1( t~iurned it o'vor.
T(ho wias no) fraud or ballot-hox
5tUnflinlg, but thlor'o was an immease
deal:1 of <int initimiidationi. The
b lacks woro given t o iimdorstand(
thait thley imust elec(t bet (er men to
ollice, and thaey did. Thme Legista
inro cloet is as far suporior to any
Le(gislature Mississippi has~ had in
b'eiv yars as c'ivilizaitioni is suipo
rio tolowstignorance.
A elregulated cii zen, not,
burned to thle marrolw byv part ison
viarus, could niot loo~k upon01 th( laist
Mississipp1i L~egislaturo wvithaot a
feeling of dingiht. H1ow sneh a lot
of wvoolly heado and tiek skulls
'ouild govern a groat Stato wisely or'
well, suP1trp hse his comp11rehemnsion.
It wasR littble less than a force. Woe
(zannmot severely bilamuio thme whiates for
being arouseod by this spectaelo Ito a
haighi pitch of disgust anti indign:s
Let- Mti'odssippi alone let her
work out thle lii(hlom, anti see what,
hhe will maket~t of it. As long ams we
(uva periiI tid to ake up P ur1 morn
ing pauper andl glance dow'n its tote"
ac'oiunt of a "fight,." wihoroin siktognl
negroes ar'o killed and ono white
man11 wadlue'd, we shoeuld 1be ' thaa'nk
fiat. The interests of the whites antd
hgeitks oaf that Stato aro reayaltddn
Stial as those of husbdand and wifau.
It is aggravating that the ' fools of
bioth racesR will not ab~o it and labor
t gethe~r for the 'ommiaon' gIod, 1*n1
thme matter just now nleedhig atep
tiojn in to dovise means to stop
thruuoat cutting.
Theo charige of "4intimnid5$ion" in
veriy m-.ny coun1ties e'mi b'o 5iustained
buit ballot bo0x tuflinlg cannot. Sena11
tor' MorItonl is4 atonishecd ait thme
ra9pidi growth o'f the democoraitic vot..
Ho suslnpects.1 ballot-box sttiiig.
At no 000 lotin herotofore have
theo democrats polled( their full
hal rength. Thlis is nofor'iolls. They
lam-o lnhornd under .d Ame,. of .1:.
couragoment equal to that of thE
democrats of Vermont. '1'ho cloc
tion of 1872 went by default. St
did that of 1873, which Morton user
as a comparison, becauso tho fighi
that year was between two republi
can factiotns-Ano and Alcorn
and the domocrats ;idod with Alcorr
in a half-hearted way. I cannot re
call th' finie"si'co'1iJ8 )v604 th
demtocratts hale .d a ticket' in t}
field calculated to call out the whiitc
vote, or to encourage them in thl(
belief that they could carry th<
The registration tells the story
The registration of whites in evorj
county during the lasL campaign .wa,
from. ton to forty per cent. blov<
previous registrations On elec(tior
day they all turned out. At no oe
tion in the history of, the State han
there been such .a white. veto cast
You can rido from one end of Cl
State to the other without thidiiig ii
white maan who did not vote. Thcost)
who couhd not crawl out were ear
ried out on litters. ' The determina
tion to carry tho election for tn
white ticket exceeded anytiing
over )ohold. J:vtry man wit ii
white skln--unless an ofice-hoilde
--wts actuated by a ('c1nun im
Th'Iiis largely inereedue vhito vole
and tile blalks who Wore ioughit of
and persuaded or frightened ink c
voting with the Whiten, is the rottiot
that the 'democratic vote" wa
swelled to ninety Fix tiousandii. A
one of the polling placesC in the tit
of .Jaickinn, over ono - third of ti
blaks votEd the democratie ticket
to which fact I was an eye witness
'.These woero not intimidated, btll 1be
cauIse tilo troops dil not interfela
they concluded that they had hoN
vote with the whites. Had Presi
dent. Grant respinled favorably b
Arnn"s' ap)liention for 1troops, t4
himts h would hav ye votod t.oli. l
ilepbl lican, as heretofore, and thiir
would have b)1oon lo demicc'ijtie Va
try. [htt with the refusal to pit
troops to their back they lost coni
deAte, becaen emlloralized, an<
voted the demrocrattie ticket.
Stago Travel in Calfornia.
Tho Western stago robbers oeer
si' onaly' make mistakes that wl
pointed out to thor nm t, appen:
h eartily disgusting. An instaeo <
this is fim-n isihed by the roeti e1.lu
t ilece of F amIo Fintgh drivers Wht
starledl ot, frmnd ,Sm' Enun-l+i:so e
route to L1os Angelos. ''Te trotu
ttre-box contatiped the Hmig Fsumt <
'5A,0h) in gold, anl t.is1 wj:
:.ci1:itilerI Iure i party who car ('.1riCd shlt
guIn, ilenry rifles and tiolt', rehvob
4rH, and1 were duly p1rear:tdis to. sau
lanly roa'1 igelts iwho miiiglt. r1 t.Wen
tileuscelve1s. Thl] stageo toiledI 0
through ho ImulnlntainousH detil
witlmt. inlternipttion or htlindnmet
and was soon ove'rtaicon 1)y anotihc
coaeb cont iuing i fui lo:d of 'a.
selng.rs. The lat .er had har(y g
beyondii the( hlearing oif lhbo Ii (0.1 F
loaded coach when a very fsprighI
genIt IEmant1 iappedj() out of the4 briusn
hati lin ed the road~t and1 pro(uCnnltee
driverl reinied in is ro us ll)sIted
sprighlt l fon)thlt, seeing his5 01
tder sol unqustion-dl(iIdyI ob eydc, tdrOl
a1 pistol fromn his~ hip pIocket, Iln)
eaelslycckn ri li, "Thnl
s-t range~r Fstood~ lat hlis c1Eno atwaitin2
comp12j lianc'e, at tile 5!iuno( 111im ll entO
tin~~j) ite palssenors with a lluls
hasto,12 tumled thenl~v tvIreurboxl to
"D~rive on !" TIhe drivter gave hi
hiorses4 free rein, sounided ai1: at Io
wvit~h the sim~pper of his wiip. mnll
the1 sInge wenit rolling off iat noulisua:
speted wvit its1. loadtt o f paIssengeni
nmist hve beenl tvhei 3 digut1~( oflu
lfty c.ontaq in silver to rewarnd hini
for his enllterpriFs ? iGlantimlle th<E
other co'EhlE withI its p rciouis burderh
o (f 22 Epiuttr 4f a1 m2illian2 of1 dtlars nb
('2 to0 its5 des'tiallt ion. 'Two 1ni411
afte~r thlis nt)uir tiit exploltWis ' r
petetd at the saimo p 'int withb ini
material viariatitin dtili or rerult
seI ithat the solitarv hl4ivIigh :o
seenlred $3,000 in gold1 w'ilJth ''
ist32ne't fromntit (Jo ( venpants of thn
'Taike a grin of falsehuoodi, a handfu2
01 runaibout, tile 512111 (<11iuaiy 01
nimb1le.tonigunt' a sprig of t het imrl
bacltkbiteC, 1a tonspoonful of doi't yal
telb it, six drachosiu of mal11ice, antd a :e
drop1s of env1ly. S tir w.ell ti ge' -heir
and1( simmuer half anl hour. ..\ddh
litI t' idiscont tenlt andi~ jealousy 415) hei
inn2levolece, and2( hangl1 it upon0l 2
ske'ine of street yarnl. Shako it oen
aioumJly for ai few daly,. andt it wvih
be 1 i fr uso. LJ4tlitew dirops b)1
desxired restult wtill follow.
Tiui Glum~ Lawt.-A lill to preC
vie ' for the preser vation ol1)f usefuii
an2 imlsil, whiichi has3 recenlthy ps.et
tie'honso5 of represenutaI.ives, lprE
vides thalt the( timo1 Ior hunt ing dee
mf tim stato shtall be b1ot ween1 thl~
miont.hus of sephtembeiir and Feinar~lU
T[ht tim2o) as niow fix iI byi law it b
t wOen ti.> mon)thls of August amS
If th10 proposed~t redtiont' jof -thl
army to I 5,000 imien should he at
'omlll~iShtld, theo annuald cost of (on
mliilitt establhmohlt ('all lbe de
creastedi more thanU eight million
of diollars. TJhiat is jlust abou~t th
sumii it hlas ftaken) to protect the eat
pet, baggers of the0 South in) thei:
long rexin of mfisrlule.
A Thrilling eceilel
Anl incident occurred on a recenit
trip, Saty; a correspondent, over, the
of interesat ,to , nor racis. We
Wlore rolling along 1)etwCee 18alt
Lak indOtalp1when I inade my
wvayhfo t~o'glj1~kil~a to- bfj4Oy
'a Cign1'. I flotkfe(d z groutp "iilthemd'c
~in'tho cenitre of the cttr, Itn dcrowd;
Octito wtt a w~el-dresed JriIV, but
the other wiIJ it, veintI )le wuinpr, js
1aH lie chino frontr tin ntni'taiuip,
with long, grizzledl beard1, roug~h
coairse, lid dirty. clothes, hut with
lots of gold. '.f'lie~ ploy was for
(1iuito large sta1kes4, aiud I Ihoard
NVItisl)(li that the gitblevt was about
to ,.leece thei Joiner, and ;dul:
8ynip1)lt.hy wit"1 11ii1i feht()c for hill.
wenlit o4)1, Wi t.t iai'd y' Uweird spokeJn
1)~y the pla4yers ; titi fiiially, when
gii)l ,er, I4(*ihg (called to Sholw 11i1H
hiand~, throwv downl thbree tre:; amnd
two cjuecerts, andc reaehori for rho
liwonoy ; the mlinor stretchecd over
mi auhlvd his lhand, and lid down
two flees, ' 1)IOing, of ('Uli'HO, five)
aIces in th 10jtt('iJ. 1-[ thell r(itelied
h ladeh, ati'd dlrew a j11-o inavy ievol V
(', c(rc0 I it., jl'e~u~ the n11i'i.z1o'
tliiiwtly hetweon1 the eyes of trio
gaLiihblIr, sitill holding his h1ind.
Not it wordl WasH HJ)oI(ii, bt each
I1loked steuhliiy inito the eyes of the
other. $iUn tile imui h( ;an di.41 jIiuit
Iv 1V ) Inure frlttti the xu1ouiey, t e
form of the ;pinll4r to drawv hack,
i1i1d 111.11io evol ver followedc. 13.
stil4)podi in to theo aish, ittnh hecro tho I
h.cOlie 1) a 1111 So Iiiii''hoet iiig 114
me 1111(1 " sm('(i-al otheL'i1 thait iv ',dopdfne ,te sas fe
gunlt)ib lowly baicked toward the'!
ioir 11th( h()r3a rt3acli(i, followitng
y ,;;acd ouit.
'h'li ilaifol c'oolly let downV ill(!
li111iIr iii' hist' Jr(4V44l'll(,, r1(j~l4O it.
inl hlis po'4l~ct., oepll the Ii one~' fioini
1 f he bo4ard ;rife,) his~ 1)01101), (jII.itiv\
peneod. The )it rtUugc'at 1)ot of t:e
wwIi le IlNJi5S %VN.18v tl11:,. not la r
vI H msp ikelcl ii I 11 the~ Limo the gala
SI bier h~i H his threo itees on thle lnntrd
ftill thie tu~e Is p aHHCil out, of tIto(
1- val. (1oor. I took a i"w at )i ('t1 the
riner iiil(4'*iftt r'lar.14, 1(11; cliat ;eo i it i
1 ( him 141111)1t, 144 *".\ j iri(1 tee in 'thle
4. ih'44i111:iiiii t h(,0 lie (4inj4l l~i('14l~t
f ;114 int elie. itt.. 110 (lid not roeer
s t.) h~is lit t.1i. episotle wvithi the b.iack
.1 have~ is ('w'r lvitn('Lsse (1 Suchl it
t 1 hiiilliiic 4;4'i (" (1)11 4in wI hich 1;Ieh
1'. ('xta~i'et (ill41 \vIfs 11iiiiiifes-ied its
I: thatb 1))' m-i leiir.
A \NewOrleans ph~ysiianIris 1i4t
* 1" 4i j,'; 41 (4..3 Lhis 10( viBlui1
rctiiruiit i(-S. Hol lie i: ai I.~
rich I1U)I I1 Advertisenieiit .
Talbott A Bons j.
811otkoe Mathtne'Yorb -
" / A: fi f1'{AM'I'tJltlIta of Mean ) nri i'nes
J V1: and Noilerg, Agtlo;iltuntl l;rigt>tets;
Clroular Saw Millli, Clriptl 13ot:"k. Rud Tlae
ter ;dills{. Stinftigg, l[ Ill--Mrs ATi,1 PulleyH,
titu: T'rrr.E(31xtt, II Y' Ih)Au-.in.
Ettonger & Edmond,
ANIJPACTUItERH bf Portal) and
.Stt<tionru-y Engines and )!oilers of
nil kiiids, Circular Saw Mills, lariat Mills,
Mill (,enrint, Hhafting, Polley; eta.
A'M IMC.t.N '39 8DI\ Y. \1'A11;It \\'l1 E):x,.
01tiit rou's Spt'ci)d stoum Yltmtrs
Oct I Seud for Catalogtto.
1'ui ititut o 1\'oi k ; 101;1 :f.I1ltibei' lolls,
Itu n r't u 'Vt,
OPT.1(11; l;edstcndtt, ('hafiber ' nncT
CJ Vitrl( r Furniture. Loui uny," (;Bair
fic, \Ilu)atiur urcr of \Vitlnnt !tint (al)eftler
hnrd wei)nda, no soft plate u:c'd. Cot.titgt'
llt'nclsiten(ls and cheap llltttruttuois lneding
articles. ,
Ctt'ictl Sf,'.v'1,9'''uR .4i.t11, to Srt'eath
7 1 F11 18%, 01.J ill;,(itiystcllills t , 11oiler, Cits,
tinl;s of Brass t ttcl Iron, Fn rgiliglt .(t).
Agrieul1urat Iron SiorkN,
in all ita brunolis"; down 'by oxpul"ionced
Improve!, Portable }'.ngi acts,
for (]riving %'ullnn I;i1rs, t1.t"v:""i.i1; )ittt.
Citlnns' : "1 I'r:eti r,., tsri :f ni:11 .ca.
nurnh.-r of, r.t"ov!iti ir:tn;I I;t:i;inc 4 anti
li(rilt"r.s. of vi ."' ius lr::tt'rt y, In tirsi; rata
orclc-r, tm hrtti. I;cp:,,ir work $0lic'4, d
ar. l f.ro:t:liti\' ttt'n",
11"tit. E. TAti N'- 1 t .c; CO.
oat 19
[,I:'.i".a.s. 01
Cif,; ii;.1: " ms. S. C.. Nov. Ili, 187-P.i.
_.T INI' Irt'r'n l i1;;ng. t1 for In''"Itty
t-.J_ \cut in Ihe\ Utown 'httuio \titlt
c 'Iint"itt [ ii'".-;;; it u.itt n! It to
'trotluco l , rtili i,'rI lin:tt"r TOE' OVTI nIi010
r. ul guiu";tnt.t"e-. 1 !tune: 11111'hi uerituguotents
t, littvt Ir' !rayed it (imeno untlt"r toV own
"xrect.i'in it;; I enntrol, " eutilint itOItS')N'N
COTTON AN I) CORN 1"'Ltt't'iI.[Z.I"at. '-Chits
(mane i-s ''f the highest stantlard. t'ois
i ins, tunot g other vittu;tblo inc'rtdient ..
i Err Iret" t:-'I;I.. of 11111ttoltii', olte and it I;t:1t
-r er"rlt. of Potash, and f urtct"n per cent.
(", Available i'hostphuto. 1 also lawn pro
! .tretl for ateitCt.I It'(-tUYI) A''11) VIIO -
I It t'1'h; of the bight:st .:Iurt'laril. 'l'hestr
:"ertilizcrs at"o cotnl'oitntls-d of the purest
i. tet."ri:tl:;, it;; t urn 1)):01i, 1l1ute1l and tnstctl
i .tiler (lie mipert"iion t e 1)r. St .1. l:itvt it
t' , of t{lis City. wItc'tieagain,' ).gives it v.nrt"ant
l 'r tic-ii high clatr. t"t,"r uu'{ ti lul talinn for
t":-.iI_ 1 ntl "rtlucn -'.'.di!;.... .. t 1..,._
ClAf aloguo of Now Books on Building
U 3 freo. 1UOKNALL &c CO., 27 war
ren' St:, N. Y.
IND rending, Psyohomnrioy, l *cin
MV tion, Son. (ihniiin g, A Milynlorlar
and Malrriage Gtlilto, jtiowihg bolt . pi titer
sex luny thnioinato IwuI, gain the lyv0. nd
Airectioll of aniy j)Mklbil they oltonoI ins~tanft
139 S. 7th St., P'hila., .
1~nw ahted. Good chance
for making money, to parties
wilodidevote whiole or part. of
int in se llming oatt't'iu, Liberal (ijnlns
Hiull'. Senld fr terin9. 1.. 0. B~ox 643.
('reat Aniio icon VLeit Co., 31 & 33 Vessoy
St.., N. Y:
fatutrillg ('omllilly :'1o no1w reorganiiig
their general agenciuH. Enrergetic meni
mauy ,~urt, Cli conitrol of all sialt' in HpeL'i
lied telrritoiry of it stapile article. A perltum
noni J. a y lbilia~toi and Ia itnopidy t hat
nuay hw mule, to pit~y $5,0ol) per aiiiuiii.
For part icula~rs ailci ieH. w ith staiii eni
tt 1.17 Jtultl, Street, ,New Fork.
(Cia ren(. )
Till' I;RI: VTA 111INc' 'rut COMP1AN V,
31 A:3:1 Vesguy .Stre..t, N. Y.
'Pena d istriuted to cluibs at imoporters'
prices.. ]l:auitiliil Oil (iro~amos, of' d il.er
(:mt hi/0os,. jie~etlo toi purichaisers otf I, 2
3, -1 of 5 iiouuds oft 'ea, in. clubls of $30
and nipwalls . 'IThe Comipany hits5 lieu'
readly for diivery it sjuieutii I iIi iOiii, (en.
Lit le t ''Nip andi 'l'ack,"' it new fhrc
tlntl pictre, Vhow'y a l ively fth irlied
LtWI-eo ihblv anti his put dog~ for thei 1108.
i,tS:(iotl of a (loll. It is s-o full1 of roiti
cain I lint iu dle-eri ption em t"1 t Ihe story
NoI tell as~ ('ac situiiputi1 (it, ifh.: irtict.
Th1 I Irtloh is *pm,t Nip n I 'LacIk,
.-II Itm it (l ar of ilri.JI I teilil.a te
3:3 1" , :::,y StrueL, New Yor'k City. 1. 0.
Box ;(;1:3.
I....\ in (:1"l".well r"Au tt id( l'nti*^..
ii hi i Not )Illy ui ill 1 i~tl-1 m (' ,>w, -f ci thoit
g'e, to itfio- I pr:i. r tI:' f, wil lot
th;ti i j y tite *iitti i; 1For iil'tatratc(d
I 'I11(2E ,,, & I' L, !itltinmoro I re
lll(el,)Ji(: Ica treyil ~, 13 tit 'tV cs t etti
Wells' Carbolic Tablets
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John D, I',cCariey.
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