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JAQ. 5.11 -NvOLJ)s, Edittor.
Wtns a o nn . "in ny ,19.Greek Ex~m nation. "1
We have received from Prof. W. htit fGenilacru
lar annoning a ('AminptitiV e x
ttinination on theo Glreek hignitge,
to b)0 held( at the ab)ove namedl 'city
on the 20th of November next. It
will be remembel~redl that Prof.i
Vhit.sitt prVojected it Siilar ex
:lItliiiaZtionk last year, whicht NWO1 ill
:till reHIlw(Lt. a grL't.ifyiihlgo ti
I ie-c uragecdlby the good reran!:; of
,of tht begiinning, hie ha~s 1ee"i"1 :1
to add niow feittiircs fend offl.r ad
'ditiouia] indiiceiuii nt', Ita. sft;4 ,:id(
in largo numibers maly be' he-I ;o I iio
G reenv~ilic wvho Isivro t'Ilnclm oh'l
lent teir aidi, hie sow oller; thi cu
PrizeAs-ohno of twenty- live, 0110 of
fifteen, and it third of ten dliir
to the Coltentants who sasll sftandl
respctively first4, secondl and third
in the examnination. The e"oiltest
is (,ironi to aill persons1 ill Siouthi
Carolina, 111]101 twenity-one yo:ar~
of tig( 11)011 theo clay bet for tlic'i
WVhitsitL's ('ircititir we extract the
following, s~how'ing the IWU((Ii~ of
the ex 014) lftt :0111118(ty., :' t
Clid w,1~hol of enpiJdi' V4)l (ree din
mid tewoeof'adfYr(Gektlinuiiar, eixceplt I'll( iilijwidix,
,(page 318) fill([ the ttler blo~hw
the .lno betweeni page~ 5 and,1 page
180. '1.11(1 stdet, shloLid ioiiil
Authosm's (ahsie~al .1)iet~iwmry, or!
FOIIIC otheiir wor~k (of that kind, for
infwu~ilt~iou with reogard to Xeii
011411, (5rrux 1111( (other peui'otitll
11((1iioti 1kintioli~ci ilk the
W~ill 1)0 expec0(ted to shiov enire
fill aihiarif~y Wvi 11 theo 1111t. -1. I etw('t:11
aljhicatlion of th11' farts anid ;eioic
('l ijni.tion, anld ill ro~Ldilig. He ~
Will al18o 1e (closely' Pellihinll( o it 1.110
iitttei' beQtween ?81 anid s 113:, *iil
111(0 lL0'0t1 1 Wil lie 1)0110(11 b0l in ill li
kiowledge of the 1iltto 1 betWmi('1
Stirnwell bill *iil ba"ng dowvn upon
tine the antbl~fkO -A i the tinond
tg o cp It of O P. "I ieo gtj4
ho) ciuto Jr ofi uptiontie i under
lis coat!. 1. 'iOw: )owrotl I~oslio
ur any-"
Mec not failiar wvithi his p)ast career
LtO~ i~rpu tiuet 1>rc- . It is enough to say that hois
nfiunouly Currlllpt, as br* a ho
.s corrupt, us (tingel'Ol1 [as 110 is
[18)lsa JIoiCvoliiug 11n his
iehllcn1 'si (if iPlllifh andi "tlvngo a'sI
is -is Iualiiouts i!1 their 'conc('eptionl.
\'or isi Lcxk'iO alonie. ' hipper,
vi ithing aIts 1le mui4. be tinder . t1.o
lisit doiluiieiatioia; lie hits~ roociveti
Iili'0o liO ele('tioi to theu judgeship,
will lire till his p'~oi--gre:it axs it is
-to) lUIIlliiiiO~l that of (Icy. Chain
1(1 1ill, 111141 ''run" t~he state ini the
iii ciest of his friends and himnself.
11 isi (fblotts Lie will ha~ve the aid
Lif tirot faithful and power
rli ((hit( Ir-S)OLtker Elliott. It
wva'x :Iilitt who~ aind. when Wihipper
:18 iiiitinated, Chat Ile wvoui
11(31.911 1N caitch IILenljer'!; republican-lt h s s v t 1 ) 1 I t o 1i~ t
4vitla fill aolvoc'aoiw of Whij'pcrl''or theC
l (l8(i Irlaline in South Caroliuna!
Phii s i laua1tieasure of a .iui sf.41 re
)I1Iblictimis!t.! Anid hto who follows
[lot in the, path .1)ualiid out by
E1lioH). find WhIippe r and Moses i
101t. *1 r1tlallIi. It is only IIOcOF1
4"11y to iuxaaiiio the vtoL in~ the
in I ini5. (leutie 1l to xeo how mfuch
r;)('0 l'!liot Ix Itraxt NOi. Nor
IiOV(; the goiod riT H)l to beilieve) tlhnt
[hb n kill an~ (1stiniging force with
wich lie hant; lIorotAforo hcldiio the
[I)t ii'u' hllp iN inIl aliy wise) flh)ted
ri\n-. '.'hiat. ho wvill us5e all his~
tid that lie will Jue'o)lli'l! iiiaiyt
.itf his purpoes there is good
;t iiol to a1)rei(d."
Such is the leading entenL ini tihe
legislatture. T( ol)1)a;o it 'there IF
Lime .small exihort of Conservatives,
w-ho lILVO never iihirkel ditty of
3vitde'd (i11l.oI, [101(51 i)rn'Iitaii by a
alone haimniful of ropidwblcans who ar~e
L).Vyui)d the powerC of the infanitoux
Lu in. '1'o M~alta thai r op,)1)osition at.
ill ethetual, it will bo iteressaty fur
t~(iV i 41 l!'valtivcI andio e'vey hoflesi
t~t(' 1 Ic' i l e i to 1)'e pI)1)11lly at his
1); > T t1.1 t. reus'.n thee- inc'cs
4lint !r. :\ftci'e ('xj)(C(iaLll is it, soloemn-1I
ly" i lheUIberit 1iJ)Oll time C(Yi1servlLivL0
ILo d() thiia. 'Phiew are the only rep~
t(" e~it )it.; Va-c's of their irirty. antd ti
A a %.Ixcq M n. Sp
*A bill is no oa befofo the ti
ntid41.hlodls fty esentatitos,.
irntinunrbr 'A ity to thoso
4ngagedin At e obollior," 'but I
t uo radleals,99 ? e as their
loader and riok man, are trying b1
to make Jefl tsn 'bMvis an ox
eeption, Why hiet ;asdb, Abideed -a
ho only reason, -urgoe by 3laiie e
l thedt4dld tstoiy 'abIt 4 ergw
to Unidumprisonors in. the South, t
of which the e -Pruiddhtisecbarged al
with having been a Coliof inistrt- al
moht. This is tho !!iost jl igeilo
abtsurdily of which a Iinoier.ately B
soiwilel man-dnd we 1beliwVb
Blaino to be 8iihch=:M 4'uld'bb 'iilty. a
Leaving (iititely -dui 'of the qjes-'
tion the relative -meiit -of 4ho th
Fe(loral find the Cdufoderato gdv Ci
eminent in the trcatment of ,priRoir- 3
ers, it is siniply pi)poisto5rs to I
hold Mr. Davi i iu ainy degiwo re- .d(
sponsiblo for the sitfi'rings 'tf
Union soldiers confined in the
South. - Even had ho ignored all i
the other duties with which ho was
surroindced, be coul.1 not have 01
provided adequatoly for the wants
of pi isonersi. The resources of al
the South, limited as they came to i
b when *the inunber of Federal a:
pi i;oni's in the Con feoracy was
largest, wore insutlicient to supply "
the needs of the army In the field, 01
anl at ths 1a1no time stlliptit the d
Woniul, children and slvos at (1
hono. That the Southern army P
was loss flnih half fed, and that the fu
sufferings of the people at home
wore great., aite factis ipatont to P
overy candid mind. .Such being
the caseo, the sufeorings of Union k
prisimri, diplorable as they wore, n
were not to he aprevonted by the tc
i'tion of Mr. Davis or anmy other "
Soulthein mni. 1hit, the true re c
1ipolsibilitV hiy ni(11 the United
States govei nment. Mr. 'Ord, the a
Confederate coinissioner of ex- tl
ehango, :made 'oarwst a'nd rqpeated *
overtures to .the FVedei'al govern '
nent, urgeig asn tocha' t, but all lt
his prioplosals were rejected. He tt
oven went so far, at last, as to pro- 0
pose to release all the Unio-n pris si
onert; Hiek or disabled, upon any lit
terms. This -does 'not look like. a
criulty to pritt) ers. The ortiaary 17
tables, publisheld after the nar by "
the surgeon-general of the United o
States, show a decided Etcantage ti
for the tCnfderates-tolvo per b
cent. of thl'ir prisoners in F'ederal b
ha5nds dying. and loss (lm even e
por (it.. of VFdersl prisio-nfors dyinmg Y
in Confederate hainl. This does
niot loouk muich ike' ex('ssive cruel.
ty oni the par~t of the conI1fedLIte
governmentI and it.' is snulply ab 0
Iard to hold Mr. Davis ro
spon~ildo for somerthing thi~t;
neuver existed. The truth is, laline I
wanmits somiethinig withi whir'h to
mainke a- soens:mdlion, andl~ is douibtleiss
emlouhls of M'orton who is alreadv'
fl uotiieg hts "bloodyv shii t" They i
will bothi Ind, beforo many months G
roll by, that the "outrage ilil" a
wvhich t hey are t rvin:. to manufac
tutre w m'l rind., . "0Outrag~o&" have
gon ont of fshin, ndBlino and
Miorto miiiust keep' up with the
times(, if they wouM~ -tvoid ineurring,
if they have not al ready incurred,
the con temipt oif all fair-minded muon
of bothl poiliticail partihes.
As for Mr. Dais , the lack of fulla
c' itiesV ilp dloe him little injury. r ~
lie hias shiown but liithe evidence of
a desire t:> roturn to piubihc life, and
his~ disabhilities do ntot lessoni in one j
iotai thme love and himnor ini which a
he is. hol by the people of t ho Sou th.
His aieners inl 'on1gross inljuire
thiemselvesi only, by reviving, or at V
tempting to) revive, the unnatural"
f.eing so stronmg against~ him ut the
close of thme warl. To deniy him the Ia
full rights of citizenship is to admit 0
thatenIUfranchis~edand1( iinpuliieollicea
hie wonld he an object of dreadl. Thish
is sheer ('owardtice, ando is a dIisgrace
alike to . Ilainoe and his party, anid to 0
the miitchi boasted civilization cf 1
The Bublimity of Crime.
WVhit Tieury Ward Beechier said
to the "muttml friehd," Firank'i3
Moulton, "The oitty way to lie X
correctly is f4 lie mtimehirly9 he P
utt.ercd a sentimnu-t that iiitat ever a
ho reigarded as~ stamnped wiffA the il
mark of his genius. .lIht he ~iight
have gotte fuirthuer, and IktaId of
limiting his remark to lyiftg,- have I
extended it to the many other
ofioncecs tyhic~h aro of commioii oc- il
curirenmce and whose perpot.rator.
o1'et their im-pjuhity to them sublimiity 1
o'f thueir ei ime. St ealing is something
which excjite cotitenrpt- aftd to S
some1 e'xtenit abhiorretice hii mvry tI
honest, minde. 'l'he mali who robs ii
his neighbov's lhen-roost or pilfers tJ
n itflo of his cotton,- is gnmmoned ti
before a peace-ofiterf arid tirenet 0o
in'to) jail, thore to awa'nit his trial t2
according to law.- .His case comies g
up beforeo a- high court, he is tried a
with all tile solonrnity that attends vi
tj,. trial of a mardernr. or of a co.. o
e je4fier ent. i e jury' d
uilty he'i browg up.'.
-e o juo, iKis ayed in
;gra vbs ontl .and - i
l sd-b 'll se',-e-loo g
C ifb ' "lffhlesseindivi 'ids
to 'WAnetituto the subordlhates
out a courthouse, and the fear
fyTifty"A1 ' is iitthi dc to
e[ Ipwfu1 eblied f terai i.n
o 'stiato'ifer it'edy. t Tlits' -is all
it'ehdld be. Chickenstealing
Ldlcotton-stoalih4:should -both be
letthatbly punihtad=-the more
varely tJbibtittbr fcr the coiintry.,
Lit suppose the offhhdtr'i criminal
iii fidni havb betih 'bf h Highbr
dJbreths n to .phruilk 'lth An iiid to,
-ovel in'thlbllol' 'tilere -of I Thbbty
ihis. -Sippdiei he liftt (Il#4borate
rodbbd -a 'bdititniyiiiV ' oif 'Indthy
oissaids, lpeorhaps nillidus, 'of
>llars, rhin ltroveVi 'lhfandbly
ithless to a. sacred pthlib ttrust
his-is very "lifl'eifh*t. He thIdn
wcomeb a public poto'itty, and
a name alitibats 4i large type in
'ery nowspapbr 'ih he land,
hero may be an indictidihit and
1 that sort of thing. His case
ny go beforo every court it can by
iy legal quibble be made to reach.
e may even -spend a few weeks
the bot appointed apartment
a choice ponitentiaiy. But this
Boa not last long. The man who,
.sdaining the humble path of the
st'y "thii or pickpocket, gives
ill rpla;y to hise genius by stoaling a
w hundred thousand fiirm 'the
ablic treasumy, is certainly entitled
some considoration for the
ftiness of hit aims Ind the bold
ss of his spirit. ' tho only way
steal 'correctly is to -steal
blinely. Boss Tweed mat have
ai nod this lessen very early in
re, for at every stage c his 'career
"Boss" ho -showed aspirations
at were truly; refreshingly
ablime. IS %6pa'nsivo -mind
oild ly no .means periixt him to
op at a few thousands stolen from
io Now York treasury. Ile went
r, obeyig the .pronptings of the
ill, 7mall voice of genius, till he
id acquired just a few millions :
14, then, doubtless conscious of the
,IVitude of his doings and of his
iperioriIl <oer he hmble horde
f plundered taxpapeu's who ven
ired to upbraid him for his doings,
o uttered a *sentenco which must
e admited to embody the
aiblamity of insolence-"What are
on going to do about it ?"
And T weed is nlow free!
In the republican party of
outh Carolina there have been
inny individuals, the sublimity or
'hose s.tealing has been peculiarly
triking. Niles G. Parker came
ore a penniless adventurer. But
e was end~owed with far-reaching
>rosighit, and ho soon saw a chance
give vont to his genius in .all
s subliuit'y, He held the office
f state treasurar for four years,
nil at tho end of - that time had
toen about a half-million of dol
trs, Most people in South Caro
na- were more than content, dur
ig that trying period, to make a
modorately good living :but not
a with a man of Parker's sublime
spirations. lie put his mind to
-ork to the utmost of its capacity,
ndi, after amassing his filohings,
u~tired1 to a life of. elegant leisure
u~d dignlified assurance. Hie, too,
1it proud of his achievements, and
iore thanii once advised an attentive
uidience of political adherents that
edustry and enterprise were the
nly sure and honorable means of
-ealth. He wvas both instriouis
nid enitorprising-enterprising in
evising his schemes of plunder
ad industrious in- carrying them
ut. Ho, too, was brought to trial
uid judgment was obtalined against
im. But his genius never* once
>ruiook huim, andI he 01 so nmadlo his
acapo( from jailh Not one cent
ave the robbed people got from
im. His roguery was too sublime
r thme law to reach,
And Parkor is new free ,
Buit why mnultiply exatifpfs i
eagle, Scott1 14inytoft, bios&;
iTippeo' nd others1 hive' all dis:
Iagufd am gotiftfs for stealing that is
a crleditale to thetA aA it has been
ujiiriotm to the state.
Aritd they all go uhpumtihed I
Of course there are many in
anvcLw in offr state where the
ioves have bekh content to uihove
a lowe'r sphlere than that selected
y' Afleh liigh-minded thieves as
arker a nd MIoses. County treasa
recrs have robbed the people of
Linns varyimig from one~ thofisafM
twenty titousand dollars1 aceoto-~
ig to the genids. of the officer an~d
to facilitie he enjoyed.- Still
meo w tao no6 lackit chi4 elemen~t
Sl sab'eit7 in ile' individual, for
ie crime hasn always been done in a
raceful and digtufied way,- and on
largo a scale as circumstaneos
-old admit. Hiunbert, the dup6
Mosns. se1 a short term in
the ponitegtiary for his robbery of
the Orangeburg treasiry.
Q ,- the est.: arq s111 in, uiish
uly, thn are no , an
ag the ly w ' to btoalt dorect
ly i to sral sub ef.
THE SEA MOUSE.--TelO sel mouse is
one. .the .prettiesb s otsures that
lives under water. It sparkles like
z ofihdn'diand .is rtd nt wvith all
thie colors bf the rainb6w, akhottgh
it lives in mud at the :bottom. of the.
ocoan. -It-ehould not bb tillbd a
moune, for 4Viis lader tiah 'w big
rat. is ctSuored With sc:lIes that-novo
up akdoWh as it breathe and 1lit
ters -lke gold 'shitilig (ihroug A
f1edy-down, from which -fine, silky
bristles \. i, ' hat 'coznstantly
ehlnhgo from oi1W brillitiht itt to
another, so that, ai Ch~ibr, tit great
flua.liralisth says, the plumage of the
htitirflng-bird is not more beautiful.
WWhai a 'wpan up 'in Wisbdhsin,
who has rihiiuiug for the 411ico of
Lintshant Govorhor, 'ab aske d by
a fidi6ad 4f he-tlottht his Vxperience
his'Hthch tis to qualify lltii to dis
chdrgo tli 'diehrls of h16 tolicc, he
said le thdiglt it ought tto ibe-le
had been -i aeutt l.f'C nor in his
own fiunily ever siudt he ids mnar
It isinot generally known 4ililit the
United States Treasury lepartinent
employs two leas ned 'iii4 skilful
chen'sts, oho of whom is (cbhstantly
engaged in fabricating indelible inks,
while the other devotes his talents
to washing out the inks, and thus
far chemistry has' devisod no ink
which chemistry cannot efface.
The other day a Vicksburg wife
went into the country to visit with
out saying anything to or leaving
word ifor hor husband. He was un
easy da returning home, and made
inquirios amnatui ttht3 neighbors.
"Goie-nissing-!' 'eeolaimcd one
woman ; "why, I'ihould think you'd
be uneasy about 'her." '"I nn," he
replied, wearing a surre*ful look,
"for soane one has got to split the
wood to get brealfast th."
I Preliminary Examinations
not afYhot tho mannor in which
in n. ow Aaipoalzing f10 Iae stoc.k of
Dry' 000(14, (loihing, Roots anti
Call and exam'ni~o ouer low prican ahd be
cOtihoc.. that Wo meah~l
Ijan 15
A,,e antd we'Y w~teltui tot of choier
Win es ant LiqiuorN cf the finit.
Altof .4g" olht and1 new
Makr l ie flit.s ini town.
A' ltOf tine floogti~ 8Ai.-tge low fat
tuash b
John D. MclCarley,
MISS J1. AI!$'t' N l'aneuwnt
A FEW youtig Iadiens enii he to
colted na linfdihmg pupils aftui
the 1ust oyf Jafnuary, 18'7G. Foi
toe apply to tihe Ptkinoipal al
the Academy.
jan 14--t
TIlE exorcisesR of thisi instLitirij
will be reiiuied on l' olnosdn1zy,
J anuairy 12th, F',r citsulars
ebtiigtrettli atd full par
teula~rus, addiroeis
jan 4 tf Principal.
The Bost4outoholm Oi1 the in World
IC. WET 83'AM)OMtj Iple
Endorsed by the Fire Insurance C'ompaniss,
fro' fan ntime roiewing~ crrMcate, veltegei
it tAAIli L 1 ?KE. O of AJTiMlh1%E,
D7,enmsr *2.l, '74.
.ri ( C 'est R ons '
(Jentlonisn-:lnving used thes vnjinus Ails uo!# ini
nhs iyIi i A l a tin pipae rIt a'kO e t sa
andi bAr chsr th~ed in-nur tairhoiki.
sline&) 'scsr 'I'R Es .-PrA
r 1'W if, NOV EXi19)I
0. *EBT & sONS,
Ask nr trikeeper f it. Wwoleale liset
1 BARREIA im to arriveo.h
" To Ile tOU;Iui;TSQN,
OFICE IN I1i~t ()[ (X'1VIIT ,l0obs
SW All bunentys) nirlted -io him. 1611
receive prfan~pt *ltoritoh.
Ii. i% 0 AlItfl.111 R. '. l)Avfb
4 . I)NW ATi LAW.
1I'1N98l~ollO ,(iU'1II ('A 1"'l.1Nii.
llntportor ufttlxtler ini
Iron, tcl, Nizisct'iI' ,Nug, Mill Stones,
Huilli,1 anti ''ritniihg Materials, India
RIbIitnr atti Lea'the'r Bolling, Carpenters,
I Ilaelkinitl t ziti ',',diners' 'Ittok., IIouso
keejitig al l'nruishiiag hardwatre, Agri
cuiltural iLllt(ltitUttle zCet "u t, Plaut.
ter, V'ui,ts, Oils, L'r(ttc h Adnd ) ,nSijrIdn
1i'intiw (3liae+. l'i ns, lilt? [H. 1'ist',la, -hot
Ieolts. Powder Fau'ku, 'i' ?t'r, Shut . Tc.,
lWholostl a and retail at 'tho di i h the
clolddh 'Ltl "Lbdk.
WA)I.UM14JA-, S, Co
'hoev fb -s3znos
ru 'tra 0re'n'ti hwse, .Puro 1lln
Maoadhiat te l', ' t a ricun at
I plisitxu: 'coniefbr,+Wrdl an? sett
at once. as hil lidiza ititst ho -settled by the
first Decouibdsr.
dee 4 R J MOC(:AR-LEY.
Z hL1;fl1'1BY give notie to all wihom
* ~may t)Icnern, Ithat oni tho 1 2th dii
of Fe'bruary next. I will appjly to the Pre
bate Court of Fair:told (Iomnly for a tronl
thischiar~e as guartdian of the ost.tte of (.
jan 12-12x" Guardian.
IJt~xtirruns lIe'witzg thcaumsr'1v~p iidobtat1
t lb f ire -re'ineted t? i--iHl i'l settle
Ato1It!, or theiir (ti~ lIts uw Ki'lt' placed iii
tn fl htern hand for enofleeti n.
Wb nof2)ty& Co.
ii o i L. a"tic, o
do 't let the cold Alibi of winter find
yo tr wvindow:s withou Attmllcn, or good
w t_-lo iloor*, but, hl vo them fitted at ones
(r u tho' alauufactory'bf .Ur. P P TOALI~,
wp'oso "ltdvertisdiddn 'is in another
lie is t1ifib'114lo :Agent for the "National
Mixed Pnii;t (h,," who wfnrrwtt their paint
not to ortwk,'pool 'iii failb. Any one can
ESTA 1"LI-S FiED 1858.
i 1t1 'o Just rived a large atrnertment
l of Nsw ootis Coll *i8ting fit =pal"t'Of
O41d'liil(l 411kver Watches,
6'Id (irl11l_ t 'lhtod Curb Cbairis,
t ' ultl Traceletx, with settn to'thhtoh,
e0vP"titvl Shirt Buttons,
bersi lca4t 14 i'quattlity of Specfhclcs.
" 1 LSO, r
1 tine ARARrt1ItQut of 66,6,1q, *at4ht ,
Cloek s a31t1 Jewelry 'tepni''!till iitbtilptf'y "
Anti warranted to givekntlref!tetldn.
ire] 3 OlLVk' -1W1T"1IR.
Double ' 'uri we Witter Wltec),
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