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pf- An D1 mark '8h a subscribor's
aper denotes tlhat -fib subscription has
expired. W O\wiH lib'glad to have all do
Inquont subscribers settle past dues and
ay up for auother year. There are a
ood many persons whom we have been
ndulging fora ldh'g thne. Aswo undergo
heavy expense and are compelled to mae e
cAnU FAYatENTS fif material and labor, wt;
not afl'ord to i'uit longer for our just
,ropose to erasotlXo names of all delin
uent subscribers 'f'om our bdoks, how
vor we may regrst it, The NnWa 'dnly;
,.our dollars, and otJhia HEA, thrdb dollars.
'<' a year. Pay up y ilr subsripti6.
There will be no cbango ih the
businesu managmendit of the Nats and
Hl an.n. Individnal tind partnership
claims will be pibsentOd to W. H1.
POsT OrrIcs Houns.-- TlUb jostv
office will be oilen daily (Siudays
excepted) from % X. M.' , 12 M.
and from 2 to 'b 'li N. Northern
and On ,horn %d'iiil 'clddo at 7 P. M.
preciseiy. *f Nil dbTi ored on
1undays from to '9:30 A. M. dnly.
R.urnoAD Scinour.x.--Th6 trains
n C. C. & A. 1k. l. o leave
!Winnsboro as follows-: Goifiig orth,
11.55. p. M. Goin to ntin 1.35, a 'Ir.
Accommodation day trains: Going
north, 11.33, a. 'h. doing south,
12.12, p. m. 'iee4 'trait ##M at
Naw ApvERTisE N1Xi's
Sherife Sale.
Fei tilizers.
Cheap Shirts.
$25 [toward.
Just Received.
" Just Arrived.
Masonic Meeting.
Gi'eat Excitement.
Skate and Couty Taxos.
(Oardon Seeds.
Ir. R. L. Danuonborg ha% a flue
stock of goods. Call and io him.
We are pleased to learn that
Mount Zion Institute opens under
very encouraging anapices.
'Mr. A. P. Miller will accept the
tianks of the editor for some unusu
ally fine oranges. He has a few
more of the sane sort left.
There are now oightedoi prison( re
-all negroes-in the county jail,
awaiting trial. It is expected that
their cases will be disposed of at the
approaching term of the circuit
court. They all seon in excel
ldnt spirits.
Mr. Theo. S. Keller was 4th'jloyed
by Trial Justice Robertson to arrest
*wo negroes charged with assault
*ith intent to killi, and upon
.~ ,the attempt of one to - escape,
bred upon him, inflicting a severe
~wound. We will give full partiedlars
-~ our next.
'Holders of claims against the
county will b~e pleased to learn that
the case involving the disposal (of
theo eight thousand dollars of cout
.ty funds depositod in thie Winns
b~oro National Bank has been argued
*before the supreme conrt-, and a de.
~cision may b)e expected inl a keason
able time.
Stephen Young, who was 66wiet
*1, at the last term of court in
C~hes'er, of the murder of George
Mercer, at Blackstock ab~ont Christ..
-mas, was sentenced to be hailged on
the 28th inst. We are glad that
Judge Mackey actda promptly in
laying the execution for many wveeka
as is the custom in several circuits.
The alarm of firo oil dtoliday
night was caused by ,th# discovory
of fire in the blacksrnith 'shob Of ?dr.
J.E. Gilbert. Tlhrt had beien some
fire left in the forgo; which caused
the woodwork iitte to ignite. The
fire was discoivbred ill tHme to be ex:
tinguishedi without thB! aid of the fire
department. Thd lattuir turiied out
with their accustome~d promptitude.
- J9hINEsa CilANEs.-The flriti of
He Tr Elliott & Co. has beenl dis
solvLd b.) thet withdrawval of ni'r.
mings and~ J: P; MiatthI~s will do
busaineas at the old stalhd; uihdbr tiio
name and style of Cummidgs & CJo.
'Mess. D. Rt. dladiEoy and \V B3.
GJilbert hian' forined a (clpartnerl
s hip, under thb firmn name of D. RI:
adney & Co., and Will coiitduct
uiness at the stand formerly oc
tiidby Mr. D. R: Gladney:
lie Sheriff received acommunica
tlbh' fl'ptn Trial 3ustico Walketr, oni
Priday~ nioriiig) iforming him that
a) boy #as fatalIf Allbt hoar the old
"Sprin'g Vale." No j0artietmlal are
given, except that a party liad gone
outhuntin'g,' and that tho' deceaped
receivbd a shot in the head, produc
ing almost insfiant death. The namn
of the ut 'fortun~ate' youth is not
given, ad it is not stated whothe
hewas white or colored, An in
ltxv. G. W. VAmER,-This gentle
.ndn- has just assumedi pastoral
tcharge of the Methodist church at
this place, by appointment of the
-South Carolina Conference. Alr.
Walker comes among us. witp pnoste
fattecing'credentials, being a non of
one of the ablest ministers in the
Mcthodist Church in South Crr
linir, tnr a nephew of one of the
bisliioph d the Methodist Episcopal
Church -S6oth. He gradnated at
Wo'frord 'dulego in 1870, and huring
the folld'owg.fear was tgsged in
teaching, ih %eThinky, .Uon his
return to this sta'te, Ito .ained'Capt.
John B. Patrick in the -mdhagement
of Iris 'ffin' '&heol, at ih'tenville,
contif lhg in 'tha't 'sphero of labo,
till nrov'c'd to abardokin it, to ontei
the Chri tia rtidhistry. He is now
in the sdtic yoar of 'his ministry,
and icheady gliivs evidence of talent
and -promise of usefulness in the
church. We extend to himI a coy -
dial welcome, and our bost wishes
for his prosperity.
PERI8ONAT;.-Wo hIayo fRA the
pleasuro 'f a visit from Mr. R. C.
Loga'n, '.lh general etnvassin;
ageintof the Charleston NewS 'Und
Courier. It affords us l1castro tto
have learl''d from Iriin that the'%on.
ditioni ail p)rrospoCtA bi 'fib falepor
aiki eselhdht. Th aNM,"? anl 'Cou
rier has ddh'c, i'ud 'n()itienes to do,
most invalnbl er\o ir the cause
of honesty in& good g6m'ain'ht in
South Carolina, and it deserves ai
genlofs etslpoi't from' th'6 people..
Aside from this 'enndideration, the
paper is inttr''ibsically 'of great value
giving its readers full, *arly and
trustworthy inforniatiot concerning
everything calculat'd to interest
them. The Ners And Coiier has
few supcliors an ywtihei .
We arc i eased to -see in Winns
boro our young friend Mr. Solomon
Wolfe, who is now on a visit to his
fanily in this place. H'e has been
residilkg for tono tiie at Grnd
R1apids, MHichigai, "&hiclh lh6 repre-;
sents as a flinrishiig, wide-awake,
progressive placo. We trust he will
Lind his visit to oilr .6iii v9 ery pleas
AN OLD NUISANE.-Comnplaints
are again being made to us by many
of our subscribers that their papers
fail to reach thorn. This is not our
fault. - The mailing of the papers is
in the hands of a trusty and expe
rienced person, and we are quite
sure that all the papers leave our
Office just as they should. The post.
master at Winsbloro,. Mr. T. D.
Oxner, is one of the most careful
and efficient in tihe state, and we
feel sui. that ino blain4e can attach
to him or aiiy ond in his employ.
The true solution is that 'pnrsons
still do what we hiave bcn nmore
than once called oni to condoemn
they take oth-dr pdople's papers
froin the office without e1thority.
This evil is hard 16 Sheck, breause it
is difficult to detect (he guilty par
ties. We trust, however, that by
the exercise of ine'renased care and
vigilance on the pal-t of tile p)cd
master and others interested, the
trouble will be stopped.
T HE RcENT 4.lYNcHINo. "-Uidder the
heading, "The IByiiching iln Fair
field," the Columbia Union 1Ioald
of the 11th inlst. mnentiils the arrett
of Messrs. W. H. Williaubs, J-. Y.
Mothershed, Pierre Bacot, John D.
McCarley; Juliani Elliott; T. H1.
Ketchlin, and John Gadsdecn, "fom
th'dwhigliing of John AMexander and
Albert ong;lwo .wore takeni on
of jail by ii band of disgdised muili and
beatori sit1 a vidd to iidded them
to confess to thn commiissiionl of a
burglary.' Wd ebrd of dodrse(
aware of thodst arr8'sts liuiig iuforo
the ladon:H~eild ~as ao .ell post:
od, but we doomned it b8144; in the
then excited state of the connluuhity,
o reservo amiy illioatiodI du the
sub)ject till the llrelimiary (iXuuiinla
Lion *qai hold by .Jddgd Mackey:
This course wb hafe ydranod in
dthor insta~ees, wheni rdmudra of
ifvery gjradti of extravagant idipjrohn'.
bility hayb formed thb topic of COnl
vbrsatioil at nyverj sti-bot coi iieri and1
wlien iIt wa'r4snimily iiosih~lo; as it
idas unjust, to discrimniate btuta1ceh
the parties arrested; 13y the time
this plidr is p~ridfIod; ih8 p~rlIii
11ary exaiiation Will havdi l'on hmold,
thnd we shmall then give our readers
dll trustworthy iniformation in our
possessiori; T1hmuro ard somne state
in thme articlo iii thit Unioun:Heraidd
whih fri- calculatted tt> nieload, gna
as wo believe that papor*, und~er its
presbnt niafingetfient, to be dedirous
to do justied to all parties; wve will
6ndeavor to corridt thedf.- From
the tone of tlie artlelg foni ivhichi
We hiave quoted; it might be iudi'ed
that id aftair in queostion f~aA a
g enuine "bloody-shirt" ku-klux out
tage. We have never yet heard this
charged. That the negroes named
were taken out and whippedi by
somebody seems to be universally
admitteod, and that this aot deserves
the unqualifled condemnation of all
question. u1t that the affair had 1
Any conceivable olclinit o'f aukuf1ex
outrage wei iio 4ver. yd 'heard' itI
'chanfeddo 0.we'ie' ilio prisonersH
confined in jail, as stated by the
Uion -Herald, but in tho town
guatd-house. This, of coiurso, is an
immetorial point, expt that it
might 'seem to involve tho sheriff of
the county along with the real per
pot><ators . p lp, outrago. Thle
UnT~ion-rllc is ieowiso inistakell
in suppobilg that "the parties were
arrested in purstuanco of a lobt'r
from Judge Mackey," for, uinless we
have been wilfully misinformod,. a
warrant was takoei out by Tiial
Justice Robortson agaiit at leas't
two of the parties before it wOs
Possible for thit, oflicor to have r'
cc i"'ed the Judge's coumnmuication
These are seemingly .imall nattera,
but in as se btums a business as the
recent alleged outrage apj*'rs to be,
i.. is but simple justice to th6 ac
cused parties and to this outire con
munity, that only'i\akod facth to pr*
:wnt.el to the 1l;ic. The gimitle
non arrestod have alha's beeA
among the best atnd -most hw-abiding
'c;tizo's 'of WVI'cunbora, (thrdo of
thorn 'have been town councillors)
and n'ot Ono sus;pie'on ean the: n
be against their good names as
honorable met and useful citizens.
Wo ther'foro conlsider it but the
barest jiisticeo that p1b'lic opinion be
withhtcaltd till the guilt 'or the ir no*
conco 'Of the parties bo finally est:li
\We doco it sr eI'1e isy to*
Add that wo unqudile ondemu
the dcts of violeImo which . tho
L'nioh I/e ie/d nie mlions, and this,
by whomnsoever they nraay have leeon
done, B] t 16 protest agaiist any
sensatji)f:ii 1a lmr being s)re:.tl
abroad for iccfs:.tioni-d ))l purjpobe
The t:ay fo'r that sort of thig, as we
believe the Cn oit /Jei-a/d w'ill readily
agreo, is forever fa.4t ii Sntmh C:aro
lina. Let 1Ys quietly await the re
suit of a judicial investigation.
preliminary examinaition, in the mai
tor of the recent wkiippiig of. two
regroes confined in tho town guard
house, was had before Judge Mackey
on Friday afternoon, and finishod on
Saturday morning. Tho state was
represiented bf 1olieitor Mackey,
and J. J. Hemphill, Eq., of Chester,
the latter acting under the appoint
ment of the presiding judge.
Several witnesses, including John
Alexander and Albert Poag, the
two alleged iictims of the whipp in; 3
were examined, but we have not
space for their testimony in full.
The statements made by the pros
ecutors were substaintiailly the same
as thos'e already given to the public.
TLhey testikai~ that th~4y were ar
rested on the char'ge of having coin
imitted a bur-glariy up)on thu r'esi
denbe of Mr- Johai T. Medarly,
and artdr r'eniainig ihi thy' gdard
houise till abouit 11}j o'clock on the
night of thui tith instant; were taken
out, led to tho Wdodai and dullies
near the M~ethddint chulrchi and
severely whippedi with a timi to
;or'co firom them a confession of the
criume with Wlich IhP'y werec charged1.
These two witnesses ehtered fully
into par'tic'ulars; givinlg thQ lahiguagn
.if the pesn engag'ed', the niumbd-~
of strokes reciveod, etc.; etc. These
de~tails are of no public interest
Solicito1 IM chey callod T. iloss
Robertso; M a witness for thb htato;
bult upon his taking the atlmid, Juidgre
M~iakey said that as Mr. Rtoeton's
namti had already been mentioned
by the witnesses Poacg anid Alexan
dev nas having r'eceived mone~y from
them;i ihi consideration of which they
wore to drlop) thmd niatter; the court
could not force Mr: it' to testify, if
suell testimony wolild }rad tod his
cr'imination. 1iMr: R:. thoh 1topp;ed
asidn, alnd Judg.e Mackey statdd ianat
he wiould hold him to bail, to
alnwer a char-ge of ofileiail mfiiscon
duct iid of colmpounding a foloy
at thd saimo thu* ren-irking
that Mr: R. mighlt ntako any
statement ho deuired. Mr. Rlobert
son then asked ihayo of the
court to consult with &iinnsel,
and retired to do sd. ,The stmate
helure closed its cahbo.
Mr. Quailiard, for the deforee!
ruiov~d for' the dischargo of Messr's.
W.H.Williamsn and Julian Elliott, on
the gr'oundc that the state had en
tirely failed to niake out a prlimla
facie iHsh agaiii tlh~itd: Judge
Mackey stated that' without abiy
testimoniy foir the dcfondaufts hnmed
lie should feel b'ouifId to hold thon
to bail, for their appeafh'e at the
next term of the court of sessfoi'k
Mr. Williams was thlan placed ullon
thi' stalid; dnd fattad fionitively that
ho had no part whatever in the
offohee dhiarguid. Mri llliott niad
a sirailar statemuent.' The judge at
6nce ordered the dischdrge of both
these gentlemen, and the cancella
tion of tler recognizances.
At this point Trial Justico
Robertson came into court, and,
having baen sworn, madn hi. s.
mont, substantially as follows : He
received a m essago from the prison
ers il the guard-hoise, Johlk Alex
ander and AlbArt .hVoag, to thb. dffeot
that they wishod to see hin, and ac
cordingly wont to thert.'. The
prisonbrs said they wanted to 'sue
the men who had whipped them.
He asked thou whether they wished
to bring a p'rosecution or sua for
dalages. Th6y replied that tlhey
wanted to get damages anld not to
prosecute. Upon his asking them
what sum would satisfy them, they
stated that they must htiVo ten dol
lars each, those wh had iiurod
them paying all costs. no told
them distinctly that ,thAy mnight
prosecute if they wished, and that,
if so, ho \'oi41c issu91o the noensary
Warratits. They replield "All we
want is money." He theft conifrreCld
with trie p.ation NA it wns finally
Larran i ed, with tho conhoh&tt of both
the prisoners. th it they s1ho1.id ac
cept the ten dollars each as d:unitiages
inl aiach gave him a receipt accord
nl.Mr. Robertson furthler r -
markeld to the CSoirl that la had
made this compromise with the two
nogroes, only 'as a imatter of tho
:lamiiakes duo them---the settlement
f a civil suit being no bar to at crimi
mdi prosecutionl. 17e. R1 >bortson's
statement was frank, ee ir and
strong, ail.l seems to exonerate him
frotn any. improper connection with
th mrost uiifortimato affair.
Judge Madiny then 'i'eicwed the
csde ru l;Itnted by the witnesses
for h rOsBention. He said that
tw) features haC specially im
p)reHssr 1 him. Tho first was the
nataro :nl condition of the building
ned by 'th1 town authorities as a
.u.ard ho iia. I l a1in'tha1verted in
string. langmuago ( lpot\ its comfort
es a-mnltion, 'th i lack of proper
bed1 ilothingo for hco'. co idi.iel, the
buk c4,f rc::;d{ cominmiratio with
:)lmtsider,4. illn ,nlA of sieluaoss or
neces ity, and th0e t;Cl\6i-ni fatortt:esa
Of the arraigernent and hiage
ment of ti establlshlin eht. The
)thCr point totiched on ws tin tact
that p)oliiceiumcam' E1'thershied, though
clarg..ed with having h'ai\ a iartiei
(>ant in the alleged itrage gtill held
bin position as town )olicomnll. He
"W vrY severe upon this point, and
1XprcH:esl it as his decided opinion
-tt the s:uue time disdlaiming any
tntharity t,> interfere-that the
poliremnau should be. susenlndo-l, till
his guilt i.r innoconc.- he jidicially
establi.hold , '; ~tated thgt hie ,was
;.it istied that tho aged outiedgc
had no possible connection' vith
Di'ties, being duo ' most pro
bathly to sudden heat. and. passion.
He Stated thmat.hie had leairnod of the
boisterous conduct of the oonunt.
tee of color~d ineu oni th% iifglit of
the 8th inst., nd warnied all pairtieh
that any such conduct would render
them liable to a proscntioni for i-iot
[U the people, or any portioh' of
thecm, had any griovanice, they mighlt
priesent it to the town at a poo
timie and in a proper mnannor;.
Diu~rig ti~o Judg~u renians, lMr
IBac'ot, the former Intendant, beggnd
leave to staito .that, iihile lhe was ..i
oflido, it lad bdeni the conistamit aim
of the eutire town~ council, td s66
that peisYr~. coinmnd iii the glial
house wmoio providled w~ith all the
bed-clotbing oto. nocesgary, amnd that
every (effort was mado to make the
pisonoers as comfortable as circum
stanceos woul possibly admnit. .Judge
Mackey 'exprdssbd hilnistif ah4 firati
fled to leaurn that suich wvas the ease.
WXardeni Obrig, at prlaent acting
Intendant, stated to his Honor the
reasonms for. Pgliceman Miothirsheod's
retentimn in oflicc.. 1{o tiated 'that
the Council had called the p)olCicoma
hcaford thiE~,nijid he had s tatd that as
far as his C'omection with the alled
outragmi wats concerned, ho had acted
Mr. G. fdrithor said thmat a's fbo coun
cil had no authority to ma~ke a full
inqui:-y intoi tho easd, aild als the
policemiim's staitoment was positive
to the ciTeet abtddtc. abiove; thme couni
.l had conichi led to retaiti im. in
lhis po0dQtl til lis case should bo
ftilly atiid flnally adjudicated. Judge
Maclkey &apr~ia1 .bl' ildcd8d d1ik
sdnt fr onit this vie"O of tlid case; ltid
roated1 his~ fdrtihr vic'4s.
T1he Solicitor nioved that id j~ar.
tibs accused bo held to bail, to ap
peaar for trial atL th3 niext ensuing
term of aoumrt. Judge M~ackoy or
d1e10d bonds to ho given, (with two
good suoties) as follows :Pierre
Bacot, $1;000 ; John D; Mc(Jarley;
$1,00d ; .' T. Mo'Lhershnad, $500 1
T. H. Ketchin, $300. Thlese parties
are held to answer an indictment for
assault and battery,. riot and con
spiracy; Th le parties at once gave
the reqjuired bonds, and airo now at
lkrge. Trial Justice Rober tson wvasros
qfiired to Wi his own rc'ogilance
in thmd sumi of $300; to . answor any
charge thatt may hereafter be
Urmoight againt hiurt; iii connectiorn
with the affair in han'd. The wif.
nesses for the state were likewise
bound, to appear and testify at thme
next torre of court. Benmch 1Varrants
we issued for the apprehension of
T. J. H. Murphy, Charles Stewart
a~nd John Gaddnu.
'.I'ho investigationi att'rretcd cons
iderable t'ihftoil. The acottrt house
)YUS quite fall--tle Eriator .portion
of the assemblage boing negroes.
Iii the aluve, ropqrt~t we have en
detavorod to give only the substanlce
of what was sa~il. 8W haion futll and
aedlzrate notes of the proceedings,
but for lack of space, t conth'lo our
report to a'suminii1 y only."
BEi YOUR OWN PiirNICixta.-Theore is
no case of Dyspepsia that Green s
AUGUST FLowtIi will not cure.
Come to the D)rug Store of *ytM.v
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If you suffer fr.*tt Costivonles. Iii(k
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bon l.ivnr1 Coinp1iiiit., or derange
inept of the 4S'stomt, try its. '1'\1o or
three dose's will reliove Soli.
Aozi Co (2i ltoumo. is thi6 'r jly
rem~ed1%v in t11 Unlited States That
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other poison s injurious to the
Rystedhf. ihi't %\Vill eutro Fatvor atnd
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turn during tWi u eason. It per
iiiau1t"ly curdsi Fever IIJli Ague of
long 'stit'niig.
A Jhti'iwr 1't.e;tt 1t:"t-E ---1)m.
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it (Ina. to yoi).r'Ilt" ttlid th.' pnimiae to) sate
that I have o ilitornil% v loud it Lfli.:i,*Ilt in
ri'liovii tii.l celrisg, ptlla n,rv ii )104V.
iut ijft'li llY."Ihav Itu.tt il t hat wlit I do
l.nV li :1t thet whicht,! 1&~'.vi s~XjWttltiul.0
March V.)i, 18'74. Mzirim, N V.
Rev. Will. 1-1. Chapmatn, Pu1ikor 'of
M. E. Cbhuch, Georgetown, D. C.,"
writes 1"Ha1ving had Fin olplortiu
n1ity to to::t t he excellent qualities of
])r. Bull1's Cough Syrtli), I hiesitaite
not to swty, it i.i the best remedy I
have over* umetl in ily famnily.
't OU N' 11 i1, SCH110 L"
r 1 l'" esercis's of thi, i4L'llQOI will bie re
l~s16. For patrtic'il:.rs aiddre~ss
M:.SS It. Ii THO(MA.
ltidlgceway. So. On.
'hl}1 inetm athd at',h' of ouri firm is
e (l:logude routi ltii (lu~te to J. F. jib
JUSTL 101"(111 I~
FSII sApply of Itie, (;1.1 (Gov.
,av Pe~lI'rched Inva ('ffeem, by.
janl 18 D. It. FLIsNNIKRBN.
Chea-%vpi hi t I
,C I l . partly-made ,!rt a Hhirti, hallo
1 frm \ iittgt 1%uliii itii. Irish
Lilitill Very I) Hit 1ri1mity. All H1i'AR, dlo
gouit styhi. 1:I'1' 0u 1 UtAN LEEI) Price,
S 111(R per dozt-a, h ASitl.
jant 183 leMASt1IERt & 13R1I(EL
Sheriff's Sale.
Stae o Su1th ?rvi u ('owo~ty of FI'ir
.8:11"4114' "le- (:httlwrinVAk ('lurk olf
r1tN ) ~U"ib~ iW aln'ordi'~r O~f the (ouft of
1.le Comon lea 11441(1 in the oliouvo t11
title8 h t,.will offer for 14111 bufore theo
cou~rt 1110uso door in W\innkaboro on till
1slnt oday in February naext, withinile
legal liotir of Half t(c the hItheat biddgxrt
at public: outcry, the tollowimig', eiu
p4rope~rty to wit: All that ttattiot& or
tret of landi~ iil1iitt3 alil beingi in the
Coity of lairfllld atd Staite 61 South
d14'd tieid th'iitl-tiiiohtr~l.. *Iuie '61 hilta,
rclpreieittotl by:4 lnJ~~~i.E ' ii h1at pf
the Iaendsi boloe~gli. to t he Ett.'qf .. A
Puny, l,~1cil. known as ti' Fitt 7lull
I'lueo. .leI i t ale : (Io tr .of I tjy
i roliaj +i44(hOty. to. 1b14 pjiil .h)j iytsjrd
Ithe blat.ii c icdi tj t-O' ;"1-.1 1
with "y,11'itu~atr~ I,ot 1114 Abl dy of tale,
nai~rt)4hi' of thei j)!0i4i~es.,Iandto p4 ity for
all11 i len44t) palpers. S. W. IIUI"'
S~iiril hecir, HheritY' I'. (.',
J hoiiirjy thth, 181&?t Jin. 6--t. g
Stnt.' of Sototh Cart Hina County of air
1d wil wlIfer ter smulo till the t' tt
I Mon.1ay in 14')'rUa~y Tlt beo l~tn)' itit
itliae door in "\V in utiloro w ithin the legal
hours oaf snlu,,all that lnl.ttioii.I thaul of
;ells, i1tiort' tir Il'' .u:)41 laoiiadevl by lIa'mfl1
of' A J.. Mle4lill, (korgi. Shed and11( oilt 0 r,
lovitil pthoI 8as the property 'of lauiel l-.,
liia. ld, at the~ n, it. of.Johtn J. Welch fur
the hair; of IL. J Coko. 'rnma ('asht
S.W. IlUFF, S. F.
Shuj-ifls O~flic,
\\i ls .urn, S ('.
Jiiiory 14, 1N76.
jan 18-t1 a2'
Samiu' ()Athcirt, ('otiitfol$' of the itt'
of Jola'ii If'. Cathcart, Lunatic, aginsit
Lucius loltliint.. Anutos 'I' Ilwiglit and
E:d 11'arll li''Y ' Ohridg)e, Copartnors untder
the lim ro"ilitlo ofi h1 11 l. IDwight a1114
'1rttwlbri1l(. nd1( sou'l It (low noy ats
C irk of the Court of IFairfield County
S. C. Iy
T Noh d',-'ac to an order of tho Court
.1iimade in the above stated c'145i, I ".t ill
offer for sult' at (114 risk of ( he foi'iV or jinr
chiasur ottthe lit at \loiidt1v ill TFelr inn
ne. laif'+ri tle- i.'i+1rt .. JtotUe door ti
\Viitlsi~tu, withIiin lie legal iloitro of sale
toi tiro Ii iglttst itli the fo lowinig lull
crihiel p~ropely to ~'
All iha~t.,trzmvt p" lhind conttiliiii, Hewen
1 iundlrel anoI filly acres mtore' ot' less
,il Io S'011si i1 by hlolter -:" til it plat of
curve,\ of~ tOw- button P'lae titili 1t; 1. ,4
ttib4i'(~tis l). S. 44ll tle .-tit day otf 0 .oL ber
' t;ef hel nI file. in itll.' office of the (1l.a'k
.f Ciourt of (Cc li fIn 1'Idoi for thei (!on nty
(if l'idrjiold~iAlthq entite atvt i Ite (1. it tilir,
W\ife a4114 othr hti'i5g44111t thet 1.itlatC t f A
j1Tufy 'deer;;ed.
1 ~~to"31.! tt iirttsli, the lntIiiit'i' o:1 .act ii
of 010 .1111.1 two l44 two Alii 4111 A'1ll iln.
141441 iiilts withit i.rt'it froml ilny of ,;amh
I l"Yinll alnmally,,, (c,ibl Secured by bond
of lpilt'hnisor with a it +l"'gIag' of the preiij
KiN, 114liiipnrhia?.c (o ~ry for all necoeotary
Sh,:iIT's Office, S ti'W 1?'
\\inatshiro. S C',
Jaiiiarv 7-x'21t
State of Sou1111 Carolina---County of Fair
hield . WilliamI 13. l)nnlap vs. Baiylis F.
;r..* Y vtttio of tit p~teeutidti to 'hie' di-.
J)reatcd, I wiU ll ir for auto on the first
MruI.llIV in Februiary* iui)X.1)Ut tliu-Court
lotuw 4IoIIV ill, ,1\'itleorpl.tQ the~ inighost
biclor at pulblic outcry for cash thu fot.
koying *shsc jbed ;)irj p1It', .tO wit:' kll
that p ahtlir or tract of loud conitain-.
ing two hund red and ei ghty itec situate
in till)('hnl1ty 'of 1'iuirfb.'ld .id bounded by
lands of~azs '1rotti, Am VC Mobley, %% l
ham Young, andlothorn levied upon as~tlitl
~rot rt of Isano t D*Mcans fittlio silit of
crlfl' Offiee, 8 NV flUFF,"
Win nsboro. b C1, S 1" C.
join 7--tlx2
('~i e ('ouniun Picas )lettrv (odn
J/Iaiht fl' nglm)t i'tsy (ioldemj, Doefend.
,tjint. Snmitiiull4 for reiif. Tio tho e .
fl! ro. hetlvty HiuelInvuuueiani ,
1n 9tid to1 aLXwor~lio eult ipliajJt ini
this ac tion, whiio~ will, ie filed in. ,Lto
'tUicO cf the ('lerl;.,o( Comlnwmi.,, i'%1l4, for
thea .ald ec-umty, aind. to sBuys t. . copy. .of
1011. III) 8V-.t; to .then sttid Potulij t QU tin(
sutbsiheir tit huis oirie \\'itifisb,ro, S. C'.
\vololii twcY'9 ci's uitter thn-s~i'iue hereof,
you tail to nklw.cr the comiiplaijit 'within
the .limo iafor'tsaidl, the Pluiantiff i ti),is
mactioin will nppltt to tit, ('uutrt .for the re
lief (1erhnnid3L in) kdt~ lpliriiut.
lit :ud 16th P'eeeu:.lj r, 1,475.
1x. Mr.M \(TV
R5l1iIli Ill tliiii actioni ot whuichife fore..
goingj i t acopy, Wils this inicy thied in the
otlico of the Clerk of thll alouroscid.(Colrt.
A. M. itiAUF Al
P'iiiit I itla Attorney.
deo 16-IAwO'w \\aztnsiioro, S.C",
fAt d. 6O. BOAG'S
1t0M~01vtt tl lt Jacht.. 181'G MilLk
eey1brcn iathiit style" of (l ate
c~f i I nu t,'.i~s iluicis, Ieilk ier-tH
V( !vets, dupes, orlminilili &c.
1)1(Y 00O01)S,
(.Xziinag iu panrt of hacu Alid] coloredi
alpacais, ann fl41441itnt o.f di ferenit kinds
of dressmniitoiaiis, walter proofinog, 11 luieltu,
a foll lino. o4f Uaihioci, l:pmuchd id and nt
letlcd.( goodsJ~, .0h14'Cki~l 1 I1il'11 1 )4s,
pant1 jri li, i4it:H1~ ai~,hdies ((mil lt1tij
I illaiuervtst, hl4114ii~h4, Hlaw'lH c'loaks,
furs, vcortiaf,.taruiettacn, sw"isR'), lLlniiookic,
.r~e. liesierv, h~ves inl great vlnr etv, hannd
kercli&fs, not a01is, hull1 'is 4014' tr11t ii1ga,
tlithtrezi!. h ids, lah ir~uu n ent,; its, fanicy
ndiu jet jewel ty to thriv for tit lie lj, a iiiy.
n~ur finer C'~'''1H are full amnd oomuiplclu.
A t~tlll ;ti ''k of shlots. huits, 34,uuI 'tit14
Clothin1g. ,d r~twrs. abi its ..". f".unily
g1.ocnl~ies "fs al 6ltis it full stook aiwayvt
on iuid, , Iriuh aiva~iis, diiily,. You1 w.Aill
Iluo4 41lytii1j4t~ dua(( Imlliy calling tin l C
110 A' (, oil lte ot 1 m'. Mcvrnl luht4uonio
bedrot 1011 ils withI amid w~iit f ''tirhilo,
w~arti oht'&, iivttilii, iI utre sa, lohungs
eruul k, anmd safes for taut- veiy c'isemp, B~e
ro to eriI (li .10 C) 1( AO. .
LubeI oiuhimer ! jiwuiyg Od handiu Andt
1'Lou Will Ii-ll) alfull And complete stocak
almost (Ivt'rtthuiig, very low id clieaji
as we want to cLiluillish ateck at
dee 8 J 0 JIQA(l H.

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