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e c" . ti I R
l1I&dmy P1orning, 'Jftnuiry 26t 1876,
Uongressinn Wallace1 IRinoy and;
Smaliil vot (1 against the anesty bill
recently defeated in cotigreii.1
Mr. E. W. 'AL Mackey did himself;
c. edit by voting in its favor. Hiogel
Iloge's Obancos.
'1.1 o gorr3-maindoring scheme by
i~'1icii 'l~icland coitiy Was tacked
'o(il to tiro third coligro~lshlhal dis-'
I iet, :i~hsliltely 'to conic to n1au 1t.
'ThIe ininorial preset C(Il by Col.
Will. If. 'Priescott sots forth fvry
'tloarri' the( fact {that the district is
'Wiif, t-)vl'0ly made i11)--1LItichi1t&l
c')ltilt.y beihig at least twenty-five
'hles distant from any county really
)hadtter is now boo' a 't.orhmlit'eo of
the iouiso of r(3ptO5ObtdtiveK, - ihdt a
re'l)bl't 1*oiy' he e4)ectodl 'very 'soon.
'Aatlo' if id y doubt is entoi taincd
of the uinseating of H~ogo. 'In such
cat~o, there wihl'hth to 'be hold a
1ieweletioi, foi llkchland cannot be
';wrunit.ted tb go lii."i~jrbfofitod. It
' as :it (1n1 time Lhouj htthttIci
pr1oper1 ronstitultion of the third din
trict wucnldi nullify the entir'e elction
of' cm) gI'Qssi(Ifll 1'(Ij)1'(IItitti VCSl
i'1: ')oitl.h ZarolilL, blut thatI, viewa
SC('e11kHs note 'to -havu been cnltiruly
D. Reumarkable Positioh.
I n then many wordH of praise wvhichi
ha~e.I en iU (' keii of Governor Chain
li~el.& 1t01 IliorO iv(Irtty of notei than
tit+itu (If the coil cvvativb 116oplo of
K4c1111.11 (Ja11oliilO. It i1,am of (cE)1l1'H(
1.) liv QX)ec(t'dl that he We'u old
~~ thin pruisc ad en
('0111'Z~ iiI 10111,t of thu o(Jld Ilic'ual pty
'?-:) l1 North awd'c t'Ilth. 11fI ix cdlnlct.
'Vets t)("fl ' I fuelu 'tinrcdCIl c(ntt
'.viii,) that of hiim 111'lCdUCHO1' illth
I(V1 ( e hat 'of Sco(tt and 1'ToroI4, this
\-.'IId Ahiave 'g-iveflnj 'i'i 1114 11)i1ibli(NUI
come from the conservativo press.
In the present issue beftween liiin
and his pa'rty, le has the syipathy
tnd onedtiragemont of the clso. a
'tive, party, and lo tlinaloncarl ho
1o01 for uch substuitihl kid in "the
The position 'this tuahn by the
best citizens our state towards
Governor Clamborlain is a most
convinuing proof of the sincerity of
our people. Ever sinco 1870'it . has'
ben their aim to bi)tain a good gov:
ornment,.and to support iahy honest
m1on who would assure them of this.
Laying aside party politics as en
tirely secondary to the g'cfneral wel
fare, they have given their approval
to a m:Ln who, whatevor lay be his
good (uliities, is overywhoeo recog
nized to be, and is by his oivn oft
repoated profeSsioamX, a most intens O
)artisLn. Born and bred a republi
can, lie has never hesitated to state
his views plainly, strongly, and
sometimes even bitterly. But this
has mado no (ifforeie in the atti
tudo of the consorvativos towards
him. ''hoy havo forgotten the ftuilts
of the politician in the good services
of the than. Thoy have ignored his
past shortcomings in view of his
present good de'eds. They hattve
laid aside their-political brganization
to support o1o of an 'ohtiibly opp)
sito cr-ed. Thfl ey ha'o giveh him
the fullest efedIt for.all lho has (bne,
and omitted to'lipbrdi h fith br What
lie may hav'c left undone. Ih'.iort,
Governor Chamb'irlain's chief praise
and his chief support have comeo
from the coniservativos of South
Carolina. This clearly, forcibly antd
cocl)lhsively imIlica;Ltier ill the;li a de
groo of candsor n111(1 m 1ginLnility
which shows - hem -to be both patri
ofic atltli sincero. While the good
works of G o'vernor Chati'hberlain i ire,
as we think they should be, the
theme for i)ise Iil conlgrathationt
on all si1 tis, t.I( e should be likewise
said a word of the lalldlkb, action of
the counservttive people of South Car
olina. In our ju(lgnonIIt it is *without
a pal'lel in the history of any po
lit.'e al orLanII izatio11n in: ably ago o r in
a~ny e nmltryi.
A Plundurod City.
We havo neither space nor in
elinautionl to furnish our reaemrs)
with the details connece with
the inan('Lcial condition of the city
of Cohnnbia, ats shown in the pro
c(Mdilgs hlIad in Judge Carpenter
past six or gleigt tlils. It is
enough to say thie with a de(plnfoA
of aldormieni 1both corrupt sain ini
compe)(tent. thn *'y is utterly aand,
some1 timew ago, referee to ascrtainl
anid re(por't whait amiounit oif money1C
would ho nece('ssary to 'oniduct thed
c'it y governmien t, hone itly andi
<hicienitly, bult atl the smnell tht
ec(onlomliahlly. Hie has1 subm)1litted
his rep~ort1 Iand froms -t, au presented.Q
we gather the folowing~ signlificanit
fac'ts :IThe tot al CNIx penses of the(
(eit)y for -t hroe years. including ini
terefst (on $lhe 1h)ndehd debt, e'tc.
wer'O $2li,997. 09, 0or a yearlyh
average of $81,G5.69l. C'ol. Low
e'stima)0te ('hat11$ $28,8100 w ~~o ill hs
amllply Hlufliccent for theO comSing
yeatr. SCImel of the items is 1 Iep11
show very plain ly thle dilh'encme be
twoen 'conlomly and11 extraagan~ce
T1he police depIe'rhue~nt wicht1 ha11
cobst on1 san alvtraii nhlout 815.t000
wvill realily requ~hire buti$ M,t,000) the
koopig of thle str'e't~s whiih hasetosl
bot wo('n 815,000) and $10;,000 annul
13' the Ahnishiongo hasi horlC~a)ore re
(civeCd froitn 86venf to ten thonisan(
a year, while S4,000) is Volieidliro
quto aenough,. Udt the mlosi
stalrtlinlg itom~ of al1l is th:'f of th<
watorwork's, wich~ cost, in 1871 72
$15,16h1 ; iif 1872 73; $10,57b i
ini 1873-74, t,d09-bbing a yearly
average of $15,t83, The reforet
states that *W - c1 mL 1 o'uipplied te
the city3 this yealr for f/our hiundre,
dollar / In view of thoso start
ig facts,' it ennl be by 'do memvis r
ltlattor' of 51urriso t'hat the ploph
of ('ohni~iiIa are. buardenied withI ani
enormouacls city tax, thait to eit k
cre'idit is goe,~' and1 that the cit y
governme otnt, las 1ti~ 'lleud otelupj t
and1( denuheicjintionl from every rc:
spoe(ta~blo (jlarilter. T'he city will
havl1e an1 ('Eoetioni in Apiil, by3 which
timel it is hopeld tha tr1.here, inny lo
sutcha IL(ori iinath 'l1If the ha rwc4
minOiei 11anhoit a seOt of o0lfeeru
bot h de(sir'ons and1( co(g'Otent(t to
brinig the city ouit of its prle~c'hnt
st a t (of emlhbarrassmenat, disordaer'
and'1U disgrae'n. The' camupaigh
t 1s yet, too1( early1 to est iima the
chance('(s Of the difl'erent, aspirants
for ofi:e.
TVhe linaancial troubhle- of our1 Co
lunh ia neighbor's have nio posit ivo
int- L'ms1. fr th m a lin, of 1"..rl, ,
except so far as thoe constitute
oll of }e ml norous. . exaiaples ,of
r 11iy i4 rute in Sgpth .Cg na.
I dVCal h1itlio ropubli vo
hA ftl 1 1 ti$ for three r f uir
y'4 i conservatives O ad
to' Lo" toiW tehemselvos wi a}pt
th Ir .oorul riuoers havo oon
dofig, ' ' lthbut iiy roi edy for
their trouiblos. .lgany hw
plunder have be9n lovised b tho
repl cic41 Rio r f gld al, e V
tio'so tiel'icmes havo all been mt
into "oplration'- -with 'f sit iesult
may frIo 'easily infoerid fron tho
prosenlt cond~ition of the dirty... - ,'Tlie"
(loings of tlie radicals in 'Colunibia
aro simply a }sA 'uple Of w lht t1\ey
have dono all over sotlith Caroliiiti,
and of what they will edhtiniue tt
do wlen('1r oportniity offers.!
There miaty be ini tho partCy an hon
est 'el'tient, and ild~ 't~s ' rtionl of
the party may do thier 'utmost to
promote hit onLsty. and jprevent
fraud. Buttho ie% otiE *ho are
(lisposed1 to steal is overvl'iehuingly
large, and powerful in t'jroportion.
The men who have ruled C'Uuilubia
under the now re/ime are but
spotlelns of the greater and :Vitong
or portion of the repubiican party
in South Carolina. They were
elected as vopublicans and as rep
resentative men, and it is no injus
tibo to the party to make their
actio's a criterion of the character
of tl'o j dry mai a whole. There
can be no excuse whatever for what
has been doiun iii 'CblhhbiA-not
even that allegod'liy "eott, Parker
& Co: fur-the finanal trojuble's of
1.ho state in 18470, 1811 mnd 1872,
Theure have been no0 kut klux tr~iu
bles to-ins'jre thrrt'elit of the city,
:tad no fretful denioerat.: to on
(cour1age disarlierC and1 lawvle Sness,
to check which .money hail *to be
spent. t. iial$ icanu e'~chothy,"
p111 nnld mna'lulterated, has 1'heen
pr:ctisod, and irepub)licln '"ihtelli
gence' has had full vay. The
Men com1posing the liilfercdL city
couneils Ili( liht" ill the
repitiican party-.-such as L. C.
(Carpen ter, S. B. Thompson' 1egro),
Joe :taylor (nie: ro) J. B. Dennis,
and others of the 511sme stamliip.
'The result of t/iHiir efforts is a bank
rupt, city. A4r what they have
do11e, no or lina ily honest and
fair lumine(d 'u1a(; can offer any
apology. It is simply tfi fruit of
igno rnhe, 11im11111inglmcent and
fraud. -
In tliir (ffortH to instituto n
good governmentt over thoir city,
the 1ikople of Cohiimbia havnl the
earestsymat~y al the best
wishgs of all honfest p~eoplo inl South
Rod ucinig the Army.
One of .the chief aimsa of the dlemo
cratic majority inl the present house
of representatives is tile reduiction
of thet currenit expenses.0 (of the
gi vonunenl(''t. Reformi anld retreclh
moneit, and1( (lie 'Ieople are a1ssuired
that the r<'li-tioni of Xi-xpen4es shanll
produtce nlonlC hut the best results
Naturally enioiih. or at .least Conl
Ristent ly with th .~~ 'pirat:ic of all1
piropoesed to makth~ a vecry considera
le reduict ion1 inl th'o :presen't, si'e of
(oir itandling army. T1his is a good
miove, Himly as'1 ai maiiitter of much-.
ne'ded re I enehmen~ '1!, bu't thiere aire
many)'(1 other g~ood( reVswhOh
armyI1 shul bie cut (down to as5
smal a aa ts s c'nlSistent with
nlationlal suiftv. There aro( but two
ernmencit shoul mauiint.inf at large
- One is tho proximIity of naitionls
incelined~ to b0 hiostihe, ai~d thb other
t is the noessitA to mahstnii a ilii
tary (ntli~hmen 110t, to iinpre'ss the
peophi~ thi~mselves "itlih ho <dignity
and p)o rI (If the goionenl'I1lt. It
is owing to both theso causes that
Eu ropesad govblrhilldilta keep up
lairgo standlihg itrthIes and p~rido
thems~ivos upoiltihe perf~3ction of
their military systemi. 13iit in our
UnTiioni neither 8f those cahses is of
much force: Our neighlAt's uti all
sides are very pacifleally <1ThpOSed
From Eigihthd wvb hadl nlothirg
at all to) fear ;'for even granting
with us ini war1 ~Ihrr 1blicy for miany
years5 pai't has had(~ on1e of 1pacc
0ven thoh 1obbiidd y seem
wit h a nich Enghland mad1(1 conices
sionlS t ho A melt iean1 governmIan lt in
thme m atter of thme Alabiin claimis
is but o1io' of tho" manyU piriofs of
thle desn-p of the En~glish1.poolilo for
peace. ThIe relations of our. gov
or tunient wit h Qiuee Victorial are
likely' o ho conthmlIoudly a~micable.
From (Jl: Ii.xico) of courseu, thtro' is
up~thling to fear. Occansional deopro
dations may1. be ma1fde upon our
frontier' by a few straggling huunts
men, but it requires but a small
squad of cavalry, aided by a few
Texasi rangers, to keep mlattors per
can likewise be protected by a ver
force *:A ,T rinfohed,
cave of pmorgpu by, 1" ' g pd
rce vo ers way. be
thyt out st in very .hort
'T thi yiw e cist the
omains but tvo purposes for wiich
the army can be used; -for tile - en
QNaiunenhof, tlie49enue la nd:.m
for olitical "pbs 'uth.
to thsdu0 h.Is
no doubt dono good seryic, ..but
that ko ico'could be petormod lust
astectua fy arild at much loss dost
by dopu'ty iAi.u4ts ,yith a wvell
seloctQl)d190e of citizens. eoside
it'is a 'notorious fAct, 'tWInt many
oXcens have lice" ' i itte'd by
military titfchniun'ts 6NICes snd
soldiers auict -mio a 'mistaken zeal
to oliorne thn reventjo laws skid
dotect frauds. This is by no mnat
so likoly to hnpp i at tho liidns of
a posse of civiluis acting 'nder
civil utlority and fo'6nizitlioir
am'iea ility, tp ciil laws. The
other uso which' the i1'fiy has beep
put--tho subsorving- 'of political
ends in the Sonthern statoA, is as
foreign to tho prime ends for which
a standiug-army is intr'deq asApos
sible. For a inan t' pies l otween
the Openod ranks of a company of
Wonod men, to dopodit his ballot,
'-t son'ething so utterly at variance
with the simplest principale df re
publicanispin and- civil -liberty, as to
make it abhorrent to the mind of
overy man of ordinary intlligdo
and'solf-rospect. And yet the ai'my1
les for somo years been employed
for that liurpos'e. It has only
necodod tlio complaint of a Scott,
a Patterson, an Amos or a War
mnoth,'to briig into' very city, town
and lainlet of a'Soitllrn -state a
company ofdoldoers !to ghaid the
polls. That-th' has both much
real danger of harm to the freed
imeii-=whose protection lts always
beiu tho chief pretet ftr 'ti use
of trohys-~-it'is simnply dthrd to
maintain. e tit ro'is is -safe in
all his rights in thi Boixth, without
ie presence of a'singl) .baydiot, as
when each 'polling place '; fiirded
by a loginut 'of Well arind in
fantry. Besides the presence of
troops in the South implies 'a dis
r trust on the part of 'tio oNrth tfor
which therwisii6 possible ground.
and is caldillated 6'hi'e tijo South
orn p:oople a foolig to
wards the natioinal. government
which thiy do t6t tesire to posses.
On ftio-spediost moans of a full
restOration of harmon y betw'een the
different sections of our country, ii.
that iuplicit tvr'st is the sine'erity of
the Soiitherir p~eoplo t-o Wh'ih their
course sinco tclie close of tiie war en
titles. thiemu. This is on& , of the
hurost imanS bif of entii-o fratornizai
tion, ami will N~o imora reai good
than all the co-rcivo meoasiiros that
can be divised. People wvho are, or
'Sippos'o themselves to bo, \Wdor thie
surveillanuce of ,a military force, -are
not natnirally incelined to entertain
the deep1ost affection for tfhons who
institute that sn'rveilldxco. The
Southern'i peoplc arn li~artifr tired
of the prenten of troops, ini their
midst, to subscrvo :plitical 'indsr
and they have a riglit to .dhmand
that they bd6 treated an. Well in this
resp~ect as their Ni-l erX brethren.
Let <d1 the treop9 IJe reuLoved from
the South as soon n's ossible,
leaving only the~ tYiceiat'y garrison
in forts, Bartaclks, ned military
SM~oHRED.-bontnoon yos.
terdlay, Ch.farles Churchill; A Ulanter
of llollywood, on the line of the
iCntrmal Riroad, was inforitd thatd
two'( negrods were robbiiv .hi's coin
ho~use. M~r. Churchill anh'6d him
.e(lf with a. d1ouble-barrellha~ shot
gun and procceC3u .1o, Elfo. corn
hiouse and called on ..h thieves to
Eurrenderidwleni ond . 6f thon?
levelled a gnun ho, had at Mr.
Churchill, whelii theo lattsr Ihrod at
him and kdhed the nog'ro . ftantly.
Mr. Churchill a.lso fired his ,.second1
barrol t the othier darje ' and
wounded hii ..light ty.-- up4ta
C'onatidtion(alft, 2Is.
Two Iursgmnn tr ling,' ivere
r'obbyhd t ed in~a o 4ood. One,
ini (10spair' evlibd;' Och,' . ai n
(1ono1 r &aid tho Athr"o' "1faix; then,
I i du d colu did undo
Io !".
Accord iig t h Nbt f ork
Icerdd, the greatest and t.o6 im
portantii of womnit rights ii the
right to a husband.
Laborert in the Mic~higan wvoodse
are wvorking~ for their boardl. '.Qliat's
what the woods gro for, we boltevo.
--y .Ihubury 1Vetpe. ..~
Copartnership Ne1de.
W t~ aI(ociated ,ouirats tindor
teirm naime of.Dl R GL ADNEY &.
C'0., daig from Jaua-ry 1st, )878, and
u ill coitiunpo the wbi~skay businiess at the
ol stant.1 (f Di It (Ianey, W' \npoetful
ly Solicit theo pat ronnglo of th pnbhle.
jan 10 Om , W II CUJLIET..-.
White Le'ad,
d )NE Ton -af Whito Lead which I guar
. nc a pura Lead, for sale at the
drug storo of
W. E.'AIxuE
7 y
Elt~rq Iargo stock of
Fu ii~ng Ooo*u.., to1~
I9j.tj3o4)ts pn.4 Shoes,
mwkng onooftho,)argcat an. V, ' T SE
L~l:''1;'clu.kr ever b)rought. t4)..Winn.
b srip itv.ow prepared to aoo4)m7o odato
their nufu'roue frie (I t 9ustgn qr at
tlx~lr U3UALLYLO I A) , oi 1ae b,
to suit pnreha.'t. f'' ie a guasute"i 'a
LOW ASA THlE LoW \ 'atr motto is
Quick 'Sales and mall Proltits.
it. 'i! ~dh & Co.,
at F. ] di'r 1i1 d13y foods store.
'Don' 106 hegain Iof w tptor, Cd
Y ur wf w l wthou j~.hea. qr good
fro 4he pp~pn o ply Mr. 'NUM
W1 .*verlsedailnt'I is another
Tie is aleg eol agent for tho "National
Mixed Pui t C~ ," who Nverrsg1tt tltr ibr~nt
noltoorag , pool or tsdo,, Aray one "f
apply It
j AN'recently onlicoted o'urselv.'s
11 wth ~fizw ofJ. C" Mstglorall, we~
are now prepared *9 p~;. r,+u,jitoners
f*xtr& in ducemen n ats w~jarq (lsily mcclev
lug addition, to oqV already barge atick of
dry gKooaH, groeori {t, ' p, I pr blotto is
Quick Ikales, and bull'ro~ftsl.. j
Jan A-2~~
C. W~dgv&"'OA ' ALAoflI~ SECURITY OIld
Rnduraed"%tI t J'r'nuat Co'.. ~
IE3P- Pe~td it.. following erlfie.e seleel
rreaatiilnyn uth1ets:
I.t, 'WA I t1 I" lRKIIP CO. of BAt TIMORE.
December W, 14.
Cen?.u~c Weat asicd,Uae v~;lnta nis cold lr~
't6Is clay forv 1Itunut sgrtarpoaaes I smke plme.a Ms
Ceaeanaaeadlng yen:t'Aledlla "caarily" atse safest.
and host ever nei ur n hoauselold.
Yours I'tl
signed) ANDI'.l1 FW 4mm.5 Pet's.
Am sae Y ttserek .per V': It. Wtenl1"sEte Sepot
133, 1it3 WLmbard >lire, Daisto...
aBcS( r t iRoors z
SPECIAL attention onrillnda t4 outr fine
1 7soko n-iwdBohad hewhich we are offoring at extremely low'
OCtbO IaoMA8Tnl ' BRIGS.
(NE of the largest ,stn ; of Millinery
U wnd Ftnov Goodis that have over hu'n
in Winnsboro fin4 flow arrived at J)"" Lani
dordatle's. 'The irlapoetiomlnftj, lfi(loi is
invited. Our gonoral stook i*f full in every
lino of goods which we usualty keep. We
gttarante. our pris to be as low s the
ownst. D. LAUDE.RtA IL.
G Ot
UREIIN., z: }
1111u";aitil VIM.
't;.t l: i;t"j-'rt:ta the 1111 'i n"1'n11t'riht 1" .
g .r:t*.t :hut evor +ii':ainPlt it! +"illt' ".q
" t'att'lll. ... l
" \r) 1'c'r, Ii take. tjlt'. ;1;itt+'
+C('(It'tlllln,(t Ill-%. :11111 1.eu1i1ill I"'lig
:i1wen. lip ,t i;h" 'yl .tilt"il' (u".;1 are not I:1
"tro ttl 1tt1"i;ltl1:,;%r:!!, ii1)i~1n vr, tit:1!t"
W".1MCtl l.' "III!tI
:...bile. " , i";."..
liili ltt .'I $tZ1 .it1 >t t. and Iliit"I"
::l i t t r u f. 1''(+. Y1 1';:.. We t;l I leer :I
wilt ill tilt] 1 ':! 'i't'h.,ttf 1)111 teat 1'ii ;."s
111'IM.h11:11 till' 1.'1111/',11 s 4t.it1'?4.1"s111'tt:I ,Y
1N1s(' 1)f ow
Ilttinis,'c tJltts: "'tc' ":ul"et"tatttl.Arl(a1,1
Ca". litlt, ('<<i 'i':Ual . 1il'a1." . liiu til';ll I!',
!'eat i, .11:ih:t.ua: I'thilt. tv:lntiah. I:. "
.11111ke, .1:111n'.l. ;Iit(t t1)a11t" otllt'1s.
h1"ir. ,ti;,ij{ " thillntarie.;. iiir(11t;;liu11t oar
1.11tire c"tll 11jt;1L.Itetriil:; .tilt 11111'r a-ut
%utut!tti; a1:) trns;lri;al lt lst cluritl ttt .t
'utl*;\ltltitt ; It;tit 1W:4" .Lull +lryn ess. are
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raog,: u(;tsi++ of 1lie. stlmiarh anti hviir.
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