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1s Puth~tM~ *FEKIAr tY
T7erns.-The iR iAR.4 it )ubliahed Week
y In the Town of WishAd ", At #A.00
n eriably in adtiuct,
0P-5 All trandsin )dterieemietnte to be
'Anf IN A1)V..kC t'.
O',itutary Notiou And THibuttu $h10
per t quareu
PRUOISLA'k V4 NoeDiok e.
JMaiiary t4.
A bill to amlid ah ad 64r the re
demption of Ni itii lands was
ordered to be enrolld..
The bill amoithlig at act entitled
"An act regulating the manner of
payment of adi dlainis against the
several cotantiws of the state," was
amohded by the additioh of the fol
lowing t "That it thall be the duty
of the Board of Coduty Coniission:
era, immediately after the adjoidrnt
ment of a ternof the circuit courtin
-y county of the state, to hold a ment:
g for the purpose of exaininiiig, ap
ving and allowing the .juryy wit'
a and coik.table tickets of such
in of court ill mikvIh niaihier as
reinbefore provided." Passed.
Jvoint rendidtion relative to a cor
in plantaitiont in the cotity lOf
ichland. Paiseed.
Bill to provide for the r
Yrd. lessees of land at sales made for
-on-paymnent of toe's being pit into
ossession of th' sante. Passed.
The resolitiobn approving of th'd
?ffer of a reward by the gtiverilor for
tho Pomaria mi1Iurdrrs was passed.
A resolution was adopted that the
enat appoint a conunitteof ef iAA.1\
o r-district the state ih accordance
'ith the late census.
Thirty-throe bills wore read by
htle and referred.
t ection 1 of the bill to amend the
L idativo to the assessidout ahd
ation of property was amended
fd passed.
The bill to regulate capital punish
at was discussod until adjourn
Mr. Crittenden introduced a joint
3rosolution authorizing and directing
the state treasurer to apportion the
amount remaining in his hands from
k he two mill school levy, for the
year onding October 31, 1875, in ox
cess of the appropriation of $240,
000 for the maintenance and sup
port of free common schools for the
said year, to the several counties of
the state, the free school funds of
which were lost by the failure of the
Bank and Trust Company.
Mr. Hirsch, by unanimous con
lout, introduced a bill to establish
the office of State Auditor, and to
define the duties of the samo.
Senate bill to provide for the ex
tension of the time for the pay.
anent and collection of taxes for the
scal year commencing November 1,
1875, wan read the second time and
Ordered to be engrossed.
- A. bill relating to the admission of
n beeilos, idliots and 0opileptics into
the Lunatic Aayhun was taken up
4nd( put upjoni its second reading.
3 A bill to prohibit the sale and
a rchiase of scod cotton after sun
d'own and before sunrise, and froms
disreputabla persons was taken upl
and discussed. Pe~ndling the dis
cussion of the bill, the house ad
journed, for want of a quorum.
January 25.
~-The president was reqJuested to ftp.
-.point a member to fill the vacancy
on the part of the senate in the
special commnittee applointed1 at the
last sessioni of the general asmbly
to Oeaineli, and report as soonl as
practicable, as to whether the con
ditions upon which certain rights
and franchises wOere convoyed by
the state to the Columbia Water
Vower Comnpanm y have been complied
with on the part of said( company.
.Hon. T, Q. Donaldson was ap~point.
The bill to prlovide that all pay
ments by the state treasurer, ex
copt for interest on the public debt
andl pay of membhers, offiers and
emloyees of the general assembly,
shall be tmade on warrants drawni
by the comptroller-general, and the
Y bill to amend an act entitled "ani
act regulating the manner of pay
ment of all claims aigainist the soy
eral couInties in this state," weo
favorably re~ported on.
.~4 The usual number of notices of
private and local bills were given.
and a numbler of similar ones in
-Hope initrodutced a resolution
prescribing thmo manner of auditing
'a paym claims under the Little
JBonanizai bill.
After muchl dicsso the bill tc
pov ide that horoafter capital pun
ishmnent shall be intlicted in privat<
was killed.
The joint resolution providing for
anappropriation in aid of the StatA
-Agricultural Society was killed by a
'eo of 20. to 10.
'On motion of Mr. Cochran, th<
rep~ort (favorable) of thle commnitte<
on privileges and elections on a bil]
to apportion representation of thi
variouls counties in this state, ir
nieor1inen with the nrovisionis ')
the state constitutiih was inade a
special order . for Wednosday at
1 o'clock. Adju\\rtdt
hW hoha tit A 1i o'clock.
'T'he chairmen of the various corn
mittuwde reponrted everal bills.
Simtpykli rported a bill to make
apipropriations for the fiscal year
tnmehing November 1, 1875.
Read the first tine and made the
special dirder fkw Tldrsday, at 1
1: M-. ald ti'dl\ tla,' to day unttil
tilsputiOd of.
The act to regniuth th apUoh1t
mont and salary of trial justices in
Columbia was read a third time,
and the enactitig thudu itrickon
Mrs Cqsgro= 'A bill to incorpo
rate the Hiberiliaii Park Association
of Charh',toh.
Mr. Melchers.-. A bill to amend
the charter cdf the Charleston Pub'
linhing tydiinhy,
MCr. Uritt nden fu1oditi u th e ,i
follbihg clMt~trrent resoltitions
whieb was drderod to lie uWr for
future cotisiderattlonI
.Resolved by the hedAd oft ire=
nontativesy the senate cooiiurrhig
That the golieral assembly adjourn
sine die oli lriday, February 18,
A resolution was adopted, pro
\idihg foi- the appointment of a joint
committee of both houlses, to report
to the general assembly sech
amondmeht, as may be deemed lIbces
sary to the laws governing oeyeo
The coneurroilt rendhution ap
proving the governor's action in
oflurilig a reward for the capture
of the Ponaria murd rers was
adopted aul rotimnd to the son
at x.
The hli'o lie adjourned.
Jahinary SIG.
Ph' WenateA it at 12 M.
Mr. M.yurt1 front the Coilrtiittob
oh engrossbd bills, reported as duly
and correctly engrossed
Bill regulating the collection of
intorost upoln certain bondii also a
bill to apportion rereseltA4oln 6
the va4iku t-.ontittI1 it 011h Atate in
accoilai t; With tho provisions of
the constitution.
The senate proceeded to the COn
nideration of a bill relating to the
manner of the payment of all claims
against the stkte of South Carolina,
and for other pmrposes. The bill
received its third reading and
Report (favorable, with amend
ment,) of colnmittec on the judiciary
on bill to anoid an act ontitled "an
act to regulate the appointment and
salary of trial justices in an for the
county of Barnwell."
Report (favorable) -f committee
on incorporations on bill to incorpo
rate the Great Southern Fire Kind.
ier Company.
Report (favorable) of committee
on incorporations on bill to incorpo
rate the fire insurance company, of
Charleston, S. C.
At 2 r. xr. the senate adjourned.
IThe following business was done :
ResoloI ved, That the committee on
retrenchment and reform be in-.
structed to report a bill to this
house roducing by twenty per cent.
thme amlouint allowed for printing, the
per diem and pay of the Jnmmbrs
of the general assembly and their
oflicors, clerks, employees and at,
tacheos, tho salaries of county audi
tors4, treasurers, school comminssionl
(,rs, their clerks andl employees,
and all the salaried officers and em
p)loycos, and the fees of sheriffs,
clerks of court, judlgos, judges of
probate, and the legal fees of the
attorneys at law.
Mr. Bampfield introduced the
following resolution:
Resolved, That any member of
the house who regards the present
salary of $600 as contrary to law or
burdensome upon the taxpayers of
the st te be respectfully requested
to signify to the clerk what amount
he regairds as legitimate, for whieh
ho shall make out a pay certificate in
favor of- such member :Provided,
however, That the said amount
does not exceedl $600.
A bill to amend an act entitled "an
act declaring a tract of laud of one
hundred acres in the cotunty of Fair
field be escheoated1 to the state, and
to vest the title to the same in the
trustees of Rlidgoway Academy," was
readl the second time and1 ordered to
be engrossed.
.* Mr. Snencer, from the committee
on engrossed bills, r'eported as duily
and1 correctly~en~grossedl for a third
readling thme following:
Senate lbill to provide for the ex
tensioni of tihe time for the payment
and collection of taxes for the fiscal
year commencing November 1, 1875,
and for other purp~oses.
IThe bills were read the third
time, passed, titles changed to acts,
and ordered to be enrolled.
A bill relating to the admission of
imbeciles and idiots into the lunatie
asylum was road.
Te house, without' transacting
any important business, adjourned
until 11. o'clock to-day.
January 27.
The senate met at 12.
Tile bill to close certain obsolete
nemmpuonl tO bnnks n4) the
fiscal offeore Was favorably reported
with ametinitis,.
Nash reiorted unfAvorably on
the elainsa of E. IL MaMth and J.
D. ,Robertsoh.
Whittetnor-e lkltrodnedj~i a bill to
incorporate thel Florence, Lydia,
BishopvHih Miid Sumter railroad
out*e 1i4ll to incorporate Schoca
City; jpaseid ; also one for lHowes.
Ville aiid to amend the charter of
A huiber of private and local
bills were proporly referred.
Ott motion of Jorvey the report
of the commission on text books was
referred back to thorm for further
action. Adjourned.
There wore dine noticon given
of bille, ahd tWiht.y tnvo bills and
reolutions introduced, read the
ilrAt tiatT and ordered te be print
Inedih P osed one to author.
ize the drawing of hi* jnres for
thl ytar in OrangobihW County.
Himmons introduced a renolutiolit
bondemning the tijlpriutehdent of
education bodhiiso le tdid ri6 refer
to the state tuiivereity ill his pAltlual
The joilla eem iutbt oil er*.
plaihth in regard to the t. oatatiiut
of convicts reported that the con
victs were poorly clad atnd ! t' to
live on shrt iationiea bit that tho
cella *1Ib (n gnod .oullditioit and
the bedding idlicient. -h crtiver
sation Aomiie nil)ri- riaiarked that
ehrt 'oumons ait poor clothes
was epidemic in other places in the
state. The domemittee to investi
gate the failure of the Soth ?aro
lina Bank and Trust Coinpaily Wai
ordered to report in nine days.
The bill to complete the state
house by an annual levy of a quar
W, of a mill; after much debate; was
killed by a vote of 79 to 1.
The alpXepi'intion bill was then'
taken up. Mr. Cosgrovo wanted to
insert $6,000 for the removal of
the lazaretto, but failed. The pro
vision to pay for blanks for the
free schools was struck out. A
diii kitihl took place on a motion
of Mr. Ferguson to have certain
notices published in the Greenville
Xetcs instead of a Columbia paper.
The amendment failed.
Pinig thil diselssiol, a message
was received from the governor,
upon the subject of appropriations
for state expenses. The message
contains many good snggestions.
After the reading of the message
the house adjourned.
January 28,
The governor's message, was road
and entered on the journal.
The committee on judiciary re
ported unfavorably on a bill for:
relief of ownlers of lots in the burnt
district of Charleston ; also on one
giving county treasurer charge of
the land commission.
Five gate bills, a dam bill, bill
to amend the charter of Westmin
ster, were passed and several per
sons were allowed to change their
A favorahle report was agreed to
on the claims of John Dennis, J. W.
Stewart and Joel Copes.
After a session of only an hour,
thme senate adjourned until Monday,
at 12 M.
-Curtis gave notice of a bill
to p~rolhibit county treasurers charg
ing commissions on school funds
collected by them.
Fourteen bills of a private and
local character wvere reported.
The committee on judiciary re
ported on the Orangeburg preamble
and1 resolutions, which p~roposed to
take away the charter of Orange
burg, because p)rison1ers wore
ob~liged to work on the streets of
thoe town. The committee comes
to the conclusion that if any - wrong
had been done by the mayor of the
town, the place for redress was in
the courts. The committee asked
to be discharged from the Atrther
consideration of tho subjeut.
Thomas, from the committee on
claims, reported back the following
claims, and recommended payment :
J. Crews, sundry pay certificates
and accounts, $4,116.55 ; A. Sim
muons, house pay certificate, $105;
A. Blythe, pay certificate, $657.20 ;
George A. Darling, treasurer's due
bill, $300 ; J. L. Neagle, $2,000 ;
E. M. Stoebor, sundry pay cortifi
cateR and accounts, $2,780.83; guards
and employees of South Carolina
penitentiary, $15,850.31; H. W.
Duncan, $4.14 ; J. A. Molby, daily
.Phaii, $98. Ordered to lie owemd
for future consideration.
About a dozen incorp~orationi bills
wort reported on favorably ; a
sim~ar number of bills about gates,
dams and bridges.
The committee on retrenchment
reported unfavorably on thme bill to
create the office of stad 'auditor,
Johnston, from the committee .on
contingent accounts and expenses,
reported back the following
accounts and reco nmendedpa
ment :J. E. Green, $3.00 ; DW
Cannon, $18.25; Abtain Heed, $250,
M. Sulzbacher, $756; A. Watson,
The governor sent in a report
from Dr. Lobby on the condition
of the lazarotto buildings on AMorris
Tfalamt1 whi-h are falling into tae
sea. He asks for at- appropriation
of $5,500 to roulo o the buildings
and save the propertig If that is
not granted; for loave to ill it ald
torn. the motey lito this trent7y,
Tho approp)riatioln bill was taktil
up, and secoild stetioh considerd,
Millor's mtidh to roduco the
appropriationl for thb peliitoitiary
from $40000 to $0,1000 wa
Ai t atedhiollb Watt thiuptid
ap~propriating $$,000 fron the
phosphate royalty to , 'ho forential
of the lasatetto oft Mori-re Island,
Mr. Mttiu moved to lay thi bill
on the table. Not agrdod to.
Pending a nmotion to striko out
the enactiitg clause of the usury
bill, the hotund Adjournlod1
ainary 29.
The sonate WO hot Ii esossion,
After the utal numbor Qfinotioo!
etc., Mr.. Ferguson ,ingrdnced a'
resolution to authorsie the gover
nor to offer a reward -f $500 for
the apprehension and delivery Ii
any jail in Sottth Garolitio di hl
Sullivan, who killed J .I, Cot ib
'Greenville, last Oitobei After
somie discussion lI Wail ado jted.
Later in the sessiohn ayno 'itrox
ducod a similar rebolutioi i* rbgftrd
to one J. M. Powbrs *id killed
Alick Purse ii Marion.
Leslie initroduceti the follo*ibg
resolution i
Whereas, a copy of affidavits pur
porting to have boon made by Alfred I
Aldrich, charging U. P. Iiusliet sk
land comtfiHniober *ithi a breach of
trust, with frauddlolht illteht, and 0.
I Leslie, being now a mnelUer of
this house, demands that they do
take cognizance of said charge and
investigato the same ; therefore, be
Reoliv'cd, That a edihrutte be
appointed, to consist of throe mem
bota from the minority side of this
house, and that they do forthwith
investigate said chargo, and report
the e4deince and facts in regard
thereto, and that the said committee
have power to send for persona and
papers. Adopted, yeas, 62 nays
13. Mossrs. Livingston, Wallace and
Johnson were appointed on the corn
initteo by the speaker, who seletod
all democrats at Leslie's requost.
A bill to amend an act to divide
the state into five congressional din
trietd wits taken up, road, and or
d(red to beengrossd.
The house then wont through the
private Calendar. After voting
down an adjournmdat until Tues
day, (2 to 2, the houso adjourned
until Monday,
DELTIKnER'rE SuicEin or A ORoM1
keeper of a chicken ranch on the
San Jose rnad, purchased several
months ago, a lot of fine ropplo
crowns, which ho kept aloof from his
less aristocratic fowls in a slLall
yard. The chief of this family was
a large black bird of an exceedingly
haughty disposition. Ho was mnon
arch of till he surveyed till about
a week since, whon Roach procured
a white bird of the same breed andI
turned it into the yard of cropple
crowns. The two male birds soon
joined ini battle, whic h, aftor a gal
hant diojplay of courage by both con
testamts, resulted in the defeat of
thme black croppic. The umsuccess
fiul bird took its defeat sorely to
heart. In fact, life was no longer
worth possig since honor had
departed. The bird wvas Been trying
to kill itself with its own spurs.
Not succeeding, it tried to jam its
head under a gate, but again failed.
It flow upon a barrel half filled with
rain water, and carefully survoying
the situation, plungod into the cask.
Roach ran out and found the bird
with its wings closely folded to its
side, its b~eak 01p01, and apparently
endeavoring to repress the natural
strugg le4 of self-preservation. It
was sre-.salily rescued from its dan
gerous situation, but it refused to
take any further interet in life, anid
after a few days of montal torture
and physical suffering it died.-&mn
.Francisaco Blltin.
Hs K~aw HIm.-"Do you know
the prisoner at the bar ?" demanded
thme judge. "Know him at tihe bar,
judge ?Know him at the bar I Well
you're jest shoutin'; he is very~
peculiar in his way of drinkin', and
no one as has ever seed himi at a!
bar would forget as how ho pours
out his licker in an absent minded
sort o' way till the glans is ready to'
ri over, th'en raisos It on wvith
his eye, sights throughm it isighs like
q grave yard, takes a st)p back'ard,!
dlings ou t is terbacker, says, 'To
yoer, old pard1,' shuts his cyor, throws
b~ack his heamd and swallows thme hita
toe with a groan. Know hitn at the'
haIr I-you're mighty right, judge-'
you're mighty right.'
General Sherman, it is imstimated,
will go to Eiurope next yony, where
he contemplates a visit to the Pope.
Thait will be Sherman's secouldmarch
to the Soc.
Poor Stokes I Ito will have to ro.
main for a time whore ho Is. And
so, by'the way, will'Jim Fisk.
All the angels mentioned in the.
Bible are males ; but all the angols!
in.tho world at this period are; le
$ow to Itea6 Pew,
A il ldster on the wedt side is' all
itte observer of hunma ilatitre. A
few days ago the aunal sale of the
pews in his clutreb tdok placc . aid
theri Were Very gloom-iy aletio pa
thi's t168 tt the resiult dii addridtt of
the Stritgeidy of the tinie4. Atn
thti devoted dilergymiall was eqtil to
the emergency. The wives of tha
t** wealthiest members of the
churdli are not do much ,plbbrated
for OtitWard timeliness as for the
beaity of the siotil fild they are ex
elnditIgly 'ealou0 of each othe'.
Knowing that if ho cottld inoite
them to 'inilry in good W.rlI, the
offect worild be advantageous to the
church, knowitig alto that thoro Was
but one good pew in the audienie,
he waited till the bidding had begun,
anal then slipping round to Sister A
said t "I thought ?ou Wanted that
front pow?" "Yes,' dlaid the woman,
Me ehe shut her lips with it deided
hap, "rind I'm going tohhte it too."
"Ah 1" said the pastor blaudly
bSistor B. has made utp her niInd to
rent its She said-this, cif course,
hi in confidence--that she u ould not
*e lhip properly with a red headed
#brian under the very droppiige of
the sanctuary." "Oh, she did, did
th" answered his parishiotiet with
t lung inspiration ; "the creature I"
91h1n the pious clorgtman Went
arolind to sister B. and told her
hat he had overheard sister A. miay
that she would have that poW if she
had to lay her last dollar of earthly
Iress oil the altar of the sitctrary
Then he wont behind a pillar of
the eh3trch and hugged himself in a
rapture, while the two sisters went
)n soeing each other and going $10
better with a devotion that would
tae warmed the heart of Hugh
Iahor. By and by, when the price
tad reached $1,265, Sister B. weak
ahed atnd took to raises of a dollar,
and when, at $1,309, Sister A. said
"$1,359," she caved. Sister A.
valked to the table and drow a
hock for the amount, and then,
ixiung her eyes on Sister B., ob
served, in a tone of contemplative
triumph : "I may be red-headed,
3ut I cannot allow a bandy-logged
woman with a Wart on her nose to
stand between me and and my sal.
ration." Rlosult : The poes this
rear rented for eonsiderably more
than they did last year, desjpite the
inancial stringency of the tunos."
UCscago Tribune.
Fight It Out.
A story is told of a daughtof of a
prominent person now in the lecture
told, which is ;peculiarly interesting
mid suggestive of unconscious wis
lom. A gentleman was invited to
bhe lecturer's houso to tea. Imme
liately on being seated at the table
the little girl astonished the fainily
3irclo and the guest by -the abrupt
nluestion t
"Whore is your wife 1"
Now, the gentlemon, having been
recently separated from the partner
,;f his life, was taken so completely
)y surprise that he stammered forth
the truth:
"I don't know."
"Don't know I" replied the enfant
terrible. "Why don't you know 1"
Finding that the child p~ersisted
in her interrogatories, despite the
mild r'eproof of her parents, ho
aoncluded to make a clean breast of
the matter-and have it over at once.
So he said with a calmness which
was the result of inward expletives :
"Well, we don't live togother.
WVe think as wve can't agree we'd
He stifled a groan as the child
began again, and darted an exaspera
bed look at her parents. But the
little torment would not beoquieted
tntil she exclaiimed :
"Can't agroe I Then why don't
yon fight it out, as pa and mnf do 1"
"Vongeance is mine" laughingly ro
Lortod the visitor, after "uma' and
"pa" exchangod looks of holy horror
rollowed by the inevitable roar.
There was lately shown at the
rooms of the Society of Art, in Lon
Ion, a pice of milk, "solidified by
the Hooker process," and weighing
ano hundred pounds, and which "has
been exposed to the actioni of the
uir for four years and three mnths."
IUho Agricutusral G!azette, of that
aity, says "its quality wais so exool
innt that in a few minutes it wais re
wilved, by churning, into good fresh
A new Paris telescope brings the
noon to within ten miles of the earth,
md a Michigan Woman thshiks that if
ihe were given room to ' yell, she
could got up a conversation with
some other woman up there.
"I don't take any stock in saving~s
banks, and be ha~ngod to themI" sa id
in indignant depositor yesterday.
"Doe hanged to them I" retorted an
other ; "you may well say it s there's
inany of 'onm suspended already."
When they catch a man gathering
Deleware peaches at midnight, they
preserte whatever good traits he has
[n him by sheeting hal f apint of salt
luto his legs.
Man is an abstruse puzzle. When
he hag a pair of shees with a break
ini them lie is not satisfied until he
has a new pair, and when ho has a
new pair he is not satisfiba until he
breaks them in.
A dvnrisn in the N~wa An) flrnAn~
Our Otrh Vaults.
It is the- habit of erring amani
ty-and a very' comforting one, ap
parehtly-to blame- Providence fou
the. UMftottunes wAh by impru
dence we brini upon ouit#shyt. I
' -man uate too much at sler,
drliks too ntuch and smokes tuc
ntan il l el spd dies of apoplly$ at
forty! 11i he ought by the lawi 1
lltbitro to have lied to eIghy, God
4s artaigned, and the mah's friends
and the elorgyman who preaches his
= funeral surnion call his death "a
mysterious digpetsation of 1r4
dence," If a mother dresses her
tendt little child ho as to show its
bare neck alid arnis and its plump
legs-zbitiful, we admit, but none
the less too cold on that account--if
she fills the child's stomach with
bon bone, and its head with
knowledge intended only for riper
years, and the child dies, aof otturde
it will, then everybody synpathioes
with herandjurges;her to be resigned
to the Will of Providence' And the
afilicted mother Webps and woliders
what she has ever doibu to doseve
such. an ailscting stroke. Men who
art br eught tip to know right from
Wong Cheat atd lie and Swindle and
afid specilata and builti up
fortiines, and ilnveel them in fancy
stocks, which rise into existence like
soap bubbles, and by and by the
bubbles burst, the fine things are
Wiiwpt6 away, and these men will have
the assurance to say that God has
dealt harshly with them and that
the punishment is more than they
can bear. In nine basos oit of tel
the world is what Man
makes it. ;Regard the Natural
laws of health and ihdulgo in no
llmbIts that work death and ruin,and
we shall find plenty ii lif Worih
living for, and have little cause to
complain of the cruelty of a kind
In his valedictory message to the
legislature of Ohio, Governor Allen
says "The matter of professional
vagrancy is one worthy of your at
tention. I am well aware that,
owing to the general paralyration of
business, a groat many honest and
industrious men are out of employ
ment and in their efforts to find re
munerative labor go from place to
place with honest purposes. But
within a few years a class of vagrants
have grown up in our midst, who
seize the dullness of businoss as a
pretext to roam over the -country,
with no purpose except to secure
a living begging or illicit peans.
The evil should be arrested at once.
The question is a difficult and deli.
cate one. Honest search for em
ployment must not be b randed
as a crime, but vagrancy is a mis de
meanor in itself, which the law
should suppress."
To Be Hung--"In the Cool."
George Morris was brought be
fore the bar of the Superior Crimi
nal Court Tuesday morning, for
the purpose of having the death
sentence pronounced upon him.
Morris came up to the bar whistling
and laughing. At first he took a
look at the spectators, and after
wards faced his Honor, The
Judge said:
"George, you have ben conviet
0(d of the murder of Sarah Jones.
You pleaded guilty twice, and I
insisted that your case go before
twelve citizens of your country.
The jury that sat in the jury box
duing your trial wore intelligent
men. Now, George Morris, have
you anything to say why the sen
tencp of the law should not be
passed upon you ?"
He then rose, and in a clear
voice, with a smile on his face,
spoke as follows:
"I agree with you, and I am now
prepared to receive the full extent
of the laiw, which I know is death."
Judge Steele then sympathized
with Moerris, and recited a few ap.
preciative remarks telling him -that
if he wanted +M go to Heaven the
only thing for him to do was to
repair immediately to his cell, and
there to pray. He said :
"Under the law and evidence in
this case I am compelled to son
tonce you to be hung by the neck
until dead, at any plaep and time
the Governor of the State of Louisi
ana may deem fit."
The brute took it coolly and
thanked his Honor for the kind
ness ho lad conferred upon him by
pronouneing the sentence of death
uplonl him-N. 0. Biulelin..
A noble fellow that tramp was who
returned a flve dollar bill he said he
had found in an old1 vest a Norwich
gentleman had given him. His
h onessty was rewarded with a one
dollar b ill, and the next day the five
turned out to be a counterfeit.
"Doctor," said a nephew, on set
tling the fee question for his uncle's
illness, and from whose death he en
tertained great expectations, "I
beg for the future you will not inter
fere in family matter."
A party of en ' ers who are sur
veying Niagara' tls find the height
of the American Falls to be 1518
feet. The depth of the water under
the suspension ~ridge is 12 feet.
More passengers are transported
between New York and Chicago
thati on any other route in the United
sohools In. South 0laiteln .
The repart of the Mtate &aperih.
tendent of Edneattion show s that,. bar
the- returns of the County %icho
C'ommissioners,. there is- a seholastaI
populatior in this State of 28W,26d..
Of this popttlation,. 85,1368 are- white
ntlt 138; are colored.. The State
eeinstt gimes a scholhatie jpulation.
of only 2Wt,8U 01 this glariag
diacrepaney oudelanati~i o1 red.
It arises probably homthe inaerfecb
matrner it whah, the. returns were
gathered. alid probablW from anothe
Or cause.
The geholastfe- age * from six to
sixteen year,, inclusaive, and beyond
those limaits n child is entitled to
the- benefits of a fkee education;
There is, therefoire. sh inducement
offered to parents te huisreptesent
the ages of their ehlldzen, when
making returne..to thb School ~ Com.
niNIsiohers, that to s not exist it
making returns for the general
consti. Th. Saertatbhdent, in hia
rtpdkt, accepts the returns shown
by the scholastic ceens, as the basia
ttpoh Which to make his estimates
aid troth which to deduce hia in.
Since the Inattyttration of the eye.
tem in 1809 the number of -children
Within the prescribed ago has in=
creased 42,085, or upwards of twen
ty-one per cent. The whole State is
divided into four hundred and tweit
ty-eight school distrihte, each int
ehm go of thi'e6 trustees appoinltot
by the loai'd of Examiners of the
respectivo Counties. Last year
9,880 schools were oponed, affording
instruction to 47,001 white and
58,964 colored children. There
were employed 1090 white male, 786
white female, 698 otored male and
290 colored female teachers. The
average monthly salary of male
teachers Was $81 64, and of female
teachelf- $29 21. The average in
the CitW'of Charlecton was much
greater ; for males being $121 66,
and for females $39 45.
The length of the session varied
greatly in - different counties ; that
for - Charleston City being ten
months, and for Horry County only
two months. The average session
throughout the State was four
months and a half. The total num
ber of school buildings was 2,747, of
which the estimated value, from
very incomplete returns, was $313,
289 70, showing an increase in value
over the previous year of $38,
486 35.
The total school revenue for the
year ending October 31, 1875, was
$489,542 75. The State appropria.
ion amounted to $240,000. The
net proceeds of the poll tax, with a
voting population of about 184,000,
realized but $63,443 42. The local
distriot taxes realized $130,721 17,
and from other sources $54.378 16
were received. No local school
taxes were raised in Anderson,
Georgetown, Greenville. Lancaster,
Lexington, Pickens, Oconee or
Union Counties. During the year
ending June 30, 1875, $369 685 43
were expended for teachers' salaries,
and $6,859 43 for rent of school
houses. The returns of expendi
tures are very incompletq, however,
and do not embraco the mopthbs of
July, August, September and Octo
The State is burdened with an
enlormous floating debt, contracted
bthe issue to teachers of pay cer
tifcates, which have never been re
deemed. The deficiencies reported
for the fiscal year ending October
31, 1872, amount to $184, 900 362for
the next y'ear, $108 00, and for the
year ending October 31, 1874,
$28,558 11. Theso aimounts are
shown by a registry of the' claims,
and it is highly probable that the
deficiency is mnuch greater, owing to
the faire to register by claim-hold
ers. The deficiency for the present
year. is not stated.
The Superintendent deems the
revenue now raised totally inade
quato to produce theresults desired.
He estimates that a thorough sys
temn of instruction for a period of
nine months in the year would re
quire a revente of $900,000 while
for the session of six months pro.
ucribod by law $00.000 would be
Mr. Jilison very rightly concludes
that as the State aportionment of
two mills for schools realizes only
$240,000, the amount raised by local
taxation will be a measure of the
sucess of the system. It may also
be remarked, en passane, that the
local taxation will be proportionate
to the amount of bonefit received by
the people. So soon as the school
officials prove themselves competent,
honest and faithful in the discharge
of their duties, thereby gaining the
confidence of the masses, just so
soon will there be marked improve
ment ic the schools and a large in
ereftee in the revenue. But with the
present high rate of taxiation, the
peoople will hesitate before contriba
ting voluntarily to the support of
an institution wich, capable of con
ferring the greatest blessings,is now,
ba system of ,mismanagement, an
object of distrust. Itis a gratifying
fact, however, that the time iway
come when they will occupy the
high position to which they are en
titled in republicnn institutions.
New.and Cohaier.
TheJapanese newspapers are se.
tually discussing the doctrines of
Christianity. They are generally

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