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it 1 tlnt.1-111:l) It"t:);:;i[.1' rf!
!v it 1, I[.F.t .MK&01) Avnt:
7er"ms. ---The /6 'RA L 1) i' published Week
Y in Ilie'I'o"xn of Vitu,"'h.,i"o, 1L )93.010
t .IUrt,(ti( / fK (ldV 11)r(. .
a:< " .lll Irtllw , ,It wlrerliedmet .lri to be
I 1 I n 1.1" .1 I) Fl .1"(,'1;.
O "itu:,ry .''u(i"!Os null "1'1"ibn:e $1.00
[ er AM,
[Ailv(:rtictt"ntettt. ]
Tho following c'()rrot;l)tntlelu'(\- i'
"Y.ptthiinhell for the inf(,rafat"iun of tho
public. .ft oN j)1lti1!:1 it,-41VAf.
JA M i 1 D. Flt.t,:t 1:It.
?'IxN1lliO1co, .i. (l., Dec. 15, 1875.
On yesterday you ofiurokl life au
unwarranted in uIt, utilci ni od din
r041)eetful ltfn ;uttno to mo.
I i)1)\v clelt;tnd Ittl lap Olog,y for tho
illilult, and it r( tra(,tion of tllo intitilt
ing langliai 3.
"Vc'ry i ( t:1)rttfttll ",
Your oht!(ti(nit iterval'it;
B. C;1.ucv1:T.
J ...j. T. 1V. 11"uol"wAte,,
1\"ilan.hurO, ;a, 0.
j 't:: ;":u lut, .1)(:c. 17; 1875
J tIilwL;ict) llavict offer(.tl all "till
VIfrr:tJtt( tl ilfstilt," O!) tilt' 1"1.t1h inst.;
for cic) ! lc, O r to w,"lt;tt you refer iu
? yOtlJ" ;(-Iwritl antl ("Xc"ec!.lilq Iv Vti((1w
ult'iirg;t. (4 it:ciltg ",li;;rt;:;ltec'tlul fun.
gttno tt) }'tta It . Ihi ;:gti!1t' t.i3ne.
UJtil yt:l) t{(:iiJ;ll:ttt tvll"tt, you ctn
t tdor tli(1 "'ii1111'i11 3'it111('."I 11 :;ili!", ' If)ttl
A1)e('iIY till! (lttir('.;t,"'0lit1 1i:11 !il;4. t'
uscil, It lutist, oct'tt1' tO yu11 ]f:; it (1,)os
to utt(', that I ::1" it) )t') 1 c)iitiull to
Consi.lt!t" tl'c 1"itii'11(t;;s Or yOI11" "(le
"liitttt(1" for nil ":tl),,ltt~ y" for the oi'e,
and a '"1c;tritc t.it 1C, Of thu c.thor,
l'oaf' ol (+tiit.-Itt
T. \ti'. 11'oul)~"., RI).
('.1 t''['. S. 1;. (::. avN EW,
\%.j i MN b0110
"ts:: ;u au , s. ('., T)et , 17, 187-5.
t)1,1' ;tn';\:'f12' of t11!:i il:fti) 2:( 1.0
c(;i I. i(,lit" insult to 10Vyclf .on
t;ist.Pd ill ettrsi1. It0(1 ;Lt ilriui at 111O
ill t11e I"ooutl Of the \1 11111S1)ot"O ,att.
. 'Yr ti:tllttl Baulk on Tuesday, 11u . 1.1
't tnlr instlltillL'tti li:tg COtsis!t:'1
ill chx)!;inf. 1110 with I)("ittf; a -!)ally
Itiitl Ji(it I)(tiIft ti g0 ttl( luitll.
I rettut, J1,y (10111Itntl for an al)olo
t'1' !'(rt.!ie ilto'llt, Itll(1 It I'('tra(!tiull of
till; itusitlt ill". la+t ;(ttt;; !.
ill V. 13t,
(iL01%N :Y.
11 5. (,,
lj":xx:,l:vlt"), S. CG, 1)0,,. L I, 1:;i.:).
AUoUlSPA, GA., Dec. 21, 1876.
To Mr. -James 1). Fraseor,
D~Ah SinAugusta Hoteli
\We r(dgr(4 *to 1eAt'n that there is ia
itiiasuiidcrstazicling pending botwoon
\Iatj. '1. \V. \\Voodward and~ Capt. S.
11. Clown CV, falld fts theu Oliiln
friends of th1ese g~omtlOcitCfl-no (dil!
Ionl ;o. having 1)a54. d"A-vo requelst
thu tl' uh (colropo~dh1I(c1 o o referred
to uts with a \'1U W of ofl'ooetim aln
iuuaierldo l 'r nngeiuen011ft of their )aiis
unl.lerritiifig. Caipt. S. B. Clow
1 ey w"1lI VCC('ivo it iijiifr (oi()UIli~
Vora' truly, your friends,
M. \\. GA\ItV.
JY.i. B3. (JII3MING.
AUGUSTA, GA., Doe. 21, 1876.
To Mr. W. 0I. Jordan,
l'l111t4.W8 Hotel ;
DELtu 5;n:
\\' regret to learn that those is a
Ininuuitdeitailding1 Penfdin~g betwe~n
ti3 j. T1. W. Woodlward and Capt. S.
13. Clownoy, and as the eollunou1
friends of those gcnlitenton-iXo d dal
~that Ili h c1(iolAnLCr ho inferred
to us with a view of effleeohug 16
aial!le I1rralltft'nE'lut of theCir tllis
i IlI1(lrstVlitiiflg. -M'aj. T. V. 1\ood:
V': rd \t11 r'"ivo': i siumilar coinut
'ry3 t-rnt'y ,' yotfll friends,
JOS. GANs~nI.,
Al. C. ilwrin,
'Jos. B. Ct;ix)o.
I s'~ hl prtjo 0. ion mnule fil the abore
lettors lii vi h been1 accepted by
I MCr:;HJ5. W~. (1. Jordan, anld
.Jautumis D. Frnswr, theo respect.
five fihui)ils of Messrs. (lo~w
IWu, ~. I oodward, the following
CuinrcI. LI1ldnC(3e I bi passeid.]
PVa. Wl'. . XVoodwu~rd, j
'We haLve 111 hO onor to oI1(loHe.
iil "1E)1V~ aL t'~""tlo~oc' Wi)*l c
WXe I)OliQC c to 1W po jl): 1' andio Ihoou
hie to bo~th pairties, fund which we, so
b cliev\ing, (14) ail friendos r~f both
jiuiit o, 1r(r4)nL'lml be is )tituted
for fl:(! ori;;in~t .ul ()IVS11iij,1eav0 re
f rredl, att ()OFi inrUjUi.t, to 0ti conl
5iderijtitu1 :tiL1u that, the~ ioatl:r of
tliletrcn.fl:,L itee1 yout bo tiwincuponl
.ian eCu].
Vory z iIpeetfuil'.
M. I%%. (ha",
1J05. B. C;u :%rx!1.
Auovat'rii.o, (CA., D)ec.. 21, 1875.
On In (I 14th iii .:eu't, in the in'is
hore Natioa heed Bnk, v\ii bout oV eiw.
jin wvord, act., or intent, on my part,
Io (11 8011e 1111l si tutck it me)r, and
a1phled to mec oflismx:cm; epithctii.
1ask ai:a explnm .ion of your
Thursday, February 3.
Jamutary 31.
The sonate was not in eussioit. No
Tho first business was the reading
of the mossago from the governor in
relation to tho penitentiary, in
which ho recommnends the labor of
the convicts be leased out ; he has
no doubt of the practicability of
such at plan, and bag repeatedly
urged its adoptioni.
If this bo not done, hi) sece }1o
way of reducing tho appropriation
bolow $40,000, especiall-y in view of
I the present number of convitth. Ho
also sugg"ests that $3,000 of the ap
propriationi be nude inppflicablo to
repalirug the roof,
Several membemrl gaVo notice of
now bills of It.i:al importanco only.
A comnnmunicationi was received
from Colonel Parnole, sWperinten
dent of the penitentiary, through
JIon. H'. E. Hayno, chairman of the
board of directors, in which ho says
that $40,000 would be required for
the maintenano of the institution,
and is confident that it can be shown
to be imfpossible to conduct the in
stitution for ia los sum than ho has
named without subjoeCting the in
niateis to privattion and illpairing the
liscipline of the penitentiary. The
average number of inmates per day
for tho first' three months of last
fiscal your was only 1.318, whereas
there are now 35) in coilnojmeint.
The number of prospective iniatos
now actually uder Ientoneo in the
variot county jails is estimated
at, sixty, which, with those who are
likely to bo convicted during the
conmig tenus of court., will place
our daily average for fiscal year
over 100.
C'onehi introtduced the following
resolut ion c
lIsolve(l, That ia committoe of
five >e appointed by the speaker to
imuire imto aId mako full exanina
Lion of all matters pertaining to the
proper discharge of the official con
dtet of ion. Montgomery Moses,
circUit judge of the state of South
Carolint in and for the seventh cir
cuit. and for sid purposes are au
thori,,od an(d empowered to send for
person and liapere ; said said com
mittee ary further authorized to re
port by renolution or othorwise.
The resolution was laid over for
further consider:ation.
1'he eoncurrent resolution (by Mr.
Crittenden) that the+ general assemr
bly adjourn eine d i Fcbruary i5
wias cOnside!e.r1, and y'."stpolne 1 till
Freenai, fron the eomiitteO Ol
ongrossed bitl. reported as LIly anid
correctly onigrossed for a third
re-iding the bill to make appropria
tions to nl'ot the ordinary exyense,
of the state government for the
1iscal year conluonciung November 1,
1875. The bill was road the third
time, parsed, a.nd ordered to be sent
to tie sonate.
A bill to rogulato tho rate of in
toerest and to provent usury, Wall
taken up, and discussed. Tho bill
fixes the legal interest at seven poi
cent., and allows ton on prli vate conm
tract, but makes it usury to charge
more( tha~n ten por~ cont-.
Pending debate cn the motion. to
striko out the enacting choso, the~
R1'eaker delated the hmouso ad
Whittomore ofl'ored neveral
imeniduumontu to the proposerd concurli
reout resolution in reference to the
comm~iii onr of dlction.
Onm motion of Coobhran, the fur.
ther' cosideration of the r'epor't and
joint resohi tion n' as postponed, and
made the special order for Thutrs,
day Fobrulary 31.
Nash initrodnced aL bill to author
ize the mayor anld aldormnu of the
city of Coluibia to issue stock-, &c.;
also a bill to jr-ovide a better
mnethod for the assessment and col
lection of taxuls fot thme anpport of
the govonimont of the city do'f
lumbia, and~ to amend formner acts
relating theroto.
Jones5 inltroduc(ed a conienrret
resolution pr'ofiding~ for anl inlvesti
galion into the mal~tter of ouiiaml
bontds given by the state troaisurer,
compiroller-gononda anid secretar'y oif
stato. Ordered to Iie over for
future 'consideration.
UdlsOFn n(,PR ImmENTAtTivEr.
SVdlmral noties of now Pilb:; wdro
Roporm' front nommuiitteos wetro
readl and ordered to lie ever, Or were
fr''eiemati, fromu flhe c'.mmiii ttoe oni
engross4edi bills, repoirted back the
following ats dly andO corroetly en.
grossed for a third reading : senate
bill to amend an aot entitlel "An act
to establish by law the voting p~ro
cincts inl tile variousl counities in the
state ; to establish a ferry across the
Waterece rivor, inl Richlanlld uand Ker
shamw countitus' ; to am'dnd the genor
al statultes relative to the right of
surety wh'io pays debt of pirincipal.
:The bill wore passcd.
Bills to authmorize trial justices to
grant new trials ; to compel the
husband to support andl~ maintain
his wife andl muinlor childiron ; joint
resolution auithioriziner andl directingt
th'e eohool 6ouininissioher of Edgo
ield coiuty to pat dertaiti school
claims agailat said edfntyi Were
road the third time and pasadd, and
ordered to be sent to the seldato.
A commnicjeation was rbcoived
from the governor, rolativ'e to the
repairs of the roof of the stato-houso.
The iesago, with accompanying
p pers, was properly rOf4rred.
0op)os introduced a bill to repeal
an act entitled "An act for the relief
of the widows and orphans of per
sonR killed because of their political
opinions," in so far as it relates to
the county of Chesterfield. Referred.
OJurtis int roduced a joint rosoluf
tion to provido for the payment o
claim of L. Case Carpentor. Ro
Copons offered a resolution that
Whipper's speech r6eontly delivered
be expunged from the journal of the
house. Ordered to lie over for fu
tare consideration.
Simmons ofored the folloiring,
which was uimedliately considered
and adopted :
Resolved, That no bills or joint
resolutions of a private nature shall
be introduced after the 6th inst,
Concurroht rosolution requiring
the govornor to offer a reward for
the apprehension and dolivory of
John Al. Powers, for iiudrder con
mitted in Marion county; concdrrent
resolution requiririg the govbrnor to
offer a reward for tihe apjprohongioh
of onO Sullivan, who conimlitted a
murdor in (lroeuville county. wore
The bill to rogulato the rats f
interest and to prevent usury s
taken up and argued till tho li tae
February 2.
Billi to amend an act ciitild'
"An act to establish by law the
vot.ing preeiditets in tho tlid various
cotuties of the stato," and to estab
liush a ferry across the Wateree River,
in Riehllaid and Keirshaw counties,
and to vest the same in Samuel
Boykin, J. E. English, J. M. English
and J. L. Thompson, their heirs and
assigns, were enrolled for ratifica
Bill to 'amend an act entitled "An
act to grant, renew and amend the
charters of cortain towns and vil
lages therelih mieotioned; acd for
other purposes," relating to:tho town
of Newberry, received its first road
The committtoo on financo, to
whom was referri'd bill to fix the
salaries of cortiin ptblfe ofiicors,
z rt niiuinid that it lolsrs with
Siuidry afmendmenti ibml )itted by
the conunitteo. jh1"Po ar *.linmInts
involve a gemoural 1e.uction of siala
rioes in all departments of thl stato
Nash introduced a bill to provide
a better method for the asossmc-nt
and collection of taxos for the sup
port of the govermnent of the city
of (olumLia, and to amndu the for=
ier acts relating th'oreto, and a Lill
to anmeind an act entitled "An aiit to
grant the io of a vacant lot in the
town of Colimbia; to Pzlhiitto
odge, No. 5, .. T. 0. 1. on certain
C'orwin-BIill to amend an act on
titled "An a'-t to provide for the
settlemnent and payment of certain
cla'imsu againit the state
Warley--Joint resolution to amend
a joint resolution entitled "A joint
resiolution to aiuthiorize the county
c ommufissionors of dlarenmdon and
Fairfiold counties to levy anid collect
a wpoeial tax of 1l- mills on the dol
lar, for the paynment of tile past due
indebteness; of said counties, and
to regulate the mnannor of disbureing
the samo)1."
Th~e enlactihig clause of a concur
rout resohition~ to appoint a commit
too to ascertain aus to th-o suifficioniey
of bouide given by certain state off1
cern was stricken out.
Davis introduced a bill to aiuond
an act Mtitlpd1 "An not to ogdilate
the nunibdr ahcd pp of officers, atz
tachees, clerks anti laboreru of the
Genoral Assembly, and to provide
the muanner of oleting- appiointing
and paying .the same."
Couch -B3il to amond an act eonti
tied "An ac.t to p~rovidec for the set
tiemient flad palymient of cortain
claimsi against thme state.
'iTomias -Joinit resolution to ro
v'ido for the liaymerit of the claimsir of
E. Rt. Stokea, by umakiurd anl appro
piaition for thei same, addl a hi to
inlcorpora~to the Narrow (Caugo
Railroad~ (Jompah~y.
IBostonl---.Joinit .reisoldtii to' au
thorize the schl ( com)missidhor of
Noewherry Cottnty to hiavo registeroed
all uhpaid school cortifwcaten issued
prior to November 1, 1874.
A resohiltlon to app~hoint a collitiit
tee to ingird into the official con.
duet of the judge of the noventh
udlicuia circuit was ta~eni uI oUt of
its regular order andc atdoptd;
(lain latrodmuced a bill hi fumeind
anl act enltitle~d "An oct hi rediled all
acets anid parts of acts iln relation to
county commJ~issuioners, their powers
andu duties; into one not, and l8
amend the same."
Whittemore-.Bill to -amend see,
tion 20, chafter 17. of the general
statutos of South Carolina, relative
to ilnuranoe COapImli
Cioehlr:in Bill to provide for th
iesiiig of liebbsoti to. l$ersotis wielh
ing to orbot anld niallitalh gate a nrbi
public road, within this statd.
Whit --Ilill to iodrporatb., th
town of Black's Station; iii Yori
Whittnmoro ititroducod a resolu
tion that the clerk of tl1 seiiatt
draw a pay cortificato for thdaliloun
of $600 in favor of L. T- Levii
payable out of the soiato contingent
und, for indoxing the sbnato jour
nal and engraving on parchment the
proalble and resolutions on th(
death of Hon. Charles Sumner
which *ae ordorod for considoration
on Friday.
Bill to provido a bettor method
for the assosdIueont and collection of
taxes for the support of the govern;
montof the city of Columbia, and to
ainniaI former acts rolating{ thereto,
was referred to the judiciary comn
UbOB Q1 1 PRES'3*!ATIvM.
1io introduced a bill to regulate
the componsation of the motibors of
the general assembly.
londerhon~.Join rsolhtloi jr
posing atd am~edment. to the colisti:
tution of the Mtate of South Caro
lina, relative td d couiponsation of
menibers of the Oduoral Ausdnlbly.
libson---B11 to prohibit the salo
of iltovioating liquors within two
and one half iabiles froni Blythowood
Female Seminary, in Fairflold
Orr-Bli1to prohibi't die ennl of in
toxicating liquorp within three miles
of Villianston Fomualo College, in
Anderson county.
Mr. Livingston; fromti the domniit
too a)poitetd at Leslie's request, to
investigate the latter's connectionf
with the land coliissions suIlit.tdd
a report;. The committeo stated
their undcrstaniding of the resolu
tion to have been t at the' were to
examine into the entire maniagemewnt
of the land commission during
Leslico' administration. Loslie,
however, holds that their inquiry
must be confined to a single matter
--the charge matlde by Mr. Robert
Aldrich, of Barnwell, of a broach of
trust with franudlent intent. Under
such circumstances, the committee
asked to be discharged from ithe
further consideration of the matter
The question being taken on tho
adoption of the ropbrt, it was deci
ded in the negative. The report
was then recommitted for general
Mr. Wallace roquostel to be ox
cused from srhviik as a mitemiber of
the comi'littc-.iC d'runtedl.
Mr. Johnson r idct ed to be ox
eused frolt serviiig a6 a mDoS her of
the cominittee. .I ot agre6- to, by
:a vote; on divisiob', of yens
nays 4t.
The Speaker aiiiUi~cYI Mr. M rr
as a member of the sp)eeial commit.
tee, vice Mr. Wallace excused.
The eiracting clauso of a Hnehato
bill to amend chmapterro 7, q; 9, it,
rnd i11; title 2, part 1; of the gmieral
statutos of South Carolian; rielttive
to olictions aid their rdsults; was
stricken out.
Thai rosuhitlin tu$ s(jdlgo froi
the journali~ tho Quutton.Ii of pi-ivilogo
by Whippm3 wvas under discussiion,
when the houish adjourndd.
Frida~ys Febrnary 4.
The bill to provide a botter
method for the a~~sssmenL and al
lction of taxes for the support of
the gpvornmnent of the city of Co
liumbi:u, ahd to amend former acts
relating thdroto1 d'as favorably re
Hayno introddeod lA rkesolution to
applointL Messrs. Donal~daan and
Joter a committee on th'd ieart of
the sonaito to assist the houso bomui
mnittoo to investigate the Ltr~ailn
Lions of the land commission.
The bill to amend section 26,.
chapte~r 1?; of the general statutes
of Go 1th d~aruliha4 relative to
licensone. of insu re pdinpanies, *~as
roferred1 to the jtudhuiary cotnihite~
joiht resolutidn ij Cochran) jyro-.
posing ntirtain atoddtnnents t, h
consildloi ofthe statot wafi order
ed to lbe degrodisod for a third read
Replorts of commnitteu wore re
coived and laid over for future con
TlheP (cnimiflttoo on (contingont ac-.
counltisi anId 0xydntsos md(o a repiort
recommendling the1( paymeint of
sundry claimis~ nonoO of which are
of aniy general interet.
Au bact to inedrilornto the Coliun
bia City Railway Company was ro
p)orted read(y for rati fiqation.
Orr itrtodneed gbill t') incorpo~r
ate the Amcricnh Live Stock lIhnur
anco Comupany. *
Bamptioldl-dill to emend alt act
6ntitlcd "An act to prlovideC for the
settlemotnt andl ptaenit of cUrtain
iala tmis against the state."
iiaghd iihtrodtibed( oetrn
kosolution, which wasH adoptod, that
the two housok nicet inl joint as,
sembily oui Februai-y 16i, for the
purpocd of electing three regents of
the Lunatic Asylim; to fill the
places of Nash; Taylor auld Crews,
whuoto .tern ex pired Decemnbor,
Loslio--ill to incorporato tho
towii of Elko, in 3arnwoll county.
. A rdidlitioi to oxlinige from the
jptrnal the (llidttoon cf privilego by
Whippor was adopted.
The hondo thou itdjourned, until
Tuesday, February 8.
Saturday, February 6.
Mr. Jotor introdneed a hill to
tithorizo the Grangors' Life and
Health Insurance Company to
croato and ostablish a stato de
partmont in the stato of South
White--Bill to lrovl1o for
tiio ,tilling b( vacancies in the oflico
of 'circtiit soliitors.
Gaillard-.Bill. to incorpor
ate the Morcantilo Wharf Companyt,
of Ciharlostoi.
Green- 111 to a it h o r i zo
COeorge Hahai to construct a
wharf in the town of Be anfort; and
to collqct whatrfago; .ill to am nd
an act ontitlcl "An act to aui3i:id a
joint rosolutioiti Sithoriing the
.Coiitt lonihikAoners of Beaufort
County $d. bvy a special tax," ap.
Proved Fbbruary 26, 1873.
, Odchraik-Bill t0 povidh ho
-natiner Uf pai ing claiins agaiist
th state by the grnioral assembly.
'he speaker of the house of
rdprdsentativos altonded in tho
senato, when a largo nuntbr if acts
and joint r0iohtttionis vere r.titied.
A bill was Qassed, having refer
dh'cd to the fence laW. It p)rovide:1
that thi County Bo1nisHiollerH
shall, dpoil the p'etition of one
hundred voters; sithuit to the peo
ple, at the niert gencral election,
the qiaistiii of "fen'ee law" or "no
fencu law." The bill hus reference
,nly to the ciounlties of Anderson,
'hestor; Union, Greenville antd
The bill to rathice the salaries of
ynblic officers Am s taken up and
discnssed. The following ch angos
im salaries *ero mado : Attorney
genoral to $21.O.; ., ?tatd reporter
frolt $1500 to $1? i6, the reporter
to have the exclusivo sale of the
roports. This bill involves a re
duction in all salarics of about
twenty por cent.
The house was not in sdssion.
The Reolie of Waterloo as a Sourco o
The following story is told by the
grandson of the chief actor. Victor
Troyon owned a small house near to
tho oventful field on which wait deiu
tho star of Napoleon ;and sine ' th it
battle h had lulde -trran gtbemuIt; ft r
i((Onlil:' )datilg, in an ht:mble waLy,
such vi.Iitors as chost to call upon
hini. 11 jhort, he ope u ai r mall
ta'i3rdi. The fever for re'icH mil at
its height. Everybody who visited
the histori" Nlot Watitud to 'a irry off
sonto Sui talo nhouvelii'. l T. lroy on
% ats beset. by his visitors for ruli($ of
the bat tle but he honestly n
swerod that lie had hothig of the
kiiid.tUn as vbry boo(I 11r and le
worked lard to keep his little tavern
goihg. Oic day hlii was compla1ining
to a neighbor of his poverty, and5
a1so of t1h annfoyan.ce con t..inually put,
up)on hime by relic-hlunters.
"W~ell, whyl don't~l you mafke thet
sou rcu of your annoyance reliev(
. our poverty ?" suggestod the
"Hoiv can I do that ?"
UIf yeou have no reliesi make somUo.
'At Brnssels thioy make aniy gnan~itity
of thmem. For instance, the inext
mail who asks you for a'rolie, till1 him
that Napoleon~ or Wellington en
toed .your hounso daring fte ittle
and sat i that chair. Or, tell hitut
that on that tale~ Nap~oleon wroteo
his orders to the different d1iv1iion
Not lohg aftbl' thuis; ah kngfishl
tourist Istupped pt the tavorh and
asked for a rulied of the gret battle.
JHo hoard thl Biir'story ad~d hionght
the simple piece of fnt-nituirh at an
Ihti~tl rico Zranfi Was hld to got
it at that'.~ The tablh on wyhicho
Napolboki had written at least a
dovtuk Ordt~ to i marshals; Was
sold t13 a~ totist !riM the south of
Fraict for t~o thousand franca
($4OO:) Hy-and, by; W TIroyon
dalled to mind that h30 itill prl'eserved
the glass from which Wellington
drank ; and the "Wollihg ton glass"
is still Rhown the admuiring visitors,
at a substma antial English resi deuce,
by the eon of a man who p)aid ?IO
for it. Even the nail oni which
Napolhdon ihig his mtilitary cloatk
waH pulldd out, of tho, wall1 to satisfy
a craving .relic hunter.
In short, M. TPrnyon kept~ on until,
icclo by piece, lhe hans sold the very
roof fronui over his head, anid it is
saidl that ihor'o than one( enthninistic
worshtilppr at the Ltronto of Water.
ho0, wheni thore wasI nothinug el'ho to
bo gaind for' a souvenir, t)ook away
a package of the dlirt on which sotoodl
the house in which both Napoleon
and Wellington had restrl.
Of conrso, M. Vict0or Tlroyon did(
not comub out very poor from the
shattbring and scatterinug of hits old
A uovbl breach of promnisd ense
haa bu~eh brought tip In Brooklyn.
A miah anid his wvife had booni di
vored andio hatd liveid aipart for 10)
yoaru. .1.'ho deoreo of divore was1
theri mtodiflod so as to pormuit them
to rkrmarry each other. But the
ox-husband chang~.ed his minrd, aind
thie ex-wifoi has~ brought suit against
him for breach of lo 01mi(3
Gon. Leo and hi Children:
Wilo at ldtorshitrg in the whiter
of 1804 Cou. Leo attended preach
ipag ttin Atl crowded d eba pol, n4
noticedl a little girl, (irossed in faded
gitrnots, O+anding just insido the
door and titilidly looking aronnd
for a seat. "('ono with me, any
little lady." Said .the groat. soldier";
"and yon shall sit by inc." An
taking tim little girl by tho hand
he seeired h'er a 'cnmfortablo soat
at is side. . ..
liov. W. H. IPlatt, who was rector
of St. .Paul'o Chuirch .during tho
war, gives tho fllowing : "Oi
day in icilijo'nld a iiimher of littlo
girls iouro rolling Idops on tho
sidewalk, when word Wras passed
from one to another that (ton. Loo
was riding toward thlom. They all
gat-ired ihito a ftill group to gaze
upon o11 of whom they had heard
so niuch, when, to their siu'prise, hd
throw his re in .to his atteining
courier, dilsltloiiitcd; kissed ovdry
one of thomi aitd thain iniOullting;
rode away, with the swiiiy smile of
dhildhiodd in his hart. and plane
of great batt ea iii his mind."
Once; in I et'ribuirg, ho. called td
see a child in whohi h fblt a special
inltorost, and f!ndiig hvor 'nick,
begged to ho sh1ow1n to her rooni.
When the inothor, wLho ;vas at a
neigh)or'e for a lilomnent, cam1
home, she found himn by the bedsido
of her ick child. nlknist-ering td
her comfort and cheering her with
InaH wordso.
In1 calling ono d111y in Petersbilrg
1110un Lthe ac('l11ihd(' I lady of Liho
gallant utad lamented GeI.nerald A. P.
tihu. i1;1 bright little girl 'oil, himt
it the d1or and exclihlilod with that
f'aiiiliarity wIehi th) . kindhearted
1hi hero had Wlght her : "Oh
(l('eral Leo, har i1 'I3oiby Leo'
thohtlinlg upl a piipiyh; do kia klin."
'ho (Genm'ral 'retetnded to do so,
and the litt le' girl was delightod.
Gen1. Leo's lovo for child'et wa4
p'rverbial : and ho nio'er lost an
Ipp)orttunity of showing it.
A Soft Montor.
An ext raordinary nionsotr wn
seen a few layii ago at 1odera, nea'
[loophead Lighltho0, which il
4itimtted onl the most western point
,)f tim (omlity Clamre, in T-e1land.
[t is thItnh describ'd Its hen< and
nc(k resmembhl a horse, an11d alre of a
redi;h hute ; it hias short, round
'are; mid iltwing man111th, aid from tfhi
pol1 extend two bt'nmehaimg horna
like thiose of at stag, unidernenat.h
wvhich worn (ye9$ glaring, and1( pro
Irudiulg It 1)1d1) dir'tl ely for the
narritor, wt ho Wa s on the cidOh of the
lt(r4) roek. 116. at one rant11 out of
r0ac11 Of th 11onster; whoL1 o ap-i
pron'hi loo ked an ythiibg )Alt friend
ly. Ti. then arose higil oit of the
water and1 phlttagN k'it-h 51uch1 iorco
ts IA can'e itie wa'r to tlv Si) far'
(11( in iitI 1it jities as to (1r1c11
thie obstervert LIhe si, hot stado]'
ilg forty feet bac1k feb1i the wIe'r
LL th'e time. It reiIain'd nea:1r
Ifhirty or forty lmindites, never Sis
lippearing a lome10nt front view; but
rearing its iugo body patLly 'dut
obs (.ervedv ..t v thf tail of.1... por'.
II, then sha4ped1 its. donrfld wesntweerd
still kr'pinig its- had anld neck wol)
elvaft'd its4 bulk flar exceeded
thait of thec largest plorpolio ovr
40en 01n tile coasit.
cif thie States hat'e farms that aivor
14(0 lossO than~ .12.5 aerios hII Oxtent,
uearly to 111 alverage' of 500) acres.
J'hiose t~elvO Stal't ;givo the8 follow,
nig as( Ilhq averrage size or thleir
arsIn Mai, 98 acres Now
IlIamipsihh-h, 122 aIcres ; Mlaacul
iotts; 110 cr ; Rhol~do Islanld, 114
lorol; ; Connneticut, 93 acres :Now
York, 103 neres ; New Jersey, 0
leros Indinana, 112 aiCros; Ohio, 111
c.;Michigan, 101 acren ; Ws
1onginl, 114 aereos.
3Vhile the to)tal v'aluc di Lhe farms
ii the UnJIitedI States is pdtt dowii at
9,269,03,361, the vaii ini thO
Lihovo small1 farm Stateso foots dp
$5,407,587,178, or bloar-ly thireu..
fifths; of tihE toItafl--.-and thiH1 too,
whiile thle area of fthoo Statos is os
than) one1-tenth of the area: oIf thea
wh~iol coutry: No maoro conlusltiv'o
3xhIibit of thle plractical su1periority
>f the antlall farm~ sys0tem1 could be
fiven thani this.
A Philadelphia --irm has paid
j85],Of00 for1 the right t) sell1 all1 thAI
)tior thalt IS ga1/zzled oni theo Centon.
-ial gounds
roper ~ t y i annuially desdtroye'd by3
Forty acres00 ill .1juar coity ),
1'(xas, madla( s t yourt sixty 1bahin (It
ottont. Ando it wasn'iltf a goOd cotton
Billings 00ays : "I dion t r'eolock
1ow oIf oiver hoafrinlg of two dlogi;
ighiting 1un11ss thioru wasi a man01 or
wo arouni1d."'
>pen1 ill wintor is tho 81amo1 poronm
vhIo inivar'iably closes~ it inl nuner.
~ irangomots arue no0w being~ per'.
aid for his seahs.

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