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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, February 09, 1876, Image 2

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d M ' " i'" w,,., ;
:1T iZ) .It '1 U.)S e~t
* Thldnvxtay miuruling, Fburiiry _2, 18961I
The] 10 at j 'p ri ittion by Coii grciss A;
*a 1, il' **,nail-li a hidlf of dlollars in aid
O (f ti.(,i ('"11fQ1IrlilLl expositioln, w~ill
' d. 1!lfl=,.,r gi fa&r towards mnaking it
it 'ic"etss worthy of thec times and of
ILIA lsceit.. people. Our only fear
is thait t!i1 iw1fly thus H apI)rOl)rizitoLe
wvill tom ;uixs facilities for 31111 birlex;s;
'Jobs"' ZIIIl -s)ocultiorls, andl 'tllt
i ilt -mio ney1113 is till gonle, andl the
11111 ~ core' fo~r thec exposition to o11en,
epoe will (Intl thit it, eoiitatiii
mnany f"tt ires decidedly ' "81iioddcv."
"11'x hop:; We aire tiititii. 'Bunt we
)I I . eJoel Copes4, repjresen~tative
froii I'tiiilcld, IntroduCOd it re~tit..
G ion Ili .thor hous4e, that Whipper's
8JIiie('i (P11 the A ihjU.~.t of girli ownl
tahciiil to lilt) j'u1tc4 ih 1)0 Ox
'1 iigod fromt Clio jorna of the
Igoosel. After it v'ery wvarmu and
noisy (elbito, t ho rosoltttidn 'vas
tthlnIttt b~y a vote of i( ycas, 'to 17
ilts T1his ittay bb cdnui'u1itol at
ii i.lodl :ictory for the anti-Whipper.
Wot'1'T of the Lliiiw, and i13 on10 of
II i nutn y' indeicatth em that the eor
1'111)1i(1111,:3 bcginniing to filt!
tat~ they ha-re gone too far already,
-11114 thlat it is decidedly Lost for
ti1 l'u i) aieond their" ways. Many of
'iip;lc 1 s tutuChost tipotittorsi ini
iilig~ tlieuuil~uiiig 51,,"l tker i' lliot~t. --
viitei for Clio resolution to'eluligo.
1. ir. (Coipes dexwrv's cr'l'(1it for hi:',
tots it'ui in th imllt,ttr". Ito jtreiuitu
i1*'i Thompson Sill Eli bscrt, of
1',,i; field, voted1 with him.
I'" twill 1ho rumumd ,redl tht4? (1. P~.
lie 4n1 itidcer a I'iiddeul 110115: of iii
JI1-(t iuli1Cc(le, iittriodiio'td it rt'so
liitii iu im tiro house, rovi nig for
Iire iipj )Oil I t unt of it COll1i Ico of
I hret demiocrats to inlvestigalte and
r(114'rt lp-l certin chuarges itade
-1.!.Illl~L himiut.lf. TJhe groundl~ (If his
erOiil duin I. was (Ovidtoi jd in an ffidt
vit iiiztdo by RoertI Aldl'ioh, BEsq., of
Ilasljo lurd failed to "ttccoiitt for
- ili---, I25OiO 1% f -~ tt P o-ne
proportiouato inceaso of revenue.
'Tho value of the' timber used, must
of course be likewiso considoredL
It may bo that in many instands,
owing to the distance from "inrl t
a d to Oth caijos the wood use
is Of no homediatdo vuhto in dollars
and coats.' , Tlho validity of any
argrunont that might be drawn
from ,tbis fact is at onc ' destroyed
~h'nitis rehninh od that . hel'e
are other roasons for attaching 'a
grcater' alto to a well jvoodod tract
than thnt it furnishes 'a good supply
of tibbor, both presoxt and pros"
pective, for fences. .,The presoft
systemcan thniroTore add'i*ot a whit
to the worth -of haids that are now
well- wooded. But. a chaunge of the
law wduld materially - hianno that
tbf lands now almost worthless.
Thero are duiibtlres' 1ltany atracts of
land'i-South Carolin, with a. good
market easily accessible, Wvhich are
now a positive enlceunmbranieo to the
owners. Thei ir6ible and expenso'
of foneing, ay, thbt 'imposbility of
proeurineg tiroibor, cdh&tittet6 an in
surmouuiI:tblo bttcl'o .tOb the Abe
ceuss ful cutlitatiou of -sich 'lnds,
and tho owner must content him
self with furnishing pasture to bib
neighboru' cattle. . MeantimA taxos
and interest upon the capital thus
buried run on,. and the useloss land
bbon comes t9 cost mqleo than't
w .vorth Mith ?1 tits original
forest. Wo ate not iii pososseioll
of data fretu WOich to state the
cost, in actial dollars and cents, of
keepin'g up -fcndes tipon a given
acreage judex, Wo do not remliemi
her over to havo heard an accurate
anttd antheritativo -outimate made.;
Bu that the pr'esent system is ex
lensive, and that the 'expe)nso is
consstuttly increasngs we have uot
(.ho remiotest doubt.
A further ohjectiyh fto-dtr pres
out fence-law is that it is -a umost
fruitftnl soutiro'of annoyance mind of
voxatiou4 (1ispiutes. -A-man Who has
wvorkiod inuIbstriously till witlhin a
few days -of "laying-by time," and
then ha!1 -his -field invad'ed by t
neighbor's (attle, to the g at in
jury of his lino growing crop, iii
not likely to be in the best of
hmtniors avhtin Ito ascrtainiis what
has befallen him. And yet this is
of constant ocrfenco all over
South Cakroliont. A repetition of
sucl depredations lipds. in -many
instanes, to a personal -mnirrel or
ia troublesoue lawsuit-hoth of
which are very disagrdgable. At
the recent t.rminf t the circnit 'court
there were several 'hagss .cifepaocin
tion for dfi'uranut niisdenicanbr'A
wvhich had thoir rise at least in
dlilrfy.i tho \ve:kaigs (if 'the
presenut fenee1Iv. Th'1ese disliito s.
like tlfc other disadVIantag 4 'o'f the
systemr, areo like'ly to Mhereiash 'more
and mowre, the longer the law, as it
no0w st and:,, &mnitin ues of force.
It in nieeiu to repea:t h-ro what
thii zi'htei(.---that a Vepeal of the
preen foneaaw would tNo a groat
servico to a large mngoiif of the
poop)!( of IFairfield (counItyV. Cattle
ralisingl oeie b~ut a small shiart
of tht attenttionu ofitllie farm1Iora, thisi
laborsu bing .devoted~ nInlost
excluisiv'ly to agricuilturo pro~por.
Aml if it 'dihl be immo d protfitable to
dePvoto Io~r(o attenlt ion to catt le
raising, it will ho no diflicult matltter
for one 80 (n gagodm to foneo his stock~
out of his tloightbort' tieldis insatead
of comupolling thenm. ami he does un
der1 the( p)(r1lnt nytomu to fence
their growing erlopS fromi tihe rava
ge's of his Pot s.
T1hue granid jzuy, at their recent
meeting, urged in1 their isr'ese'nt
muonit th1e( repeal of the ohnoxious,
law, and1 wo t rusit that somet~thing'
will ho donol in thi right dir'ection
Itefore the legislature aidjornsa.
Th~ufra uio'd be 1no arbitrary or
sweeinhg chahn made in the law as
it dioW Istaiul- Leot thet-e be siniply
Sdeh ttoditleationis as will adalfpt it
to the ehan~lgld tbbhditiodl of tihe
farming conriuitity, and lidt all blnd
to a great atid growing udhdillco.
A Fime Arrangemont;
T1hoe radicals1. iin I Is lCeialdure;
halvinug learnied a b-ason fromu the4
troni bl(e attenldinlg II oge's talk ing his
seat lit conigres~s, lmve de'vitded a
schemrae b y whlichl thb In~VPay hier
after e-'mtrol all the1( con)gress3i ~mal
dlistr1ic'ts in thie stat.e', and at IL the
5:une1 timoi ol-se(rve tbohe law VI to
con iinity. A b ill hazs pam!a!d Its
zleconzd rea.ding iln tihe house.9; W9uhi
divides1 the'state int) dist!i(et't n(1m
posd 9 is 1lrown iln th1( list l>re
senitild l.low. Thoe n'anmU of tiho
counti.s hinwng a Viiajorit~y of
no~gl'ro tfrs are printed iii italics.
,First distriet-Geo~qreon; Wi/.
tianubit. I>arlin (toL, Narlbo'Mp,
X(eouid dlistrictt-Os/arle./on, Or
bo seen tha~ t Lexington hmas beenl
'takmen ont of thin district.)
'I Third d istrict -I ic/an</.i(, Ke w
lierrt,. ,I l'ber/v /(,auren' A nuder
son., Pickn Omonc and Lrmin
Fourth (istrit----Greonville, Spar
nburg, Union, luKrk, . hester,
ai.flelld, .lerska>, and Lancater.
;Fifth district-BIeaufor Barn
w 11, Colleton, Edgefield and
A 'keie.
he News' and Gioirier gives a
ta lo showing that, according to
th list densus, there i. a negro
ry jority in every one of the now
di tridts, ia fgllows t First' dist.riot,
6, id scond i,'3,523 ; third,
2, l; "faurthl, 9l87; lith, 13,028.
Wt Wrtho a4poi'tibAbmat of 1868,
ti fo was In tlio f!urth distriot "'a
w. ito majority of 2;211. 'A more
offctual soilenie of getrylnaldoring
could's'carcety livfo be n conceoivod.
The oiiy chanco, or ieening clull(c
for a d'kmocratic vitoi y is i &1o
now fourth district, with 'Its "con
paratively siall . oblor'e1 -iAjority
of 987 votos. It is ba-ely pot*sible
that with judicious m1aimgei iien it and
earnest efforts, a suflicient number
of colored neit may bo iuduced to
vote with the dnnocrate, - to over
(o0111 this 'AmdiltI1 '% itjokity. Al
together, tio radicals ili 'fk logis
laturo could 'not halvo devised a
p1lan of ippl)ortiolnllt more unjust
to the'wihito people of -the state, or
moi'o calChlated'to se'ufo 'to tlom
soliill'the roprescltati' s'in con
.4#b'dr Cosolatioti. -
Our readers afb of coutrso familiar
1with the loading fies coilnecte(d
with the trial, oscape, ro'capfitro and
final roloso of Niles G. 1abikcr last
stuUr(. It will be remneiriered1
,that lio was brought heforC Judge
Mackey, under a writ of habdienrs cor
puaf, and diselharged from custody.
Te'lI1 Sate(, Ltrough the attorney
gen ral, appealed fromi Ju(lge
MIcely's decisiol, and the Fsulpremne
court has sustained the appeal in
every purticildLr. It is held that a"
judge of one t'irctuit cannot enter
anotheor naid peiforuit tlerein jtdiial
funcrtions", without aihithority from
hlle chief justico. It is also lIeld
that the carders lassHdt(1 by Judge
Mackoy are void, because tiire wits
not dtt .fotico given to tilb party
adverso to 'Parker. Hoece all the
proccedinigs tinder which Parker we.s
sot at liberty are albs(ltlte.. void.
This decisiin will amount to very
little indeed, ilIess tie no pr
authoritios take the plropior rteps in
the.; promises.: We believe that
with ia vigorous efl)rt on the part of
the governor and the attorney gene
ral, Parkor can be brought back to
Ctlithiizdin and be~ 1iad to ansawer
fnlly 'aid finally for his crimes. If
.the 'govcernor ando the attorney
~oner'al'oucac re:tli:m the niecssity of
enforcing thei law againsit such
sonidrelii mts Pakor, and usme the
means with W14hc they di'o stpplied
by-law, we are abammost suo that ihe
puiished.- -At all events, it ueill 'not
do for thme executive and tire state's
*Mt~orneiy, bo0th of *hoYn have, been'J
full oft pledheu a'Vi prOndsen, to let
pas an (fopporfunit y like t.ho presenmt.
M[ore espeially does the <dity of
Vigorous effort mn th'o presen1t ease
dOeoln up 11ion Attorney (onral Mel
toni. No man hasn made louider protes
taLtionsu of reform ~min he?, andb, we
are forecwd to add, no mahi onjoying
his facilities has5 (don less seriice inl
thme lind 6f tr~o nform. (4overnor
Ch~atmbe~rlain hits done mutch-, and he
has rderived .full credlit for it ; b~ut
hie owes it alike to hlinl'olf ahdmo to
the people', to do anoithing towars
bringing Parker to jiime'l. He(
must bo atware that theo arc niany
Cao vh ho suspect hiin of a lack
of ardor in the miatter of pro ntig
men liko Pa'mrker. Nothhiin kouuld
go furthur't toWrdsm drstroyig that
suspicion than~ ai hold anid enetr:fotic
c (ourso iider the presenit circumll:
staneeom The lbgislatitre, too; mhigh t
I ake Nothd actioji: It has b'ech
d (uig iihthhJ bf latoi ini the way of of:
foiring largo rmivardsH for the captturi
bf allegud1 tirhninias: A reward of
three thothtild dollare has oflorod
for the aplprbheiisiohi of thd p~artion
~ho killbd Job1 Crewit ; ahd several
to one thiousatnd eatch, have behni hedld
out, ini siilazr caisesx. Parker's
cr11mes5 certinly deCselr ats mtuch
atteniltioii at thb hahds of thb ge
r*.md asem~ly nlg thoshit comru~iitted by
the unlknuowi liar'ties for whos~e ar
rest a yory larig6 pirice is lio ofleed:
It, may bo iiklood; thaut Pariker enni
11ot be r'JachNd 'f'hais do('# hot re -
lieve tho statb atithmorities of the
how rest; to muake a p~rogpbr Ntort.
IL will indeed bo a poor (cotisolat ion
robbled by Parker andt his associates
simpl~y to know that thme highest
.idicatturo in th4 staito hasI docided
that all Lie liruebedings by whieb
his releas'e was br'oughmt abou't; wer'b
extr'aord1inaruy, illtigal and1 void; Thely
have ai right to look for solmething
decidedly mloroe lea1ctical, and de
cidedly mohre in keepinig witll the
nledie so Aolflnm l~ ..-.otte.
Hourco of just complaint among tl 0
peoplo 'of his circuit, 'an 1 his ro
muoval vould ocasiol noithor loss to
tho bench nor regrot among tho
lioplo. But ho should not bo
judged without a heoring.
Cheering Signs.
Within tho.past 'ton days many
thimga hav beon skid and dono in
official circles at Columbia, vhich
givo ground to hope for bettor
thilngs' inl the ''tiohr futuro than tho
peolle 'of South Carolina havo had
sinc0 i'ocolistructiol. '.'hoyays and
me01ans. conunItteo of tho houtse havo
resolved to report a bill providing
for a levy, for all regular stat pur
posch, of eight and ono-fourth mills,
instead of tlln mills as they at first
intended Thi (ango is largely
(huo to the influenco of Governor
Chaulerlain, who appeared in per
soni beforo the committoo, and in a
speeelr of somo longth demonstrated
the entire practienbility of a great
reduction in -the expensos of the
stato govornwent. Among his seg
gostions thu followhItg aro tho most
illortmnt : Tho goverhor's. salary
should ho reducod from $3,500 to
$2,L500, and that of each of the
other executivo ofticors to $2000:
there should likowiso be a largo
roduction - of 'tho 'amoittht 'how al.
lowed to thoso ol koerbigr dlork-hiro;
the adj utant-geurajts salary shpuld,
bo -not inoro than $600, with- no
allowanco for' cIork-hiro ; the -salar
of circuit solicitora and that of sta o
reportor should h abolislied ; tino
shiiries of coffin ty aiuditors should
be reduced at least 'twenty jibe tont.,
and tloso of school cunniissionors,
at least fifty per "cent. ; there
should be a gen'oral rediietion of
con tingn t funds ; the appropria
tion -for ipubliO priLtin g litnd for
lgimlativo 'expenaos shouill be re
duced at, leant fift~y per 'cont., and
therie sliouhl be a largo reduction
from the sum1111 at present given to
tlhe plllic ilnstitutions. A ltogether.
the governor's suggestions involve
an ilimlelso'siivilg to the tixpay'
c3rl, 1n11 their adoption by the logi::
lit ure 'wrtdld he the host proof of 1
%esire for genuino reforn that hat
boon Riveni in this .Atato since re
oconstl'lct.ion. ''htr is now under
c0nsideratiti in the ';amte a bill
pr oviding for a general reduction
of s;alaries, and1( it is hoped :that it
will 1heomo at la11. Tho onaeticment
of these mieasurus ma~ll accomnplishl
muc for 'the peoplo, atfd a strong
otll'rt 'abtoukl -bo mado to -securo
It. 's cloar tha't tiio j'oinpfltionlist
anid the extri'sts in the legirlmatutre
aro becomng alarmuedi andu begin
nini g to rei:'lize th nei Lcss ity of ai
chantige in ir~ (.'in !u. T'hey de
sorv' butii little, if indeecd many, eredit
for tis su1ddenI conver 'Csion. Their
filarn, anid niot any honelISt intentions,
aeat the bot Lim (iOf ti- suiddlen
Jopartuaro from their old paths.
The Foucee Lawv, Agtain.
It in dociat-'lly a mnat tr of hur
prise t hat, t'110 peole of Sotut.hi Caro
(i o at leat those (of the 'up.
emludry1', rotle thtomlvesI sO o litte
la atn eIl'ective way nbouit the fence.
bioth atiioying itnd impol)tiar we
have searcely aniy doubt ; vot there
scelus to hot little do ing tu remiody
its defoets. As a niattLer of coni
venl1IiuOn, tile abolition or entire
inod iliationi of the pr'esent " lawt
wouild seem to alriko all thuso in
tstted ill agri'eulturo prV1oV or as
greatly desirahil oe. T..hie Aploriencd
falrmuer muslt havo felt, dttring the(
it t.oni years, that the miost
litlliult pa)it of plantation work to
have dono~t pr'operly is that of bill
inlg ur 1-epairing rail M(h~s. It is
it species of work both [email protected] add
tryin~g, and we have,' niot boci suri
pr ised at the numelitrous enhltptinlts~
thaut lhave raclhed us in this Iiarticut
lar. This inconvollioneo must
ineaso111 from year to yeatr, na the
oldi systoim and its incidents becomuo
ntore and moro things of the past4
andl henice miore and moro unpop
hlar withi the hlor'ing claisseui. 1
Anothetr ohjoetion.---and ai mo'st
ser'ious one1 it is... is th( ('xpit'iS(
nee's.'nil o'n tn ied in keepinug upl
good'i fem ncs. 'We frieely admi it thauit
"whait we kn~ow abotitt fariung" is
not wothI kniowiing, bt' it is not
praletial (or ('en ai I theoret ical
plani ter to kniow~ that fancinag cist s
non01ey. Not that thoro is mi acial
exnd~i'i it urdfI ) re'iy ea(ilch for the
bibiling, (If ?"very feneco---though
norvatdioh many1', instances~ ina wihib
such was thle case.---buitt fie i's an
fences is just so much time takent
from that. wheh ou;ght to be spett
ill regu latr farmj work . If a Iatforer
COnstluo ai day~ ort any~ muniber) of
days in bildiing fenci's, thet cost of
his labor i is just sio muclth money0
sli-t wit h nit dhirett returin --ia conl
suotnitn of lho.-ti,,, t'mpih ...th .o
1 U (lo by theo gov'ornor, thbe attorney
gonort.I, and tho radical party
MAURIF., --jn Solon ]'rei~bytorian church
WYinnutboro, on 'Vh'Itnrtlat;' morning, ith.e
:3, by thut Rev. C. E. (Chichetor, Mit.
'J'.oI.MAS It. Bmitowr, of Unilo~n, S. C., to
A11s 0d -r P~lOT1O T, of W~inmuiboro.
tiro !ivoery intel hallo AX
ntbe~~})*fj a theti
Llii3Hjittt )Yell, wlioruno it .al v'v.; bL found
hiejo,. nItvatys (in1 bud for , lre. I keo11
coo.>tantly 0', initd nI largi' 'Oimtitty of
Corn, OalsMu 1itt lvt whicuh l t.'"11 for ecisb
i culm'scc'xd, ulcsirt' to i~n
and ({1 n~lity tlt~it.wejin ve ilxboeiflti(t our.
Heulves cuter thou ttirax imuuu " if .Johsroxu .
'1' *'titF., inoi wvill lki.0 conliuitlv oin
handi at .urg.' .tiwklt lir Wlhiskies, \1}n.
Glist, Co. Also M % ni lt'otvlt Al(.
(luinmu~ss' Dubilin Pourter ' nd( Belfast
( iingt'r Alo Also it large shook -f .1 ooltI
and lmot., Dry (huodei, Clothimng, 0 roccriot
omidl overv t ti'mg iisuially keplt injn iirst -uhuxc
hionk(), t tiUi tuljir the libuirm~l jittt rounge
boetowed on tlo old house', we solicit i
conutilnudtuo of theo bneno.
' JNOt. .tO11NfTO r,
11o1t IPETrtIOIIW.
Garden Seed
In ver vaio1t for tain~ at th(
Drg toro, by Wb. E~. AIKEN.
1 gro Goz'mnn Cologne, foir osal
l jan2i$W E. AIKIEN.
E D) J _, &ZL C
WL1'l(ir..xAT.r. I)ftAL:m:W lIN
'1'oliac o, tiun ff, LI9 p's,&c
jA,.y(t 't:t"''i'r.. 1(harlotte, N. C
A I1MiIAIITJrrt, j
ot 1 4y ____________
N011 1J'3 T 'I'T1 *I3110
ri 1 E~ ve-u~r furtiliz rs~ of dlimsxcdvi"
.1 Lunme: pit;-,h:ato or i.i(lI llt stilma .
with eo)t(" to; OF th eLihe *j"ilint of v'ne
puu1try lnix(:. Wit null t U otto plaoiejilntee
Bradley's .Vt'n~t llcjIspcuto, Etiwim
(ioamon, Snmirti' (iliftcca mill Eureka Ciunci'
fur ecash ori ttppr'' yo 1 ": Icilr.
'tral Justuice.
SW'* All business entrusted to, bun wil
receilve prompt attention.
11. A U AttLi. tau 'It. ,11. IiAVIS
Gi~tLLA1RD & DA1713
NO. 2 L fir RANVGE,
fjI Xt'l !"flf desiring Iti1y celebtedoc Cot
.1.'toii Seed cult1 get thwit one1 dlollaerll
luitl, or I will exc).aric e 1 for tein it
appiliedl for soon. They and warranted to
't' hotter than any aced ll'rlttkro oI1'orud.
j~ 2 I in T'1' WOOl)WAliDl.
t ho Mlitt( of Stith ('srollnii,
VAT 1II1AS,~ John. Fonlq~ path iua'io
VV v suit to u~o to jratit ablin letters of
iicliiiilt19t~nriif. 11 of the vsltnteunld efl'evti of
ILd- I lnoriaA. C rown, 11l~llcile: .
'1' hte rt, therefore, to citer na~il' 21'.llli
it nil1 jtoil bingt''uli tl~e' It zn 1redl ct~ie 1 "eci
toni of the taul JJOoflI81r A. ]howp,1t de
12'l4(,that t~'1 ti "and alppoar )iedot'e tile,
ini tho ('oiast of 11iobat,, to)11 lioe'd 'at
Pi':liel'd (tnit Uouse, 8..t L., onl the 1 21h
layt of .1" eltt'ily 111 toit1 itor pcalii'ltioil
i.eroi'f, ut 11, 0 clock. li tht, fortoou, to
.4Ii0W l.i.'t,' is rity, they Ioa, %IIty thel Haidi
coven ndl'r lily huand, this twenty-fourth
day of .JTliitary, Alnno Donii 1876
jani7-.ffI141 J. 1'. FI. O.
To [tent..
rp IIIE p1:1ccknown an teFlats beclonging
tj "a tie,' oestate of Strotlier TIidecll, der
iinaed,, co~Itai jug cloven hundred and
fourten acres nmoro or least in Fanirfield
I 'oollty, NtOt tf tiii Ii C'trotljii' on IBuab
''rooek a'atersa.of liitclgina s, reok and
b)londeld by IWildls of 'l'l'o It DaviH. Lucd
Birun., 81 It (C'I~wzoy, lha%'id it .uiff, D)AVidl J.
8l'iglar and JameusO Martini.
'1110 place will b)e rontuid for the proani
y'tzrotl the.a let ouilnv ini F"ebruary next
at the (Join t 1I181 ilk %S'iuxitst'o to tile
liiglie.st ider. ITe rent t:) ho paid in
10(14.5 of Colttonl wo"ighiiig four hlrtll
pounads p~tit deoliv'ered at Itidgoway onl orl
hotore the i t Claiy of Novemiber ticit, andl
Ito runt t", be s~nrod by a lieu on the
Witnqboro K CI D W TIDWELL,
241.Iau.'iry 1376. Executor.
jan 25 x2J2--T
~WATV R aiO. &;SON.
One ear' ion l of Por~lto Ii c..o Lt'acn, and
(rh ,On ca load of lrol'll ground Floor of all
74 bales of 'Prince Timothy Play;
lam/ .. " '.\
?i ": E b f t E K f}tf a' .)
{i;';l(t r,. i .t til!:1tUti::1H"t>I 1:1iir Vi.i.
1'1;.11: 1;c'1"{'SSI;s tho fiiii t nuntlri-fut let
:r. "J'ilto I hat t'v.'T {Il' laillr'11 'H' "'iii) "a,
" No .1N,1;w)i1;c;{>;j11 ,:t1;t' l )itilt" :".
"U 't'1 I'lII11:' -zrl ii1'It t"1'Ill;1111 I
":Ittt"r'11, 1 rnt"ititat thl"ir.11} '.t .::iI i+=lL
'ti"si. 'it , ltt 1.I; '1: ;i{ 1'"1i: r n ('i t>i"' tr
i11;:'":, 401. \'.:it. <P ;"1.:i tt'; :itV(I IiC}'t'I;"i
Iiiiiou'. lt1'titi(It'tit lint 'Ilitt'l'
111ittt'IIt \''itit:h .11.1. .m rt""":t,.
:^ut ill\ iii ;\; '. i;iq,:; it; ;tttr ,"reat rit.'rn
11ui. t111' t.!!'"it 11 tatt'+,t"N;r1't'Ir1, 1'
I II(Ptit' o,. t t:c' Ajjs..,;si+l i. (1l1H>. 1 iti f>I;i 1, +
Ill=;lti tr l t iPtlt:fj t't'..l I'fi's'i'Iat111.. 1'Ii:lfji
a , ta'i'l. (:, 1ni':nIn. It,;>Xn". liti, I riIi. jo.
'cart. .1I:11m-.11:1, \I ii itt', S;it'aliliali. Ills
:n1'!;t', .hlltlc' , .stntl lirtn\' 01hvt's. ti' 1 1
lbrt ilgh, tlt mil. 0 %,
the ltilllitit'i" alld
: II I }1111. a1111 1"x111.11-ka1,ly st, IIIi(itl;; tu'.)t"
'1'11fi.;4I :I1t1.11 li;Ii heat ;1111i tlryin"s4. ;ii''
t ClOilSit"1)Pld
_"11119ellll il::i of* till-, i1' t11;1eh alitt lir.i{,
:.md nttit"r ;thtlliatinal t'is.eera. In t.tir
1'till lllg'nt, a i i rgal i\'l', ext'rin a 111,1tT"
ct'tiil intlnertlas 11lmtl till-341.1 val-iotm 31
ll , i ('bttil'ntl;tl})' nm'ei'ssar1'. l is,
is no cathartic for tha 1 itl"Issr c1llia1 tp
nit. ,1. 1V. ttci;u's 1"t r:+s.trt ilrrri:tis.
' a thoy Will ti;ri i',lilc'relltli% t ltlilt{' tl:u k;
,'.nlnrc(l 1"i will ilatiri' wit Ii trjl;t'h tht'
bttt'cia ai"n Io;oh'd. :tt itin r;llllo tinip
6tinuilatitig the secretinng of thin iivor,
and 'n-Ileraliv trsttt";Itt; On heal111y
,rulletitllis'of the ili;;t''tive organs.
F(rtiiy. the bod't,,a aills" dilute 16
by p{:ritril : 1j I
'13t'r1'1":Tt \1) i'11t lrt;i'c can late it.':"t 4 4.
I a Systen) chits 1is't'-a11ntl.tl.
I)yt, 1i't :;ia f1)' I ii(l it est i ll, 1IFi1,I
ache, win it) time. $tio ijtlt"r'rt.,
Cighttw;s of lice ('ht':,t. Ili, .itilws." !.}li '
ht uctatit>lia.i>f"'tto 'tinnarh. IIatt t!'as et
,i41 the Mouth, Jtili,>us Attat"k:( YaiIin t,
tsltult'ctf"thp Ileart. In )ai t'ilatbl>i1 tll tli
Lunge, I':tlll in thu,;'t'It'lt nni tilt LA
lica;s. "tnti a lilt tlrt;ti.i tare; tt.I 11ti1l'i-j-j l:
hnllls, orb thtit It l>,:tt;:a of, U tj:t'I .Igt,.
Uno Unttlr tt"il,, ; r.kc"i hrtter;;ttar;'tltrtt 71 .
of its 111(.1-R6 titan a It'n';tti)" ;ttircrti"+('
ttltilt. r
}terofuhi, or h iii:.f :4 Evil, 11.11 to
~tt'tlllings, F:rv'i .ritt-. l tr,"lu"tl N..'" 11.
t.wi, .rq, Srrt l' ilt' 14 lifll: tnlilt, i~il.lti )'Id.lrl t
iit It a.lll laIuua, A!,.I
ures, Erulnlit.1:. ill' lilt, Iia. Sews- Kti'," 1,4".
In them, its in ;.'I Pith "r r.'iiRtitntitnt;tl Ihw"
uascs, t".\i.Kfiit"i VtJ:::,;.1K 1:t'1'"nlnam II,1e1
<hu\t'li their rrr."l. ill ratih(, 1 .v..'t:s is tlrt,
most ulIstiit;tl.: :,iRl iiiirai"t.1141" r;1't"".
" Vol. 1llt1:1111 it;ltilt'y .^.1111 Chro it{,;
fi'yItt'UI UItI151114 (:tri:t, Rallis, Ii't:;,i;ir
t;ttI Iuterll1i!tl'I!t I ('t' " ", I'tY":1."C".:
):1+>ttl. t.ivur. 1%irlt:""r4 :,nil (;luP1.1, fi
'ttr.,t) Iattt'r.-; 1,14 %41 fill 11114'.. : ur:i ))i"ra""":
JI"r eau.'u'.I l' t'lLia;.'"l I:t.,.ul.
?It'cil:i)lienI I)Isen:.+' . 1' I: nrl 'tl
gaged fit Paint s :lft1l t ittf 1a'. xii 1, ,al
Uhler;, tmi iht" a.ira'irt" 'i't )iCr,'+11". iuii'. t

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