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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, February 09, 1876, Image 4

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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PublishaI Ivory Wodnoesdy t
W1Y Lviv B Oo, 1. C.,
MIL L.M iL S 4' .1V71S'.
-Pno Copy one year, - - '," 0)
i ve " "' - ' 1200o
tl n " '" "' - .25 So
Tno Font of L3ating Them in as Many
Daysi Accomnlalished by Two Partiousin
From the (ourior-Jonial.
A little more than a month sin0co
-thorc al)pe:red an artielo, which
wvenit the romlbds of the city pre's,
tot!.ing forth statonients to provo
the impossibility of an al)pirCntly
very sin'ple and feoasiblo accompi~l ishi
nmmit. .Tie proposition was that no
man .Was capablo of oatiung thirty
rllptill.il as many days, allowing
that lic eat only one quail a day,
the bird to be rooced In any .manorl
that ho might dcsiro. Among the
inHtances cited to prove that such a
ibling; had nlever hoon done .wore
fil nimerous vain atteompti tin ELiiglmand,
France and America. Tho most
striking caso was-that of a man -in
Cloveland, Ohio, ,who boaistod a
Htollch liko that of an ox (or, as a
matter of strongtlh) a hog, -or m1y
.other boast. The individual wagered
$100 against $30,000 that he could
oat thirty quails in the manner pre
scribod. He -lost. After eating
only a fow of the favorito fowls ho
grow very sick, and thou throw up -
tho sponge.
A certain Main street merehant hi
Louisvillo carefully took notes of all
those statomonts, and bocoming con
vinced of the tvuth of ,thomi, intro.
cletd the subjoct while at dinner in
hits boarding house one day. Tho
propriotor, who was no los; a per
sI)onIgoJ than.i Mr. G. F. Broniert, the
F"renchll * .rstau rateir, -oil Mairket
strcot., iiud lio knew he could oat
fhemi t ant not half try. TiChteieuon
th morehant proposed a wagor of a
(chiLmUpagno sulppor for twolvo pCr
si0 s that lit could -.aot.
Mr. lUrotinert roaidily accepted the
bet, and Mr. Alex.. Dellarot, Clho
mn, brolla akter, who was also situting
at. the tablel, pro11)5od to "go him
1111Vol." The piropo sitiori was ac
c1ldted nl innml)rlat.ios wore imadle
at inc, a friend1 of the mlerclant
lf;ro oing to 1:pay for the biis.
I'liirty di ays agof. lest \Vet<neishay
their lirtt lirdo 31.1 adt noon \\'oU(
nostlay ato their thirtith, overv
*luail Ibeing bro iled.
In ordor that no0 chealing; conhill
1(o dono, witneiasss for bot h )artie s
wore eIpi1loyed, who saw that the
terms of the wager wore faithfilly
complid with.
Mlly wisoneros, among thorn nu
morons sagacious M. 1).'s, during
tile discussion of the subject caught
up the various suggostitons in the
experimen)Tt a-ril wore froc to deolare
their bei afu in thet. ianpossibility of
thet tin 3g. Somoal wenlt so far as to
5:ly ithat a1 uIn1 woub d. 1ie 1before lie
coultd tdevo~ur the nonliber ]poe~ifiud.
I 4ii ., nttwithtandling all flhese tdi..
Mes.Hsrs. lhlronnert, anmd D)nMp(, twere
they did in their liven, and wore in
aL jnbiilan'it (condai tain of -spir is over
theirW trinmph.
Mri. Broeinnert wasi (coptiden~t 4hnt
1h( (con111 tait irtly more1( blroiled
<jil:iils, and1( s:iil bo; would nt,~ he(
hasi be I old by two phiysicinms th-,l
sickne.'Sa ini less thanu ixty dhays. Hoe
said, 1howevor, thaut thet feat was not
3(baccomplih.ld wvithlent a3 gr1eat de of
flth dayt~ hio beamo3 velry Hick, mLid1
it wasH1 wit hte gresftatt fore thi it
he swallowed the sixth b ird. From13
(Ch ristmaim - by unt1 il Januar:vV b he
.3uffo~rOd groiat niiausea., and o11th birtd
wasl catoni with c<1uud dlilculty and
dhisgu tst. Hoe said thmat if he hadn't
got maid overy3 timio ha isat down~l to1
bi-I birdl, hie never 'would haLvo ae.'
the Iittlij Fren'ichmlan :
"Von I site dotwn, zo hird ho looks
good~t, mis by~ gari I feel zo0 ziek in
zo sI omacllk TI t~hink I ca't~ (eat, him
not moreW, but by gar I go0 iad, I
(chow huni nyp bonesx and all."
Mr. .ltrnnert further explaid
that wh'len ho felt so siek of tho eat
refrain froml vo~iti.ingt, hie would
take ia glass ofwino, and after awhilo
lhe would get all righ~t againi.
After thie 5th inis, ho sulfered no
more sickness, and has oatoni the
last sevou quailhs with a great deal of
The merchant who lost tho wager
has signified hlis willingness to pay,
andt at the pleasure of the winners
thiere will bo the cheerfud popping
of cor'ks antd the clang and~ ltter
of knives andt forks.
Tho' colored citizens of Crystal
Springn, M~iss., ini piulic mno'ting,
havoe declared thteir intorntion to
withd]raw froml potlitiesi, to (cult ivato
friendly r'elatiobns withi the whito
race, to uist all means11* to put down
crime, to (ondeaivo'r to proadnieo
everything necessary for t-hir own
onsmnptioni at home, and to or
ganizo aiumng thems~olvos anf ailso(
Ciation siiliar' to that of the
Patrons atofl sbndry13.
Tho~ Rothsildsl aro sad to be
wvor'th onily $2, II0,000,000, lad tlia
chneg 3'a slervla,-t g'irl a)bou t . an~o a
week for thirowing3 awily ash~es with
out sifting them. lhruoo/ynu IlrgH.
Xaowing~ is~ taughlt ini the lBston
public3 schoolsi, and i coinnuitte> of
thirty competent ladios rectonenerand
that the system shaill ba extend.hl
There maro 3,00),000 m-i inh the
Pt'iend~in m'I~mfm . r t a'W -.u.
A Colored Dologate's Spoooh in tlio
Virginia Logivlaturo.
In tho dobidto .tbis: morning in ,tho
Logislattiro on tho Contonnial tp
tppiationl, Petctr J.'' Ciertbi," Zhe
colored dologato from Notthumiber-..
hlal oimty, aroso,- and .urged on.
by t.he orios1 of "flour biiu I hoar
him !" souided in the wo-llmiios.yn
yoices of ox Goys. Smith and
Lotch'r, finally silenced another
ietmlber who was advocating tho
bit, and with i rapidity of articula
Lion horotoforo iuknown, proceeded
to s)etk. 'lhe n1oio( and conftsion
provcnted his first remsurks from
being hoard, but whoa order was
restored his voico in clarion peals
ranig through the- hall, sounding
donth to the Coltennrial:
WhIereforC is it, and why l'n
alxin', nover ; no sahl. What ! ten
Lhiouiand dgllars fur to ho giv' away
to Philadelphia. [rLotcher--'
"Good." Smith- -"Ilear him."]
(l'o Fagin neirr tire. [Cheers.]
Wlar's dia -thing guyin to end 1
Lot 'cum go to 0o0 de show, hut you I
hears my voieo sayin' still, proxi'l
mnato your own OXpenseos. L[ook at
that statuary of (inural Washington. j
Look dft'Clay, Calhoun. WVhat ii;
their fit. thought ? Yes, salh. D
boy stood on do burnin' dock. [A p
.plauso and rios from Letcher,
Smith, "(Go on."] Logan is ito
friend of the whito m1im. Mr.
Logm in down on do bltch rmnan.
Stop and constitute i; -:oxponsi.vo
trip. Tiehett 'to 'Balltmoro 17.60,.
Supper, 1oIgi'ng and bjycakfast $2'
more. Tidk't to Philadelphia
$2.00. ndmisdion to the show lnd
aund siao show t -least f6 -conts.
MulylifyIngof 'Okils iby 'fva, 'cotnt.
up do 'bies, itiuostics, -trunks,
policies, ctr-pot Ibtigs. [Lnmenso
dbers.] Look.dt do treasury, look
at do money do Governor bov spout
in poistago staunp a fixin' far thi;
occassion. "Old Mother riibbard
sho went to do cuipboard fur to git
t poo' dog a bote," when rho comoa
back the iog wi' clopedi. .dess so
--it will uisti tuition on or or. No,
c;mh, ITm talkini' str~aiglht Amelrie;nn'
hll-tilgae. IDuinkuiim .1, Goeorg(e
Was~hin~gttol, John Brown, whar is
you ? Rino from your sea t - nay is
I right-say isi 1 jertico, truth, aniid
jOfutico again.
Ex-Governor Fetcher (rising
from his sont)-M-.11r. Spea:kor, i love
A modal 1bo atwar1do-1 to Iirlginita's
hlon--the good, the greact, tei. glori
ous Carter. Sec'oundd t by Ssmith .
The mlotini ws car-ricd ai:il the
e 'il iu iljt)'iourno-l fr (rinks.-.
E:<portceos In 3at~to.
* From the Now York 'ium.q.
I beliovo no two poo'l soldier-" n ill
vilely disngroo aH to I hair snisa tions
tdurinlt ia battio. 1 Lako it to I e
pic of bravado in a iaon to aICrt
that ho had no fear during to pro
gross of a long and severe engage
mont. A battle in a veritabhlo hell
upon oarth ; not to bo in serio;s ap
prohtonsioni whiilo it lasitI is to be
(ii ther 'druntik, (raz'y to' im -ensmii .
ilT highesun, typo ofI br~aver'y i~i t ih
of the iman who rnealiz.es (th fOIl ex
tont, of the pot1il but stic'k1 soluto
ly1' oi i .h;m. t.I it ~ai exptei,
ropteatuod a tiozenl timter, th111 t shbellI
f iig 13is not ortdinaily nearl'y so
I) islnot ftli'ni tt shalba:-n thri
deamth andu wvoimd, aond (ho ir loutd
foIllw (te sharLIp .ti'i of it r-ilie
hullet. T1hio potiuliar euttini y of thme
air malide by half ai dos1.en of those' I: t
01nc0 is apt to give the solhdh r the
idon~ that the wh~ole air i !le I withI
thomn, and that ho loriin 1o11 beuI
st~rck ithoneof thoem. All, I.1 be
li vo with ogre aOs to the nisatimn
fiP irtaused. by Vteipnet of Ea bullot.
1t is ab stunnfing, nuiii~mn fooling,
whieb, for a tiimo, ovi' powor1 !,t10
local pain of thme woumd. In amy owa
expenoniio a siungle buckshot near
the, hipt knoched mo$sat, andl~ fr' two)
diys after gavo me siuchi aculot pains
anld such museular' dhiturbanm1ce fromu
kinoo to shtoulder . tht4 I ets.uid not
stand~ eret. Soldirm; havo' freq~uout
ly boont prostr'atod by spenrt ba'llu. A
cunious ocaoet of shell wvounds is that
they do not blood ;the hot frag
limont sioars tho I) oin b)lood-Vosso cb
andit stops thie on'uion,. A minuio11
bail extracted from the1( huiman body
pr'eents aL romtarkalo bight. I hav'o
swoon thomt wihore the rvsistauco of
the flosh had turned back tho poinited
01nd on all sidos with suich a
regularity that tho ball rceemblo,1 a
saucer or a flower,
"I am a home missionar'y," ob
sorveod a obristian mother. "Six
lhair of little eyes are daily watching
my looks ne well as llistoning to imy
words; and1 I wish mty c'hildrein nievter
to uioo in mo that wich thbey may
not imitate."
A tasto for hooks is the pleasuire
aind glory of my life. I w~oul 1 not
e'xchango it for tho riches of thoe
A bill has biemn initr'oduco- in 110
Ohio Legislaituro impo)Csing~ a line of
tifty dollars for tamking thle niame of
God inl vain.
IiTO lI'lt hT I O.z r1~ L1
E~NG L41SH and AM3EI11 A N
IIAltDWAlfti ANI) CUt' 'lu .1
Troni, ter 1, Nilsm. ('-utinmin, 3Mi! Sfon.tc.
Ihiii.m g anuul Tini n.d m: II ter uials'., Ini 1
R uhher~ sal reathe lit-'I .l in1g, Cariupenmter,-t
culm'tual h i m. ''a ml. a , Tim '['onme, if las~
Whlesa~1ll n :itil at the il! if lhe
Oohv ('m i 1
Shockoc Machine Works,,
ANUFA("'{'Ii1tt:Rt of 41Ar11 ]'ti}!Enra
V[. Atul li~ ilnrk, A,'rit itII11r:UI 1:nr;iu" 1i, t
(:il"(".ltlar HU v dills, (;rist, Iittrk 15,11
ttir Mills. NIutitin5;, I11tr11;1"rH ntllt I'llill"}U.
IM I'I.1 C40 ,"i'G IiINE 1,Vj\'r it
Oct 19
',VM. E'n'i; c,.lrn. 11 1' l:r'rtt'NU. t
rl*t r=t: -/f rT?.,l ntlr jllt i
11VV St:lt,
ail I:}n"1:;, (.'ir(uiltt'E'!',,"' . l1.,. '(irit:11t1 i11$,1
Mill (11.11titl:., lilirl.ti': ,1c".
.tl.Inl;t' \:: it ::ttt'li V. '. 'j \t'IIRf 1..
(anic bll s }r'(+,I..,1r at?'; 1 ll)Ii l I'
/ ;,11 f"r (.1.t. I,"".:lu,
k"tlitit,1un 1 ,'155'551 '5'.1!1 ]rlltlill/:. ! 1i1)til1
1l i7"I' (i f: l{nilkl .hcli. (' 'It'tll..;r -.1411
I'.,rl~ r I' lil'llit ill r". 1.:,:,:,!;" ( ! '11'..
,TCO. 11IIII .l fart 571'5 I11" WIttltlt lu1 11 i 1'7~1177
hanl w"nlls, nu a,1ft 1 i:,l" ltw"Il,' (''.Ilul:.'
Itl"AdItl"nltN AIIII ,;1:1 :11, l!; ,tr.,:,::1 ., I+II I!11,t.
Arti I(t8. ,' , . ,
P7, p
"" 1.1!' ,': ;17' ;i .l.:l,,jt l:,a <' ]
RILI''rROPOUTIN 10.'1tIi3.
:j"r,, j
l a .. >> -a
Ill':TI j'I 1.'1 V .t.
NUTS 1?fi, !'lirtlal:Ie. 57,5t.1 9tutic:Marv.
1 :$UW MiIIH, (}ris.( Milt., 1;" i!, r'1. ('a"I
tlnya of Mimi mid lrwi, YIr ;iII :i 11.".
. 1g> c!til it ril Y't"il n li (f 'h' ,
'ttn'tIflttt;e rflntb s," AiS0t1 '1<p " W;1'oriunl"l"r
Impro'led 7'ortj> })Its .lt;;illc' ,.
for driving I7ltltlut vin N, t}Ir-'U!linw via.
rhillea, i!"'Il;.l.ltll kt, , ti t : 'uiIk l ""
A ntit%"1tt;r of ,1t,1;ni1.1 hand t'nl;?tll '.111
Bo il rn df ,"ari"i1I I }w{'t'"rn.;, ii' I1r l ."'>_
t n h-r, oil ):;1t,'l. 1.,"i'lliI- N'I.t i; . , ,I" ,I
Aud ;1,51'1,1 It(l )" dunl'.
w ill I . ^ . Illy ('(
0111. III
e .. U
At J. 0'.' FO G'S
AND \1;1,f',IN1;;;'i .1,-AZ.1.\;;.
j 1'(5.11 ',"', I ,
- Itl v , tl;.rsu in", 1:1!. ,5 :/l I' I i
fillet 1;fji ~1"l,. 1::1,1., t. i ..
Of W I I:1;11I:t, \'1 It
l"rtlil,':i, 111",1~:,1. 111:1 ,L : ,
I)1 :\. (U O o D.
.rt (ti ll'-:-,11.1 1 I! ,,,
Ailtacll>:, till ,1: 1,rtIII n 1. I'I itl't"1",'.L i ,.:,1."i::
111 ilrhs:; Ilatt.r":t s, '.I': tl"i x"1'1' ,:1:It~ ilI.l.I1l'I
fu ll II":'l' 115 A i( v ... 1.l ,"(,."1", I: :';1"I ,:1"
11!1 ":1f"I., I i. r t, . Y r.. , .,. .,.i,
I'.tr,: j" ..:+ c
Itn <II"r .:.;1..t, i", 11 ,.., .. ., ' . t . ',
fu 1,, t 11:."1"t , t:Ir!1 t'In " . .v: i. . :1 t+ . ,
,1.c. tottil rv, .v,
!k it tk i " ti .1 i "t, ,, I, s' 1." , :511:1 t: i+ l," ..
NEW alivl:It I Y I;Ai Nri;s,
IAURNEJD Peojpl"---Ww llvtn
tintJ,'''")uist what roll w;tltt. ltrtliullo null
1)1tir1111' :' M+til"illl nn reci"i)t of 754:l. Ad
tlcu rs Sll+ 11Itiltn>lt rt .C Co, ifid"lluton O min.
// 1\I) rraldin};; Pr+y'rlilontntJty, )"'Ar+oittp
J. tiutl loon. f)hurnljn}!, VIIVIIntristn
Slid iM11UYiat};A (lttido, hhnwiII how tither
rigs nu1t' f'A.-oittrttu will };,tin Iho lev(. and
'11-01" nit), ),t+rvoll they ellu,);uinhtnut
41)11 Olir'4jml it n::til:,llut+, illint A Co.,
1:; 5 i7th lab:; 1'hUn., .1'a.
Acutl'r:( W %NT},1n FOR ry (;lltl":,t"r
,fJ$if,'N'T11!NNl Ali HISTORY.
"l DtD j r.,re:I, ll;t\" I+1 ice, 'Inil rt+ll"x. 1 xtrn
t"rtns. I' 1 ' %{;!\I,1 .11 It co., 6)!'S Arl:h
:.t., 1.'llil;t.11 ttr"id1l, 11.1,
WnI! Sweet Caricatures.
.. u' w .1 },r'.. , {i 1'; t: c'')1It!161it; 14
1'1t(;rl'. " "l l: .?;:ai +n.:, t.itit iutl01111:tliOll
fill t. cl' III;,( -)r:;. I'ri''.. It1 G "1;1't 1+\
t*11111 ,ri'1!... 'L Co. I1, I11:61'!+ lull
N":111 Street, N l'.
tlit'!1 ""t NIA I..
A I. 1J t STi , Ilir"n"rY I'u.:
ill ii. \V(.J'Il. It r' utai+,>: ! 14111.110
\Il1' i", lit ''Jl . ,"l''.' ", , " "1; "r (110 1, I ' 11
!! .I.tt.t, 111"\11 ,1, 1 'ti l l t'i:I 1 Irll".t+ttre, m ill
:1 i'll't'1' I'1 JI'',t\'Ir\" ,1I1: 11 :f.!::: t l, -1,"1!.1
11i"1:1, 2.10 , t i +i' <:iUl'11" \ 'tt )1l:l I :t Ir
1'"t'':y' 111 . 1't :\. i:l ( 1'"'111 11 .; 1':'r"
B-id, I',,, 61.1 I;11:Irl\\nv, N
t'[Iliiii!S, t'llI.[ , [11;;11 [';t1:!+S
:i1) AI.1, 'ill :1)A'1' 1)1F:A.'11.!%
IrWE;IIs' Car1'oIio, Tablets
l't t' 1:1' I)u1:Y ii tII.I'Y, it -itrd.
"i '1'11tF'.) AND It EM EA 1) 1 .
old by I)rupgi;ta xc.ttertiliy, and
"' .1it810It .:1;Jllo.r" ty .t Co., 1'hil.,lialj+t+in
11 01M 1A, OPA 11,111 U
v] 7 1 i i l.lt Vl.AC"rrc1.0.
04-104 'sn t1J:t K11'. . 1, nIViuL" c! 111 1111
rt:i"I l"i.l .:'' \t.it! il:.:rl ':i'. rl8 1' r ti *
1: .111:; :l f ?; ."!;,:a rl :17:1, In t. ,,t all
:I' :i:,t :1' . iii!' :its ,'.... 'lll i\ ". p t ill
."'; X111: r !: 1'l" . rt "I. . Z',:'.,ri '! 1 1' .1\i". y
C1:1; if \"'l( j is 1i:r nti ltt +::i
r,,. 11
111" ,t,.a-, I. ri (;\",,
1 l1 . . I.'
Ic, 1t1:.1. 11 rl ~ . r., .l. 1 1 1,11. !, . . IV ,
It it' I A
'1'.11'f'r., i'1".. , t
- ). .Jlr:,:._:, .T it ;,\"::. f'. t '+1"E ..:t i:',
C>ea at"r s:r ili.s
t1c i: t c. ; ::," fl lc'hivr &,, ii).
J W.
Pry (,'-Qct[ :, ('?tl"[If'(S. (;il ('loth,.
[t11,1 1 ':-1, Roo ts',
--0 LF
We D. LOVE a C~r, Columbia, S. C.
I hlc ii uuo of oatr flin it a's 4)11 d iitlluau 1, bil'l, to that of
1IC I EEIiV, ,OV E& CO.,
And ill 3i.'04)r4144.Iio wiiil our)4ii nwintlul Ot 'tout, wit (ld, 61, tha t late, murk dlown~
0111' 443lt i I'C :aek UfI J )i' (ioa,3;, 110.4 silw.", 1111(mi Gtalls, tt'. , to ) 'A.ti 1 tLC1N8, to
roiaak 1'o ufl' Sjia~lg ( t'iIR I a i u~lj lbl' 'n.'xt 111111th wlo will h ull 'T'Wl'd1
Jei1uIX, C~ Illlir 8, 414'., it*al ca I . 4 t'. I)1!' vaa'lt a pwilr.. ( alhi'ot-4', aI It lulu of taixi,
lttu S i'' tots, !i i 1;!(111~ t; i'4 Ii':(h l i a ad I43'4A 3) I ). iii '34t 3C"i, atI. low) t)'i~
Ita t144134 (t'Vit 1 C I. i Press (;".M ).h1,2 al. }. ' at 1..'gaiiiis, to cli''n' out~. Mlik Alpaceua4,
tIit! ie'stiu ani 4114 4 poplalllaii .44, atL 11'1'( that will wt:ti a i' volt'. Not io1a, I AHI('41,
hhi4(ilICI'I'!S at ui i ucar'1''l 3 441 Iim 3'ils4. \t ollm*N alilt Wtotau'! *; U nilcirwiar. Hoead"l ii(11 1tt l ' I \11' .11! ~~l~lSllt+ltIr 1C11)7t. 1,
willtli $-31. 'ra;l~t Ilnla, t wl .'}a 1! s. itl'. 1llw cys't. tii ajliot~ltiin. (ilTh(kt(
llii3II4~s)1I4:4, lji'1'.iiii. t . tit j)11(t''4 4.4)33431 to) ..il i t I ;' 34. t e it t4 ' br j'i4)l I. (CAI.I i.t, 4)11
CloIithas Wiaitow ShutIci .i., WallI It ptr, f to. at prices lower' titi u1'uar in1n.1 lIirwoe (ho in
txo luutiuni of tho'.) atii'. (at
U.i I,:~l! 4 a,' t iiu of 'I'1i4v ( ';t4i.'lt a)4't i lox 0 . J4 414:il itil'l w(" 1111,'Ivo l
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