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pfI-An 1# mark on a Bubsoriber's
h ;lpcr denotes that his subscrij)tion has
expired. We will be glad to ha'"o all de
lnquent subscribers settle past dues and
pay up for another yhi.,. Thorn' nre a
, 0good many porsons whom we havp been
indulging for a long time. As we undergo
heavy expense and. lreue ..ulua le d to make
CASE PAYMNOTH for h)itvrial v il labor, we
cannot afford to wait l(.Ioger for our just
dues. On the Fii'T IF JANUARY NExT We
propos ' to erasO the nates ot all delin
queu subsribers frot tar books, how
ever we nay regret if: The 1s4 is only
four dollars, sanl the ILEu 1, t.lJo dollars
a year. Pay up, youtr.msiysripteus.
There will be no clmaftro IN the
buisniness magemont of the Niis and
iiR AD.1). Indiv:idual and paitnerslhip
; claims will be prosenhted to W. H.
Powr OFFI w R Ioum.--The post
oflice will be open daily (Sundays
excepted) from 9 -A. M., to 12 M.
and from 2 to 5 P. M. Northern
and Southern mail close at 7 P. M.
2precisely. M'iY M:dl dolivered on
Sundays from 9 to 9:30 A. l. only.
RAITnOA) SuoHiEumI.E.-ThC trains
on C. C. & A. R. I. now leave
Winnsbor6 as follows: Going north
11.55. l) X11. 'Ooii1 snth, 1.i,a n
Accomumodation day trahs'. Go'fug
north, 11.33, a. m. Going etouth,
12.12. These trains meet at Winns
Sherifl"s Sale-S. W. Rutr.
,3tnlkru)t Sle-S. 1 Clowney.
GrassSed'i- W. E Aike'.
Needles-Connor & Chandler.
BIase Ball.
Sheriffs atle.--S. W. Ruff.
Hats-J. F. Micastor & Co.
W. B. & L. A.-D. I. F(leuni
ken, Sec. and Treas.
Notice--J. E. Gilbert.
'TCorrnamen t n--WY. T. Crawford,
SOc. andl Tre~as.
Get your job work printod at
his c lice.
L. Cass Caipemter, collector of
mnternal revenno, at Co:ulumi, wa
robbled a O few nights ago of $5,000.
G0)overmnen t inomy !
TonumlNEr.-We call attention1
to the Notice of Mr. W. T. Craw.
ford, witht i coUr(JiC(u ta' I r)1o)bose I
to:uinmniut ''Ihe y'!'ig iii('l have
heretofore been very successful, in
affairs of this kind, 1nd We t rust that
in the one now prl-ej(ct'd they will
be equally so.
The Soutltorn Lifo Insurance
Company has publishOd a statement
of its assets andici liabilities, which
represents the forMer,to 16. $l,578,
S 298, and he lattter $1517,000---show
ing an act~utl stirplus of $61,298. We
trust this 'stimate will tt'rn out
to ho ac&drately corret.
.Onrruanii.--Mrs. Nan c' VWatt
dhed on Sunday evening last, after
ashort illnmess. She was living at
the titiNo at thme residoneo c~f Capt.
A. P. Irly, near 11or1b ikurch.
* tMs. Watt was about eighty years
'of ag o. She was a miost estimable
* lad1y, and loes a numbor of relat ives
hind frienas to mourn her (leath.
Thme abairaman of the excutive
tomtnittt C of the repunblican party in
South Camrolilna has .callod a state
bnvenltsi., to bio hbb' at Cohunbia
"iA the dlever th day of Ayi'il next'.
hehet of IlM convention is to
e(lect rourteen dcedates to represent
the plai-ty ini the national convention;
to be hol aut Cincinnal i on the four
tonth (lay of Ji'me, and5. to "transaec,
such other business aH may b)e
deemed necei*~ssar;" Fairfinld cour-.
ty is on titled to thirdo delegates in
the state conlvention.l
PERnSoN.U,.-Mr. M. C. Rlobertson,
of thme firm of Robertson & pos:
p ortes, hardiwatre dealers at 11ocR
Hill S. C., wasiI in Winnsblloro last
Snd~ay. Mr. Robertson is well
known in Fairfield, and his many
frienads will be plo-ised to learn that
lhe i doing well. Though but r~e
cently established, the house of Ilob -
ortuon & D~esportes hasi already
Taken a high stand in the mercantile
omunity of Rock Hill-one of the
uotwide awake and progressive
towns in Sonth '(Caroline.
The pulpit of the Prelytria'n
church wVas filled on Sunday laM, bgj
R1ev. WV. S Phner, af the Columbia
Threological S'eminary. Dr. Plumeor
is one of the abllest theologians an~d
fintest schiolars in this country, and
hmof likewise ran]. r high as a- j >reachler
lie hais contributed la:'gely to the
thieological literature of thme day, and
a d his works bear thme impiress of deep
Srosh::~.h cotmbinted with E.rvenit
THE n tison MONUMENT.---Our at
tention haIs becen calledl to the condli
tioni of the monumnent standing ini
front of the( dollego building. The
bieck (nclorme is b~rokeni ini mny
places, and in some is not mobre than
'twelve inches~ high. The mornument,
thus unprotected, is constantly ox
posod~( to the risk of being seriously
ininred. An iron- . iling would1 ho
most'dosirablo as a surrounding, but
as this would perhaps entail too
much bxljonse, an ordizary wooden
one, four .or five feet in hpight, would
temporarily answer the purpose.
Mrs. J( n3s, how is your )Ah
this muornihg? Thank you, madaj,
much improved. I bouglht a bottle
of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup hist night,
and after the first dose my cough
was checked. I slept well, and have
not couglied onc. this morning.
TiME FoR TAxPixYi.-Tlle com -
.roller-general. his 'issued a circul .r
to the several'Couy trMasurere, in
structing them to k<e> thbir, 1>ooks
open sixty one days frdi th date on
which tlicy reispoctively iiotifi0cl the
taxpltyors of their reidineds to re.
*ceive taxes. The bor a were oliened
i Fairfield on the fiftoenth of Jtnu
zry, and they will therefore U'( closid
on the fifteenth of March. It is haid
t at there will be 111o extension
W .tover beyond the tine noW fixed
by the comptroller-general.
In this connection, We have bedi
informed by Troas~iler 'Nlson that
taxes are lining paid very slowly.
For the'aocommnodatiou of taxpayers,
he hs visited nearly every section of
the coiIibt, bitt ii collections have,
been very' siall indeed. This tardi
ness of the people is atti ibutable sole
ly to the scarcity of iony.
A SWINDLE.-Some of our ex
changes mention that a peddler of
silk is going his rounds, and swindles
peoplo thus :He represents his
spools to contain four or five hun
dre1 yards each, and offors to
m1e1 suro thorn. When the purchase
is examined, each spool is found to
contain but on hundred yards.
The offer to measure is simply a
bi ,j; as :o v l~ersons will take the
troul) of measuring several hun
dred yards of thread, or even sit
by to witness the operation. Hence
the swindler's success.
TiE SATE', DMOlCRAY.-The fol
lowing circular letter, d-ited Edge
lhid, Felrottry 6, 1876, has ben is
sued by (n. M. C. Butler, chair
in mo of the executive committee of
the democratic party of South Caro
"There will be- a meeting of the
Secu tive Conimmitt e of the Demo
cratic party of South Carolina in the
1 trlor of the Columbia Hotel, Co
hunbiat; S. C.;' on Tuosdny, th6 22d
of Febrlatry, instant, at '8 o'clock, to
arrango for 'A BAll of a convention
of the people, and to oon'sider such
)tier matters as mnal l brought,
bcfor, it. The Qounty Chiainien 1f
the respective counties are invited to
~neet the Cmamnni'too on the follow
i g day (2.3d), at 11 o'clock, A. M.,
in the same rooms."
SALES-DAY. -There woroe remarka-'
ly few people in Winnsboro 0on
last sales-day, and consequenitly few
b~idders9. The sheriff sold tie follow
in~g p)roperty t-..
dune tract of land containing 01n0
hihndred and thirty nine acres,
p)roper'ty of Robert K. Pickett, to
Hugh Malvancy for $2i00. li
One tract containing two hn
dired and twenty adiros, yroperty of
1). B. Kirkland, to Williani Cook$
for $300.
One tract containing three hum
dred andl tiv~eify two acres, property
of Baylis E. Elknhi; to Willian3 B
Dunlap for $850.
Thore was likewise sold a lot of
pelrsonl properCty--cotton, corn,.
muhles, hlorses, fuiniture ete.--all of
wvhich brodight ottrentoly low
A TAME BEA.-Quito a sensation
wvas caused in town on Thursday
by fthe appoaranca df a'goiiii taiid
bear; 18.d by' a genuilio Freich tr'aiij.
T lbe doedii aimal p~erformed many
graceful antics, such as walking
upon its hindilogs', waltsing to~ a tune
sung by its mnastbr nii a voice much
more sonor~ous than cuphlonlione;
climbing trees ce.::iiIl of whiicfj
caused great delight to the sihai)
boys and small profit to the great
mlaster. The youngsters wer6 gaite
taken aback at the bear's under
standing French. They thought it
might be possib~le to teach such an
animal English, but to make it obey
comui-mnda given in French was to
theni truly marvelous. The bear
waus. unddr father good control,
considering~ that it had a neat
ironi ring through its no0s0 and a
comlfortale iron nilkzle over its
mouth. The boys took these for
badgc4s of tihe b)oars supeoriority
over the commnon held of nimals.
our lasit report the following trins
fers of rbal estate hav& beon record
<id iln the oflice of tihe coumty audi
tor ;
J. Adgdr Clark to Rtobbrt A.'dIArk,
lot of one acre in the towni of
Winnsboro ; consideraf$ ioii; $1.00
Becnjamhin B. Steele to Elizabeth
S. Carliiy, tract of 20 aerea lii towvn
ship, no. 9'; consideration, $250.
A. S. Bro'xi or di. E rn,. t
n Willi mBrown, 185 acres in town
ship no. 8 ; consideration, $700.
J. William Brown to Jfld. J. Neil,
sanoe tract above described; 'consid
oration $1050.
April Russell to Winsbo>otnild
-ing and Loan Association,. 83 acres
in township no. 18; consideration,
$200 .
Sallio SwdvM\ to Wobhigton Davis,
2 alid 1 T0 ac'en in township no. 2
consideration, $21.
John C. Mackoroll to B. 0,
Tenant, one lot in 'tlo townl of
Blackstock ; consideration, $100.
Thos. B. Madden to Heiiry' ohn
soli, half acre lot in the town of
Winnsboro ; consideration, $150.
Thos. B. Madden to Fletcher
Holmes, half-acre lot in the town of
Winnsboro consideration, $150.
Dooimo A DILEMMA.--Under this
lieading the Newe and ourier con
tains the following dispatch , dated
Coluiibiti, February 7:
In the Senate to-day, Whittemore
introduced a bill to amend the Gene
ral, Statutes in relation to the Circuit
Counts. It pr ,poses to divide the
'State into six circu.ti instead Of
eight, as follows:
1. The Charleston Circuit, corm
posed of the counties of Charleston,
Orangeburg, tichland, Lexington
and Edgolield. (The counties first
named are now in the first ci-euit,
to which Whipper claims to be I
elected, and the other three counties
form, with Kershawv, Judge Carpon
ter's or the fifth circuit.) The'
salary of the judge to be $5,000.
2. ''he Beaufort Circuiti, con
posed of the counties of Beaufort,
Barnwell, Colloton and Aikfian. (This
is now the second circuit, to which I
Wiggins was elected.) The judgo'sj
s lary to be $1,000. .
3. The Darfington Cirelit, coin
posed of the 'coit 4f Tarlington,
Marlboro', WilliAnlsburg, George
town, Marion, and 11orry.
(Williamsbuirg and . Georgetown
are now i, ,:th'e 'thii-d circuit,
to whIclh ('x overnor Moses chums
to ha'e een elected ; the remavinino
counities, with Chesterfield, form
Judge Townsend's, or fourth cir
'cuit.) Judge's sa'iry $4,00C.
4. The Sumter Circuit, composed
of the colbkties of Sumter, Claren
do, Kcorshlaw, Lancaster And Chet.
terliohl. (Sinlter and Clarendoi
tre now ill the so called Mos.s cir
cuit, Chcst:erfliold in the fourth, Kur
shaw in the fiftl\ and TruieAstcib
the sixth.) Salary of jnidge 8I:,66)
5. the Greenville Circuit, coin
poso-l of the Counties of Gri nville,
Laurens, Pickens, Ocon' , Ander
son and Abbeville. (This is the
present Eighth or CookC's Circuit,
with Laiureus thrown in.) Salary
6. The Chester Circuit, composed
of the Counties of Chester, York,
Fairfield, Union, Spartanburg and
Newberry. (The first three coun
ties, with Lancaster, form tho
present Sixth or Mackey's Circuit:
the last throe are now in the Sev-'
unthi Circuit of Montgomner3. Moses.).
Salairy $.1,000.
Mkou)gr Z1WN, IXSTIT U TE.--WO havo
long felt that there should bo a
strong effort made to fiurther the
succss tid ngrasethse facilities ofI
iii od~sltituton .Nilta gener
al interest and, a. united cffoi-t, we
believe that it cid be mazde to ccu
py a 'syhero : 'of usefulness much
widor thA it:4,resel~t one. The;
first dificulty', .paen t to everyone,
is the smallness of the .proednt
schQgl bpilding. Tn its present coi
dition, afford1ing as it~ dt)0s no facili:
ties whatever for the accomm'odattion
of boarders, it is next to impossible
that the Ihutitute~ shjotild boe sore
than .a successfu~l day school. It
is true that pupils from different
p~laces can find pleaant and con
venljcht .geconhhodachii in privatA
fatuiliss in the town, bqt this is by
no ineans a 'v'ery dhsirabln 'plan, 'Es
peCcmlly in the case of young or boys,!
who require the constant personal
attention and supervision of a
tceher':. \Vinnaboi-o has everything'
i~o akoit othattractive and popu1
lar as a seat of educational institu
tions. With a climate equal to any in
South' Carolina in healthfulness and
uniformity; with every incentive to
social and iloral inigroyomnont and
4111h rigady . 'ominumcatioii, by rai!
road anid te'grafh; w-ith all parts of'
the country, the town seems .to us
to possess special advantages for the
firthdrance of educationaml enter
p~rises: iL stri~es ils as ifnfortdtitt
for our entire community that witif
all these advantages; Wilinsboro has
made but little pirogross since tha
war in her schools. For this, of
course, we have not far to seek foi'
causes. The impoverished condi..
tion of the people---a cause as all
pervading as it has been powerful
the consequent .diriculty of enlisting
thoem in public opterprises of any
e'iar'acter, and, not the least of all,
the burning of $.hoe ld college build.
ig, have all coimbined to chock the
Jdrogress Qf Moihnt 2ioh Institute.
Mut iusoloss' to, waste time or
words in doploring 'tho ya'st: wo
must deal with the present anid tho.
future. Bly a united effort, we p~re
sumpe something can be accom
jilished.' Tihe prcAeht sichool-build
inig might, at no groat outlay, be so
enlarged as to accommodate some
boarders, and .afford additional fa
cilitien for ordinary school work. If
the. institution be once started upon
a now path of prosperity, and be
ogaiji recognized as a loading board
ing-school in the state, there will
be good ground to anticipate addi.
tional sliccess. The present is in
many respects a most ,auspicious
time to start out in this now direc
tion. The condition and prospects
of tle. Institute, under the zealous
and efficient Principal, are both
gratifying and encouraging. With
this nuoleus-teacher and students
--there can be much done to in
crease the numbers, raise the stand
ard and make permanent tho posi
tion of thme institution. We earnost
Ly and respectfully commend this
unatter to the consideration of the
Mount Zion Society, and to all in
i)ur community who realize and ap
p)reeiato the great need of general
oeducatioln, and the good sure to
iecrue from its extensive dissenmi
nation. We invite suggestions and
sorrespondenco upon this subji.t.
is no midicino prescribed byl plysi
tuns, or sold by druggist#, that
carries such evideneo of itb siuc du
1n. superior virtue as DoscHEEa
GERMAN SYRUP, for sevils Cough,
Colds settled on the reast, Con.
sum)tiol, or any psa'd of thi
Throat and Lu'it A. ,ron f of that
fact is that airy p j;.On a ictod, can
ot a satn phl' ott for 10 conts and
try iiof t b f>ro buying
the re Mar i o at ! ceits. It h1-8
latd,y con intro~dnecd in this coun
Igy from derumany', and its wonder
jul cures arc astonishing every one
that uses it. Three doses will relieve
any case. Try it. Sold by McMans
bor & Brico. .
No ExcUsE Folt BEING SIcK.--No
person can use BO.ScEE's GERMAN
SYutvP without ' getting innimediate
relief and cur-. We hav' th~e first
1i.se of Coughs, Colds or Con smum p -
Lion, or any disease of the Throat
tad Lungs, yet to ie'ar fr'om that
has not been cured- We have dis
Lributed every ye:w, for three years,
ver 25.,000 Saniplo -fl6tfil MM:
Druggists in all farth o' the Uited
ata. No othr Manufacturr of
lIudicn'es over gave their prepar:.
Lions sch a test as this. Go to
your Druggists, McMAsTER & ]aUcE
and get a bottle for 75 cents and
try it-Two doses will relieve you.
Sample Bottle(1O cents each.
J)os'T Dro -rnE QUESTION.-It is an infal
ible: sign that i cause is weak when its
3 aims, are sought to be establishe4 by
,t ore bold assertion )vithout argumsn: (r
;ub.tantial,.proe . 'r. Tutt aiser.s that
lis Hlair 1) 0 is the best, and lie adldluces
inloubtei tvidenco to subst utiste the
rath of the l ertioni. -
Ni.W ORLEANS. May 10, 1l5..
. bOr Sir-W ', 'he underaigned wishato
nirm you thai. we ha e ua S your a r
D~ye, anad find it b> be the LJen e ua e o. or
itsed.- For its nmaturali blact cobi' it a
ixcels all other dy -s 0 r custom ui jj
have no( ot her. S mneo we began its use,
tir buhin -s- in the dyeing dep..iiment
h1as rapuid.y inuras d. We think it a grec.t
CII tIEN 1011 * arors.
I( E 'ER fr r -aeo ONE HUNDRED TONS;
XNO for.412 lbs. of cottin per Lou --t'
jiheapst in the market. 1 eman give tv'ienty
sortiticatesm of its don lUng the e o o. 1 .7.,
ifany other agent enn do bettW buy .roml
hinpi ,f niot. I expecct your pi, ro age. Trhe
Lroo of th pudding is--you anow wha.
Base Ball.
A'. persnns who-feel an interost in
Hll hi We -et~ evening next, Felb
rnar.1 1 ;, at 8 o .30 , shari.
feb s2-2t
LLYOUNG 41EAN d irin" to ride' at
a\I TO URNA MgN$' i y b udory',
8. (1., on the 2nd( of Marich, will ' mndI in
their nlames on or before the 25th ut Feb
ruary, to \V. TV. CRAWFrO14
.At' Admission fee - - - $26.
eb i0- t2x1
IENTUCKY Bluc-Gr-ass Sced,
-Rid-top) Grass Soedl,
Hiungarian Grass Seed,
Millet Seed,
Redo Clover Scoti,
Lucerno S U I,
For sale at the dr stor'e f
- ~ W.'.. AIKEbN.
feb 15
TT'O MAKE your for tiier's of d issolved
, bone phosphate or acid phosphato
with' cotton seed, or the eypepings of your
poultry houses. Wo soll thiose phosphates.
Blradle4's .Paternt Phosplhaie Rtiwain
Giiuno, Sardy's Gutano, and EirokaG uano,
for cash or appro ved p~aper.
1776 .AWN 1in7 -A -1fti han1go~havetak on
place in that period 't In none have th'uy
buteen more rad ica Il than in the trejgtment
of diseases. In the oldenr timen, lnature,
prostrate with pain and suffering, a~s at
taek ed with the lanet,, ealomniel,' Wisters,
starvation anid thirst. All thik was done
with honest intentions but with te1-i-ibj
results. It is a pleaslng fact that tho
lightened yublie of the present day have
disenrded such -medicine. . Thla disorders
that pam the pow'era of life are riow. ox.
polled reodedical agents, that brace up
the vital trenmgth, while running its cansp,
The rju litl~os ay fourid in an eminent
degree I DR. 'ru'tt's VEQETAnDLE TivERI
Puarms. They have biecomuo coleberated
over a wide extent of the globe as the safest
and gentlest remedical agent ever off'ered
to suffering humanity, and It is not tihe re
stilt of newspaper putting, but by the
great merit of the medicine Itself.
B Y virttio of an oxeoution to ie direct.
od 'I will offer for sale on the
first Monday in March next before the
oourt-houso koor in Winnsboro, within the
legal hours of sale to the highest bidder at
public outcry FOR CASH the following
described proporty to wit: All that pltan
tati on or tract of land lying and situati in
Fairfield county, containing thirty sores,
more or less, and bounded by Ettiar
Powell, Ilinnant place and pthgns, lovied
on as the property of C. Lehmyeox, at the
suit pf Bacot & Co. S. W. RUFF,
Sherii's Office, 8. F.C.
Winnsboro. 8. C.
Feby. 9, 1875.
feb 15 --fxi
In the District Court of the United States
-in the district of onuth (arol a. Ex
parte Saiml. B. \ lowno:, a -signeu. In He
David C Means, Bankrupt. J'atition
for sale of real and porson. l estate, and
to call in Lion Creditors.
I N obodiunoo to an order nti!t I th''t1i
I Ilourable Ouo. 8. Br. a, a U. S. Ju dge.
Dist'riitp1f Houth Cnroflita, in the above
stated <ist;, 1 will sll before tI e court
houso door fi Winnsboro within the legal
hours of sale on the lirAt a; oaday in March
Apetxt thu following described pro perty to
w t,: The balance of the plantation upon
whici the sai i avid C.. Means rysidey;
(anti f onm w. 'oh three intldrui acres - vo
boun mit, oil its houisteal) uontain-ng Lu o
hiintdred and forty-two spsres, inure or less,
situate in Fairfield ceouty and .-tate of
Souzth Caroliia, boun-let by Winnsboro
and Ashford's k'erry rn4, and Motittjcollo
and I g,,ait,1rvill roa, lann' of the estate of
'1 . 1 aias, dA'd'.. Lucy Hohues, Wil
liama 1amilton, Jane Yongue aud 11. A.
,Milling, d ocased.
Also I. that curtain' tract of land
kpowg ;t' 'the . annetmore tract co ntamn
ing thrum p hnu lred aores, lying in the
county of airlfid Skateeoi South , ar.>lina,
and bounded by the Winibboro and Fels
torville road and Ohesti;,jill .Aihford's
Ferry road and by lands of estate of II. J.
Lyles, deccased, Isaac H. .lins, Luo '
llolmuen d1 estate ofT. C. Sieunnji, dec't.
Also 09n o'Io wagon, ope twotherae blow,
one old gin-head and tw ., cutting-knives
For. the real ost1te,,.one-half o-il, a nd he
bala cu on a credit of twelve ma'bi, , ., itlh
interest from date, the purchasor to give h is
note and a muortgage of the p~romisos and
play for papers. The personal property
.o'td 6r ca:h. - 1
Assignee of the t stato of
-David C. Means, It. nkruhpt.
(Winnsboro, 8. C. Feb. 14th 1870.
feb 1\i
8 H1 lt~iFF' SAL IS.._
S.inuel Cathcart, Comanittee of the Estate
of John 11 Cathcart, Lunatie, against
Lucius Hopkins, Amos '1' Dwi.;ht and
Edward L 'lrowbrid e, Copartne
iun ter the tirn\ namue of ilopkins. Dwight
ana( Trow bridAiX9 ja.tl kiill it .Clowey
ast Clerk of the Court of 'Fairfield Cotun
tS C
TN pursuanco-of an order cf tIt ('-urt of
Common Pleas made in the above
stated case, I will offer for sal' at therisk
of the former purohasoron,.tlof'rst. Mon.
day in March next before the Modrit House
door, in ;. Winnsboro, within (ho legal
houts of sale ; ,.the highest abiuder the
following desertaied property, to wit:
All that tract of land containing seven
hundred and fiftyacre! nore or less and
represented by Is.tr -"' e na plat of sur
voy of the iclton Place made by B 11
tolberezon D 8., on the 5th tl ay of October
1 (Ih9 and on tile ,i, thip. chii of the cler)k
of Court of ( umon fleas for the Cottnty
of Fairlold in the cause styled G 1 Lamar,
Wife and others against tho Estate of N A
Pety deceased.
One a rd Cash, the balance on aidnit
of one andl two years. in two equal aannual
instalinents with .interest frtozn day of saile
payable annually, to ho scured ~'lby pbond
of putrc~haser with a maortgage of the premoi
ses the putrchaiser to pa for ali naceessary
ISlwhiffsiflhue,r.,.. : s W RUFF.
Win nsboro, 8 C, Feb 12, 187t0. 8 F C.
fob 8-h1 x2
T] HAVE now on hand ani ubcL n'otl~ re
.L- civet lhe fdlowihg bratlWd s4 -ell
known-Guanos. TI~homn wishaing tai pnr
chiase'on-.timec, will do wel Ito colI a'id
learn ttermis:
AMMON IA A' hi)bssoIed BONE,
dt Nationni;4'Sohubl- Bone--a first-class
AidI l'hosphnte--- for comiposting.
Speclal 1 Iducements offered by
the C'ar- Load.
- -). RI. FLE~NNIKEN, Agent.
fob 2-4tmos
- -Folt
S E W I N Cl M H IJ1 N E8
---A Tr
feb 15
Writing Papee Enbd En
W E invite :attentin to 'os Stock of
eNote, Letter, 13111 and Legal Cap
Pape, and Envelopes. To merchants
wishing paper by the roam, or envelopes
by the thousand, we will make spocial
de 14 nMATEn &BnnIm:,
W, 1). LOVE s CC
( Tho nm of our firth wnia cl
,,,1I't 0 I E l R V,.
.A.4 in ox rlaxico wixli otur Nouil~linuhtl
,our euntires;touk of Dry(ioodhi, B3oots, 5lO)~t.
ma.ke roomi for Sprxin (Jotai's. i)xirin4
4jtxanH, Oassor~an',, t4., frothx 1t4~ oonat ptor
*.ule coloru, at GI cents pe'r yardf. ..Al lS.43iE
tixtn u~vci hcturga.knuwjj. .D)ress ( iw~s ; g
the best auid uubt pop~ularl ijru~ts, at pt vz.
Eanbrojdlerie8 at. uiitprec hi'nted hnrgxxitis.
H.ahf Hogex, below anything QVoi offored.
worth O~(. Table Linen, !fowols, Nrtipkins
I Ioziujpnii, 'i'ickixxg, etc. Iat pxtices t~yjnml t,
(7Ititlh;, 11'izahlw Shadels, Wall P~aper, etc. at
trodiuAion of these ax lich a. ( ux
Is itI tin uture of our extenive cattablii
ourcnstllxt.r the hest go4Ob fromx rosportaxt
inoro gol hav u ld to thxem, aunal
anly hbouse in tixhi utO You lkLod only oix.
-5IlxWU{ $t fromt 20 cuuxts per lmirl alvwzssrt1k hilt
$1 st() fi 2F'ir pair, wit. be t'- xin~l oItlIt to
Vy aptPIttcial' th b hird taines trur plait'orl+h at
OI4Usotto.OUl utro (let9xtino .. t$) our ,t;
at, riViclv' p rictits t' ill 1}ap t. i l xxnuey g
early nat~t oftent to 8cuux bairgis at theu (1 r
j a 1iCU1EE RV
1 i;1Well-4toW1 1!'n'f "urei of h igh gn
J RA\'J.;N L, tir fbrux7tdx it, rxith-od :prociu
Vor d'rncriptivo oircularsix eulltiing full
3M. i3. :U
.v# r- CMMrN CI. CO), Winmahoro, 8
J A BhuGE & 00, Yonxgxxavillo, 8 0.
J: F.Mc!&aster &Co.
Would call (ho attention of the
public to thour full Stock of Faill andt(
Wintter Goodix4 which they are~o o1fer
ing at greatly rcchacd Prices to suit
tho times,
DUN 98$. 0001DS,
ngod Januury 1, 18763, to thot of
lliati. (iops~.sto., to VP1ANIC: 1;11UW; 4," to
tho next izxon1th we will Kell tf.wecds,
v~tri upoar K ,V leous. i full lino of lint
and 4-m t tD,9IW'tOs, at! lowver pricesr
irit 641i-guiles, to oto~ej out. iIlcicAI )O(',
thiat will iistoiiilt )-oi. Notions, LaWUH,
?4eno and "040011's 'Indorweur, (ose aind
dIe' Linon Bosomn 8Hartci ut $15 per dozen,
,cLeo "bVcit of hluportation . Chouukuil
) #'ttlodit S efltts pat Lbouxa. (Carpets, Oil
p1liees lower tiuau Ever maiude incie the iiil
duneu1t. lin this dolpartIII(.t we ihave, ilu.
hick sales "We+ have dot'?rlutined to givo
Ao Ilarnufa turois, at. 25 per~ coxt.. losi thoul
in e:lxoqxlunoo our moles" now far exeedx
1161110our, otock to lho .uouvinieed. We Sxell
10111 Mist biroganxs Andx' iuli.~s's Xhoes, :at
lrxytlxilg otbt'resl at $1 50t to $1 75. Wo-fil.
V( i.:r betweozi itlortourops aind isr~w :pu~
Marro in etlug the bitrdlvn by 5%oliig (tuiii1
it it tI wt%' in x11iyipig V'ul1V.Wt5s. ('aill
111(1 (t'xitr~td i.)i ouls )stxl'lisiiaxont of
, LOVE & CO., Colnnmblii, 8. C.
At xiixido uner the xnpcrisioxl of Dr. ..$t
on liitljtex torms.
inftorationu mid prices aipply' to
"3EL019T cA 00.
r;%l Ageutp, CluamI'e~tpii 8. C.
C, h1U1'F d; C3LOU, itidgeway, 8 (3, anti
No&tster BrioB
Entire, Stock
ATl' EX,'iIA B;Ali&,AIN -,
fA 1i l~nhod 1 Ioiniripuns at 11, 10t)n
1 r jutl s,
Brown I loiaiespxxns froma (Ito 1 1 cent".
11 I rvy Pld i baa umptuas at 12 Cenits.
In foot, they arc selling all at
Theywon1 d alrsk exj'ec'ial attention to
thi Stc ofi kis
Kites loois mill C hard.

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