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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, February 16, 1876, Image 4

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Pitblishel Every Wediesday at
W~I'LLL/LtMS J .Dvi P7i3.
iae Copy one y as., . - $ 300
lee " .' - - - 1200
en ' " " - 2660
091eiaM Directory of Fairfield
PmYA rod.--Mosces Marbin.
nKeII w'I:N'rATIVI --Joseph Thompson
ohn Uihaen. Joel Copes.
A i. Itaff--,eriff.
,.n't. it. lownoy-.-Clerk of the ('court.
J...). Neil--.Pldge of Probate.
W. It 1'eake--Cou-nty Auditor.
W. NI.. Nelson---Countty Treasurer.
N. J (irawfordi--iohool Commissioner.
R. F. Marin -Jury (nommissiower.
envrr "o0M ssroNRRs--Ja. R. Harvey,
cury Jacob-, Cart'er Bealy.
li N. oIbear--- U. 8. Cominissioner,
'sranrn< tiner.o-S. B. Clowne;-, J,
Q. Davit, 11. N. Obear, D. B. Kirkland.
7RnlAI, JUsTCR--A. M. Mackey, W. R
Marshall, .*ames Aiken, Clarence Rabb,
11. J. F. W. Coleman, Thomas Walker,
Br. fra S. Scoit, T. It. tobortson.
W. It. Itobertseon, President.
Geo. Ii. ScMaster, Vice. President.
Bani'l. 11. (Jlownoy, Cashier.
T K Elliott, 'feller
!9. R. Robertson, 11. L. Elliott., James
.eary, Gerprg It. MoMaster, D. K. Flen.
- tilen. .la s... McCanta, Jas, 11. Blom, Jn.
A Brice. L S. .Douglass, Col. William
Job instona,
To'v OrTICaIs.
F. ( 'rig-latendant . . ,
w.ansitv.~ -F. GOrig, J. A. Fraser, W.
$. Nehe:,n,.-1. (t. Mlc~arley,
cnner or Por.oi--J. T. Mothershed.
G. If. McMaster--President.
.'ah'ey li.,aty--Vico-P1resilleat.
1) I. i lennlikon--Seo. and Treas.
It. N. ('bear-Attorney;
lirauouri.-.11. A. lirice, Sami'l. D
Clowney. U. .A. Wblhie, 1. N. Withers. .1.
M. )ii.,w t, e. Eb!lor, t'. It. Madden,
W. 11. I'tianiken, J. S. Connor.
"Oh ! utother, what do they mean by blue ?
An I what do they noaa by gray ?"
Vas hoard from the lips of a little child
As she bounded in from play.
VThe mother's eyes filled up with tears;
Sho turnod to her darling fair,
And snoothoul qway from tho sunny brow
It treasures of golden hair.
"'Why utnther's eyes are blue, my sweet,
An granlpa's hair is gr.ay,
Aw'l the rove wo bear our darling child
irows stronger overy day."
"But what did they noital " persisted the
"'ter I saw two cri pplos to-clay,
And one of thum said ho fought for tho
h u'';
TihO othor said ho fought for the gray.
"N.r, ha of the blto laut a log,
The otlher1 had but one arm,
Antd l'th iemeoniod worn and weary, and sad,
Yet their greeting was kind and warm.
Thy told of battles in da y' gone by.
'Till it atdo my young blood thrill;
'fh" le was lost in the Wilderness gfht,
An-1 the mri on Malvorn Ilill,
'Thiey sa~t on the steno by the fariu
yardl gate,
Aln I haked for an hour or more,
TJill theoir Oyou grow brighi,, andle their
bioarts sceemod warmn,
Willh lighting t~heir baittl~eor.
And parting at last with a friendly grasp,
Ini a kindly, brotherly way,
Eachl onited on God to~ speed the limo
Uniting thu blue and tho gray."
Thenu mo'ther" thought of othler days
T(wo stalwart boyis from her riven;
How they knelt at her sidle, and, lisping
"Our Father wie'lih art in lleaven ;"
itow 'lne woro tho gray and on1e wore the
I Tow Ithey'd passod away fromt sight,
AndI latde gono to a land wvheru gray and
Ar rueinrged in colors of light.
And alh. amsworod hor darling with golden
While her heart was eadly' wrnne
V. ith the thoutghtsi awakened in that sad
jtiy her innocent, prattling tongue:
" l'ho blue and the gray art. the colors of
Tlhey are soon ini the sky at Oveni
An'id many a niohto, gallant soul'
Ilnias f1nnd themn passports to Hecaven.'
A ft er all that can be said1 of the
adlvan1tagos one man has over anoth
ore lth0lo is still a wondor'ful equality
in human fortunes If the heiress
hats booty for' hor dowor', tho ponnhi
loss have bcautyv for theirs ; if one
mana hlas cash 1h0 other hats credc;
if 0110 boasts of boats of his income,
t eother can of his infhonco. No
one is so miiaorablo but that his
neighbor wants somothing lhe p)0
sensos, and no one so mighty but
thait he wants another's aid. The
sun that rises in clouds may sot in
81plendor i and that which ris0s in
splenldor may set in gloom.
At. Columbus, Obio, among the
bills iroduced is one making foroi
ble outry into corn cribs and p)oultry
yard~s bur'glar'y ; an d one requesting
doner al Grant to dismiss his rela
tions and appoint Union soldiere in
their places.
CUFE Ao.---Tako 3 toaispoonifuls of
(0ommon01 corn starcb, 2 teacupfuls
oIf cold water, dissolve a piceo of
sweet soap double)1 the size of a grain
of corn, moiston the article, and let
it stand for half an hour, then iron
umtil thoroughly dry. This will
pirove satisfactory to any one who
may try it.
It costs the p~eople 01f the United
States about $10,000 a dlay to sup
por1t the House of Rtepresentatives.
A session of the House consumes
from three to four hours. Every
hour's work is done at an expense of
$2,500. Every mninutoe of the session
costs $ A.
.Wholo years of joy glide unpor
coiveod away, while sorrowy count.
tihe minutes as they pass.
Headache is the name of a p)ost.
ofhie nm Mihg1 n.
The London Medical Record an
nounces the formation in Paris of it
strange society. The members bind
themselves by a special testmon
tary disposition not to- be- interred
after death ;. their bodies are to be
delivered to the dissecting rooma of
the various medical, schools for dis
he wife of a bookworm one day
exclaimed to her husband : "I wish
I wore a book, so I could always
be in your society ?" "Well, yes,
my dear," said the old man, "that
would be charming, if yott should
happen to- bo an almanac, so I could
change you every year."
"That elock,. stranger," said a
Michigan farmer, "was the hest
kind of clock up to about six
months ago, when my daughter bo-e
gan to have boaux, and now the
blamed thing is always two hours
A Philadelphian advertisos for "a
servant girl who is a sincere Chris
thian and won't burn the moat all uip."
Don't believe there's such a conibi.
nation of talent to be found in the
domestic market.
A mixture of Plaster of Paris,
sement and white of an. egg, boiled
together in water, produces a sub
stance capable of high polish an<1
resombling whito marble. The
idlition of some "pigment will pro
vide various colored varieties.
Take the world right through, and
three-quarters of the umans do not
earn their bread and clothes. This
is what makes it so tough for the
other quarter.
We are beginning to get news
as to whoro Tweed hasn't boon
seen, and the dispatches will be
numrous for some timo to come.
One Troy lawyer, according to
the testimony of eight other Troy
lawyers, cannot be believed under
Glasgow has the tallest himiiney
in the world. It is 468 feet high,
and 1,400,000 bricks were used in
its oroetion. It will not be scut to
the Centennial.
Florida is progressing in wealth
and population mnorO rapidly than
any of the Southern States.
Judge David Davis, of Illinois,
seems to be rising into 'greater and
greater prominence as a democratic
candidate for presidelnt.
A prisoner in a Wyoming territory
jail hung himself because he was the
only inmate and felt lonely.
Teo leather business of the United
States represents a working capital
of $70,000,000.
I ' . l 14 1 10 T1A XPA I uAS.
NO'ICE is hereby given that the un
. orwignod will attend the fo)llowinig
ph1l(e(1s hetremin spee'lled, for thle cojlhetions
et'state and county taxes for the year 1875,
to wit
Feauiterv'illo Precinct (Facucett's Storo) Feb
ruary :t und 2e1 b .
ruary 6th.
ongesvilie]recinct (Weoodwvard's D)epot)
Feb~ruarv 8th andlt It h.
ltiengeway' Precinet (RtlIgoway) Fob ruary
.1lth and 12th.
Eloreob P'recinct (Hloreb Church) Febhruar
I.arham recnc (Lamar's) Febhruary 18.
Treasurer Fa.irtiild Ctylt'
r'ho Bent Household Oil the in World
i. WEST1 & St1hN' A L~iJDIN SECUI'lY 010
w A ll lANTmE I. 1nDluIo:lS rimo E TEsTm.
ndorsedl b~y the Fir. 1,insurace C'ompuaies.
IrJ)- Readeth f ol lo ung certificate. aelleced
-ove meauv euther
I O WA) Alt E13 INfS. C'O.uf hil TiMoRE,
Dl cember Ii, 74.
?hrurs. C. lI'e'sf & Son.,:
Eieetielen-lhav~tin sert thee v:utones ecile sol in
his city ('or illumcir'eetinugdresaee. I tae plen >.urehe~ e in
ecennueting je yolur''A lenddine criy" aes thee saesnt
clud bce t enyer use in nu ier lheusiehoeld.
sigeed) A NDR EW RI hI:8-. Pres.'(
0. w EsT & SONS,
Ask your storekeepjer foer It. wlean~jlo DepoI
||3 11 .. W I.eembac~rd Street, Baeltmeore.
seipt 29'-sflmos
AC BIARRIEL~S of Irish Po(ttes, em
"t...bracinag all the leadinig vairietiesf.
--ALSO --
a latrge( assortment of Gaeren Seds and
Onion Sotta, at D. LAUD)EIDAILE'X.
jan 18
OTz3%J c. DrIAyI
Imeporter andl Dalecr in
Iron, Steel, Nails, Castings, Mill stonies.
Boltm - Clths, imnt Maebines1(, Cireni'lar
Saws, Mill Irons, Sugar Pans Carr ig
Building and T1rinmming Mater ils, India
Rubber and Leather IBoltingr, Carpent ers,
Blacksmiithi and T1anners' ''ool1, lInuse'
keeping and Furnishing Iiardwvaro, Agri
cultural Imp~lleents, imee CJteent, Plas
ter, Paints, Oils, F~rench and American
Window (Glass, Guns, liitlces, P'istols, shtot
Belta, Powder Flasks, Powder, 8heot, &0.
WVholesalo and Retail at the algn of the
Golden P~ad Look.
nov 10--x3mnos
. LL~ persons having~ any volumes ba
L.longing to) the Phuilomnath~ean or
Philosophic 8ocieties are reapectfuhl ' re.
quested to, return themu to I 11 Mc Mas
t er, Librarian of t~c heung .\len's Debating
Socioty. TVhe beook of' those societies
leave been1 ttruned over to the Yong Men's
Debating boeity.
feb 3 1mi Sec. adTe
MARRIIEII PCOpl,--N w in\"en"
Non. Just what you want. ltr liali lo and
Duraiblo. Mailed On ro rvei1It of 75t . All
ilresn Dr Mwtman k Co, Mlddloton Conn.
MIND rotlding, 1'syohomnnoy, Famoinn.
Lion, Soul Charming,. Mtulnerinln
uid Marrialso (luitle, mho-wing how oitllct
iex luny faioinatto tend gelid 1-1111 love and
lllection of any pa s011 they cllooite itlk fatut.
Iv, 4(0 pngo i. By n111it50i 1-s. llunt & Co.,
139 H. 7th St., 1'hilat., Pa.
A.UENT'i WANTED FOR 'l'lmL"' Q1U Arl'
,C]:NT1-,'NNIA I4 li IS'I'UItY"
70(J 1"ngtrr, low" n"ie . tluit"k Hales. l.xt 1)1
;erias. P At' ZE NLI;It & (t)., 08 Arch
- t., 1'hiluclt+lpltin, Pat.
Wall Street Caricatures.
A 1"0\v Hnola, 48 pag(1s, oontniniit 14
Engrnrod IllX:+tratitnln, with inlovnt:ttiot.
for Stool, ;+lwoulntol-S. !'rich 10 coals L
uttil. 'I'null ri71){o & Co, Iitulkur:l atnl
Brokers, 2 \1'1111 -Street, N Y.
W A N ' 'L{1 1-t tlttittrttlc1 ititihZ1
YY .J iltg Stattiotli:t"\"
ngo in the world. Ii. h7 att. lI:; I1 Lr., t
111p er, lb (ItVllolles. 1;1111cil 1 ott, 1it'It
Ilolilhr, pecil, patcttI raid ult.u-tlre, an l
Ptihce of "lowulry. 1il. 'tr. 1 uh!ln ,e, post
mid, 2hot, u li r ; I.ut.u. 1ti'utc1,1 r; 1;tvr:n
way tun 11 .1geids. i i i"httl:tl"I t'rr"u.
llridt:.C. (,u, it'J l;ru cdwaly, N .
coUCps, CorbIs, 110AHKE'fi11"S1
t1Nb AII. 'I'IIItu.1T 1)l;E.\ Ft;,
Wells' Carbolic Tablets
PIT UP ONLY IN 111.1.11 11 :(a;tt.
I'IIl'i) A '1) SL:I1I it 1' ll'Illl
Sold by Druggisty'gonern+ly, nft71
(O11!ISLJtt Ilulluway . +:o., 1'iliia:l:f1111i:a
Vo1'kn on (halt miljth.t, i\ (111. 1lt7ta, i ,r
ind plainly w"titir"n iiatilln7lu>uti lilt I t,'
rentnzont of till or.linni- tliiull 11" It. co till
)oulestic Aniltitls, arv consltat11Iv Iii-p! it,
took, t( i tl.er with.tpflroiiriuth \h.'li "itlt"
'heRt.4. .this, baott;t 111.o slltuiull \\riltl n
or the I'::riul"t',, attrt"1< I;:ait, i s 111" lii\"etc
tublctuaIt'it 11-s0, :tvoitlilk-! +t-, fill. 11$ 1 1,;,I.
11e, 1ti1 (l-41llft1(111 *Iocl t.5.: For dos7"ri1"ti\h
rii"e li>:t :11.1111 stomp t1 lily'
Itatltitutll"c Iloult1:1711r 611ic 111w " : r"v,
A'hxt. Fuv1"tlt: tit r7 a. 1tc 1:1.!t 1:1; 1-C
CAFlit,, j'relt)l"il tut 1-'1 1. ;,
U. \V. P 7111 . I P'
v4 .trF S ,t
1) E' A 1, ],,'R IN
F URNITITIZE. P.11-h-1. llrt:rl:rts fluid
l'ietlll"e 'Frotuc"s, 1,11 clt' i; n ttn l
worlCI l:ulxllill, n1 ,"iluu111.71. lit:nt lu
1or m y 1,1.11"('% ill"t' 111""',"i171 t"n11111t:titlntl for
he :1111110 tlllt!lity itt t7tltlti.
A NEV Nis!'1'1.v
f ltustih Wilk-low Sltii lc',. lt ".\" in price.
lunil le. CooilVeilii itt, that 1-w\ ev irhl 11(11 11f
.w.l..,. .....1 ...:11 1.... 1...........1-- --
I iobniond A (1V rtiscillients..
Talbott ySorn .y
Siioekoe Machine Works,
M MANUpA'f. l'u1tI.11ts of Stt'nln );mines
nnii ?3oiler1, Agriktlltiirnl I',nl; onus,
(;ircubtr tit r rills, (lerist, Jbtrl( and Pllts
t1't" Mills. 8llut'ting, I l tii ;t'ts and 1,'ulluy.'.
out 19
\Vlic. IJrrlrNc; .n. li 1' i" imat\l).
Ettenger & Edmond,
fu"il\NONI) VA.
AT ANI 1".% ("fill M" Portttlli, nnil
Ktatiunnrv 1:n1 inns and Boilers of
nil kinds, ('ii itLu" u\v Mill-<, (iri:;t Mill,,
Mill (}rntini;. ;;litftin1;, 11111h. vs 4c".
.Aauslc1ICAN 111011NL W 'r1:[t t"lttaa,.
('uluerol,'.s tip:"t.iu! Yt 11n1 Puinps
i7vtt!i ('ur ('u(ult-Wio.
(Net 10
FurltiWtt, \\'trk"; and 14111:1ber 11ilk
;t iI t1 \In ll \t,.
+O ''i'.\(i]i 1i1,)nlttd$. ("liullillt"I" all'!
/ h lrlur l'Itr1!itttl"o. 1r'tltl!, ('ll:'it"t
.\1". R iut l lane 1.11 "I"r t.'t \\'a 11t;I t auu 14 "1 tl t"r
I l.e l",1 \1. 1711 .'..tt li ti." iis,'s1. I I(.l '4/,
:ul2,tt n1;. Isu l t 1 ..:1 JIiffl s.- 4 lilt till);
ur(iclcs. ,
1 M37'07'
('a'Itrl $lr'cirt'nt Six/h to 1 11/1
1 N('i[Nla, ]'1''tlll"I, and
1;at 11n::r .
iJ 4n\v '.lill4, (i:.-t ?11111x, li lil:"r:,
i i111;s of' I trtu;s 11114 l rou, 1'n1'L' ll". s ,\ e.
Ag.riruliIIi'tl tl'("tt Works,
in itit its lll'ill,1'br:; tinnt
lt u,.ls.
Elnproy.0.1 t'(>t"i:,ll'o :Twit}t',
driving ."ott1'li g4Jt". Iillllilitl; lllit
t 111.1, " ]+:ll''tin l': ' I'Ixf 111111 t'.
, .\ nnulli,"," nl' ;t t ,tot 1'.:n'l 1'nr:int'5 ;ni'l
1;11i11'1'IS o f, \itlin lt; r1' Itl"I Il ;, 111 ill',<t L'.,l
ol"tlt"1", till 11:,11'1. !it ;)lilt' \vui"]C
ittul Jtl."tiltil'I1V (lout...
Will. E , . T AN - * , "
net 1;)
we ILr Doty . CO.
r A Pil I L Y F L 1, r-11 1A. 11 I'll P'
N, A I S,
FL( ) 1 Ti.
I! .. l,'' -,I I--.-.-- - - S . -
(leo. IV. 1VYi1Iiiiii & Co's
Trho Biridloy's Patteit Supbt'phos
pl1Uat41, And
'I'hte IP11liinft() Solble Ad
t PalCIpIIOSp~ltot,
-F]AV1; bee uceit d by the plilitrA of (ho
L.LSou th for tuni yvairx with ln13chk'xia
MKluCR434. '1.Iiey scalrcely njeed 033colinj3fl)
to rc'4.1) mend1 I 1)(ir e~ .ituu d UX. The
stan1da~rd of their 'xcellece3 i"' tirILultood
a nd thim ir rcxu 1(34 prto he'y iiii (j434H
(jolt that every plan3ter Who".; tt1ii to hilti
uI,ir'iitx No Oft Iheri''etize:'.,
I 1 (iii ':I11iiSe & Co., Ai'~4 ut. h
jail 1)
CSI (AtLiCf'ON(" S. C.
I. : .3 pi uiitit. April *xt $l(;,
.11 1:.;. ,t I",..,' ",i.
Il'30441hOtto of iliI(4, 22-$:3 peir (Wilt. A pil
. 3v'oiv I J. .da (14'44)lu
A-Spe *ii West ' to (lw, i'ai13 01n cashl
iii I'. 1 33 1 413iuli3r4 *iiI (34
EX U i1LidA.\I8, 'i r.4i ire'r,
(ii' t o
I) It F1 Icit'iii' Ag'etit a I~i tli ('3*
I11", I) I uiit$ ~& ((, Aeilt ati .L:ai~ywly SOi
1 1 R NK 1 t::'lti 11 T11)N4i'1TE
11131n~ ItIt' 31 34i1i31it('e SaoIL .'tei.Lltor tis
icnt; aii Ji .i I(,i/J;I,, 'V.' 3lidi altways
h 't'14 I3 ull su~ip ly 1111 11:111/ (1'"1,1'1; ell
t F~tiitei1 (to o'iit .~3' to shalI 131Crl with~l l'r01l t
'1 lt it (13 thi L
c> t ijll ,! .1erc 'r tl4 will only sl13t(' that
v u' 1 c(,)1sit"nii lolt is x:ilj.34t' l( t, 4
1;o :iiv.is* -lul heI13 on .iilti stand -
:11-1 i- rally l1linijidb4.. iI'r. 11. ii NClK
333:34ii"iti.u1-4 In 1%'I': i it .I 111"-4 .11(,l 11 Lk 11\
I 'IN4('K NE' 111.: 'I'J:I
( 'i tli30'c ii I \\I1lu.', Uhlanh..d,lnS C
Chcap Guano.
r 1I I ' ' : : ; V 4 ('fl' 1'1.if 1 !11 i , e Of
Lt .t .\ 3343.01. S,4fl3. :1 t tunts :4i1 o (its
44i)'31 ill1ta '.le jil' per 133IV'1'i4 ot Prntt..t.oi
1' , I'1 :1I' its 4 ii.C at, 1111! 140 l 111
't5 Ii i j . (43 :li t 1';11 4'tl iii 4*') 4 '.'" 443
. lo - 1 1 t :1 av "1'" 1'f ll . 3 a '{ I 'ti r Iit:11
X11 per tH 1'111 11 *ill i'I'iii' 14 1.<o
3V) Jtln I J . .)A1.4 N. I lF:t.U '3
j.1cc.i or li tn .0 hvr&(
D. JoIm -t:l, J.11. ''.ts 31t'.1.'Y iiiet ate"V
1;. II 13th i :;1'! N .iC.
33':. '33 ' 3.t:i.lst1333.
ri u1J 1h.llnleijnodt ha;vinlg bought the
.1. t.Itive stock of .Jas1. 8" fater t1 Co'Ht
wIt~esiQZ1I tIopatrt iteut, toge~ther with F
I"UIrui~hiug; (.iodN,
Ihuts, JBoots toil $*uooi.,
Notins, t't.
nlauh iti'"; 0) of the ilt1It0t. 111141 I1*'' SFt
1,1"; :,ekes e)~itxtver lirtutiglt to \1'iuaus-.
thei a Iuhattatsn friendsu uad tuastotu rs4 tit
tli',ir L!SUAL.,Y LO)W 1'1Z1CIF;8, eitlort by
%'H O L ES ALE L ti, I' .l 1I,
to suit laitoliactn . Pices~ "gariuiteud a::
1/)W AM Til,. J OWE I'. Our motto ii'
Quick Sastt atil 11111:11 1'1'(fifis
1V. F. I .EE'I.C:ii & CO.,
at F*. I":L,: as (t,1 .1 .r; 1 ' 1M t tor.
Bo ,1 row & Son.
1r c w' iii 3tcorc
10,000 yds. Stan lard Ifoiiw
tic anfd Borne() Ba o''j ;
700 b~undles Arrow 4ahd
50 k(e~''a ils, U'4~((it C(!.
-E dzenCL% Axes.
A 1)
s*'pt. 4
pjii ,i ol Wiuitl .J'nhis., "l pii~it o i' * -
I i t ie .i, c t s V( \\ ite' 1'luu oc i, olce

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