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Monday, February 1.1.
The senate was not in session.
It. M. Smiith moved that the flag
on the state house be placed at half
mast. in respect to the memory of
Revordy Johnson. Adopted,
Rice introduced a bill to limit and
fix the tax costs of attorliys and so
licitors at law.
Barnwell introduoed a bill to pro
vidO for the redemption of the bills
of the president and directors of the
Bank of the State.
The house proceeded to the con
sideration of the general orders.
A bill to regulate the rate of in
torest and to prevent usury, being
the unfinished business of February
11, was rosumed and made the
special order for Feb. 15, at 2 r. ii.
A bill to authorize the land coml
isilsioner to reduce the prices at
which lands purch)lased for the land
coUmmissiol havo been or may here
after be sold to actual settlers was
taken up and passed to a third read
A bill to provide for the reproson
tation of the national guard of the
state of South Carolina at t113 cen
teinial colebration, city of Philadel
phia, Pennsylvania, in 1876, was
tiaken uip.
R. M. Smith novei to strike out
the enacting words of tho bill.
Agreed to.
A senate bill (4) to apportion the
represientation of the counties in the
general assembly in accordance with
the requiroments of the state con
stitution. Ordered to be engrossed
for a third reading.
Resolution (By Mr. Ferguson)
that the committee on retrenchment
and reform be instructed to report
a bill reducing salaries was con
Elliott (Mr. Spencer in the chair)
moved to indefinitely postpone the
resolution. Agrood to-yeas, 42
nays, 28.
Tuesday, February 15.
The presidont laid before the
senato a communication from the
trijsteos of the university request
ing the payment of claims against
that institution, amounting to
$2,207 33. Referred.
The following passed and wont to
tho house:
Bills limiting the time of com
mencing criminal actibns ; to amend
section 20, chapter 17, of thbo goner
al statutes of outh Carolina, rela
tive to insurance agents' license.
The concurrent resolution (house)
for tho appointment of a joint coin'
mittee to inquire into the sufficieney
oif the bondls of the comptroller
general, secretary of state and state
treasurer, wvas laid on the table.,
The concurrent resolution from
the house to adjourn sine die on
February 28 was laid on the table.
The governor returned, with his
ap~proval, several acts, none vf which
have any special public interest.
After a short executive session,
the senate adjoiurnod.
Mr. Beatty, from the judiciary
omnmittee, reported unfavorably
up)on the bill to empower circuit
judlges to issue remedial writs in
any part of the state. A motion to
reject the bill was lost.
Tihe bill to limit and fix the costs
of attorneys at law was rejected.
Couch introduced a series of reso
lutions looking to the impeachment
of Judge Montgomery Mosos. .a/ho
rosoluhrms provide for a committee
to go to the senato, and, in the namoc
of the peop~le, to demand such im
p~eachlmont, and for the appointment
of one to prepare articles of impoeach
ment. Both committees were duly
Thie special order, being the ap
peal1 from the speaker's rulhng which
denied the right of Whipper to enter
his "protest" upon the journal, was
The bill t~o raise supplies for the
fiscal year commencing November 1-,
1875, was taken up, discussed and
amended. The levy for schools was
fixed at 2 mills, instead of 1j.
(Couch introduced a resolution
prescribing the manner of discussing
in the house the articles of impeach
moent that are to be presented against
Judge Montgomery Moses.
Wednesday, February 10.
Representatives P?. Simpkins and
J. T. Sloan, committee on the part
oif the house of representativos, ap)
p~earedI and impeached Montgomeory
Moses, jlldge of the seventhl judicial
circuit, of high crimes and misdo
mneanours in ollico.
The senate took order .in the
The ebmmlttoo on the, jttd.iitry,
to whom was dierrd bill,to armbnd
section 17, chapter 122, of the gen
eral statutes o South Carolina, and
all-acts amenidlatory thordto, relative
to circuit courts, and for otlier .,piir
poses, reported back the s'the .'vith
the recommendation that it do paus,
with amendments.
Bfill maldng certain grants %0, tho
Choraw and (hestor .lnilroad Cor.
pany. wias laid on the .tal~1q
3i11 to provide for the to emnption
of certain obligations of the state
of South Carolina was made the
special order for February 17 at 1
P. M.
Tho committee on finance was in
structed to make such provisions in
the general appropriation bill as will
provide for the rewards offered by
the governor for all criminals arrost
od under his proclamations.
Messrs. P. Simpkins and Sloan
appeared before the bar of the
house and reported that they had
proceeded to the bar of the senate,
and, in the name of this body and of
all the peoplo of the state, impeached
Montgomery Moses, judge of the
seventh judicial circuit, of high
crimes and misdemeanors in office.
Elliott sub)mittcd articles against
Montgomery Moses judge of circifit
court of the seventh judicial circuit
of the state of South Cairolin:a, in
maintenance andi support of the im
peacihiuent against him for high
crim1es and misdemeanors in office,
wich were adopted.
A bill to amend an act entitled
"An act to grant the use of a vacant
lot in the city of Columbia to the
Palmetto Lodge, No. 5, of the Indo
pendent Order of Odd Fellows, on
certain conlditiolis," wias read the
second time, and ordered to be on
Thurs day, Feb. 17.
Whittomnoro submitted rules of
procedure and practice in the senate
when sitting on the trial of impoach
mncn ts.
Johnston introduced a bill to in
corporate the Bishop vi]i and Aiken
Railroad Compmuany.
ch -EliI tto provI(de for t"1.
layml ent of rewarid,4 offiered to so
cure the punishment of crime.
The manalLgers of the impeachment
of Montgomnecry Moses, judge of the
seventh judicial circuit. on the part
of the house of representatives, pro
ceded by the sergeant-at-arms, aid
acCOImiali ed by the clerk an1d men
hers of the lhouse of represeatatives,
entered the senate and took the
seats provided for them, when
Elliott exhibited the specific articles
of impeacment.
Bill to provide for the redemption
of certain obligations of the State of
South Carolina was ordered to lie
on the table.
Concurrent resolution requiring
county treasurers to report to the
general assembly tho amount of
bills of the state tendered in
paIymnont for taxes, was concurred in
andl returned to the house.
S1imp1kinsX introduced a bill to fix
the compensation of cortain ofhi
cors, and a bill to provide for then
public pintin1g anild bindCing.
Coleman-Bill to -.nuthorizo andl
empiower the county commissiaioners
of Laurens couty t:: open amnd es
tablish a public roal in said county.
The consider ation of a bill to pro
vido for the redeaaption of the hillh
of the president and directors of the
Bank of the State pirsented for
paymnont of taxes was resumed.
Ponding the considleraition of the
bill the house adjourned.
Friday, February 18.
The comnptrolher-.general sent tc
the house a communication that the
South Carolina Railroad Company
is possessed of property valued at
$1,156,000 including the railroad
and its aJpurtenances.
A bill to authorize the Grangers
Life and Health Insurance Comnpany
to create and establish a stato
department in the State of South
Carolina received its third reading,
palssed and was sent to the houso.
IJoint resolution to appropriatei
certain funds in the treasury gi
Chester county' for the p~aymnent of
grand and petit jnrors for the yuar
1875 was indefinait-ely postpomned.
Thie enacting clause of a bill tc
anmend1 section 17 of chapter 122 of
the general statutes of South Cairo
linma, and all acts amendator)
thereto, relative to circuit courts,
and for other purpljoses, was stric-ken
A concurrent resolution that the
county treasurers of the respective
counties rort the amount of billi
of the Bank of thme State tend ereci
for taxes for the fiscal year com
mnucing November 1, 1875, wam
ordered to lie on tho table.
Senate bill to amnond section 20,
chapter 17 of the general statutem
of South Carolina, relative to in
suranco agents' -licenses, was re
A ronion tat the mjcal conm
inittee appointed to investigate the
failure of the South Carolina Bank
and Trust Company be required to
report the result of said investiga
tion within Jive days was rejected.
A resolution that the night
sessions be discontinued was laid on
the table.
Leslie introduced a resolution
looking after por diem and mileage.
The report of committeo on
privileges and elections in the case
of J. D. Robertson, was made
the special order for Thursday
Bill to provido for the rodomp
tion of the bills of the president
and directors of the Bank of the
State was indefinitoly postponed.
Ad journod.
Saturday, February 19.
Cochran presentod the present
mont of the grand jury of Anderson
county, which was ordered to be
Corwin introduced a resolution to
appoint a joint committee to invs
t gate certain charges mado against
Judge Reed, of the first circuit, and
against F. J. Moses, Jr., and W. J.
Whipper. Ordered to lio over fur
future considerattion.
Thirty acts were ratiflod, general
ly of a local or private character.
Gaillard moved to reconsirer the
vote whereby the senate struek out
the enacting clause of an act to
aimel:d the general statutes with
reference to circuit judges. The
motion was tabled by a decided
vote. This finally disposes of the
scheame to legislate Whipper and
Moses out of olico.
The senate then adjourned till
Wednesday, February 23.
A bill to prohibit the salo of
ardent spirits within three miles of
Willi:uuston Female College, in An
derson county, was taken up and
ordered to be engrossed.
The bill to incorporate the Union
Savings Society of Columbia was
puasrsed to at third readling;.
A bill to prohibit the said of in.
toxicating liquors within two and
one-half miles from Blythowood
Female Seminary, in Fairfield coun
ty, was taken up and ordered to be
A resolution that the house take
ho ulia'y on Washington's birth -day
wats tablod.
A Magic Dining Room.
Soi months since an English
man named Atkiuson bought a
country place near Pithiviers, in
Franeo. For many wooks there
after earpenters and masons were
busily employed in repairing and
faltering the chateau, and after their
woik had been completed, 'Mr
Atkinson issued invitations for a
large dinner party to all the most
prominent families in the neighbor
hood. The guests arrived at 6
o'clock, and on taking their Feats
at the dinner table noticed with
surprise that there was not oven
one servant to b so n. The sou
was no~mismnifed in silenlt astoish
mont. Whben all 1had4 parftken (of
it the host soun ded a whlistle, and
as if by magic the soiup platois dis
alppoared, and three magnificent
silver platters, each containing a
roast gOose, appeared. Little cries
of ter.(or were heard from the
ladies. Mr. Atkinson took no notice of
his guests surprise, but remarkiig
that it was a very warm evening,
whinstled again, and the whole
ceiling disappeared ; tho host's
black coat v'anshed at the same
momuent, leaving him clothed in a
white suit. Thie guests, alarmed,
were about Lto rise from their chairs,
wheni they found themstelvos, their
cairad the table suddenly raised
five feet from the floor. They, how
ever, were soon lowered again to
the floor, and-they all took refuge
in hasty flight from the demoniac
abode. A judicial investigation wasi
instituted, and it was found that
Mr. Atkinson had ben for Len
years the chief machinist at Covont
Garden Theatre, in London, where
he had amassed a nice little fortune.
The dinner wasR a little freak to)
indulge his fondness for his old
A young man in Chicago was
recently found dead in his bed, and
the supposition was that he had
commllitteid suicido by poisoning;
but up)on analyzing the con tents
of his stomach nothing but the fol
lowing were found in it:
P'iclls, pound cake, lomonade,
col turkey, beer, fried oysters,
Cold punfch, hami, san~fdwich,. sponge
cake, beef tea, mince pie, cham-.
piagno, lobsters, game pie, fruit
cake, tea, chicken salad, whiskey,
(coflee, bolognma sausage, port,
cheese, sardines and sherry. The
jury returned a 'verdict of "Died
through the visitation of friends."
The colored taxpayors of Georgia
last year returned property to the
value of $5,393,885, upon wvhich
they paid $29,)69 as taxes. They
own 896,558 aes of land, or nearly
five acres to everfP oolored poll in
the Stato. They own city and
town property to the value of
$1,203,202. -
Extra copies of the NzEws & HEnRAD
nlwavas on hand.
Importinent 4uestons.
We clip the following from the
Louisville fangfaeturers' and Mer
chants' Advertiser. The points
made in the article strike us as poou
liarly applicable to South Carolina.
The tax-ridden people of this
country, groaning beavi'v unilor their
burdens, are beginning to rou-o from
their slumbers, and from all the
cities in the land we hear cries which
it would be well for those in authori
ty to hood before it is too late. Thun
a correspondent of the Nashville
Commercial and Legal Roporter
asks the following portinent ques
tions :
"'If rents, necessaries of life and
labor came down on account of hard
times, why is not the pay of our
officials reduced in the oity, county,
and State in the same ratio Shall
offico-holders 'alone live in clover ?
Why is it permitted to sell on Sun
day, candy, oranges, nuts and dime
novels, when it is contrary to law to
sell on the same day, flour, meal,
culinary plants, coal and wood ?
"If it costs only twelve cents--4
fair estimate-to food a olty work
house prisoner per day, why do we
pay for his daily sustenanoo forty
cents ?
"If the steward of the city work
ou1e, (the stewardship is vailued as
the most remunerative 'fllce in the
gift of our corporation) receives a
fixed hum for three meals a day for
the prisoners, who authorizes him to
lay the cloth only twice on Sunday,
and set them at table for two meas
only I Is it for the praiseworthy
purpose of teaching them, on the holy
Sabbath, abstemiousness in the use
of food '"
And the St. Louis Commercial, in
an article on the high rents of that
city, says :
"But the landlord claims that even
at the figures above he is not ado
quately repaid for the use of his
capital ; because, says he :
"The great difficulty hero is the
enormous taxation, general and
ipecial. This is the reason why
rents are so high ; taxes steadily
irrowin on real estate, which is
visible, while those who deal i:n
bonds and stock, and loan money at
high rates, escape the taxation
almost entirely.
"I know plenty of delings here,
the rento of which do -not pay fan,
per cent. per annum over taxes,
general and special, insurance and
"Let us reduce taxes, by reducing
salaries of officials, by reducing the
numubor of :men in office, etc., and
then landlords can got along and
oven reduce ronts on stores and
Even New York City, with its
immense wealth and resources,
groans under the heavy weight im
posed upon her by reckless extrava
gance, robbery, etc.
The Stockholder says as to mann
factures in the city of Now York,
they have dwindled to loss than one
half their former volume, and in
proof gives a list of specified indus
tries, showing a shrin kago of $172,
000,000 on $292,000,000 in the pro
(uct of that one city, thereby abridg
ing the disbursements for wages and
the trade in materials to that extent.
Troops or No Troops.
The Washington correspondent of
the Baltimore Sun says .
"Senator Patterson of South
Carolina reiterates his opinion that
the use of troops is necessary to so
cure fair elections in the Sonth. He
says there are troop~s enough in the
South new, if they are properly used
to protect the voters. Geon. Grant,
he says, thoroughly understands the
whole question, bnt just as soon as
he lifts his hand a haie anid cry is
'raisedl, in which republicans of the
North join, against the use of troops.
If this prejudlico against protecting(
the voters is allowed to prevail
during the canvass, he does not look
for repubilican successes in any of
the states of the South, except his
own. He says the poor white peo
ple of the South, as weill as the
colored people, would vote the re
publican tieket if ithey wre not
overawed. He says Georgia, which
gives such a democraticomajority, -is
fairly a republican state, and could
bei carried b~y that party if the elec
tions were con dneted properly.
Sen ator Robertson, the colleague of
Mr. Patterson, does Tnt appear to)
concur in these views. He says that he
does not want any troops to be used
in the Sonth."
To THE BAn 07 P~Usuo JUsTos.-A~
special from Jackson, )fiss., says
that the committee app~ointed to in.
vestigato the case of Lieutenant.
Governor Davis have reported 'that
lhe is guilty of high crimes and mis
demeanors, and charge that he ac
cepted a bribe of *600 for the par
don of Thomas H. Batnontme,
charged with the murder of Ann
Thomas, in Lowndes county. The
committee offered a reselhttion that
Davis be impesched, Which was
made the special order r Monday.
,A young man kissed a retty grl
in a prayer- meeting at Aburg, Vt.,
the other evuning, and lme thought
it was splendid until h was siub
ponaed to testify against hi before
a jnstico for disorderly -otdnot 'S
the house of the Lord.
s.. The Needs -Of .grioulture.
We often hear men talk of the
dullness and stupidity of farming.
But where is there a field of outer
prise that requires so much and so
varioed forothonight as the proper,
cultivation of the soil ? And there
is no field oh the farm that requires
more cultivation than the brain.
The farmer must lay his flans for
years, not only in regard toothe man
nor he would till his soil, but in re
gard to the products and develop
mnont of his farm for greater enpajit.y
in the future. The different qualh
ties of the soil must be studied and
experimonted upon, suiting each
kind of product to its particulgr
Successful' agriculture must be
controlled by intelligence. Brains
are necessary. A man may rise be
fore day and work till eftor night;
may sow with diligence and roap
with care, btt unless the farm work
is done in the proper Way and at the
proper ti e, the ofdrt iii pat will
be a failure.
In this cognentoliion we n yA 1l at
tention to ti .eneflts derivod oat
agricultitral literaturo. The thie
has arrived When the 'farmer -Wist
be educated for his calling. The age
which we live in and tLhe cir-un
stances surrounding us, domand that
educated minds should become closo
ly connected with rural pursuits.
There is no mistaking the adnoni
tions of the future on this point.
And why should not the husband
man be prepared for his manifold
duties as well and thoroughly as the
lawyer, the doctor or minister '
Surely, no sufficient reason exists.
The lawyer, for instance, is confined
to the statute book, or to long and
well settled decisious ; pricedeutis
his guide, and he follows it because
it is old and universal. The divine
must necessarily confine himself to
the sacred writings and his own
peculiar theology. If he teacies any
thing which caniot be sustained by
them, ho teaches error. The physi
cian continos himself to different
diseases to which the body is heir.
But the agriculturalist uters upon
a fluid without scope or limit. Na
ture, in all her untold amplitude and
boundless resoarch, is still beckon
ing us onward to heights and depths
that seem to know no bounds. She
is not only generous in her gifts, but
S o1i'-RAR hitt laws are
the same over all the earth. The at
mosphero, the clouds, the storms,
the heat and cold are not controlled
by the fitfulness of uncertainty, but
well established rules that she dis
covers only to devotoos. And shall
we be told that it is a waste of time
and money to learn her secrets -
Ohio Farmer.
German Women as Smokere.
A German newspaper relates the
following rather ominous incident :
At one of the ralway stations be
tween Cologne and Berlin, a lady
laden with parcels had for some time
anxiously awaited the arrival of the
express. No soonor did it dash into
the station than a. porter, compaus
sionating her weariness, hastily
opened the deor of the first lady'a
carriage he could see, and motioned
her towards it, when she started
back in dismay. A dense cloud of
smoke escaped fromn the complart
mont, within which she- dimly de
scied two female forms in an atti
tuudo of pi-ofound repose. Betweon
the lips of each of - the recumbent
dames lay a small moorschaium, while
the expression of their features de
noted that caln satisfaction she had
so often detected on tile' countenance
of the worthy Herr at home when
smoking his evening l pipo. She
pointed to the. smoke, and gargod in
inquiring horror at the railway ofliciah;
he poinuted to the lable on the car
ringe window anid stared1 blankly
into the coupe. The ease -was not
provided for in the regulations, and
the situation was growing strained,
when a gentleman came forward and
htidecld the lady into tho "ndn
smoking" ch'rriage, which on the
betterunanag'ed continental+ linqs
13 *bil previdted,
A Califordh imiitor hia patkinted
a contrivance- fok driving sewing
machines .whjch doQw away with the
trenidlo. A number of springs are
moved b1y clockwork and governed
by a lever so nicely that thme needle
miay ho'made to move at any rate of
speed. The machine will run about
an hour and a quarter with onie
winding up).
A Richunond mani bought some
clothes so as to be in readiness for
the funeral of his mother, wvho was
supposed to he dying; but nho re
covered, and he returned the aip
parol, claiming that th'e purchase was:
co)nditional. The merchant refused
to take back the goodst, and has been
sued for the money paid for .them
A convention of husbands is snon
to ineet at Oincinnatl to devise
means of protoction against the kiss
ing clergymen. . Acorrespondent
suggests that they be compelled to
eat raw onions at every mea, ant} in
lieu of the customary white clhoker,
revive the Elittabethan ruff, to'be no
less than three feet in diamueter, ad
starched to the rigidity of cast vron.
A maAl for stealing an umbrella
worib. 7$ ('ents, is servinug sout. a
year's imnrisionment at Lexingtom,
A cortespoidelt of tle e.o
York W'orld states that' the on -
ml "crooked whiskey" ring of ,
Louwt was started ilk. 1872, Astons -
bly for campaign purposes in th
interest of Grit. Its leadin
spirits word Mcdhialj Suporviso
Joyce, 'Revenno Agent Bovi' ai
Fraser,, Dis tillers ;- ald C. .
Mogruoe Cashier and y m Vyiasto.
In'steadI of using their f nds >
prorinto the ci ose of the lopub) -
oan party, the m6ney was divde l
among .theiu. This at'rangom et
continUed tilk after the .Presidenti l
election, the Qovernn lut bein
dofraudod of fronm $5,000 to 15 -
000 poi 4vok by tile oelais. Aftr
the eleetion ' was 'ovor 'McDohalI
and Joyce wantoU to "freeze on "
certain .,novnbors pftldc conspirac ,
and aceoiplished, .h br ojocht 1
baving i11 crooked -operatdo
stipod for a whil 'AA sou 'a
thit obnoxibit e' ptns& w'erd t
rid of, including Mogrue, bp ratio '
vgre. resun194i ..uDpr od y .an(P i o c tn at.Al a citt1oe Ni h o rilyp t a
uo ae t s4 'rhe n pte A'ni r;
revohtter agentag ghtere'ad1 sa te -
keepers, Werd in the ring.,;'.
In 1$74, Peter Currani, hving
boon prosecatod by, the Government
(his case was i~bsoquontly settled)
dsii od to got out of his trouble,
and the ox-mombers of 'the' oiiginal
ring, suspecting the trick which had
hoon played upoin thorn, and having
suspicions thact the crooked opera
tions had boon resumed, opened a
correspondepco with Comwissionor
Douglaus, informing him of the,
oxist(:l(o of the ring' Penn I3rashioar
it scot Porvi(c detective, was tint
to St. Louis to investigate. The
ring was forewarned by Avery,
chief clerk of Duglass, -and
B~rashoar wis couquer (d by a bribe
of $5.000. Ho retuirnod to Wash
ington with - a clean bill. After
that, Hoag, anuothorl soorot service
man, wats sent hero, annd the ring
paid him $10,000 for the satisfacto
ry report which ' ho tfiied in at
Washington. Then Brashoar and
Yaryan came. Their invest.igation
cost the ring another $10,000
which Brashoar took, promising to
divide with Yaryan. The former
returned to Washington and made
out the regulation report showing
everything' all 1gn%, Corti yig that
laryan c oincidod in the opinion.
The latter wont to Now Orleans
from St. Louis, whorel he passed
tho winter. On returning to Wash.
ington in the spring of 18't5 he
liscovered( the report iimwle byc Bra
shear, and doniod that he aniniiidl
in the report.
The ring continued its operations
till Ajril last, wheni information
was recoived that Yaryan was in
.town, ostensibly working up a rail
road case, but in fact secretly on
gaged in loolng after the revonue
frauds. When the ring learned
what wuis being done McDonald
raised $10,000 from its menmbers
for the purpoe, as ho said, of
stopping muvestigation. Bevis ,had
gone to California, bjut was callpd
home by a telegram, reaching St.
Louis three or four davs boforo' time
seiZUrOs were muadb. - The decent
was early in Maiy last, . and ,im~per
tiahly inclhded - all disi~lilers. and
roctifiors in StL Louis.Meo d
still con Liniued to 'toll 'th'd rig
"things are all i'ight; that 'he'khieW
who had that $10,000 ; that all Was
straight, and that they wouuld surely,
bQ roloaso~d." To their-.prg
Myonald proved a faulsp proghel
Tfhb grand jury wa's inl e ssionf'o
six WookiJ. A6' thb ohd of tllat 'tithy
it brought. iit truo bli Iaaidt'
McDonal, ppervisor ; Joyor
revenue agent; all pho' gauomg and
storeiopors ; all'the distil ey and
rectiliers, with* thid'xcep~tion 'bf one
who dhied juti an ethe'nlk of 'time 'to
save hitunloif ; Fitzroy, .deputy oog.
legi~or, anid finanptial agent pf. the
ring, and Avery, e~mief ely~k in. tlio
Rlevonug ,Dopaitme 4 t M Washaipg
The ring ogntined in g~ood e i
is, still, ro i g 1on m i
pinito$ fltl Up ~ i
Court and plea(~ o g~4O l
deputy ou6lI etoff togo her with te
ganigers gud( store- keeper's, mnAdo thi
nm, bloa. AtE the Novembht thrh
of the same Court McDonald 'and
Avoi-y wore tried and. found guilt.'
Joyce, unde1r idietien " ifi te
Western Distriet ?f the ty de, hu
previoulsly bo~on '9d tihi td foi d
guilty. Sentenc6 was 14usp1eded on,
all who pleaded-gtilty and they were
;used as State's evidence., 8entonooc
was plso suspe~nded o n all io ud
guilty by trial in t'lit 1hastern fis:
trict. At thre Novembu'ot~ihn of the
grabait jury, Coinstantine' MaguIie,
Collector of the District ; 'William'
McKee, of tihe Globie-,1?moorgt, aund
General 0. F. - Enbopel~, woeepn
dicted on ,uoveral counts cae4. Th'q
thrdo last 'named 'Woro co'stidod 'to
the United' States' Cirduit Court, 's
special sossion of which met pn 'thb
20th; of. Jaguayy rp $ thQ trisl .1df
thiose throe cases. Jfo io surp vpi
of' 6o'ybiody 'Mo~~ was d
guilty;i Maguireonuade'k 6oinpt4ig
pleading gelty bn five 'couhitsm tb'
derliaionofluty, thd Qovernment
entetrig a nok iprb.sf as . to the
charge of conspiracy to defraud.
The trial of Grant's Military Sacrata..
[, Gone ol d. d iidobk, the
' anl "last boihienced our. Mon..
da .lat.! Thetroublein this caso
?tin f 1, require, very different
fos1mtony o~onyi to him from that
itsbo' to 'onvict li seconplices.
Geneoral ' rant' rerhoval of. Mr.
HedIderson, who' bad thoroughly
mastere4 the ; will.also add to
.1i ock'Riar ag Qf, "IPpe , The
who o einuenpe of die Admipistra
tion fir bdhig ekertbd in" his 'behalf,
and-his eenviction Mwill be a w'rider
tal triumph ;o er, the President, as
well as97 erg,4gya
C'hronricle s:4,1 Vet igi
A Leoture' on soodaig.
a bait, There
often the reiult ot nervou 'eA--an
"bo Qng~tibn "of-both idand
Ah mtm i m fi'faj sr Ad 'Athb d
ob6manes'fnding fault -with' evisry
tWing .and everybody : in reath.
Scold; ap a . api l q : eniy
%~dd c Wt f'0 d are fulEM i' it.
It ivs a nreasonhgi anduntwasonable
hbt !e rsons w o 1onne gob In the
way- of segld' g, always *spme.
o o aboi. Ztoro is
o' ng alse, yf ill to so ding at
the :thore absonie of anything to
scold!. at. It 'is Contagious. Once
me"odluced into a family, it is p'etty
certamn, m a short time, to affect all
the members. Peo ple in the coun
try more readily fall into the habit
of scolding than people in town.
Wormen contract the habit moro
rquently than. men. This may be
because theoy hvonore constantly in
the 1o11o, ini a confined, ieated at
nosphore; lvorf trying to the ner
vous ,sysitem'and the health in gener
.a1 i and it may be partly, that their
natures are more susceptilec and
their sonsitiveness more easily
Wounded. The proper roinedy for
the habit, if formed, is to experience
an endowment of, that divino love
shed abroa'd in thi renewed heart
by the Holy host, tlio characteris
tics of . which are that it "is not
asil provokeod," "thinkoth no evil,"
and abeat-6th all things.'
MxasUnm~o DY THE EE.-Yoars ago,
says a oxrespondent, when we went
to'shool in a' little weather beten
kohool house, wht iting contevts
there used to be over the teacher'
favorite exorcise of having the
scholars estimate with .the eye the
size and weight of diffdrent objocts
in the room . He would hold up his
cane, and have each one tell how
long he. thought it was, and it was a
lucky child that could come within
half a foot of the right length. He
would measure an urchin and
then have the scholars try to repro.
duce the measure on., the wall. He
would mark -off an inch-or' foot or
a yard, in some cospicgqus placo,
and then sep how near , aybody
could come to chalking the Oarao
length upon theblackbdtrd. And it
was astonishing how wide astray one
woud ,go.. The fact is, .ur eyeasde
coiyo( us ivculon e von u op thme
compnstthing t tirst tltoug$t,
which' Aholld ybu say lik 'the tol er,
a Sayear old ehild or: a flda~r bamde 7
And domild anything .but imctual meas
ureruent ponyjneg youthat thejpagm~e
T brip io8'ng a child 2
ye~l'k a he ever
will be ; and tafer a' fewexperhierits
in' measur'ing, one cean esilybelieve
The Tdwelior Ssbno
'tI~buk "Todt of 0ieef v
thie boflesr of the dead 'are 'exhsded
to be devoujred by'vuli-es.s Pfhey
wore tly iAr t Carpsi who 'have
over been diger, t
tglootny '~i~L8 k traqgepio
i1mnibber; are cirentar, and are ko
well built that the oldest haa stood
for 200 yers withopit , uiring to
be repa~ * hef A'formed of
lour ote4owolfarst ledi sa' ' r
Q~,000 paglh e ytdhaive" a
iio i ione. ,4addr
j a~~.ji ~ahe'd ,OO 'equate
yards of land And Iefryed 'the 4x
ppnsek oftairopdand some idea may
9ef9rymed' IR$ e .at of0the whole
chargruof ect, who are
lot'frii i,#enlees
'ad wt as somethb ekf a tiLrpriso
td the piatives ag wl as, foreigners
O1 dispos&1l toa u~e, no
doilbt, tb th'e mnri n with wibmh
tiled 11-ses egard the "elements.
JEire des too parte to' be. polluted 'by
'4gl r ibt .ses ofir aesc:
this' #t61ue cnstem in a bemen
afi edibywhlch It' is tiidnght nono
ofaiopatit anaolug the
0:OoL. l t-Delny~ who was -tb
*ithb [email protected] ;Mtdaeh of tArust
has given * ntent. H-is couIsel
ne tf Motion~ of a motionh f6' 1",.T

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