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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, February 23, 1876, Image 4

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AP . kha T xfWa oO 0
. .li'' trnLe.JL'2zdv.Afteuset.xu,
s o 1 qu n Gj ui " , - -1,.
WI n I the Aes AI~syDihey~
Y lBohe TOWE o1 WiuaVnoh .,d:,4&[email protected]
o ,' N' sr 'rq',,, th It k , 11.
tilhr toe thaen an femnt6 41andi
QbIL tatv NboL4oeq andL 'Tribta'41,OO
Of csu andbar in the Jr&dga
(?ouri~rl Rebi H. Wetwortl
thou, oeio of the eCi itstidg6
~ppoiitpd uncelr or,t1e i
iEseokr Cowen,, then an temiineanb and
spuoceses u1 mnember of the 'Bar ,dga
bzy ,WA$apbin, tCiroud , 4ge
up one of those ejectmnent suits
that - hterthe J d ilr lsb
inuo : a i
During tho trial a witness by the
name of Wood was called by one d
the parties. g p1, d m
but gave hit "s1 ul
precision 't r 6I a
withal he was an admirab preserved
old ifial. RJn Coen, ck with
the mangri pers 6 Ifb e0
of this wit
ab 2 tot e
At . , n't'b6n yo* t
am soventy-sevenynars old".
y4 b 0
good and quito regular. I have a
ways boon temperate, have never
indulged in the use of intoxicating
drink, and I realy; think that 1
should not know the different kinds
of liquors by their taste. I have
been in the habit of going to bed
ears and gettinp p early. I never
gaiblec, nover -went tblf -o ho
horse-race in my life-preferring
camp.iuactings to that kind of amuse
mont,'' because I - was at home
thero-neyer had, a lawsuit in
iy life ; heWF thought much of
lawyers-always supposing thom to
bo aset of follows who, 'hile1saving
a man a hundred dollars, would be
supo to,malga hundred aid fifty out
of the affair in some way before it
was through with, although I ;pnusi
confess that Mr. 'Cady there ain't
quito as bad as the rest of the law:
yers. . . J
The next witnoss called was also a
Mr. Wood, a cousin3of the last wit.
noss. Ho also gave his evidence
with remarkable clearness and intel
ligonce. He, too, was 'a very old
and a very well presorvd. man, . and
the subject of much interest to the
judge. After tho counsel had dis
missed the witness, -Cowen detained
him by inquiring his ago.
"I am soventy-nine years of age,"
was the reply.
"If you have no objections," said
the judge, "I would like to ask you
hat ,your habits jivo beentru g
"Well, judge, I.- ean't say that 't
have been very ndh of a temporanc~
ba ,. bybe' s pretty discrimit
D , much, more a
th~~n~y bu~~ hat's just been
sworn. I can tell you all kinds of
liquors by the smell ; unless, as is
quite oftLen the case, I've sampled
too much to be clear in my sense of
, i re has harl een ad~
Bsinco I was a boy, that I have no4
Half of di I Hae nover gone
to bed sober ; and never waited
long after getting up boforq I comt
monced getting on steam,' iid t
regard ad ood square drink of liquot
as the staff oI.life.. I have not boon
in the habit of.: going to ,meeting,
bee, se shiould hate to go yithou4
t~!ikoo loi~i - er , ~'s
.qiiuse I th~atik A )d~peth m~e gi
~q ie man'-that c~ p~c~ea
t~od squar ~bsedrabb, can't jy
gul -uQ3~~ uim
o dllarb-.' Wha tsy4 al
dolkuar- 6 >-pant and---ai ol
There is~ dian fture for th~
, loy[)vr6, wh eieb as04 ~k~
comm g to the house, ruses to N
mother and asks for th-epdi
- and rolls on the floor- and - goank
Ifa lamp or candley or a verly
littM flh'e, ikept bura g in a fir
igcith adraughts creat~
up the chimey, 'r wihthe foulo~
'air in the i-oofd. eprried~ out wih
eaich person who usqs tbosithe
quo ptd'"qid" tdrinotIajle
F~lios cause onoAfth of all" the
profanity in this worlht This is the
oilnla b f a ba~l enndnd an.
JT4m b 'Q' Avenue,
Yj c a 000a.
Petl~apithe worst ', eect, of a
0hu te. i4iat the ii
otia vei tp,,."acrifeg"
their stockoig ,odsela.lisg them at
bricab ht wpio:oth9r hbuses cannot
% " ' bohid' e debt .i trly
d against this she has in
cash f1,195,862 The state "has,
baace on hand of over $1QQaQOQ.
It is said that Henry Bergh in
e~~te ~ W.1hso tenera
W tot whe
mosquito lit on his nose he'd pick
1 of 0 religious publications
fUited States, the Methodists
0 4 ;the Isfomas Catholion 41,
the 0Pesby iing
39a the Jews.
R1 '' ir o } pl41rt+4eag m f h4 .'
Srie 4ul . atr perfect
brty to .ooose o era other, tl an
e th os Oi, (ic still.eradn
witi the realms of fashion .and
gentility. -
It is positively dangerous to wash
b6'ci Gold vater when much
heated. It is not clangorous, but
pleasantly. efficacious, if warm water
is used..
. 3ites Stephens, late head centre
of the; Fenian Brotherhood of the
United Stateti died ii Paris recently.
At one time he created quite a sen
sation in this country.
When a mouse makes its appear
ance -in a ladies' sewing-circle; the
women with striped stockings on,
and' the prettiest boots, always
jmnnp thehighest.
' Never, pronise . Wata.you hope
you vil not beica4lid upon to per.
Babcocks is said to- be the first
case on record of a White House
official being indicted for a peniten
tiary offense..
Lim ?i Limo I
ONE oar load Fresh Limejust received.
(k mnlfsion. Merchant,
Apd Dcler in Commercial lerlllizcrsb
TF ou wishi ohoico A pples, llnanas,
ragfand Lenhon ItoW for osah,
PmgsuiE ]3cOT, Agent.
NTOllTIIE]RN Oabbages, Onions and
4-Nrish Potaton sol'oted for tabesat
1' hRE lBAo~fs,'Ageii.
Pzza..B3Ao.T's,. gnt.
IIESHI Cand es, Cocoannte, Almonds,
J Wataa d Bth 'r Nuts at
J -Comapanles- Mdbae *ofubined assets
exceed 40 milhion dollar.'S horttrate,
annual and toe policies Issuod. Coun try
4 welling risks a , pecialty Gjn. hose
~Isks t dkou At Yeawetiatile ratex.
.l -'JAlS W. [SAW, agent.
URUI' T! LIfe Insiurane anf A-nalty
'-ompany. Assets $8,449,108.2&.
Life. *Non-Forfeiere. ~In ten payment.
Bagepsentand.olleies isse
f5IE'public aro- hereby notified that' s
A -'ortain Lang WVrrant for 180 aoros-..
Npo'*I6078" was issuo4 January:,16, 185f
in fAvo;,by the H~on. Commiussioner of
Po1ri, for services of my husband In
te war of 1812; and' said wanrant having
beon lost in the mails, I have applied to
the Dopantident at '.Wtshington, 1> 0. for
a dnplIocates. M4IRTHA OALHIOUN,
f ob ''x M nticelo, . C'.
,the undoesgned,.'douiue te n-..
form~ the citizens of Winnsbjomo,
asli' ldity, that we hiuve ast~eiatedl, aug.
selvds underw the fism nane- of Joamp~'rx
'Pxhmeadw, -aid.will keep 'constatl o
.hanna largeatook of fino Whiuies, Wnos
Gin,.,,Alecso: Mcwaua dootoh. Aler
Gulandes" Dub~If "Psty nd BeolfaaS
(GInger Ale. Also a large stook of lioota
and~d 9QPGeods.lotling, Groceries,
and evor' iu ~uaaf kept in a firat-olass
houso. 'ink uful for the libemal patronage
lhostowed ,on th .~Ig )houg.. we uo14oit a
Q'EED'Yand' enting: potatoes,.
L '-lFor sal'e by
rf,:b tw Im rvY nn1n A c.
tion . Just V' u ,
at 7 fwaai. Ratasble sad
Durable. oi on aeeip t Ad,
dress Dr Mosman & Co, Milddleton Cmo
ses may Ibsoinate ad maim e love and
affection of any they choose instant
y 8 a Hunt s "o,,
700 rages, low rice, quick sales. Estra
terms. - ; 40, 61 Aick
St., Phitiepiy ' . r..
Wall Street Caricatures.
A slew Book, d es, eontainiug 4
Engraved Illsgtrstld ; ,4 66t ?btogmatldg
for, pelatgr. . Price. }4 3ents b
Drokiro, 1 ullSki3ot
W AN' ' Ag'nfor th -b s..
1 l 11U ing k tationery Pak.
age in the world. It contains 15 sheets
holder, pencil, yatsat yard measure, and
a pece of jwelry, igl tackher g
AN D .All TiTROM1 : 13D A4A,fi.
rtr use oasT i .xas a eas:
Sold ti; Draggiste oeauj.iy, Pia4
uh stoa lu1,oesq A ... t'adqlgphs
Works on that subjet, gving ennoise
nud plainly written instractions. for the
treatment of all ordinary ailments of all
Domestio Animalt, are ooistantl kept in
stock, together with appropriate edine
Chest.. these booltr are upeoially written
for the Fairmner's, Stook ltaIaep or Livery
Sitablonai'a use, avoiding as far as possi
ble, all technical :torws. For desoi ptive
price list send stamp to the
lIaltimore Homceopathie Phar ,o0 186
West Faette diret; )OERtIc1 d
TAFEL, Proprietors. feb 5
Bal'gainsI BarfiiwR!
At J. 0. BOAG'S
F ROM now until first Jan. 187'G Millie
nery embracing latest styles of sist
and Botasiote, tibbona, fidw.e*, Fseather
of all.kipde, veils. illusions, silks,netts
velvets, crapea, ornaments &o.
Consisting in part of black and colored
al naQO, an aussortment of different kind.
of dres materials, water proofing; flannels,
a full line of calicoes, blenohed and un.
bleached goods, checked Homespuns,
pant jeans, cuwaimers &c., ladiea'and gents
undervesta, boulevards, shawls, cloaks,
furs, corsets,.tarlotans, swissen, nainsooks,
&o, hosiery, gloves in great variety, hand
kerchiefa, notions, buttons and triming
differe'it kinds, ladies' .ind gentk ties,fayo
and jet jewelry to arrive for the holidays.
Our fancy goods are full and coniplete.
A full stock of shoes, hats, rendym ade
olothjing, drawers. shirts &. Famnily
groceriea of all kinds, a full 'stook altray
ona hanad, fresh arrivala daily. You wil
udeverything yof wznt by calling on J (
IIOAU, on the o6rnen Sevetal-handsomc
bedroom suits with and -wltthdt marble,
wrdrtobe's, bedateads, maattendesu, lounge,
eradlies, and unafos for-sule very cheap, lie
re to onll-on J O BIOAG.
Lumber I Lumber I alraya on hand and
r Aalel)VJ OBOAG.
-Ybu tvi find a~ full a~nd complete stook
abneyt hihg, very low and cheap
as e anttoiminishstook at
deo8 J OBOAG'S~
FPicture 'Frisnes, Adesi - an~
workmanship, tt ed s-emm
ber tuf prices ake beynd competition foi
the s~nmeq~)ality Qf a4d,
A N3Mlf8I$'
of Ruistio Window Shades, lew is
datrble.ouo tha tit nevo, get
-Sa e. attress a Pletureu, Nt.3,
Mirrrs nd Lm rfor sallee
sepi~T o iuW-.4piu t ~tta
riolla goenea4 ta, t h i 6499 oeUed
tie toe operlym ooo h ..
thieart where the enWo -opadg.
genra Thook ?5 meseadse steakge
tFeistone fqureii~ treoment te, se.1.
aa whante sd .' ~ da
an la i = A..
'a b ' ii?33 u.AH.vi,
and Boile.I, A tat ea,
Circular Saw Mille Barkr and las
taf aliei alth wr
- - 38 P Enwuso.
* Eltengor & Edmord;
ANUPAOTURBs of Portable and
- 6ationary Engines and Boiler .of
.11 kinds, Oitoular Hai Mill., Grist Mills,
Mll Gearing, uiafting, Pulleys &c.
SM'atuOaed *stefa WATp WDnaS.
C e r pvetal Steen1ItVa np.
'end for Catalogue.
et is
Furniture Works and Lt uibor U4is,
Brionvoa VA.
CO *EBe4 Illbrand
-ftoot ialtiro, i~% iga, (lhair.
>I 3ofi~fur Of Walpittad Oheaper
o no t pin Used. Uottnge
it d. and cheap Mat4sawsse laodiug
"" Ex'To o .V . AK -~o~
? Breaon. Vs.~
NGiINES. -Portabte and Stationary,
Saw Mille, Grist Milla, Boilers, Oas
et Brse and non, PoWigs Ae.
uIttMa W ..k
en bfenebe d a by experiened
Impro d Prtable Engnes,
for driving ootto gips, Phreshing mm.
ehinha, separator., grits mills A.
A'number of second hand Enginas and
D01". of varlow erse, in first rate
order, on hand. pair work solleited
and promptly done.
Win. E. TANNER & CO~
D. Joxus, J. H. DAveI, E. BOUIROIT
E. S. 3ouK oU.
Sneoesiors to R. 0. Shiver & Oo.
Dry Goods, ('arpsts. Oil Cloths,
Mattings, Boots,
shoes, Ete.
Columbia, S. C.
TH E attention of purchasors in every
part of this 8tate is called to consider
a vory important fact, namnely, that the old
established house of R. O. I H g VI Et.
CO., is not closed but reorganizeadjupon
teotbasi, that can be carried on sue
And we assure our patrons that we
sal dontintie the samec honoralo course
of dealing with them that was such a clis.
t nised feature with the house of R. C.
Sh evr & Co. We-have now in storo the
best aeleoted stock of
Ever soen in this ety, selected by one
of the Arm, who ueuntopids the busi
ness, and coneo iety knows. the wants
of this comm~unft b4tr than buyers re
siding el~ewhsre. The entire stock will
b4 offered at prices never before equaled
4as this section. The prices will startle
and attract you at asight. We Invite -you
to send at once for
Samples oftthese New and Hand
So011 Qoods
Anid, it shown to your friends and neigh
bore, we are sur it will be to your advan
taeto non4 us a- large order. We pay
reght'on al bill., amounting to *10 andI
upwards All re .mustb aoconpan
led with the CASH, or we send them 0.
D., and garanteeasfaloftion.
y~sst 4j, V i o;I the city. Long
Clothe 8j, 10, 19. Nion. equal to themn
In the Mte. Mefl known brands o1
Alpacas a~d ?4ohairs, just Irnported. Ho
siery Department.2Full of well assorted
goods at popular pricas. Genta' Furnish
rag goo~s eoplete, asa department. Our
Bocnd8fi Departzonts seeoohato
- 4oh oon nt. Fmh the cheap
1stomgan to the eaet hand made od.
The most complete and bbst managed
Cau teaitment In the world. Cloths,
ease at v hsa by the
eae ery saadvance
Brown anda khed' Uhlrting sold at
fa ot esor. Flannee ad laket. us
emeda uloa esabe ghea4 lles ot an
EId ee of Pimc Timetby Way.
& ses et Pet Ware As..
~t sedtmed rake,
Wrhite L.ead,
antea 9000 Lead, for safe athe
drug store et
W. 9Am 6
bclater &' Bice
'Etire Stook
4-4Bleaohed Jllosnespnns at 9, 10 and
16 Dents,
Brown Homenpuns from 6 to 11 cents.
Jeavy Plaid Homespuns at 1i1 onta.
Unliooea 6, 6, 7, 8 and 9 Dents.
In faot, they are solling all at
Ther would ask esroolal attention to
S~i took of
Hats, 5hoes and Clothing,
whioh they are Bolling undeniably Ohoap.
Hardware I Hardware
A now lot of Iardware just arrived,
oonsisting of everything genor
ally found in a Hard.
waro store.
Nails, Sweden Iron and Stonl, as cheap
as can be bought anywhere:
A lot of Steel Plows of overy description.
feb 8
55PIECES of Standard Printag, 25
UP piece. of Plaid Oencaburgs, 20
Pieces of Wool Jeans, 4 piooos of Canul
snore, 0 pieces of White 1aael,. piceom
of fled Plannel, 90 Shawl,. of beautiful
ses, lia. and Children's Fainoy Cotton
Loeadies' and Gentlemocn'w all Wool
Merino Vests, Best quality of needles all
is.., White Blanket. P.40 per pair
20 pfsese Cordet -Alpsa and
?snger's Cloth, 2 ploee. Ropellante
EFresh Assortment of Ready
Made Olothiln~ Caoes of
If low prices are inducementa. I will
duplicato say bid made in any market in
She eantry, ' I. N. WITHLER8.
N- ?i-Doat bti to come and see my
cheap goodes L N. WITkHERSL
ehap sinhe mnrket. I can give twenty
cetaaeof itedoubling the crop of 1875.
Ifasty otheragentean do better, buy from
&ing If not, I espet your patsonage, The
paeeS ef the p zcding in-JOn kniowwha.
NIl HiRl
r1M -i; rndorAthattd' fiating flowght thro'
.L ntiro stwok of .Jn. M-' Elder k Coo's
wholesale dopisartnasent, togothor With F.
Elder's large stock of
Dry (od,
aiot;lI49Hs and Gonts
Furnishing G4oodu,
Hats, Boots and Hhoes,
Notions, &c..
making one of the largest and BEST SE
LEoT D atocka over brought to Winnma
hor 1, ar'e now prepared to acconaulnt.
their nunerons fries An and custistmrs At
their USUAjLY LO Y PrICES, uitouer by
to suit purchasers. Priors guarantqed AS
LOW AS THE LOWEST. Onr motto is
Quick Sales and Small Profits.
at F. F.llor's old dry goods store,
T 1)IR1E to inforu my numerousc
. t'ri'nds ansd cus)tomer~*s ti at I ami atill
at the obll riants, with a full lino of
h-ard war,
Holloni WVare.
1:ota, Aboes, &cO.
wicho I will soil ait the lowest prioes for
cash. A lasrge stocke of Biran and Shorti
for now feed. Iron. Stoel', &c on handl
anad to airrive. P'lantinsg P'otatoon to arriro 4
in a. few days. I sulicit the patronage of
aill iu want of good goods at,
Lour Pricos.
* F. ELDER,.
ALL peorsons Indebted to meo by no
X.or open accont are l'equeosted to
come forward and isettle, at onace, nsa 1 asmust
have monnoy in conseque~nce of the chasngo
in amy biuinos. All open accounta naulst
be0 closedl either by cash or note withs ap
provedl secuarity. All those who wish to
settle without cost will. cooto forward at
once, if not they will have to settloi with'
msy attorney, with ees..
Jan F. ELDER1.
Beaty, Bro. & Son.
iAvg!this day re*,o
5 bhlia Choico new crop , 0. Mlorasse..
1 hha N. 0. yellnw'el iflead 8ttgar,
3 hhd N. O'. fanoy olarifid Sugar.
Will not ulrlp or get had in the cask,
Low for onuah.. Call and see..
4.. 14
Copartnership Notice.
h I ave~ associated oursolvs under
VYthe firmo name of D) R GLADNEY~ &
CO., dating frosn January lab, 1876, ad
will coanmoe the whinkoy business at tho
old stand of D R Gladney. We respect fut..
ly uolioit thes patronugo of the while.
jan 1E0-1m W B (IILUER'T
01 G. .A. -g B
Tobaut'o, Suffl, P~ipex, &c.,
A. IJAMOR'EN, 0$ # N. c
Writing Paper and En
W Einvite attention to our Rtock of
No eLtter, Bill and Legal Ca y
Paper, sand ~nvolopen. To~ mercehants
wiehing paper by the roam, or envelope.
lythe thonsand, we will make ap'eoial
dee 14 M.cMASTERJ W1 C E.
GeM. W. Williams A Cq's
The Bradley's Pate: t Superphos
pbate, Ald
The P lneito Soluble Acid
AVE been used by the plantern of the
South for ten years with mnatclo ns
success. They scarcely need enoomiuns
to recommend thbfr euntinaed use. The
standard of their excellence is guaranteed
and their results prove' beyond ques
tion that every plantes who is alive to his
Own intorout should
Purchase No 01 her Fetilizer.
J Cummings & Co., Agents at
Wlinnsboro, S 0.
jan 6
Stono Phospht e~Co.,
oluable Guano (Available Bone
T1lOSTHATE of Lime 18-55 per cent.
Aanonia 31 per cent. April Ist $44.
November let su, Cotton ;Option 16i,-.
uiddliuga at--$05.
Acid Phosphate, (Availlable Bone.
Phosphate of lime, 22-83 per cent. April
1st $28, November lut $33, Cotton Option
7#* Special rates to Grangers on oash
orders. For particulars ap ply to
E C WILLIAMH, T'reasurer,
Charleston 3 C
or to
D R Flenniken Agent at Winnsboro8 C
R S )osportos A Co, Agent at Ridgeway SC
jan 25
Ilaving boon appointed Sole Agent for thin
State for the sale of the above old and well
known E1TIlI ERt wo shall always
keep a full supply on hand. Order en
trusted to our care shall meet with prompt
The merits of this Fortilizer are too well
known and apprecinted to require a more
extended notice. We will only state that
each consignment in subjected to the
severest analysis, and the original stand
ard is fully maintained. Dr. 11. P1NOK
NEY is our traveling agent, and any com
munications to us through him shall have
every care and dispatch.
3 Coammorcial hIVlaarf, Charleston, 8. C
jan 18-2amos
Cheap Guano.
$10 PER 'TON.
r HIS GUANO was offered at the alono of
1 last season. Some :I-0 tona sold on its
own merits as per analysis of Professor
Shopard. As far net heard from reasuolts of
its applieation have been favorable. To
close the balance of the cargo, I offer it at
$11) per ton ucash, put up in now bnga of
200 pounds. J. N- ROB10ON,
68 East Bay, 1 and 2 Atlantic wharf,
jan 5 I imn Ciarlesten. S. C.
J. Fe Icater & Co.
Would call the attention of the
public to their full Stock of Fall and
ing at greatly reduced priice to euit
the timoai,
Just Received a full atook of
Ladies and Gonts Kid Oloves.
Just Rocoived a new sUnlf of
Prints, Bleached and Brown
Jan 25 5. F. MoMASTERB & CO.
HFl1 name and stylo of our firm is
chelangod from this date to J. F. Mc
January 1st, 187..
jan 19-lan
KENTUCKY Blue-Grass Soed,
Hungarian Grass Seed,
Millet Seed,
TRed Clover Sood,
Lucerne Seed,
For sale at the drug store of
feb 15
I inpa the above amount for thme rm.
cooy ofthe watch re. ntly stolen
from me, or any information that will load
to its recovery. The watch is a dlonhle
case gold watch, numaberedt 11,1 ir,, mail
by Robert Berry, Jiverp)ool There was
attacbed to ita rg gold chain-, with a
smaln magnifyingglas locket,
Jnn 18-Imn JNO-.D. M'cCAR LEY.

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