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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, March 01, 1876, Image 2

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FA I iW "
tiJNO. S. I NOLD1S, Editor,
1Veihirsdny __Mnrniuer. 'ln~ch .1, 187%.
Thei inipe .cluneit of Jildg. MIont
gonloery hosec omIs illnicely. A
better chanceC( to staly in Coluimbia.
the legislat ive (W()llilltH wouli
,scarcely desire. The close of "tlu
The exeen live ('4 )1mni4.e of thc
(1emlocrati 10 1fl1y ' oii ouli Carolili
11218 dcetiittd to Ihave ft sta4te coi
Y4Jltiol f the( first Thlurshlhny in Mi
next at 'Columbhlia.
Grant must feel inbstutely re.
Tier~ed. Babcockc was ReClj1t~tM. TIh(
verdict seems1. to 'have l.)CC'tic(~ . M.
(3x1)Ct.Ctl. Al ethos i (V. theO g('ei'ii
headt seciuci to haIve rntkrr aNel
Ilabldoek~s mol~r guilt the~re aI~ yet,
variety of opint. A 'iitriial. t t
the mjority of 'the (jury in ,favor of
cronictioti, would have been a ffvb
}reflex of public Fi(1tiuliont as ox
p 1ressedl by 1 !nling'w etspaj i%~ V ithi
-out regard to 1)011tics,.
Saint LJis 1.8 halftlf) The
(4Xec( t ivO cOllll1itLt(41 Of tie.
illtILI dem~focra~tic pairty have (10
te.fllillecd upJon that place for thu
nictimig of the iioniMuiing call
vCni(lo. J~oilivillC. Chlicago,
.'in(l upil 't iil, ut.c (i~.tlihou
tit. 1ii secluti all ailonig to htivc
had the 11181(1( truLck. Th o i Ivel
tOm will lsbeL onl the 2'7th cay o:
\V-( plihil 134where ani (editoril
(of aL l WI )(cPI Iii1[g. on the part, of fluc
jut Ige of this ('iVCllit., whiehl ilu81
st rike e'ver 1.11iikiiig tu1tu with 11(181
1IY(iv clrii. A bil11 of initet tltwa
Iiiitiileil out1 a~gainst. one 0I mriier for
IL881iIIIt with intent to kill, miud th
grnhi(I jury, after what wo taLke foi
gratedt4 to ,(1.4 LV oen it full coll
8(k'lertijt'- of the ('ILH~C1 carne rte
hin charge to the gritndajef at the
lit h'B(f lhis ''coiut for ah'a''fild
This is, indeed, ? most rational view.
If the grand juty is lIound to follow
the instructions of tho judge or of
any person *homsoever, upon a
question of figt,-of. robable guilt.
or innoconct..subntctd to them,
it clearly follows that the ju13, Ia
constituont element of the 'court, has
lost its distinctive character, and its
powers.aile all more or less surren
dered to the court. If a grand jury
may be rebuked and discharged for
a failure to find a bill in any given
Case, it seems to us equally clear that
they may be similarly treakd Vfor
submitting a tirac bill a- fVr piceat
ing a publiC oce*r li' ke~cial o~
toncltlt. h 'the Iti c11s the rep
kimarnnd is admiinisteredl pro
fessodly in the interest of the ada 5.
and in the other in the intter st
of the accused : tho cases % ould
strike 11s as perfectly analogous. A
chief source of the officiency of a
grand jury lies in its independence.
Once let this freedom of action be
impaired, onco lot a grand jury feel
its .amenability to the judge for ro
traw1ing or failing to return a bill,
once let a .grand juror labor under
the appre)hension of a rebuke from
the coin for ia llegod failure to
perform his avti.aty,:end this all
impq rtant braeha of the, naahainery
of justice is stiepod of qits o ginal
powr, t-ripped of its efficiency,
stripped 'f its dighny atd honor.
Losing their or a'ny of thso, it for
feits that rejacI, hay, that asohlte
fears in Which it should be head by
a com1riu 1ty. And we ar-e without
hesitation in saying that (+) reIbulke
a grand jury for pureiting a '*rtaini
course or . to discharge it before
it has fulfilled its legal duties,
is to ;strip 41 almost entirely of
those ssentills. We are quitally
without hesitation in aofIrn 11g our
belief that Judge Mackey's codrse
was totally unnecessary under the
citynumust(ances we have been able to
gather of the very unfortunate oe
I mturrechrt at ianeastet. It wati t'al
culated to (1+ io good W hat-ve1i and
it is in it.s tatiral and logical ten -
dencies daigerous aliko to peace, to
jist.irO and to peQrsona! libeity. We
join with the Iedgv/er in the hope
that the Judge will como to see the
nistalk into( whiieh ho has fallen,
and do what, he cn to rectify it.
We (1(1111 it shiiuost needless to 1d(1
that in the remiarks abovo nmado we
have bolh actuated by ho feeling
other thlali ta danstru tIn u..miu.ut the
truth, an wn have beeni alu to gather
it, and1 to mako an earnest but re
spectful protetamgninst the action to
which weO haivO refelrred, It must
have b~eenm observod, ever sinmce
Judge Matekoy aissutmedc the bunch of
this circuiit, tlat it Ilis beenuthIo alimi
of this pauper to (10 him tihe fullest
justice C'ominig among us fresh~
from the healted aurenal of polities,
and:alay roported to be ai man of
exrm1iOws, itwas buit natural
that his8 every auct, his every speech,
shold lbe closely criticizoed. T1hmat, he
possesse~ds ability of a very high order,
his wariimeit opponent must admit;
that lihlo hdislahyed mucih legal
talent onl the benich is equally true:
anid that het hasi din~ilg his judgoship
(1ono maniy acts both puraisewo'tli~v
inl themlselves an~d promuotivo of the
I having 'onicoded and still conceeding
to lhim all this, havilig given im and1
still givinig him the fullest cruodit for
it all, wa claim theo right to Ax press
our views whenf ho appears, from thie
e'videnenct alt our connmuand, to have
strayedl fronm the path of judicial
A WVant of Approcaton,~
Thosie who havey observed, with
aniy degroo of closaness, the action
of the several radical legislatures
of South Carolina in levying taas~
must have been struck with theu
dogged opposition to anything like
real reteienhen t. Every platform
of principles ulponi which the party
has gono into a e1ampaign hams
pledged it to a speedy aind genelral
rodmyetion of expendlitflrn anmd a
consegptenit relief to the tax Jfayors.
Tho reductions actually made, how
Cver,,huavo boen almost incensidera
bly sma-ll,- ando it is oven dilicullt for
the loigislauturo to keep itsolf
sufliciently wuithuin' hounds to pre
vent a positive increase of expend1(i
tuiros. We have Aob far' to look for'
causo14s of this state of the ~. That.
a largA nuniber of the republiend~
meombors of the' differe'ct legisla.
tur'es have beomn very ignorantlu
canmnot for 011% mfomuen t be deoniode
To the unututored imind the levy of a
tax of a, few muills carrien with it mln
conepl~fionl of itsa ell'ects, in~ actuaii
dlollairs arid ceints5,- upon the tin
payer. If, for (eramnple,- ib be' pro,
posed to levy ai tax- of two muilh for
any pur poo0,- the igalorant man dloes
nmot stop) to coosider that sueli levy
means the collection from the p)00
p)l0 of our little state of more than
a qularter of a million of dollars.
Thlie efl'ect may be shown- to hium,
indeed he may in a certain sense
fool it himself ; bitt iit' he, al Y
know it, he by no meaps roalizds it,
or appreciates its necUs;ary eOii
sequences. 'are are nMany #Aic1s
that are quick to grasp an idea by
itgelf, but. eqally slow to pereoive
probable 'roesults. Of Iuch,
necessarily, the law making power iM
South Carolina is very largely con
posel. This, want of proper aj
preciation of the consequendte of
certain ohficial acts has shown itself
in nrumerons ways in the mv)* (rity
ia the general assembly. ''he
*amount of time wasted upon 'l% ko"
anl fregiiently frivolons Imattiois is
medt T the most notahlhle fe taj.)t of
olar present system of law muaiaklung.
-InI the days wIhenR the menih'I, re
oeiv4cI a per diem. of six dollars,
it. r wn fr~eilnltly alt1)pened that
tWIoio tlio 111(1 Illonley were Coll
smuned in the discssion of at mea
iure of *tr called Ceolny than would
ito saved try its Cna2ctralent. This
mode co c pv)cedure, was in sorne
cases ;indreetOd:ltly (hIe to the posi
tive des'# -of the Ilembers to in
crease *tl#1.r ))aly b Iprohlging the
session, bhi it w"as 'chitlty i,1h+ re
sult of that ighor aw1e(( to vwhiCl1 We
lave alluded. This isa( t egaay
apparent and equally li(Xt ib p1ro
(hieing corruption. To ' thi ino
rant mind there aippears oth4ing
specially immoral in the sIale o a
voti upon any question of ua1blic
intolrst. The right to vote i* ro
garded as an emohnincnt of -amce
and not * s:.ered duty to l )er
formed with due regalltl tu the trust
involved, T.h econseqrelt laii that
the trafiie in votes was at one Unix
au constant )racticv tin th h ante
logisltonlit. The pIeats 11:dd~ depend
ed, of Cour.-" llipon the' in illtence like
ly to ber wiclod~t by the purchased
nemnber. anod thtre anl)ortanIce of the
issue. For i'lstn:11ce, in the at
tempt, or pt"reed attemplt, of
the hrotuse of relresent altives, ill 1871,
to impeach the governor and state
treasurer, it. wa21s chargel by o''e
who had( every opporttunity to know.
that. two memb3l)ers received five
thousand dollars cmh1 for voting
against the resolut-iein of inpeach
mnent". wherons (thers recoiveI sums
vairying from e01 buuiid1 (l'Ilamrs
ilpwtards. ''ho two part ies Saidl to
Ilave Loived I.o ivo thouHsLUd dol
lars chw were 5n111)e's Of a commit
too upon vh'se r1eport the rosolu
tion1 had been oflered : hene. the
great imi portaUc of sccu-ing thcir
votes anld their inflhtonco. As long
as the majority in the law-mlaking
branch of the goIverhmeunt is com3)
posed of ignorant miel, so long may
wO OxpeOLct etravagni'tee. irregularity
and fraud- TJhat many', of the col
(irod membIeirs of thle legislaturt
havLLe bo~en but tho hlloss( dep1110 of
no0olotait andllt it is at liunt Ier of 5(o)ne
surpr1iF(. thait. with aill thinir boastetod
loveo11( l pprocia1tion11 of froodom,.
they~ haive athlowed t.hllllvIW t.o ho1
drmawnl into 2a slavery toI tho trick(s of
unscr0upulons a~d ventLm oers and1( poli ti
cai haeks. Theii remeldy for the( ovyii
is slow to findo, andio wheln fountd
equaliliy diicult of al11ica2tion1. It
lies ill tilhe election of eduen~it.ed1,
itelligent and1 incourruptiblo 1men1
to p)laceJ oIf pu1l11ie trust, to the en
tU(i Celsionl of miere political oflice
seekers. UilIi some1 such1 rome~ldy
1 o applied, we may1', entertiain lit tie
hope of roal reform. That it, imst
and11 wvili (e011ooro long, w'e areh fimly
convineced. If it 'omeI not thrPonghl
tile a~genlcies of ('i ther political plarty
iln Southl Carolinai, thereo is hat little
left to the people oif thle state to
work for or' to) livo for, We aro of
those who( ibelio tht the domoer('1at
ne(cessrlJy to aittauin tihe oesir'edendi
ani honesLt, e(conlomijcal governmouelt,
securing eq1ul rights to) ali, and
prloteet thg (very c'it~izenl inl tho o.er
(in0 of tlioso rights. A general re
formni an4 linvi~talo( nbecossity., It
enn11 no loniger be plostpned wvithot
the most seriouls (causCqunCes.
The aC's and (o(Ier'a, raises a
n1ice qu'stion as to thme right of
Chief .JIAticmo Moses to hold both
t.ho pro'fessor~hlip oft law inl tihe
11iiorsity and1 is posit ion1 (n thue
heneh. J'hn eohistitution of thett
stato jlovide4 (A rt- IV., 19) that
"TIhey [the juidgos of the supreme
court] 51h1al1 not, iho al(owed any fees
or pt-rqu''isitts Of t)ienf : or shall
tihey hod anly otthhar (11lic of' tr'tst
or prodt unl'der3 this Nit.~ tile
United Sta1tes4, Or a otih 1i~ power(."
It remal1IinsP to i'te(~ d lorminei d wheth.
or a l,~oftssorhipl in the State
unriversit'y is an lotfleo of trush ori
huonor, .if it is, Moses the oildost;
haselear'ly violted 1.h1' law in' hi4
eagerfwica to hays a foll share' of the
spoils,-an~l' i dobne is .f(11a~ld. We'
btrilist thd'ma3ttId' Will be so tld asN
soon1 as-possiblo. 'The chief justice
may resign 011e posit ion to avoid1
an1 issue1. Whiiehaver 0one 1he may
relinquish,- it will be no difficult
task to fill hlis place10 withl a person
far bette analifean(1 far In o
likely to do' honor to ono of tli' tii
tghtW~eE ,Mm-1i t fvif 90
legislaipe. B"ut how and -when ti
:%hall toIb '-tquLion are to his ' ill iia
eigiblity be aada ? Tho soonYwt 4
is et \ed the be gr. p
ti Fix 4testoratton. ,i
Ptiiapls no single cireums'tab b s
in the hhitory of political parties of
during thepast ten years has at- at
'tractellmie a'ttention: and - called b,
forth the )xpression of more diverso
Qpinions'tha'( tht recent debato in ,
Congress .atAgowt the amnest'4 ll. l'tl
Will be remenbere( that M'. .1 1aine (t
made a most violent speech against h<
the ri*4ordtitffi of Jffersn' 1lavis to Ih
full cit). elshiip, rdilng hii opposi- d1
tion upon the alegdt'omplicity of m
Mr, Davis in the naltreatment-as hi
hl is pleased to term it-of federal al
prisolners confined in the South ft
duing the war. Mr. Hill, of a
Georgia, replied, showing the posi- p
tive absurdity of any attempt to tl,
involve the ex-president in any A
complicty in the cruelty to prison- di
er, ov<-n athnitting, for the sake ti,
of argument, that such cruelty 01
really- existed. The . distinguished I
nembcer from Georgia need very Nr.
plain laugtage, and while express-, fc
ing the utmost loyalty to 4.1he n- i
tioIad governmont, claiWd(4 the e
righd, er - imself and for the
rotthm pl eq, to reply, to all at
charges or imputations utnfounided at
in fact, and 4nalce solely to subserve .
partiyan1 p'utrposes. Without cir- T 1
toring into the merits of the re- cl
spective parties to the discussion as .
to the trealtment of pirisoners upon01
each side doi ing the war, we must
Aty a word upon the coistruction
that has been placed upon Mr.
Hill's course by the radical press
of the North. There is scarcely a
republicanu paper of anly note inl the
entire Union that has not seized
upon the remarks of Mr. Hill, to
show the disloyalty of the Southertt
peoplo and the cotinseqloq n t dlnger
to the colmtry likmly to ariso from
their exercise of a proportionate
share of power in thie g loverlnment.
All the (rgumuunts, tall the appeals!
to sect.tional prejlulice. all the spite
fil abuse that the bitterest partisan
Spirit could suggest. have beomu
evoked by the course of Mr. Hill 1r
in his vindcienttiot of thlo Southern
peoplo from the slandorous attacks JA
of ]U.ine antd his followers, All A.
the ovor-wrotght and highly color
ed stories about the horrors of
Andersontville, an-i all thle nons1oni
cal theories as to the co:uplicity ii
of the ~ounfederaoto authorit.ios in
thd alleged malt reatmien t of Federalj
soldiors conltinoed ill the Southim have i
boon~ gi 'von to ii thei publi, wvi th isuch
addtitions' and11 coimenits as the
e1xigenies. of the party iseem to
thatt hei dared~l to- say. aL word in
reply to the1)5 psti vo and, as we
belhieve, thei deibe~~'rte ims-tate
menta of Blrine, and appqealedl to hi
the recortd ta sow thati th1 lilt ters
Weo are' not (dispjosedl to discmuss thme
witidom oif Mri. Hill's cours in~
l low.ingli hiself to h)o- dlrawnvi iint~o
ai('l cotrm-er isy with ai mtosit wily and~1
uisertploums adlversmyi wh ~o was
intent enti.1rely iuon maiikinig polt
cail capjitail for the party to which lho
imos sworn unquestioning alleIginnlen
and of which hie asp~ires to be the
stanidatrd-be-trer in Libenes~;I presiden
Lial campaJ~iign. TlhisH has not-hiniig to do sh
wvithm the min ques~-t-ion prested -'~
hy!, th liP nounenti s of the aic a ilI
preiss uipoin the1 dlohait( in thi honso
to wih e n ow haIve refeWrenice.
That (<(test isl simply w.'hm'ber o1
Southern meon. hmav.ingc coniforumedl i
to aill thu requlli'iroionts conii(greAH.
having Sworn alloginniee to the
Uni tood 1tateus, andio haiti ig been dumly
ienit to reprosonit. thoir p)Eoplo .in
tho limtilonal 1lgislaturer havni the
right toi oixprtess thieir viows upon 1
the queI-st ionsi there prern ted for
disenssion, If they have that right,
Mr, Hill's 'ourlse wats not only
Omfinetly proper, butt it vWas simply
in the fulfilnment of a dut y ho owed
to his constitunney'. If thme people
of the Houh aire, as5 thi radlials
claim w.hert givenl to tlbat of thler
tmagnaiijty, filly restored to a'
('it izensip, theft surely it is t heir
right, it ennuino' wvih their' follow ly
c'itizenis of the Nort h,- to give
ultteranesio' througth t-heOir ('hosn
quistiohnr wich inoi' (ngaget the.
pulblic imnd.- Bt if the exercise I
of thmese mreht-s is not a legitintt ei
result o f the restoration of th4
"stateko formni-ly im~t'Creellion" toi
their phtd iln thm' Union, thi6 all
ithw ttdalWhut frat 4rnHi.y" a rest ored
Pnimn, 6o' al rights,- amid so oW.
ik just Aso mulchhibedi noisenhe,- an'd
anthec soonier'it stopii thie bettel
for the counitry. The relativo' 11
rights of the Nor'th and the Sout~h
hiad as well he settled atJ
onice and forever. If for a na
Southern manti to deny thmat '.ai
Jelhrson- navis. i;l L ,,,,,..,e.-i 1.
id all the Southern peo po traitors,
I0 n'g fohiupon huu iflia hiitt
to *,rrath of. the Northern people
1i Iivivo all thoacerbityof itrtisan
adassion, the, the ; boohor the
resgit farqdof a 'lo-cttfod restored
n4i bo'eli d, t1ig, bbttor fqr truth,
d ht for ni nal. roe ori . The
>intliern 'po6ple hsve fully anal hoii
itly accepted all the legitimate re
Aits of the war, and miany that tro
V no nieatis legitimate. They have
nited fer. mnuy years in . the hope
At ne'"opportuinity nimlil etune fo'r
erir vindication from the slatder
is impltations which hav'e been
mped upon theit for the past
teen ye:rs. They hmv6 seen the
,arest rights of the eitr en ignored
id invadel by Federal authority
teked by Fedo W'al bayonets. Undelr
I these varied .and trying circutu
ances t.hey leIavo neith'er said 'no
>nc anything f)\diet'tive, to ai't ini
trtia *minds of any disloyalty to
e governmuent of the Tited States.
idt the mdmeinont a Soktl~fern man
tres to open his initth to vindica
an of the tiuth of hiit(y, a howl
indignation is raised by the radi
1 party, alinost as veheient and
icd-spread as that which weett
rth after the firing upon the
stional 'lag 1)' the rebels of South
trolina.. TIiais would le:ul thinking
'ople to the hallief that all the talk
%Ilt N'orth albottt M'raternization iti
,tly ii'iectc-, an1d that the so
,l'ed restoration is simply a farce.
hero should be full restoration, o
se no pretCntse to it.
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L S ABL1SHED 1859.
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JAS. if. f.AW., Agent.
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AT TO It N E Y Ark' L A
NO. 2 L.41~ N:1.V0 F.',
AV IN\S1i(il;o 'iU'I 11 Al 01.1NA
Writing Paper 'andEn
r1 invite nttetti'in It oilr :;'8("!C ()f
1 V Note, bettor, Bill Ilia.] Legal Cap
Pu11rr, 811(1 i.,av 1u1)eS. To Itt''l'R' nits
wishing; pitltt"r by the renal, 0I" t I. ."lttit. 1
by the thollsantl. wc will nl.tkt" %lwe;nl
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lice !"I \1c1l-A.S'li.l. XX llltY'I;.
The Bost Householi Oi1 the in World
IV. WEST ' & 5111,E ,I'+'lt l'I f oil,
WARRA %'1.1;11 a:,nNLi;t'%la":S x1111, TE!1.1".
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't.! Vii)" I','r iaitti .-line Lttrp...t". I 1.,,t" rill
rrmttuumthn, .t"ort'J\In1.11 .""t'tn')"'":11-1u" t(4-1
mid Ireit river tt.a.d in 'ttr h.-ti Y.111.
1' "ur. 't tt.
SI{tAc41t \ \ D 't'. "1' 11:4: tI:. r " .'i.
IT W11.1, Nwr
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