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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, March 01, 1876, Image 3

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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P.sv Or iei. 1-uLo s. 'The post
'911cc will bet oIPoiI daily (ilIday9
'Q1( )tedi) from 9 A. DL; {to 12 }1I.
ariid fr'omi 2 to 5 P. M. Ncorthdrn
6dl~ Sonitiheri mail (.100at6~' p
P1rciely. 1[ #*Mail delivered O i
1llldaiiys fr'ccu 1 to 9::3( A. AT. only.
Cm tt C. C. & A, A:1. It. 110w leave
S ,N\ ilis1Or( is follows (4oiXll irc'rtli
. 1..)t. in. Going 8uiittl 1".5, a in ,co md to tyt il on
,ioi tl, 11.:3, a. in. Goiiig scoutlh,
12.12. Th(?t, i rains mecet t~t Wilms
hirtreid "ir i1 Enginie Comrpany-,
('o)Uld 1q(.tlupoal iii the Jpresdut
issueo. It will bce pt l)U ledl ilx
All the OC "Silir ac'rabigcniclits
ivItem ~if ('C)ihtlh'str1iiLt',(k for the
tccilniiiiint. rilcil ball ciC'jZ)cSgi~ o 0ho
given by tho' "Vnli~ III(U O1'i the second~
of \.arch. 'The icIflhir jpr~orfisei> to be
Trhe Chaitlc? Wi4., r('(:r spefks of
tlce .-Seizure of A/b(it l)i~tiljerics.'
We siiiiicose byv thait it meanlis that
ll the vueiiuVi t1c1 avi ti.\yicig to
f 1V ii(c iielV fr'si~i I h , \\ hi..lkev Wien.
W sci ei koily 1111 illicit uco (,; the
* ~ :~ f' i~-,4 1. J!, is \\v1 at, a
1"'.(t,; uail ofI It. I13-i1- ('oui!Zh Spill,
LiXi;' Ill' (ldi.1 of it iiio i.t (lrO i _.il' t m ( ltc"J01 ,.t
fC liri ;('( 1'.O'e ! u~otl
iilf st . *:;'"t * uic(t:u ' i ' Sitt'ilslVt
c iitc"' th 1 :i is ' ci' re. lIt \\-co
itli'ictIiig f~i.
l c ,._I r. 1 ic.I ca 'c i, ii :c4 I cc.' ii 111)
hiltc i l~1)3CI)i)!li orf thle coatvt
t rc' 11,1( c it oh of :L ':iild. liii
i) L( ( " ( V . . 1,1. l-t ': 1 . IV hol
ca .li ii ii. c,4 jic t?1 c o4 'lci
eri lll!. it \i2i'' h., il c he(iw
j) 11. i~a .s.:tll t c~i i.i 'c a1ii d o
e l!' h at\' iit ice k! t OWt it(" ', ice f, FIl(
Januai ). i~o was captulred ini Now
bp ry19aot'tty.. . Jteorqis good ~roeseo
to boliuvo that hoe is the real thief
or at least that hoe has a Icitowlodgi
of Cili artio8 by whoan the robber)
was perpetratedl.
Mj. 'oodlwayed ec~ itly"dri-v of
the water fr~rA biB pond, ' n'i
captured a huttgo number of fiub
some of tliotA4 very large and all o;
thorn in tell1ent eating order. ?'
returnr o'tr thtanks for a share of tin
spoils. r'I110 " ] Ijor is ac(luirinU
'quite a reputation as a fishermuan"
Though his system of catching lit
vic'tiius is not in aecordlahce wjiAi th(
~)rincilples of orthodiox T;'eitificang
ling, yet he irc ioiir th'it l~s suc!'?sr
fill. ]M't XtY. wL4,c .\'cl givinXg n
finny ftloi's at fit r TA\o ing.
A. Tutu.- CAtrO i rr. -Jatke '.t1l
Noll, a 'Ch')~v~d 2111n ]iviigt ni
Wil 11 1c oh going h1o1e( a fen
(1'as (ago, found that his 11 liso ha('
been foa'e'jbly l't'-srv~c and li'ill wvatel
st~olcb1 8llspe( t i'ig itin i)tlier ii cgr(
n:uncd Pete~r AMIii(110 lieil(1jil vt
for himl and learned thbat ho had
g())10 in tho dii'y b~oll t~ lhdgewiy
Coining ii)c;M h1lvn at that place, 11
ikwcliat\ddc hais Watch, *h1iehl Pete, ao
oflC(a Main r e I ied. Jiake th,01'
fe(~VCre~V l* 'owd ht\a ~i*1i"ve,T
brought him to Wilahsboro, WVher(
he is now in .jail, awaiting trial al
the next termt or the cdurt of genera:
T1in.; Gicu Eli FAMIL.-Thins troup
w\ero iuinoiineel to give fill outer
t~Liflneitf. at Thespian }full oil 'lon
day flight. Speiking of their per.
f'imIL1(4t's ini~ al: kvil, t ime .*Ai' Iqae'
it hiuge~ 1:1'. dtli4rhlet uSiILdi' eQ(c. Mi'
(I iii1,~ r ,s :1 *'iu~,iiu of ro'aikzihh
viiet iii lV. 10l1(1 vsii IL ioliniet rn'nkic
wuih tI h'' Ii0iS!. j)e~rfu'illr we.( iiO"(
(VII'" lII~artl Upu~il that fa~vorite iinstil:
inii'it. 51 yt's ! 'l1 is it V"o(Stli14i
"!' high (ardoi. :aiui .l ist.r \-illieit
Jftttlc toai1gs we"(re' 4 Source 'kf qnlucl'
'J..hIP f~Ii~ut' is nIor (,?i its first
t 1 1 0 " .1 11 1 r( ' n"l) s c ( ' rV \ 1 Et .r t 1(at a t ~ u e a ~ i n ~ s f~ti) h I t .~
hareu icieivedt veryv highl1ii.
lRev. 1,I. J1. \[(' vnai l~ pC vaI1(1Ch('1 01
Siundlay a iglut at time Methodist
(Mh11I)'el t) (iw ICOf theO largest enlgr(.
:atici~ ei~(ver galI~i rn'oi i)u W\innsboro.
I) . 11 ('N liiaidio Iieliv(!JvdL at dis.olrM(
whih \vhiie' fultly in. kepilg wvith tli(
rtpiltaioin lie LIOcI,_ VO(13 enjoys Its aI
paaljnf; orator. JHi thougchts nri,
Tim S-'E. 'I0.cnA.v.---.Th'e CharlIes.
ton Veto and OdYiyi r .c tauips. the
following dispatch dated. Cohunbia,
'e.riary 23 :
"$ho meeting of the .DornN6ratic,
oxecutive Comnmnittee and tho county
o airmnon of the Stato to-day was ox
tedingly harmonious. Twenty-five
rcounties wer represented. Reports
show that the organization of the
Democracy is proccoding rapidly and
thoroughly. It is evident that the
Dernocracy are resolved to sustain
eh1ierfitl1y arnd vigorously the policy
to bl la(q4tidl by *li tato . Conven
tion ; hilt, wherever the \'fites ho
the -major ity> or feel that they can
secure it, the determnination is to rtn
strai;ht out, local tickets. There is
a diflinei-e of opinion as to the
State tiekt,, with i prpondoralsc e
of feeling in\ fa\-er of straight-out
lolninatioins as 4thw r inott certain way
of bringing out. the whole white vote.
It is too early, howev'i as is olr
cedkl, to uii:&t any l decisiont poln
this point, aud for the prestint eVery
.cAtort will be mad" to secu1re1 unity
111(1 strict party discipliW. The State
Cotvcidie w :11hih has been fixed for
May 4th1 will b(c held in Columbia,
with a probability that tlhy seei.d
state Conveitiol-. if ol be held will
meet in Grece ville. which had cor
diully invited the coiinittee to Stelect
thtt plaeo for the May convention.
The outlook is very eneonraging,
and numbers of negroes are already
joining Democratic clubs in the up.
country. In a few weeks the party
organization will be more conlpact
and Coruplete than ever before : but
it will require universal and unremit
titg work, joined to discipline and
nerve, to rout the thieve and give
South Carolina an honest govern
mient in November."
DEMO IC RAIC '1lI:MEilN.-Mo are
:aut.horized to state that a meet
ing of the etlizens of townsidp
no. 4 will be held at tihe c'odrt-house
on the first Monday in March. for the
purpose of organizing a dei'o'.ratic
club. All persons who are opposed
to the preseut corrupt governrnent
in South Carolina are itivited to par.
ticipatle. The inceting will he held
uinder the anthorif of (1elerti John
Brat ton, county ctairman of Fairfield,
by appin tment of tins state ecn tral ex
ecutive conmiittee of ftie deinoeratic
party. We sincerely t rudt there will be
a full attendanieo It is of the lIttnlost
importance that the honest peoiple
of Fairlield ta imnnediate steps for
thorough organization in oppoition
to the 'orruption now pr'evailing _ in
many branchles of the state govern
nienflt, andl( ho time should be lost.
ILet eveiy (cit iPXen wvho values his
rights and who opp)oses high
Gne.-ort~ow- A e.. - - Tus spe8~4cies ofad
lessu in inuony inst .nees-' in uch bene-lit
wonil he1 der-i ve I w'a re it l't'lnyit l) artrt
upon. No sec'~tin OI the coun'try-i ex..-i
* CII3)p tli oisre a n'd inany re.gions ha .
its ' 'ill Iait flshI i heir to." To 1.nIow '
tiae best nl~in.s of comutaing this 30olIIon .
i-n ety, with thle leat, injury to i..r poe ...
4.'s andOLI tastis, isrtcertain ly a great advaqi
tage. AllI this seasuhtt wei nest. exp et T1 r
*pid iver, rcongE-tedo spleeni, vitialted bilo
andiu inauut ive bowel.j anid a I pr-l onut per.
nOns slOt :1 su pply IhIemflve-1s n ith Terr'I S
(iu 1reiv thle ongorged asi.l- Un, deter
.inina hueulhy Ilowr (' bileI thus1 rooIit
ilt.. thle bot 13 atil 'esing alli~I~ nuliv
.5 'reot ious to pa u off' in a natIl ul mannoilu.
IteinbeII h r thuat '-anl oune101 ot .prvenit ives
* - joth~] m11oe t.'an a 1)ound. < fenlra."
IN Fxeisa Fon ]I~xo SicK.--No
relief iid (lure. Wec haive this dt
case of Couighs, Colds or Consumtp
tioin or' anfl dlisease of the' Throat
ll1 Lanigt' yet to hiear from that.
has not b~en euried- We havie dis.
tribitted evif year; for t hrte years.
over 25$0,Otpt. Saniph- tnithes by
D Irtiggistsait a11ll prts of th0I Unitedl
States. No othier Mann factunrer ouf
Modicinesav r1 gave thwir preparta
tionsi buh I a ~tstas t.his. (Go to
yott i ruggists, McMats-rmo & Rmes.
niAd gu~t at b)ottle for 75 cents and
try it-- 1-Two dOSes wvill re'lieve .youl.
SaI1gle Bo(ttlesL 10.rcents (each.
The' nir F'ire I nsa rnnier Coliuany
Ass.- - - :$I,500,000o
JlziS Y . I lowI .. presi leni .
P'. Nwrn N, ico-LPrest. ec
r 1 5 tu I&
through perild of*u ad n1 y'tns ineingip
Pordland. l'hicagoan B ~illostuuh. It has11 palid,
eveCfy di Alar oft th enor,~rtnanuis e'alitusa wx'hh
row, it of theIse' terrliIIe ft... Ji pS jast
0(eofd am( jr5l prsn Ilbatti;; wd l ?,.commienld
it toth pr 31operty ei o'r.
I dA . W. .A W,
Agent nt. \Vinsboro, H. C.
feb 29 -1m
il g mercises oft this inist ittion
Will :1e inesiinicd di tn cledtv,y
* . Jainuiry 12th. . I"Or < illienlars
conotllittg termis ahtd full par
tetulars,- a rdas *t
*j.vs 4fif Princoipal.
rI M.\KF~your fortilizerR of disaolvyed
.I 1)hone pho~sphateI or aicidl~O phipate
with Cotton i'eed, or theo s1wopings.of yir.
*poultry honse5(3. Wue 1(eh thesei phIosphates.
-A Ltt0- -
Bradly'sO Patenlt PhtosphIlate, Etiwan
Guano, Sardy's (Guano, and Enroka Guano,
for cash or approved paper.
reb 1 MoM A WedF~ &W nYvn
fi) C Oi4% .Otioe .
Vann I !- -A destructivo fire oc, fltred at
Ni pety.six, S. C., December 21s, by
w oh four stores valued at $20,000 woro
Wflirnod. Tiho further sprod of th- on
flagration, with probable destruction of
the wholo town and a lone of %overal hun
dred thousand dollaa worth of.prpetty,
and many live-, wero prevented , lhe
ar 4ivaf a GreAt American. iie n
gu Wer, an 4 happening come in
towh at the nicki of time. F'ox, 1A parilou
soe the .U eville Modi and Now
berry Herald he iollowi ,A eek.
Mr. P. P. To o ofCharleston, S. C., is
the General Southern Agti't 'fM the 11it
American Fire Extinguisher, hid \i
answer all iuquirios in regard to the samte.
1" : Untleraignod having bought the
entire stook of Jas. K' Elder & Co a
wiolesale department, togothajr with F
El ier's larc: stock of
Dry Goods,
Ladins and Gentow
Furnishing Goods,
Hata, Boots and lhoe
Notions, &c..
making one of the largest And E ESi' SE
LECTED stocks ever brought to WinuN
her ,, are now. prenared to aceomnmoidnto
their numerous frienda and customerat' at
their USUALIJY LOW PRICE41 it-asr by
to shit pu'rchantde., Priea gultrantead as
r10W AH TilB LGWE . Oar mottois
mQuick ISale. and snall Proflts.
T1t MS 1T ATiTLY CA8H: !
1. P. IE1TdfI A .
at P. ldei's old dry goods stare.
.LfrienmdH Anei l utomoers that 1 amt still
at tho ol stand, with a full line of
1'O((Edd Ware,
liallotw Ware..
*.iMoots, how, *.
which I Will aull a6 the lowst. prica fort
-ash. A large stot af Bran and - HbortA
for cow feed. Iron. Steel, Ac. on hand
rand to arrive. P'Iahting Potatesto. arrive
mawlay. I lamiit the patco.ago of
al 0wttof good goodai at
i'. ELDER.
A. . ersotia ideied la me by ni~
.' r opltieft'iht are r'A(u~atod to
crome forwnad anide aettle at once~f, as4 1 miunt
hnave minhey inl conseaquience ofolIe'. Chmlaga
inl myV lisinessa All openo iac,'5i'r 4 111intl
bo closedl ithmet hby casah tor note n, . a >
provedt~ ;necurit/.. Al thosunattlr/ itdsh
settle wdlbout gat wi'l come ,ftard at
once2, iftilht they: will have t. .diffto *lth
tany attonfnoy, with coat. F LII
ja 92
. Winnsboro.i'. (... .Ian., 15 187C,.
T ~i!E irax Ilooks ol Jdbin('ounty aro ,row.
..l. ttpe for thescolle<.ton of Xtato anid
C~onn.ytaxs for te fiacal ..ye'hr -J874,
Tihe folltuwifg levs~have bou-H,,itnado. for
tJ3e variou~s prurpcAea eliuar.erated bolow,
v. -
ThfrCutOrdihnary 3
Tax for l'ornty, to pa pas
Tax forJDistrictchools, to wit,
District NA. 2 1 , mill.
-' '4 . li
t ' 6 13 "*
t a, 7 1. *
8'*a 8,
44 t. 9 .2 '.
~a ~ 12 2 '
13 44
Treasurer of FafrEld 6ountf
51EltIl F"'S 5,111.
to of South Corolung- (iotIit". .of',Fuih'
114'td. Jtei*.I. Rion ais Ex'r. of tjic~
will of C. 1). Ford, dec.= vs. 8ilio )'. t
. lru~ et' of ttn o'rder tfrtlto Court o
-lti., 1'141n8, Hlcae in 1tlho ltbove
eittitltod naw'two, I will oflear for x1,lo' .oi the
itM lIoti"i'' Marc tIiilii~ t, lief oV(a. the~
(C r tsedo nWnsoo ihnthe le~gal Jauiu of sit lv, to tia hidi aa Wl..
tb'r at pul'li: of tery, th','" 1. ~i~wioa. do,
seribuad pavittavrty, to wit: .'\ II thaat pkeeo,
preor tvgai+ ~t' lanid, I.viia,1 hci 3131(
sit iii4: 'l'~la ' ttauity at V'-ir-llaaItf* in the
Mtateof fra t taaa' Ii aa1 tlli~ aiti it Plitt ni ot
%yatt'rst t it' rst Brancht~ ( ra'tk. (i aiujjiha
(lll ti-aaasatli uit tenl a.awes,10', ior ' let:,
MI~A ida Mlrs. SiI~~t':.3113 htaving
such tajut.s. tmarsai. lPutts~l~ h~aai1toiittrjtax
asiat 11e ri l'1':svnItt'( on, it shit of uurvev
tlt: V?,it dacy \t Jam.a', 1872.
1'101)e j3vti'rdtr shaill piar iii i'ao.u 33i111111
alitd aaaal oixI vu-a atid 71i- jUt) dotllats;
tint~ give.. his ltj,l lair t" ch ti- ialte tat ttiv
itii 1 "d aldit t w.e andaa 7-10l ' dullaiaa
$:.2.1)7) (tit the firast dayv tt(.'ttabrr iatL,
wa~ithI iii latest. trust tilt- dauv of siale, x"tt rd
1)3" iit atrt1:agt tll th lit'I risaesit~. Not bid
mliotil lit. r.eti vil ftor it lesti auit; thanit IOU
teti Ii itias~ i lat 11.1 aitnvtlity-six mil 2f6-14111t
ot shiall het. ptaidill cash:i anad th ~rt.'I aaa ior
is4 tt a.; 1433 all I lrtit.arv iat.313.3
BAN ~I a PT SA 1, CO.
In the District \lutt taf thet I 'nitt.] Stars
--Ill thil'lstrit t of a Iuut Ii ~tra,li. Li
plarita .'-;iiai. lt. l ) nt.V, 3li;; ,i t. 1 Io '
I )atvt, (' 3itua, llarirat at . Petit ion
f solte of r.ald mutt paars'aat tatt., anad
hat ci~i ill hito" (Creditors.
j N ' be,1jenat.e to til3 tordler mtite by t! a'
j1 Iiaaih'rahlc (~Teo. S. 1ir' an, (t. 8, .Iadget
h)itrit oaf Stmith (';uLra t~. in ht Oii it ,
stated vaise', I w'ill sell tftort' th eonurt
ltitausedooer in i Wjatioditaqo wit Iiht lilt' leojtt
lurs t*l ta i' 'mittI te firast %Ioaadv ira mm. 1
ut'xt tile t-aIli)Wit1agl ti3'a'a4.3i 13tp. I i r(t to
uv it : 'lilt itlattlet' it) 111 a'' taltt IAtti,aTa it poll
w'1ims1i l e- -,;akaill I hrvial (' '. . M ;as t 'sial ta
( uad ta att wilda 'li'' h au'd ja", .a ra-" liM'l
-e"l st tiff aa lat'aa a'ai) ,'.a(it:)tihilit% tyo
atalta'ii al n t v-1' 'Itt ".' 4 a.'a'X flata' I t ''a la ,,
ttttte il 1 aijitbIl ".'tu1tt,11. 'aat hti t.
Suajh itla 'at'tagaa. l'tunt. I"" iv y \uaaaslt,or
uitt ,Athlmtt.' ala '.eir' :t r.l waial aiaasaa ia. Ilta
313(1 1 etalat''i lit' au~. snai aJu of that (stat" tat
T. ( '"....:is 'r ii.. 1 .1ta'y' hllaa'x, V\'il
~lllr ut I 1 .1lo " a ti, ~ ltea t 1
A Is.a .,it t hat a'a'a't:111 tIraait ta 1t' alad
r-liatlatv~ of ailrl Stt ,laS.nt ~a rinIa,
;tilt! t,(lttfl(I(d 1'v the 'Nilit,.ita o i d Iata,,
.I' .'aii It' rtal 1~ ,l Cu 3'tt-in ando .-adafor.l'H
F''a' ru taaliitl1 i. I:hds oaf raslta'r 1 II. .1.
an.! ' till l-ha';i 1 ir: I tL'x a uitt-i~~.aiaa.,
''1":;%01 III' SA\I.i:
I~''' the ra'aal estate, t('u,"-l aa.I lt n,1. a tll)
liault ac," f it ct'' lit ttt twelt1". 31iira lt s ','i
iaatt't'c t .,l u 'it ', tiat- 3 rurc ' r l . t v si,. i. tl n t t1;, of l* IIe p 'll e i x .
pay tor' palae'a. aFlea' pr'ast'aaall I'a 't. rt '
tou for ((IA)WN1'
A isi filtia oftt hat' tdalt a- t'f
tiiv rt . M ia JvI'l.rcI ia . l rtl1it!
t atl a a tal i\\i u b~ 1. iiaC . F ll.u 1ta ' 1 s""t bt
lealati aIt Elle I ' t'; ;;:11,1.lata' L
'11t1' UOODS,
;1THt &c. &c.
Dannenber 's
I I AVINC, just rc"turnocl ft"ni, lilt-- nnrll
111.1 but ing buugh.t it ltlrf ;+N :ctccclt the
uc"nticttt is ofteh a"+1:td"v.Ii " I "F.n! 6611
.t1 ti tly rc"c"I"ivit E, .114.11 it tuiic"ty bf 4-111.",I,;,
old st"IIMIht kmt .-h : ema l.ubly low prices.
' i r1; it1LASON- tM a USTT111.4
NVlt r; f. t" t'Aail I and :i1.1v to 1.11 cheap
;ut l r. t . clnc nil x'"ll c"lte tl .
all .thcl" 44"I vi,,, vrttt'c"lvet; hltat I (14)
ttc't into n"l tt l' un lcrsc.l11
Mcanoy tit .: ;:
ft"1. I.
1'he Atlas 111sul"allee Company,
II it It:k R'uLtp? CO No
al.tti I,.-id up : 200,ooii.
t ttmtrl;""t va .tt4l - - - i.23 ,lt;h."17.
I. 11. ti1"r..tr.rt... Prc"s I
E. 11. I It-4"1.1Nct"r Soc.
'I'l l Iti .-nn IruiN htt tac uclil won itR tt".ty
ct .tt" y. ttttlii it now railhs with thc.s,
ntittutitcna which linve t;i-."tt llnrttit4'd
:tt":II it rel.tttttiutt . for ltoeetily : ncl fair
It ,IIi:I in urtclc"rwrilint .
s IL $'! \V ..It 'I .
t, 1" I t A,,ei-1 et" I' ittto d ,,,1-0, -. C.
100T AND SIlM'7
rata ; {{ +,
":I i! ' ante '
( t"11iCI1t1'1'll(ltttittilu s llruriaittl VIN
)1.. It 1;1 ?rt:lts the uxlst tt"oiltlet"ftti i"
t"i1 t+1:(ilt that ovor tnrtaiuod
No Person can tak(,1.1 em, RUJI.-w
Cet 1'(lltlh"to illl'eI'tlt+Ii:i.: ills 1'('11Y11t', 1. 1;1;
tinwt!II, Iirtit'icl(",l ;twit buttes a1"o nt)t lit
Kt rme(1 1 luinol'al llrisntl 'C,,,utIi i
nlt ;uts, ;ui'.l ::al tr;;:ul:; tt'aStt1 t of (+r~1
I ilimt t. IUittitte ut alit; iltctt'
iiII I1'111. Fever", W1ti(ll al'(t so 'pro, 1I,
,etit in alit ';tile:}s of our -great, rir,+T,
the United States. ('spcl:i. lh"
thtise of ill(! (Thio. 11}. ;Sourl,
10!rluiti.'1'etltlesSer, ('ulubetlatitl. Arlt;Iii
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galls, is es tentialir hei."essal'r.. '1'hnr .l
is uO cathartic; I,)r tho purpose equal to
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Jts they will M lrellily t"elno "o"tlto dark
coloretl t.itil"id to;t;ter with Which the.
boteoln al'o luatletl, :,t: the saute tint
winnatlatjn;; Clw pct reties of the li "rr.
Itn(1 giiteraliy thsttrin~ " tho healthy
funetiuns of the tiil;c..tive (,r ;ana.
Fortify th. hottyagai list ctisrstute
by purifying :11i its fitli(l";ltitllV1\Ll;Alc
if t;t?cl:Ia. Nis i jlitli tirI; 'k-au t:tko brut
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1)p11eptia or Ili(1i;ll:4tion", Head
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. iii !:11 iolin ii' "1Ito titi'ti;u:h, Ball '1'avlr
in the 1i.lush. (tilit"'t: Attacks, I'alpittt"
>latit+ll.t)f the 11('il+t. 111l1ammatjolt t f the
I';tit1 ill the :egitili of Lint Kill
rleti s..unit :t htn)tiretl nth( r"I ;!;slid Kvnli
I lull!+, ;Itu Itit' ttilsl )'iul:(*, i t' I)t"t;pc isii11
(tilt! ttlitt) ' ,''till 1'1(Itu a I)"l ltrl'1;tl;ltalllttl
of ita mttrita that a len:;tl:t" atl 'et"titao
.'hcrol'al;t, or Kiil"'.s Evil, t 'hitti
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(~iirrt,, Srt i.ttlt.ut Inllluunlttli ,t:,. I itlt lrttt
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lit these. as is a-11 t,;lrr'ma it !(;!heal I iti.
erlcea, 11" .ti.i:IIt"s \' Ixr:';.tit itl'r'i"rlts h1tri
'h, ttn t1wil lrrettl. ,'utatirn t~ tt"'ij lit tho
111ust. t ht.llitato allf iatt":ii taliit: ca ittc
holy I nittitnutlttori and ('broth?
i h(ttltutil"lsuti Gotlt., 1tilions, ltentit"
to ill and 111tt'I'lititlt'Ilt lovers, It)iSeaseatlf
},a Iillir ,I, l.ivtir, kitlneca and itilcttltlt.4",
iiut"I: IM C(0131. w sect J)iyi ois(1R
,trt: l!tcised b3. Vitiated It1uci(1.
li'cha)tivat 1)1 (+it! f s. r".rlrl'fif1T1t7 ,t.
'.;af;t'il ill Paitlts anti Milioralta, auch ,"ta
I'lttl)Iher, , '1't pc"tettei"t;, (j' old In stert<, mill

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