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la P it1 R D w KKLY 13Y
,V W L La t A l I A I) A V I S.
7-rms.-lhe IIgRAit) it published Wedk
y in I le Town of Winnsboro, st. $3OO
r. .ariably ib Odraftcr.
uf All trinni-nt nalvertisenetus to be
!'-4i/l IN .-ilIV..cIN.
Onine~try Notices and Ti'bntitres.U,0
per i quare.
Monday, Felruary 28.
Tho house notititd the senato of
its refusal to concur in the lattor's
amendments to the appropriation
bill, and requested th appuontmlltlt
of at committeo of t'ollforent(,n The
committeo wars dailly appointed,
Sundry claims wore pawsod.and
orsierod to ho paid.
Concurrent resolution (by Mr,
Cochrtn) directing the diretctre of
the state ponitentiary to mako con
iraets for 1otming out the convict
laor, wast passed and sent, to the
- A conllI Ilientiol Was recOwv;d
from .Judge J. P. Roed, of the first
circuit, Upon the subject of a tusolu
tion recently adopted by the honso,
ordering an investigatiol of his
oicial conduct. Received a inlfor
Green introduced i resolution
that the geseral assembly adjourn !
eine die on1 ,),Lturdmulay,'March 4. Laid
ovet for future consideration.
Joint resolutioni authlorizing th()
cotuif'y co)isiSoimflnerH of Beaufurt to
levy at spctiatl tax was passed and
sent to the house,
A resolution (by Nash) requiring
the colmitteo onl public buildings
to ascrtain and report by what
auithority the United States troops
niow occVpy thim Citadel building in
Charlestoji, 1 was adopted.
The conferencQ e counitto eon the
approptiatiol bill suibiittod a ro
p)ort. which Was laid over for future
HOUsE R" RlE t'IEItiN't'A'VIvEf,
A number of bills werO read a
third time, pa~salnld atnd sent to the
senoate. None of thosc possess any
general iie rest.
''hiet senate retnrlui, n rejected,
the bill to prohibit the salts of intoxi
eating liquolrs withil two and on0
half miles of Blythewood Setmiinary,
.and ia bill making at similar provision
with reference to W illiamston Fe
1 male College in Andersoi coit.y
The senate resolution providing
for the be-riiig out of convict labor
waLs discussed at Some length, andi
The speaker laid beforte the houise
rep'rts from the treasurers of
uifteecn coutnties, showing that up to
the time of the report 85.l7,0i75.61 in
bills of the Bank of the Stai Lnd
)een tlendered in payment or taxem's,
A message was received from tihe
'overnor, stating that he would
;taL-l promplt actioni in tihe muatter (if
dhle alliegedl ouitrago in Edgelield
if c('aI1.ty.
A goin1t resoi~lut ion approp)rialtinlg
to the1 rue5( of the public schools an
nnr eradeod ba lance ini thme hands of
the t.t)tte treasurer, was taiken up
After trasa'~mcting some routine
Tite day, February 29.
A 'oonnnimientiOn was received
-from the ftreasurer inof Spartawnurg
(-0oun ty, sti-fing that he 1111d collected
$1,838.76 of thme Lm-li tax, aind one(
:from the trea'Irer of Fairlbeld, stat
~ing that he had collected $'Jt9 of the
09ame1( ta~x.
A number of billsm were reported
Nash introduced the following :
Resored bythe senate, the hiouse
ant i rrsen tativeCs(I conclurring, Thtt
James H-. Carlislo, 1U. 'T. Greener,
iMh. A. Wamrreni. DrI. (Grier, Dr. Cook,
JI. K. Jilkon and Hon. H. J. Maxwell
be( appohin~1tedl1 (a0ommIii~on to con
idoe r anid perfect su itable regu lati ons
for thu~ )eorganlii.ation of t.heo free
'onffuen schioolsEof this utate, and
that the 1nid( co~immisionl be re
quested to i'eport the smI to the
nex t ssion o f the general assembly.
A coneabrrent resohlttion that the
general na~sOembily adljourni sin1 die
on Suaturday, Mauaih 4, was' laid on
tihe table.ri
Adj ourned,
A few bils orn ouced,em
bytitle, aund properlyrfrrd
Freemanlf introdiA'fd a) resolitionl
requesC.tinfg thme suptrIltendenut of
e~dnlEationl to iformi the hottSe of thdc
lilnuber, valuoii an.Ud kind oft'text-booko
sen Lo 1.h1( differont ('olIaios, for
usel( in thE pl)Uic schIools. A.dopted.
Time report of the conmmittee ol
con ferece upon the app~lrol)riation
bill was adopted by ai vote of 41 to
Tlheo senate renohttion to take ma
recess15 from March I to Martch 7 wat
adopijted~ by3 a vote of (62 to 20.
. lHumbnert moved to take fromr the(
W' table a bill to provide for thme relief
(of Edward 11. Wesley. Adopted(.
A long dliscui~on upon~ the noritm
of thme bill then took plae, after
whieh a piltion to~ strike out 11h(
enacting clauso \vas adopted by a
vote of 45 to 36.
The appropriatioli bill wus report
ed as dilly 'nrolltd for ratification,
Adjouant t.
Wedisldlay,'Marci 1.
11i to 111t imid chapter 85 of the
general tstatutes, relating to intes
tatese WanH passed,
A large umtmbor of acts vci0 sent
to tie governor for approvald and a
)im' hiumber of act of a private or
lot al latitre tvero pand and sint to
thei ht MA
The resohlttiEon to appoint i Com
Inission to consider and porfad suit
ablo regillations for the reorlalliza
tioi, of the free schools of the MLato.
Was. adlopt~d,
Iteport-of Coihihi te on this peni
teltiary onbil W to provide fur the
tai tenahL'ti of th' state peniten
tuirf Wei4 pasrled to a third reading.
A putiber of privato bills wero pass
ed and sont to the Aienito.
A largo number of claims, mostly
for -small mi1s, were passed and
ordered to bo p)aial.
A sonate bill to authorize the
futiding in consolidation bonds and
Ntock of the unpaid bonds and
conpons of the Spartanburg and
Unioni Railroad Company, was taken
up and illdeliiiti$ely pontponed.
A comm nuiittintion watt received
frol the govenllor, staiting
the' informaintion received by
him respecting the t'Uounit whiippiig
iii hlgefield cunuty,
Whipper presented this resigna,
tioni as ia membor of the louse, Ac,
Concurrent resorlutioln to ihlvesti
gate the oiceial ('ohiduct of Judge J:
V. lead was takill) up and adopteid.
A Cominitteo was appointed accord
A ParokVstnal Drinker.
A man with al ugly light in his
eyes entered it alioon on Congress
street yesterdaty, The bartender
slid in behind hi counter and smiled
at prospectivo'profits,but the skrang
ger waved his hands and said : "I
want none of your vile decoctions.
Mix inc something to koothe my
raging thoughts !"
"Gin and sugar ?" in sitluated the
"1)o upon want to mako a Volcano,
of ie : exclaimed the striatlgor, "I
want something as soothing to my
tumultuous thoughts its the miothr's
lullaby song is to it weary child.'
"Take i milk punch ?"
"I want to be soothed, I tell yotl"
whooped the mean.
"'Take i Tom and Jerry ?"
6 "Would a Coi and Jerry drive
those wild, raging1 terrible thoughts
away ?"
"I think it would," replied the
bartender, and he mixed one. He
made it unusually good, and the
man silpod it with great satisfaction
asnd oxelnim ed :
"Ah I that soothos mc--that does
110 good--that turns; my raging
thuoughit inito dIreamls of ecstatic
b)lis l'
As hn wiped his mouth on the
b ac~k of his~ ha~nd the bairtender said:
"C(hanoge, please,"
"Yes, tha~t has chiangedi me," was
the reply,
"I wanlt fiftll o'on cts, if you
"For what 1"
"KFor that 'Tom anld Jerry."
"Look out, sir I I a~m soothed
now, anid don't got mec ,.raging
"Rahgo be hangeid I I \vant pay
for thiat drink !"
"'Look out for th' reaction 1"
wairned the manm. "'I am caln anld
pleaceful now, and I hope you wont
bring bac1k those terrile, fienidish
thoughts which burned in my heart
as molten lava slips dlownt the rug.
god sides of Mt. Vosuvius."
"You pay for that drink !"
"Now 1 ruigo nignin !" yelled tle
man "N)'Row the sootthiing indluence
ha paso away, niothinig canf cahn
Ho hit the bartender betweon tile
eyes, tore down the stove and would
have made a sad wreck of things ii
the police haidn't stoppe)d him. He
was talkeni to tihe stattioni and locked(
upj. After ab)out throo hours he
cailhn again." Bunt they didn't lot
him out,"-/roI'e t F"ree Pres*.
A Chiinman in Onli fornia, whose
life wats inistred for ai large amiiounlt,
was seiottsly hiutr. by falling from ii
his o"'r gettinig better1 and ai
longthi oheu of his frimilds wrote tc
thu iinsurance dompany1 "'Chalrley
hailf dea I like halfh mioney."
"Dc('ookinig injurU the healtlh
of stock 1" inq~uired an agricuiltur.
al exiiha~tige. WeI arei ilidlihed to
thilnk it dloes. There arC litimeromi
istuaneos of hou4vos and porkerF
hav'ihigbomj 'ulokod1 atd . thny'vt
neverieilt.i rely got over It:~
IA cobbller ttt Loydeni who tised k
attend the. iublic disluitatioils hiek
at thd adadrmiy, was asked if lhe n
derstood Latin. "No," replied th<
m)c(haitic, "but I know who is wronp~
in the argument." "How 1" aske&
his friend. "Why, by seeing who ii
Sangry first."
Going Mome.
From the Ponding Th"fid.
Tho damp air came chilly up from
the river late yesterday afternoon.
Around the bend at the WVyonissing,
near the cave at the mill on the op
posite Ride of the Sehuykill, an aged
colored man was sitting on 'a stone,
eatilig an "evening" meal that had
no doubt been begged from a neigh
boring farn house. The stranger
wai type olf the real, genuino
Souithern slave. His hair was gray,
his f'6rin rather bent, his little eyos
oncamped i41 a cluster of wrinkles 1
his ilose br~ad, and all exprossion of
holiesty, kidnoss of heart, geniality
that could hot bo hid, but that burst
replendeilt through a cloud of sor
rokv that seemod to mantle him from
hip old black hat to the well-worn
boots on his foot.
"My name is Henry, sah, Uncle
Henry doy used to call me when I
Was livin' whar I was rised," was the:
reply ho made to the reporter's
"Dat was down in Georgia, sah, a
long time ago. I'm been gittin'
around de Norf sinco do war, but!
I'so gwino to try to go along
home agin, if I can, before deso old
bones wear out and dore's nuffin left
o ie.'
"Want to got back South again,
do you ?"
"Yes, sab. It kind o' creeps inl
my Boles to go home again, I call
it home, but it's a long ways oft Was
born thirty miles holow Savaunah,
and belonged to Colonel Higgins,
Colonel Archibald Higgins, of the
Pina Hill plantation. Ever boon
da' ?
Unclo HInry was told "no."
"I'm boen to many places in God's
tardon, isal, but now, in my old
years, I dunhno airy a place like de
old horm', down dar. Whon General
Sherinani d'te g'eo i av from At
laiuta. Afatia walk killed and do nig.
gers was frned. I cum Norf wid my
sol, but he's dead !h and dars no
1mo' room for mo heah. I've got
childern livin' down dar aiomne 'ers,
least cey was livin' when n e oWn1
"Can you sing 'Way dowh )apon
the Swanee River,' Uncle Henry ?"
The old man's eyes fairly
sparkled and glistenod in tears am he
replied :
"Dat good old toon, how coled I
ever forgit it I No indeedy, not mve
forgit ! lat was writ years ago,
sah, but when I sing it now, away
from old hoone, I 'magin it was writ
fo' inc right now. 0, I tell you,
massa, (lres plenty niggers in de
world singing dat old toon what jes'
like dis here old uncle, got no home,
and wishin' day was back agin wil
iassa and inissis. Swance Ribber,
far away--." And the aged traveler
wiped away the tears with his Coat
sleeve as his me'morv ran back in
the years that are past, to the happy
days ihe spent among the sugar-calne
land cotton in the sunny land of
Georgia. It was a sad picture and
one not met with often. He spoke
of many other good old songs the
darkies used to oing, and would have
continued his atory fu rtice' had~1 -not
the shadkos of evoIning suggested ai
dlepairturle. Uncle H-en ry was
"helped" along, hitt whether he drift
e(d, or whether he, will ever reach
'dat good old home"' ho spoke of, it
is hard to tell.
'"Good-hy, sah. (1e Lord bless you's
all," were the last words he~ said a
our carriage left himfa back i h
twilight.. ..
Oms Mume.-The Unlitnal .'ttes
senators arc beginning to id out
that "ch'linl-mus)ic" is It pro'(t~fess
lux ury. The B~altimore X an porti
nntly says :"One of thue miost
v'ahtable iethods5 of retrienchmneint
and reform would be absti'iece
from usoless dlebate'. Membe~rs who
are alvays on their' feet, and14 seem
to miake the keeping of themiselves
befor'e tho public the whole object
of their legislative existence, 'inre
among the miost costly luxuries of
represen tativo govern men t. A enl'
culation of what a state loses by the
superCiflulous exor'eisl among its law.
mnakoi'c of the gift of gal) wvould
horrify the taxpayers."
In North Siam when they go to
law they haive a enrlious) ellso.)
Both parLties to the sutit aro' put
under01 watier', and14 whao"er re1
n 1lainsH the~re iongest wills fio caise,
nit ou thle cnstomc is different.
IBoth parties, binhg in hot w~ater, are
kepJt thiee withouit reference to the
rig.hit on eithe'r side'.
.'"Th" boy at the hecad of the olane
will idat what were the Dark Ages
of the wor'ld?" Boy hiesitates. "Next;~
MIaster' Blgg~i a ye tell mfO what
t.he Dar'k Agds w(ere?'" "I guess they
werei the ages beforti spectacles wore
invehed.""Gd) tu yohr Heats."
Dr. WV. W. 1Hal1 says that "hd in
fhth most skilfuil and shoccessful
physici in any ease of sickness,
who sool Ost dliscovers whaiit untu!re
*altts to (do, aind most priomnptly
adop1ts thi best men5)s fr r'eIdder
hlig htxr than in~diented idi"
"Yec; Iwant my)3 diahithtr to
stiidy rhetor'ic," replied a Vertn mt
miotheri, "for she can't fry pan~ es
now withouit smoking the hohe all
Owing to the fog, London street
lamps are kept lighted day and
Oin the Clharlotto, Collttntbiila t0i1
Auglustl Railroad, there is a station
twelve nili. below Ohostervilla
call1d I3lackstotelk. Th'liO do pot took
its name front the post-oillco in ttu
nieigliborlhood. The lile of division
betwe(ien the (outieM of Fairilnhl
and Chester, rins through the grow
ing town of Blackstook. The dopot
atid pot-ofl'(', as well, perhaps, ,11
most of the blPinstIH uIlsos, are it
Chester county. Blacsitock poat
offico was so niauod in honor of Ed
Ward Bla)ckstock, genorally calloI
old Ned Blackstok. Originally, it
was lo(ato.l about a quartor of a
guile above where the widow of
Charleq Bell now ros4id1eS-tvo miles
above Jlatkstock dol)ot. Afterward
it wits novod down to the place now
belonging to the ostato of Charles
Bell. When the post-offico was os
tublishiod at this point, WO are not
curtain. This much maf be afely
said: it was in existence early inl the
beginning of the present c'ntury.
Old Ned 3lckstoek was succeeded
by a gentleman by th namo of La:tw,
who afterward removed to COhull
bia. Law was attecoc(lod by John
F. Debardela on.
W1hen thu Charlotte and Cohumbia
Railroad Was completed, tho post
oflice was iovod from DubardelL
bon's-now Boll's pltco-rto whit is
known as Blackstock Depot.
Some, from the similarity of the
11111e, have been led to supposo that
3tckstock Depot and Blackstock s
battle ground occupy on and the
same locality. This is not correct.
Blaekstock's battle ground is on the
Tyger river, in the western portion
of Union counity. Whether Black
stocks, from whom the namo of the
hattle is (leriveul and Old Ned Black
stock were related or not, we are
not, able to say. '1'lcro is a difer
ence in the orthiogriaphy. Tiho for
mer tflrminlated with an s, whilst the
latter did iot. The n:uno .lack.
stook, or lacikstocks, has, so far 1s
we know) disappeared from the
county: hut Once it was not uhiiundual
to meet persxois bearing that uuce,
By (ixa.uig the old grave-yards in
the up country of South Caroliisa,
tomb stonos Will bo found which
silently bear tostimony to tl, oxis
tenco of a family now almost if not
entirely extinct.
Ned llackstock, froma Whoi
Blackstock Depot derives its name,
Wits a Scotch-Irishmai. The pre
(iSe (late of his coming to America
we have no means ILL hand by which
to ascertain. It was, however,
shortly after the Rovolutionary'% ar.
Prhiaips it was in the year 1794.
There were four of thiem. Thle
mothuir, two sons-tho Jter. William
and Edward-and one sister, the
wife of Alex:nder Skelly. Tie
father had died soie time before,
leaving the children already liamled
and ole other Sol, Samuel,
whoso tragical end dron' the mother
and bar childron to AmedC e1a.
Ireland, from timle out, of mind,
has been an afllieted country. 'l'hio
Scotcl-Irislt are it good people.
Find them whore you will, you will
find a people thrifty and iflndustriouts,
and grealt lovers of civil and1( re
ligiois liberty. Trhe~y hatve so long
been tramlel)4d upon~ by tyranits, that
they inistinctively hate k1iiitgs. inid
anu Usite'r mn ini *bativer part of
the globe you may; and you maiy
coun~t tupon1 him, with enrtint.v, as a
frienod of conistituitionial liberty.
Ireland, in consequtoole of this spirit,
has boon~i tihe scee oIf counftleks re.
bollions. A part of the dluty of tho
hing'; troops is to guardl Ireland
anid knop1 the p~oo))ld in subjde~tioin:
Ini one0 of theost, rebellions S4am
hI Icukstocjk beanm the objet of
iSuicion to Liho inig's troops5. A
51pjiad wats sont to takt. tihe young
mau~ iitci eustodyt lie wats fouind at
a1 ihior t dlistance' from the thatlhud
root ofr his widowlod moither: Withm
uihbridled huist aidd brutal t'rnolty,
ho was set uupoi) by a baud rif Puiilan
anld amtrderedl. Th'ii wasi not all.
He1( was ripp~edi open4l andt his bl)OIS
fiort out. As if to add insult to in:
jury', anid taunit thme widowed miothier
m'1id birothiers aund 1 istn'rs I i their
gur'f, thu scjptiid rodlo 1ill to the~
dour of their dlwolling atto fl the
mothe11r that she wvouhld Iiid her son,
Sams, at 80clh a placon. Ap~proihOn
sive of some dlreatdfil ('talmity, then
mnother~i ando her diaughtert Janoe, set
iout ihr the designated spot1. Tho're
she fatmnd the lifnoos c*orpse of her
son1 and1 near by his h)ow(ls. With a
fortituo begottonI by thme ciretlin.
sLtnces; ati prIossed with a1 grief
which drind( her tears, she bid hi'r
daughtor taike'hold of tihe lower (dOi
nors oif hesr apron, theit gatheuring
up the bowels of her soun sheo placed
them inl theI apron oif Janeo. Shc
then took theo disembuIowV(hl b)ody
in bor own arms ad tho tw'o weit
silehtly bat-k to the hmouso:
Mueh ai PhtOne begfgars all desceripr
tion. Tht; shoek was too great fou
the daiightecr. It dlothronedl rnason
and1( althoiugh i'hue hoeur wats a raving
maniac, she niever (entiroly reicovere<I
fromt thmo sad ei'eet of that tryinp
hour. She beeane thO miothnr of i
large andt highly reslctable family
Her son Alexander was a mah of de
cidled ability. Hie studiuleidinh
andl wenit to .llinois.
A.fter thn murder oif his birothui
Satm, Ned qwore eternal hatreo
agaiinst the British. govern ment
W~hen 11h0 war (If 1812 broko out, h<(
set out and joined General Harrisor
in the West. lie continued in tIho
8orvlce un1til the war clos'~l. Thin
Swua roiiintary oil hspr. [;
w* t ictg l hted Lit 1il~
gist it. lliru1hdf nd ttc notIIIag( si ,ll otli'
era; to (10 ill( smi11t(. We~ dst r(' 11)01
8113" tit Ned BliuwIUstoW1 wasli right ill
chei(rishinlg, so) lunig, a B~itter' spirit of
The1( IoclatioI1 of lllaeksto('k Depc~ot
iN, with1in ai fewv rotiM of when,'r onc~e
wvai the ('8Sid1(11(4 of Jerry b1alker.
)totOriou8s for hisi l)rilloric's nnS for,
g4Jeri41".- ) U 'oUkilh Jlsf'nluire r.
Witch D7dctor.
.At; ilitstrattiig the 8iiporst if~li414
that ovena ini this~ iit I4140(111 t~tit cltI1)'
peoople. the followinig; rn+iltii"i,*ne('8
frort tho no0tec 1)0411 of it irt i re.l and14
tired jplly;iiialt mnay not. he4 uifnlter=
I remember viiing;ll a hif tIe patient
that was8 (lyin~g of bra'lin diaeate. It
head lay as still ott the pillow 11N if
the ineurtia of dle.ath hadu 1)ilt14(1d it
faist, wlihilo thei It)5 rt bii ody %Were2
1114 if wV(1Hthit4. w~ithI thlt dread1 lutall)
116844 that. Wets so 84oo)d t4) 44:11 tlitii
forever. I tole Ole parent' : itt.
uliro tha:t t10 fre is.'i1 1.1a'4 1 oyoz ii1
huitiai skill 111441 would4 .4')a 1)u1 a~t
rusHt. An o)(lt huh ' 1 1 Ira. (XA:li iie
'"I knowed it! but wI tlit're wt:ati not
to toldl that, Ii 1,1ou&t~it, nt Itig of her
441g( i(!4i: r ittil 44114 I (46 k n 14)
1)1ei10 ide 111 inl aI lVhisl. told 1114
that 1h "11 (li w asi IIwi ft 'I 1 I.", i(v?nan -I;oj i.tefi
vas;R withinj her. I1 a ;hed Nvhit I hey
had clonie to b~realk ft e'vil chai1I.
she ''44411104 lce Sister than, 4' 11 4 lti
they 1rt"(t' l1 at htrrto ll v(4.R4..l
fillel 1' Njitl oelt 14111 ii y, c4l dh'ei:4iv0
li(}id, in wltihwh floatt cdaiuit1(ulziii
OXCruC(olleo "fr lil the in-side 4of ft11(
forcing of at. htlt$C-'a black inill e,
4)141 ---4(114 le)t ha:d Inca41 tillin~g the
4ch1i1d's4 mit4)111AIc".1 with th 14 Ii('S$ to,
(trivo thit witrh(4. lwaV. .As4 d.14 ol
Iladies4 gathf1ered iiroiiiid fho ciii) 1141
l't'red Iinto muiirky dep'1thsX, I tLII siht.
oIf thte weird s4is4ter111 iMl:cklt ts44
caulIdron, iuld I left themt ,Hllo ill
teir (lflI](1)'s
floWu ?Nit't, ','e be Pt cid4nt.
A alary oif 4 ),0%) a. mn 51-)
susatiined i1l at ulylo of h lty thalft t
feepclt'la; (1X0111 of, fulrnished,
repi d hea(liltedl at 1ilt annu1tal
eXpcstit) (if $25,000, witilt time very{
liti breathed there J)444f1134444 by rto eoisp~1aate1 ii i
rat1io t.au (leg Jilttt n)41g41tCuilc 44
lit till 44.i1111i1 ('t~i"Im0 of $5.000 1 it
prlivlte 8U(rot:Iry ant, 1i)o(1 4i. Vear it)
(10i4f 1, f5444i1t0l 1 iii :.tI1-,o
yearV C.o. 44)te .Iic '1 )1"h o f 14' J 1" va'4
444.er43ta4.y atwoti '14,11h') ant1. )ut) to
do tlit' W1ork (If t11he 58istauL 1. ru
tinric'rs, [hsiuglif i'ha It 44f.4'Wart If,
41(')t'ii talel w~ith the Olt('f('Csf, wiines
and r'j(44(r fo vi ((44 that, )to)i 1(41144,all
RoLhot' Moiotonodus.
Firill.-- I hi roil Irce Prmil.
ixor aeVyii (I~lVO 11I) an old tltali
('lit red t he sti 1'. of it 1 h'trioit bard
11111 41( L( illI fr (' t illt 11 h11it.(o
-Wanlt to lieu 3110 ?" 11 ltkd flie
'"Yes. 14i1", 1 S o1'l years ago
pa~hll of sHl t of Volt I"
''1 0W~'tll' tor it, ill- t, F~eyi~i
u1gt. sir. aloof1 not4 otne of thiont needs
"baot iwuv thuink it 4Ul11:11( 1110 h
old1 i1.ow, "'l)1 111 tI ake it cos0t 1"o11
"1,10 } 1O I 11(t1l you sohl 111( those
codslt sir, youl did Hot1 kniow tutu,
youi~ WereC il(! ittg, with a 1101n
-Well, y'il stop1 your' blowing ailid
get ot. of here I"
"C;i c 1110 It 1)Z('kitgO of cabbage
80011. lir '
51)11 old e t ln Arent Pawv hMI:Lg lt
It))s hour . (eunc 1141 aid ll~ au neods
1111('0 .li ~('sl
(lIt. 'n 'a;s 11 ; th)i n I, ill 1i lag
"1rveg~ y Sldn 1))0 ithin ('gof
Ml't. Nt .110 HilI seed(m 140(0~l.
41 10 u i 1.11( si~ilM l I "
Il fto: wa~ frur ll t and *i('h went
S1).14 a 5('thao thist t!Orlillg,
"'(!Cellwa ow \"11'1 It'l byhi tI'aIliimni
,; pl i n ; " l , 1 1 1 1 ) 1 e ( ~ ' o fu 1 1 a ( s. N o l . ( ( 1 p o , i l 3 1 40 1 o w a t ltt "
((t o)1: t I l ( )1
rle(I dowl thtt nired, foren
-.Sie ;iii thou rfirl in ou uto
spri('g( 1 wa '\in(ll bgo 11hin1 (' ll
t1iitigt ! h If( x.11(11(11': l d n 111 P g 'I'
I111(:1 Ito wlt( m i. 1o'rtlti O'i t-(
Wlt(' ll-t l) 1(1'1 a 1 61(4in (lie 11110k. f
fRg 'gov~ i (i fown t.h sr(.fri
"Shil, 11( jt0r oll 1)101 8(30( tooday
infon t eloii (11 ' o l idi t) the'
llnttO1l o psse :OICOL
r'e e1 giv(L'll ago11 thin (o whiti
srint;3( tis sJL) 1101' l111 gar,
hIdlllld 111, its of .se and tol'd ot
fi 111(1 forgott i. ~di'yuwut ~l
fo Vh hkitfg !"o 11(4.i s e
bLIi ttonod i overc' oat.l ',ii ~l~l'
111t';O IV111 Wt f r.el hint, a~li('t] toh
stoe 111' 1L3 he~ fj rP 11'n rlls'l
pztaers Ofl I eli'11e gi t 'k~ a 11 Jl
Afi o r :'., 11101 i' 11'; k Atu, I 0080014 IwlO
handed( i' 1(1( (i-, 1'lI''O lieace 'Iout
f .1 je' ti 11 :15 (J(109t 0Il ii
4111 ' I l 114. 1 LII 38. Clu'( 11010tllt(1 L111(4
he11,0 Va;th if., (oing, fyt 118111 ll loiu
N'o' elit's next 1 . futtltlnl 1'L0110 siea
OfVh rI 11 2lju'Ig tg o ew' O.
NIid I IJl ifi'L'l t I lit' (l5 101' 811Th
PEP:3H;CUTIt4C1 c.iimd IA B..
'r6italc, f'tt ragoA Cotiiitiittod tili
Ttlrkteh kiuldters III I3ttlgttt'Itt:
(:otr(wl ((It (1(+ft( (+ of the 1,OItclOii 'I iniCH:
A 1cItrr fr((rt J;r;ki/,a;;hca; iii tlttf
llk1 ge; indltttt i hius+ and c"c ttt]] strstti ve .
ly inufl'nnisil'O !sr(,vitice of I ti1gttrin;
t-1.11.4 Iln tlhttt It tiulntitc:ltli; it rillttlxci
( f that district; it the 'Iiu"It(i ha.vo
i'ra'4('iI into tile, ItOIis(sh of thin s
1littf;ariati$., \! hero t.h1 y vlohtL 1(I
)calf a score, of youlhg girIA ailci
three i olitll; lt$al-ri( (1 n"attt('Ij. 'T'ittt%
kilh'(1" t"ttolve 13uIgitt"iai1H tuta
t1"ottii(11'd eight t thc"it; ttKt Choy with
(IrmV, they t(ullr ah-sty uritll tltt'm thei
C(,rli, the lights+t" fttriilt-firr, Chill all
the 1 ort.ahlo pr0l1tq.ty of thtl (.'hriH"
Hitt ihltahitatilg." ,
"Ift the vilingti Of C'arittknc thei
rill-Al t;itarcl; witli t-Wu pollcctltott
and othrir'1'iirkP, +trrt:ht(sd ilftcon
13111gatinfis; Shut t.ltt(tn np iii a lint;
and, plif.ti.ni; kiti ' s to tlttir tlirbats,
r'xtuTted fort-- six '1'Itridslt lira ((ltd
lira Is ctitlsil to 18s. M . In the
Phitrict of K:tza1i110r, !(ottsstehi,,
Aj,'11111 at tho head hf it harm of
_lltts iulttltnl:, travflltkt froltt, villal;o
to villa;('. de"11lttitdittg lnoiit'y front
Chet ihttlthitattt.s, tltiel t11rUatltnittg
f hPm i i t h ttrr(st ill ("tt.4t< tf refusal.
U'(+ tint" Kt "cr('c(lrcl ill sc'cttrilt' it
j'lntt(Ii'r of 560 lira. At tllirtttehul
while I'llo villa rPFM we're a rnY' con
tc tlitl; ;"ood.4 to 1,h11 1itttiob, 0110
1rU 45t11111ttlH t"( ihed till" hiotttius and
ill trr(tt('II Ilse d('fctic("Iesn '11,11101)
and ('hildr("n. At l4whitiju flits
'1'111k; 1,rohe at Itiglnt, into (ltd
how:(; of 1ladji '.'odor(, a 14ulgat"ifill,
t(11"Illt"e(1 hits Witlt it'll hut. irons(
t 1. ttfic"r 1'101 lo'riiig him (if 20,000
i;t ", 'tnl'hc+d hint with their
Id vi t'+(llip Son in law Nk-as cudgel
el r;e uirly by Client nit they Nvero
1("aVinh lit; holise with the 10uu
'fill, h)(?Ii1':i Mill nillrtlltrH nrd
mitt ti l t of f,"("(tul lit Ot eit"t't'uco ill
tilt' villa,-m (of Tel-1111:1i. 'l'\vo von ng
peasstllts( have h(wett slain I).)"
,t Ytt fall't. A. I 1"I i81, 111tH
Icott rol. l rd 11i1 that rolt(1 It t.\t"oolt
t+on1111u"i anti 1<:tt"ah;li ; 11th uiifc 111tH
hceli vit'10od ill Iii ?l l t'oswicr, 1111(1
himself alril l (ed (e(' thin 'hItin, Nita
very lu'tit"(l 1 (titig c"tlf, 1)11' (,nt hits
fare': The prie sts of this t la'*(i of
I\tu"tt'i'tteilcla wiet"it tk'4 to t'(ittitry
cart utt(1 (lraggr(od aholit. tt iiight,
i oat(At ttitcl Woti;ttlucl; acid uvOrc
only rt(ltiase(1 il1 ott it )tay11 1. lit of
12"1 lira hitch. TIt' Bulgltrian
11is11((1 of HlivIll. wali attaclcotl iii
(ht) tott"h of Yttntl.)oli )ty thirty or
forty i% uirihltimans, nti(1 tli(itigh ho
watt hinis tilf rosettod 1t the police,
hill ntlrvantA worn Aitl j(tctutl to the
tltost s(ovorc+ ill t'roatntl:ilt. A boy
of Ratli Ii (tai; li f teen yectrrl (t)d, on
his irlty to Hlivoti, wits nt.(11 lted by
rtottti('l'tlii'halt lot idutrti Who ltewuel
him (ION-vii %illIt th(jir Itilit"t's: lid
irttM L'rotlght to (")I(, (lovcrnor's
h(,tlt;i'. llc't"t1iti9 till 1171 the throat,
.11141 by him He'lit iHLCII 1(1 hIA vilingu
in tt dying state'; without fnrtlior
inelli11.' (1,t talieA"o Hitt pt tsatttll
g(,iug )lama front 1tutrlu!t Word
ttttacke(1 by thin 'i'iiirl(.4; i1"1i0 de
rtul.ndod tltttir niolidy. thin of thole
i"ri(rcl to (;scai%("" llit *Y1tti tihdt (land

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