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vv 1V11 iJIMOB1
JNO. S, HE ENOLDS, Editor,
Weilneilday fIfrning, !itthiIt 18, 18h
The Bankrupt L'ft.
Thoro sees at proscht to ho a
atrong probability of the rop'al of
the bankrupt law. Thero are many
features of the system that have
gono far to bring it into disfavr,
anid tho high fees paiLd to 1'gisters
and otlhers PavO led many peoplo to
tho concls-ioil that the la\v has
inured (cliofly to the advan'Itague of
the oilhiors of court, and neither to
that of tho baikrupt nl of the
creditor. We aro in favor of a banuk
r-6pt law. -i the present law were
5o amendldd ats to decrease costs
'knd diuminish 'tho powe~or of registers,
it ,would bo productive of much
good. Bit niater its management
in S.uth Carolina, it has boon used
firnt for the ad\'ahIado of the regis
ters, their k indred and theitr iri hd,
and next for that of tho bankrupt
and tho croditors. A8 it ecoms im
possible to relievo thu hMW of thoso
odious features, wo are lit nM' of
its inunodiato abolition.
County Organization.
Wo are pleased to learn tliat
proper stops havo been taken for
the inmuediato organization of demo
eratie clitbs in all the towinships) of
Fail field co1tunty. 'T'lese clubs will
Iolstitulto the piri'nary organizations
of the lutrty, andi in them the people
,should bo fully relireHented. Upi
11heir efliciency nmst depend that of
t ho genieral county orfgtriization.
-,achi chicub shouhl em1'rbrae(1 all the
avtilablel votors' inl the neighborhood
in which it is formed. Tius clt
stituited, it, will form a nuelen1 11
m a~tn l ~ t c 1 1 Y b a 'i 1(t~ ) v o ~te r s w hi o a re( a t p re se ni t n o t
in lo"sitivol symipath.iy witl the muove
meet iontugurated. Jtis not li'c1CssaIrV
at hisc timito to diseuss the particulaa
platform of griteiples tpon which
the pairty should proceed. Whait
is mo1st, need'.1, what. is a dire
nced issity, is the dimibodiment of all
Ihe denocratts initr a perfet, olgani
z ithlm. This dot", it will he no
diflicult task to act igorously amind
idt e fdly ini the 1-inot of policy to
ho imarked out, by the i-oper au
thorlities att tilh poper flimne: TIhofre
ils no. fimo to' losa' imy m eless d is
(e 'mnsi.n 1 tI.Th all-important, enld is'
flhe innueitet orisiiltioir of thu
dh~eers iin power; Othlby e'4unlt i'm'
mre al ready movin. Let niot Fair
iel be beimhidhmenl.
('ho Moro Unfortunad.~t
Th'Iis time it in thy AIoeratarf of
AAr. Alrp. lelknap. H~e en~ggs ini
at Iicod lit tie speculahmtioni in the wy
'I sellinug tiradinig-poto$. the
B ofier, anud lhas bien found out.
It wasN a fino arranuigemeont. It was
iio siImle, so conivenijont, so quiet.
.;ilt it hams coimo to light. A com
moit teo of the namtionaml houso (f
rel rasentative's has mnado at full
rep ort,sttinlg among)1~. othey9 thingsm
I t Mrin. iBelknfali receivod tomi thouin
miandu dollars cash auidi - three thou
Sand' dohllars annuaiiilly for flhree
yours, from onie Marshm, in conlIidora
tin of the latter's being appointed
I bt' eiaini post triU~adorsips onl the
Western013 frontior. Thu tostimoiny
of Mariish hijmself wasi takon, andl
s-oms to establish the soerotary's
guilt beyond any doubt. To avoid
thei ltiue fI'1t presuentod, Belknamp
resignePd. and the p~residenit, withu
thaimt kindly- '%sidoration for his
fi ia'nds whiell has marked his8 course
m~ ir sinCe his l'4t iauguation,
hi -A aceptod his 1osigitation. But
fl*, house novretheless appoi'ted a
4'mmiittee to proceed'tb the bir- of
El senamo and theoriT i~n)mech ' M
'if high kihos nati mlisdrimeanfors
Ri oflico. At a' cibih'et mcoling
hl -suibsei pien1tly, it wvas roforred
*" h'tle mttorney gerio'al to -take
pa oper ste*ps to havh thvv aceui'hod
arraigned in a e'uiml couli't It
iseems lik'ely thit this w$ill be~ (1bue,
nd dono~ vigorously. Meantwhile
peopl 'e mare still in weon'dermelu at
Ii his suddueni fafl of' a imun all alonig
*st ill moro1 what and~ w~hio' will come14
:nle I . No suc'essor to the-o faithles
.be':t 4.1ariy has1 yet 1beenf ninod.
No Timio to Lose.
Wetust t hat the organiiization'1
ofl detmoeLtic) (lubs wvhich has beeni
beg,.,an ini thmis-c-ounty-will be com
p.'('t ed aIS soon as p)ossile. TJhue
casI) shmh all( bo 11) ini ltonutgh
a '. lkm g order ini thue course- of a
my lew weeks. In t his way thbe
county101 traitonC~SI 1)1 w i bot i
best. to ho done, and when that
questidn -is iottled'bh1tor vgoriously
upon its ivork. Tho stato convon
'is'not far enough ok to enablo us
to delay our county work. Long
heforo it mneots, each'county should
b1 thoroughly organized, with its
democratic cliibj as many as may
bo nceesary, in every township.
Thoro-is no Conson why this whole
county sl otld'o tt Ito fully prepared,
withii a fiw wdoh irotwthis thno, to
enter upon its work, wha(ever it may
be, in the coiling campaign. Let the
clubs be forinod immodiately. Let
us lose no tIi idoubts or 'prtes
tionings as to the good to ho tic
crl ++lftlfrd by lth 1%i Ynryuiia'L'ojn
of the &f!tToeruby. Let us a'vnst.e
to 1ime in disett1ssfig what hotitld
bo the propor I)olicy of tlh partf
but siliidy organize, organi-/t
t 'r"omptly, thoroughly, eliciemtly.
A Diminutive Outrago milt.
' 1:o n'fJon of the legisilaturo upo'n
the recent whipping in Edgofiel
county is o&) of the inlby iiestalles
of the anxiety of ti -i tiWA to
iltroduco iind 1n() comsttltly
running an "outrage mill' of the
most imtproved make. W o coherider
it otirely needless to express our
strong disapproval of tho aets said
to havo boon committed in Edgoliold.
They wore lawless, cruel and cnlcu
atod to do much harm ; and the
real offendors, when apprehended,
duly tried and convicted, should be
puitiis1hd as they deserve. But the
orditiary agmniies of tho law should
be 1idL to acebmplish this punish
mentL If th u sheriff 'of 1"Xlgetiell
is a lit pbrseii to iobl his ollice, if
ho has won or himself th'.' Mmni
ten'eo of tho peopl ili hisj holi)'sty
and capacity, and if he use flte
proper lieaniis at his collUdll, W
believe ho will find no possibh.
dificulty in executing any lawfui
warrants in his hands. Even if he
is wanting in any or all of these
un iition, we have no doubt ho cni
riun the guilty pairties ti to ial
wi tholtE an1,y assistatilco from Coumn
bin. We a're therefore it at loss toA
peu'ceiye (lth propriety or tL
necfessity of sc iding Iluhhnrd froim
Cohiiunbi to hiis iakist ane''. Tien
dougthty. she lift his inileed umado an
eil1rfr, or feigimd ffT ri, to : arrest
the allege. d ok}eriers, bhit ho says,
the l.arties htd[ reolved no(, to siur
render uiinless fore:( .) L do. anti
he counld not, ralise a poste inl th
neighborhood in which they werc
found. Thliis woed nie leliee.
Buit Hubbard mu~iJlst he ic:ch 1. os er, to
ive a i uiemp.e i t h
The action41 of the. 1(legilrtu- il*
the1 malitter' is AimplVy puilii',~ and
proceeds miinly fromi a de sire IA
(ocailonis ih the pasLt, andli wse pre.
sumera it is one1 of' the strongest
If' they ermi mana~iuge to et ~up an
point. Se~h beings tHm case,4 it
hohorn the white 1peophlo to I
give i prettext to( the 4.i'miy.
1 One(efiul iand llawfuii l agencies shiouhil
be fuilly tried for' thes 'orrIet0i oi
evils4, aridt until -thieso are~ <Mt irehl
exhausllt'l,-aL roArt to) aV' olher
meanlhs of re1dress5 is danmgairous and1
wr'onII( g. j Oll tru t. i h tno serdus
field 'affail-.
A Nowv Dopartuire.
edl by .1( n th o a-i of ai conuniittoo oft
((iolrd mon01 who r'reently calb-d ati
the roomus (If tha nnairenai An
eraitie party in Washingt '. The
ohIjoet of tho visit wais to prsenit
the declaration (If a conventioni of
colored men asking p)olitical recog
nition at tho hanids of the doemocra
cy. A concluding plaralgraph oIf the
address is as5 follows :"We arel
tired of our solf imp1osed party
yoke and its injulstico and1 flagrnt
dlisrelgard of the constituttionl, no0 as
to tramp]) dow't local ~slf-governi
well- diimosed foli~~w cliizens of the
South1, :andit we esrnest ly believe
that ai divisin oft ..hO' SoIld vote ofI
colorei'd "otorsr 'till (gready! art npeni
the twot grait parlth1 . and .h~ere
foew propa~ t o st and by prini'
men'whi~~lo will dot t.h~ mLot for me
the laistiug tranliquility of' h
counltr'y, ands (speciailhly a1 ret urn to
g(ood feeling between thlo hatt. mas
ter andit the no0W free c'it izen1 will
follow. " The 'onnit ttoo on resohtm
lions is 'Ol lcpod of a dlelegat(
fronti eachi of t ho staltes- of North
CIarolina, V'irginiia, lihoede Island,
31lassac ~hstts, Pennsy1lvanltIia, Ar'
kainmas and .1lios, and~' one from
the Distric't of Columnbia.
Tis attitOof t he c'olrd metc
1ha1 nai:1tv at-trad h ,,o t.
taaitod With interest. Ever 8iflcp
the adoption of the fouirteenth and
'fifteenth antondmonnts tho ropublli.
can party has clluu~iOd to hla' rho
exclusive privilege of u1sing; the
nbgro g6te, and tll~ rightltoinauago
the negro himself as the party, sraw
fit. ''hiat tho its~' that s itrron-'
(bett *11l4 political ')fldcp hde lt% to'
ioned. 'rite is~tory of te rad(ical
party in Soaith (Jarolitia aloilci
'tuflicient to prow's thisl faldt. !'1wli
colo0re.d peojlfo hav'e 1JQel tats,1t ti
look upon the enltire (kiiiocratic
paty a (1(u) cla eronts13 hostile, as
Ilil('l to their pers'ona~l freuedom as
tou their l14)iti('lal 1s'~t-e('rily. lc nlit)
of the sin up o1rators have conlstaitt
ly 1084e IIu e1 to thei argituiuout that it
rcstoi':ticou of the de~n'wcracy to
c' l:Lvellt of the lacks. H~ow
much W1ight thkis has had with tle:
nc~c :t iS only necesary to look
at tim ' history of our ntatu for the
pae igtwur odt(l"nli o dpatrui', f the co~lore'd peso
plc, i I t'uli''dl (f 'i ly ('cOfsidcrahblo
('Xtrtuf t iuit~ I ear go od fzuitL for'
ti toii:. 'h11e) doimioct'icj palrty
jH I)l(I.'ld ft.) '4'7uti\. theiji ill time
e(Xi.j$o of till he~ir , ights tend' r
hias been fai tfully krirL. ee rtaiii
it is that a rtestoi'atin (of th party
to power ini state andc ik iai ttblalI
goveriiet will oiluIri to thi Itd I
vantage of the ('oloreci "phoplr in
restoring o10110 .4-Y111( eflieioiie5' to
all departmenc1ts, ini ostahlitshing
l)Otin ;enl mcal relaion 1twc l':th e 1 aititl iiill 1'4illg t
tax.'ationi far lICIow thlit j~re ,atef
ligllrtes. 1T1e("') i'CHstlts more NVoirtlh
an (etlrt 011 theo part of tihe colored
luo p1", ani if thu con1vntioni can
do aniythiing towards1 Choir 1q)Oedy
aceO41111 ilis] itiif 1, it, Wil!l not have
aasse'Iil fe'd ill vaini. On tI.o) con
[vary , it il ii aLVe dolia mlore4 I call
s(1r'icou to ho 1.3l i'uc(u i1 ll inite
thtoul ally ac~tionl G ally iob i..'aal
botly iie thet c'lose of th l iar.
the lL'gi.'latsio wvan for so7'iii oe W4th
woi'kiiig', has Iet1 )4'('ltt to tli") govel'
several 1)4. eet'sst)r1 sfl'jt'e r's'oli
struiet' , till tie, ledt1 4i t'i da
of (Itv IYLilIi (iiitiul- ela ii havili'
l)(,CIl ignlored4. Thiu tir* levy toi
State P'" P ii-e; Will ho4 e'ce(n 11illS.
To tis Iiust of c-11'UV-u )->(' a1tl1(d thy:
rvgttu' (",itlt.v tax of Li(o wll s, til(
ttirnod iit. to beh ,liotI1y doiroulp
of ti~uo'roforin and has pllltlAlw a
eoursio highly honor able to hintsolf
atnd bonuficial to the people. flit
wIab~okiro hi4 snpportors; dhd what
in$ jioo h1ail 1o tquirodl over 1is
1> Wis?o' '.o "only to ub'k at t the
cotltiKo .5f tiio Ie psldtiuro, fo "tiid ua
alieVt~i to "tlni (gaesi. 'tony.
illy out ovcrythlig~ oleo, Whu oloction
entire disregard of decenc , and. an
on;lc1srtf % 4 c oii ver . l44
:nad6b by tlhe rmeical' party ini lho last
cartpudg 'n'. 1'Yid1 'ticio tire S64lI
hlooi 11101 in relihtlilieii ranks in
t leis ltofe, ewe riu o ceaidy to c(thiede
but they Iontf to, 110 ilitiill )W
(111055 to stohi th~ title of uxtrava
ganece 11nd( veimlity tpon Which 'tide
itt iiiHOlent 1)Oktl~pij 'the ~b1jii
the Tiwiliec, the 1~lliotti#, the Bowe s,
thu SVhitternoros,wiltu otlkrtiof equal
powor arid oqta1 duisg6r to tho plib
lie '.volfarb.
The state Uil'vblatty:
Ainoitg the manly evils thatt thb
had gov. riuuulnt it) 'South (Jirolibot
1111( ln'oitght 111)01 tub peopl)e, thre
is scurcely ono niore collnpieltotis
than the pr*'Kfoft coniditioni of the
aler its form& r utilngelnOelt; cone
munipdtucd the rospbe't did received
the paitronage of the bust people
of tli ntate, Aside from tho posi
tivo benefit to be derived froith the
iuiaCLbr'~ of its cur 'Icultliiil or the
ell oitnont of army bf its~ honors,' it
was d.eth41k1~ a pivilege to receive
llISt L14iOUl ?t'b)II tihe m11l1 who
t)Cculpli(.dt the 3ihVorai1 pu.)fesorsliw
That thc initit'tlj0'i, in tho' foruu to
whieh it was~ 4hangot1 affthr thm wanr;
1LCCOIujliSlhed iticli gorid fuir thme
young ino it of the tatb; ctiio . be
itsH ll'l4)r wOI 0 mos(t tlnlfdlInt mlid
ItlloSt reco(gnized, the radical party
Look chatrge of the inistitution: It is
t11 Ucdlsary to trace the stlcCcesive,
downward stt'pii it has 11)11(10 sine
thatt titnb: it i11 enlough to s13~ thtt
iuid~'r it.A present flinaigeineut it
1118 dl( 1rvedly forfeited the patro)11
0~ 8f 1 ~ j)rspct oif the good1
pc+orhil~ of tlIo state. Of fli m p~resi
de~nt' U.r: A. W. C iI'ig, we
pltbli( flotiLc by Clio servies h(
r'end~ered( to the cot'1ltito ifeUt by
couigr~c. to loot:' in to !~-~~.out
rages. \WT'iiiV,, ratan heard that he
a' tral'td much niotice by maizking e1
tour of several Nortliorn stit' an(i
qivi11g lectures 111)01 th~si, kwku.
inttitkution wero pub lnproper. hands
and wero'open to the white youth'
of tio sttto ; if it . 'managenent
woro such as to rank it among the
oolegbs.. of thio donttryL-4f, in
slort, it were iado to . occtpy just
the dsitioi it hlj I' I8 t , we
should 1e 1lartil in 'favor of a
very large annual ai fropiiation
say forty thousand dollars4--for its
support. But. i .its proewnt
anomalous and deg ratoed condition,
we arc in favor of ia, peedy
stoppage of iny fur tier statd aid.
Another' criminal owes his escape
to a faulty indictment. One Mr.
McLaughlin, a fornir eouliltj coi
missionor of Oharlistoil, wia" re
oontly tried for o).er1y, and, the
evidenco being co1elusiv, was Von
victot. But when ho cathe tip for
sentence, his cothflcl 'showed to the
satisfaction of the court that the
indictment was finally defttive, ahd
the happy cllcauhllin was accord
ingly discharged. If thi sort of
thing continu& wo shall soon he
forced to the conclusion thAt we,
have no sensiblo solicitors, and that
there is no law; hidwovor stiingent it
may ho, from which a guilty iman
may not escapo by properly avatiling
himself of a legal teclmicalitj'. The
real evil is the incapacity of the so
heitors. As as a nown is elect
ed to the positibii of ppblio proseu
tor of criminld jiii-cly beci d4se he is a
ropublican, without rgard to his
capacity as a lawybr; so long must
we look for dofective indictments,
and consequeni imnpunity to convict,
ed criminals,
Mr. JIditor
It is refreshiig iii these hard times
to witness signs of prosperity and
ilpirovomnent in our mutch opprMsscd
a:nl devtst Lt(.1 ciouutrV. Jgnoraneo.
thievery p.tld rfltbery have (lone
about their worst work. It is to be
hoped, amid an ol'd s'ayniig has it, that
the' darkest hour of the night is jns
before day. l e o riust soon look
for light if vo are to realiri the
truth of the ahovo saying--in faet, 1
thirk the sgis ean now be seen in
Home places ; and one spot that now
occurs to niy iniiid, ,i the little' cunm
munity ten iiles above Wiunnsboro,
called White Oak. A recent visit :o
this place has colVifeed mhe that the
darkest hour for this vicinity is past.
and daylight is about to dawn. It
is sai that "futtu're ovents east theii
shaldown8 before," and from thle cri.
donces of ontorpi'so andI t hp rove
moent about White Oak, t here must
be ai "gtfod time coming" to those
thlritti eitizens' w'ho are' pushing
thin;.s along with so mouch earnest
noss. T1ho evidence of enlt erprise is
sho'wnl very lainly a2bouIt the neigh.
bh)hoodl in the loo'ks of theO repair.
genlerlhly wich ar( foing on, inl the
crctiYm of new buildinigF, anld iP
p)ainting andi fixing upl eld ones.
One en terprise wliich deserves par.
ticuilari noticeJ is the now school
house which haes heoni built, andi is
just aho011 fin'ishicl and ready for the(
opeing' of a goodi schbol. It. is only
niecessary to hook ait, the nam111esof the
trustees that hiave been selected
by the patronis of tho sc'hiool, to
show thtt the.,on(;rprise is certain
to suicceed(, Iad thatt White Oak wvill
soon1 have a:Unsiltitution wiichl will
alttract paitroaizgo fromi the whole I
counllty. Tliand ~e nameuis of the
gen tIleen wvho aro te trustees
elect., viz.~: R1ev. 'T. W. Erwin, R1ev.
Jzaes Douglass. Ilot.' A. Pattrick,
W. W. Blrice, Samul. R. Johntston anud
John ison.' The teacheir seloced
is A. P.' inson,' Esq. Whito Oak
has set a good oxamnple,' and1 it is to
be hoped that other* sections will go
and (10 likowin~e.
White Oak is the headquarters of
another enlterpino1,' thaii may in tho'
Ifuture bring~ iomt usful and1( benle
11eial results,'. whiich ~i the grange,
which ha, Phoenix-likle, risen from
the ashies of two diff'eiat grang?3s
IBoth laco00forganiiadcgranges wiihl
lived fo a ie nvbcm silanid
died.1 as taoth1 rnes~li
eoarne(st rud p terjriising .ain
b~eilnl g tco it-e'm,' tle det-igi aned
to ressiiriet 8s1un0 of fthe dry bo.no~a
and( stairt'a *new~ grunge n't \hi
Oak, wIch T Ir'arh ha-ith"i unme of
idea thaut the nuew~ organ1iza~tion will
W hite Oak 'drango. The grange is
'corv-onel of soine of thom1best' farm
er1 i i' tairlti.I9l .ont, ar d must
grJow and1( Ilouirish' The namves of
Br31attor. Vtmon, Gibsont are lffi
cifto giv'o confi'deie inl thlO"io~fivi
anld prosperity of thio' giangr. I
Also heard(c~ disomenanit iahat. woufd
Isoon becomea Dtmmbel s which wiN1
Id'id stmirength lad iigor t6 the i'ltfi
ini'e- l. P. Mbley,' Dr'i S, F.
)S~hf and otahror, thlai ha N sent
ira thoi' i-nni: T1liM a'sr af' jhst'i
the soi't of nn ters'to givCa N:
a new and activo life. j.
~fnr. I I--A aleatrua'live re oaacirrod at
Nipactyiix, S3. C., ])acajnauar 21st, by
wijh four sitoresa valuid ait $2O,t0ll1 WOt
bulrnead.: Th 'flc uftr iapre' d Orfia thd4
fingraatiora,. Witl1'.probal4o deefraactioljo
the .arlole totes a1f~ita Iratip of .iioveii 1 u$ll
c1redl tIhQusad alolk to1 wI)*rtl f prtapetP.
atil uiy lutes, 6101x-v reavatntee) by tTe
arriv-al o(ai Graeat airdaiu "'r Exia
gul.iher, ana Ag'ta~~J~lcfl) 'to oe -.o it%'s
town 311.e n'icfl(k of tiaaio 1''0 full parti'"ta
lars, seea ther Abbeville' Mi('aliait aand Now
borry 11lJr31l( of the Iolltvwing; waeac.,
Mr. T. P. 1'tala ofiClnrtai oj, S. (:. t
Amoror~( .l1o xtiiaguit1ir, inaaal will
alnsiwur all inquiries in to ard to'taa 141011.
1tES~.pFll~I' iforms3.. I
citizen" '.(FIi.i( picrta lii.er
ernll that i ' i";it Wi
born, S. C., profa'.t.ioifly, MIor 'tic,ti
21th dlay of Faul, 1270 st; ied re'maina 11) dtt
y~r mnorn if 330aQ-.Xitr 'I'3't13h '. 3at~ot3'
lob l -teiL
J. A. Fr~aser', Agernt,
' ant awent of tim" following we~ll estida
Llislaod faze e11iUsrttaaG u''iaph11Er". anti'
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T. U. atO)hlIt''SO Y.
I'riiit Justice.
) t:M IN 11.C1;.\ OF COURT IIOUS
1'' 333HORUO, S- (-1*.
All ltosit .s it Us ( to iim wif
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30). 2 1,:.- it' H .-.y N N.
1VI NN 0 t.01.0 XC,(111 A1.01.1NA
0 0
which can be. cured by at
timely resort to this stand
ard preparat ion, as has been
proved by the hundreds of
testimonials received by the
proprietors. It is acknowl
edged by many prominent
physicians to be the most
reliable preparation ever in
troduced for the relief and
cure of all Lung complaints,
and is offered to the public,
sanctioned by the experience
of over forty years. When
resorted to in season it sel
dom fails to effect a speedy
cure in the most severe
cases of Coughs, Bronchitis,
Croup, WhoopiIg Cough,
I ifluenza, Asthma, Colds,
Sore Throat, Pains or Sore
11ess in the Chest and Side,
Liver Complaint, Bleeding
at the Lungs, &c. Wistar's
Balsam does not dry up a
Cough, and leave the cause
belind, as is the case with
most )reparation1s, but it
loosens and cleanses the
lungs, and allays irritation, .
thus removing the cause of
the complaint.
ruflVI.DIEI) nr
BETH W, FOWLE d: SONS, Boston, MUs
Aud suld by Druggiatk and I eatersgeneralg.
' ]'I (G . i'dtil n S t't!M.
ja I McM.\sTI'mt & .S g
I~ of.IANIpm:1,ATu.:D lIoNIX 01'.
\N oriu -' 112 lbs ofii e .iri per~ tn. h
tiI; il Ihot,' :3 1.oe yl arIm un gg. h
Tu II'. pubi'p a r?'by) nea- Prthat
inee Saorthy the i o ' Orl-r of
)nm~ons. for (I-n-o..-bu.f any t: haan
the ar of(heti; ond s~d. wah,nnt1 h anin
fo-en lo t Ji ~ ~ ae the ::isI lu a lidto
ofe li- atent ats Wnsi.t' -n 1 0 ta . fm
.a un I. .\1 Ali.T l A '-\!, aN.
fby Io ii LI 16 li.'if atille, (I. c.
H(Ion1 in the B 'Il loc n
)diHlsio ofCD/ het otoxie 'ofI
8C(on. isif ~ /1combneld s ochve
ctilydsell an O e d ass,).n..........
with JRi~the Rblood so the ipeo
food.a fbi it.cN rvseiTheuantity
Loof auos' tru yinal ~'g;~
AD/Cuts ron tine *he blooti, an
by Toning . ,cznvioatOfit nt
Tit(a lii/t e' 5 0'tm Tiinto en
-mbe ate, ey.pr of the od y, fc
e)ahint/ out dnbid~ ILccre-)1
t on s,)a-ni leai~t()l n' I o iny, f'or
dnisease t feds up.. -o f
i~'T hi i theseo-t ofn theao.
cuin( SJ~//. lsepia/(, Lfver Cm
1(1'11n llDrlopsy, Ch)an ron. Cobr
rhoin, ?ls,Nerv w)l'j Al fec ft 'E,
Clill /. und off~. 'eers , '. fImo.
Los Ofk 'Contit ujti'nal Ug,'e
Dseae s of ei ( lieb -h ne~s -.and
/aN adstae o th bloodIn toe /ac
com.I pa ic by debfl ~it. ordlo

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