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POST OFFICE 1{ouis.-The post
Ofice will be opn daily (Stiunays
excepted) from 9 A. M., to 12 M.
, nd from 2 to 5 P. M. Northern
and Southern mail clos at 7 P. M.
- precisely. )&-Y Mail delivered on
Mu ll(ndayi from 9 to 9:30 A. M. oly
RAI:,noAe SCmEDUL.-Tho trains
on C. C. & A. R. It. now leave
W innsboxo as follows: Going north
11.55. p. in. Going south, 1.35, a In
Accommodation day trains : Going
north, 11.33, a. In. Going south,
12.12. These trains meet at Wins
Ni:w AIYtrJ'IME1N'r. *
Notice-Jno. Dickey.
Fairield Fir) Engino Company
J. C. Sqjuier.
Wx:.i nhing-W. K. Turnor.
Notico-F. Elder.
Tho editor rettu-is his thanks to
the mnailiutgers of the tournamont
* 'all for courtesies shown him.
A correspondent of the Chester
Rteport'r nominates Judgo Mackey
for congress from this district, to
succeed the present inctiflbont, Mr.
A. S. Wallace.
Messrs. W. B. *Wilsod, James
F. Hart and J. S R. Tliznson,
loading members of the York bar,
were in Winnsboro on Tl'1tiiaiday.
They wero here to argue an im
portant case submitted by the
supreme court to Col. James H.
Rion as special referco.
The (Gruber a'mnily drew but a
:ima ll audionce. The. performance
was erelitablo. Mr. Gruber has
perfect coummand of the violin and
is a very line mimic. Mrs. Gruber
ias ia xemarkably sweet voice, and
.'ingr ~xh much taste and expros
It vI D he seen by reference to our
report of legislative proceedings
that the !,,) patIsed in the house
prohil)itnlg the sale of intoxicating
liquors within two and one-half miles
of 3lythe1o.ed Fumale Seminary in
this couty wMTh defeated in the sen.
ICEMAULlNU IETT'rRp. -It has for
some timo been th6' practice of post
mastera, when le.iters fail to' reach
the- persona a(ddresso by one do
livery, to forwa'1rd ahem to their
proper destination vilbout ro .
iit:imping. This prawi ir has been
abolished by a recemt riing of the
p)ostmalster general, in which it is
held that .the tikiung of .a letter from
the p)ost ollice coLnfittesL a COvpjlete
detlivery., amid anyv letter forn ardedl
aftur such delivery mus.t he rme
Daor Mu:. MuasEL HAM -The
.aunm~IcemeLnt of the death of thn
gentlem:re' valh call to mind one who
w'is in by-gone years welhl known in
Fairfield. Mr. W~all ware for many
years engaged ja business ini this
place, ainudWT wo 10 the cohdoneo of all
with whom'hio,.came in contact. Ho
was a merchant. of the old school,
and his buinmss undertakin~gs were
* attended itih .considerable .lsaccess,
For several yasps ersdda
gItock R-hll. JHis . reauains were i
terred en Mouudag lasrt in the come
tory of tho Meithodist. cburch at this
- place. . -
Dn:. F URMNI Lc/UR E.-WO red
ret that the audlieneoM assHembiled to
listen to Dr. F$t1 nan' discourse
-"T'[lie Life nd Chiaraetp~r of Gen;.
aL uannier both interest~itig .and inj
struicting, anid 'the learn~Ile lectmier
hoydvery Aclearly that he had de
vo ted to his theme munch assiduum.g
situdy. Thue oIutlinle given of ethe life
of the h'ero, thoiuglh brief, wyas
'suite conjrehonsive5 an'md fromt At
couild be giih~ered al.J the salient
poinlts of his EgIUi(r. he tributo
laid to L.ge's. -.~mactor wasjut
glowin'am~eeggerti nd the vindi
e'Iatign,1 of Sotuth ern: charac ter andj
- o utl~erv patri tis waLI .equalmily
the lecturer (lid himself gre~at credithl
and he deserves a large wlienuce
wherever bec may go.
PERiISoN..--to are pl'asel to
welcomoi back to'Winnsboro Dr. E.
'9. Aiken, whom has just comploted
tocourse'at tho South Carolina
Medical College, in Charleston. Dr
Aiken's career ini tiiat institution warS
Sh'ighlyhonlora~bJo to himself, and
'g'ratif4'ing to tho professors. He
griadii~tfd wrifl disticti on, vas
chosen by tho class to be their viele
di ctorian, and pltined thea piizei
offoerod by the facu lty. for thme besit
thesis. The prize was presopted t9
him b~y the dean of the faculty, Dr.
Kjinloch, in an appropriatto addr~os,~
to which Dr. Aikon responided in
fPitig terms. The News and Uou
rigsaysR; "Dr. Aiken accepted tlw~
rjze, d'Asooilver goloL, in a
feOw graceful ad appruopriato ro
marks, and concluded the exeroises
with an eloquent valedictory address,
in which lie ctnplinented the city
upon its possesion of so valued an
institution as the college, and re
turned thb earnest thauks of his
collpagitos for tho kindness they had
received 'fron the faculty, and
urged the graduates to clAtrislh the
memory of their Ahua Mat*ei-, and to
strive to do honor to it. At the
conclusion of his address tp speak
pr was littirally overwhelmdd With a
shower of bouquets."
Tnc Eu x-rineu'-Tho (klumbia
coriespondeilt the _Ncvrst, and
U)mricr stai,oy ,that the time, for
paying tario ici hoeii aetondod
ifteel la's iniformly in all the
countis., This is right. ,
Niiico the IAIdhc.ivas put. iu typo,
we learn from the 4,minty t.reasurqr
that ho Jhad r"cfPvod no official,notiqo
of any extettsioi ill Fairfield. We
would tler foro urge tLxipayprs to
mna'ko tlimor paymonts before the 15th
inst., to avoid the- penalty.
Nq wonder the people have, coafi,
donde, when the best physiciaud ao
p iscriJbing Dr Bttll'e C7Itigh flyrup
'i ajeases of Cough, Cold, etc.
the Columbia nwn.Ifcrald wd
extract the following:
"A letter to a friend in this city,
lately received; reports that Niles 0.
Parker is very low in health, .and
suffering from an acute att:tcl of
lung fever, superinduced by the fa
tigues and hardships which lie was
obliged to undergo duing his late
trial. The report adds that Mr.|Par
ker's days are evidently nonbored,
as the sufferings to khich he was
subjected have so prhyed upon his
mind and body as to have utterly
b)roken him down it 4ealtJi and
i'pirits. His son and davighter, whi'
have lately gone north, aidol by the
elforts of sympathizing friends, are
doing all in their power to mitigate
his sufferings, which might never
have como upon himn had le boen b i
man of less sensitive nature and
greater physical strength. Not.
withlsduding the result of the .tri:,l.
to which he was subjected. and vhh-ic h
is still fresh in the recollections of
our readers. Mr. Parker has many
warI friends in this state who will
deeply regret his present distres.s2
We have no doubt the ex-treasurer
"faas many warm friends in this
state"-men who, like himself, plun
dLered the honest people of thous
Finds, and lived in style upon their
ill-gotten wealth. No doubt lie has,
the deepest sympathy of Scott,
Neagle, Moses, Kiipton, Pattersun
md others of the same ilk.
Fmns-r GUN roni No 9 !-LAIoE AND
ErrxUsus-rmo MErIxo--TuE GRE
BIARaS WmDE AwAK.-Towvnship
) met at Curleo's school -
house on Saturday;' in obe
lico to t he call of General
Biratton, county chairman. A largo
mnd excedingly respoctablo atten
danWce waus on hanid. On m'>tion of
Mfaj. Woodward, the meeting wats
enlled to order aind organized, t/y Mr.
Thos. McIinsitry taking the chair
sand Mr. S. W. Jackson acting as
secreta ry.. On motion of the chair
M~r. Mc~iinstry mnade a stirrinig and
enest .appeal in behalf of or
gatnizafion, whjeh resulted1 in the en
rohument o'f~he name of every person
presen~1t. Oni motion a comwnittee
of Jive was app~ointedl by thme chair
to n~ominatte ~porm2anent oflicers.
Th'le reyort of the committee was
as follows: President, Thos. Mc
K{instry i Vico.Preside'nts, N. *C.
Robertson ned( T. W. Woodward;
Scretary ammd Tfreasur~er, S. Wt.
Jackson. OIn miotioni of Mamj. Wood
wadt eeting amu]ind to meet
oni the 3,dl Saturdsv in Maneh, when
delegatan to the coiznty meeting will
be chosen, and when there will be
an election for o~icvru of tto Greeon
Briar Rifle Club.
TRANSFrEns or Uf/AL Es-r'rx---Since
our last rep~ort the following trans
fers of real estate, have ben record
ed in the oflice of the couty audi
tor :--'
.Silas W. Ruff, sherig, to T.. L.
Ri~chamrdson, 332 acres in towrmbip
no. 9 ; consideration. $850. -
Daniel gall to .Jamges W. Farroeri,
500 i~cros in township DO $8 consAl
R1. J. 1lciCarley to James M. .Ham
nmond, l4I ac-nes in township no 13;
conlsider.aition, $3 i'
Jesse A G1hdden~ to . 'arah M.
Glde7304 acres in township no.
8. consideration' $1, and the relai.
tioTV of 'tlIei partiefs.
Wmn. R.Hl ( . .Clipl
110aci'es in tomuip no. 5 ; to.n
sidleration, $3340..
Siame(3 simw,qut)e lot in the 4o'p,1
of Blackstg~ek; conhidOEfDtNOn, $150i5.
Same to same, half in'terest in-lot arnd
store hymso ink ',the to#n of. lfack
stock ; eonsideration, ild06.
David:Shotigell to Cornolius Addi
son, 12 acres. in township no. 11;
consideration, <$96.
Sam'm. B. (Clow'ney .to James H1.
Rlion, trustee, house and lot in
Wimisboro :considori.ation, $959.
R.It 1 tokato Ehz m:.. Nelsn
ed with the fullIest" Fittb J. Thore
w rofing all J4Mpitp on Im1tred .and
fif Nytsons prhsent; a - goodly por
tibh boilig natried pdople ',ho gave
tho sanltion: of their presen'o to .the
innocoit aild iirth-producfig pleas
ires . : 4 ' tMii yourg ' (poople.
The young Jadios-our posi ftsl' us.
It is onoug} to any that the entire
scono wat one which woild hiav ox
cited onthusiasni in the bretast bf a
reynic, at~did"oft" ,.foolinge intbat
of the inost confirmed dvoitooe- of
celibacy. The dancing was kopt up
till a vory late hour, aid when the
goinpany 'd.isperod thord ''as ":but
.?mu feeling:-.that the . tptiramenot
tind ball worn a grand suces .
We consgratulat o the soverdrtl man
aging committees Upon the illeasant
restlts of their efforts to make this
aiffiir a t t enjoyable one. 1 From
bog inig,: 1 biul, overything''passod
ofi' de(lightfully. Wo have heardl but
one opinion-'that all the partici.
pants 't'erok ighly -pleased with all
that took place. Lot us have an
other tourinumunnt and another ball.
Beloit we append a -list of the
Duke bf Birnihgham-S. F. Coop
Knight of the Crescent--.W. ''.
Duke of-Alva-T. H. Ketchin.
I(night of the White Plume-W.
M. Propst.
Edgar of Rnvongwood-W. M.
iiighland Chiof--EJ+. P. Mfoloy.
Knight of the Lost Cause-W. J.
Elliott. --.
Roderick d'Huo---.M. H. Mobley.
"aptain Jack-- J. E: McCroroy.
1)eiance --H. B. McwMaster.
Morican Lancor-J. B. Propst.
Knight of the tone Star-H. Y.
Rebel Boy-J. P. Caldwell,
Nimrod-Nick Gibson. .
Ivanhoe--R. E. Cathcart.:,.
Roland Graomue-W. C. Rion.
James Fitz Jamos-David Craw
Sir Walter Raleigh-Sol. Wolfe.
Rob Roy-W. L. Thompson.
Black Prince-M. Y. Bankhead.
. Knight of the Weeping Homo--W.
J. Johnston.
Duke of Lorraine --J. H. Harden.
Knight of Blackstock-F. W. Culp.
John forgan--Coloman Lyles.
Centunmial Klnight,---T. W. Lau
No E. colt ]JBINO S1og..-.No
l)hrson1 c1Cli nHO Bo.4hnTEE'S C aEMAN
S .'aPr with miit ottinig. imm.ediate
r('lI(f m l eure.. We ha.' tho first
case of Coughs. 'Coli'or Cutn~nin'p.
tion, or anIy clisease of the Th~ro)at
and JLun;.vs, bt !to -lgar from thitt
lIu th ot 'been ditved-- -Wo have di..
t trtceoveryV ptai fot three yers,
over 250,000 Samnple Bottles -by
Drui tst in all parts of the Uniitedl
States. . No othesr Mayftfactiror of
M4dicines oever gaive fliir -prepatra
tionf' such at tes'it asR this. Go to
try it-T Vo doHes wvill rdieve you.
Sampl6 Do.ttlee 10 couts each.
Gn.mn fro..s Arovine.---Th lis spe.ies of.c.
viceI i" nlot alwayavsace -ptii%1 but dcruht
1less in matliy ii".tancest n rtidh . fimnefit
woldt be4 derive-d were it prot11. ptly acted~
upon. No sectionsu of the( coun'try i en.
emOpt fromi disease' and l.Tlv nyngic 11. hasi
its " ills t hatl flesh is.bii to. T o know
the bes1t meansii of conibltting thi'common401
enemy,4 wthm the loa3st. fnjury to our pock.
Lk andu in5i''H. is er'tainly' h nreat~ advan.
taige. A 1 tist seaonI we' lVrtust expeti Tor
pid! Liv'a r, congested spleen-, vitiaitedl bile
aind inactiv.- bowels. anid a 1 pruilenL per
s'ons su.o !d s upply themselves w i'h Tr'i
l.rvenI PILI.5, which will sti mu'iate 'tlo
liver, reieve4 then engiorgod spulten, decter
unne aii' holhy flow of bile, thus roiiFulaf 1a
s"ecretions~ t ) pa13 s1 fl i a natural mianne1r
Ritemembi er that "ani OUnce' of pre.vent ives
i- wtori t te ia a ponnd ofcutra."
I Warnling to Tr'iespas~i'sers.
peL lmrsons aro hiereb~y warned
. gai'nsit fiihgl~' Ihullting. cittting~
I timbe'r. omr othemrwiso trespaIsiny1 uponil
naiy landsl.'. Atlil peaans d isre~gardmug thiis
inti cm will be proseuted Lu the fuli ex
tunf the law.
Notice to Road D)Istrict Overseers.
Winb oro, S. C Match 4th, .1876.
~0J~U are horo y notified'aftd roquired
to~r orde frf.r ro a - e
highiways, all atble-boiod n1)1le iO~sonfl
between 'tto ages ,f oighitme and rot -
tivu ymars. Overpoors will be hold to' a
'strict AccountaibilIity for all neogligenec in
tuo oralfig4 oft the roails, lor the tulling of
1Ozi(2fhnd, and for th~e Limo reqiuirtid f. r
Swtr being waistem d rtwtd way' int case
-ne negl it igermo or remissmnoii .in not re
ported to Lih d oflced. 'ALL putbii highwau i
mustt bo elutred out to the lawful widthm,
andi propbrly dliteheod' and dramned. You1
will also repjoft to thi sfenico ail phersoni
obstructin-g the pulii rrrda. ei ther .by
t-mrowviug t-heMin brnelfes anid rails, or in
any other wannr whatd'ouor.
* J I1E$ 1t- H[AlLVlY,
- - CAltTRi .UEATrY,
.Ce twify Com misioners for
mh8 -x4 Faiarileid (Counff~
Writindj Papier and En~
IX T ib vi ?M lldftow ,to' our Eitfk of
'V Nomte, Leutter, lIijl and Legal COp
Vaper, and i En wojms. TIo r'hht
rshi1g pa i uiazm,' or enopos
by the thlousan ,1 we will masko spuca
raimtos. -pca
deoo it Mc\fASTERl & BBUICE.
~Money Wanted1
~ Ehop that all pornonx who'owo us
fr goouls, will pa1y upj AT ONCE,
for we ne-ed money badly.
Ja 27 MaM MAR VA'T JR (1.
LiYi alld Let Liv6
'[ho ai(t ster ho)rs ij4 te In
dhrno h9 Lndies of Wiiinneboro tn.
silrrotiiding country I ltat.f y . iavt
plrehased the outiro stock -of J If
]lrowri, 40)ibiling of M1illina'ry anm
Fancy (foods. Dry Goods . NQtionn
&c., togother with the st'ck. plir
chafted from J. S. Eldler & C, and
F'. Eldua s~f.o1. Of Dry.; (foods
Clothing, &c., .etabling th n to of
for the la gost BfoeL- of. tho goodf
pvor dioplayed.in ,oio storoin .W inns
boro., They havo as largo line of
Mrillinery, Fancy : G1ods,- Notiont
aid 'rinmmings, Dres. GlodIs, La
dihn and Gents' Furuishiilg cobods
Hosiery, &c., which they will arrU al
unliward-of prices for cal TJ'hey
now offer their entire stocek of Winl
ter Clotting, -fats, hooeUts, Shoes
&c., at and below iost, to make roon
for thldr Spring stock. All they asn
is a call, to convinaco the public that
the ab iit no humbug. They
mlae an bi ss, anl will not be un
ersold by. any one Their mtte i
quick iles fnd small profits. Ternu
strictly cash.
Rt F. LEEClH & C.O:
Is still at the old (stand with c
largo and complet~e t'tock of planta
tion and family Groceries, aine
everything that the planter needs
suih as Plow Stecel. Lay Iran, Swede
Moulds, Trace Chains, JBick Bands
nes, Hoes; Spades, -hovels, Ma
Clovices, &c., together with a well
aa's )rted utock of Crockery, table and
p)ocket Cutlery, Hollow and Wood
cnware, and a great many othi
thaings too numerous to mention.
Hio still keceps; a Jlage stock of JLa
diesi', Genits', Bo1y', Misses' and
Ch idren's Shioos, nearly all1 made(1 tI
ordler, and( . warrantedl free from
shoddy. He is also agent for the
following brandsl of staidard Fertil
IThe Star Guano, .whinh has al
ways given satisfaction. 31pes
Super-.phophate of Lime, .imade
fromt Aima~il lRune,' Flesh anmd
Bliood. Bahanma Oiuanio, a inw
brIand in this muaket, but -lhighly
rconna)1I1 iide' b y Georgria' plan tors.
I deirrvto VIIl onlay a few. bags to
some1' of our plators, to havv it in
troduced in this ' iii i~y. -Pou
dirette, p. valuable A cid P haosphate
for domnpostin'g andt lihily re(i~Tm
mended for ti*: phyle,.ting C'orn.
The above aird soldd 'Pt'a' low ratesi
as any Standdaril ' Ferl'is, for
Cash or on1 timtewihapoe
'On hand, ono car load( chiet
plaintinug Potatoes, which will be
sold low for Cash. -----
- ' -'. EL.DJ R.
I dcshv' to call th'.' att'dntion- for
the last inic of those :jild1'ed to
me1, to c~oniE~ forwitrr1'aad avite'n
as I musat hvo moavyto caryeor
my b)usine'. ',. All inrs6o"' )'~ fmiti
mo and failiigte asile, " will find
thecir accounitll't'i+1 hands~l of my
~thorniey for collectioun
Marcl\ 4. .
Dgots and Shoes,
At Very Low Prices,.
IThe Nligra Fi re I usuirate Coinpaui
kle - - - si1,0
P. Noa.a i , V ia'u-P'rst. A a'e
I'his c~ompng~~ ldS haad a~ pract ioa4'ogo
iin o2'l year's. It haa jiansea xe .
Iaal promphltly paIid, onQ afhndred( cenats oi
evety dollar of ther enormjoux eaiuins wie
grew out of the se terrible hfirs. Its pa
re:orbtind presenta statu aiawill recommemaua
it to the pro'perty ownier.
.JA .'W'. T;A W,
fo 0 A gaonatlt W~adinbr, S4. C.
.123 ao 'es in township no 8 ; con
sidera ton, 500. . .
'T. W. Irwin to T" P4 gidk, '(al
acres in toWishij no. 8 ' biisiddrd
tion,'$9 00. , ; .
Arch. 1D. Hamilton to county Col
anissioner's of Fairfield, 1 acrd ii
towitship' no. 2 ; consideration, $25.
E1l1n Cathcart ' to H. L. Elliott, I
acrea i the. town of Winnsboro; con
sidortii fib, 'd30.
Sinl.. Cftlthcar* to John C. Moble'
portj1op of lot no. 7?1 in the town o
'Winnsboro ; consideration, $200.
Jamnes A. Simpson. to Israo
Hayne, 200 acrays. in township no. 7
consideration, $700;
T1IM T'orNAMNr.---The anticipa
tions, of everybody interested in the
tour nnent on Thursday last wer<
fully.ralczized. It. Iv;s at first fearoc
that ith weather otidI be disangree
able, The showor which set in of
the ()veling beaforo had all the ap
'ioaraniies of a slow. -lingeriiig, Con
tifluoi4 winter riail,,al( many hope:
wore donbtless dtarki.trid 1y the nue
Womisihg signs. 'Ut ' Thitrsda)
niornling dawned i.riiht, ad( b3
ton o'clock thoro wore few clouds t<
be Scen.
I The knights, tw ity live ih numn
bery.. assemblllodi, acdeilingr to t1h<
programme, near the A. sociato Re
formiod church, and, proceeded it
codtiiun to the tilting-ground, .being
joined at the court-io1e sby tht
Citizens' Silver Cornet Band. Th<
procoChion piCresented a very hand
sog1U and pleasing appeanico'.\ tht
costins of the severai , &light.1
were. all il good taste, nl a:t td
attractive. The Centnnridal 1fdBight
who brought up the rear, attractcd
imucih comment and was tho nourt
of much amnusement. Mountcd
lipon --m antiquated but very active
d1oikey, attired in a costiue whicla
was at .uce uniquo and comulicai
with flowing white board and tal]
white hat, at black cotton tunbrells
gracefully clasped under his arm,
he rcalo n gLu; as one reared in th<
rf r Ioims" tself of chivalry and
gallantry ..; *Ae have been at :some
pains to lrun the )edigree of tbc
animal, nd.'ind that he is of aristo.
cratic origin, amd just ouo hundred
years old on last, Wasaifigtmon's
Birthday. 'Tho. un.r1olh is
to have been used by ..V4ashi).gt o
whin he crossed the Dehware and
the hat by Patrick Henry juisi
after he delivered his famous speeclh
in which he uttered his patriotic
sen1teuce, "Givo mc Tiberty, or gi vc
meDceath !"
Arrived at the ground,. it took butl
little time for the knights to muak'.
ready foqr the tilt. Mes'srs:- W. M
Dwight, ,W. D). Aikon and D). R}
Fleniniken acted no judlge.. Ti
hu-rald soon called to his laino th<
first on tho list, the Duke of Bir
mingham, who acquitted hiimsel:
handsomiely, taking all threo rings
The knights successively weni
through similarly, with varied suc
cess-taking from one0 to thlrot
rings each. The Centennial Knighi
took his turn, of course, and vor~
dlef tly took all the rings with hii
umbrella, but was ruled out for not
making the run in the timue pr1e
scribed-e igh t seconds. The report
er of the NEws and Hrauni succ'ecd
od, by an impJroved prcs (pateni
app~lied for), in noting to tho .. fa
tion of a second the timo consumed.
by the old man :it was just om
hundred and forty-four and nine
teen-twentieths sconds. Beim
ruled out on this run, the Centennia
indignantly declined to run any fur
ther. The tilting went through th<
three ronds(1 agreed upon01, anfli 4
was then found that the Duke 01
Birmiingham, the Knight of the
Lone Star, 1101 ifoy andi the Knightl
of Bllackstock~ had eachi takcen oighl
rings, and a new f'ontest bdtwoor
thom was necessary'1Thia resulted
in the Duke winning the first prize
Ihone Star the seconl, Blackstoeli
the . third and Rob iofthe fourth
The.p~rizes consisted of four very
haIildsonpo silver dupo *arying 'it
size rt9d finish with tihnhomrit of th<(
winner. Thea~I pizo for hIorsomnanlship,
a fine bridle, weas awiwdia by the
idges to. Junes Fitzi $er andt
J.1m Morgiun was highulj recomn.
moinded. Thle lerald then.a$ntounced~
the result of .the contest, Nvd th<
k 'nghts .assemblod u~car .the judges,
to wvitmn~oss the coronation.. ,Th
luke of Blirminghmam crowne.< M1isi
MJattime Kistler Queeii of Love an'
Byauty ;the, Knight of the .Ln
Stair sol'cted Miss Masy Thomapact
as first Maid of -Honor, the Knigb1i
of lackstock MLiss Sallie Melfaste)
1511 aeoonsd, anid Rlob Roy Miss (Oarri<
~AiceA 'as hrs. Theroa'afj
'were thsu cond~ucted to a carriag<
ndescortog} jo jtheir homos by t~
oentiro comnpaniy of knighli 'Ihi
knights after wards dispersed.
TheIi ball at Thespian Hall in th<
olening was of eourse a loadint
featuro of the occasion. Ever'
prepatration for the participants' en
joyment had been mando by the coin
mittee. and their enortwr mmatten
v. .
T E B;DT., S
S !I !NU I1)l !1 ES
I t' r ' h \ !' t
Ibo 1jr. p -11 L I PS'
'L'IUR, I'1'iJltl;, I'tirlor l3rnekota and
LP' Pktttro Frallies, for :tt"Kiggn pttd
workulatthllip, 11nat1t1+llind, , ItAnlot11
hor 111y 1 rlcemtnrr 1u","o1l4 Competition for
tho Ranlo quality of 1+001111,
'A NEW W'PLY. " ,
of ltttmlil" N'iutlow Slnfle , " lots ill,'prico,
1lurahll", convenient, th1 t 1ntlwor 1(1"t out of
order, mid will lust I1it11;cr bhlut catty. othor
tihn11o. hdtrcnml"m, 1'it"lt1rcr3, lhtl-ltuekul
MIirrnrsautt Iauu lu "r for male. 1 11
Ftlruitur\ iienll<v r01 air'll tit mud rate
11riecx. 81 uvci;t11ltteultol t.iveit to lho titt
Icrlukl r'a i)t partnuilt. I keep nu luRutl a,
full >:t1p111y of Cast.., iuld Wood ('ollina.
?11I 'rl-'AC S ultl , ttTIZIC11 CASII.
TOO t TI TT s!
} A Lot of 13card'n Lock Ties
at J J- -r c:o11ts pcI' ]U., at
it J) Mccra
rsss . ,.rtwn, as, .+atti.Ia tr
,4 I yp' ' OcCU]'Y CON
thej lit''tx nrlel Sale
(,pposit'. Ulu
11tPKj it n T.+.u1 ,t 1vltrre will altiayH by funnij
tirr;t , 1><t;h htirrtt':t anti ruult's 1')r ratio'. Ve
hie lgts tll (ay on' hautl fur hire. I' keej>
cun,;ittittlr" n l tlua it )III-go tjtlrttity of
Gird, f a(ii nntt 11at, whicl T ite"fi ii.r el i))
uulY. (I. W. C1t&WFi IUD
Garden Secde
" tl
11) rvArv vkrioty for mate I(t 'the
1)rulf 8toro, Ly W. E. A I1ii:N.
1 gross Giorniazi Cologne, for sal
~:7Juzl 2 W.K AM EN.
Beaty, Bro. & Son,
l ..1 -' this eltty re aired ,t
Ultptoo nyw crop JH..o. al;oipwisoo.
I hint N. O. yellow e ioillnd a'ur,
1 hhd N. (). hiiicy tarllhttl >ti Igir.
W jll Igot drip qr lot ltnva itt the cask
Prow fur Mall. Cull titid goo.
dce _lL _
p., ,,O-, t1Ce.
W l: bare .toeco.ejatd onrii..1VON the Chill unitu of 1) It CULADNE) %k.
C()., 4l6tit4j,,'Nle ni .Tttt 11nr1' 1si, 1876, tro(l}.
will 0011601v 'the tvhimke+y LuainesH at tha
alit ,road of 1) It (lhtd pw. \%'e reH1wou'111
I lit it tilt patrultlt't, of Iho "mublul.
jnn 10- In1 1V ; EUtJ..lilat'1'.
Llf r to?i - - 1 line
OIN: k' car lon,1 Fraxb LtiflojllKt r 're ir
J Df.cDi.ati'1'I:lt .C 1'Itlc} -
fel.' 1 .. ,
W li;, the utull ai;tje'tl, desire In in
ft rhi the niti'e"14 01' 11'i11t1Hhoro
nrtd"t;icittity VIM w't, have w,-q6eik(t"el our
Rol 'ta fladq .illy' 01--.1 )tutu,. of 'Idnij, ox A
PETii.JIE1Y, null '%"ill If -4-1) e"t H';a110 on
hand n htx(t'1.tt rl; III' fiat! it's, Winos
Gill, &"c. " Also .)11etJ'Wait 1 ;t,"tilch Alo,
(luiiint'Kt, yiitbttn " 1'urler and lie filet
(tinges Ale. Ais., a. htri;n sleek of It ottl
and 'l1oei, I r ;(it Icl,:, (:It;thin , (irocerion
and of ' ervthing 11RUttllpkept inn litytt.(.hu,$
llouHt'. '( loinki'ttl fort limo ht-oral p: Ironttgo
buetuwtitl Fitt the el 1 henna,) Nve iIO1irit 1%
a')utinununo 'f the t;nnlr:
Jxo. Joltxw"rox,
E't<wr PHY-ncnzu y,
1 t ITtTv ct
OtiLee of Colilifv UolilIII11W oners
WIxxsalttlt, , K. ('., Feb. 1(1, 1876.
ALL iu'tst rt, boldiI)"' cbtiatlr: ngnintttl
Ilte ('i)unta of..('ttit'I}t'J(I, cOIriruct0,1 .
prior to rh'tcl or :tl:;t, 1.471, nre nolilit'tl to
btutel in ht"nbv't luck fo1 tt Ht't"t.le tue'nt of I11nir
nlniuita- -lid L i.l,: .,.,it;,... Y,...tt. .....-' " --

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