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F A 1 1 P 1 L I11 Ii]
IQ run~i1tiitlCn) ? E' i LY nSt
W I L L I A 3I S & tD A V I S.
Rrm.-The II 1.4? AI) is piublished Weel
y in the Town of Winniboto, at $3.0C
SUariobly in ada'oate.
gfr All ir neh'nt networtieernenta to b<4
1.4 I0 IN A JV AMNCR1.
Onitiuary Notoes and Tribulea $1.0(
per t qutre.
Tuesday, March 7.
Tho houso returned, with con.
currence, resolution to appoint a
commission to reorganizo the free
common schools of the state.
Houso seont to the senate a bill
to amend an act Ontitled "An act
to raiso supplies for tho fiscal year
commencing November 1, 1875.'
Bill to requiro trial . justices of
Greenvillo county to give bond was
Bill regulating the deposits of
interost collected on certtin bonds
Bill to regulate tho appointment
and salary of trial justices in a1nd
for the town of Abbeville passed.
Joint resolution authorizing and
directing the shliool connissioner
of Edgelield to pacy certain cla:uims
ngaiist said county passed1.
Bill to incorporate the towu of
B Jllack's Station, in the county of
York, on the Air Line Railroad, was
ordered to lie on the table,
Bill to provide for the establisl
innct and support of high Schools
in the svOeral Comties in. this sitatte
was ordered to lie on1 the table.
The sonalte then resolved itself
into a court of impeachmiuen.t
Col. Rion, of counsel for Judge
Mose, submitted for the confsidera.
tion of the cotut the aflidavit- of the
accused, objecting to Senator
Corwin's sitting as a member of the
court, intasmuch as he was the
prosecutor in thjo case. After
debato it was decided that Corwin
had t right to relmaill in his seat
and take part in the trial.
Speakur Elliott, on tho part of
the mlalnagers, then addressed the
court at length upon the articles of
imipeatchmnent. Before he had con
eluded his argument, the court
Nothing of importance was done
in the house.
There was a itlong debato in ('cm1
mittoc of the wholh upon the gover
nor s mesage relative to the recent
alleged outrage in Edgetield coun
The houso then proceeded to the
senuatc, ill acc')iltee with a re-quest
from that l)odV. to attend the
impeachm:ni t trial of Judge Moses.
The houso afterwards adjourned.
\\cdnosday, March 8,
The following bills and rsolu
ions wecre re'jcted:
So 8nate joint resolution authioriz
ing, the 'onuty commlissionlers of
Bonufort coun ty to levy ai sp(cia~l tax;
senate bill1 to auithorize the funding
inl consolidafltionl honds and stocks of
the unpaid bondsl and couplons8 of
the Spartanhur~tg and Union railroad
'omnpanly ; sonato joint resolutioni to
authorivze and1( require the .county
commissionors of Colloton to levy
andl collect aL speciatl tax~ to pay tihe
pasnt due indchtedness of said( coun
ty ; senato bill to prVohibit the sale
of intoxicating liquors within one0
mile of any schtool house, chuirch or
Sother place of public worsipl inl this
state ; sonato bill to incorporate the
Friendly Aid Soomty of Fairlield
county ; sonate hill to incorporate
the Ha trrelson's Muils Company. T1hie
governor returned with his approval
a large number of acts-none of
which are of general intbrost.
The frendite resolved itself into a
court of imp)(achmnont, for the trial
of Judge Montgomery Moses. A
long time wais consumed, but noth
ing material devoloped. Tihe Unionm
1/crald satysH "The trial priomnisc.s
to be a long and toidious~ one, if
yesterdlay's work be0 a critorion-one
wvitnless anid two qulestionsa.
In the Ceening thle trial continuled
till eleven o'clock, butt nlothing imil
p)ortant was21 brought ouit.
Hayne inltroduhced1 a resolutiol'
providing for an investigation of th<c
offiial conduhict of C. W. IButtz
.solicitor of the first judicial circuit.
'' Passed.
A senato bill to authorize and re
(piire the treasturer of RLichlan(
county'to sot asido) and payv the
ealaries due and lherrafter to biecom<o
duo to (lhe trial juticos~ and consata
bles of the city of Columbia, ii
Richland county, was taken up. Th<
blill wasH put upon its second reading
andlo thie enacting clause stricken out
Elliott introduced reso~lutioni
having reference to the impe)ac~htmen
trial, which were adopted. They ar<
of no public interest.
Thbo house thean repaired to tIl
'halal of (1)m penate, to attend th<
vnpoaehmnont trIal.
T1'imrsclay, March 9.
M~r. Hlayno' introdluced1 tho folloii
ing O1concutrrolt reColution, Vhich wai
orderod for consideration
11(\ )ocl, That t he general assenm.
bly aljourn sine (ie oil Friday, the
17th of March.
Bill to ilcorporat o the Union
Savings Socinity of Cohunia,wa
a.uen1dcd, paned and returned to the
The speaker of the house of repro
sentatives attended'cl in the senate.
wicni aH numll)er of acts and joint
resolhtions were rat ified.
At 12.30 P. M., the senate resolved
itself into a court of impeachment.
The senate, at 331) P. M., sitting
as e. court of imipaOlchenllt, took a
recess until 7.30 P. M.
The house committeo of the whole
sat for the continuation of the con
sileration of the Governor's message
i' lative to the late troubles in Edge.
tield county.
The speakor announced as a comn
mittee to investigate charges against
C. W. Buttz, solicitor of the first
judicial circuit, Messrs. Hayno, Sloan
and Boston.
At 1 P. M., the house, in commit
tee of the whole, proceeded to the
sonate chamber, and at 3 25 returned.
A joint resolution to provide for a1
reassessmjenit of real estate in the
county of Laurens in 1876 was re
Mr. Rice introduced the following
I resoition. which. was adopted
Resole(d, Tlat the chairman of
the connlittee on privileges and t
elections h( required to return to
the bouse the bill to enforce the
mnanlate of the state constitution by
providing for the election of justicos
of the peace ad constal)los by the
leople, and to explain why he has
not reported jail bill, which has
been in his possession3 1many wooks,
111111 which he has repeatedly pledged
his word to report.
.Friday, March 10.
Concurrent resolution that the
general assembly adjourn sine (ie'
on March 17 was laid on the table.
Bill to incorporate tihe Blue 1
Ridge M~tmufacturing Company,
and bill to incorporate the Charles- t
ton Exchange passud.
Bill to regulate the appointment 1
and salary of trial justices in Abbe-i
vile county, and bill to reliovo the 1
hite sherifl' of Newberry county and ]
his sureties, were laid on the tablo. 1
Tim senate then resolved itself I
into a conurt of iilpeachmment, for
the trial of Jiulge Montgomery
Moses, and shortly afterwards
ad jOurned.
fl Mr. Liviungstonl introdiue'd a
resolution requiring the speaker
to) issue a warraint of attacliinent
for th( apps ehelsion of C. (S
Buven, sheirifl of C!'arl4estI county,
that Bowenm umighif be exanmined ats a
witness before the committee ap
pointed to investigate tho charges
it g a! i ii 5 t. ex-Lianid-Coniiiunissioner
Leslie. Adloptod.
A umnber of claimns wore presnut
ed and1 properly referred.
A bill ft o iI')incoporte the Union
Savi ngs CJomipai y, of Cohnnbhia, was
1paissed .
Th'le (enacting cluc oif a senIato
bill to limit thme timle of commelnnc
ing erin11inal actions :L a onaite bill
relative to) ce'rtauin school of'licor i
the; Staf e of Souithl Carolina ; a bill
to fix the begininig of the schoolL
year and to make it uniform
throughout the state ; a bill to
repieal section 2 of chapter 138 of
the general statutos, relating to
arrests ; anid a b ill to elmpowe'r the
judges (of thme ciruit courts to
issue remnodial writs in any part of
the stat e, Were stricken oult.
IA bill to regulate tihe comnpensa
tion of the mlemlbers of' the general
assemiibly, andio to fix the nmileaige of
the samio (enbsftitute), and at bill to
provide artificial legs for all persons
in1 a helpless cond~itionl causemd bv
such dlismenibermient, wore laid on
tile tabl.*
Saturdaty, M~arch 11.
Bill to incorporate the Florence,
Lydia, Bhihopvillob anld Sum for
Riliroad, and0 bill to incorporate
the town of Bllack's Station in York
county, Were passed.
The governo~r returned a num
ber of acts with his~ approval.
Thme senate then resiolved itself
into ai hligh court of iiimenehmmet.
At 3 P. M., the senlato atdjournied,
n OUsE 01F REPR'1EsENTI','vs.
1). (1. YoCioni, treasurer of' Chlester
couty, sonit aL commmunicaton asuk
ing~ tha't a conmnnittee be apphointed|
to mnakei a t horough ecaiimition
of aill hlis ollicial transactions. Peti*
Ition refused.
A number of acts and joint rosolu
fions were received from flhe gover
nor, as duly applrovedl by him.
Mr. J. A. Smith introduced the
fo~lowving resolution:
Whereas, certain grave charges
have beln imatdo, anud are nlow freolv
Mackecy, judge of the sixth juiciheal
circit of Souith Carolina ; be it,
Rlesobned, That a committee of
five bec appointed by the speaker to
mupuiro mlto) and make full examina
t ion of saidl charges, and that said
comnmittes h a unth1rial4 to und
for persons and papers, and to
report the result of sudh investiga
tion by re1-solution or otherwiso.
Mr. Crittenden moved to inlefi
pitely postpone the resolution. dI
greed to, by yeas 54 ; nays 14.
A bill to incorporate the town
of Bluck's Station. in the county of
York, on the Air Line Railroad,
was plassed.
Numorous Frauds. se
[ (y Tikyraph to thc Ncrts and Chwrier.]
WASHINoTON, March 7.-The pub- wi
lie excitement over the frightful s
developments of corruption among s
high functionaries in the public sor
vice is on the increase, and every
hour seems to add some new and
startlin~g fact to the shameful record. of
A prominent meUber of the house of
representatives, and a mt ember of
the investigating committee, openly
ixprosses the opinion that three of
the seven members of the Cabinet an
will be impeached.
The evidence of Piorrepont's in
terference in favor of Babcock. in
1ho hands of the judiciary committee not
s almost conclusive, and his un- bal
>eachment is possible. th
Hoistor Clymer is quoted as saying 1
ihat everything in the war depart no
nent has been saleable. Belknap sti
told even the wharling privileges -
bout Washington. Marsh and his
if* have some information about
he half million claim of the Ken -La
ucky Central Railroad. It is the
.hought -that the present Mrs. Bel
map, or somebody for hr, received
25,000 for her influence in the
There are about ten thousand
ontracts for the next four yoars
awarded on straw bids by the postr
>ice department. ra
Wm. J. Purman, a membor of ha
onlgross; from Florida, is uder in
'ostigation for selling a cadetship L1f
mnd other positions.
Ex-Secretary Delano and his son '
rohn have been summoned before1
he house conimnittoo for selling n
raiding stations on the Indian re- wit
ervations. hat
Gideon Welles will be before the hat
louse naval committee, on Thurs- day
lay, to testify about the Secor
Gen. Pope is now on his wa3 yot
ither from Fort Leavenworth to che
estify as to frauds alleged to have
)een perpetrated by Maj. Ingalls,
ato agent for the live nations in the
udian Territory. cut
It has leaked out that Schenck was
ocallod upon the express demand eve
>f -the British Government. The e
lolay in the (ficial action of the bo
>r(sident in complying with this a
itlmand was for the pur ioso of ena- gro
)ling Scheck to got 5aanly to aea
vhile the privileges of the Emba.4sy
)revented him from being arrestedi
mid sent to Newgate as a common i
windler. Schene'lk, it will ha re
ubnhored, was United States minis. tio
or to England. ard
School Fund Apportionment, an
The following tablo will show the vei
Maet sharo of each county in the oi
ataite appropriation for schsool pur, bec
>Osesi. Homio counHo dos 1 not got as ter
nucih aus they did last year, whilo an,
14mo1( get maore. This is duo to the ,plk
at that the mionO~y is apportioned ,of
.0 the coun~ti(es on the basiis of the So
chool ailttendanco. Those couintion poi
ni whmich the aLveralge attendance was aib<
oss than 1last yearl d' not, therefore,.n
-ecoive so) large a share of the fund t thji
NAMEC .sonol)O. APPlORt- alr
tbbvillo 5,387 j 1i2,148 25 coi
liken .. .. .. ...2,301 I 5,189 00 ci
in derson . . 4,845 J 10,926 00 ly,
3alrnwell. . . 4,09() 9,223 40 aet
3afort .. . . 5,862 13,219 4.0 rn'
Tharlioston . .11,070 24,9614 05 Vo.
.lester. . .,. 4,013 9,049 75 1me
Jlarendon . . 1,692 8,815 65 th
Jelle ton . . . . I3,708 8,497 25
Darlington. . 2,702 6,093 30
'dgefield .. 4,029) 9,085 85 i
EFai fiel( .. 1,482 3,342 05 W
3corgetown. 2,585 5,829 45 171
3ro*(env~il.. 5,370 12,109 90) <
IRorry. . ... ...2,245 5,162 90er
Kershaw . . . 1,55$3 3,502 20 wa
Lancaster 1,457 3,285 70 wvh
baur-ens . ... 4,433 9,996 90 thi,
boxington .. 2,257 6,089 80 mc
Ntfarion.... ...2,918 6,580 40 At
aftarlboro . . . 3,183 7,1.78 00 1Mi
Nehwberry. . . 1,939) 4,372 65 kit
Deonco . . ... 243 5,599) 45 stti
D)rangeburg. 3,1 8,601 00,
Piekons ..,. 1,771 3,99)3 80 we
R~ichland . . . 2.6141 5,9)55 75 Ihe:
Spartanburg 5,740 12,944 30 Ifom
Sumllter .. . . . 3,09)5 (6,971) 55 m
Union. .. .. ...2,25 5,468 65 tea
Williamsh'rg 3,095 fJ,979) 55
York. ... .. ...4,530 10,215 (;5 hu~i
School bl'nks..... 1,000 00 pa
Totals.. .,_ 110,410I $250,000 00 jet
VTe following story is told in
Washington of the late Senator: fu
Saulsbury of Delawaro : The sena
tor had1( the rel utation during tilefo
late y oars of hais senatorial term ofw:
imbibing vnry freely, sand it in toldcl
of him that he was accustomed to~ hli
have two cocktails carried to his W
room in time morning before he rose,
andl when asked by a friend why lie
had two cocktails, lhe replied that
after taking one lhe felt like another hm
man, and thought it wouldI be mean to
not to treat that othor man. -en
Men We Don't Want to Meet.
The man who grunts sd gast
ho gobbles up his soup, and at ove
iuthful seems threatened with
,king fit.
i'lo maun who, having by aceide
enI thrown ocice inl youlir Compa1nh1i
kes 1)o1(1 to bawl your ona' on
i to shako your hand profiuse
en you pass himl in the stroot.
L'ho man who, pleading old scho
loWship which you have qui
gottoun, never moets you withal
ing to borrow money.
Cho man who volunters his crit
to on your new play or pietar,
I points out hie idea of its wort
Its in the presonce of your wif
l'he man who artfully provoke
I to play a game of billiards wit,
i, and though he feigns to be
ice, proluens his own chall
'ho man who can't sit at you
le on any sot occasion withou
ting On his logs to proposo soms
pid toast.
he man who ears a white ha
L49 winter, smokes a pipe whet
king, and accosts you as "ol(
)w just as you aro lolping to mik<
god impression on some wet
shed lady frietnde.
'he man who, knowing that yon
for faces him at the tablo, turn
talk so as to sct him talkiu
Lor's shop.
he man who, with a look of ur
6 busineiss, when you aro in a,
ry, takes you by the button-hole
DI! you ia Lad joko,
lie nan who, sitting just. behind
at the opera. lestroyas half your
,yment by hmnming all the ai rs
nd, to flitili with, the man who,
n you draw back slightly to ap
nato a lhiuouro, coolly comes and
ds in front of you, atd tloii ro
ng also, treads on your toes.
An Affecting Came,
he many freaks of )Iyr ('al lin
ity show nothing stranger than
mitanoons blindness or deafness,
beir immiediajto cure, But cases'a
he kind are well authenticated.
following is told in a Nashville
)r :
'o reoontly heard a remarkable
touching story of a little boy,
son, of a goutluian in an ad.
mcn y. i8s.oge i twogly
h .(iy uring the
winter he failed to rise in the
ning as early as usual. At
th his father went into the room
ro he lay and asked liimii why he
not get up. He aidil it Peclued
r yet, and ho was waiting for
ight. His fathorirot ireI, b ult the
not miaking his al)pearanTLce for
e time, ho roturnosI and said a
nd timo :
fy son, why (1o11't you get up 4'
'atlier, is it daylight ?' ho asked.
, long ago.'
'on, father,' the little follow
, 'I am;i)lind.'
rid so it was. Iis (sight, was
t a short time his father took
to Nashvillo to get the bonelit
ie media-l profession thero, Ihnt
1 of the phyiciaus (ould do aniy
gfor hiim, antd happl~ily3 tried no
ri'imients on1 hisl (ye. Solul
osm in a faimily of his famthuer's n'
nltaneo(' sought to cheer himu ini
rke hiimi to the opera, thatd hei
lht hear 1the1 msicl and( .ringing,
wenit and1( was de'lightd.('
1 thm~e(ourse' of thle per31formanfce
Ltt 0nco lie leaped up,~ throw hii
a around his fathmer'M neck, and
amred with estaicy:
is sighti laud inst-mntly retmurned.
sinIce then he ham roti id it i r
vigor, except that iunder oixeito
it there is sometimes ai dlimnes.l
ision. Tfhe caso is of a romuarka
and( singular chaem'iter.
Stioho in a Trial Justle'e's OffiOe.
[r Glranlt..-Mornin Judlgo.]
Io (in ai circinlstaincio I want yoi
utdge.-W1oll, otit with it.
Wrant'-Well, (10 whole cireum
iio ob do bisniss amn dis :Yoi
Judlge, in slabor'y time, I hat
j wihiq on troe pllanltation. D)e:
long berry well togoddor, whmet
was aparlt, andt I wast wol
aufactioni, bimt since rebe sl fin o
o "deOvisOd s'tatumes" fotehi up) al
(3 (101n n)onsense lawn hout mm11
wife, anud I hue I1 aint't got nt
3 'tall. T's no jction to dat
jis hero's whar (IC shoe pinch
Lloro I want yoitr leg-l precision
fac is, Judlge, I w ant's to jiml
ehuchi. DLe boss4 leader saiy
tcomfo it onle~ss I gil. legal
-id. Now, kin L, cord(inl to lbw
-rid all tree, or must I muarrid bu
? Eld you Isay bult one(, anud:
ript it, my 'spoectallo Judge, you
ter b' love dtar will b)o do b)err
bil ris on dat 'casion in da
udl gc.--Mr. (Grant, inder ti
umnstancos, I seriously advis,
to rub out all old scores an<1
in-afreshl. Marry a niow wvife.
rnt.--Dat's my han I I goes i1
you Judige adi do tinme. I tel
wVhito folks is smart. Wha
can't crawfnsh out, omtlhid folki
iso try. liars a qtiarter, Jtig<
etes and Cour'ier.
Ii is said that the temnplo o
omon never hand a mortgage 01
Very few churches in these may
built on that modal.
One Haundred Years Ago,
Some wiso wag has senmmed p
e changes that have taken place as
ring a century, in tli4 Way i me
One hundred years ago weadding oh
urs wore not fashionajio,
One hundred years ' ago farmers be0
l not cut their legs of with mow mn
g machines. an
One hundred yearaogo our moth. wb
s (lid rot worry over disordrod
wing machines. -
One hundred yoars agn horses for
ich could trot a mile ild 2:14 were try
rnowhat scarce. ; I
One hundred years ago It took ciA
'eral days to procure a divorce am
d find i congenial spirit. I'fan
Dne hundred years ego there were ']
disputes about the, impoliteness ! yoi
streot-car drivor#, hi)11
Duo hundred years, 9gO every 'nog
uing man Was not an A cpant for a 'r
ition as a clerk or bbdkopeor. tab
)no hndred years -agLb k tbsene get
1ps did not exploded4 assist 41ei
men to shuffle p yds tUQrtal 9
1. ~, .
)ne hundred years s o - 1cd wal
commit suicide by g'oi in f l
loons and coining dbU*w *ikott Ag
IM. . ' dte
)no hundred years ago there were 'I
third tern millionaire bipIxope to doe
up the waters of part ian poli- the
)no hundred years ago there T
e no Turkish harems at Salt gen
oe, and no Ann Elizas suing for hur
nineteenth part of a divgrco. to t
)ne hundred yeara ago England 'T
not very far behind the United you
tea in all that goes to make a na- enc
1 powerful and progressive. A
)nehundred years ago the Dutch who
. taken Holland, but thelyhad not pret
le Franco "come down' '*ith a stan
dsome pile of "smart money." cedi
)no hundred years ago a physi
i who could not draw every form
liseaso from the system by tap- ,
g a largo vein in the arm was not
lh of a doctor. fir
no hundred years ago maeh were inst
running about over the cduttry or t
[ millions of fish eggs to be ofT
c-hed to order. Fish superin Th
Lied their own hatching in those P
)ne hundred years ago peopled and
worry about rapid transit the
!p transportation, but th oi
ir grain crops across the back of or I
ir horsos, and uncomplainingly pa
mt to tho mill." M o
)no hundred years ago every man long
his coat according to his cloth, wh
ry man was estimated at his real did
10, shoddy was not known, no- dar
[y had "struck ilo," and true merit day
honest worth voro the only boy
unds for promotion. 80111
Why He Favored It, 'T
enator Gordon, of Georgia, gives 1
reasolis for advocating the 41
ited States Centonnial appropria- said
1. He agrees with Senator Bay A
that it is both eonst.ituitionial g("
I sanctioned by numerous prece- .
its He has expressed himself lulu
y freoly and earnestly for the bill of t
tho following grounds : First, non
11se no ction is so deeply inl tilu
ested ini the propor cole bration OXP.~
1 re-estalishment of the princi- ladi
s of 1770I andc in the restoration gu~
good will in tiho country as5 the I"i
ithi ; s3con1dly, because the pro- tO t
sodl a.Ipropriationl would cost only nu
,unt three and a half cents per Ho
>ital inl thu United States I thirdly I
,t Pennsylvania has~ paid four and all I
aif illiotns of the five millions arnl
rady expended, and that it wottl sc
iunjust to inako that state pay '
re, whecrs the appropriation by I
igress Wottld plerfoot the national Anl
bracter of the colbration: foutrth- I"I
thaut the foreign nations having moi
epted the invitations to corpo, thoe of '
iiutation of thme goverineint is in-' blo
ved inl porfecting the arrange-.
nts, and on this account he would
ret to see the South Yoto Against
bill. ci
Vismaa-rou's NOmLZ CuAnic-ta.-- 3
n~ the private diary of Egpgal (
shington, under dato 6f Aprid 1, tai
13, occurS the following entry i se
'I rose early tis mlorning, uatd, troe
ooting company, went to t fy ge
rdrobe to select a stiutable attlrb, day
en, to Iny great chagkih, X fotind sati
Lt my most inispensable gar dos
nts Woro unfit for the occasion. deg
thle breakfast table I encountered andt
'a. Washington, and rotnarked as wif,
dly as I could under the circium- but
'Martha, my dear, when I see a n
man of your powere fooling away (10
timo on trifloS, while there are eann
ir of my best pairs of trousers re'ma
ining to be p~atched, I am 'almostma
captod to believe there is no God.' one~
'She did not mtako any reply, butte:
rying her head in a plateful of Ibet
e'cakes, wept so bitterly that I dob
olvedl never to allude to the SUb chui
t again."
Roero we have a tender and beauuti- cr
illustration of tihe real greatness vat
the hero's heart. He Would go bec
th into the world with the biting
ds of winter nipping his histori- for
cuticle through the ventilators in yot
panitaloons, and yet titter nlody
rdl of complaint against his wife- no
Brooklyn Arguea.
t. church at Coffeyville, Missonri,
s an organ, and in the quarrels as Sagl
who should play on it, five differ- s ig
L men have been badily licked.i
Convicting the General from is9 Own
la Mcinoir8. -Not Civilized Warfaro, but
y Murder--pris+ot~i. of War Marched
It Ovor a Rload S3l).cI to bo Planted
With Totbodt',p.
.It? Dear ASU--4 regret to hlaul
t.i10111 lottr lettol (of inqujliry' tha~t
Y iGevneral Mltfrrlunhi seeks t~lo (itlijpl
olip of thorn~ violaioa. of the rulcen
I oif ('1 'lliietl warl'aru whueic charm
* Liiri'ed Iris elunpaigit througha
(t j ("gin ahtd fiouthil Unrolinla by the
1o callI (' ll1ym attention, imanelv' tha~t
7in his (tlllh~muyldt of (Thufodot-ato
liJifbouoi', dutrinlg that (canYlaigh,
Sto s;';:ai-d for alnd dig ll.) torpeCdoe,
"' e acte(d "ontly ill roilLtlintitn for
llike (irnploiuti,.o of 1" 1crat1 i-illl'.
'emr by ('oil foderaf+, coarl .innt dm-.
ain iIP1s'rtion ' reeklona evefli for
r General Shliornalt, whose IioodUlcis
tnoss of what he writes and seaks~
18 s otorioiiii before the i Ipearaldo
of his M11onih.
I myself can recall no cecasion
we Federal p~risoners were or
ould have hofl employed as al
leged by the Oouiral, oven butd it
elllgtimnate sid not it shlockin g
inhlumanity to dot aco ; Mttd in to a,,
I don)1't hclievo (koiicrali4d ~l0h1ti
can specify, with (1u1te, ally placto
that cillti into tho ))ososion
of the Conifcdcratos during the war
w hero torpeCdoes werei plan Ited,
which thiey haul to remoeve (it her by
retor to 118us of Fecderal pi-isonl
J'i- or by ny otheor mnsii. '1'Joro
Uelttiuly was never stwl it apllace or
0C(.-iapjon ini the~ dlepartmenolt which 1
I rleolUt. (lit-t i iitly, llivavor,
Jeiimniiig iiiiiiidiatch v iftaar I lie fall1
of k-hnvainitll thait (liul. Siherinan
himself line1 put (+of'ith'-t-atti }lriiittl' 1
ors to this ex'loi\Iiaiary 11803 ill Jhis
111)1 iiuoI ('I to tliutt ci ty, 1a 11.1140 uftA'r
th Iii' (t tiU oIf Fort. iMeAlistor, and
II thi's';ipii )lai lini -Ii scigh iily
rliuf (Pl' sItaff, ''I. (1. \1. rent", a
rtV~j1iltiti il ir (Jo11iiilstary of
1' i-his smrsi of Will' (}eni. WVinder, for
It (lfitaC~iie1t.t (of J'-d'rtl j innrs,
to ho emnployedl iii ri'titliAtIOfl 811011( t
the 0 w0Tuiociu cdttr. I further
rco~llect thlat (lull, Winder answer
ed thiat. ulnder his ilstruictions ,fw
tilt) Confedlorate Watr Thipartinit
he' qq 14d not Coinply ; atlso, that in
hio 4>AlIef prisoners, coilId not ilght..
fully be so eimployedl.
'].'hat (Gun. Shiermant, as I had}
heard it, theo timei, dlid 144) onilldoy
his pisoners-, stanids, of record Ofi
page 194i, vol. 2, of his llkmiirs3
"On the 8thl (Jlcccaiiber, 18(1 t), a (delog1 oudheclnr4l
ing' tI amcimgl t 11(1 ie . (I Ieev
0)0~ Of thei eoalael-i- ofI ta i;'"i:,",' Xi
it group of iiici li a1 li i- itrounita I
11111d1iille y'oiiii ohliccer whiose foot.
lilt(] beers loi to p)icesR by3 i
t0roi-jl icetoPlluitl ill limo road ;lih
told mie tlhat, lio w:i riing along
with the res~t of his llrigado stall' of
tie S(IVelitcu1at Ii C~oipqr, wheun ia
tX)Vfxcalo, troilli on b I,, ii' I11140,
la- I (ixJlododls, killingt' th haors irand1
literally bliowinig oiff all the 1(3511
froain (,nn of his legs. .1 saw te;
bult it. aIppolUrifg to' nt~A "tiniar
Iran table ii imp~rop~er trealtnieii t of
;tri~oil rrq of war, I hatvd J1honght it
eigfht to refer to it in this repaari "
(ion,. 0heriorn wigh, with equal
right, halo j)Uilze4to.pi j. 9t. pi~is.
ofiors in front if a sat t:l g c1oI
t1flhi tci 61V s rvo i n a t on roflor.
T'tie nianrticr of re1laiv,4 the itb*i
dent, 'c1riie l have quoted il his
own words, is Oil llitgd to give teo
N~ Honletlunig Pc) abhlofi.on 1 'o u1 1r
warfare that 116i coitld 11)0
Ijurirnod prisoerS h) t4' ?ia~rd'Fof
('xploii thlonrN iIud cheer o credit,
for the act--a strMttg6l oblklt In
the Uoneral-itt-chlit,f M1 aft ,ht
which lius at the present. mnothu1ft t'a
3pUCoeJ> torpedo corp, a wl~ed twit
as at i n'poti~ut, dofeneivo, rtqptujo
to foirt), 0A~ jIacdt'--in oneo who,
West. 1'oiivt how, to) p1afl'igtVw.,
lent of tlowptxo.11 as; k~lo i! ep
gineoru of;hod~ ~a ?l11x1 i
For rno0ki 1-.for , T y of
the cap)it nti Utii$ ' b
AfIajor 1kbroK Andcm~ihh thrtJ"a~
tonne offered bufot~o the attawlf, iwtl
tAo sil~to his hlag with gw~e and go
forth with 00101'1 f; ying Wl druni
iioatill, taking Of (,tril iyl RIpt
IpliVato property, doii t6th'cb3
[)f t~he War, I always nif'4ci Mlid1
priLeticudl the ulojt' liberal ltroiEtnent
f prison~ers. At, the eat4pbrIQ~~nO1
itlwcvor, I ali W lyn tir .oel ,tl pq4i
)f rigid ana rid )1(ipt riealhi toRni, a
ill Coat, for eVery ('lejr 'inftil hn) of
.he Bottled lawt, of ' nr S, rfoid~toi~y
;how's it to be the ilily'. orffootinal
11ct 10d oif rcallitig an c.111Uy hrua
lCoe heositatedl to apply this pifllul
'eniody dulrinlg ottr JR6voltitioiia.y
var. i
I amn, yoursu most truly, -
'Ilie (Jonltennitl foutntarin, Which'
s to he unveiledl in Phliladelphia oii
ho next V'olrthl of July,, eti the
~if I of tho Qa1tljie tQjf)pWL1tico
lcotios ,ol New 1y'loik, 'D1at il
,nd otinit' elti6i 'toWrd t.10 iu
emc~iQelobi.'tion, is to + I~t"O+
6JA.)&0b, anid ])it .little " aore , than A'fta tnhsl~li asd h
ialforul th tomp haliec 'raied.tioe
ii Now fork have j114 rLciiivodl an
lp)i1L)l for conitribuitionis to the
tiild, anid aro iiikiiig oolloctiong
or Ihos 11rpo.(o. Sov'ti iiieddllion
icadsy, HClIlJltltroci(I ma iiirble, are to
) jdiwcl atotillil t.h1( (irctll I insin.
(ltO, NFL, utte1 Iaitfavyette, ('w rito do
I ralie~ (f i'ii,(Xuit 1 'Uli4ki fid
u);eiltsH() of I'olrtill(, Steplienl
ifoylan, lldo (itliI) to WaVushing
oi, and1( 'J'l1itlas 14' itzH1iininoi5, it
iieiiilu'r of tire (litiital (Con
x'1lvA Ni v .1"AeI: (fl A ll'i.
A. nomvel operationi rccelly pe.
'rtu od at the Ailino (I oiiral 1 loi pi
i1li' iir WIti t "iCTlls Setiue A l paietl
':i'11 u t of (witicl.n C ui 'ltoPtilit

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