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J0. . ENL DS, Editor,
Wednesday Morning, larch ,151876
'The Lancaster L4gor mention
'that the regular republicans in Cu
lumbia have mad out a partial slat<
of candidates they intend putting i
the field in the next campaign. hero
it is : For governor, ). H. Cham -
borlain, republican ; for lieutonant
'governor, J. B. Kershaw, ,domocrat
for abtornoy-goneral, R. B. Elliott
)publican ; for stato troasuror, le.
A. Tretsholm, democrat.
The president has appointed
Judge Taft:, of Cinnoinnati, to sue
coed Blkftap as secretary of war.
Who and what Mr. 'l'aft is, nobody
soems to know, and everybody is
anxious to ascortain. President
Grant certainly has a knack of -sur
prising people when he makes in
important appointmeht. Wo hope
Mr. Taift will turn out all rig lit.
The Soliool Funds.
3y teforence to a table of secloo
ttut a published elsewhere, it wil
be eeen that Fairfield county i
adjudged entitled to $3,342.05. The
taxable property in the county I.
stated in the auditor's estimato foi
the last fiscal year to be $4,276,034;
and a levy of two Mills---the regulai
state tax for public schools-would
produce $8,552.06. It will ho secn.
thorofore, that by the unronusonabl(
and unjust method of apportion
ment now pursued, the county re
ceives much loss than half of the
sum paid by the people for the sup.
port of the schools. The best plan
would be to keep the levy foi
schools in the county, just as th<
touity tax of tlhree mtills is rNtaineul.
This would e'ncourhgo the lpeophe to
establ.ish and( n:intfai sc whoolh ill
every neighborhood, and make t hem
utclh reabor to hear their share of
the burden of taxation.
Tho totanl sum1 to be realized for
schools in .airiiold (not deducting
dolinquent ta ct) is $7,718.22. Thc
!chiool co(lmifl.iio' estimau.tes that
ther~ ro in the com~iIit y about seven
Ly tealchers, whoso averago miontlhly
piay is $25i. T1he (x)ese ofU a) ll
the schiools Woubll thiofri'e beU aboutS
$1,800 a ihi(1 ith. A t th in rat-o, i f ( li.
local taix weroejrially divided, the(
schiol tcouIld ho e t up in.~ the e1 m 41
tiro oimlhy for feur )11 . m oth. I ii
in 34ome( townships ihere is nto local
fundtl and1( alloing1I& for deliniquient
talxes, 'onin~lgen t 4X.a1).se..i, (1c., if isi
safo to Say) that the schiool termu will
not alveragei m1o1( e ihan thrioe muoniths.
Th~io Chargeaoz Agaimt, Jm ~lige Ma'~s yg.
synopsis of the charges'.(' made(4. agaim.-t1
the juidge oIf th14. sixthI circuit . A
lonuger list of Ireadfuil (de wa3c .)Is
.searcely ever laiid to the (door! oh
any public oficer. Thiese (l~ences., if
pr~oven an.4 chairgod, hioiuld he enough
to displaco Judge Mackey from1 his
Positionl on the biench. Thetre areC
c'ountetr c!harlges imadue by til.h ludge,
and both.1 sides have~ printe(d cir'en
hiarii p~hreed n It bhmals of thet
mfemibors (If the houso~ of repream4. 3
-tativesi. -It' will lbe si'en, by refer.
cnee to our) reporti of legislative po
-cueding4, t hat a'. r~ solution wva in.
trodulced,lookinlg .to) an1 inivestigin,
.but On motion ofl Mr. Crit tenidenr,
(lemo (dt'Fati o'mbr from G freeniljle,
was-laid on -tho table by ai d~i'ded
voto. -From. this wo now infer
that a rangoit13 di the hoiof b)olieve
that the' A~irgos are' gr oundloss,
We acoctt 'This' action of the~
'house as *fn~l.' Wdo should haivt
,proferred,! hIowever, .that a decision
had boon roache1d, [which would
hhvort authdiative~ly pht in cnd to
tho 'mhlorsand.1( differetnces (if opiti
in1 t) which thei (cirouhirs natuluralis
gi~vol ise3. One charge~.,v at1..-ast lha
Cauisehd con.)fsi(idrale c'1l~ommot, andi
the ntfon'uponl wihi it j Uh
to t he Jludoge's dischairge (If 4 i h gri'(
jury) iat, Lancao':ster, for failing ho re,.
turni a truo bill -n a enb1inii ('ase.
IIis c'ourse on that oceaUuin nat uiral
ly rauises at miost serIious guletstion n.:
to tihe relative ightsi 3, 4dties a
powers of the judge and1( the granuut
jiry.- TIhat quest ionl hoinid be4. sei
at rest art soon, as pa-ssil, andt fui
ter is hiard to reatch ini a way 4 Iii
will nettle it, but it is Ilonfo [lie lei*
impoa'rtanlt thait it shou)Ild be miet anii
dtmation1 of thie judge's t r(eatin~oni
of the gnmtid jurly, iind wo ennnilol
supIpose~ that feeling to proeed
fr'omi *ny lbut just ;.nd henec:,L initen
The True Polley.
Syoral of the .sowspapers of the
ate arc dovotiif mJAucl disCussioni
to tlb proper policy to bo p rsuod
by the deinocratio party tin the ap
pro1uching campaign. -'This is almost
a wasto of tino and words. Tile
first and the groat end to bo accom
plished now, is a completo organiza
tion. When thatt shall have boon
don(, there will be amplo timo and
ample opportunity to dotornino. the r
right p1itforiu upon which the party
is to' act. That there is divorsity
of opinion u11 ipon this subject is true,
and such diversity is not only
natural but necOssary. Ono groat
point to be gainol by thorough or
ganization is a full opportunity for t
an int el ehlango of opinions. The
state coivontion should be 8 con
stituted as to bo fully ropresenta
tivo in itis character, and the dole- I
gates should bo pormittod to go, I
'u ntrannolled by any instructions 1i
or limitations of action from the a
county organizations. Thoro ar'o '
many gravo questions to bo settled a
by the peoplo beforo they onter "
upon the next canvass, and thoso N
oan best bo disposed of by a propor- I
ly constituted stato convention. All 1
offorts at prosont should bo diroctod I
towards an organization of the c
honest pooplo, that they may como g
together, dispassionately discuss the c
issues at sake, and then dotormino 9
upon that lino of nction which may a
seom wisest, and surest of succoss. C
We aro by no means to bo under- j
stood as considering the question '
an to doniocratic policy an idlo on<. C
It in, on the contrary, one of the e'
gravest and inost diflicult to handle, 1
that have ever been presonted to the t
people of South Carolina. But we c
think any discuss~ion as to the right. t
policy prematuro at this time. All I
o11(loavorH should be directed to 1
wards bringing the poople together, a
and prepating tholm, for such ao
tioll as liny at thu proper tine and i
by Iho proper authority bo deter i
minled upon.
Thm Ilerentrati Law.
A recent (ec;iio of the state ti
)lrio coulrtt. at rest a quCs t
tiol that, 11a1 lung booun agitat.ld1 and I
that is of great interest, to .li biusi- v
11('F1 C(nIliIity. A party in 1
C'hlrleston 1n1:rtgagod tho pCromiises (
on w hich ho re(si(ed, as security for t
Illoly leut Him by a blulilding and i
lolin aS~i~oeintioni. Theli Ciretit judge r
before' whom the caso1 (~l0was tried
holmd fhat, th0 iborrower wasl enititlIed k
to) his homesteadu oxeniiption, anid r
orldered t hat aL cert4ainl portionl of the (1
lproceeds oIf 51a)le ib aid to honia.
Fr' omf f his' detCi)ion t1ho 1 asso15'ciationIl
lappC~eld andi the supreauJlO (court
Tfhen v1pinion1 iled ini the (1ase says:
''Thero is no( dfonht, 1but that. Er9low
Litho defen.dan I) eonl umake a valid
mort ~gaigo. A huru.esteaid had never 0
bee nettm2(1(hlly eset aparlt. T1he
homiiestead..11 provisionsl do) no)t in f
term prevent the o.1Iwner of1 lands
ITh e siale fo r foreelosuro wvas niot P'
forbilenL1 b~y theo conmstituItionl as it"
re~zm-s the homu~e.-tfead inl <11ltuotIn, aL
anld Ithe m~ortga.or ha 1 no1 r1 ight to r(
ehtiimiy part ofli. 1 the2 proceeds~ .of
pa t~ ti of the 1nortgaged premIlises
decQision1 w.ill wor 'k Ito harmL~. Whencl
the full 'nuledget ,V) that the proper V
ty is liable to sale for' Xuch debt.I
to) a manz1's famlily in suhl a calse 1
muiist be tra(edI to the{ Jnai's o1wn
a~ct and not to tho naitulln of the
c redit or's Claim. TPhe decision is I
of' in-enliar interest to Ibuihiig aud .
loan atssociat ions, as5 such1 .bo1dis I
lendu themir funids upon lsearrcely any~
seurity other thanl that of .a
mortgage upon)1 real esItalte. It will 'a
nlow he muchel less dilleit to raise '*
1oney0upo muortgages.
Th' F'all of Dolknap.
.JIonio than the re~cent reinto
(If t ho secretary1 of wairanth
causes0 i1mpe~llinge hon1 to t hat sten
The db-tails (f h'is dtoreiiction areO
few .enonigh to hoI' givoin in a very
5111u1aOll!mpaJ: Th1e mah11' facts weri
1r2e.1 i our last is11no M.
CalebI 1. 33rra~ihimot the seeratary
anid his nife at Long Branch ini .1mO,
ad theyW 51oon1 after paid him a visit
at, his residencle inl New Yiork. 1Ju
the0 'ourlse oIf th ve. isit Mrs. 1Xo1.
Anlp flnformed Mr. Mdrah (If the
ne1w ofliceXof Iposlt 1rader e'staIbsld
by congress .9, 111n id vised him to ap~
ply for one tra~dershipj. ai r. Marsh .
afterwardus nliado app~jlicatjin for a
po~Le Iion on] the no stern frontier,
andl~ wasH duly appo Sint ed. I to (alB
plosed of l h ji ih as5 p)ost-trader for
a1 hands~iom1e annua11l royalty', and
re'gulalrly senit one0 half 'f his re
Seipts to1 the lady aIt whle~oo ig.
gestion hie -hadt obII tainedl the pu'lkiOn
l'hisrtodo of procedure was oarpied g
>n fr maiiy uonths, but fina .yhe c
oretal y 1iinpolf received - B
uitt4ncos Tjioro have for sor ti n
>COgunspipi~n of impropor tt4ns- yj
ioi, in tho w dopartmnont, - E a il
omnitte of -th house of ropreson t
atives took -tho matter in hand. u
6farsh'arstaitothnt, 'thbith 16M f,' Ws
omnprehensivo anl epilusivo ' I1
oci-otArf was dalied bbforb the co -s
aittee, to make any defence ho might 8
ave. He admitted all the charges, r
nily asking that his wife be spared 4
oi dishonor. The committeo . at C
1nco recomnendeod his'imnpoachrnont, tJ
,nd the house promptly took action cl
ii the promises. In addition to the q
rial before the senato-the practica. fx
ility of which, in view of Bolknap's li
osignation, is quostionable-pro- 'h
oodings have been institttod against j>
im in a criminal court, and will be ,
rcssod with vigor. Bolkuap's fell 4E
indood great. Ho has always si
tood high in the country, has r& n
eived constant praise for his zqal c
ud efliciency in his secretaryship, n
nd has occupied a social position to b,
rhich any man might reasonably and tl
Honorably aspire. Yet with all- those b
icentives to purity of official action, to
o now stands before the country j
onvictod of acts which must 4is
race him forever, and whioh 'may ti
onsign him. to a long iinprisnmeht. c
'ho fall of such a man with sRop
urroundings is enough to 'shake w
ur faith in human virtue when sub n
>cted to temptations unattended d
ith a probability of discovery in It
rise of wrong-doing. More cepe- i
illy does it cause us to doubt tho s<
ossibility of a return in this coun- et
ry to that personal integrity which of
nee pervaded every department of p
bto public servico. The fall of L,
Ielknap naturally leands to the sus di
icion-or rather strengthens that b<
Iroady widely felt-that . every fd
ranch of the national government 'al
more or loss corrupt, and that a w
11l investigation wonid discloRO a ti
Late of atlhirs quite its disgraceful ac
s is the action of tho ex-se-retary.
bmonral Custor, a prominent and r'g
custworthy army ollicer, expresses C
Lio opinion that there areno tradiaga
osts west of the Missouri River ti
hat have not been ptirchaseod. el
t)her abIJusesn aro likewise belieed to
ist. The navy department s -said la
be as rotten as are the hulls of hi
zany of our vessels of war. ' Tho'revo- tc
no dlepartuwmnt has boen recently w,
bown up in the trials of the whis.. s
cy-rings in the West. The troasu- gla
y deparitimenit has hand somne ugly pa
eings in thec past threo years, in to
-htich, it may be reiimmbered, ex- om
(ena~tor Hawyor played a hoading t,1
art. '.iho departmnent of state was t
'cil reprsentIed by the ministeor to F
,nghunIt, Mr. Seheunckc, who sp.ent hi
oust of his ene inI teachling the at
,nglisha nobili I y the fascinating gamro oni
dntw-pokerti, aiud wheni depr~imd of -.
mit occupation., didI much .tmwards
ts somo1 woirthless mining stock at 0j
rgo figres. The p~ostr-ofico de- sa
irtmnent has as yet shown nosin
e orrupjt. practtices. For aill those
miie'i, the repnlican p)arty is di
ecily resp~onsible, and for thoem all -
will bie held toj a very rigidl a-.
unnihmility next siummer. The ,$
moiicratic prospePc(t, inl iationail af- 0
LIra, isi lonlsideral y impr))oved. -
mtrango, if Tiruo.
A rep~orter of the Washington .
uit iucal lijmblligrffn, "0Grant' 5 d
wnm," has inlteirviwd R.~obert re
'rrvie, one0 of the Fredmhnan's
anik conisioners, who recently -.
isited Sourth Carolina. Purvis is
erinm, anid represenl~ta that he has .
mid the confidlenee and support of (
is j'arty. "So bitlter," he says di
is thec feeling among the ropubli
11ms againist Chambierlan, that I am
atuakly apprehensive lost some
rithusiast tahe his life for his
roehery to the partly. All the
-adinm g inpubldicanms dononnee him.
lis lawi partm:, lion. Samnuul 1W. 1'
leihm, attorney general of the lv
talF' dteelmis' d to me t~hat Chambebr~. rm
ein ':e.ures, if not checked, .
onhl inev'ithbl bing dlisaster and
lefeat to thro .mepub~lian pamrt)., and ,
hat itf he' preci.mned to be a candi.
bLet -for re-electioun s governmor, ho
l )nld fe'el 2bli;ud to sever his legal
clationM it him." (Can it be
rue thait thme alttornfey ge'u'mral ap
rehends~li ' disast er Iio the rOluhhi
an part y"IC becase di (Glovernor
if the sehme:nesi (f fh licrow of
hmu~diirers ho hani boldly opposed
ver sico his inagulration ? C'inr
I be that, one wvho has malmde sominnny
>romnises, for' himself arnd for the
eputbleian party, that tho~ ' ntiro
tate govermnmenE ahnuld undergo
'through clenng out. now dis
pproves of th1e actiont olf the gVe
rnor ini his eisdeavores to ' Ppt
led(gesi 8no repeaxtedly ui so
solemnlly imadm ? We trust the r
"lr'radma's Bank comisine
a mnilsuudelrdtood , the attrney f
0 ral. That the Whipper-Loslie
J birgon , should oppose the
o rn1'g neasu es, we are by no
s e riseo4 True,' they were
i ost thus ti advocal.os in
lash ction it Wa4to their in.
3rest to be such. 'The party had,
nder the three administrations -
revious to the present, won
otl g t dis . nor, ,disgust and
bdne, dn 'it w necessary that a A
broi g man be put forward to
usciro it from lower depths of
ifamy:saul fron final annihilation.
liambdrlain was selocted, and from
o beghtining of his gubernatorial
U'6Or he has 'surprised his oppo
enta and disappointed many of his
>nner supporters by acting in the
no of true reform. And the more
o hris endeavbrod to keep his
ledgos, tho more has he been
adeuned and abused by the
aders.of his party. We are not
irprised at the stand taken by
sost of the ring politicians, but we
nfd'swo had expected of Attor
ey General ,Melton something
utter than is attributed to him by
io loyal commnissioner. If he has
Wot correctly i'epresented in the
ager,.thepublic will not be slow
).ednalude that all his professions
tho'past have been insincere, and I
it heIqu'te as bad as any of the i
yrruut crew who are now opposing
oYrng . Charaberlain for doing
tr ho' promised. .But the gover
:r is suspected of going over to the Art
amocracy. Of this we do not be-it
u've hin guilty. The charge thus foi
aho would seem to pro-o a con sl
iousness on the part of the radi
Lis that honesty is not a real'
en ft in their platform of princi
les. If , honesty of action and F
:lelity to pledges make a man i ci
amiocrat and1 prevent himi froni! ca
sing a repunblican, it is about time F.
r the ruling party to ")step down C1
id out," and admit their un
orthiness to have char,,) ofc
is public welfare. Yet such would OC
oemi to be the impression conveyed 1)0,
r the spirit and action of the Mi
dical party towards Governor u
hamberlain. As we have before (tic
id, his chief support now lies in
iosd who most bitterly opposed his
ection-the democrats and theun
dlependent repubilican s. '.lhoe aoc
bored hard for his defeat, beciLuse tei
8 previous career was not such as
encourage the hop - that he
ould be true to his pledges-4heir.
1e objoet being the purification of
40 state govennyint. Truoe to fth
'inciples enuncianted in their 1plat"
rm, they no sooner found him Idei
Ldeavorinlg to rforma izses 1han qu
oy gave mim at sn pport a1s valuI .ble str
him as it in hemiorable to them.
ronu theso two souzrces raust come
a chief stnengfh in future. The
torney general'sdlesertiom wsould
use him mno gro'tt lha..
co0n11' taie.
uhols primioei evy ('orni iin the
e.uoand with the blhuck on it, forj
-J K D)AVI:s,
fe -E1m rI onti.-ello .8 C
Cheap Shirs -
non1 Very) lhout qIuality. All iusel.
nt sty'.gs. FJJT (iUA RA NJ'lmi). P'rice, sul
500i pe11 zn ACALIU. &.~{
...-.- Hi
vat.untble p'iece of (o wn. propeIy 01o Ch
which 1 is IS it ed ii 0lonnnoiojj ,.
et,g amid oul bildings hi l~anging i.
rA. J. I. Mean-s. Foru :p'rticidaru ad. 1
40 AhfhI,A Eu) & PA'- S,.
Whitc Lead, d
) NFi Tan of Whito Le aid which I guiar
aitLco a pure .Lead, for sal1o at athe '
ug storo oft foI
itjag Paper anid En
EJ ii.Lo attenriitonto our El'k of br
riet1ILtter, kill and Legal Casp
lpor, ami jiinVoIopeOs. Toa micecant re
Ahinig?rpor Iby the rusam, or(i ouvulopes I
tho 'thousarndc, -wo wall miaiki spocial 5(4
de~o 14 McAETFRk1 & fliCE.
]MC ".IC3i fo
'HEi name~ and styli' of' our i.,- -is TI
changed from this .dato to) J. I'. .i- as
AISTElt & 00. 1
January lolt, 16%i. .e
sn 1l -tm
TiI E exericiseo of hlis int ituitionu
.will he resumead on1 1 ednuesdahy, th
~Jannriy 12th. For d.irlela'l8Isl
tiCl ars-, add111ress a
3'0 MAlmy)~our fertilizera oft dissoulved
. b lon, pihosphdatto orI alcid h~o.phait1
it jl ton-Reed, oi'thia sweepings of your
uitry 1'tonsesu. We-soll thdog'hosphaes
alofy's atn Pho ,b~ate, f~ia
moi, Satrdy's GunanO Eutreka , (
r' enfRk or approead pavyr.
foh I uM A-r~ & e.nc.
T.It. IO~eum
'Trial ,isNtIOO.
F'1CE IN itAlt OF COUItT 110U8
WhVNSSuO0(O, S. C.
' All husinen uiratuated to hio wit
ieceivo prompt iteation.
NO. 2 uA W 11R.4 yG ,
lye Ed Let Lie
The aubscfribers 'wish to in
n the Ladies of 'i.Lmsboro and
,rounding country that they have
echasod the entire stuck of J. 11
Iwn, consisting of Millinory and
ney Goods, Dry GJods, Notions,
., together with the stock pur
sed from J. S. Elder & Co. anl
Elder's stock of Dry Goode,
4thing, &c., enabling them to of
the largest sitock of those goods
r displayed in one storo in Winns
:o. They havo a large lino of
1linery, Fancy Goods, Notions
1 frinuutningsr, Dross Goods, La
t' and Ge ntti' Furnishing Goods,
siery, &c., which they will sell at
heard-,,f prices for cashi. They
v oifler their entiro stock of WVin
Clothing, HAts, Boots, shoes,
at and below cost. to nake room
their Spring Stock. All they ask
call, to convinco the puicw that
:m1 hw'1:ness&, and will ntot ho un1
-sold byi anty one. Tr11(1 miotto is
ek satles and smnal] l rfitl. Trm.s
a till at ithe old siandi with a
~o and( ooeupdcle stotk of planftai
ni and fmn1Iily 4lroc..ri.is, and
trythl~ing; ihat, the .planter1 .needs,
hI ats P'low' Steel, Lay .1r'n, Swiedes
utls, TIrace Chain~s, Linel.kIBands,
mes', 1100s, Spade, Shovls, Ma
re: F~orks, Laptl Rinigs, Hoo(l Screws',
viCE's, &c., together with a wvell
orteCd sLockl of Crockery, I able and
7k't Ctlery, Hlollow and Wood
ivare', and a great tmany11 othier
nigs too manterion's to mtentoin.
still keeps1) a large at ocbk of Lai
s', Gents', 13rys', Mi'ses' and
ilren's Shoes, nearly al liade to
her, andl~ -ivranlted free frmat
vjidy. ITo is also agent I for theo
lo.wx.ing brauids of &tadard l'ortil.
Uho Star 'Guano, -which has ali
ysE ;given .saItisfa'uction. Miapes'
pt~1er-hsphto of Limel, '1and(o
m1. .Anoal Butno, .FleshA andl
od0( 'in tii muarl.kt, ' but. hiighiy
'oniunendedo by ( oorgia~ .lnters. LL
itue o.f om' .phoiters. to ht e it in. i
>dutcd in tis v'ieiinty. .Poni
t:t j, it a gvahut lo Aci.' ('hosphat
oldedt for 11so in p1dingti''(t Cor,
to above~ are sohlt at as lw rates8
any Stantmdard .t'ert iliv/.01s, fo~r
shli or onL tima wit h approved
On hamln, 0110 car load ch~oice
titing P otatoes, which will bo
ld low for Cash.
I desire111 1 t i lte atItenione for
it hll timte of tho se indebted to
xto conme fo rwatrd anud rattle upJ,
.I1must1 hazve mney .to - Carry oin
bus~iipst. All perI'1son owirg
1 anid failing to Rettle, will lIind
air accoun ts ini 1.ho hande of tmy
orney for' coletion.
MIare.h 4.
) NE car lond lFr',th LuniO ji1a tlcei y
ab I oA3rM1kc
S~ra cial .TJctio e. I
Futrc I 1 I -4 destructivo fire occurred at
Ninety-six, S. C., Dccemuber 21st, by
which four stores valued at $20,000 were
burned. The further speread of the con
Ilagration, with probable 'destruction of I
;he whole town and a loss of several hun
.r('d thousand dollars worth of property,
hnd metany lives, woro prevented by the
rrival of a Great American Fire I xtin
rnisher, an Agent happening to come in
town at the nick of time. For full particu
lars, sae the Abbeville Medium and Now
berry Herald of the following week.
Mr. P. P. Toalo ofCharleston, S. U., is
the General Southern Agent for the Great
'meriealn Fire Extinguisher, and will
tnss er all inquiries in regard to the same.
)Y virtue of an order from the Hon.
.1 Gerge 8 Bryan, Judge of the
I)istrict I .urt of the United States, for the
District of South Carolina, I will ex oe to
ptublit sale tit Wvinnsboro on sale day i.1
Xprii. the interest .enil to be ..n undiv'ided
ne-tlirl interest) which J. P Elain for
ct'rly owned ini a tract. of land at Alston,
in Fairfield cotuity, said traect (f land lv
ng on Broad River, immediately below
ariioa I bridge, and containing one h..n
Ired and tucm ty tcres, more or loes.
''ernas of sade: One-halt cash, balance
11 ono year, wit h interest from late, selurod
y bond and meortgago. Purchaser to pay
ror papers. J. 8. I. TIlOMtSON,
Asidgnwe of J. P. Elkin, Bankrupt.
meluc h . I zl
Just Received it lot nico rncan
m.ssed Ihams, small sizes.
C. R. Bulk Sidos.
A lot Frosl Augusta Flour,
fob 21 R. J. McCARLET.
hiarlo tie, ('(1111 ml bi. & A ugusta
Rail !load.
(Cor.oue A. Ihoc. 19, 1876
11l1 f"llhewing Passeenger Schedcle
1 w be run over Lhis roal on and
leer this 'Ate :
TaAI-eoxeeo OR,..
.ato Attgurn, (n. at 4.l5 p .
Coluinbiai. '. C., 9 20 p
i Wi nnsboro, 12 ,.0 p
Chester, 2.00 n i.
trrive at Charlotte, N. C. 5.15 A
TftAIX--Gn,.0 Rot ru
,eave Chatrlolte, N C. at 9 40 p
lCheiegr, 12 nI5 a
" Vntieeescro, I 35 a
Cohuenhia, 3.45 , u
trrive at Aeuerea 9.00 a i
JA$. AN)EIL-e, Clnn'I 'up.
(en PanocRnger and i iinket A g enes
R 0S E NIH EVM & Co0.
I*:MI'I'CTFU;I, lY ineforem ehe pub.
fe Mitore fortne'rly oecc. ied'( by J . I?
alboart where~ ihny ineende sto conduc a
;oeneral stock of nierchaniidise,oonswiing ol
F~air- andi squaere I-eatmnt to osa A hL
every one that wil 'all ont ub.
marsh 2'1
\~T1., the undersigned, desire to in.
VY form .the ,1itIiz'es oef W-innrsboro
ree vie'ineityv -tha-.we lhave associatetd ouir
ee ves under~e the ~ ii name) of 'JoRnesroN &
'5r'ennwii.w,eti.aude I.1 keeop consitnt ly ori
mntd ai bergeistock of fine WhtisiesC, WYine~s
li'n, &el. Ahm~ McEwanst 8eooth Ale,
ineinntess' IDublin Po'rter andi lBe fst.
ilnger Alt' Also a large stock 4f ii otec
,ed whes, Drey G oodse, Clothinmg, Grocories
end e~veryting usutally kept inI a lirst-clagss
leleeho. ilsnk. ui fur flee' il)(ial patronageO
'etowe~d on fthe dhd heoue, we .solicita
etntinutance ,(ifdh~e -e:I2nn.
-N'). J0 HNBTON,
Rlon-r. lPTrOsngW.
eot 204(f
S heriby .givene l~hat. W. (G. iadde
Iardmnistratoir of the cedate of .Silas
laddeonr, dieceased, has app'ied -to John
)iekey, Fee., ,fuedgo of Probdate for the
euanty' of (Ches'ter, feer a final dlischarige au
edein icst rator aes rtoreid .l
I I is rid 'redl that Monedayv. the c3rd dlay
if A pr1, A . I) 1 7, hee trr ed leer he arin'g
eel it Iin~ianda finej settleinaent of said Os
All lemttees~ inlteres'td will meet W. C.
ihleu l ire Cheste'r one day above named
i 'ven tou le teny hon irnd seal, Il''eru
,r 1.1 iIa. lOJIN DICKfl,
'e mih 7 Trochnte leudg, (2 (,
Gardena Seeds
in f'very Varicty fmf' 5110itf th
rhug Store, by W.:EA. A1KEtN.
1 grossH Gerraai) Cologno, for aaio
,jan 35t W. E. AIKEN.
r~h/.E]T~3 & OO'
c I G- .&a j. 29
I'obact'o, Snuff, Pipes, &e,
Ac i 16.. MF -'~)~~
I N accorda co with instructions from
the sccrotary of tho boar.i of regents
of thu State Nurmal School, notico in here.
by given that a coinpetitivo examination
of applicants for free scholarships in that
institution will be held at the ofloo of the
undersigned on tho 27th inst. Fairfield
county is -entitled to three scholarships,
each scholarship paying the holder sixty
dollars por annum.
.ohool Coiuissioner
of Fairfioid county.
Winnsboro, 8. C., March 14, 1876.
noh 15-4f
Notilc to SchooI 'Truttees.
r L1IE school trustees of township N %u. 1,
. V and I i respectively are hereby
notifiod and lustructet to close the public
siuwols in their respeotive townships forth.
with--tuo sums to be received from the
state apportionment .f the school fund
having by ti s time been utirely t .
haustod. The truste.s in the other re
maaining townships will be duly notilled
as to the cloning of their r-apootivo schools.
Schol Conmisioner
of Fairfiell County.
Winnsboro, 8. C., Mar.h 14, .87%.
mlh 15--tf
A I I, I V E D.
40 BARRELS of Irish Potato.es, em.
. bracing all the leading varieties.
r large asnortmont of Gar.den AeAe and
Onion Hotta, at D. LAUDERDALE'8.
jan la
~D Y order of the Council I will roll to
.) the highest bidder for cash before the
Uourt Ilouso door in Winnsboro on the
lirst Monday in March i.ext one sorrell
nulo 1:3hands high and about 10 years old.
Snid1 mule to be sold subject to the account
)f the owner.
Clerk of Oouncil.
feb 21--law
IMoney Wantedt
hope that all persons who owe us
for goods. will pay up AT ONCE.
for we need money bad ly.
jan 27 MoMASTER d BRICE.
T wish to notify my eustomers that I
L now working for Cash only and a,
work must be paid for, before it lcies ..
411111) Illy
foh 12--tim J E. GILBIIT
.fb Th
A LL :porsonis having any volumos be
L).. onigi.ug to the liC'hilmathien or
PhiilosophaiiI.. .c)ielties are respecifully re..4
aluestedl to, returiu itihem to il B3 McuIa..
ter, Libriarian or the young \l(.n's D~ebating
Siociety. Th o books of ithose socitetig
haive' been turumnd over tettlhe Yoiung Men''s
D~obatmg 8ociet.y.
feb 1 nm Se..and Tress
Ties ! Ties! Tiesi
A L~~t.~ lal4 c Ok'is
at 5 34 ..eaIts per' ih. at
W1oo(Widwrd (elebr'ated Cottonl
-( ee an got themtat ono dlollar per
nh .or T will exchang~ onie for teni if
apiedu for soon. .Thluy~aro warranutedl to
behetter than any aeet1 heretofore off'ered.
janmi l:>-e T W WOOD)WA RD,
E lhare asnijatotd ourselves under
V te frm name of D It GL&UNEY &
CO., datimg from'i[annary let, 187$, avid
will co'iuto~ii lhikey buiness at the
old stand of D.lRGladney. We respootffi
lytoiicii the paftionago of the publhc.
jrit.li- B RI GLADNE,
No ihona von 'Uiy~do 'gro,-No
Syrue 'tbiout gfltting Ii inedialto
reifand enre. . We :havye the flrsi
cast) of'C~gh,. Cot4I or Contturnp.
Lion, or ny disonso of..the Thirat
and1( JLngs, yet to hear fromi that
hast not been enred-. Wio hyo gs..
tributed exery, year.for, tlroe years,
over 250,000 Atmplo J~ottles by
D~ruggistsjin all p~arts of the United /
States. No other Manufacturer i 4
Medicinos over gave their prep~ia
tions such a Lost a8 this. Go to
your Druggistes 'MMATER f fB
aid. get a bottlo 'for.75 (genlts ani
try itt Twa (dos08 wil rati8Yi..yo.
Skuiplo Botls 10 cents each.

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