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ILO)CA L Ii iulS
Posh OFFicE l oons.-The post
offico will be opn daily (Sun(Idayl
excepted) fron 9 A. M., to. 12 M.
and from 2 to 5 P. M. Northern
and Southerh mail close at 7 P. M
precisely. Oir Mail delivered or
Sundays from :) to 9:30 A. M. only.
RAILROAD SVluEDULE.---Tho trains
on (. C. & A. R. R. now leav<
Winnsboro as follows: Going north
11.65. p. m11. Going south, 1.35, a in
Accommodation day trains : Going
north, 11.33, a. im. Going south,
12.12. These trains meet at Winins
Unpreceodented Baugains-McCree.
ry, Love & Co.
Assignee's Sale-i. S. R. Thom.
Notice of Final Disnharge-Mary
E. McCormick.
Look Out--Landeiker & Co.
Attontion--R. L. Damenberg.
Morton's Gold Pens-Coniinor &
HAIL STonM..-A very heavy haill
storm passoed over the plantation of
Mifossrs. John Wilson andi W. 13.Ford,
four miles fron toivi, on Sir udey.aof ter
noon. As far as we co<ld learn, no
damage was done
W. R. Thompson, the neg ro who
murdered Mr. Hayne Reid it
Pomaria last December, was hanged
} last Friday. at Newberry. He nu:d
a full confession. There were
a1bout six thousand spectators
mostly colored people.
FINE LW:EuNE.-Mr. D. R. Flcni
'ken has shown us several stalks of
Iucerne, takin from his patch,
measuring each fourt eei inches in
.length. The seed was planted on
the 18th of last November.
We acknowledge with thanks an
invitation to attend ia soireo at
Blythewood Seiiiiinary OIL Friday.,
the 10th inst. We regret thi we
were unable to ieLCyj t..
In our report of the demcratic.
meeting in township no. 9, we were
guilty of a very foohSlih ii'il:cLe.
The article stated ihat "ol .-notil
oftlo chair Mr. Nebiiistry .the
chairman] mad1111' i stirriig ip peal"
etc. It should 1ha.ve ben 'ton
.taLking the cimbair.."
mienits halve been carried. out for. a
Lourunlliont andL ball1 ak D~ickstoc'k
on WXednesday, the 22nd inst. A
niumberci of kniitsi havie atlr'eady
*entoredl then'fir name, .and~ it is es.
.poetted that this niumbder will re
fore the dlay ajppihiteid. JDhtek
stock has lwre'tofore b.em. ver'Iy
suiccesfuil in hemr .to(iunamen ts, an d
wo wish her' equal sumccess in the one~t
.no0w conlteplated.
SPrnGx Goows.-Mr. Rt L. DIannon
.berg 1has received a portioni of his
spin stock, and .is .OXpOcting 'on
sideriable accessions to it in a ver fewv
-days. Hoe.say's he has bought thce
goods remarfllkably chieap anid will
.sell them accordigly. His stock
.'has beenu carefully selcted, with
.special -referenee to the wants of thmis
anarket: 'Give him a call at once.
,CommT'rAL or A L.Lx ic.-.Marv
~Williamus; a negro woLman reCsidingr
< on Mr. G. Butler Pear'Soli's 1ipltaL
tion iln this iotmty, was comnmittecd
to'jdiil on1 Thursday afternoon. She
has 'boon for somle time showing
signs o'f monital derangement, and
was giving much annoyance wuhon it
was determined td turn'm her over to
the authoiities.for'safe keeping. .Sh
is a~bout thirty-fivo years old, stromn'
.a'nd healthy.
CAPTURE oF AJLLcomin TWavms.
Shiloh Green and Joe MeDowell
yere arrested a few days ago on tihe
chal~ge of having stolen a hog from
the precmises of Mr. P. III. Spenee.
TiIhrevere three parties engalged inl
the theft, but one of thorm, Jerm'
.Stewvart, has not yet been appr'
honded. .'A warrant is now ont foi
him, and- hjwill doubtless soou bc
in tihe clultchos of thme law. JH
bears a v'ery bad chlaater' in his
neighborhood, .maving, we aire iln
formed, been mowc thani onice imupli
cated ini unlawful acts of dhifll'eon
SAI,Es DA Y.-.--On last, salbCs day tihe
sheriff disposed of the followin~
.pr1oporty :
.Uno tr'act of land( contining on<(
HI. Rion, for' $1500
.j,) mo tract con taining twenit~y aees
muore,.or less, proper'ty of C. Lan
yeox, to Rt. IL. Dannonborg for' $20
On10 tract- containing seven hun
dre d and fifty acres, muoro 01' less
: property of Jvhn H. Cathcar't, b<
Namuiel Cathcart for $1000.
TurE Fon 'lAXP'AumNo.-Thoroem' ha
boon)01 qmunidora~blo imeisundorstand
uig respetinglj thei recent extenioJ
or suposedl (xteii.on of the Vim
)t1~ t,.a lL,.U.& liii) .; 'Ihe (2(421(2
1)lI1'llt of1 the .1"'((' (IndL ('",'i(
iitatted Ithat the t-u,3u had b( e 1 1 v)i
tendied fiften laysi tinuiforiuly in it
the couinties"--w'hiela Would giv
the tLIX1)llyOul of Fifieild till tih
181, of April. It t111 out, how
only to tInoso counties in -which tit
1)001(5 \ (,I1ld halve elitit: .bfuIr
Cli() 15t11 of tho present11 mouth. 'I'll
oIbject~ of the( est1113-i(i1l tllar2 t
lbe to 2'e dire lit; 11111('h11lito11Ilit~y a
1)02(8i1)J# ill theii e1034itl of 1
j t1'C3(InrlP(3l 1bok" 11 l*( 44ig lout th
stit.,:. 'jimll books inl i'iii iliehit I Wi.
(l)1 o 21111 the 1 .1 1k(3 ' 11 ' ii e1
still hav~e powerU to ('Xt&'ihl tits tint
ee~rciis tllihi poe c)~C (ci.(e j it 1
spec3(ial ase (4tSHltl lpili it I)I:.li4-.!1iOI
setting" forthl s01nlit iilgelit 1 1'2l33ii~
for indulgene. In Vc o(2W O tlies
('irehuitst1t'('s v\C %',oli 1 again 111'n
i121p0tZaldeo~f 'tiliiig their (d1e
before tihe time exp~ires. '11,
taxes are( liii dwfliol( .PlOU enoug ii
Ih11seiilvcs, ando tht iiditon;1 of
j)un3(lty of twventy jp.V cet. is it e'er
A merchant ow~n town scl's 11o11
.Of Dr. Bull's Cough "yr'1p than [al
(other imicol eines togetia r. It stn'('
iuiiyt :bu (ie bes.t, renietly for a cough
])4 AT I IF DR~. J. J. MWANJ's.-.T1hi
Col'mnilna .li'(*/h"1 Iiieiitioliii till
dleathl of Ibis gentlemanl, siv; :
-'-he dea';l i of' 1)r. J. J. A('an t.s
inl l..iioll :)ltt, V4w11ai~ut !I ieoxje.'bt:'I
V0 1- 1( se i 1 ihi It hs 1lieit ilk
01 his rIo srte 221( '4)2itioL .b' 1121i
str'oku of p tIyis on -Sit I~e d.t
ev;eninig, lol Ii.Ilv roomt to hlo;ue fo.
his re(cover'1y.
].)r. ?Cl (' ft44 \' a a limt t':' 'f Famiil
1100l. a e!?*. (lutte of thle South ( 'nto
]l1i2: (.'1"d '2, in3 the t 'j:ts ill .1;:%7. all(
a1 g'd a2t'. 'ii 0 ldiii tit2 t~m . ~t i
*'n'olii: " Alte 1i3'21 (.c ii *e. .PX
Ik'.itly :,i Cej)' 1,:" (2t i his P''4 iI'~t( (.:
a 1012323111 't'tr;It.i" tthit~gc vity. 2- ii,
l3Vy 11212tl> het .' 'iL' '(2(1d il tae hin;
fi12)1 ;1:4 (1111)111'e(2l il this, eape'ilt u
1his 3)2)tiv (2 itly I A i (In ('tii 1
below~ ('luiinlia, at . Jill ('r'ek ahnt
Sims' Staion,)1 i'in the1) Otld Fe]
lo'i Sc oi od(f li; nits'. li e Jb~i3-t'(
l. I 4(. 111: ,titi~ l~,_I.tii Qt.. 23... 1.!
c Co:ul>c>r:('cl of c"( lt>1 u I hell, lii:e\\"isc'
1111lw'd ( tti", lalidcC i'I.c'.:4(tent, John
r D. Smart. 'I'llo apparatus was ill
good roiitlition full tllu CUn11)ally
lu"e5cnted altogether it very croditn
e hle al)learalu'o. Preceded by their
c b,-111(i, they l)nrad(,d through the
principal 81 reets; and rof ill-lied to
I I l otr.I 13tc'e of lelidez "onns. When -
-a ever called on, the Hook and
I. rrldder Company will do their filll
c' shm.e. of. work ill ille
l)roP,'rtY of the citizens from il jttry
H or det.t t Lion 1 N" 61 e.
' 1(''1(.11'1, i lx (v+ila't'}:It.- I11 'ti1:T11
1101.'' 11:,\ (! f"or) ffl v t ilnO 1'e' i pro
:.,I (';.(.;,tCr, which promiw'.
110(111 r1.1: tniu:, dc'\.'I )1)1,1("1llS. of
t Dublin
will 1,c \Viill c"t". frol!) Ole. ('olt:lty.
Was eon\"i(;1 d of c( l acliraov to do
frtclid I;,(. could". l>v t.ho issuc> of it
frttudtll('ltt. se!,w; 1 At a
r(:('('lit tor1l1 of IL(' c"i1'c'lt:t. ("01111, t.ll("
J)1'C ilil1 jlu(I;;t", of his o\'.-It llluti(M.
al>l>ointC(111 v(u) ullil ((e of t.l'o gantl
j1h to ir (Jltire illtt the, entire ltlat.
ter of ,t;lo:;od frat 1s ill (lie lulltt('r
of s""llool ("e1Iiiio;ltc:l. '1'111." Co u.1.lit
tvr: ll S 11)51 rl.:irt"d 1:( V;>11(1 dottl>"t
11li1l a \'(' l'y l'il'y (- 1.ltnl)c'1' of Sc'!lool
(1(1'1ilic'111('S r('dO('nled at, dilii're11.f,
tilllc 1111(1 lodged ill t ho t rea:c t.er'1;
office wore s;tol4.11 or re ..-a d
frolu that office. 'poll tll;; c"h;tir.
111t11) of file Ct>lulllit.tee 1i3;(kirk; oath
to this c'11'c"('(, Jrtd;_e M;t("1:o issttoti
:ill llj llwttoll 1'("1.1 )",tllltll,'r tIto ('(lint 1"
tl"('..1N111"el" frtu i 111 idly. 1111\" l):l\"11H'1lIs
' ma the Certifi.'alv, jS ll('(.1 111 1573,
till it fill investi :tti:,u :;'!(>tlld be
h"tc1. l l l " . ,):(": i ( 1 Iiolu1,hiIL s t gentlC
111110 (rl t 11c" 1.liw"t i"1ill1'a(: 1 t'1",\\"lt(> was
tl'('" .I-8 11 to t.Tl' t'ttill:llll,
of I87"1, ('xll:ti'1S i)io r(' !l jtc:lrltl(,c'
11!)',11 tit(. su.l)
position tlrtt \\'ll,"n he f ttr"rtl'd o\"(-r
I'lle (;f'io1' b t"o4" illl. I+le 1'1"c^4('1tt ii:
Ct1ilht:ut. ltt' 11( i1t'rt(' 1 I..) ('::11"(-1 the
1,1(i(1 c"l !'tiff: l1( :. Wt. !1.:' n1tt.:;i):u"o
for t!IO (lct.;Rii, of i!:") lti"t;or. One
lIi<"!::t'. .' 1it'!1 (:n(r rr (ilt \' (1(j)
111!'1.1. to 1l_:". l' t1'n''LI. the
("1).;i1'lil tlI of t!10 ("( i (l lii .(1'. that tlio
( t'.'(lilt"at.l'S 1r t1 Iet"11 to)i" 11 fl'tri11 lit(
i I'v:1:.)(1' l"'s out "e 1)\ 011(' 'ic,;r, .1111 .
(!:111d \\ ho had 1, 1'1111It)Ved to
)u tku t.ite Illtoft. l\" .)oil s T.i1i'' . T ti
:11.111 I.i!':1", 1'> 11,>\\" Ill Ilie
(.t:t:!' l ltlt;' '' L.1',' 111111(":" it 11111(,
\'t.:l ; ! t ('111"". f 1' :1"L(1
1:(rrc (I,-. aol: l::f ,t ,1 (,ne 1\in;lyd. ;t
ft rltl(,r t(:A"1w1', ;lltother l):U't.') s.lid
Tri-: (un.ilor;'s Ao.ulN8'r JUDGE
oIEy.-A printed circular was
freely circulated in Columbia, and
placed upon the memniiber' dedks in
the house of represontatives, ,aking
tho following chargos against Judge
Mackey :
1. Using his office for political
ends, by threatening to imprison
certain parties who opposK'd' hitn in
a political convention in 'dbester. 2.
Prostituting his office b-y reviving
prosecutions against alleged ku-klux
in York county, and then causing
such prosecu('tions to be discontinued
upon payment, by the ,beeused, of
curt ain sums of money to the proso"
eutors aidl the solicitor, 8. Borrow
ing money from oflice ' of hi court
without any intention or ability to
repay. ani1d using his official power
to deter thiem from dontlinng pay
nent. 4. ''hreatening to sond Col.
\V. A. Walker, a lawyer of Chester,
to jail, without causo and without
authority. 5. Threatening a grand
jury at Lancaster, dismissing t.hen
froi court, and usurping -their au
thaority. G. Cau1 ing the proseeation
of Dublin J. Walker, senator from
Ihester, from pe:son-al - enmity, and
intimidating the jury in thntcae. 7.
Prosecuting B. G. Carn, . at
(hester, itm sendin" hima to the
penitentiary for oneg rak /ro
st)nal enmity. 8. Corruptly pro,
curing the pr'sCoution 'f 'John
Lilly, at Chester, at Septetubotetrng
1873. 9. Causing the atraignleht
and trial of John Lilly, in February,
1876, before a court and jury sitting,
on the case without authority.. 10.|
Corrup tly-procuring the prosy eatibn
o.' I'l:.e;aunt Nowhulnd on the 25th of
1-"'brunry, 1876, for conspiracy to
diefraud, to mircen his brother-in-law,
1F. B. Lloyd, school coinmjafsioner of
Chestcr, from 1)rosecution for a
like o)lhence. 11. Visiting the Ches
ter jail and having a scenitj .krviow
with a prisoner awaiting senxteneee
wvih 11 view to screen F. B. Lloyd
from prosecution. 12. Inhumanly
prnitting the execution of Stephen
Young for murder, he having been
tried before the court of sossions for
Chester at the January torm, 1876,
when the judge was notified that the
jury which tried the case was totally
illegal. 1:3. Corruptly endeavoring
i,) proiienre a 1)ribo for his decision i
alinniuing the validity of tho
b)dnds su1scribed by the county
e->mmissioners of York in aid of '.he
Chester and Len oir Railroad. .14.
JElegally c ausing the arrest of MJaha'
Joy Deraffenreid in Columbia. 15..
At temptinI)g to sub)ornf Mahaley Do
GfralYenireid to >mmiit perjury, as
set for'th in a. cuatain affidavit of that
While many rumors were afloat in
CJohunhia, but before the above
chairge', w(ere put, in prjnt, thoeditor
of' lio Un~ionl-//oraldsough~t an in
tevieow with G1overnor Chamberlain,
to obtain fromt him au~ expression of
his views upon the .subject. Thoe
gavernlor expressed himself aIs
strongly of tho belief that the
chuirges were thue fruit of partisan
and pe-rsonal umalico. Of the.charge
of hain permitted ;tht cxecution
of Stephen' Youn, he said he had
beeni infIcrmied 'by Mr. Brice, Aho con
demnned nuum's counsel, that -he had
(exauuinled the5 whole .question of the
lle:gal if y or the juiry, anid .V as5 con
vin(cd that it had no foundationl in
law or fact. and :that DO .manI <ever
had a fairer trial than Young.
R egairdinig the -c'har'ge of having ro
(Oilved a bibo from .the ,Chestor and'
2Lenioir 'liailroad 'Comparny, the gosv.1
ernor stated abt M4r. lirico had in
formoedl hani that ho himself was
pr('eent when ,Dr. IDavega, tihe presi
d111ont o h road, under instructione
fromm thIue hoard-of directors, offored
J udge~~ Tbwky a presdit of $2000 for
huis servics in procuring (counity sub
aeriptijons in Norbh tthruo'nja ; that
th udge p)ore(fnptorily dkecilnd thoe
if ,nd .iikewise inedd.p 'allow
the pesenut to he mado to his wife.
Oi the chairgo of hmaving. arrested a
woman~l in Cobudhlia on himi ow'n war-a
ranlt, the governor stated that he
had1( been infornfed 1y Trial Just.ico
Sill, of that city, that ho hims~e~f had
S~sued the wvauirant.- 1' Au the Lan
ecaster'~f aiiir, Governor Chiamuborhin
says.: '".I know that W, L. -1egger,
Esq , .a leaduing ' memofiji' ,f the
Gmuden hari, and1( a demii'ocr'at, whot.
wais p)resemt atl 'the tine, states itbat
J1udlge Mackey was well wvaprantod
in his actioi." Th~e go.Yer~or. 'con
('lnded1 by saying .that lhe believed
fthat the chuargv's wvere due to the
Judge's oflorts to reach thu bottom
of the school-certificate frands in
Chester counity. .
S P. Hamiltonm, Esq.,..a mewher
oif thie Ches'ter bar, has addreussedl to
(lhe governor a lotter in reply sto).the
statemments mno by hisexcellency in
the interview above mentiouied. He
cotninents in soeroi termsa impon the
governor h course ini the iatter,
and gives at longth the grounds of
iis opositioni to Judge Macky
wvhi are substamtially those set
forth ini lie eir'einlai. liestte tha
the chairges lie makes, calt ho ettb- I
lishod by the testimony of gentlo
men of the highest character. le
states that he was not tho author of
the chargo of unlawfully arresting
Mahaley DoGraffonroid, that he has
sinco bson Sill's warrant, and that
she was an entirely innocent woman.
Judge Mackoy also issued a circu
lar, which was distributed among
the members of the legislature, in
which he denies, as infamously false,
all the charges made in the circular
above quoted. 11o states that the
opposition to him cominen from To.
con, who fears beling puiitihed for
his participation in the school -cor
tilicate frauds. Io roeites at leugth
the circumstances of the frauds,
an account of which we have already
given. Ho concludes by saying : "I
confidently await the action of tho
house, protesting against the ap
pointment of a so-called 'Colmmittee
of Investigation,' which, utnder its
rules, hears only the accuser and his
witnesse, and renders its judgment 1
upon the accaiod unheard."
The citizens of Lancaster recent'ly
hold an indignation meeting on the
subject of the Judge's recent action
towards the grand jury at that place,
passed resolutions strongly con.
demning his court, and appointed'
a committee to plr~t4oee to Columbia
ahd lay the matter beforo the gov
ornor and the legislat.ro
AN APPJAL To ..AnENTS.-J aots, do you
love your children ? 'Thon preserve their
hoalth, Noxt to the blerswg of life itself
is the onjoylmuut of perfet health. Ilow
many are stricken djown in their infancy
almtost wit hout a tmontdit's notio by that
inHidiouNi ditioase, croup, siiply through
the nogloot to be p.rovided withe*th, proper
remedy ? Thu texiler phoItuis nipped and141
withers ere it bloonrs. When the little
suflerer has short, d iilicul,t., ho0rsC hreatlh
ing, with a harsh, totallie cough, like
coughing through a bratrs trumilpet, here is
isoli~nw -,. lose. Begin at once the useo of Dai.
Ti-rrx 1xt'slrolntAzrnod the disontso will
readily yield to it. Always have it ready
in tho house, as this fat:l mitidy reuires
t.tio promptest treatment. It ts vary j it as
axut to the t,aitt, and children take it toaui
I am now reeiving, and jioted to
keep on hand,
THE largest STOCK to 60o found
in this
Also, a coinplete stock arf
such goods as I can warr'ant.
mar 14
'will pay the abuovo amont for Tho .ro
-1. .covery of th -wtatch recently sey
from rie, or any informiation that-will Ibail
to its recovery.- TIho watch is e do~ullO
emogol wach,-tnmbered i, Il , nied
by(1( Rol bet Htrr, : ivepo '.mrwa
attached to it a hter e gold .chain, Wi'lth f
-' -JNO..D. MeCALIJ3yX.
janl 1 -m
,Notice .for. Finial .1M~chatLe.
~'IlERIGBX. givo .now ti) d oltitho it-;
.L iay econcere, flihat.1 w t illil lyto thle
prbt' Court, of Fairtield cotyt, to ho
htold en ont the ten th daty oif Ap~rilI, 187t1
for a tlIsu!d.discharge as tiimas~coutgix ofthe
I-:' will and testamtent of D avid P'rovence,
icatted. This Maltrebt 8, 187ti.
MARX E. Mo( 't'RtIC1,
imeh il Eecuitrix
Warning IA0 TI'OSpaSS(l's..
A LL, persons are btereby .warnecd
J..3..gal int finting. htiuntinug, cutting
timber, or otheirwIis trespassing upont
mylands. All persons dlisrogardmg r
notice will be pros~ecutedl to the- full ox.I
tent~of the laiw,
-mar24-f - W E. TURtNIs .
gI TAKE this occa4A.n to Ia.
"Pnda I306 tred Whoe
Factory ii(n erI4 ai(dlny g and amupro
pared to mi~ah la~is &art goats' gaiters
and ahioesi at tiew York t~icen. TPht oet
gent'a boot mnado for $l3~ foxing $8. My
Iwotlin a tll haind-imade, and warrantod tp
give tisifaction,. Repatirigdone ataihort,
fob 19 Win,--o F, C.
UN PRf C E U .
-Al' T
Grayi Celyiral Dr (1
O'" All thto depui~rtnt'jls. of ou~r e'xteivey h
Goods, whliichi we ifle'r 'it lomitti'i'lriici' thlin 11
ftniilnjd ( 'itsi. itt .'i rr(CutIX2 ', giril. 'i A~ I)
yr.trd. fit' 'UN-OTi mES1;ooiiS lit INA ("11
Ini ilitn. plilid tallstriptc, t Gill linv' 1,
IU'W ',l e . of ldmnd lox.
Wt.sre~ rt ,oIvin11 flew -.111(l tltijt' stvli~ (-f
wh i ch, for q daity and '(lsan lttos , lnuit ;Ill for
for } tfts is t lii. ntost I toiit.; di is'x for. to~
r ( )ir re'siiliuit 1)0311'in Now Y. irk is evtr mi t
,bs xtzxi~ will find it to their ii lt Intgi. to onI
tttra M'CREER\', L
1 IERE well kn'own Mtoi'i rex '^f )ii'li mail.d
I JtJVENI,, atro for attlc nt. ritii"'I Tirite. '11
for d.boriptive oiroulats cointui1ti11g lull it
11. Xi. 1:
p're-' CW?1IN' OS .& CO, Wiinnsbioroi, 8 C,
I A J3REOL & CJO, Yaong u at ilh, s C.
IF.Moaster &Co,
'Would ca.i1J the fattotJtiof of h1.
)UbliC to thojr full Stock of Full ant)
~intor (omit which I boy aredhrI
ci-u t greaitly ruducod prce to uuit
rho tiinwwi,
IIIESS (00I)) S.
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i)nsk' lu vo heat rel loaiotea with Spring
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