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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, March 22, 1876, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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W I L1, 1 A ~I S & U)A V IS.
7.rns.-Tklt' l1I.RAIlI) i'published We~ek
y in I ho Towni of Wiiriyboiu, aL 1 fQ!
l.uiria/i~t i advance.
n"jY All lrunisi'nI n'Ivortilont to bel
1'.41) IN ADtVANCE.'.
0 'iii' Llii Noi icwe lulu Tribuics *$ 1.00
1I\o1(lkly, Mairchi 14.
\I 'l it Ill i0 fromi the i41)ooital
eoiiiiiittev api)iiltcd to topslider
ilouis0 aind .senlo( Dill:; to divide theteinoiv olreinadsrcs
reported that they hav~e dilly conl
o )o1tOId, andl that thm senaJte bjill
Airi. '\Vhitteuuore, fromi the Coi
, mitrtee oil fit( jtudieiiry, to 'v I oiu
W. S~ 1(lJ0'c'('dl" bill (Hioiu) to ltfllonld an1
ltd, ent itled! 'Anl act to jul'idQc for
the settleme nft and l)laylauut of c'(r
tain llimsl ltgilst thu siito." r'e
potedci back tho, tinu, w th the
l(:C(,)i11i1V1d.I:tjili thaOt L n Lii (10
:[11 .:iwo(' cOLliitee repowrte'l
a1vor0I)'R on it lull to IothjULVC till
j01)vl'i~ :lltholizc I)\ 1-1w~l to (11i)
h)ite11OII1W~iI 4f1 the Hit~lto to p)ublish
Joint Prfiltiioi (by Mr. Whitto.
mIore) to :yj ll1ri~rkt :30.00() of the;
Of the lhnc() (Of slliirf of the
11iiiiihe' of' thUlf. ri1 lli~hl
illj to) ii:the (iluki.ittihy the peorjcdS
It W\hie-h retiurtihhtl~d be litlO of
:1 II)h4L)tti' ioh1;, l~ td 1)11 hJ c)Iiliti
c(uf ' hitS (11;11( mtii neIId ini the b01111
of the site of Soutfh CarlolinaL andit
the( J'oyltlty to 1}hO, 1" l4Ad thiererin,
11111 to fix the tr'iis u(i1 w)hichl this3
P.ct ma belR 1)0 li tud li't' thel IpILrties
At 121 ha., inI 1i)(! c1"ihLiee with the
4ill(ieile J111,s of pl1iIcdlll'(. the
seiiuif e rt(i\4e(. :w If .i ido ab colart of
'I'ic~ boise wiiiu ln 51 fcSifl.
't'itexdoy, 3tarh ",4.
V'i:b,Utot Of the hl!I)811h:lLtf!, royalty to
11h0 1):tiyIP(llt O, the baihztiic of .Sala-"
i ( )! the I 1 I hi'rt, I ( ('1s ailed
i h~f1ci' of t he g'ieral assembIly o h'ic" ed'101ltth rsn
o)f theC iI:Ul)i. 10(ith 1)1h11 to OflidilO \1'.
Ch;uixtic J]('li('L to :11)1+y for' atldiuis
1;Io 11 to th l h.rl were passeid and reu t.
to thle !1001.
wide 1'ti)fli4 Wh'ich1 haid forced tlI 031
t') 1(014 I~(111 8ir3 zigreed oil by
t11e1DH0I yes. 'lThe eofiix:el for Judgei
'1'he senate lo01n tzftor adjournedi.
Sendt (' 1)11 to provide for time
filling of Vltii 104s iii th 110 0130( of
Li1'('ltit solicitor' ;.) p'ovihle for te
11 11111 of passHinig claims) itgainst
thie staule by the gi>neral a13iemhly
to illCol'1)01t0 thle toIwn1 of CJlinton,
f,:LUlculs (0111113, were read at third
M~1r. 'SiiUmflH il t.1'OdlW(l a3oi1, e~So
)II1letto tree ini front of the si.:ate
'M1r. Aniidiews in tIodned~ tie fol
lowinlg cone l~ir01i t 14350hl.iofl, whlicli
hV318a adoptud and ordered to bu sent
.Il'P'$I)1I'(' 'riltlt the special jin~t
,olii~ttece apploinlted to iiivelitigate
bthe failure of the Soutth Caruolina.
Bank andt 't'r'ust Contpan' be, andh
tro ilelidly, req1uire(d to reQport onl
Thlurs~day, 'March 16, at 12 o clockt.
Thursday, Nlz'a'cli 1(.
Il ((4I'1" 113114' the \1 '034)1 ie . I Ilt.luI3L
Belio it. *t . X('l~ti 1)of South Ca!' d
Th le him se r'0t.fll'ieed Avitli iiimien
1f the phosphat id'roy'alty to thei P1\'
iieii tI o tihe alri's of the 111C311)('13'
(tld (JilhlOYc,! Of t he, g'mcnil~ :ti;xei
'ure.1 inl, and the tit](' 0' 1111)3 ;d to
ill act.
7'~l(c) ('iUetiug odztiixc; \3v, i ti ic hen
)iit 01' a b~ill to eoiu pi'i tliahe Iiu~4xid
o) :;111)1101i'. a1i11l iiifliftail ii w~~Iife 111i
rThe1 follo\".i111; rec'eiv'ed a third
3elt lly 1 1 11 t c t'it icIid alli1) net, (11
=1t(3 1.n o .tin ltil 11Y61", tate ; b ill to profV ide fori the
)tllIli(' J)rilltling !)illt: 03'1hiisccI.iofl
of 111( approia)'~tion llI for the(
to alppropite :l3O,O)UO of filie hs
) i11tL ri'vity t~o the pa:yil1lil. of' the(l
ftaries Of the JlilI's ]~1(11)n-I
[1doy cex of the g(31101'L! 2l5S4;1i1l)iy:
4L'inzt( blli to (21iLh3IC~ W4. ChrisItie
Bullet to aply fo iiiassio1n to thi;
JiBAN t.o provide f'or thle minlen
One,) of the( sla te l)L'3itei ll ~l'y ; t,4
1 I'or :14'.(?a thle Palut)lto IT iil2-Ni1ii
I cix"s'1tei:d ioul of Sou t0h C.U'ohliua,
0131 to :1111(:1( aill ;1('41 iilcd''NL hsitac
to p)1'(A'JJ fur t;i'audiiig Oeti't111
FThe f4.dhtViilg ' .ao.pted( by the
,,Ora~ 1 Intte an c)i rdiil by~C the
thi{)A't'd tthat ( f o lip e-o c l a03sionl
ilv tllo iuieii . 111 die o (3lltil "
Llge.c 23 , 1. 0. 0. 1",01( -3'~
(ikal jointt commiiittee nliOiilt.'d to
(;iciillii' hinto the eCltHCM of the fail
111"e of the South C5arolinia 13hink 1111(
A bill1 to r('t ,date the nllp intthult
an~d i~alcry of tria jws1 ict. in mild(
fTo the tot' n of AI)villo was
Thue spealkcl.' of the house5( iathtirde.1
in the 8u11flte, Whenh it Jlllk)er of acts
anld jin t roso()ittiuhk8 wove~ ratiilod1
Th'le eonia ivix oil inicorpora)tiofls
1CIportoll favoraly oil it hil1 to) il
corporate the )Lts.oie. XI ntial J3euao
lit AssuriJatioll, of \V'itiii;-juro. Or
de~rCd for con:sideration2.
Th'e horse wats nlot in RQI;ioit.
Rlwaky-; ud~tho B~ottom of tho Son.
WViien railwauy. on landii WOA'C. Il-it
t.nlkedl of theO pjectors(I were
ero~lited with 1iei'e. visi')nar11
out lwsias hi. Whaet; then, iii likely
to b)e thought of thwo whoI( rseriouts
ly propose to hiatvc railways under
the sea? A stllflltrilie ca2rria~ge of
it ios:t inlgeicus r~uiitiitetioii las
recently 1)001 invrentedl in~ Pa~ri to
cri ui' the eulllil, ind for iuavig'it.
15'~nl t of Zi11Y~kliizeo iron. 2and1
is luerziaic~tjally so:cle~l. As itts light.
Wa':t(r<. w.iiil. I absc; it at, Iu tc t(1,
2i>-Q to th lisp : V1';c", it. is at!t dii to h
21 hicik' (c i ctt-W'hiveItd ti12U, vi, iel.i
rt (11 ;1 AI i Idi of, rails .i'l down
Colder the oexm. It i:; not. last 01 IQI
O ieeiii cl.; i119)W..;:1, bu11t t hin, ill
t 14 event o am3 clccllerilt, it Ollilici
le ( at11CuC+ (0:u"::(: ridl 111l l l;+'
to u1scmoul to the of ecn 1ir, when(1 it
Wvould~ 1'' e:icy to Iirik f:)1 ti a ne'.r1
(S pl-I 2T br 'J 1i( lit.i r P)clNYe' is
If 1. cit Iti v of air i1; dij;t u'i1 itite1
pi ,; fr in bene+iL of the ( t"(Au
ali N ~i lss i'15m. \1'e ni.,ilit enter
stfill hirt) I2 juttl 0 dl:015. tifll( do
5(11iio !"'o oli .t ,W i it it f 110; IRI'ws.
Vil ii to1 il!1rir211r e beth the~ r(i.,th
x1(Cli. i :ki;( c n' I 0 he 21 0 1 ; the
mnie4 irit!J'&' :"td Wviel al1 are
abi oar d :the strongi !gs: n wild.i
out of Whirlh any one mayL See the
iii:t've1ofi 2 Jh'' ticep : tits raft
e:c. fiil o)1 the roof. mo112 thte (liv(Ir'8
(:11 cr Sitt the steui.-Jfuv uf~w
(i'ir"s' 'I i'VI(: ,/l?I" cl.
T1h1-s i'aa n~cr Sll Auld No. Dci.
A farmnci' cihordd noct feed hcis
St.oCk n tho picul:c: luighw:uy. thiCe'iv\
t cin; tgIhe ii koplcgz1; of his ;;Loci(
tha~t 1212kv stray oil*; lie $llonhl n1ot,
let is open dlitces l)e;Yc;Ire Iblicd.
1\:t ful'iicg t i:iterl ak i 1:0('11\ii''
c-choktitlot have hi.; u plows and her~
i~ cV"S cait ~l lVO wint ; ;11 ')11~l1, not,
ketp )1i('r0 .:to,'k t lua Ile U! 'kll
f..cl wrhI shouldh nit Alit off going'
t:) miihi Untiil the 111(11-1111) is euIupi.v
uii i t.e wdnct house is emopty
510i1~~ not gi tco toiwn ofte" harn
he hai:" 1 uisincss a1111 when hie does0
V;i (+l ii diX ; io i nt beat is
The Torture Chambor
Hiartford Cournht.
Passing through sovoral 1arro
iasages-, c.losiecl b)y v tout doors, w
(lam00 to the torture chamlber whor
the( impleecInts of pelrtuasion of th
i'~Jl inistionIs or of private tyrann
are ItJl preserlved: Outside the en
trance of thto narrow c(tlxlbor iS
b)tieh .ttpoln which tho victim wa
scatted in order that he might ru'ct
whlether lie would collfoss befor
torture or after. One ide of tih
r'oom1 was a13 lattico s3creati, b~iui(:
which t0 secretary sat at a tablo t
take do.wi any e(xctlltiolls wrniii
from the sutlerlers. Withiusro sonts
for the jmi1go a1nd( et~rgoon, Who at
tended from motives of, inhumanity
in order tlh:tt the victim showtal not
ho too swoon releasod from Iris lt'41
ferings by death. The roois look:
like the unber room attached to
farmer' wood-shed, or rather like -
cheaply-itied up gymnasim. A
on1e end is i pillory, 'With at
iron band for the nook, that . orie
stood inl the public sqluaros Lyin;
on it were two pieces of board, twe
fee long, eachi piurced With' thre.
round iholos-ono for tho neck anfTt
one for each01 wrist. They were mut
sid ily guide, upon base wonIUC
'wo of them:, yole1 with those init;
nia of their disgrace, were coupled t )
geler and let, go in the1 stroet, a fwarn
lg io all frail and imperfect beings o
I hir : rex. I 11W 110 such biatdg
for ment. One of ile instmei'Lt
use(] to tuac11h m1n the beiauty c
11)iness was a ladder, the rounds O1
which w Were sharply triangutir ati&lh
of wood, which revolve. The rocd
sant was (imil up 1111(1 down thi
In ler by i pulley, his back abraded
by the. revolving prislhs of the wood,
Another JLLhine is stretcher
*cpul which the condemned wats laid
his feet f.tn:11 t1 o one end and hi:
a)muis tied to a rope which passet
over it willass. Under his hael
was it roller arimed with bhut spikes
overL which his vertebre wer<
drawn ba1ckward and forward. The
playful ii(quisitorM called this ma
chine the "larded hare." There i:
:Idsl a1 iifram with at windlassl anflL
eranUO for hloisting a man up by lh
arms. Two big stones, which Weigh
over 190 poun11ds each, were tied t<
his fect ; and when he was drawr
up to the ceiling lhe was suddenly let
1rop) an11d the jerk would dislocate
every soecket. Houotimes his feel
were secured to rings, in tlE? floor,
and he wits drawn up till ,all his
joints cracked '.Thie tono wveight:
were :also used in at different way
T here iS at cLtuir called the "Matideii
L:atp,"the seat of whi:-b is studded
Vith a1 l1inlredwooden pine. The
vict iam sat on this with stoile weigt;th
in his lap. "The Spinisli Ass' iS a
simple board, 15 inches wide, st
uight in a1 st.ulard. The upp3r
end is 511111 pened. Upon this th<
aI nient, sat, as. ide, with the bit
-hones ittached to his feet. On ont
t.ile' of lit. r0o.> is a roe eils ini thick
wall: Before it is a sereen of mlasonry
with a firephice in it. The con
demnue~d stood in the 1 cess, whiel
has n1o O11nilg Ibove, and was slow
ly or 1uiekly sull'oenIted o1r roItet
by thme smioke andt heat. Any Nev
Enigla~nd boy wholl has been1 proper'lqy
brought up on Fox's .Book of Mar
tyrsi, und1( 3r'stand11 all abou0t the rackl
anid the' thiumbu-screw aind tho regu
IIar app)liances0 oif torturte. Bhuit 1
confess amtil 1 5uaw thmese imatchiine
thait1 haId 1no idea of tbe ingeniuit;
of thme old ma~stors: What especiatlly
im~pres Se you abIout their instru
lirt T hey ar1O .rude, unoliEnhed
the chambeor is mean. It is ntot even
myiv' wrious. Theii whole thing is
idar andl dlisgusting.
NAnnow (O~l:"E IIAR1OAr)s. - T'he
tra1 ck hais been haid on thme Cheste
111imd enoir Rai.;Load~ to 0irowde1r5
I (reek, at dittance of1 nine( miles' .froni
fromi Yorkill. A temporariy tre
tle~ will 1)0 (Octed ovI'r the crieek
after' whuih track layig will pi-ocCc<
at th'e rate of a mile a. day..
I'rogessis , mak~ing on the' Ghe
'has ben commoencehd op the bridigl
over F'~ilng C1reek,.Whieh will .b.
(r1pl)etedc b y the( ruddle of April
Wit .the h complet.ion -of this4 bridg4
iho ai~ir wor " f gradinfr a
Itstlinmg b'etweeni Chester and Lan
exter ( w.ill have been (don1. A4. con
siderablde force is no0w at work or
t he('. cetin of road(lbet wonl (Crav
and1( Chues.trfield Court house.
swvan anid parirot, ar e I eac hitenai~
ri tis An i.agle ke.pt in Vienn it '
affar at(31 cofiiemuent of at hundred00( .an<1
in Shelborno, still knowni ats the
"rJaveni tree"' the nomre pair of ralvenl
are belhieved Lto haive ib-ed their resi
denice for at series oIf mior' th(1an nin1e
13y years. Swanst uponl tile r.ive
!'hamnes. abiout I'hose( age there ear11
be no muisbik-ilico0( they fie 511nn11
ally niced by the Viidner's Compa
bech for five' ceiduries--haiive b)e01
known to survive oneO hundred amf
fifty years and1( more. The melod:
of the dying swan is my thologbcal
Uponi tpproacht of death ithe birt
quits the water, Hits dlown upon01 tih
banks, lays its head upon tihe groulnd
(expandls its wvings at trifle amnd ex
prutering no soundl.
Tho Mail Flonul.
I )T BY W. Ir. JAY.
t ftshort.. Simipy, dark
aCOn1ph'.i1o1 ])tchmnuntl. 1.1 Wil
4troi43-..yic3 811(1 IVOIOr 811(1(3t4101(. "I hc
111(1111.01'&4( into lPit-ki1II4 *'i4JJ/4ftf(~
.iclietu;l'uap 118 111i001('erI11edly it ti il
In selaniiig hisi ''profit aiii loss*
ecuut,' iand (]lli not iiotiru t}1(1
intruxion until the~ Dutclna n said
wi tlhcfli lo(Tkitlg 111) fromi hisi h.ldge.'.
kins, lii .(308 st1ill intenitly fixed
" 'a'z )-(,i ''.t1cr 1111T 1 (1 sate 4)1
whs ic Ciiw'di Mr~;. P'itkiyix; Lo look up
aund, with theI &u~r of it in tu who
j ilel to, In 1)0. aIilone, may
11 "No. I W118 i3.otV.
"Oh, y(ou, idt! lusoced ,oilo ; Iha
go i red 11010 lill:zIt like you."
"Whitt (lo you 111 '11, sir, by call
ing my nlow rod " ngrily domulnnd
(3d Mr. Pitkins.,
soiught itiity bi you1 fl)rIgiA 31)lit
Hll o f;)o ut of l, r v ;4l ' ..
'Slitul1 a 31 a i ~( I. l l':U.,'o itI vas- .1
(li 11 1 to gIf ll 11111 1 l e ;! v 1-1t 111u1 hit
''el 1 o t 1-111 in. ulian. I(o'o
111(111113 it4 111(3
'Wel 1'11, 1 d 1 d 1 111,111.1311 o
otOU ht ylili'l;."I~1 ~'33
(ill WiL Id 1 i1 d t (Iii b td 11t h 'ax a
va4 ~ ~ H'Yf dft ,ini;iis If~id n.[i of.
der Mty itdo mil 11 i'n--- '.
"I3 toell l) ;ll :I<ct'ou ' it dour1
I1~l111 ! i V lh a, 1.1 l' -'
"V L ill yO h)11 ied o znd fges
1,of1111" 11811) id's god al of dhLrin
rlto de 1111(1 1111~ ofl (!1-) O, 101s l i d u
brinded in 1e1 dif rod goicrs
1111(1 to Seouh for on dollar m11d1.1
"110W-ti( l~i~ytn---"oyo ~fl
"I t llil' give t oI fityiLL
for th 111a1)" ;I1!1o.I don wa1
od huh, 800 1' .1(1 go aiV 1a(1' iual
toIe.leS hang him i) by, tC d he vastdi
111511CI 3'Oll '1110I g ' two d)13, I 1iv
h'im)ut o you f r i dol r l d it;J u to g al- ---"
'"h'oy dumol yo time: dut 1231U want
n t1o toll youtha I don't , ouiv gt
you '~i 111 1 -" 'ii' ~i l ')
to.'fLut, yo ham; him ll)-i----,
o 1'1 tlce if yo 11"ta 'a1 j'y on
todb hallg sec; U I give11 1431V 1OI1
li ly for on(,(f1;.- .1114 iw tIi o of du r
god it si r 1( out ve3- id , t " US 1" hard v i
toil i OU ;a ol vui t 10
"\'yC (10if(1'oUI lop0111 int Lui) la
Hyelie 1.18111 inll'0 vial)4 iudT 1t11' igel
von k.od 11111 id ~iacr la)d VtO
1 fr uetiudI fie III dl ' 1---l( -1i
nn(ooif here ! if you0 1'( efrfe j: Jllg
Thu Appomatdtox Appluj-Troou.
'f110o Alc.\1uldri1 (Vaf.) (c~l
It ~ habeenQ ttel ff tha fi i~f i iii 11(L
Views%. 1111(1 i1'tl-aiigeno'ut i i t";I''a'
to. the 11rlIlor, of (oti. Liee It
A P(f)l 1lld/toX Court 110111:1 in I 86
took la )1ce ini 111 hioiiixi of Col
* ?4L4(!a. aitid ho. unditer 2111ll " jde..1
'ru)e last interv"iow b''5twv('e a (11.I
L.eo, anld the ] Fouzi' oic ers r
Vi( Ii i to the IC311-cilder (lid I iike
IIIIICo tule aLI l LIJ)jpll tree, is: fiji
l0W8V. I Iw~l,;iil 1 .1 ("\ c
to (1('n. .idCLee asl1' Iti ti oin 1
1.111, 1)0 I ) N. IltiziII the (11th: of
t\\"I 1'( rAlt; ill the fork of til
aIii~l1eI tree. \he I1f(: ilc'i.:~ruJ
till([ (111)iOzi(:ld hjii, hutt ill hand.
themn llilljtl lulu Iti Itl' 1)111)0',
withlhi 114lifid lillgiilgr dow~n Its it
(i dee thon~glit, 1f10 thiel l tlcI
for 11i:; III) uI, flil. iitt.eidcd by Col.
W. 11.I'ovloi f id t'ij . ejit ( 'i 'ieu
*ltiloze:. ruche :lv~ ini (lie (Biret I ioni iii
.till4Ii1fIIu41111,tI ('it't h1I,4e. f41) r
t11.1(, 'i t en tt i 11 f; nlele : Ifc
114rI 115llat Kll i 11Cg u 1i'( ig I 11111S It14
111 ~ if~ ( II ons ' dll iiat 1114"
2I inlof1I'Ieid1 uli
il~ ;\l1 Jlf 1 11 1 1) (' fur'pe 11( \, 'zijI lI I .y~
int Batoj bi,.t. f\g fil'q iii As tue
fil0'ii15 (11I, ifo iii. 1111 *ic likel
(1111 1We\" a1 ( 1 I11 ~1('" 0V121. FIt1
fbn f''4 iatirid Lf.1si l 11 Pldills
the' il' il .lie fll i4)rWJ~il'4l hli trin
tiJJ \\t"Sa-ll. ; Theoi 1(1 il lIi PC~ (foit
Ith (ife, to' 18 10lIl hi i ; by(u' ti
('4111r:tpar, whore he.I iiti flkec
aue Iuia hJ14ft'. iund tl'c 19Ii 1uAs tit
0:" op) (isl 1 of ( ilu'f1e, \\ ao iceet n all
att.'lillleI. lie flls og \"u( oh' the ietO
tabl8~e, ndf ii 'oe iLo in very I 1 f ith
cthi it 'iilr thC2~ee J~ril nut1" loe
IlIi . )111 fare. "l 1 11v ti fu J'timute th1e
fill uil ,Q1U1 the s. jo1urn1 tey an tihei i
porterf the)l~ 11)4 iY: c"}I A1tfe -t-tSS,'I(
( 'Flu;' 41111: (lililt1., I0( c. - l) f'eA1 er.i
A g! t15 1111 iI11 f .1 IC 10,ll 10(;i1t4 W l
111.1!) il \'t I14 iifet t il tri.14 1Wi1l.
the3. julqcl 'f. '1111v Ii fit ve f 44:1itI o
i':1 flLV( Il 1. 'ii :Iy l s 111 rTh0I
000. .tl, andw cirn nch I '. l it th~14 tio
rthatM~IIi13 i iti ('al 1cb((l pays font'lJl
lall. he auses of I11 114 fiNlur fyiet
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111" 'itieti of Neovhcrry College,
\\1111ailkt, inlnl ne110 xt.
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State illthe ijltor 8 IIol)5 thtan ill
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~'".11 c'lii ut ittio ilillir guilty of
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liWvver'1 N tlilri.ss, to a Watti comuity
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ti' trave'lu. l'ag' of it diii1uiier for
an 1101' shosin 1 1ti1ity, h ut, ilot a Iai'.
A s~tory it; t I 1411' avvulcrl do 110
gro il .Iowat who was on trial for
nIt 'Poimic' iiat;Iiist the1 At-ate. " Vhen
lwtie t (5151 an1Htu otiiicde ill courl1t,
(':us,u'.' fl to aged Af(rican (i!.%atcl,n'd
'\Viud. ! de w~lf~li' M1t4t&' iol "I1,) "'gin
slit, chile ! JDen I Hunrreiiden9y.'
1\'iiduunt, loges 11e ini s'iiel ietii'nd
t ai nn t1r1 w~hio c~eiitly pulrcelnsd
ft fii'ntof 1,i() a'.ci, "ilear Ne:v Albany.
Tl. fori j1 0,000, 1(cccivcdc an oli or
of' tGOU fior 1 20 lin g V nliiiit I ics
likiso on1 thei tfii11oe ilVl 1 popl 11's,
' utbl fronrt :,2t) to *;,3 111" trey.
Ilin. it . l 'i I ntor, the~ rIrca
'er of flhe. 140e Mrouiiient F111111 inl
s~fii i.'.cl I,' fiv . 1i1,11:., gilie of
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si-nilt i hvvitf y. tineo fP( (.tcil. pice
for1 1 hC JT4(' lA1h0111 Filut." No' haid
1011 s. cau lali''j'.:d lit wv thoui t pav'ig.''
A .111' n' Ie to l e . is 171 (I 1 ,,, lint.

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