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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, March 22, 1876, Image 3

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Pos-r Orrs ic H bon.-The post
ico will 1' open daily (Sandays
copted) from 9 A. M., to 12 M.
d -om 2 to 5 P. M. Northern
d SoutIom rnail closo at 7 1. M.
ocisoly. ,isr Mail delivered ou
udays from "1 to Th30 A. M. only.
Rmno ,u -Th trains
C. C. & A. R. '1. now leave
'innsboro as follows: Going north
.55. p. im. Going south, 1.35, a m
cI ioollIiuduation day trai G oiul
rth, 11.33, a. m. Doing south,
.12. Those trains meet at Winns
ju ro.
i" w 'A i). a mErs
-Rags--McMastor & Brico.
Internal RIevenuo----.U. 1) Pratt.
Fairlield Fire Engine Company.
C. Squier.
Read the card of Dr. J. A.
pton in another co-umun.
Now Clothing, at DANENDEio's.
OJld ne~wspaupers stable for
n ora ing goods for sale at this
Stop that couglhii.g .; if you do not
a:-y kill you. A bottle of Dr.
ills Cough Syrup only costs you
i cents, and its tim dy use !Oay
sateoyour life.
The ruild, spring-liko weather we:
yavo onjoyed for some weoks ha'i
givon place to something much
Coro like iator and disagreeable
e proportion. On Sunday night
~f wa at cobsiderable fall of snoew
- ,tiated1 aI .thbreo inces-and
on Ionday there was rain in pro
fusion, attended wi'th e.onsideriable
'alcot at intervals.
We learn that there will stsvu ;bc
another change in the schecdrle on
the Charlotte, Colhunbia a1n- Augus
'a D1;,diroaid. The northern-bound
train wil} pass Winnsboro about
nino o'clock at night. and the southe
ern aboi)t 've in the morning. This
Will c .as.g rent 'I uprovemiielt.
W have re-cived a cops of the
seimi-annuitl register of the Cs.rolina
Military .Institute, Charlotte,. N. C.
.Showinig t.hie condition cif the institu
itio. during the term l nding Janu
ary 31, 1878. T'heue ai:c in all
isoelty s' 8n.V I e 11#) oi the roll.
Cdl. Joh. li Uhloas is the 4npErinl
tendant, IIld he is assisted by a full
corps of professors.
Tur T!'r)'ouNDiIn FamxNs.-Among
the re'cti dcjiionls of the supremie
court is thet followimng .- JI. Jacob
et al., cennky cn.eiissioners of:
Fatirlield county. r.eorgonde~mts.
;ailtuh Win nsb'oro National
B~anik et al.. uippollants. Judgmecnt of
'circuit co)urt set aisido antd case re
.manided.--Th~le e'li(et of this -is to
.ro-openi thbe matiter. and .bring .it
algain biefore the cirenit -court for1
FinE-The alarmn. of fire was
isoundedl about two o'clock onl Fr!
day aftern~on, and wasH caused by
the partial burning of an onthouse
att -the roadenco of Mr'. Jno. S.
Reynolds. 'fie lire departmer.t
turned .not promnptly, but, owing.60
the lack di~ waiter, the .engino .wats
to&41ly uslaessi. The Jlook atd Lad
der Companuy was soonl on tile
giound, and did good service.
Further than the buirning of .a por
tion of thle roof of the authouso, no
-damauge was done.
A Sanoon. CoMIsoNERx r TeoU
.mE. -111( Coltumbia bn foX- Icrufd
,says that a warrant has bmeen issued
'for the arrest of Mr. F. B. Lloyd,
'sohool commhlissionler of Chester
county, on the chlarge of purchas-ft
ir .school claims. The certificates
.*i question are said to have boen is
Lued some -timao beforc Mr. Lloyd
.eontored up~onb his dtion. Tile
Union-I1lcram1masys : -"Mr. Lloyd is
.Judge Mackof's ibrothmer.-in-lawv, ;but
the Judgef~ays he -wou1ld have his~
'Uirothier-iis-law arrested as guickly as
lhe wofild his mothlOr-inl-law, whichI is
.i stronig .figure of speech.'
Pretty Viueus, at DANNENDEII-s. .
Dn. J. A. Cr-iroN ---We 'would
-call speial atkestion lo the card'(
.o'f Dr. J1. A. CI~pton. j EaIlishied in
.anotheri .col un. Dir. ~Clopton1
comes wvitIh high test~iongs. from
genitlemecn of ebuaracter m i y~~ romi
non1ce in .onr state. .iev. A. H.
Lester of Spart-anburg, Pro.f .J. Bi.
4trick of Groouvillo andc. nuy
in'tile dipar)tmen~its which lhe has
maTO specialities. lie is -stoppe~g
at 1Brown's .Hotel, where he maliy be0
cimsulted for a few days.
TmIus Er'rEMEDt.-.--Wo learn from
.tile Colunibia paper's that the gelv
ernor and~ comptroller general have
extended tihe time for paiymen~lt of
taxes, withtout penalllty, to the 1 st of
April. This extensioni is made in
view of the scarcity of money and(
th general stringency of the times.
U1tnicsiU to'alltu cioeiuiots ill the
1hito. TVhe Columbia ('orrQMJ)oiidolit
of the "C '('.Y (Iu1 )O(ijc'P itLtltleiil e
the governor and the coil. 1trol tor, and
we therefore presumeo thamt there is3 a
110 ilistlko about it this thue. Trhis t;
indulgence wvill 1)o of great h)o ilit
and. coilvcnienc to the people S
throughlout th~e 1state. ]1
learn that Mr. 11. (1. Xoeuiul, thie
treasurer .qf Chlester (coiunty, Was ar-~
res1ted~ on 4U.v 12t11 ilnst., iiiiiuiedintc--.
1y3 11' hl~ is ar irivail aLt Chester."
T1he( arrest wits lido upon01 tle;
chalrges liidle iUt'tillst hinti by Juidg'e
ice\ l.) oltlliloe of Wvhiceh we haltve'
atlre~ady given to tho public. ) 0(111i1
eleven thIouts:uicl dlars, 1(11( we;s 1":'V
leased fr~oii cast:;dy. fJ ivo13' (1
tinges laiy nowv be lookced for ill
Iiglitiinct 1 I stronig' ' ".. 'ui re;11 %i1l '
Oil general I)P1i1I~t )1is, ourl)' J1s.yiiij)1( {,t
is with *Yoceuis ('J~pI)Ul'X. (3 lit 1i(:c4
tally be 1)erfeetly. ili'1'ou~t, braid 11: i
8110111(1 lbe allow\ed aui :tiiI hua isr
tiat1 horigltn
h')UsN) IilM.--'thie (lid o ii, 1)
ucn structiihi edot dyeill t(heid .1 Ii.'ti
keep i 3trc~ 's Hotel, \Viiuusborv+. "j ei
CI. A~ g iitlenr~uu from l'ilihdelliL,1"
stpe ihIinad wJ ~mr.Scpter & Jiriee agents for Dr. ']i
PC-ilbelrtonls ('onpoulnd Exti'atet of 01
St'illiiigeLt or v.?,u en's 1)olighi.. the\"
onlj k i)WI'. v(:otablc, 1l)110(' JVl'.flOP, W
free frIomn it;'r('llly iiutl iulmu. riouls ti
drugs, t hat \vi11 era havte (lie won",. (l;
forms1 oIf 5c S'f;'Qf~t fromi the -c ,-t eii, id
wvith no rcture of the diWoa84'. ".r
\611 be paid by I1'O l)loI")ri(' IoU! of al
this i'Oiii ec y if t.1er ic canll be tJ inid hi
di clit not stictly Vec.;Q I gLlE'. Its t
(fl'ct is' seen1 i11 from11 lfoul' t(1 six: it
(lasys. No illipilritly ('7111 1'lilliil ill \\
thie lolod or1 :ystcii whein this ieaie~c
(ly 11i1s been takenl ii rea~sonab le lurl Ii
(of timie. Ask All. 1)r. l'( iul)ertun'1
Stiliig':a,:i sine lit (11 em'. i~' 0s lie
bylIi' (\LLS.' (C li('e, 1e4'isirO 1010,
so. Ca.
th'jre has been E'lowrc aLt thejir ' lo-( l
it 5p0Oilel oIf tim "Lost C"aser'itf
beaiutifully Tinltedt lithlogi'ali, twe
ty~tvoby t~ven;ty-cifgli . iiicl s I11n
the centre i1: it ('oilfcdellt.e ]lug sum i
roui.(de twith a s4hield.,:~ night suii 1
w"ith the s ;N and wate' I tckg-romil'i1. 11
~. \1. 111111; 81.irwif'i to It. IL. Danu
30Ahr, l ilerex~ in to0wnip~f1 no.
Amy i.'osoy to \V. .J. Dauvie, 60
re" ill tOWitrliip no. t ; collsiderL
ion, 81:15.
S. A. Moalns, trnlsew, to Richard
i).'sport's;, 10() acre : in townshlip
o.. 8 ; toll:;ideint ion, li.
S-. A. M(!d118s to Btielilrd S. Dc8s
011014, 100) acres ill townhip 11o 8;
14'is(,Iitlt to Temp AiI).n
lf) ilci's ill towilli1) 11o. It ;deed
f gift.
Ali". T". J. B3rown undl lhir to It.
1\Ityl~oi , 80 aicres iln towuisiiip
o. J1 ; ch~uildratfiiol, :?J00.
l1li.r'iiee wVas 10t(; V('il ()u1 \'et Ii cs
ItV of)1li the vi 8Uhl l tl t I of 1)r.
M~I. (-. 3h~1 ill. Ile ii:ll 1"X101:+1
\0t toi the Y'si(Siluiit of hisn )1ot t(r,
h.. 1;. J . Mll 1$t, :11111 \\";S ('11 hlis re
11.11 Loin(' whent, it is 8i1 pe8sCd(, lie
1 1101' 1k:11 f.1o'ti I' l i oi:;e Ittl \'L
110(1 h4 1(1 fall, or cdi ..' fromn ill
)O1)!E4'tie' lit. 111$; Itt cOr is the
1.7011 ill fceeble heal lb for a very lung
111l1, hingi. 01100 healj seveely
:r'iekeli wvithi pai Ilv. -is, from iii1!(
fo"t.S of wicih he never 0111:11'0y
'c1'vrel. how it i i~ is .
ekness and s9ufficriung, hio~v or, lie
myl) it fewL (blys illili )i hi~l4 id ceatlh
its ill e('e lnt. Spir1its. .1)r, At ulnit
as;it geul thi ui of 1' incity f 111 i.
Iiteh)oiint' wa. 11J014Ctii :11( alr
1114 !it s W I :i r,.. it rits 1 1en
.114 'c~ t! r1nl ( 1-live V(:t la l;" c i r.
I";ii tc whoI $nA(*i.. ci itl'oe \\ 1 v:s
W l k:1 1 :.'.:td ill 1155.111 ii
ist~ :')t d I~i iii ll(i :1 ( h IjV 1thj
1'e.lnt '1h thu ighititlurv- (" i
('ill<;P ]4;1.4I~t Ilic~t SIleSuu
the1 r lc: r; I ei'Itrryi-f. 41.r Sj)Ii (W
it l ol 131% all U 11 .: g ..1' 11t;'" .
nol tlt~i('ejcS 1of aia-ki(lgI was
dlii!!c 111 0o 1n, 1.1 it 1l tilde,'n
("(*I vt or (c t'; reetl t"lli.4lt8
tue1g twask (1(:e c tnc li 1(104ivalr
itle.ili ofThe kng t. thirt-tw (i)>
1 1111), piraded te s\ treet),o ltec
1(~ob&ei .cn) 1'1.u tit r(:
u ~el ( o th e1e pine s1 ii, tc f::1'JUit
l1ue tli. 1;L(] lord h. II ( toithi~ree
'i : -I -11)e . lar g t; i 1iiiid 11,('
-lltov1s "('1' "Illin'-g:ood Lvai: lVo1
.ie 4i r1.. -- )1iZ ,.t .1~~ d tI~ t
! on safo indlt undoubted soeurity, thus
benclitting the stockholders, and at
the sono10 time aiding in building up
atidl improving the town.
Your conunittoo refer the stock
hlldei to the every satistactory ro
port of tho troasuror for a statamoiit
in detail of the business opuratiol
of the Association from its orgah a
tion to this date.
Your committeo have examided
the books of the troasurot' anl thid
them neatly an(1 acciratoly kept, and
are gratified to say that all the duties
pertaining to the oflie cif treasurer
have I en faithfully and oficiently
discharged by 1.e presont incnuu
All of whdchl is respoetfully sub
miltted. W, N. CIuni .uEi,
t. A. GAInLAD.
'Irsit:M(IZ~ El t zn~rreRT.
In mrckiiig my first annlial report
to the stockholders it is pleasant to
state that the Associaton hias ended
its first year under favorable aus
pier(s. The dlues of the members
have all hcei paid1 uip except on
twtelve shares, five on1 of which two in
st:ilimiits had been paid. and lseven
after liree paymiieints ; all of which
have been forfeited by being on
snmedl'tl by imlolfthly lines. I Suluit
the foltowing halanco shet to show
lie isse. wd liabilities of the nas
Lo:mis for thm year, $6836 84
' Apense acte. 148 15
('ash on hand, 68 7]
Dues for the year. $0477 00
interest, 168 78
P'rens ianis, 34() 77
Flos, - 67 21
$71O53 76 $7053 76
This shows the net profits of tho
year t o be w428 61. Profits have
'ily Cl'en received ten m olth1is in
'h-: year;: as there were no profits
received in Marhl(, andi the prlofits
4un1 the Fe bru :ly lo(ani mill not be
diue until 13th March. The average
of ien 1 mlo~nthlis would be live montLs.
;muI the not protits of tho average
I mte wendh1 bo l35 per cent. per
month. 'Th1o :highest premliium re
cAi ved dn iing the year -was 2.75 per
share. andl the lowest. was 81.10.
'lih averago preilumtiil for thei Year
is ?2.:3) per share.
Ies'eet fully stbmiit ted,
D>. R. Fummm\YIli ,
March 13, 1870. see. and Treas.
These reports speak for them
selves in showing that the Associa
t.in0u ies been well managed, and
thza: it has been of service to sthc
stockholders in two ways. It has
(enabled them to invest money in
very small sius, in a shape that will
sole day yield them a very large
profit, The best feature of the plan
plu rsued by the Association is tlait
it (enabIles meon to join and invest
smalil suims monithmly, and piays .large
profi ts on the in vestimen ts. Many
perons are prevented from laying
up lmoilty b.y thme fact that they cani
at (o1e time invest so simall a sum,
that aV 1 eems1 scarcely worth saving.
rae of initerest uponl 1lan, pa~y
deplositor on5(ly abloult six 01r seven
per cenit. The risk to depositors
is~ also great. Thei iniexcusable fail
111e of I le Citizns' Savinmg.; Banki
.Iausedii muchm suffering to thme deposi.
hors--yet the bank had lent out
its funds at eighmteen to f wenfy-four
per cent, per a-ffmn. The funds of
a humilingan miiloan:1 lSSociation a re
never put out except upon th~e best
securi ty, :'nd the imeombers may be
perfectly sIIuf t heir moneyit~ beiing
in pm feefly 5:i f'. hanud-. Th~e o ther
adynmuge. is~ that( thme immbcrs imiay
horro w moneuly from the asseceintion
at a lowver rate (If interest anid upon01
far ;mo re accomlmodlating termos than)
atre offeredl by thA national banks.
.1Uesides, fthe horriever, while paying
iterest, is at thne (!arne timie reiv
bm.;. profi t in *a like p)ropoer
tion1 upon the fur~s lbo has in'
rested in thme assoc iaition. WVith
proper1C1 limigement()i~ c'orporations
o1f this kind wg~a accomplish
wraiic good ini man~y v~ayso. We\ are
pleased to knowv that rh. Winnisboro
Association has derived ill the ad
vamntages p)ossible3 fro~ the inivest
meni ts that ha~ve' beeni znad ; of its
funds Th'le rate of 'iterret hiaR
al ways ibeen remuneui~rat i ;e, though
averaigin.g lower than th ljait ged
by the ban11ks, and t.heo security
offered Qmms alwvays been,4 of tlme
'surest ch~aefer. TheIn several
oilicurs hma e b ee n both ze~alous mand
efliceien t in lie dI 0ischagh (If thmeiri
'ii sA, am0 eqo~jually wa tchful of thme
iercsf S of thle A ssociaf ion. Th~e
prosenit oflic'ers bhld over for anotih
er 'ya:rr-there1( having beenin 110on1
sf it utfi.owl quoruim prescutt at the
last meeting.
New U~ress Goods at. D~~m:x
Tm:E Pm: '01: W \r Panor(I.-ThIorO
is 1no meldicinC prescribed by; p~hysi..
cianis, or' sold by dIruiggists, that
carries such evidoeo of its sue-ess4
and suiperior' virtue as Jamem-~ x
Gijrms Sute:. fo r severe C~oughms,
Colds set tled ont thed .b reaistC t
$1mnp1Iion11, or aniy diseaso of the
Throaiit and( Liiugs. .A prooif of f-hal.
factf is t hat aniy person aiflieted, canf
get aL salehl Bot tle for t) (cnts and
fly its lsperr -ciee before buyin1g
thme r'eglari size at 75 Ceents... It hafs
lately been initrodneied in thms (.coun
try from Gerismn, and iLn wmone.
h~at uses it. flirco doe,; will relice
I ~y ae. Try it. Sold by M1eMits
er & BJrice.
Alc At'z'x~ri TO PA11rN'r .-I'are1ttl, (1o you
love your children ? 'W'hen prrio their
lleadtli Next to the b .esiil4 Of life itsel
Isi the enljoymienit. (11 p t 1fct heaHht: I low
ins( are Hctriekt'i dowhl in their infauiy
atlmost without a ,not~unit'it ntie byv that
inslidious d iseasne, C'oult jh Iml'i throught
the neglect to be provided W~ith the proper
remted y ? Theli tendlet I hinti5 i l~ied anud
wvthttr ere it 1)n1' 111 Wh'en the little'
wtflorer hast short, diftieult. hioarte brentlIt.
'rK ih it a barsh, ti'ni~t iii Iii cough, 1like
ooitglintg through a hr'11s trumpijet, (hi",' I.r
Slirti IExt ic'iroitAtT 111141 tit' iiisim1st \N ill
rt'ai ly yiold to it. Al wit have it i'.'adv
ini the house., as thist lilt.. o11tady royut rea
the peoiijteitt t reatitcl: It is e~ pe.
atit to the taste', ltxd ehIaudrexa take i read
fromt thc tol lowing pati ettti. of thle tt(::
[tov. A 11 is1ter, S":tt.nhtu. ' Itnu
Adast, Yotk iileo, Prot'. j 11 1 'at rich, of
(Greenville, Jas ihaily, Sr., * rennwooil. A
MctNeil. ('t 'inwo'ol. 13 a Jiniiy. Anaderson,
Je1 thn Wi isti. Al!id 'eon ati manny othl
enrs of S. C. 1)r. .1 I) Birui'o wenat from
Newberry, S. ( ., to ltunhujville, Alti to ho
cure~d, Ili t 'R' With t jierl e Itl'0t4
Puta~...lI~li ~ it S luarLBit, tliit.'n.m of ()to
Athvetioni,. D~ieases of ti( E ii1:tos, Iliad
jins of 'i'kuorr and Weits. ('aneerout'1'u
1101114 remtioved fronm the Ifaro( nt) bodly
without t in. 'P'u unri freom teai Rntitt4t'?.
to' thto Ilrtst size r'ttti l withI perfec~t
safety. H o r1111ov.'d a P'olypus frot thle
Uleruas as t lre tq i intentst heiad from a
lady of A thews, On, Gi. ,a'dw willihe visilt'd
at their roomos if dloird . C.harget nolting
for consultation. Ecua in accordance with
the' hard timesi.
manr 18*--tf
UA1S. Internal Revenue
MAY 1. IS, lo Apr'il30, 18i7 7
1" J i'. t isotl Stl I ote.4 of the ,itd
lnt. t, . uvoeat elit. or ei't'i'' tri
whIiich rtn d cr it liabl1jiie toita SI 'El IAJ,
'l".X, ID pIIot~it c iit pI(1 t((t' ("013
ItI!l 1a ()r m *!za4 ur' llmz1i~1:a'rs,
5l1 l'IA 1, TA.\X tor til ltieciid Tax *eat
oh iilin-1 .l ta I , 1 571, lie-f re coi innt ':
iriti con tin xin to. bui ttns att( i A ['nit :1e,
The' taxes~ eiailiriu:c with i a thie ?rovis
ionsi o(1 ii Iliui t)) (3 itole aort' ur till' lol
ltevitiert, $2tlt) 00
I)' t Lii. rietail hlinr, 2:, t111
I )ca Il'sr ill 1113it Iililt'Mo, wihi'it'tiaie, be,(t
J )ctl't's ini ailtlt !innet'rs, rotlitil, 21)0t
iti 'e:tlti'it in te'al' toilacco, .boot 00l
Andi oil iiidet (ot ovetr $1 .000, fi fty
cents for every dollar ilk excost
I)eateri ill inanufnetutred tobiacco, 5 00
Mnufaturertrr (if itillu, WI 0f)
And f'or eoalh worm ui ntifnt:tlured, 20 00)I
'IL~l ii ittrt"r (if tolnaoi, 1t t1
t1 ulntitact i lrs fit iii'ir', 1)0 of
P'eddler tor if tti nmcii i,1rst class
I(tuore tbatik two he 'rits oI tither
TAKEii~~i tis ocicpsq'ii to in-k
'torin( the 1iilhlio that I li;ive
'opcrmed it Boot tuul SlIoti ~
thaetoiv fln (lerig;'s haildijig, o)3)d no 110
1pared to tikiio ladies' wiad 9M)Cis' gaiterm.
anti silinuh at New Fork pnije.a The beat
1gont':+boot made for $13; foxinig $, M~y
work is aill Ian I-nmde, ill warranted to
givi' M'ati~fitionl. Iteiriig hlone at short
&ti'tct,, J. (LLNI)IN[M;,
r lt 1ulli n:A hereby notiflod tlhat a
J~min .aiil W~arranit ti~r 16 6t) es
No. "281178" was issuoed Jithuory i16, 138
in illy ravor,hy the I Ion. 4 'onui isioiler of
~I'eiis, for servie* of my~ Ifhaililnc in1
the wa~r of' I1'2; andi total warant having-1
brim Itst in thle iii:til.s I hanve Siiliedl to
the Depjartmenut at iVmsliii~tta 1)' (. for
Ia 4ialtdi4.'te. .MAUtTI1 A ('AI,IIolN
felt 2 itt Mlotilcet'Iu, S.,.
1l1'11~iln to 'isiqfnMsel8.
Irsls arc' herebmy warned
J. .ilgt it iing. Jill l .cu tting~
my lands. All Jev)si'iis: diisregard inig this
li e ce will be l'rosrtuti'd to thuo fall ox
lentt of (lie iiaw.
roari 2 It' V.' 1 , T(CRfN R,
Copar'tnership Notioc. -
-\r. lInvc' insoeintcdt Olilselv;)t illner
Ils hi rim nnie of 1) It (1 LA I)Ni Y & &
CO., diiitiig I roan *l~a iry Ist, 1376;, anid
w~ill coil til 1 tit he iskeixiy usi nessi at tilt(
old stand of' I) ft (Alailney. \\' respieltful
ly xelitoi t the pfltioming. of the 1 dual ic.
1) E. GJ,AfDN1Y,
V 8S het'( by given that W. ( . (Iladdten,
!-. Il iiiuit rat or of thei isititc o. (f Milli
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coilfy of (Cheste'r, for at Iital dis-clilrge as
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it is itrilikis I thlit. MnI dailiy. thle :115 day
oif April. A. 1) IS 71%;1 l ixeil fir beating
11111.'lai I 111 i~I~l m f oI a
All lm..jatii s~ iuitiri~steil till ii~ei't WV. C.
(iveii iiiiili~r il 111 lmunlc iii sal, Iehru
aly 1.1, 1876. JIOIN D)(ICLYt,
n1o'li 7 i'i oliatt"i 11get'. ('C
&hc aP Shirts!
VI. .rtl 'ieisitt 1. IMii anil Irish
l,ii,.'ii \iny best .il if. .111 said(,i cli'
?111011 mft hcllYilt", ('AtIl l
rjail 3 - l~ -_ AS\:t'I'lElt .\ lilt!(~')
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'aifay Iiii io, olil liii iii ,s leloaag ing gio
MN ,s*J, 1. Mleani, !'or phlaticaihirs ad.
(l1iLM,A1t1lj & D)AVIS.
V'aaiii1stioro 8 C
X1 11.1' triune and sty le of our1. fiil 1:1I
1 ei' 1figitr.' fr la h ii to to J. F~. Me
M.IE\'11Jt ,r LC4 I.
W. I{. FL1;NNIKEN J; (SO).
Jiniiarv hit., S7(1.
}1111 l~. 1141l
A l~ ~i5 N 'T'~ICE.2aly"hunci c
PMcMaster & Brice
:ntiro Stock
FOR 'iiIlIit
4-4 i3loaolicd loznospun1 at 0, 10 and
I rowni Rlli . Ju,, froma 0 to 1" cents.
lPA vY Plaid1 l I 4blu)IJy at 12 come,
Caulicoes G, U. 7,. 8 and Ui r~unty."'
In fact, they aro 8ci4iu all at
'Tio vsoti'd Ask o"rbolaI attontiori to
hoir Stock of
Hfats, Shioes and Clothing,
rhich they afro soiling nndoniably fJhoap.
[Hardware I Hardwareo
A Jnear lot o)f llrdiwate jest rtrrivcd1,
Conhiting~ of ever-vhi ii f g.ncr
ally fouaol in ii liurd
N%"zro iutoro.
Na~ils. Stve.lt,. Iron nauul Steel, :u chear
.N can bo bought nnvwliiru:
A lot :)(Stee 1'u ; of t~ %~ t \~ IIturIrijutioui
Milletq ('('(l
Real (Covrt seed,
ijlttet17f Seeu,.
.Fo1' vrlet att. UK-~ rugnt Flioro of
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