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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, March 29, 1876, Image 2

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JNO. S. iI 1) DO ), Editor,
Wleiti'nov 1Iitrli g. Mlnrehl 29, 18711.~
that hami't 111'~ o li' i
aga~inst l jit ti fyr k6.IiOO,()U in at Now Yl1 ut.'Tl tx hn ob
dine is the ".eti.--of ..tlhou -wo 0.~4l
'1.h( l3. s5.. hvLJ, long' ;before lie
trial anal. e.)flrihtiu)11 u' fixed MiA
But the eritivts VL- (YAi"C to ick~ *
Afltirs inl Souhl, Carolina may
seemt to) he in at h opeloiic condition,
tnt] we (ltbI, not this is n ar-gu. I
liient, iisu l by A any in.. convincing' f
tiniseIve:+ t'l.t. Ihioro'is i'1( g(ld "thi 1
(lemiocracy. Thin~ is.i a~ini~g iii'
c(osistency., '.1.'14! yoiy , .diQiciiltiost
in t. c' wit.) of reform yonder it' nll
the inoro itnpirtaIlit that' there
ii~'1c'fll'o'ti 4)fsltti n1fora
id hi'Ttult the part of tho honest1
an tulicl every le
\Teu y c iycounty ini the Sta~te
hais taken ii ro1)or.Iitop t(o re-organ.
1/43 theI (IOIUOei'i~ti0 ]arty for the
ecling (aIl1jt'Iigl. F aiirfieldl sttiild
c'r"tnili Iv not formn one oif tlio excelf)1
I ioiis, (r the only CXC4J)tiotl. Sniol
It CuiIVsu wvould folio tlc& real fool
hugs~ of herii 1)001)10, anfd naturally lra+te otc 1$1'olo
(ifl':'r'icc'e Io the ('vilS ive s1ilcr stud
11w til $Itli(I thlI Iu i&boonl doto to "
t 1we fair mullsI Of South Carlk~innl.
;hctiiithis 11
;sixty tuotisand voters in South' I
h' I0l'CS'il1l anti( their voice uinhooci
(',tf iiilIr at3 f etntol Nteic h;VI I i.)cn a positivo po~litical
1II".Irtflj/~t 0111. 'is~ is not the .ens(
ill :ill c (411(c'1 staLl 0 ill the Union.I
'The1 cle!IncIrrat 10 pa~rt, shclltld I)0
r,"I~~i ii~ut'ci, to gi ~o those sixty
I.ha 'sno]t Votcr ('1' U OiCO, if 110 where
el1:;i', Ut. leaist. at, thme ball11t box.
Publi; laloo61ig.
We il tm~p~zla ~l~~lt ~Iq
Lonost taxpayors in South Carolina,
iitliout regard to race, are now suf
(ring. 'T' avert further and ulti
nately overwhelming disastors is
h1os~bj o seawwncmp1isihet by a
horough organization of the (101110
ritic ty.) 'ho work before the
0o one which every honest
a ' tov m'a u. a ti8 is
1 o poli 'al s 0 ciiations, lay
is tly d 1 i ly 1 tici
) i is iply., 1h. resto/ Lion
f 1 -set atn 'ofliehttgovo n'mont.
['hat en I accomplished, the party
,4g. - byrte -lotne s:e
mte or .outh1 Carolina ts l.thle
>rilliant statesmanship) of bygtie
lays. It is for the furtherance of
itch a puirpose thiiit the people of
'airfield are invitedl to take steps at
h4 proposied public meoting. We
,rust, that the attolndane will be
'tll. LEt every man who values his
'ights, aliko of person and of prop
,rty, attend and see to it tlhat his
ioighbor doon likewise. Lot us
lave a meeting not only large, but
ully reifesentative. Lot us no
on)g0r waste time or word's, but, let
1s procec4at onco to a work that is
tot, only a duty, but a dire noces. i_
Another Rooosn.
The logislature 'adjourned on
Friday last, to ,rfe mble on lite
[0th of April. How long after that.
late the sessioni will continue, is
>nyond'the powor of mortals to
lotorineit. - Th session hats now
aotted nearly four month1s, an.d it
w-as cortainly thought that all the
aw-making for olri poor little) com
nonwyealth could be Accomplished
n that timie. But thoro are two
>oyerful causos that prolong ti
0ession jnst now. In the first
)laO,"thlo stak treasury is by 10
no hs ' overllowillg with mlionley
im 'the Rt.atoi treslsuror has h)on
)Ol.itely informie'J by the banks that
14 eai got no money except upon1
oo(l security-nono of which lhe
max to offer. The members had.
herefore, upon the roeout , adjourn
nett, to content thensolvos with
hout one shindred dollars ea'ch.
Aid the "sRllatlchoes" to lo wit hout
ay alto ether. Of course it would
lever -do- for a logislator to go
ome indefinitely without his pay
or then he might have to go t(
v'ork ill the hot, lot sHluunnter
nionths. We noan, of c(ourl o, iat
iarge class oft politiOians. ini South
.arolinar who .havo miad- legislation
profession. .o the ..ueier.
nnst return~ to Colunhia to- ' get
heir past-due pay, andi setIt theiu
>ills. Another induoeniit for the
miajority to rominf in Columia at
last a few weoks longer is the fact
hat the repul ican stato conve -~i
101iinsembilles there oni the 11th
f April. The memb~lers4 all havinlg
roo passes~ on the ralilroads, it iis
(V(Ory V41 cnnien Ittfor thleml to visit4
heir consati tuents at41 his i tie, he
ho0s01n as5 dolegates to the conllvenl
ion, andi roturn to Columbti11 nt the
ro per timel~.--thusx killing f~wo binl
~ithl one14 stone14. Besides, it will be
cry pleas~1m for the law ami~kers t
ions8 tf thle si :le at that Ftme, aml
dk overy miatt ers general ly. Inl
ious11, there isi to most114, oif the pol)iti
inns$ in thie legislatinr aO0 fascinion
h)out'4 Cob uubnia, whichl they are
oth unlable and1 11 uwi hn~g to ei
'.l'hio uselessxly long so-si'ns- Or the
tneral assemly have been~ 1 a pr
[et curso 4) the4 stto (ever1 since
868, aund peop1le hadl hoped ti, (on the
Ilcomuing of thei prt'eent reformul ad
liiistrationl, thatL theiy wou~dhlhave
ums1)tance is that Ite members'4t
04OVO ivo fixed salary', and thei tax.
'ayers know what is (onsulmed.
Tho 80101om01 Bank Swind ho.
A conunllit te of thle hionse of tep.
Ilsentat ives, apphoinlted to inaveti.
ate the trillansationsx of thle SMnthI
ar-olina~ Bank and 4 Trust Compaun,
as8 r'ecenthy mado41( a report. Thim
mong Ii he tl'people1 tha t t his coile (t i,
as1 fromi its b~eginingiu~ tainited with
'auids upon11 lio aite~t, and.1 ihis im
ressjioni isl cotnft ied byli te redl
lac) space neM ih.r ftor t he report)1
Itire, nlor for stal-h a o l4xa
ouhll emblody its chief ploints . .1t
eniough for th lm(present. to knlow
mat there aro evidoeies of fraud,
the mnanalgers oft ihe Banlk, whlich dte.
and14: that Hardy 8huolmon and his
Ilupanions iln rogu~ery' shiould
In'oigh1t to trial. Tlhoe anmandi
St to thie state by the ''faihire" (If
1e -eaLlledh-bank is Iaout .0 o111
red thioiuand dll~ars, and14 there is
3tLonable, indeed(, (lihis~(
round for thle belief that this (entiro
lii went inito lho pocI(ket s of Hardv
*d his frjindr- Of cou)irso the
>mnmitteo recommndlc ac tdin upon
ipart of the statto aulthorities to
milg theo Bank manliageis t r~l
I This has been done before. The
attorney ganoral was instructed tc
instituto proceedings against WVhip
)or for his a.ef9l i. gang9ogig
witi the sinking fund commission
But this has igevor boon done, fol
the ronpon that a vigorous cui
11 tlirt of t44 attorney goingp
stid l(1u ivomale, h im occupy uh
1 itiO of inforlnor and prosocutk
--aoithing far beneath the digiit
of his gt:ation. Kimpton, likowise
has 111o10 tilatI 011 1o01 titre tt('lee
with prosecution for the valitatbb
oaffi; ttrded1 thme Scott.-Pv rkei
rin iI thior. ithievjih ento1rpris
Bkiifo'.i the alttieoy general to aci
in the matter would b)- for him tt
g4 of out bis pro)l)or sphere. Parke
was tho utly victim-an--:1 1 how 114
was Vicimizeid the publie know toi
well ahto:tdy. In tho i trdy 541olor
caso, hlowever, thlere is los~s grount(
for four, oil th part of the atttolie
general, of doing too munh, all
honce ho, inay do something i
connittoe of live has benll appoint
ed( by tlo h3ous. t() 158it inl prose
outing the0 p1a1Lo 13ngagoi in th c
infamous frai la po1)trputrato l by th<
R.n~k and 'Trust Comupany. and thlor<
is some groid to boliovo that
Hardy and his frionds will bo Imiad<
to answer for their crimo:s. But th
enterprising Israelite appe.mr to
have uitnmorous friends11 in theo legin.
latture, and s)olething may yet b/
dono by that virtuous body for om(
1 who 1ss timo, aind again Co'mo te
their assistaneo when their mones
wats short, atn:1 who p-tid. them very
liberally for the services they run
dered thit. 11 it ry OVOIn tarn out
to 1o as lclkC1y as Parker---han whom
no m1an ever did imwo stealing withl
greater impunity. But prerliaps we
are too hasty. '1'ho (1/01)1.- /I(raMq
say s the ex troatsurer's hlth~l and
spirits are (ltirely destroyed, in coil
so)(ienceo of the troules tin-ough
which lio pa14e last, yearl flerhajp
this is puunishenCllt ((le1ngh. We
would sugget to ktrdy that he a"
on(o ''breik down" his "iiealth an(
spirit.," and in tiatway ~soeure the
"sylpathy" of his "11any friends in
this state." This. e )Ii 1m to tl(
(.'nin,,-Ire/, is VhaIt.happone 1 te
Nile < G. Parker.
If the prosecution of those imlpli
catoi in the frauds of the Bank and
TIru1st C'ompany b)o inuan~ged faithfutl
ly and ellciently, we believe the par.
ties enLgatged cnlHl oon be brought
to trial, conviotod and punished at
they deserve. We shall see.
. ... 4A Good Id 'n.
There was recently initrodun -ed ini
(.hei senjafo aL b ill tI re~.3ptr all aoi.
(e(rs lutLving lm enstody oIf puli
fuids to) pulishi11 montly statemen101t,
omf the ' ir ransac tionsfl. TheC 'n;i
lid uhi.gettstsx that1,1 the prov1 i in
of the' hilli be extended~('. tio ( count
c3onmIiisHsioners. T1is is aI goo ((1sul
gestion. Undrthe .14 IFSI prsn.sys~tem.
the peop)le are kept,. for a wh'lole yea.
entirelyi thedak as3 to what i:.
bin~lg doe it~h thle couniIty mloney.
made, ie (i impossible,11 fro ithe
laps~e of time0(. Ior the 11(e~veral tranis
action o35(f thie board1 1 to( bel proerl)
poe by V i th Uni //rrlrrad, th<
ai jpised of whatv f is faking place it
the( ( county' Ilnunissioner 'Imen.
and3( shonhl here he31 any ii j ustgr'omil
re ap[W1eliensionu ot fiatig (II Ohjlia
mii scondu( iet, the( propJe r steps imight
he fmakeni for1 its lai~eention. Th'ii
hone1sft or such supposit51 ion wonhitl
h)o manI~ifest ly unijusxt malic absurd.
But, it is int ended to eniforrco nleera
('y,'eaution a113( eConmy3 on thle pariI
of aill 1pub ic (liheers. T1halt its re(
(lulir'ements sholl l be e3xtended(3 t
as3 veryI' proper31 and4i very.1 desir'ale,
atald we tru3st that such a feature w~ill
lhe inlcorporatl ed inI the bill before its~
fintal p:isage.
Judge Mosos Convlctod.
Thie senatef~c came13 to ai v'oto (on
TuotIy, t he 2.st itnst., on1 tho arti
Judge Moniftomery' Mo1ss. HeO was
fomlll guil ty ont live3 charges,and11not
guilty on1 four., Th'ose8 on whieb he
was11 coni3etfed are0 as follows: 1. Do.
maniidinig mon1ey fr'omi litigants in
('ases3 heard1113 he3i1r him a1 s j udgo. 2.
t) their safe keeping, and~ proteeting
said (lliCi&ial by efuinig to grant
order's for the prop01er payintg (out of
ful neglect to hld 'ouirta
proper31 fiimoes inl his4 c'ircuit, ospeially
inl the (counit ics oIf Lanurons and3( New
boerry. 4. Rufusing to poerformn his
dlut.y inl Signing (rders inl diff'erent
cases8, as5 reireflid by law. 5. Dis
crimniatingv in an unlawful anud un3
just mannor in passing orders for
till payment of claimis against the
county (of Newborry----paying sorno
ereditors inl full and others
oly inl non111 npnc '" ..O hos
r:"' Te odenthi~ s''peh4e'd' in
the senate, and. the president pro
nonneod- the judgment -tf the court
" ,gdchtment, snlulaw-M--a
Vomory Moses removed from his
- oicrs judge of tile sev h judi
;cial -cuit in the State } f South
Caro t . ',,y , '
T1 pil ha ly h~e bezi
othe 'so.
Ge Qngf1 Hint,.
The national houso committee of
0lecti;gop~titlyg.th gig
- lowing resolition:
p erl, c( flt, .1ufhet ol into~n!of
ithis ebmhrii tt'e, the' several eoil
gromiuiol. districts, of. the United
sttaifks ought to be composed of
'ontignous territory. an.1 as nearly
as may he of equal population ; and
WherenR it aPpears that a district
n the State of So'utl Carolina is
u!E)1nposed of coiuntios ndt 'tentigu
Inlls it is the unani10 us o >inion of
this c'ominitte that ttl vogidature
I Of that state; no* in dogsfoi, ought
to redistrict the6 state in conformity
with the law now in force.
Of course there ap bQ no doubt
as to the. peculiar, circuinatanoes
that induced tilo committeo to niake
his suggestion. The case of Hoge,
elected in Noveomber, 1874, from
ihe thir 1 congrssrional district
of this state, has been before the
"imittee for'mainy monlths. The
'lhief objection urged against, his
*.ligibility was the- fact that the
listrict from which ho claiuol to
pe elected was not. composed of
"ontignons counties--Richland not
iljoining any of the other counties
The apportiotiment fixed by the
last legislature was of courso simply
i gorrymandoring scheme by which
t was intended to deprive the
ienocrats of all reprosentation in
;he houno. 'Tho districts, it will be
uieumbored, were so constituted
is to have a wajority of colored
voters in .each. Had the law as to
-ontigtit.y and as to equality of
pol)ulation hietn complied with,
there colhd easily havO beotn elected
on(e dmoeratic repr'sentative. As
it is, the " republicans monopolize
the entire i'elilnexitatioil in the
heno . It, scom1)8 atlmost certain
that ,Ioge is not entitled to his
seat, but the time consnmed by the
coinmittee in d1Ceiding thc. question
of' eligibility gigs hilt his seat for
the grater portion of his t orm; if
not fpi all of it. In this lies - the
sucecss of the itrice done by the
The rccoml'eIdation of the coi.
inittee referred t' ahoe will doubt
~ess have its cfiit. It will be re
-membhleredl that the lowor branch of
tihe logislatuHre ,sOmo. 'yoks . ago
passeud a' bill .providing for the
livision of the sta.V into live con
gressiionlal distrjets, in . which bill
the law as -to (ont iguity is fully
comlie)d with. But it is open to
anlothler and1( an1 equllally validi oh
jec'tion--that thu dlistricts~ do .not
each embrace als nlearly an possible
ll thesinel poplion~i). Uniless this
1.ult, he0 colroeted, we have little
lubIt flhat 'an ilmpartial c'onun~ittee
>f congress would d(telare voidl any
election he(ld unmde'r the provisions
>f the hill. Thle snate has tabledc
tis h ill, and Senat or Cochran, of
Andersn11outy, hasi introduiced
omother, which is fitr more e(1llitabhl(
in the di vision made. T]he counties
ire so ariranged fthat there would
be0 a maijority of wit es in one con
~res~sionil distrlict. Tis is little
eniouigh, colnidering thatt tihe whit(e
ropresen01t at least. nlinICeen
twventieths of the p~ropert'y oIf the
state. Tanking into 'onisidlerationl
both.1 wea~lth anud lplmlation, t hey
shon111( hauve at least two replresell
tativecs in conigress. Tlhie passage
of the bill1 proposed bly Mr'. Cochirani
would ho nlotihig more than anl atin
of simple justice to the taxpaying
wites, who have been5 totally uni
I'rereented inl congress sineo'( 18(18.
Mr Cochran (deserves credit for
his effort to (10 justice inl this mat
t ir, and1( we trust hec will r'eceive the
co-operation of a malljority of bo0th
houses of tihe legislature. T1hie re
public'an majority will do well to
t ike theu hinit offered b~y tile ('on..
groeionV~al ('01mm)ittee. Political
palrties are more thani~ all else siub
jO(ct to vi('issitulde, and1( it is bult
following the dictate of reason, as
well as of jus~tic'e, for a dominant
faction to r'ecognuize the rights of
1'm minority. It seemsfl well iiettled
that should there he sent from thins
Istaite to congress a represenitativ.e
claiing to hav'o bieci elec(ted fr'om
a dlistr'iet, comphosed ats is the present
third district, he mfust be0 prep~ared1
as5 soon ats lhe d1arkend thme threshold
of the capitol, to "ntep dlown and1(
out." And Hoege shotid have been
made to o this long ago.
The State Democratic Executive
Committee, the only representative
body of tho.conservativt olemon tof1
the Statoat present in ~xistence, has
called1 upon0 ud to organ ao F'airtield
in the iltorosts of domqcracy. The
purpose of the organization is to
a4sert and uphold constitutional
government against the usurping
inset of "h "I'g"*thhT" 1ei-i
the party that rules the country.
Inithis state, d1 d ignorance
has boon bound up Iy Tilo into an
orgdzatio of tn a ' iny coin
pactn'ess. to: tndo f theo un
rosi d pr es of t mbination
is t es.tr soist of, onstitu
tional obligation and regard for legal
authority, tnd to mlake the -dictum
.f"he ing:Aconrolling it,'thehigh
cat ,lzaw 1 of the land, To say nothing
of its uncin)s Ju supplanting the
withority of the constitution- with
Oul recelntly oifranohisod country
men who, with no knowledge or
appreciation of authority other than
personal, yielded easily and naturally
to its a p9tios, Wv are all
being taught that there is a power
in thei land against which the Con,
stitution, of itself, is nl barrier and
om forod n'o pOtectiOn, And, ivhat
is itiore d ngorous and fatal to the
prospec'ts of liberty, wo are becoming !
accustomiod to the idea of tho iina
bility of the constitution to protect ;
are losing our faith ini, and reliance
upon it, and are, unconscioiisly per
haps, but cortainly with delusivo
hop , looking to other sources and
other expedionts for succor
against the impending danger. We
are being drawn off by the wily acts of
a diabolical foe from the strong po
sitions of liberty.
The call for t.h organization of
the democracy at this time means a
return to the stronghold of the con
stittion, and conbincd strength
and organized offort in its defence.
It means, further, a dclaration of
war against the "ring." It is made
n)t without, hope that our hone t
efforts for the wolfare of the State
and all containocl therein, will con
land the confidence and support
of the good and true of all parties
aid races.
All who are in favor of the thor
oiugh organization of the democratic
party of Fairfield, are requested to
attend a meeting in Winnsboro on
next sale day, the first Monday in.
April. 'Tho township chairman will
make necessary arrangene'nts.
County Chairman.
A TTE1\TOl !
tam now receiving, and intend to
keep onm hand,
I HE largest STOCK to bo found
in this
Also, a complete stock of
such goods as I can warrant.
mar 14
k.ST ABLISH ED 1859.
rhanin it receiedu a large AssortmnontI
-. of New Goodls conusistinug in parL of
Gold( amnd Plaitedi Curb Chiaina,
Gboldl JiraceietR, with, netta to mateb,
8Ieevr, and Shirt luttonsa
besides a largo quantity of Spuotsio.
A fino ase,ortn(mn of (locka. 'Watchen.
( locka cand Joweiry repaired promptly
amnd warrrintod to giveantifaction.
''I 1HE* annu, ai eltioni for Intendant and
.1. fou r ard enzs for the To wn of wi a
bo~ro will be0 held on the I ut Monday in
A pril n~ext, betweeni the h1)or of is a. mi
and 6 p. mu. 'The books will be open for
registration, on TIhulrsdav. ridy and
Saturdany pireceediing t he d'ay of eleet' iOn.
'hei~ following pe'rs'ons are hiereby ap..
pinfted regist~ralri antd mantagr of de-e.
lion: John C. Squier, J. Hr. Brown andi
Ham~flilton Flemning. JOAn lf
moch 16-td Ciorkc
MANUrcrvann oy
C I c- .A. L. eg,
Tobact-o, Snuff, Pipes, &c.,
lAceB M. MENDEL, ) .h
I. BAUMoARTK~I, f- lar'lotle, N. C
oct Jltlv
V& W C~3ci.. I
We. It. RLOuumIRrSON.
II'INN.'3J11f , S. O.,
4t All ldniiijJr vied' 10 lip witI
ii. A U-AIt..u1 :; JrK. .8j o~n
~'1O. 2 LA W RA'NGE,I
Gardena Seeds
ill (ivory vmriety3 forih 8a1O a the.
Drug Store, by . ,,. 1Ar s G r a C l ge , o rtl
jali .5. 'NN- E AIKEN.
Ma lnenrr of
111(iRS, SA1SIh I, 1111PM), IF'I0DRINl, k(:
i )eadlr ini
Ilui il'I's' i ll wrtalr, t
s is A ;1'' Io
T1he Nut ionui M~ixed Paint Co., Thel 0 r.,it
Ameicwan 1'ie Extitgu ishe(r ('.i., Page ,11- 1
chine Btting (in.
Nos9. 20 C 22 Ilave.., &" :1:3 .C :iii Pinektio)' sts
Ashley' Rive~r, West Eiicl Broad St.,
lt 23-ly I ' ' 4 '
I 1\1.3 now on hand arnd nbout to re
eivE the bilowing b~ramnds of swell
knw uns hs ihn opn noon thie, wvill do wel~l to culii and
icar'n termsi:
E eooiL tic eE,
Fun ! ! -A destrnctive tiu eter'ted it
Niinety Ws,! .0.Decetnbtwr 1114, by
which four stores valued at $20,000 were
burned. The further spread of the con -
Ibagration. with probable dristruotion of
ho whole town and a oos of sover'al hun
irod thousand dollars worth of broperty,
tnd many lives, wero rvented b. the
irriv.d of a Great Ateic can Fire - xtin.
,ui,her, an Agent halpehing to cofne in
town atthe nick of titne. For full particu.
lurm, se the :'bbnvilli Medium and Now
berry Herald of the following week.
Mr. P. P. Tonle ofCharleston, S C., Is
the General Southern Agent for the Great
Americnn Fire Extinguisher, and will
Inswer all inquiries in regard to the same.
1~~)EP"71'TU.1,Y informr, the pub.
11, licin general that tlery have npenel
ne Inre fnrmi.rly occu;-'el by .1. ii.
'athenrt whar. they intend to cnnsal:ct a
general ainck of nierchanilish, consirtIng of
Gi Ito(t'E1,0t [E . ,
1O10T1S A N I) 4110 ,
lair and square tre-amont to rem sa
every one that will esIl on ul.
march '27
I TAKE this ovension to in
form the public tht, I hav e
. openbed a Boot nud Shoe
l-'atory i Gerig's building, ntel nam pre
jparedsl to make ladies' nnd gents gaiters
usd shoes nt New York prises. Th a best
.ent's boot madnse for S' :: foxing $3 .1y
work is all hand-made,, tnd warranted to
.tive satisfaction. R'pairing done at short
notico. J. CLENI)ININ(i,
fob II) Winnsboro, 8. C.
Flic ignrn Fire ilIAIir '0or Company
*'ssets - - - - $1,500,000.
thistly N. l[owr., Preside'nt.
P'. No-rM ia, Vice-Prest. & Sec.
'hies company hts hnd a prnetical expo
riene of 25 yeaers It has p~assled seafe'ly
ithroughi a periosL of ten years ins. ((ding
P'ortland, itChieagrosnnI Boston. It hats pasiel,
ind promptlv paid. one ltunelrmel e'nts onl
!very (ol lar of till enormtous claimsst which(
reew out of these terrille tres. Its past
L'ecorl anrd present status will reeonmendl
it to the property owner.
.A"'. W. LAW.
fob 20-lm Agent at Winnsboro, S. C.
t)} TuI.
Winrnsboro National Bank
A T I Winns horo..ice bth tate of r ii
I nroblees. aet thle cl ose of hirtines
R[ roh 10lh, i-'70.
.eane and l~i.countse, $; ~1 ~
)v,-:, nfIre 5.
.S llorab Io secnre
Det fromet ap~provae~l re'serve *10
lDue Itrane aother N a' imsal
ai Fi.onirre, 1487
lTax'4 Peil. un07
r~eeiums Pnsid, O~'25
3illee0 le her Na ien.il Itnnksa, 4 t
ra*.icli. ional l rencee ( inieei .
intg Niche's ) 075
~preie. ( incluinsg g..lI
TIre ,auryv In ote,) tf
'.ga':l Te.,r,,h-, Nnre,.35O0
teencprji n inmi wit i If ,9
MI ati O. 61.8.'1 f>~
in check. 1.4*1 7
liee o.60Nt'na btos 3 782
h reve. loioftew r ~elar ie, e'.l855 I)
:era Sht e pabot in, erin i rte
0 a be~ at ey prof'eletpuct elf.
Snisonal lin nosl e'ehn'os.I eo ae
stuliENg.YN )IEI.Ntx ulc
njion deos. ubec
to chlbe )a f onpopry~
0AI.I.lll & AV 1.444
ue on eatWitnal Leadnks.h ttr
Tralt'e $170.568d P al 1tth
ru Cloeonyo aret
w"er'that the aoe, le s iateni truiie
o\. raihn of mytt knit anl id s
his '?t dst MarchitY All876. , l
1iE setys N.' (i1EAlt. NoJljy Prbic.,
janorrIectAT. &tre I
D.E R.pI thLENNiEprsn. h w
W. ft. gthEwllON tp TONE
jan. 8..1iU &M4O
FOun ISieealinne rpetyo
whic in W iine aeo,~ commply ti
weli g an out u:Id ngs elo

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