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Ios-T Omo Houns.-..The poss
.lie will he open daily (Sundays
xcepted) from 4 A. M., to 12 M.
.nd- from 2 to 5 P. M. Northern
and Southern. i il clonse at '7 P, M.
precisely. lV Mai ' dolivered on
Sundays from ;9, to 9;8O, A. M1, ol*g.
RmnIO sCnEDUlm.--Tho trahib
on C. C. & A. R. HM now leave
Winnsboro as follows: Going north
11.55. p. in. Going south, 1.35, a In
Accommodation day trains : Going
north, 11.33, a. m. Going solith,
12.12. These trains moot at Wi ifns
County Convention-Daniel Bird.
Domestic Wine-It. J., McCarley.
Bank lloport-S. B. Olowney
Old iOWspajpersH suitabl( for
wrapping goods for Oul. at this
We ackno*1osige the receipt of anl
invitation to the tourtiUntet and
ball at 3lackstoek last Wi'dncsdty.
We regret that circumstalcos pre
vented us from attendin..
Mr. R. J. McCarley has the thanks
of the (fli(c for a bottlo of very fine,
good flavored Catawba wine. He
has some more of the siuno sort at
his establishment on Congress
The legislature will' contitt fin
sossion a short (?) time lolgor.
The honso on Wednosday night
reseindel the resoltion before
rtdopted, to adjourn on the 23rd
nst. The :emato ham concurred in
the resolution.
The county comnmissionlers paid
out upwards of live thottsand dol
lars at their regular molting on the
151h inst. Of this amount oVor thro
thousand dollars .ws paid on the
past indebtedness, and the balance
on current expenses.
The Columbia .iegister is now
brought to Winnsboro. by carriers,
on the accommodtion trein--thius
reacehinug subscribers on the day of
publication. The legister is an ex
cellent newspaper, and this new ar
ringemient is a great advantage to
Tmua STuE'r LA pS.-We hear
constant complaints respecting the
street lamps. It is said that, owing
to short wicks, too little oil or some
other cause, some1 of the lamps
frequently burni out early in the
ecening, or at least givo a very]
poor light. We trust tho mnatton
will be attend'elto at once.
"The gre it cry ini Charlest->n is
"water ! water ! water !"-E&c
The gre'at cry in Collumbiia is
"whske !whiskey ! wvhiskel "
The rea cr inWinnsboro is
"whiskey and wvater !whiskey amnd.
water ! whiskev and waoter !"
Mon i Annis-'rS IN CJISTER.-The
Columbia papers meontion the arrest
of Senator D~ublin J1. Walker on thie
charge of complicity in thme -recently
discovnered school-certificate frauds
i". Chest.r' county. On hearing of
inC arrest. .Judge Mackey, wiho was
at the timn in Columbia, ordered the
relea';o of Walker upon his own
recognizance to appear for trial. Mr.
Jamrues M. Blrawley, thu county' au
ditor, hais likewise been arrested on
aL similar charge. Mr. Brawley pub
lishes a cardl in the Frnin, e-l
in which lie pronounces false and
unjust tihe statemen~t that ho is im
plicated ini thme re-issuo of school
oerti iceatos as charged againsit Lilly,
~ocumn and others. Hel states em
p)hatically that he has :nove'r even
dealt in county p~apor, n'nd challenges
pr~oof of his guilt. Theu,wholo mat
ter will, we presume, be disposed of
at no distant day.
Tux TCL5Tc~in AFFAIRo.-Tn hht
charge to the grand jury of Chester
county at the recent turin of court,
Judge Maey mnade the following
statement of the action of the grandl
jury of Lancaster, which we think
pr)1operV to give to the public :
"At the recent term of the court
fo Ch county of Lancaster, thu
p ~residing judge of this court pre
siding, while the court was actually
sitting, a pistol shot was heard.
Trhe crowd rushed from the court
house Groat nontibers, already
taido of the court house, were
somon hurrying in the direction of
the placo from which the shot pro
ceeded. The to'urt instructed the
the sheriff to make inquiry of the
cause of all this ; and it was found
that a notorious desperado, nam~iod
Gardner, had shiot aL worthy citizen,
the b~all entering the buack of the
head anid comling ouit near the left
eye. An indictnmnt w~as at once
laid beforo the grand jury, and ac
cuompilanieod with a statement of the
fac ,, I have recited. In the face
of all this, and with the dogs lick.
ing the blood4 of Gardnor's victim,
the grand iur y reported no bill."
AmD FOR TnB FIntEMEN.-Arrange'
ments are now making by the ladies .
of Winsbo'o, to give an entertain
miilt early. in May next, in ai4j i t
the Fairfield Fire Engine Company. a
It will be remembered that the con- I
pany is still in arrears on Che amount t
agreed to be paid for' their engino.
It is for the purpose of lifting' this )
debt, that the proposed entertain n
mont will be given. We are sure b
that it will receive from the towns
people that, encouargement and t
patronago which the object in view C
deserved. That the Engine Como fi
pany is a nxtat idispensable or
ganisation, and that it has already 1
provod both its readinose and its
capacity to do good servico in case
of nood, all nuist admit, It is tlimro
fore but ia sintple rfecognitiotl of1 c
those facts that the enmpany should (1
be liberally aided in their presetit fc
necessity. We trust that all our
citizens will do as mittcl possible to R
aid the ladies in their latidablo en
torp)ise, and that the entertainment t
will be a ifltancial Stteess. The
prosollt hitention is to have a "Lady v
WashingtoI Tena-Party," The sove
ral maangifing committens will be an
flounced here.'ftor.
It must be good, for everybody 1
recolnmends it, and the doctors pro I,
s i'bo it. We mean Dr. Bull's Cough
8yrtip. P'ricc, 25 couts.
lnocu.'w'err, MEETINo.-=At a met b
ing of the Groon Brier Demnoeratic
Chub, held on tlho 18th inst., the
following-namo gentlemen were
chosen delegates to the county.
conventioni T. W, Woodward,'
N. C. 1tohcrtson, W, H. Padgett,
Thos. McJinstrv, W. L. Orier, 2
Jamnes H lathcock, W. M. Cittlee,
S. W. Broom, W. P'. Broom, S.
W. Jackson. 'this is a most ex, k
cellent Solectiol. It Wren resolved b
at. the meeting to extend at cordial
invitation to all neiglhorinig townr
ships, especially No. 4, to join the;
Green Briers in the cluse of honest
government, and in the effort to a
redeem South Carolina from her
presenlt degr'adationi. It is truly
gratifyin- to see the citizens of the
township walking ip with a dolterli
nation of ridding our people of the
oppressive and disastrous rule to d
which they have so long been P
victims. We trust all the other n
townships will follow the good t
exanple of the Green Briers.
----T1he Kewsa and (Jurier givoA the
particulars of an extensive and dis..
astrous fire in Charleston about 3
o'clock on the morning of Monday,.
the 20th inst. Starting in a section "
f the city in which there was litt!o t
or no wvater, and fanned by a fu
rionisly high wind, the fir~o soon) got L
entirelyibeyond the control of the
lir'e department. It continued to f
rage until about 10 o'clock, when it
$toppecd oldy because it had burntb
itself out. Thhe exact origin of the
ire is doubtful. It started in ther
store of a Mr. Greeber, and it was
rumored in the city that it was the ii
work of an incendiary ; and some
elvenl suspected the store-keeper1
himself. There we're about one
himidre] houses dlestroyedi, rnd'the 1
loss is estimated at $250,000. The
sntferers arec mostly people ii n mOde
rate circumstances, some of them
being very poor, and tihe sufferings 1
caused by tihe lire are no doub~t
very great. A telegram states that
'there were many heart-rending scenes
during the progress of thle fire, and
we have no doubt that those nowv
deprived of their homes are in
great destitution. The N~ews and :
C (ourij~r appeals to the citizens to
comltribuite mlonley and other nleces
Raries for tihe relief of tihe unfortu
nates. Messrs. George W. Wil
iam & Co., tihe wueli known bankers
innd merchants, have subscribed five
hundred dollai s for the relief of the
sufferers, and one hundred for tihe
liremn. The number of families
muade homless05 by the fire is esti
maited at two hlundIred. Altogether,
the lire was one of the muost terrilhe
ever witnessed in Charleston-a
city that seems11 to be0 particularly
unfortunate, having hdmn ag
and djsastrous conflagrations.
At au mleeting of the executive comn
Imittee of the State Agricultural and
Mochanical Society held in Columbia
March, 21, 187(, the following reso
lutionis were adopted:
R~eno/nied, That tihe sutb odinate
graniges of the Patrons of Husban
diry be reqjuesteod to send three
delegates from each county to meet
at Columbia, on tho 6th of May
next, to conUfer with the executive
commnittee of the State Agricultural
and Mechanical Society of theo next
fair of sido society, and to aid in
arranging for tile sameU.
J.en'olved, That~ a committee of
three be appointed by the chair to
p~repare( a circular to be addressed
to the grangors on the above sub
ject. Committee-Wmn. Wallace,
J. B. Adger, Jr., and J. N. Huff
I man
Resolved, That the president be
equestod 4o invite Colonel Bacon,
loneral Hagood'and other' 'gbetle.
ion to meet thigeonmitteo, It
he same time confIt 'it thei
a to thu practj bility of; r 4talk
shing racing in connection with
he fair, if . the same shottid bo
coined advisable,
Rcatlded, That the next state fair
e held in Columbia, its November
ext. and that the citizens of Coun
ia are requested to aid it in every
'ty possible.,
On motion, it was ordered that
iese proceedings be publishled in the
olumbia and other newspapers
:iendly to the objects proposed.
Adjourned till 6th of May next, at
2 o'clock in
'he Touriunent at Blackstock on
Veluadaf last was a decided sue
ma in all its arrangements and
itails, About 10 o'clock in the
>ri'lool the knights, 16 in nuimber,
4semnbled it fronteof . Madkorell's
tore, uider the loadersbip -of
[arry Hotspur, and shortly
iereaftor proceeded to the tilting
round on the north sido of the
illage. After three rides had been
flowed each knight the following
ore declared the victors: 1st prize
htke of Blirminighau, S. F. Cooper 1
rid prie.-Kuight of the Lone Star,
[. Y. Milling 1 3rd prize-Harry
[otspur, Jno. R Craig ; 4th prize
[ighland Chief, B. P. Mobley, Jr.
he prize for horsemanship, a fine
ridle,was awarded to the Knight of
ituall-M. H. Mobley. The
llowing named ladies were duly
oh'ord with the Criwni ahd
ircathm t Qtten of Love cnd
Luty, Miss Nantni, Stroud t 1st
[aid of Honor, MisS Ratio Mbley:
ad Maid of ioinor, Miss 4idit
[obloy 1 3rd Maidi of lHonui'r, Miss
[ittic Rabb. After dark the
nights and their lady friends
etuok themsolves to Johnsto's
[all to engage in Torpsichorean
dzrciso. About ten o'clock supper
as ann otmin('I'd and the assemblage
paiired to MatekurOill's Hot.hi, where
bountiful repast Was spreatd,whichl
1 course of time received proper
ttention. Afterwards dancing w1ws
'siuned, and was kept up until
prortly after midnight. Wiinnsboro
'as well represented, and bore off
ie chief honors, as she has often
one on such occasions. Our re
orter tenders his acknowledge
ients to the supper committee for
ie courtesies extended to him.
''Won thou art old aid rich,
Thou bast neither heart, affection, limb
To make thy riches pleasant."
Sis surprising how few books have b~eenm
ritteni on thme di~.easO4 incident to old age.
i'e knoiw of nio work that would be more
eneradlly rea.1 by the medico-legal world,
r in fact by all chitsses, than a 'T'reatise
ni the meLdical manaugemnent oif old aige,"
-ritten in a plini ustyl andii freec fromi all
'chnicalities, nor do we know oif any
,edieime t smt is moure hsappily' ad'apte'd t'o
the alle'viating of th jpams anid aches of
.me aged than l~tn. TLu.-r's LIVsn Ps.a.s.
'rieahe ac.t proumptily they' doi nmot
'rech thvsst. mi or shock the most on
.obld constitution. In cases of gout,
neumatism, kidnaey' diseases, torpid bow
Ii, ind(igstionf, loiss of appetite, their
oiling prmoperties are truly woniderfuli.
'heir offect on tho nervous system is
romept. qieiiting rest lessneiss, impartin..
'fresaing sleep aind vigor to thes whole
ystem T1het el iand young will be alike
enefitte'd by the use of this truly estimia
le me.dcino.
Ta ELKms' CoUsrPY MAP --W
rave examincd the map of Fairfield
eoenl~y prepar'ed andl )1 pblished by~
lessirs. Baylis E Elkin and Williamn
L. Elkin. It givcs accurately th<
>oundai'ies of the several townships
he several creeks aiid rivers whici
vater the county, the railroads, th<
hur'chos, stores, etc., at the samnt
imne indicating the location of th<
ar'ger and mrore important planta
,ions ini tihe county. It is wvell exc
muted, and the accur'acy of th<t
ioundar'ies, location of roads, water
:ourses, and the distances betweer
lifferent points may be relied upon
'he map11 is soldl at the low price o
M2.00, and eery landowner in th
xcunty should hiavo one. It ma'
e pro'~curied of Mr. IBaylis E. Elkini
ut his residence, or of Mir. A. P. Mil
.or, at his store in *Winnsboro. WI
brust the Messi's. Elkin will find n<
Ulliculty inl sooni disp)osing of al
dhe mapsl) they have had pr'inted.
The study of geography is gener
dly too much ncglected, and more
aspecially is this ti'ue of the geogra
phy of one's own state and couunty
1'heire are many young persons wvh<
san glibly state in order the countrie
f the Eastern Continent, thei
aapitals and their general features
w'hio can tell a great dleal about th
cGreat Desert or the Country of th
Rlottentots ; who can come necaro
domeo and name the states of th
Union and their chief cities. Bunti
rsked to name the counties of thei
native state with the b)otmn
ies of each, or to tell the route fromn
meli point in the state to anothe~r, o
to tell the several townshlips) in thii
younty with their location an
boundarios, they are considerably a
u loss. This subject of the geogra
phy of one's home is still too muec
aeglected in the schools. It should rt
3eive its full share of attention. Thm
Elkins' map should be in ever
mchool in Fairfield county, and ever
pupil should be made to masteri
miissiour pxwalrd de reoentl
apportioned to the ,sov1ir3 itg'n
ships their rospeove porhons o:
the amount ,;ssiggd 40 tgiMOOl
county from the state ,Ahool fund
The apportionment is as follows :
Township, No. of Ohilktxe, Auou1
1 100 $2250(
2 -150 $3375(
8 100 $2 5 .4
4 174 $381 5(
5 100 *2260 t
6 100 - $225 0(
7 5O 1 5'
8 214 L481 5(
11 100 *2250
10 102 $22983
11 100 $225 0f
12 92 $206 1C
18 100 $225 00
Total. 1482 $8822 SC
The local tax in the aevoral town
ships to be added to the sums above
shown, Is given ' in the ' following
table, and the whole amount to be
obtained for- sohoole-in oaoh, todp"
ship is likewise stated :--'
Township, Local Tax, Total,
1 $225 00
2 $429 90 $707 40
8 $1G 5i0 $385 110
4 237 M
r 238141
0 .1198 us8 4
7 14235 t
H 8449 18 $98 0
9 A402 45 $1114
10 $229 50
11 - $225 00
12 $462 19 $65A 71l
1: $471 39 ,.096'k
F1rom theso0 timoittits miust .of
coUrso be deducted the uisual ,u lla
Lai. In this estimate, however,
the antotints paid by corporations
are 1ot included. Those aggregstM
$525 H2, and will probably bs
enough to cotunterbalance the defi.
ciency arising from tellt t'waA, '1ti
sins above stated may therefbre
be takett as a basis of calettlation It
each towtlehip.
Taking the anotmnit given above as e
basis of calculatin, school trustee
can cone very near all acettrate esti=
mai of the time for which thebi
schoole canl be kept open, aild the
necessary expenses paid. It is
of course necessary that the
schools in each township clost
as soon as the fund in that tovL
ship is exh mated. The practice, sc
prevalent a few years ago, of issuing
teachers' certificates when there
was no reasonable prof ability 'ol
their being paid, led to much con
fusion and much troule. The
teachers worked the full time for
the sums, named in their cortificatpp
and received in most cases -little,
and in some cases nothing, for their
pins. The11 remedy for thih
trotbile is in the hands of the schdol
commimssionorl and the trustees. I
the latter regularly report the num
ber of pmpils and teachers ir
their respective towvnships, ani
if the former preserve at
accurate and alwvays available recori
of these repor-ts. much of the troubli
'experienced in the past wvill be
IFOUND J'IM.--The old original
unreconstructed, dyed-in the-woo]
can't-b~e-rubbed-out democrat. Hi
keeps Brown's Hotel, WVinnsboro, S
C. A gentleman from Philadelphii
stopped with him and1( made MessrE
McMa~ter & Brnice agents for Di
Pemuberton's Coumpound Extract o
Stillingia or Queen's Delight, th<
only known vegetab~le blood-p~urihim
free from mercury and injuriou
drugs, that will eradicate the wors
forms of scrofula from the syston:
with no r-etur-n of thme disease.
-Ten thousand dollars ($10.000
will be paid by the p)ropr1iotors I'
this remedy if there can be foun,
mernur in any fornm or any ingr<
detnot strictly vegetable. It
Seffect is seen in from four to si
days. No impur-ity can remaini
the blood( or system when this rom<
dly has beon taken a reasonable lengt
of time. Ask for Dr-. Pomberton
Stillingia, and take no other. For sal
by McMaster & B3rico, Winnsbor<
'So. CIa.*
-is no medicine p~rescr-ibed by phmys
cians, or sold by druggists, the
carries such evidence of its suc--ee
- and supe~rior virtue as BosoHEE
GERMAN SYnR, for severe Coughi
Colds settledl on the breast, Coi
r sumption, or any disease of th]
.'TrlUoat and Lungs. A proof of the
'fact is that any person~ afflicted, ea
get a Aaml Bottle for 1.0 cents an
tr-y its superior efleet befor-e buyin
r the regular size at 75 cents. It hr
lately been introduced in this comn
,try frm Germany, and its wondo:
ul cures are astonishing every ori
hat uses it. Three dlOser will reliom
- ny case. Try it. 8old by McMai
or & Brice.
Fine Domestic Wine.
T US8T received a lot of fneo N, . WIN
tfroms the colobrated Viuneyard, at
miar 2A5 R J McOABLEY'S.
Rags I Rags
D I AVE your dean cotton and linen ras
andtw old corn sacks, and we will bi
Ythem from you.
Wrapping paper for sale at manufa
tutor.' priees.
mnah 21 MoM)AaT!R A RIC'
HigbL?4I~tnU1ebt B~r'nLitOAN 1'AfTT.
Win nsboro, I. U.. Maurci 20, 1876.
NOTICE Inhereby1gIv.n that a county'
oan riu'tssof l~e'tiieltl tnufltt. will be hold
day of AplkU, A. I). 1676, at 1 o'etddk m.
ftrt ~r )MGof electing threu~s)qtt
iitos o nontlo siptoy illda *Atd cin
Ven on to be held at 4ulumbik, 8. C. on
the9 yenh ayof April. A. P.176 h
nsi h of nte1t of Julie next.
(;tttrt~enofthe different protlnrt of
hiconyare )hereby ordered to hold
meigintheir respeotil'u jprecIits, or
I o.ir their usuail voOlait jplacer, oh Mitur
d ay , thel I tit of April next. itt 12 o'clock
in. for the putrpose of electI1t4 tlelegmitrs
to represent their prteilucts ill said cuntty
f' eooiienticlb. Th'e following lit the ttUihh
bor ot delegates to too elmoted fromu ea1ch
thob 6
Gladdens Groyl
1)tulan'sg 4
mob 23 -t x County Chairman.
Rarg~iills! Bar ginis
At J. 0s BOAG'S
DRY (0001)S, 1'A NiJ G~OODS
F ROMt tIiw until first Jab, 187'G Mlili
LL'' 11' embhracinig latost styvles of flat
('o1Istlsig ill pnrt of black lid t 'rilte
Ialpi'utai 1111 iissOtlriaiilt of ditll'reht klhda
of dro.ss mnotedlsi, Want' iroll flan11mnels,
.a 1'1111 lure or enliciilea, liuacluitci amid nli.
I lt l'led Itut i, .l hi'V e., i l Ic 1s' u~i l ts,
ili1t'Hut?,, bu~hawids, Mlhals, cloaks,
fursq 1 uosets, tnrtata, na innes, haltsokm,
. c. lct+iiciv, gloive} III greait t~nriet.v, a t'
kel'OhutIols, lltitlut, bttonis slid tuinliligA
mil'elat klinds, ladites' 111111 gelnts tios.ftoyt
1amid ,jet jetWelry to iui'tIv,' tor the hotltd,Yii,
Out' tiIIIL', ci ods iil.' fail lid etluhipete,
.1. li I s(tlu-k o1f dlties, at l'ntsI rd,'lmmt
e:otmimag d rawers, shrts Atr Futully
gr.eri'irs oif till k~ inds, it l'1ll stunk alwava'
o11h liui, fresh htrilal daily. 1'111 W;M
htil eve'ryt hinig yVou unctt by callig nl d ()
110A6 (IIIo the i N''lti', lV~i llildutttl
baudlt-1011 si"i wit ht mald w11t1011t. arble
wvard rohis, ln'dteadls, Hill tt'es1lteW, Iliultgu'a
cradles, antd safer; for smile very celji 13e
re to call on .10 IIOAG.
Lumtber ! 1,itmmtlr I always on band and
r' smile bJ t (1:161A.
You will linl Ia full andu coiuplete stock
almo~st 'verthiitg, very low and cheap
an w Wan~iit to clulihiisla stock a~t.
deef 8 __ J 0 1OC'S
C.:! A Ti 'l:. r cm iu sAle -!
J.F. iciastr &Co.
Wottld enl the attention of the
public to their Ball Stock of 'all and
Vinter Goode which they are offer.
itig at greatly reduced price. to suit
the times,
NorIoM Ae
Jusit Recelved a fall .teek .f
Ladies and Gaste Kid Gloves.
Just Rocslved a sw uulbiy of
Prints, Bleached and Brown
jOf 95 i F. McMABTERIt & CO.
I-I OLI33E' 1,S.
mar 9
We are now useling onr large steek of
Men's and floys' Boots e'nd Shoe
All kinds of Ladles' Bihoee at a very 101
1301h 11
One ear load of Porto RIcoo Molases., sa
Rujar-house Syrnp,
On. ear load of fresh ground Plbur of a
74 bales of Pritne Timothy Ray,
a A lot ef Pot Ware e.
1dcat rdedrts
Live aid Let Live
The stbadribetA Wish to in
form the Ladies of Wihsbuto and
5tirrotulding ettuitry that they hate
putrchased the enifre atoek of J, it,
1Sfowni, ihaf tng of Millfiuiry aid
Ytantcy floods, bry Goods, Notioba,
&e, together with the stoek pt r.
chased frotn 3. S. 1Idet & Co, ad
F. 1lder's stook of Dry hords,
Clothitii k., enablifg thefmt to of
fer the largest steak of these goods
ever displayoc fu onedtcre in Witit.
boro, They have i large lihe of
Miillitter Fate Gods, T otietyd
and 'rtninnings, T)rees Goods it.
dins' and fonts' 1iurnishing Goodls,
Hosiery, &c., thieh they will sell at
unheard-of prides for cah They
now offer their entire stotk of Win'
tor Clothing, Hats, Boots, Shoes,
&c., at and below cost, to mak rom
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is a call, to conlvffice the pablio that
the above is nro hamubwg. 'hey
mean buisnesw, and will hot be in.
dereold by any one. Their uotto is
quick salew and wmall profits, Tertur
strictly cash,
1 1. 1IEEC A CQ,
Is still at the6 old stand with *
large and comnplote stock of planta
tion and famwily Gricarfes, and
everything that the plattr eeds,
such as Plow Steel, Lay Iron, Swedesi
Moulds, Trace Chains, Batek Dands,
HamreR, Hoes, Spadoss, Shovels, Ma
nure Forks, Lap Tings~, Heel Secows,
Clevices, &c,, together with a rell
assorted stock of Orockery, table and
pocket Cutleiry, Hollow nd Wood
enware, anti a groat many other
things too numeorousi to mnttion,
He still keeps a large stock of La
dlies', Genits', Boys', Misses' and
Children's Shioes, nearly all made to
order, 'and warranted free fronm
shoddy, He is also agent for' the
following brands of standard F~ertil
The Star Guano, which has al
ways given satisfaction, Mapes'
Super-phosphate of Lime, made
from Animal Bone, Flesh andi
Blood. Bahama Guano, a new
brand in this market, biut highly
recommended by Georgia planters,
I desire to sell only a few bage to
some of our planters, to have it in
troduced in thIn vininity. Pou
drette, a valuable Acid Phosphate
for comnposting, and highly recom
mended for use in planting Corn.
The above are sold at as low rates
as any ~Staindard FerthIzers, for
Cash or on time with approved
B se;n h?~andi, one car load choic~e
planting Potatoen, wih wiln be
sold low for Cash.
I desire to call the attention for
the last time of those indebted to
me, to come forward and settle up,
as I must have money to carry on
v my business. All persons owing
me and failing to settle, will find
their accounts in the hands of my
attorney for collection,
- Marsh 4.
S ~ J U J T'
4 DAERLS of Jrish Potatoes, eM
i4 braeing all the leadling -tarieties.
a large assortmet of Gardlen Seed. anid
Onin Setta, at D,. LAtIDERD)ALE'8,
. jan 18
SEDadeating potatoes,
b a itEATY, ERO & SOK9

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