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[NO. S, REYNOLDS, Editor:
Wednesdaty )orning, April i, 1871
Mississippi is i4till imiproving nt
-hor politicalecondition. Rtesolutions
of imnpoachinent having boon adopt
'3d with reference to Adel)ert Ames,
'the Carpet-bag governor of the state, I
he made i virtue of necessity by
rosigning. The radical licltcnlantt
.governor having before pursued ia
like courso, Col. J. M. Sitone., plresi-(
dlent pro to. of the senate, and of
toVrso ia Stautnchl dmUTocrLt, was at
ocle installed as governor. This is
the last feather that breaks I he
cami'is alcak. Radicaaism in Missis
"ippi has for rein tino beken limping
uniidc1r th6 load of opposition it. re- 1
ceivod at the hand8 of an honet
logislaturo. and the retreat of Ames
is its death )low. 'Pho people of the t
stato doubtless fool more j1b1ilant
and imro sanguine than ever.
Major Lewis Morrill has been I
relieved from duty at tl Centenni
al. The c(aULses of his removal are I
not astatedl. It may13 bo thuat, flic
new, sierotiry of wyar, ne(ver' havng
-speclated in tradership iian1l tomb- t
stones, has no spvcia l admirati'on
for an officer vho d1 isgraced( the
uniform of the anrmy b)y plhryin
ral for Attorney Ginerals A kerana
and WXilliam1s, and tien I brIied ai
torrptl legislat ure to p a i ill
paying limi twet: t~y thousand del
lars for his dirty work. Froma
\vhat we1 hlat le aned of the clar
acter aii'1l the aneucetnts of Socio
Lary Taft., wo wouli sulpposo theo
is litotle conhgeniality 1etween hima
and the disinteorcesfted Miajio1. What
ever may hiav( beenh his reasons, the
SocrotLy did a very proper thing
in displacing onue who is justly
odious to the SuithItern people, ial
\vhioso presenice, in an official (aplacit.v
at the Centennial would have 1beau
ai source of disgust tn every true
S~oubbiorner visiting the National
Belknap's frauls up11on1 the govern
fions Jin post I ooilersh ij 'I. .H e ('N
tondled hisi operon ls, and1 wet
largely init o mn~ag numeyaO on1 ai 'on
tract a.warde~d lhv lim tor lie supply
of I tmbstonies for' the n111aionn
one( imillioni of dolilars for tlae 1)un -
pisa', ai m1lll lef tawariniIig of cona
trats, wvithi otheri det ails, to the
Occre t ary of war . (CallinLg to ai aisi i
a few -f rusted friendx lie went t'.
wvork, iad lby awardinag the conat racts
to thos whoma heo knew toe ho aill
righat , lhe soon f muel thun ltil
open for his1 opera~ftions~ in heiadl
forior marb'lle anad by otheor mlethlodh
(of rodneI ting ihei r vost, the (conitractt ma
is sid~ to have mlade abloult. d5,000
---: porutio ofIl 4 whic olI(f (ourlse wenlt.
ito .lelknlLax' pocket. It will not
do for the nuals11 to1 pro0tetcal t.a
th1e sale of 1.ho( tra~(lership 1) Marshi
wasq anl isolatedc (ease of olaiijal (5or
rupt.ion on the part1 of t11he t lat
secretIary of war'. iFy,viene is ial
sahowsa the war delllrimIlent to 1)e no..
wi.V anl L)x\'n1 i al as8 regardhs the
lorruion 1~I whlich hals hoi g perval ld
theo governmenot umuler repualbeoim
It iis said that, inl the recenft eami
p)aigni inl .New~: Hiapahire, forged
doeume1101 nts O' we ecircullated by
thousands, repruseniting thli immili
noney0 oIf ano~ther "rebllion"' at thle
Sou thl untder theO lea1dershipj of
A lexandler HI. St ephe ns, andlu conl
aoiin the ll ae of alemad~ by thet
thle Un iteds Stat es shld 1 l alUss(
$1 ,0u00,000t.,000( I f thOe ~ Confi I(ern 1
the' voe suchl ia p psa sedI' . ~l4t~
woare of coursec unh~tal t say, hat .
it is believed lay manyll thalt it land itsl
full share of ell'ot in- (arrinig New
Hampsh~Uiro for 11he repubbi aleans.
T[his speaks rathier badly1 fo'r thle
mulh bast (d4 intol ligenc" of New.
England. How iay sensile manh o4r
bodly oIf imoni could4 he impjaoed upon
ill suchl a way, we are lunlable t.o conl
coive. Bu t. Lanai icis1m, prejuldi(( c a1
eceion1 al hte imayi go far to aIn- 1duce
ia positivo ilte'llectuial i lndess Onl
[ho part oaf the masses. That. t icres
caulses exist, inl New H a~apshirel
there enn~ hio 114 questionl, and that
thoy wore used to thu fullest extentl
by theo republicanis inl fih rleouat
lcion, ~ixilhly bieyomli dloubt
T.lhis is, only ianot her of the4 mandi
p)roofs oIf thc jinhorenllt we':anes of
the republllicaln party. Rating it
annll)ls for. nomca~:r naami Pl m I ,.tt
It nee(18 all tho propping it can got
tnd the party leaders know it. At
oulst, s~o we ltiil8t eoflluo front the
"no0w robolliont" clodgo in Now
The Mania for Cotton.
''11t3 articlo which we published on
the subject of cottonl planting ill the
401'VC5 ailike t~o the farmter and~ to
,I1OH(. of other pursu51i ts who rc; in
,oiertcd in the progresas anid weofii: o
0111r sectioni. That, there is no
noncy to bet itiidc in raising coton
tt theO pre'sent pries is it faIct. attest
)L1 by time ex~l)()liuii(O of thle peltteri
tcl the ('tol'litioll of it largoi p)ortions
)111 our pej,1l. We~ von tarn alto as
;crtioii thaut thic fiLt(rit of Sut
Jeu'olxit are to day altlotst, if not
jiiite, 0.8~ pooi ti they were ill 1865. It1
lilty b04 1hat there buns bectii aetV'uncc
Ilillt ill sotie: of Il( he ereF3 of
V()'tltli. liii jretiv1 53'it 0(1IISttil un1
hat I a'lt' fair to, i)0t'ilO t i menii~t
' Iisol(ess hats b~eis it"t.hi darer ; tilt
LIOll the new tis)'teni of labor have
o it gret exet!vlme n vr
.0111. 'Ituking tilets(( ilt1t.M inito colt
ideerittioji, it iuist bei admiitte'd that
he past dlecde has not been2 entire
y iuifi'uitfiil of gooti i'OcllitH. But
11 tht ill re:-pcc't of u wtial wea(l t~hi
11(0 aid )ittllU('te of l(eel y il1n(: 410f
e0 t1tit..l ;t:; 11 riry'1' t ; at " we1r
:wi';:; not c4)nliel4') w'ith the iaths
I. is ilst'1085 to go> over tilt te ny of
J'av~igiue't:. it, is te:i~i I v I'iLl~iliuti
it South ( :Lutieii:L. 'I1ledt tltt-sm hauve
!:1t] It. Ci(il lit in 1)1&ulni(ile te
,sore1 is it sjie'iud ('1ti:4e I-te t ~ty
'Itel f te jil:tutor;:'-, ou~lt Ililotlgil
,ite! ( t1.'te ('ihlie,1 :) w'yhichi
NUe \Wte.tl aLI i'e(Itin .11 it; '.i til t. i
oe'tO'y t t1i~9 O~t iii! tof ev(h. r thet
Amt. l\jo '5r 1 t~liet ii lnthy
Li belt to ittl+t; e t t)i'L'fl it(d.
ater ofi(4 i (.id5~ I,~so t ill t i't'
'ottot th~ ile A In'talio aid iii i'tu
vie L- ~ilIo I.. Nert i oho tlelt"ii theso
*liqt i1 l 'ye 'e.IIe e l 'ti ' t i e tlt lit (.tit
Lrtelo .to - ititi htlolot to 'lIef t' tl.
rL, 1it ..... ll . ..... li- su j ' -ta t .' ill
experiment. If it work well, a great i
result will have bon accorplieliod. i
If it accomplish no pod whatever, t
such failuro would be a cotrination l
of the expodioncy of th plan at <
present adopted. In any event the i
experiment will not have been in !
vain. Lot us plant loss cotton and
more grain. Lot the planters of
Fairfiold sot the example. 1
The Enforcement Act,
The people of South Carolina
cannot havo ceOasod to roeimber
very distinctly the arrets, trials'
and convictiolH had in 1871 and
1872 nuder the provisions of an act.
of congress enLitied "An iact to
enforce the prov:sionH of the four
toonth inc ilmenhtiiL to the cn0Htitu
tion"--comiuiumly known as the
Enforclet Act. It, will be re
membeiiiired that grave doubts wore t
then entortLined its to the right of t
congross4 to interfere to enforce c
the ri ofutrgo 'onforrod upon
hle neg~roe by the aieindinients to'(
the constit iLion. More than one
('as8 wasf taken~ upi f'rom: the Uniited :1
States circuIit cou~t, for this sftte to<
the Hupremne court, but owing to ,
Home technical pointy ia doeision on
the mierits was never reached. In 1
1873 thero wore riots in (Grant
.Parish, Iouiiani, which rosulted
in the killing of several nogroos. i
Several persons %:OrO indicted und1r I
the Eif'orcenuonet Act, and, after t
one m1istrtial, $0omo0 Wert) convicted.
The pirties convit ed naclu a
totion1 in arre.t, of jwtrignent, and I
thL cases wereo taken to the
siuprem1e court. 'J'lie opinion of the 1
couirt has just huetn pronlounced,
and1, the indtictm1en1ts pr"onoun1ced1 1
fttally i, fc.tivi,. 'T'he chief points I
ulltlie in tiht: ouinin i of the court.
ar1-) these : 1. That the imend
llnlts to tothe constiLtutiin (10 not i
confecr the righlt of slhrng~e, hnlt:
only 'jlin tI mt the right shall not t
be abiridgeil 41n 11(41111u1 of race ori
color. 2. Th: tho right of suf- f
(naue is Mileh-e the exlIa-iivo control
'f the states, with the single t
re;ervati1n set, '1. frt hin the L amiend- a
loont . ,3. IThtt, to miakit out a case
agaid aIM. it party mlldir the Enfore c
tuntt Act, it 11ust8 bo shown that. c
Lhe oftlnce consish-d in an attempt I
to iit.erfere with the political rights c
ofit a person ont af(counI, of his race c
or e/-Ltat is, at conspiracy to r
interfere with tli rights of demo- t
Serats. or of repub ihlitns, a: such.
Iry,~'ii -ittiing att Cohlunlhia, iln 18'il,
:09 tiir t1(10fhan onle coiunt, in n
the graoullc tha~t each11 conitined an
alloaion~ 1,(4 at ffi he righit of suiffrage
was1- 4(onferral b11y the conhstitution.
Court I. m>i i!m1lieI mnts can bel 34 tried
un1de'r fihe Fu tforcemein t Act, imiles,.
it h e shoi wn ill e~*very case thatt the'
c~olori. 'Thme discinmation may bo
dteeldhd a mlS sweepin1g, uni mnvy
I e n otherii than that. of raice or
hrie. and*~ ~ibI Uitedl14 Stte.
Cor ( sl lm. i ve no~ jiiuridie 14on. The
I,,u' Grrier sys :"Itli
n1o. lon;.: hi le poss81ilo fior f the
Unt(4iited S tsC~ot tos. heioa
state of its n jurisdiction'.proa
ounr ly Thei Un'iiedm State sillo
noii flt (n1(er X' onl'ak to prerform
more olic du ; te Uied tatles
Cort 1 s' tilt) hCv OU juisdictionl
utlr th Enoremen!5tCt, 1ave
flrml discriinatinnjetount of i
powe of (congress to' nuterfero with
the local affa~irs oif Ite state( is inl
of the coitu i . tin m1al11 thel sipiit, of
all oiur.\ nA -r'lian inist it uim ions. Tihe
h ighesiM (iiout of the land couilldl
hav peIIC~ rfome no'll moii 31re impor51'tiant
douty t-iain that of's ren'sin:g an
-.titutional Unnits.
Ini a ~Vi< Of' M v t'1$gatLott-.
le~ deilmra1 i(* livjiirity iin [he
lowerhous of eo 'eM took I heir
,-a4i w'eith fth' eye oM f the enTiti re
coutry II Iix\ed expret'eantlhy,.niu
piolitie's wvhieb gave' the( de~mocrat s
the reslt of 41 th~ dIisgust e'xcited
in the indiis of the nlalsQss at tjie
Norf h) m.0t West ov't- theO r'epeat'hld
frmneds prp1''trated( ik thet Iltriota
1t was t here fore e'xpec'tedl oif t he
sho iuld be'~ taken 1to br'1ing to light
*all Ii~. fradsc'uhi divtheI
n d p ish the offond
ng pa 'Nory. naturally, the
,ask bet t1i denocratio majority
ias boen A very difficult one. Most
f the act? (peorruption committed v
n the differ nt departments of the
fovernrnnnt which the soveral coma
uittees of the houso woro ox
>ected to exposo and tako moas e
tres; to p>$ng1, were of ver;y long
standing, anid the roguos had pretty
ifreetually covered up their tracks.
'lo difficulty of the task has boon
still further anguetotud by the fact
lat mnany of thoso who supported
lo lomIocratic canlidalte in the last
ilection worn by no moans hearty
n their support of the political
>rinciples of the party for whose
oprosenLtativos they voted, in
referonco to thoso of their ownI
)arty. ''h1e miisgovcrnmont of tihe'
adicali had so disgusted tho m1asses'
11t they wore detorminod upon a
hauge, even if it worked a tel1po
ary sapreimiacy of their political
1pponents. Many, thoroie, in
Iced alost all, of the disaffoeted
opublicans Who voted the demo
ratic tiokot in 1874, looked for
vard to the notion of the majority
n the lower hotso of congress with
noro of doubt than of contidence.
Bosides this difficulty of their
>oCuliar situation, the democrats -
i the hbuse found tlemsiolves con
rontod with a task, tho obstack B n
ttending the accomplishmin t of
vhich wero many, and dolbt.less
coeO1ild to ilcireaso conHtauntly as
ho worc of invostigation proceudel.
L'holi army of office holders, backed
)y the powers it 1 haslingtoni,
cmened to bid delianeC to the sovor
di iniVestigadting co0n1111ittons, and
le preoss of the opposition, the
o-called indepeudent almlloht
qually with the outspokei radical.
brow iain:iy obsttacles in the way.
'ot that they olposed investiga
ion: that would have been it
)ositive co1 3fssion of weakniess
or the republican party, aid
voildt have exlo sed them and the
>arty to the susp1icioln of conniving
t the mislIs of publ1ic oilicials.
bit. they have (idevored to drmaw
li the public mind fron the grea,
vilsI which the democratic-, hous<
ave aimed to correct, by eagerly
ateling it some mistake, whethe: 0
sf policy or of legislation, come
Litted by the hosioe of r"ireent
ives through the vites of th,
nlajority. .Notwithistanding thes<
lenawhaeks, the hiouse, unmder 1.l1
uidlance anld (con1trol of the1( demo1(
radtic ma:jority, has3 siteadily pursuor
lie course of inquiry with whieh
t started: out, aruol hasu brought b~
igh t manyi thiings thad mighmt othe10
v'ise have( been1 conceale11 1 for year'
mid perdilhp forever. The corrup:
ranis:mtion of the lat e so(3retary of
vari, M'hr. Ectlkniap, ini( connlectioj
ifr1. Mash though enough ti
lingraice the war' de~parltimnt atl
dhow lielknap1- to be utterly uni
,vorthyi of thle high place he Ithld
ns3 by n ii o m1 an8 ~ isolated~ (mam
it has beeni shtown by the tesitimon'i
> flimore than onel troi-twor'thi
na-l frequently guilty of sellingp
uis Ofli(0:L lirit'go. It b
dieu11 theefre i8iito0 pointl to 1h1Mrs
neecld b y ai peuuhlar st1te~ Iiof cicum
4lliees : it was1. o1nly one( of ne
ma8 insita~n00e ini which Helkni
i-d initegri ty for dollamrs and1 cents
Nor is1 the warim dlj.rt:niet alonie ii.
beig thie sphere! ini whicth corilrupt
meoit and the several bra n'*ho3 of
the civil seirvice, all boar strong evi
donce04 (if dishlonest tranisac tionIls.
Thomse will doubtloss bo bronght ti
light be~foro very long, anid the
peopIIClely then soo for themselves
whaiit manhner of govIrlmnenit tho(v
have had1( under- a republican admji
istraiinl. Whatever miay ho said
by' Opposinig patisan~is, concerning
Lhie now 11ou1e, it, is simiple folly- to
alt (emlpt to, igiore the fu1e 1. [hat imutch
good halos hemn done to the enitire
Lcount1ry hby ih inveyst igationsx already
perfec(ted and1( those still ini progress.
AIlread~y are( thie corrpi1t ionist.s of
the b lows they haivO received , while
the: be~tter piottioni oft the party real
genineii and1 fart reaicin g reform
I thies re3slts inhrdedil'. all [atl hias
been'i (( iirmp1ilihed by I 1he11 demiocrat H
Ii conlgress, I bey aoe s~huM stif
litve to win for' thme demiiocraitjicl party
it re'cogniitionu romt thme cutire con
try--a roeOgni'tion of its iriherenat
worth andl of the( services that, it lhas
.Ionoe to thle t1anne of the people,
under'1 8 ol erreiinhne Ilie most81 p een'
Liar and1( the m x 0embanjrrassingr w ithii
wich'l any1 pJ.a) ,ieal party~ lhas 9ver*
b~een suirrounud 1.
A trami~y en11tkled' a schoolrioiomt,
near Alton)1, Tll.i the oithe(b night,
anid limade him4hf comlfe -tfale by
replenRiing'ti 1W Ire with schomd
hooks .1t iS hu1pplo-d tha J~ t lie
buriiied up~ beh lWen $15 andie R2(
wi or th o f lgeht ltat.
Finn I I 1--A deatruotivo fire pceurrod at
Sinoty. aix, S. C., )December alat, by
rhioh four atores valued at $20,000 wor'
urned. The further spread-of the con
lgration, with probable destruction ol
le whole town and a loss of soveral hun
tred thousand dollars worth of property,
nd many lives, were ?rovoited the
rrival of a Great American Fire Lxtin
uisher, nn Agetit happening to tiolne in
jwn at the nick of time. For faill partiou.
ira, seu the Abbevillo Mediuiit and Now
erry ierald of the following week.
Mr. P. P. Toale of Charlestoti, S. C., ii
ho Gehniral Rotthet- Agent for the (reat
i(riacani Pie,a Eaxtinguiaher, and will
umwer all iniliries in regard to the name.
1 U3tL. of Wlite Wino Vinegar for sanl
it the 1)rug Storc of
near :N' W E AIKEN,
JF. Ic~s & Co.
orner of Congrs and Washington $tM.
E beg leave to announeo that we
ro now receiving our full Rlook of8pring
ni Sumunter OOO.i.
We invite attention to our *onuplot,
tonk of 'rinta,
All of which wo are now offwring very
iw for the .\1S1.
12), ('cenits4 per yard.
C'ANNDEREN1lf~ and '.I.'EED
I all-stylo jut. receivod.
J ust received a foil :lad vari ed stock of.
laclie-.' iress shoaesa all of the
latest M~yles.
april 4
11 il lilig to) Tre-CM);Spa~t'8.
l *L ., persons I aire heraaal y wra-arnd
.aigat ni.-I Iishinig. Ln ltingj. ttinga'
auinher. iir ioIhearwi, tr'esi asin~ug upjon
a .lan 1h. All pe.rons daisn- aiganiing j thais
ait I-ea will be. proiis cute toi a the full ex
aent 'f the' lawe.
mar 2 tt Wi l. T[lUN i-1tL
)NR To'n ouf Whluit' Lea'd wichi r guuar
an tee a laura Lad. for'salu act the
Irua htoro) of
'ar 30
I MI augnn aii* li tin for' inttnanit and
.1 i- WAiadensa faor 1 he Toiwna of' Wjis.
ir iu wii i lwill ('n thea Ist -ainday it
pl~' n i'o't, hwt weniii thea. hlu r- o..uf IG i.' mi.
cii. a; l. r.,Th bok wvill lie aijwna fori
trg:;ulata ion o I'lhnrseyau, ;rbhliv iandl
aturthrylia pna''..eUnga the day ofi li'et'in.
Tihe i follo w inga lii'an 're heariby av p
aointeda repptr lar; tanti iiiansagts o ch le
luru: 'Johni C. '.quaier, .1. ii. Iliwna inl
miehl 1a tad Clerk
liIporter nadI ih'ale'r in
[IAl111)WAltE AND. (CU1.TLERY,
taut ing' (Uiot hs, 'aimit Alaichinues, I irilmi
saiws, .\ulili irans,~ .5agaar P 'aaas, ('arrilage,
uliibl inig aind TFritiiuminlg Mit3alatrmis, Inii
Luihiwr iad 1 eiat her lieliniag, (Carpienit.r.%.
~lacksith (andu Tlanners' T1oouls, Ilins.
ejaping andl F~urn ish~aing Iliardwaare, Agri
aultaurial Imlemai'aentsa Lime C'omentii, Plan
er, P'ainltsc, tils-. Fn-neiah iad Anwiirianl
aW'indowa~ Gh s Gus Iihles, P'istols., a"hlol
a hlsa-le iand I ladil at thei sign of the
lolden P'ad Looiak.
00 L U1IHA , I8, C.
naov 1(0 x%3mosui
hat' AlI lx. ihIel'dllp( 'o Complziy,
'aial paid' pi .. . .. . $2 yi1,Eot
Iss (uaimarket vailuei) - .. .. ;23, I c .1
1. It. H U~N-N, Sec.
l' Ii.ell poipany hias satefaidily wonl its way -~
ii sina-es, untiil it now'ai ranksai- with thosec
taitt ionsara- whib ha a-ea'. gie Iiaartfoird
ilehl a repaIt~iain lior honesaaty aind li fa
bc-ahnag iolii u nrwr-itinig.
lAS. W.* LA W,
fa'b 14 Agenat at W~inoaor, . (I.
. il I. ixercjises oft his iunstituion''
w ill be resa;ui-il on nl aa-esday,
iinai I r- I'anuh. na Fo circula'r
ticulaiiis, acddress
*. M. DWItCl[T',
jan 1 tIPincipali
Rlagsi Rags I
\VAPI your .Ic e/rn ottori and' linen rags
amail coa-rn sacks, ian'i wo will buy'
Wrppn paper for ale at anufrac.
iaorsi praiicoa.
monh 1 _ MoMAf5TER & BURT(1P
~ (l~l'lN ., lidle of' Putuki,
V. . Iruamuide aof Palauh, . il'irilue Ama
maaainc, Cl'hherial, Hydiiratlca, juta re'eivdfaj
mal forl acale alt thle irig 8tdre' 'if
wnar 30 W B i'A .-'
Trial Ja stCe
1S; All bu.sinetss .nruttd to him wil
re'oeivo prompt attlntmnn.
II. A (J. ALtLAn. JNO. . I:ybIils
OffIce of ('o0i0it' 00h1illissIolies
Wixxsiinttus i . ('., Feb. 16, 1876.
LL persons lholding claimns against
.i... thee C'inty of' Fairli'*le, contraett-<
prior td October:tlt, 871, are notifleil to
hnil in sealed bids l'tora settienon t of their
chrims, saidl bils stettinig f'ortha whait clis
Oolint, t it t older will allow iii seilletnueit.
Such bidits nie received within thirty
lays froin iate will be openedl at the oxpi
ration of that tirne, and chicks dlrawn on
the county treasurer in f'avor of'those who
iia- oifer the largest rale of uloicoutit. The
plun of settleient o' the lest intlbterl.
neus of the courity, abonve spreeilled, is re
(iuiit i of tinil ole olhiga.try (11t111 tly.
ou1.ty c ,mmissione rs 1.1 %a joi rt, resolu
lille of the g-n, snl aseinbIely fi' this sittne.
apIroved March I th, 1875, which an
thorizes the coiuntly comn issioners ot
(haretoidon and F'alirl- Id ountie s to levy
nil'I colleet, a sil-cial tax to pay i st in
qebtetess ot' sitil ennties, andl to regn
lnto the manner of tillimrin.Z the satme.
11 l' iIY JA1COH,
Chatirinan of th . Ioars1
of C. C. ofi V.C.
fob 19 .n
Notice to ioad~ DIstrict Overseers.
Om't"ci: OF (erwry ('1Mns o-Ntat.
Winnis!boro, 8. C Mnroh 4t, 1870
YOU are bere1>by notified aunti required
-. to ordier out lor throe days wort,
before the 1st of tay next., on the public
highways, All Able-bodied tatlle: lecrsorns
het ween the ages of eight oein anid forty
ive .velp's. O)vet'seers will be held to a
strict reicun-mtability tor aill regligene in
theworueiig o' the rdisl, for the Idling of
rirnd lut(is, anged far the tienle rl(jlireil f'r
work betmig wastell rtil Iritti-d wrty, in ease
staeli it, gligenc e or ini;ssness ix not re
liortei to Ibis r4411e.. All public highways
innt he clared out to the lawful widtli,
aunel lropmrly elilthe-il nt trained. Yoi e
will also report to this oihe All persons I
obstructing the' iubli - ronils, either by
throwing therein brihe anwl rails, or in
lity other ni anner whii isel-vr.
IlENltY .1'011.
('eunty Coininmsioniu,"r. for
meh 8 xl tFalirtiell (ointy.
Ironin the Blood
, 4
it'k TONIC
The Perawia Syrup, a Protect.
'ed Solution of the Protoxide of
Iron, is so combined as to have
the character of an ailment, as
casily digecsted and assimitated
wvith the bilood as the sim plest
food. .1t increases the quantt yj
of ,2Katuircs Own Vitalizing
A 1enzt, Iron in the blood, uent$
Cl cure"''thouisand ilts,,, simply'
be Toninzg gly, inLvi/igrting et
1italizing the Syistem. Thac en
~1ched and -intalized blood per
eneates every par1t of the body,
recpaI iing diamnages and waste,
searching out -mgorbid secrc
tions, and leaving nothing for
disease to feed utpon.
This is the secret of the won
dlerful success of this remned y in
curing Dyspcpsia, Liv'er Comn
plaint, Dropsy, Chronic I r
rhoa, Boils,N2~ervouis Aflfectumit
Chills and 'evers, Humzio.
Loss 'of' Constitutional Vigor,
DIseases of' the Kidneys - and
Bladder, Female Complaints,
and all diseases orIf laating im
a badl state of the b ood, or aiC~
companil ed ly debility or a louo
state bf the afSstem. B~eingf freo
from A lcohol, -in any~ formn, its
tuerglzing, effets are not fol
lowed by corresp)onding reaC(
tion, but aeZ' permanent, infu
sing strength, 'vigor, and nseuil
life 'into aill parfts of the system,
and buidding upJ an Iron Con
Tho usa nds h, ave been ehan gect
by the use of thcis remed y, fronm
'weak, sickly, sufferinug crea-1
tues, to strong, healthy, anel
happy en.n and women.; and
invl(ids cannot reasonably hces
it ate to give it a trial.
See that each bottle has P ERU
VIAN SYR UP blown in the glass.
Thamphlets r'oo.
SETH W. FOWLE & SONS, Proprietors,
No. 1 Mit in Place, Iioston.
At Very Low Prices,
janu 20
ris no( meidicinie prcibedCi)(( by phyi
carr~iiesi gmich evidence oft its- siO"e-es
aind supe-c.rior- vir t uoia .Bout-l E'S
GN~ Svuur', for severe C2oughs,
C~olds ttied onl the1( b)reast, low
smnpflhionl or' any1 disease of- (q10
Th'Iroat andtt Lnnugs. A prioof of rha~t
got ai samiple .Jottle for 10) cents anid
try its'Huperior (dl't beforeo buyi
the regular size at 75~ eenfts. Itha
try fromi Gu n, 1n its wvoindor
iii en1'rs are .h~1 astilhinig (overv 4111
hat ut-ts it. .Three dh)ose wrill relievo
ny caste. Tr~y it.- Sold by Me fu,;
ne- & .BeicC
, f%{'a sy t
t ,t } .n, ' jam, i " "- w l
ii!':2 ."'.!;i [,lOtlyllIii.' 1)ro)cl!tntVI
F.(;AR PIT" 1'i?!th till' Most ii"o11c11'r'ftll I
ijlnl'ioilt tiallt ever stnRtaillild to M1111"'.
ti 41rin.
No I'c"r'ion ('tPI (.incr. th('R(' Iiittej,
accr l"11Ihs to directit. na.; and r('nlain I,'It '
Intct'll, Iiiiivid(;tt thuir holleR are not la
4tro}'ed by nlneral It it;ult or ot:l.
:ne;dill, Will t"iltI ('rgnns u"a8te(l beyl't
liiliolln l;(',111ittvld anti Iiltt
.ent in the valloye of our grout r"ic
?1)itt(')il I ('V't'l :S, whit-11 aro 8U pre It
hrougho:it (lilt Gnlted State8. e$il,'c'i.
..u'se of the. ,1i.nissil)1)i. Ohio. tissolI
I11inois. 'I'ennt:11Mer, I. 'tcm lhurlltil(i.At"It;III
i.la, ked. (;(tlr rallo. Brazos, I{io Gr"antlo,
)'earl, .11;1i a.u;t. \t( hilo, SIls'arinah, Itti.
tnoku, .)alile.3, and It1:111y ether., w-tli
:heir vast tributaries. tl;rotighout IMP
ntil'u ('.utllltl'y ihiring tho 41111111101' Alltl -
Autunln. and I'(iriial"kiliv no during 81'$'
irn of uuusu;tl heat will dryness. ni"P
urariahi aacntnl ;:niod 11 extensive .1w"
rallgeu;entM of the ftot1111Ch and lirnr,
and other ;.hti(,1nl:lal t'ist'er;t. Iii f anlr
:t'I,ttlllf'tit", at 1lt11g:tti "e. t'XIit'tillc it roll.
":'ful inllurrn'u ul,' n theme rnl'lous or
,taus{ is m4schtially (tecc binary. 'l'ltere
'.t 11(1 cathartic 1 ,r the purilora equal to t
lilt. .1. 'VAi.upr('i VINEGAR B1"r"rr.K4,
s they "A 6-11 st.t lily remove tlto dark.
"'gloved rir,(a(l tl:.Itter with whir11 tl{t
.'owela Rre loaded. r.t. the sanio tilut'
AtiirlsllatJil".,' tllo :serrt'tiora of t:; t iit'or.
trait geiit.in ly rc'+toring thn IueaI liy
htnciiun9 of the (Ii;;rs(i e organs.
Furl Ify the hotly . 'railist (tig(ilrratr' "
t'y ftlirifriiie all its Ilititis with Vi\I":(z.tx
I;l"r"rr;Ils. Not el i(Irnlic can talco hold
styst'ln titua fore-armed.
T.- sp)'psm or in(ligest.ioll, ITentl
' .h{. Pain ill the tihutll(lcrs. ('otti;ira.
i'ig;htnt':', of the. ('hest, Dizziness. Sot1r
':rttct;itiurl.i of tho 14olliaell, Had 'Pasta
it (lie .liottth. I:iiious Attacks I';t11)if:r
Iation of thu Heart. Iliflatnrnatiou of tt{a
Lungs, i';sin in the re(it'n of the tilts
!1cys..iiuI a hun(iri'(I other painful iylllp
:.Brie, aro tine offsprings of I)}'spepthw.
" ine l.14uttlc tt"i:l III (PIP a het tergli tranticp
"tf it-4 Incrit$ tu;ti) a lengthy advertimn
i'i(':'ofu11n, (:1' It' il1t; N Evil, whi(t
welling,. t'IcriS. F:rs:"ipx:f; "t. S v.'Iictl N .'k,
it.ill't'. til:'t+t'lllt'11.4 Itl:t i11111itt1 lid, 1iititInlt$
illlitttlllilitl,.u:. it'r,'Il;'ini tt rr(.PIIt 11:;. lll,{
i1 theme. as in el t::hel" t'i.!t tl:titi~ illt1 I I.
aset:, t1 .t1.X,:a'.t Vi\ta;.t ii 1:1771""3. hi..tt
lt''t"n their Lrr.ut (;;rtt stn Itotv :I"4 ill rho
trust t"h':1 n ;t:C st:i.I ins rat.t:,it: cm-w..
k'or In tlarr2::)t1t(,rs" and Chroni(;
.li('Iitltnti,)n, I;ii;oris, ken ii
0111 :trltl I uit1 rrl{/tt('ri: i ( t't'1 :t. I){K( ases l'(
.n iiltlt'tl, iiVii', I"'+tlllt" "i (lull Iil;ullt"r,
alto ItitIt'r- have n.l ctlllal. Sut'll Disc,,",
.le t:i.{II.q('li h V itist;rtt I.land,
31l' .ai("al ,it

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