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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, April 12, 1876, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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I I 1 + l 11 II 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 A t;itI.lsil1.;1) \t"I":i:i I. I- It 1"
I;\ ' 1i. I, lI ,t1 .11 N .1 a>t :t o' ll S.
//SlitAr.l) i ! I Iisltcli wt,
3 ,0wii of IV i i.b. t tf, nt. ;:jd
cr/ in. mit"Ince.
"A I I 1 r"t uvi("tt' . lilt t"I rt'split ettt.", lot 11
it' -11 U VA N('/s.
} jiry N1 tiei!., ttniI 't'ril ttte$ .0
ottl)V()) i(21t DeteeI 'o Proclied
t Ag ttn t tho Ku" K11tx.
i('r\"ic4i tic e':It" of the ad
10 11 are itlii ;;I daily hl-r1
''s evitletu"e anti re ealillp
('"jir:u'ieti lift(] c"ritlies of
1 N;" 1. hitlrt", rS 'llicf of 1:h(.
"Vice, and onto (it' t, Ile utafr
011.1)it":Ito.s. who \\':t:; fil
l i tt iotl Ijitt. (lucal)e(1 I'VV :t
:', 11:11; i ("(!tl ,..IltllIJlOtW(I to
'2'C He\'ertll in\";tilrrrth iit
of t)u)
...t"t. )!tore tit)? c( ut11tit
on (!x1)c'ntlittties ill 1'hn depart
Jut of .)Itti o. Ile S\\"e re I ii tt, iit
. 871 A 11(11 nr'v C;crcr;tl ' : I:1"rinrut
%1t\"(' hill) ,n1 ttuliltlilc!(I Order Oil tilt
ti l)ur:.it)n ell-1k of tit(! treasul Y 1":
111111' ; 111111.11 Il i)Iit'ti' 118 \\"ah 11('t :l("d
IO 1)1"c .'Itrv :u"rPSt 1)1' 1he hta1lt'rt: ill
ill(' i ll Iiix uiit"!'i1;;1' ; l:t tilt' '1aii111cril
1t. . Whitley t:ta'lv oil(' or two
trips to ;iotlt-I1 (.'al"I)iltl;t :11)1( tt('I;rg' 1.
a11tI (':Ills! 1'su L \\';!!I :)I Illt'll with r)':
(tom ('1:1i '(I .:+or1('a to vi vn L. It.' N(i $ 1,
al n 111 t'vttl tl?1 O:tt"I':t;";NE i1 h1("l1 ha.i
ll( C;" I1("co (olutui! 11'(1: 111(1 a"(-r(" of
IIN! tt) It ttr' :'hlttIiIIitit:ttciO1I f( I t" I)O1i11
t':1l purl" f. 't'h1"tl if(. k,'lrt Ill:!.(!('
I hos work 'tilt hIt(' r"axu5"
Tl ('st' 41, gVes 11"("1'1! 11111 1 I\ ?' '1a
ikvs of t..1"cv. t(; \rilg1IIl lit.' v'-wild
'O ")1 (+: :?' .l)i)It 1'11'11. 1+'1111
ti 111!:t i lecti /" K) t'se;I))Iltih :1 rr1''': t"'1'\
stf)1"t' O1"! lU Io a)I\" (ii 1:l. ( Ii11":Itl(ts:
7 11t t t;., +:til'1 '. 1;ntl tt (' it :1" :i ) iill(1
1"ti :)1 )1a tl L+t4.U1')IL".11e)11 :(lc111I l.:l 1:111 1
O c'1":iliO+1!;. 1I)r O'.iLllt,:titt11\
l tit:tt(:ti ill th(' tu)ttjtl.t it t of c :t'. 111
a 1'I or 11:):1111 frltto Ilia '' it.1,,t.fitc":
tf;(:t" tII("v I 1'c"tt+u" t ";1ttf)li :Itl 11 itt
gl')("el': 51111'(. or MI ftll'!11 . 111111 to
'..lloiiiintiol; 11!:11. he (tilt e'1 taitt froth
01! f1;\+," \vttM o111\" 411, 11\":1!1 to c'il"( ,lt:
' ,t($ ))1oo( t"c"II!..IIiiI" !0It)t"i,'S" h ,
il ititlc'y sl)r"ltl. I)cl tt t'e"!I :)31),I),)tl Alit
+f !1).111)!) ii) Ibis \)'t'L .:iiid hr ti(' .;lr c"t
lf.t(( 1('11 I ,,: ('1)1!.Wll '. '6' ii'1 " 11111("1
f tins :uuoltll?" I cl 11;11+r .)l)ti:ltetl t(
11iiusa"; f. His is St: 'r\" Was l.lto ol(
story I I )o(1!".t i\"ID lii"sl ("t"t \4"h1) kit
1;1 ixt"el Alal,:ltllti ltt" litoliilf:tc"iltriii
Ii i ("I"it)?es :11111 lisiil", I lit, 1i11r(-:-:t"1"t('t
tc I)o1 er oi' t lie ft ) ("(' Dill to intuit!
CZ tl aIttl (Iil')':II.vII se ('lttiI.(" 1.1 )1111 'L i
1) who i('1:Iit! :t1"t'(!1<11, of, )111100(!11
!11(11(! \\"Il( wer(' ,I( \"('1" evell 0011
" "("?.c"II !11 C'111: is l"Oiltl"o1Io(l I)'
l':1111. "-- /.,.l' "/r r: N f t'.
hy FrCt;1(7'.'.; . B'iehiitlan Remained I
Bachelor.:l?1 elegant, Ilitllisit)11, 111:11" till
rlitlgt.on 11' 11 c1. in thi:; ("it\", res'(l,
}fit vo I:-.I tics (,f the (1111011 a l 15th)('.i'"u" "
' Wise People.
Ben is i ni 11i11 f111 lived int
city al his (llyM .si no'iie need ilnagiil(
Ii that lie isM't p)O+ted1 in all Mtt p1)r
tifls; to Iigri( lltllre anid Ii'wticul
ttrc, blotanly, etc. Suc" i1111I t'1 )tr.poe thn a110awho
nitlkcg4 it his JIHIMillsMS tol soW 111(1
1i1e;11 n1111 J)Ilmfo. A gentlemiani liv
u > ling (m1 F-~ort StIVCI 'we1., yH h'rdny
s33 l 1(9 lIi. ittl(1. 'F'li ;t' cc rh i
I jusit CllIIeiicIi wvork whleni a last
1\eI 1pliNt~eil iy ncd' iiiikecl
Y1 %-ou (don't:, volt hlil l)ei.lter let it
IoiI(,c forL ~t leattc tw%'J weeuk, 1,)11;; _
'!'lee g31'dcn 1' ftixo'ol hiis ade 111311(1i
put, the o n~v into) it 111111); anit} it doctor
ull kill flint tyrel Htohlo delad
if yolu it I liIul.) oft' I You ought to
hear ;e 1)1111(.'( it thriee Avt'(ks igo."
.l'1he 1g3IiIlci1Q ltl' n ' sevele two or'
(ior the tv3e ande exr'lc'iu
* '(}00(1 lIenw 'u"'j,
Y ti l(o1111' I Are vont insrulec.!
.. . "".t touch that tr'ee till
hin tsll)Ma IN Will"11 ! Any
stoo cou1pe)11 tell ,youi bettor than to
t.rimi it n1'L !"
''im1;1ai'l1e1' expected such~ cx
*rsin tolin~lda im n e ept Itl' his; Wvork w'ithout, lived
in* ; tu ILet Prtty so001 it cler'gyman1f
8Lau1' 1 ('1'13i14 ii. tlteiol the trot; ;fine
tuir Witlh It plensault "good ('I. sil"
i1IY." 11111,il de( that it 1113lL hiil
is 'c:: i thl is ju, season401. lit 'u=".1
tha~t time lastl fewv (dnvH of MII'leh
;we~rel 1r~}' thel. onily dayts in I'hi
whoale ll :i Wicilllb' 11:11); nll sitl!'ly
he !01)1)'(1 I'll'
l'h( 3011~ l nci~ r a its just 1ii luu
Who nevw't lived1 IL (lily oultsidLt Of at
kvitv\, cxcrjlt" t0 1,k(11 N.ac~tI tion. 1lme
:iuoui nil turneri~pi, hlited, .9VohleCd
firely rtlul 5:1i(:
" lee here ! ?'a;1 kind of ia ga:r
(1II~c Iit M1( f3 13y*I~ ?w if *'
lhicif Iri ! tie 8;111 will rill riml into
Ill'' ouet au1. thii toll) -will (lie'~'
* '}li I r(ef IS stfill inl p)ositio nl to
Ill ii flii I 'ic'n ( r~1ks.-])cfrroj/ l',*co
I I. .N:v Sic l1.EN its- 'vu: Pot~ui'j
i .Nx .--lie rej 3.:r-, (1 tie ilitary
POu~illulil icc il lienI traw~f of the
Iii. iii I 13reaii III tit( 1'Ira1' Depa)rt
'ici 1it. will sit v(1 LtI cd the Op11inon of
six\1 ut illity tii er';a v IVC h l 01).
ttlll~ on1 thlis 3;Illhjvt, 1111(d thatt every
r' 'icual (+111('('' of' 1.11'3 trllny RILI'IJ oflo
'.i fl(Ii-r I 3 ih 'li':iiige ''hrc IiIUlly"
hiti ii)~ 'ot i.'at Lt 81, hrc IlIIi'8 that
)lilt 11131 thLai ttweli Alives 1P.' chi t.:
elftim 101('} ftilygct to the iiidili3'1t
1u1.1 the SI res ilued to securie thei
c1 ( ( +t(13 'CIX 1:i ti )i' 11111 Ioit i('iht:
. ill! 0, S'VX 11hat.1 11cr'i It life-'c.-Xl " ol'
t e Hll 1i 'ct" lie I 3ehil'V3H 1 : it. (1 L)(' I l'
M iledl tiild tita cfivery~ (''313l 3r3t11i
ofi 11i1111,111t \ (l'IIIIl(IN4 thfli it(~r.
.13 II'at+ SeaN(.' )iEX:.-Iil fill oldi
;work 01 It1 ''En;i9ili Sutiiiiucx 31133
'al ii i Ii3IlCX,'..ffu h~is folllO . a .u
Walt hi Ian's Account of the Sceno
t Fore' s Thoatt'o.
A- his furlthcoiming Book.
The y of April 14, 14(15, steems
t~o haf bee a)01i pleasant One
througl uti the whole land=.-the
moral i norp i(re' p)lenf1411t, tio
the on+ .or111, so dr11k, 84) fratrici
da~l, full blood( and( dloubt and
gloom, o r anid 11enlded at last by
the suur of 511(11 anl absoluite,
littional -torv, and utter br'ak
img dowl if secessionisin--w il
most (10111 ed our own Senses I Lee
had enapitul tted b)eneatth Che apple)1
tree of Al )olattox. The othrr
a1'mies, thedtanges of the revolt,
swiftly follded.
B~ut I meist not dwell on ac
vessories. ' le deed h1 iauteulS. The
o)01)1lar aftet'noonll paper the little
Evening Star, had spattered all
over its third page, divided among
the adver isements inl ia senlsatioa111
mnnler inl at 11mndred dif'erett
places: "The President aind his
lady will be at the theatre this
evening." (Lincoln was fond of the
theatre. I have imiykelf seen1 him
there several times. I remember
thinking how funny it was that he
m some rtl)eet. the10 leadih1g actor
in the greatest and stormiest drama
known to real historys stage
through l'enturies. should sib there
and be so compleyetely iift're ted
andl absorb)ed in the h1n1na11 jac'k
;triaws mloving about. with their
silly little gesturos, foreigl spilit
and flattlent text-)
Ml) the dlay, a1s I say, was Il o
pitionls. .::-ay' herb"age. oearly
ilowers()" were (lilt. I remebelirr
where I was stoppinig at. the ltil'e
the seao01n Ib'ingh alvan'ced, were
nmuny lilne's in fall1 bloom. By on1e
of those caprices that ('nter 11(1
give tinge to evelits wit.lit heji1
at all a part of them, I find miyself
always 1'lilded of the great.
tragely of that day, by the sight.
a1111 odor of thase bl0ssom1s. It,
never fiujls.
On this occasion the tle'atro was
crowided, tunmy ladies in rich ald
gay costmii1ies, oflicers inl their
uniforms, nanmy well knowh itizens,
young folks, the 1'al clust ers of
gas lights. the usual maingnietism i of
No many 0('ple, cleerfll, with
perfllles, i'uisic of violins and
flutes-:1mid ove. aill, ad11 i-lt1lrlIt.ing
all, that vast, vague wonder, victory,
tle nltion's viet'ry; the trim ii)ph of
Ulioin, filling the aio' the thought,
thi scene. Wi(h exhilaration more
than all perflel~aas.
The President camie bletimeis, alied
with his wife, withi'ssed the jpl;v:
froin the a11'ge stage boxes of the
s5'on(l tie'. tN) Ihrowi iIto o1(e.
ald profusely draped0( with the
nationial fhog. The acts 11(1 scenes
('f the pie'8-Onie of th<*e singular
ly wit leCs emnpo11)1)sitiols 1vhihie have
at. least Ih lmerit of pI 'ing (entir'0
relief to aln audiencre lengaged in
niental aethtii or blslftess excite
mlents andl vares thu-ingq the daty, ats
it, mtakes not; the sliht.ust ail on
eit her' the mo1rah emotional,
pliece t(Otr Ameorican Couisill") inl
wh(i('hi, a1rmng other chal ra1ctrf11, so1
(111l0. 1lke, A c'tainly smih a
une a1s was nlever' reen,1 <1' I he least.
like it 0eger seenI ini Northi AmerP1ien,
is inltrodneed4 in1 Englanh with a1
var11ied fol i. hrol of taulk, p)1ot,
scene1ry,, and14 s-uih phanlta1smai~gor'ia
ash goe's to to miake up a modlern
plar dramia(i'114J--had41 pr uogressed0
i brough a (couple of its acts, whienm
in) the( midst of thel comedy,1~' or
it is to be callod, anid to off'set it or
finish it, 0out. a1s if iln na4turel's5 and
the great inuse's muoc'key of thmese
poor)1 mnmem oesa .)0 initerpolated
thaiit scene, niot really or nxactly to
be~ described a lt 1al1 (for oil the manyiii
hunlldreds( who( were there it seemsi
'to this 1hour1 to ha~ve left little but1 a1
paissinig dre:un, a bhotehlm-ad yet
par1tiall1y to bie descr0ibied as8 I in'w
proceed04 to give it.
T1here is a s'en~e in the jllay rep
resenting a1 mioder'n p)arlor'4 in aich
twol unpre)1cedent1u d Englhih ladies
are' J111informd by3 the1( lunprece'denite'd
and1( impsible5i) Yan.Ikee thalt hie is
not a miian of fortune, and1( theefore,
11ndelsirabl1e1 for mairriage catchilng
purposes50 ; a~fter' whichel the comn
trio) make (exi t leavin~g the stage
('lear for1 a umomenit. There was a
pas.a hush~l 41 it were.i At this
period t'nme the 1mrder' of Abraam
hincohl1h (Oreat as thalt waIs, wit h
ad4 its mail ild train ('ireih(1g round1(
it, and1( Htre't.ihing inl the future for
man a(cetlury, ini thu p)olities,
history, arit et('., of the Newv World1
iin point of fact the ma~lin thing, tihe
atutal murderlO1, tr'anspir'ed with the
cjiniet and simplicity of any com
monest05I occurrence11(--t10hellratinlg oJ
aL bud~ or1 pod)4 ti the gr'owf-h of vego
tationi, for msltanlce.
Th'roughi the general hu~m follow
inlg the stamge aswtoh hn
of positioni, etc., camne the mutlet
floundI of a pistol shot, wvhih noi
IoneO-hli1ndredth par1t of the auiede<ik
heard'(l at the tie--ata yot a m1e
'Vaguu,? trtled thrill--and theni
throu01 gh the orna t1men)ted,- driaper'iod
starr'ied andl( str'iped( space-way of tht
PresCidenIt's1 box, a sudden01 figure,
man riseiRs hiimself with hands aui
feet, stands a moment on the railing
leaps below to the stage, (a distan~o
of fourteen or fifteen feet,) falls ou
afffsnon1 catchinn'.his bootrheel il
the copious drapery, (I he Aneriean
fahg,) falls on one knee, quickly
recovers himself, r11Mos as if notliing
h1 id happened, (lId really sprailied
his ankle, but unfelt then-and so
the figure, Booth, the murderer,
dressed in ll tiin 1)k broadlhith,
bare he'aded, with a full h(ead of
glossy, raven hair, ai.! bis eyes, like
somle moad animls%1R! flashIed writhl
light and rqsoiutioih v"ot with a cer
tainI st.rangit l ItiahmieP, hiold'i tdltt in
one hand I large l1life-walks Along
not 11ei1 bactr from the foot lights
tunns fully toward the audiene
his face of stattidsqtue beauty; lit by
those basilishk 'yes, flashingt with
desperation, perhaps ilsahity
latinelhes out. iii Ia fim and steady
voice the words, ", 'c se(me)('r tyr.n
ix " and then walks with neither
slow nor very ra('pid pace diagonally
aeross to the back of the stago ani
disappeared. (Had not all this tOu
rible sceno-mlaking the mimic olles
preposterous-had it not all been
rehearsed, in blank by Booth, be
fore hand '")
A muonent's hush. incredulous-a
scream--the cry of murder-Mrs.
Lincoln leaning out of the box, with
ashy cheeks and lips, with involu
tary cry, pointing to the retreating
figure : "He has killed the Presi
dont-" And still a ni)ieint's strange,
incredulous sus)pen1se-and then the
deluge !-then then that mixture of
horror, noise's, uncertainty - (tihe
1(und some1 whaut Iback of horse's
hoof's clattering with speed)--She
peiple burst through chairs and
rainngl "S, andi break them up---timt.
noise adds to the queerlness of (ce1
there is inextricale -confusion and
tirr'or-woma11n faint--quito feeble
perIsons fall1. anid are trampled onl
a1111y cIries$ of atgony are heard-the
broad stage siblldenly fills to suflo
4'aut ion i w). it a (ense 1n1d motlev
Crowd, like somo" horrible carniv .
the au.dience r1ush generally upon it
--at, least the strong men01 (t>-the
actors tnd act'ekses ariO still there im
their (lay co)s)1tmes Rind palintedI
face'p' wtithl mnortal f)ig;ht showning
through~l the rouge: nom1e tremlblinlg,
sonwif Il tearst-thle sc reamls and caills,
coImftIed talk-rediubled , trehled
two 1r ti.hree manage to l)a up
water from the stage to the P'resi
de'nt's box--otlhers try to 1'helrt)111 up
-e -,etc'., (sic.
It thle midst of this the soldiCeis of
the President's guard, with others.
sutldenly drawtntLi to the sceune, burst
in--somc two Ill(lrel altogetiher
the' storm the umse, through till
tne tiers, especiallV the upper ones,
inflllned ivith fury', literally charging
the audience with fixed hovonets,
nnmskets a~nd pistols, shuti~n i
"'< )I:er out ! elear out '-von sons of
fin Mch the wild scen1e, or a
stggestion f it, rather, inside the
play-hose that night.
Oltsile, too, in the atm0osphere of
sirhoek and raze. crowds of people,
filled with franv, ready to seize out
lly ontldt, for It, came ea 11r eunIit
ting n1rdor several titmes on innto
11()'t indiv idl Is. One such rt e was
specia.lly exciting, The i tfuiated
iBrow\d, through som1e c"hallem1, got
star1ted~ na :inst ones mmhl Pithler
for w"orls he uttoemd, or perhaps
l~'ueiIling 06it ondeuil to~ 21ual hangueii
po licemenl(i , who place~d him int tinh'it
miidd anld fought their11 way slowly
rushhlitg anld (ly~ling -to 11nd( fro -
the niught, the 7ls, the ple fa'es
manyi1 fright emfud peopl1)e1 trying inl
vain to) (xtrienite1 the1tlIvs-t~lhe
jaws of' dleath, hurking liko ai corpse5
--the silent, resolute hlalf-dozren
policemen01, withh nol weaplfiH but
their little clubs1), yet stern and11
steady~l~ thriotugh till those eddy3inlg
scene t~o the grand tragedy of the
hi m1111 with te pro'ltelted manu, Wvhom
taeyplacd insuhrityv for hight
ande dih age d hhninth mornmg
And ini the mkhIlIa of thatt night
1ani1demo~nim of eiiseless hate, inl
fuiatted4 soldier1s1 the auidienee and
the cro0wd-thle aitage and all Pits
actors12 and1( actre~isses, it~s painit pots,
CMyantgles andh gaslight -the life blood)1
fromli those veins, the beist anid swedt
est of the land, dirips do)wn, and1(
dea4thl's ooze/ already blegins its littl#
bubles on1 the lipls
Huteh, hurriedly sketched, weree
tis ncom(lpantimanltts ofthe death(181. of
tAnd inl wuriidet' and1 harrorl)1 un1sur1
i 1 deaIthl was painless.
W hat att at'ty to) 1r ljior1thrl'd
80,)000 federal ofilshl illn111 hi repub
lie ! J1 is gr'atifyitlg to know tha~t ai
dlemocratie cofigreseII liuttinlg duiwi
tihe slipplies for feedhog this ravieh
on h1orde of leeches.
An ld lady waus in the habif o:
talking to her' friend4 in aL gloomy
depri'ief hug malinner1, prt1esffithflg (l
tihe sadl skie of life. "J-anrg it,' sait
one, after a lon~g and P1ombre1' inter
was a bright sideO to the moon 1"
I In Canon City, Ool.,- a man can'
,take a couplo of broken chairs t<
1 the cabinet shop .for repairs withou
L hearing such imputations as-"Hi
1 yo with n. ahir did she 9"
HOW hu Saved" thet LIf6' of his Littl
Daug'hter, and;t what hoe Sfl'orod 1
friend of Siertuvtl' (lenIiiltix of th
gies i1it IleI.tterl to the Ji~tl)I1V
till lteid1('1 t in the life) of t'ile ltte
wvhicel ixp~lainP t11e (sanginl~e hll
o: hi.( face:
P 1ailtt'. y'ou wVouldC like t4) ]:n()\
total1 I Ihave. 1i.trid and readt i gut-t
(ilil tboiit him, itnid it~s time14 a"
inleti xotitethiiih of h iit. H e is I
gre'at hig. inan, over six feet vigh
111titlitabout. sixt~i year's oldl. He a;'i
l-loraItpe (4,.(.( (' were 111)::1 Withlini I
eitt-eal1 of celii otlie;, ati still
Minigle IIuil did ats line is %a iitl
Chandler to tiefeat floe pit~l. ap it
for the presid ency. Hl'~ a.tk; 11'
1.. ::ing, heavV w~tI : of ('el t.)'j11 st'i(1
and steady gait(. lie cli e i W ;l
alternate white andl red fait('' 1
fr'ont Itilcl high. iane111 ill olie imuet(
and it. h)$111le of papert'i iii t.~ c otliei'
H1uIwer waills for l1PiI11'. I [4
is alwaysx oil bnuiness. Me~ spite4
ever'y Piglit iii iilttOs;-lw:tv4i to tlI(
left, seltloi xtriiiglit, 1111(1 \! ith the
Sallie r'4giilaril y titi pu1ic~t.itaLei: hit
()V$'y Itc' ti. '11. Iiigli I111,1 ilii roi it.
lilac Ilit' ligii 4' lP~L( i tI 't('ilt shp
he (t'ari is li glt, l 1414t] 114)14
itih i tti etl file t.. (Onu it ('old
like (lie i'ed rltre+ of it be. l)t)i \(
headllig;ht.. Nine v* nine 111(:1 \\":t'
lli)et-y n ine r nitI:'k;~ freoigli t'd WVi l
the ii) lA iiti jIl 1.1 ett "Ol ) ci ul;
I121 had hii I 111.1 Cx.' 131t h1)\\" t.hio
W4o 1i(l is 1;'11 vei I,' i; '; ' '*' S r~
falce Ile a i i t1 1his ('1'okfo
give YV4)11 11)4).a
.1I. 19i11O1' o-vVCllee V 41 eals xitif'(
zIlwk.'iCS(jl (i1t!1 l he, 1)4 it ' iui ka
l\ st4)e(xiiult I ini litsxi iI'.-s, I l1; I'm 1)
his I'$4)til all.. owei 11 t'g~lt Ittitiil
he4 '110 \"0(1 ito it. On thbe ti:
('\"'lIiitr, ititt'i L" 1y ii 1t el the gte
t"u a6~ctit I ;:t on cmd i the fuiieli '
Haile, Owni Ii (childI. w\ith it lint ilee
ki o wit i e L 4.)s dlg4Ci of' in' ('X 050 411l
lt'i(+d tA) b o' (41)801 With itt Se'v\.' tt
to)I~k the ('111)411( $14 41. tune 11914~'I ('V
htiti " his hea)( , ne!iie'411 tl 11 I:114
aiti. it to at ('1"i5(. Tl !11111!"5'. '.115,t
0elve, Ill an flusI h o f tile face4 \\"("
So) e)t)1J 4ItIy' eolhkE' 1 11-11it1. 4)1(1 /,-i.'I
11)111 i'iill'xl Ilij-)il h h lis l, iSt etc.
lips :i 'q1j og onh Foil (';tI' 'ii )tlS
1.111 (+(i )k4(1." A1 1llvs'cUi11 .\V:t Ii I
Illdiltely Senit 141)". \\"h,) aiii l at1 f(\
itrioa etl 1[" (X 2;lIll 14)1 )i (1 : 1\
lie Sttitiitt.(e I [to OW lie+Xtiilel! 14)11.
at~t lit II )Q ('1los' dleItlanll 1 ]nkt1()\\1
(li w or t. '.')1 1.si itl, . r
Farmers' Children.
to iilt n ie the gr epeht illlIrtr
is 18 hiI;Itt it Fettrif in A'crer'' Monith
nesQ8H or '('1111 8I4L1'vall"~f of Alniori
can :1tgriodlttural life
f 'lThe Alueri('ai l'alrln 1, in till hli
11.'v(41 ma11d( ugly i' fisioii for lifo3
Ile 111rt onily conisidere'd th11 mueantl
of gott.iiig a livinig. E~verything tt
st( of thi--verythin~g reIlLtiil);
to society a11nd oulltln--.has hcel]
ster: lily ign1oredl. Hie give( th h1il
(ii e1' " At; ItlI'11t.11tagCH of I1(1'A0018i, 'niot
ie'4'0' ,11'* lg the fit't that~ them l Very
tIdv tagesQ cal1I int0 being' it e
t, s ors ia"-a .Abi, wfll
( dlct~e t'linnIIily ill it ]oincly' fairmi
i faii y i broeughi~t, all ~ill norc
IlIYCe had it fovr Ioe P111 ill, the neigh
beu1'Iig ao'oleiy r'eztii1o1 in 110 do"
'rQ4' the chiildlren ofthIle 'Europmar
1).118111ult. !I'ho('~I 11me1ho0 with tie.
tioui. they wvill ha1 realy: on reaching
tic'r iiiajorlt~y t o flee theo farm and
see': th (ii' it v.
JU the1 Ainii i'ah1 farmeor wVishes to
101111 11 tilt Iii lerec of.'( living and1(
;ce ;iu la Ii Vi ig ; llnhl we n i'tatkc
hii 11111~ 1i +018Zi10 oIf ciii litire Ilt4
'2e1.4I iifh II 408(' not. :.al o 1(verl this
st I.1t'i11. Ilild wV(bioi(4l' what. we
1 r(in b y it. '., get it liy.ng, Co?
i1---. this .j:; the whomle of ii a to aig
lic~nItif1 oral ii' tu f,l8 (li: ('4Il (gin~
I'll tieiit ther is hol ilifh'pti'ro he.
t W0('1 liviii' 151101 g4l-'f.iIg IL living.
.1? iii i' I~o ' lfe. P('0lVIii is ill t ii ly
it ' l i i : 11to 1 11 L I h ir ' i iit .i
.'i'ebe t~ 41110 L (I l tlt'y 111118
.('Id Ire of that,18 r1111 thlis gis th foly
fll(':sii, Iha hasV azn A vtiing 111111
(le til 411hg I 114111:L roofle 1 the ii ts
wi1I'1 t~liev nfl li'elipii41 the (litlCr 'C'
h)4'tMV(.'(*ll lividnd 111getlfilig aL living,
c~a . '.V(' 1b11 ,itisiietl w~ith1 the hitttei
l104 lone Eite IilIlie faim'uus ('hildrel
b; 811)8 iWill hearLts need f ftiand
fit t)'l4e whol IlIWv l(-4l1.'11d to i'1eogni7t
brin l atnd1 1111 t, ICIts2. the B~est rie
111081, iliiJI)rt.Jlit c>? thoei pqtfOhltl
t (11011 110.4' 1.11011 ? Piiw canI we (1i1;
tit' 1es4 ? 11'. a.iNI zerhsi :'l By tlicad
0 ')11 111( 84cet at111 11001ilg 1)1il
Jl 48811 de: ii. .vii 14;'4:11,iS 1 4'f i al t Ii!a
i1. l or nI -hCHuo c111 h5.1101W?.' r
the Iyoiil u(' , ' tlv t c(111)l; (41 A uteri
iii 1 1~e 11t I 5(Il ia 1111 S IL"4a1
li!It brR. ld \V .1.'1I LLe, nd "iv PS ie
Glrnternl Thouftahitis procln.ln1:'q Tt"
IPGAR fI'1"1'RRS'116' 11108t R (ftldcl'ntl lU.
Viuuraut that' over sustaiuod- t lo 'ttlttkt e.
sy RtUm
No i'ersou eau f'n o hbt 8ttt'( >t '' ,
nccor(Ii11j 't'o' dlYbt'tl rtW, ;tu(l' 1 iYtrttti li ng
unwell,: provided their bDttoa et'( fO1 %
Atroyed ly . nlitt'eral pgiso\ of other
lueans," ai'tc( 'tai, ol'gatls WA tM tsvyc tit
replttr. I , .
.Yi{ 1 io is ltenijtten$ Ati f 'i to
Iihitt( 11L I''tt},e>, t, '11,ch aro 64 p1'c,''fi"
lent in tho "alleys of our groat 't{ ttt*
tllt'onghnnt. tho INItlid State ,,espoolnll 4 tit
th(ihb of the Misslasippi, Ohio, Mlesou d,.:
Illinois, Tennessee, ('utnborlanti; Mtlbtu
Aux, Red. ('olorado,13razos, Rio Ot'h'tltl#,
Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savants d), Rif
1 Allt ke, ,lanlcs, 1(041 Iiltllly Othet'!ff *ltlt'
their va:;!t tr'ibute'-rose thrtinghout All '
61tit'o cotultry durin Ole Stunlnor Anti
Ant111110, antl remarkably' Ao (Wring son
mill., of tu11tsual ht'at.at1(1 (1I'V110a8, :It'tt
Ill arialll%. a 'ct 111pa I I it'd by " I, xIell.'dve tie
rltlr;t'111t'll(8 of tllo siotuacll and Ivor.
autl" Ittln'r a11tlolllinal viscera. In tllotr
treatnl('nt,:t par ttivo, exerting a pow
Ct'I"at illtlllt'l)l'l' WHO I l1 Illest various or.
g:ttis, io essciitlltllt' lu't'ess:11'y. '1F11411't
is nlr ca;h:u't is for the purpose Penal W
DR. J. WALKER'S Vl.xLa l( 111'rel.1t8,
03 tht' ' will slu'ctlily renuwo tho (lark
l euii-)rcc viscid 111111tcr with which the
btiwels at'o loaded, at fho Aamo tilue
stitnnlatin;~ the r("('r('tioIla of the livor.
Slid 0.1.46 illy restoring the healthy
ft111CtN1115 Of thrl' elirr:Ttive o1'ga11a.
Fortify 111(1 11cr({
by irrifvle" ! all it-4 tiitidas s;uiltsLdico'n
with V'f\'EOAIS
Bit'r1:1;s. ikn eltiticatic can tako hole'
nl :1, svstelli'tllla fore-avFFlc l"
I).1 !cj1('p its of I t1({ igttctibtii )lontl.
t'll'', fain ill the Slwut(lets, 'gu hot
''ightnesaof the"Che't, I)lz ineha, Sou;r
1:1-11c(ationts of 'lift StolnaClt, Ratl'F(tati
ill tllu Mouth, 1 ilious Attack . I'alpit(i
tal;t n Of lilt) 11r:u"t, I11llamniltion of the
Lungs, !rain ill rho rcgioit of the Kitt -
II(tV's.'111(1 it hundred other painful t 'nip'
tollla, :It'o thl: 0l1:sltringli ut' I)YS1tcp$in.
0)lo bot t to will prove it better guarantoo'
of its merit's than a lengthy advertl e.
4csrolula,, or king's Evil, WI T&,
Swellin1gs, U i'el:., f:r}'si1 clamt, fitt'elled Neck,
(loitill, S0, ro trots 1111115111llllltinlls, Indolottttl'
Iifllat(tmiuioI is, Mi+rettriltl AII'tlations, (,)Il
Scitt's, ]irtiptiulltt ul'tho Skin, So1"o Byes, On.
I n Ihehe, hR in all'othor runatitutil nat I ia.
0 easts7 WAisI:lt'$ ,'1\t:(1A11 jlrl'"rr:att barer
Siltt\t"t9 their grt t l'lll"ali''(l power., hl the'
most. oh5tinalo nntl itlt.ractable cnso:s.
l'ot' I1itlnlltln:11.oI'y and (Aironia'
I4;)i'LIiliatlklt1( (:slut; 1ilioitn, Relnit
tt'11t. all!I fill ('101itten 1{A't'C,'S, ll>iana&taof
the I1lttutl, Liver, hittllel-s And Madder,
0.1-No 1111a r: llat"c no etltl: 1. Such Diseases,
l"i.":It:sa(1 h3 ' Viti:Iled llotd.
i1 erbilll i('.1{ 111 ('ati('. i. -I'e'rsotm Rn"
t:i eti its faints nntl AtinCi'aln, f't1Ch n
1'Intu Iu rs, 'i's'1n'-':r11ttr". (cold-boaters. and
Miller):, 11R they atlvnt c,+ in til'ej hro subjaot
to put:":tlvsis of the Bowl -It, TO guard
71';:Iill "L IIIit. Ishe a don' hl' IVAL(iES'9 l'1 N
1 Ia:.t (1 I:1 I t I"'.Its tn"rnsi ''Ville.
l' oi' h' K i ll 11iseaSl'!4, 1?I'll pt Iona, 'l'et
it'I'. -:dt-Ii}thrill,, I;tttl''}It's, ! 1 ,)(R, I'llltltl('R,

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