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tluili l la D II Ell l~ D
1i PUiUtI.ISi1K1) wVKI.Y IlY
W1 I I L I .A i S & 1) A V 1 9
7.rrna.-The //I .4 I .41) i" ptisiIhd Week
y in the Town or Winnrbut-o, at $3.00
t. ariably in aivouc,.
" \t I tr1nI ie.ng itortisemtents to be
1'41/) IN .fI V ANU.
U, fIntary Nolles anid ' Tribites $1.00
Monday, April 10.
The sebate met Ort 12 o'clock.. No
quorum behig present., the body ad
journed to tut1ntt on Ttuiuday, at 11
The house met at 12 o',lock,
pursuant t; adjournment. On the
Pall of the roll it was found there
can not a (ptorun present, upon
which Curtis moved that they ad
journ ; wlerimpon Hatyhe moved
that the sptiaksir send ditt the ser
grant at at'isi to bring it) the mem
bers, as ht Wat satisfned a quorum
wha presett in the city, if not. in the
h~i1s. Tui) adjottrn now would justi
fy What the papers have sail, that
the r'O s was taken ohly for the
purpose of bringing the memb.ei s
hero on passes to the conveition.
Whipper favored adjomi nmelt as
the members of the up country Were
nbnent. Curtis agazin pressed his
motion, and the house (ladjoulrne( to
11 o'clock oh 'rTues laV
Tuesday, April 11:
The house sent to the senate con
current restiH. t tion for the appoint
ment of a joint committee to ingUire
into certain matters connected with
the Central National Bank, of Oo
uinbia, S. C., which was ordered to
lie on the table,
Mr. Hope introduced'a joiIt ros.o
lution to extend the time for pre'.
ing the penalt,v on defaulting tai
Mr. Stter ht titudeed a resolution
that the gener:dl assembly adjourn
5ine die, on Tltrsday, 13th inistant,
The speaker of the house of rep
resentatives aittetded in the senflhte
when several acts and joint resolu
tiens were ratified.
Mr. Barnwell introduced a bill to
amend chapter 122, section 257, of
the general statutes, relating to
Mltr. Basnplield--A resohition that
the general asHembly adjourn tine
die tin Thiuirsday flnxt, the 13th day
of April. Rlejeel tid,
The spe:tker stated that lie had
been reetoited to grant the uise of
the hall of the house of represeinta
tives to 110 democratic state con veil
tion, to assemble in May next, and if
there was no objection he would,
1upon proper appication, accede to
the request. There wsth no objec
SAdj ournd,,
Wednesday, ApilI 12.
Holland oflered ai resol' ion thit
-tehouse adjourn sine Ae on Ftri,
daylnxt which was adopted.
Miller in troduced a resolutionl to
liNestigate certain grave charges tof
4iigh cimes and1( mfisdemnilors made
ieitat Thomas J. M~hackey, judge of
'the sixth circuit. anld that ai comitlt
%ece of five be app)ointed to investis
:gate such charges. A motion to
lindefinitel7.p)ostplone tihe resolutio~n
brought severa1l members to their
Richardson, of Colleton, got the
'floor and opposed any investigation,
It was too late att this stage of the
-sesson to gaotto investigations.
We have had enou1gh of investigao
'tioniswithon t result s,
George, of IKershasw, made a vig
'ero-is sp)et urging an investiga.
~tion into the ebarges,
Blurckha4 opposed any investiga
tion. It ws gotten ulp, he laid, to
'protract the session. There
were honest men here~--at least some1
were hionet-whio w'an~ted to go
hlomel to -their work. Nesbitt
'for tihe sa1mb reason opposed tihe inl
stigation anid 4he resolution.
'Mr. Beatity -roe to a point of
od~er thlat, thasmuchel as7 this ques
tioh had bGeil indelinitely pstponied
once before -during the session, it
could not b.eblrought uip again. The
speaker (1Elliott) ruled that then point
was well taken, and recited for thi
in formation of the house the staitus
of the case. Similar resolutionis
wore introdIuced boforo the recess
withl tihe same object inl view, and-,
being indefinitely p~ostponed, could1(
not be taken up.
:Bampfleld introduced a r'esolution
giving the speaker the power to der
ignate five gentlemen of ability aind
character, residing in the sixth judt
cial circuit, to investigate~ the oflicia]
.conduct of Judge Mackey, 'and
report the result of their investiga
tion to tihe ne~xt house of represenlta
-,tives, provided no expenlse shall be
Sinocarred to the state.
The speaker ruled tihe resolation
out of order.
Simpkins offered a resolntion that
the house adjourn at 1 p. mn., wvlihih
was agreed to.
Adjourli ed
Thursday, April 13.
So6n1 resolution to. authorize th
dotinty treasurer of Glatleston t
apply c~ertail unoxpoidod nonoys i:
tis haids to th payhi$ht of out
ntalldhtg clahin,, roceived its thin
'a gidflg asnod attd as sont to th
Joiltlt t-rnuhittluot itthdt1i1tIg tl
state t.r'asittirr to lie to Ohnle
MII. Schott, of the t'ity of Now Yoi
ia detaitl bohd acid tei-tificate o
stock of the State of South Oarolini
received its third reldinig, iais
and ordered to be *jnrulled.
Bill to extend tho time for tl
commencuomont of the w')rk o
the Anderson, Aiken and Port R1oy1
Railroad, received its third reading
passed and was sent to the house.
Concurrent resolution to requos
and authorize the governor mu
comptroller general to extend tih
time for the enforcement of penaltie
on defaulting taxpayers was adopt
A senate joint resolution to anu
thorize and reqiuiro the state trean
tirer to issue to Hamlin Beattie, o
Orcenville county. a certiilcate o
stock for -3472.50 in lieu of cortiti
cat e No. 32,i for same sum, whic!
has been lost or mislad, was re-u
the third timo, passed and ordorea
to he enrolled.
A joint resohltion authorizing an<
(irceieung the state tredsller .<
borrow i sulhejotit, aionift for tin
paiymnent of the meibers, oflers
tsinplovees and conitingentt expentso8
of the general aspembly. was rend
the third time, passed 'ad ordered
to be sent to the seinato.
An Arrest,-a Marriage, Domestic flap
pinoso and a Mulder.
From the San Franciseo Chronicle.
About twenty five years ago a con
)an1y of young men stalrted out. fron
Dimascujs for Jerusalem. They hud
not gone far before a baled of hIorse
men surroundod them, and the lead
er said the caravan might. move oil if
they would deliv1r up a young ualr
iamed ItandalL The terms were
a-teceded to; alc his co;)npanions last
saw himn mounted (I a fine horse, at
tended by the gaty horsemen of th<
Bedlouin Sheik of the Le Avish tribe,
He was taken to the Sheik's tent,
and to his osurprise foundi a magnili
cent entertaimaient awaiting him
What doerS it ill mean 7 Arzalia
the Sheik's daulghiter, has seeni the
young1 man1 atnd fallenl passtionautely
in love with him, and this is th<
wedding feast. The young manl and
Arzilia n a inirried. '.There was n<
escape for him. His t.enit was guard.
ed by n it, and his pe15so1 watched
by day, lest he should esCape, an
this guard was kept. over him fot
years. He and Arzalia, lowever
seemed happy : childien were born
to them, and their domestic life wZaI
marked by kindness, cottrtesy and
true amleetion. Rtiidill rapidly r
quiired the Arabic language ;hi
wife a8s rapidly nmaastered the English
Their chiildren wereS taughit bmothi lI
is an Amaericamn by birth. When h<
was aidmitted to the. Sheik's family
they' had1 to receive hisi religionu as
well as his5 person. Thtrough hin
his wife bec'ame a Christian :tho
fatherin-lanv became a patiron of his
son1-ini-laws faith, anid the surrounld
ing tribes became favorable to th<
newy religvion.,
But a Decrvish, a zealot of the Mo
hamimedamn faithi, for a long limo en
dleavored t~o have Randall's somi
thrown out of the emplov of th<
Turkish governinent, and failing ih
daulghiter of the foreigneor, chaorgi ng
her with witchcraft and ap~ostas)
from thme true faith. She wat
brought before the Meglia, compulose'
of 114 venerable Sheiks and Offendis
to answer chatrges wVi~hih invohves
her life. She, althioughi but fourteer
years of aige, miadeo a defense wvorth3
of an apostle ; anld the unianinmonw
verdict was inl her favor. The chiefi
of the tribes p)ledged chcl other te
defen all Cihristians who thonght
her, 1872. Ini Jine, 187i1, as R osa wat
teachhinig a classe of little girls in
grove, the iDervish stealthily ap
proached, murdered thu maid, am
TutE' (1naTi (t.ocx FOnl Tax~i CarTEx
NI.ur..-Th'le clhock for M~emorialHlaill
which has been building at TJhomias
tori, is coimpletod. It has 1,101
p~ieces, the estimated weight of al
being six tons. The mnain1 wheel;
at-e four feet ini dlilameter. The pen1
duhuna ball andi~ rod weighh, rospec
tively, 700 and 800 pounilds, the rol
being 14& feet long, and1( 'onnicte<
with the clockwork by what is knowi
ats a gravity (3eapcen (lt, anid makei
two-seconid boats. The rod is o
steel, and to comphensate for con
tracitionl and exparisioni, is encased ii
two cylinders of zinc anid 0one 0
stecel, which, by their relative expathi
Rion upw)lard, matintaini a uifort
centre of oscillation..-New 11auoci
It i~s related that two yong ladie
in Marysyille, California, presente<
their clergyman with a turkey stufei
with dollars. His wife will take th
Pstuffin1e out of that turkey
A Portrait From a Friendly Hand
granbism as 1t Has Boon and Is.
Yesterday's evidence before the
0 Clymer committer is not very saitis
factory reading for those who
iniagiied that the lowest depths
bad lmen re-iebed of the disgraceful
systmt of jobbery in post trader
ships: J. E Barrow, formerly
1 sUtler at J- ort Union, New Mexico,
is cot exactcly the kind of mau
Wi111t0 testiuioty tarries Wit-h it any
lit'inlsie weighit, but it is too eir
ttinistantial ithd too well fortified
by referelcl b u tictual coTrCpond
'tlce to bu jitiig4id solely in the
t pl1iorlal t'haracter of the wit nes.
11vou if partially true, it gs041 far to
deepen l.ho impression that the
presidcenlt Ihas permitted lsOUo not
very reputable family relations to
drag his gitt.1 name in the mire,
and has done so with an amount of
kilowledge of their oper aitiois whicn
should loug ago have coInpelled
him to discard theu President
Grant has suffered not a little from
the dubious transactions of bia
brother and brothers--in-law, but it
We canfl acept the genuinlle:e of a
letter read by BIrrow he a0llowed,
- when still the general of the army,
his brother in-.aw's brother-in-lav
r to get an appointm1en1t for the
f avowed purpose (:f imiaing llolley
b v improper m1ea1us. Of com se, all
this evidelc will need carI1fili
sifting, and may only be good till
the other side is heard. As it
stands it will leave it veiv disagren
ble imlpressioll on all who h1 -ve held
to the belief that the president of
the U'nitecl States was at least free
from the charge of deliberatelv
euniving at petty jobbery.-.Nei
The Chinese question in Califor
lii:a is daiily itasumiling ia motl seliouts
aispeet.. Throats are freely made
I ag ainst thu abin1ond ey tl now in
California, aid those who are oil
their way toc ;Matt Frlaistio will prob.
ably have at reception inore warm
than 1 ~Ideainut Tihe (2hinese aire
armling rapidly and organizing for
defe1 ae. Wednesday - night the
Chinese (iittrtcr wits guarded by
strong bodies of police in expecta
tion of a rio', but none took phice.
A meeting of leading citizens Was
held that evening, at whieh moderate
but firm action was determined
upon, arrngenents made forsapress=
ing upon congress and lit g:oerln
ment measures to remiedv the evils
resulting frol the working of thn
]lurlinganu treaty in its present
Of all wom.uien slice is most to be
pitied who hats a hesitating admirer,
who boggles about popping the
(uestioni. lie is Worse than it )old
n11. How per efctiy ati(actory wa1 s
the (condnlet of that brave old Punri
tan who rode up to the door of the
house of the girl of his choice, and
having de sired her to be caled out
to liin,said, without (irQnlo)hcution,
1*chel, the Lord hath sent me to
marry thee l' wheni the girl an
swverced with equal promptitutde ad
devontness, "Th. Lord's will be
done !'
When ptinpmkins areO fed to milk
cows theyV should be0 split openi anmd
the seeds rinoved Thew seeds Iare
diuretic inl their effet, acting
strongly upon the kidneys and
thlerefo~re reduce the qjuanftily oIf
imilk. It is wort~h the trouble to re
move the see(ds whenecver pmnpIIkinsh
am fed to stock, a15suanthing that
irritates thu kidlneva, or excites~
them to auction mm lfllesarlily, tends4
to wveakenm thlose orgatn. The Heeds
are of 1no value to tie (ows, iedi
einallly, as 0 iher sattpotre or sweet
H irits is a much better and moreo
Icertain dliuretic to adinfister when
oflb is needed.
Thel fosts of Ettrope arn
estbnaiitedl a5 beCing 500,000,000 acres
in1 extt. In North Anmerica 1,460,e
000,000 aicres are c~overeda with
rees, of which area 900,00,000) arc
'n Bitish North America. Ini
Sonuth Amnerica forests occupy
700,000.000 acres. The prijoortionIl
of fore(st land to thme whlole rOea of
Enrope is computed at twenty per
cent.; in America, twenty one.
Siuppjosing, thmerefore, twenty per
t''ent. to be the proportion inl Asia,
Africa uand Australia, the grand
total of the forests of the world
c'overs ai space of 7,734,000
geogra*'phical miles.
WaeHampton Blolton, of Teni
nessee5C, diied, recenitly, and huis will
cotained the following provision:
"I give and bequeath to tile widow
and( chiildrtin of GAen. T1homas Jonla
thn Jackson1, kniown ats Stonelwall
Jackson, wh~o fell at the battle of
Chanellorrsville, Virginia, *10) 000,
as history tells me his widow's fur
Iiiture was sold1 aftr his death for
It Is reported1 that rresident
f Grant is anxious to sell tihe Long
Branch mansion before the expira
tion of his termi, and that lhe is
f looking for a p)urchauser. It is also
- said that the President will spend
I tile summer at Newport instead of
i the Branch, this year.
One of the Republican members
a of the Naval Committee is reported
I as saying that nothing can save Stee
I retary Robeson, for the evidlence
against him is conclusivo and of the
i tronjest kin.
Kerosene 011.
In an exchange we find thes to
luWitig assuring paragraph itt r<
gard to the usie of korosnoe oil as a
illuminator : "On this siubjo
there is high scientific titthority fo
the assertiot that coal oil will ro
explodo on vory slight provoeatioi
';he troubb is not in the oil itsel
but in the gas which arisea from it
and the oil is dangerolts or safe i:
proplrtiott to the amouiht of ga i
giveS off. 'lhoro isi a "firo test
ih.a'mdartid for det'rmihlng the role
tive, safety of the illtmuainatidg oil
offered in the maarket, and every
thing under 110 degrees fige test i
considei ed unsafe. Throe Sitpli
rule!s, if faithfully obsorved, wil
iake coal oil as safe as gas. Bi
from i muerchant whom you caa,
depend oll for having thg oil h(
sells prop)erly testoal, keep the -(i
in your Iatmp1) above the milnldln o
the chamber, and be suro tha.it thie
witk fills all tho chntme
designated for it. Thefn you eaf
carr y the bumup around the hoiuse
bl0w dawn the chimney, or do any
thaiig you please with it ; your ohl
t-inminilg chance of becoming i
ia:rtyr to keorsen, is to .attemnpi
to "help' the kitchen firs with it
That seldomn fails."
The revolting frands ill (coliec
nec'tion With the platfing of head
stones over the soldiers' graven in
tht nati mail cemeteries, is confirmed
by Fraunl'n Warren, of Cromwell
Conim., who last ye:ar had at sub
contract for setting head-atone at
the graves of Union soldiers in
Louisiana. There wore sovoral
thousand of them. He put up mar
ble head-stones six inches square
and two and a half feet in length,
setting them two feet in the ground.
He used a large auge-like instru
ment to make the holes. He was
given the lines of the head of graves
by ia government engineer. But h<
found the graves were irregular,
and in boring f reluently strucl
collins and l:odiks of bones. They
were just under the surface ; not' so
deep as he was required to dig Ir
stringing these bones it was fuid.
necedmrary to cut through them, and
in this work lie found that mnaty of
them Wore the logs of mnulos, or
parts of inule carcasses. Thu col
trauctourj, Who had received $20 per
body for burying the soldiers it
regular order, had used the b)onie1
of mnularu, as well as those of th<
soldiers, to swell th-ir iheoine, and
had mule every munlo go as fair at
possible, reciving fiomut the govern
menmt, of cotflso,8 20 for eaeh nmul
lug put into at cofin and buried.
A C.ocr 'ru.Tr lcaUrSr 'riC 1at.9
-A watchiiaalker has invented at
patent comp)einso -rotardinig-aecel
eraating clock for uso in famiiilies
where they keep unalmarried daug.~h
ters in stock. If the young man is of
an eligible sort time retarding attach.
men(alit is turned on, and the clock
comlpounds with old time at eighty
miutes to the hour, so that 1 a. iml.
the next morning it only indicates
about 11.05 p. ill. the night before,
and the young woman is perfectly
justified in saying :"O, don't ! It
is early yet," wihmen thme y'oung manl
reache's for his hat. On~i the othei
humid, if lie should not he deosirabhle,
theay just shove up the ind~ientor te:
baoilng point, ad at half psut nine
it is nearly two o'clock. TIhc
pa~tentee(M, easting himsel f upon the
gueneur aity Qf a discerning piltblic,
mntesom patro-ns to incerealse thu
emelinc.Luy or his inlvenftionl by jIudiiomn
yadwns an~d reamarlks, as "D~ear menc
Hiow thme time does fhy.' andl in ex
rceme ('aies an admniratble effect may
be prlodued bay thme father uoeminu
in) withI a buOdd'oom canidle stick,
saying, "Gioo~d night, Amaanda. Bo
fore you go to beda, see thiat whn
thme girl gets up its thme mroning sht
leaves out the milk pitcher." No
family should be wlithoIu~t it.
T1he followving is the tosatimnony oi
D)r. Loring 'onleninug imugariat
grass:2 "1 believe I cain make mion
amilk with Ithis grass cuit andl mixedl
with corn meal tad shorts than ]
enn with the best timothy hay, cut
and mixed in the same manner.
And wvhen you remecmuber that yoti
can raise, on ordinary laind, by xow*
ing the roo'd of Hlungarian grassr lath
in .June, from two aind one half 10
three rand on1e half tons of good fod
der to the aore, amnd that tis cror
can b)e sownl aifter we have aiscer.
tained whether We are to hmave agood(
crop of hay or' not, you wvill 14e0 the
value of this grass. I have such a
high Opinlion of it that on may owm
farum, this year antd lastt, I raise&
from seventy-five to one hunidret
tons of it for the purploseI of feed
ing to mileh cows during the win
IGeorge Washington's Ilible is t<
be exhibited at the Centenniai
Though he carried it througha all hia
camupatigns, it is not Iijutred inside
the leaves aro not dog-eared, or th<
margins marked, and it doesn't 10oo4
as if it was over used att all. TIhiu
shows what a remarkably neat mat
George Washington waUR
A bill before the California legim
hature would, if passed, prohibit th
sale of intoxicating liqitors witij
four miles of the State University
and the San Francisco C'hionaicl
says thetitle should be "Anm act t
promote pedestrianism among att
- Dr. Plumer at, One of Moody and San
oy's Sorvleon.
Mossrs. Moody and $ankey ha
Juelt held i clorgyiien's eonventi,
n tho Now York .Hippodrome. TI
total nuubor of delegates' who ii
tonded wats 4,090, of whom ;Soul
('arolina contributed one, the Re
Dr. Plumer, who in d eribed il t1
New York Au? as answering (ue
tiuns.put to him by i1r. M.>oiy i
the prosence tplsoveral thous:amid Lig
1interested Ipelctators and attditor
Laub etiug in the Molio
Avenue IaU muoro th.ii 7,0))0) pro n
aIsseubled, aral the overflowig usce
ig was lrLpportiona 'teIly well att. nde
mr Shnkev ' nl;; "1hkt. prL's1
ded,' and 'Mr. Moody said he Wolm
ask Dr. -Phuner sione <pi tion,
"He is a voiny old- mlin," h:) Ui.r
"already living; on ho.rn wed thneo
heo will Noon be3 goie, in.d it i9 a pi.,
that theso mein of half ia centlly
S.criLptQt'u. stuI.ly sh pass 11:14y 1Wal
without giving' its -the retilt of thei
exporicn.e." The 1enera1blo eirg)
man stepped forward luwly. f:.niiiii
himieif, hIP, Jl),, fniuowyv1 oar'id cov
ermlg las; brea:st, and:( not at so;1m
broke the siilhiess until M '. Mi oo1
asked, "U1 1. am11 cotcl'iou s of m1
ii(luitie,3, wh.at 1,1hall I do t!. b
ised Y' "'he anwer (.e i' (I a(. 1
through oightecn hu 111.1.t I Vla,
said tie aiged I; iste r in i f- I Urinal
but distinct Inid audilile voice. "I
comes fromi the jail in Philippi, '1.
ihove in the Lord Jlesml citrs( a
thou shal'. be saved.' "
"Is there no s1ubtitte 1"
"None on om th."
"Well, doctor," aseked MIr. Mloodv
"can all these people give t hEi:
hearts to Christ to night and b
saved ?"
"Whi'1y not ?" odlid the patriarch i:
reply. *"'heys. have God's ,mti 11rit
for it. Let th'ema( look to Jesus to
night, and they may all be s41vl."
"I amill told," said ir11. A1loory
"that I have no right to invite a
audience like this to comte to Christ
Is tlhit true ?"
"It is not so written in the Bible,
answered the vonerlble man. "Jesou
spoko to every on when h(e iaid
'Comio un, o me, all ye that labor aim
are hegavy ladel, and I will give yoi
"But a m1an told mile the othe
night,' continued Mr, Moody, "tha
he went to Christ and was not re
"l3lessed be God," exc'izime1d th
aged minister. "It waS nmian that
did not itter the triuth hen, for til
Lord has said, 'He who comiell
ulto mile I will inl no wise ('111
In elesing, Mr. Mood' said : ".]
pity aily manl who goes to hell frout
this neet:nig. You will Rever mnee
this old 11an11 again, bulit, it s1eei118 t.(
me that he 1118 niu1de the waly 0
salva'tionl HC, plain that nonlo (c:,n mist
it. I don't know how Vout feel, but
to me this has been in awfully soleIll
mleeting, and3( I don't feel likes say)ingp
i Word. Such of you 11 choose ('ar
pass into the in(uiry roo1s, though
I hardly see any necesso'1ityi.' for it aftr
hait you have4 hie-trd t o-nighut."
-A Greenvmille merc'lihnt, whol re3
cently shipped two lots8 of' cot ton
of tho same1( chwm--one to New Yorl,
and1( the14 other4 to C1 hr(ton,1 iform i
ed 118 y'esterday flhat the lot shippec
to Charleston netted ai <parter oIf a
cent per' pounid tior than the l
sent to New York,
We take the above from th<
(Uro enui/lec A:.4, ad wil1ll d thai
we hauve often hea141rd ctton)1 havgen
of this~ place' say they' coul1d do bhet
ter' by shippinhg to Ch!larleston thaui
to any other marlbket. .In fact wt
11:ve seen1 salesn of the samle dulay ii
Chairlest~on and1( Neow Yrk~ (o'a11 retli
and1( thley' were alwayti inl favor of
Chlarlestoni. So well known t~o otur
shlippersV is this diflerenice thalt onily
those whlo haive demanll~df to mieet ii
New~~ Yor'k ort Baltimuore no0w nhi
(4otton1 to th1ose m,:rkets; anid we art
not so sure buut thmat, taking the dif
forenco ill the prices (If goo~ds an
thle higher pr1iles obtainied for cot
ton ini ChlarlIeton, (our o1wn fao
c'ity is the host to buy and sell at..
U"nion TJ~i.
by a man who was recently hanget
at HailkmII)1, Canada, for the bruta
murder of is landlord'(. Insltead1 (
exCpress.ing con11trit ioni, and admnonishl
inig otlhers4 not to follow his e3xample
he referred to the~ faite of the mur11
dcredl man, anid hoped it might I
a warning to other landllords whl<
tenants. Thoret' is anl originalit:'
abhottt this speec'(h seldom found il
the romarks of those who are aboti
to leap into eternity thrlough the ii
Ptrumientiduity of ai noose,
A remarkable attel is rep1or'te<
from thel nei3ghb1orhood1( oIf TIolous
The comnbatants wore twoi jo1urnia
ists, and both good shots. TIhue
met at 8 in the morning, and aft
the usual preliminaries the signal t
rewas given, Bloth the dumlisi
fell dead on thp spot, each havin
received a ball in the region of ti:
heart. They were both married an
loeave large families.
Now is the time to subscribe i
I &. Nuwi and Hena4.
k- ! All Old Exproas Ri der-'o Recollocttoir
of Ilia Ptn"fortnt nooa In Eclttestrlatlla u
.-c [1'r~1u th(+ New 'lotk Still.]
Y'"+ltcr latlttl , of Jcirf{ry City. tioV
I0 an old tutltl, Wr:ta known to tile pub
t lie heforo ill(., M1110 of Cho tel gi n1 1
ll tun tilt tnttestriili n et~s(m ;et". 1[(
" says : "11v first ex1 (+1"icn o in thi:
10 hn 1ines:t ~"tl$ ill oil lturtico
" back, from .1'liilack"11 llia to .1(i Nw
C'iIV th': Kinthic"ky lottery (niwin;;r
in n(lvau)("e Of t101 i"cr;"uhn" (iii
1 ;ticflu+ta, '.('hay ure. nc nl. fron
J('ii.it " City to Now York by ni~ i,:tl:4
ti l tt II J 1 it nuttc"ii \P;I4 1111 1 clo fui
:k t..ti( U that. 1 tutu((( nut riclco :;(1(1
t:ii:us in t"w& sty. I'( ttr
1 l C'hatinray Jacllli IM, tilt-, lit"nt Shcriil
L. of 1111(Inoil Ui ttltty, and 11'illictin
ul ' .i':tr: tli ( 110W Nil l (i iiItt'iidt"ut (.f the
,1' ii',")' City lion1)ital. %V01-0 ttiauntr
t"iu+ ,l uclr;on. 'f iio i i' It. w;th out t IIt!
III track, nllcl in t.lie ft".at I roan
' thirlt"-('VO hortic"s, Ito
t1 " (j(1 'atly. 110 vort11 liKhc"cI ill(,- Hill- in
? t w(+Itt.v-tti "o lluttL n atnti i:ft " ci;;llt
ttti:lntos, and then rods) anutltor
hoot. to in:;nru the bet.
"In 18"I3 I Nvti:, ri(litn for P. S.
(Jrogory, tlrtn:t~ ut" of thu ll"tvana
1 !u i.t ury. I Nttirtc cl frt nl \1'iltctingt. )ui
021 horNulntck tut .) 1t. ill., Nit-11 tho
(h"r; vri:ugl:, 11:1:1 it roltty of sorter
e\c1 y fc tlr utii&u , tutu( ttrrivc :l in
Tc!1 :(,. v City I!,, t nntiu Ili lit. .11.:1()
I di.-,t.11w0 of 128 ntilt"s, and ntount
in. t"-ettt.v"nvvc" t h~rt":et:. At. the
fs'i't)(.T hour I It-ft. lti'iiiniii ton 111(1
tttttil ("arri lu l'l; I'll;littlellhia for
"Teru(,y" ('it-v" At. Now I i iiitnwic"Ic
u tic"(!. (uncIll("1.or '.1.'ot% nf,(+i)(I tl ooti ou
the 1 ri(l,;u tot:ulecteliar.. o of thc+train,
ttjlcl;u:.h(td the \ "he:"c+ I lout( luaill;ocl the
t.rait;. .1. t.:.id hint I tlicln't, liltow.
I paw v(1 ul c, ;'t+r alto furry at 10:11 11.
ni., with (;tnclnc"tor '1.'INri1h('lttl of
that Karate t.r;1in.".
'"1n 1;42 atncl 184:3 T (>XJlrr+nfo;(1
the 11eWS from \(:\v York to .('hilt
t14"11 hia for thu stotulI III)IK, and thu
titltu itll( w(:(1 by uolttrau"t was Fevett
4 ]1(1111: for MOVI"itty-six miles. Al)out.
18-1(1 1 carried rho .S'rir1, 11 rrt!(1
tint( '/rilrrnr", wit.li tic: foreign news
t+ tilt- a'hilticlvl1 hill /., il;/rr ttticl
I'r'rtir"r/lv[itrr(rr. Martin ''alt
t 13111(+11 5 itttttt"lu"at iott nlesnahu I ran
in from .1'hilaclcll hin t(1 t.hu Coto "i'r
Mill ls'rryrrir<r in Kevell hours, over
1 it , et y heavy road. ,
A Torrlblo Explosion.
f("trftil 1um"(lel" explos ion, one
that tlttite pills in the nliaulu Ilny-.
Iiiin.; of l.he kill(( that, hits taken
hlac"c in thin ("olinti' for many veitl-)-:,
00(11rrecl t"er(:1)I.ly at Sall. T,:1kit
C'it.y. 1'o1u" niu;;:txii11 S, e:icil c. un"
t.tiilinf; till im ill'.1
th(lotltor witii itttcnrvais ofulily4 ua
f(,w mecolt(ls be'.wevil Chi" re11c rtM.
The utliwt ty,1n tc.rri Ito. It is esl i
tit:.tet1 that, folly :;5(1.(1(1(1 Wolf ii c)f
' glans aluu(: was broken iii thc oily
Which is, of course. only it ninatll
ituin in the 811111 tutnl of 11ropcirty
' (lcstroye.1 Tit(- lot;;1 of life is fc11"
tiinntely 11ot, so great, its 1iiir;ht hutv'u
1 cen OXi (+rt(1(1. 'ieV(sl1 1 ut"r:o11:1 are
known CO hut"o hieon hillucl ottt.i"iglit ;
i....... ,......i..-..-., .1-..._. . t
Character in Handwriting.
. Mainy pooplo laigh, siays a writor
in an lEn1iglish lagaziino, at what is
callold graptoliIaney, or the art of
judging charaetorK by handwriting
and yet all dcknowledgo that
- ladwriting does indiento soll
1 tling. Evory one allows a differ,
eno betwen ai mlian's land a wollmlll's
hliid. \Ve hoar people speak of ai
vullgar i haud, a gunt.lemninly hand, a,
(eorkly lhaLnd, and Ho forth. I had
i 11('(, said Archbishop Whoatly, a
14ill rem tahlto proof that handwriting
i somlinal iimet, tlast, aln inlex to
elamraetor. I had a pupil at Oxford
whom I liked in most respects
greatly. liher wias but one thing
al oit. him which serioIusly dissatisli
'd Imie, and that, as I often told him,
wais his handwritiug. It .11 not
had 11s writing, but it had a m1a0n,
'huilling charcter in it, which
always isipired mae with a foling of
sipicion. While ho remained it
Oxford I saw nothing to justify
this s1pici01 ; but a transactioll in
which ho was alfterward, engaged,
inl whichs I sa1w imorte of his chaii'acter
than I had done hofore, convinced
me10 that the writing had spoken
truly. But I know of i much mOIO
clrioII cise, ill wliich ia celebrated
graptnaneer was t able to judge of
charaetor io'ro corroe'tly by hand
writing thanl ho had hooul sblt! to do
by prsouial ol ervation. Ho was
ol a Visit to a friend's houe, where
among other gue(sts, lie moot i lady
whose; convtr'Hattion and mIlie'H
greatly st.rl(ek him, and for whom
ho(, cei't'vOed ia strong friendsliip,
bhsed on thu eto('0i1 ho felt for her
as i HinlgulIrly titiful, puro
luildLd iand Hiigle-Ihearted otianill.
'he lady of (t House, who knew
her real tiImriactor" to bo the very
rvevrHo of what she seeied, was
(1nriusIH to know whether Mr. Blank
wtultd lbe 111)1 to discover this by
lier haldlwril ig. Accordingly sh'o
procur ed a slip of t.hi i lady's writing
having asc ortiled ho had never setl
it) anld gave it, to him11 Uo evenim.-t
as the lintwriting (f at friend of
ht'rs whsine) b'hara'ttr alo wishied
imiia to decipher. I-siM usual habit,
whent e Iundortook to exercis( thiN
power, was to take a slip of a letter,
eut. down lengthwise so aS not, to
show an1y se'nteness, to his rooln
at, night and to bring his judgment
i writing the next morning. Onl
this occasion, when the party wot o
Heatetd at. the breakfast table, tho
liaiy whost writing he had lncon
iously boee exa1i(ing made so11
(obHorvatioun which particularly
Atruck Mlr. Bliank ats seeming to>
h otoken ia very noldo an1d truthfiul
eharacter. He e'pressed his ad
miration of her s1nh1.i11011t very
wr1'muly, adding at the 111111 time to
it' lady of the house : "Not so,
by the way, your friend," and ho
put, into hor hand15 the Slip of
wriing of her guest, which 11 ih had
given him the ovening before, and
over which hite had writ.t'n the
wo0rd11: "LinatI111ing. false, hOllow,
heate 'd.'" ThIe laly of the hlouteo
kept the secret, atnd Mr. Bla3niik
nevwer knew that the writing on
w \ihich he 111(1 ronounced Ho ei'oro
ai judgmuent wasM that of thet friend ho
Anld llcaler in Commercial FcrtiiIeirs.
--: :
T F youl w~ith choticO A pples, lHanna,
.1. Orne and iiu jLnrnons low for caih,
P'ianil Baco-r, Agont.
..Iishi P'otatoesl setleted for hab liOus at
.Pimanu Iheo-r'4, Agent.
JlGG Luncih, Peatrl Oystter andh A rrow
J oot4)1 (Cruacra justarri vetd frtesh it
1%jnny. B3aco-r's, Agent.
11 l EKII(antd es, Cocvauits , Almonds,
3. alnutts a di Butter Nuts at
P'innsi BAco-'s, Agent..
J. A. Fraser, Agent;.
T mnl agetnt or thet following well estafb-.
r.,'ininendl thuem to piroperty ownersI ast
worthly of Eth i tcneco.. Prgp(orty
ins1 o ure a tdeqiuto rateai..
The irel Association of P~hila
Thei Ci1tizens' Insuraince Company
of Newark N. J.-Ovganized in
1 869. (Vapit aS $2,000,000O, As
seis OVer$50,00
Thei Peter'sburg Having, and In
sulranlce UoImp'anhy of Peters.
hurg Virglula. Assuets 9ee
Call on moc andi insturo yoar property
without tdelay. Country buithdings i
*1NO A FILA8EBi, Agent.
mar 4 At Wirnsboro, SQ.

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