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POST OmFoni Houns."-dhiio ! o t
office will bo dlmn daily (l u
bxcepted) from t) A. M., to 2i.
'and from 2 to 5 P. M. Roithorn
and Southern mail lope al 7 . M.
'precisely. Air Mail' deli4red on i
Sundays from 9 to 0:30.A: M. only..
RAILuoAV ScIIEDULE - 'The Ldihis a
on C. O & A. R. R. now lda'ie fi
Winnaboro as follows: Going north a
11.55. p. ih, Going south, 1.35, a il s
Accomiodation day trains Going l
north, 488, a. m. Going' soth, fi
12.12.- These traiis. meet at Winne- 1
boro. C
Everything seoms to indicate that W
the Lady Washington Tea Party will P
be a grand success.
The list of petit jurors for the
May ter of the circuit court con- Ii
taiins the names of twenty-two white;
persons and fourteen colored.
The Union-Herald says the Green - S
Villo Daily News has lost fifty por V
scent. of its fair proportions. What P
'can be the matter ? What can this o
mean? 'II
Last Sunday was Easter Day, and
th6 Episcopal church was very taste
fully decorated with evergreens and{
flowers. C
Honest John Wvas the firat to rn
during the l liott-Mackey squabble T
it Columbia oil '1tesday, Perhaps S
itrihn heard thh horn of the "boro b
boys" to the tuno of "go bush." 4
The following gentlemen hnvG
bii tihosti\ dohegates to represent
towlship no. 12 in the county conven -
tion which convenes at this placelext
iNaturdaiy I ]i. 1'l. Jlflis m, Sr.. Patri"k
1at5ing, John A. Welon, Ja:. W. a
t Stewart, W. K. Turner, Fnok An
drews, James Harden, J. A. Robert
son, Iraneus Pope, John Vinson.
DEAD-HEADs.--The ladies hatvet
wisely determined that these anlkn ul+ I1
shall not be soon aumog the ~ ellesb is
and boaux of '7 6 at the -Lady Wash
ington." Anf oU desiring to see a el
specimen of this raro creature Will lie
have to apply to the legislature or
to congress. ti
The elugraph brings the news of
the death of A. T. Stewart, of Now
York, the richest melrchant in the .t
world. His death, which occurredi
at 1.45 p. mn. on the 10th inst., took
most peop01le by sulrpris, bo.
cause upl to a short time boeforo' his .
death, hia symptoms were by no mn
nmeans :darmingI
Tu FAmIYsirron.-We would
again call attention to this family fe
neOwspaperC published at Yorkville, w
S. C. Each notnber that we have re hi
ceved, has served only to confirm&
the good opinion we formed of the d<4
paper when we received a copy of in
its first isssue. There is' abundance Tr
of choice readinlg matter in the .9(
1 hl or, with no4 spaIce wvhatev'er ft
given to) advertisemlenlts. It is pub11
lished soemi-montlhly, at $1.50 per '
annum. From the'regular price a
very liberal discount is made to 8$s
clubs. Ic
We call attention to the new ad ~
v~ertisemewnt of MeCrecry, Love &T
Co., in to. day's issue. This enter
N prising hmouse is again giving theI
peopl)1 bargains, and na the sale coniu
tinues for only 15 dlayi you shkould
gather up you spairo change and
'ouy' what you want of that house.
They are selling dry goods, hoots,j
shoes antd carpets at eniraordijnary
bargains. Go and see them*
No ExcusE FOil ThING SIOK.-NO d
pe3rson can use0 BoseiEE's GERMAN fl
jvaur without getting immedW~iate0 n
~relief and curo. . We have the first '1
case of Coughs, Colds or Consump
tion, or any dliseasso of the Throatc
and Lanlgs, yo~t to boair from that n
hasq not been cured W~e have dlis- Ib
tributed every year, fore three years, I
over 250),000 Sampl)o .Bottles by
Druggists in all patrts of thke Unliteld
States. No othor Manufacturer of f,
Medicines ever gave thmeir prepara- y
tions such a test as this, Go to
your Druggists, McMAsTER & lIwE. I
had get a bottle for 75 cents and
try it-T wo doses will relieve you. y
Sample 11ottles 10 tbent~s each1.
EIL-..(e hate rectiv~cd thme A pril
mnmhor of tis old e'stablishled r.g
'riculturaI Mgaid, The table. oif
.~ontents is full of itemis of intert'i~
ad importance tb the farm'r
Among thesO are-'afhe Negro and1
the CommonX School, D~eepeniing of
Soils, Solf-sustaininig - Farms, Pork
Raising in tihe South, One Way to
imnprovo Farmsg, How to Soeuro a
Stand of Clover, etc., etc. The
JP/anter andi /rmeri pbise
by L. R. Dickinson, 1Richmond a.
at the low r>'e of $2.0O01e annumn.
'There isl a famuy in Newvark N.
J., who eat (log's mreat because they
I ke it. The neigh'iors appeOaled to
t e health inspector, but lhe said be
didn't know of any law against it.
Now is the time to subscribe to
the Nwws and IH1aknp1
A big fI .tt. Jubg> .
)r. Buli4..Co1 i dyruLi eQn wolf be
lrea yjIiah . ly cibor dibin. 'I
.s the tinld for thin, peasant occat
on is rapidly appreadtiitid 'vo biug
> recall it to the attention of th
>nmiintj. The ladies, with char
atei-istic ddivtion, have pushed
a ward the jihjiarations very
stivel Pid, having b'een libdialig
1pportod, look forward to a great
iecess. We trust that our friends
on1 our sister cities. Ridgeway and
lackstock, and fron all parts of the
>unty will be preselt with us. To
le ladies especially, of both places,
o would say come, bringing us
'ea(Clfre b~y their preeeils and(1
od/it througlh their nimuorous fol
wing of beaux.
PErIr Juions.-The following is a
t of the petit jurors drawn for the
[ay teri'k of Court for Fairfield:
Whites--R. C. Clownpy, P. M.
pence, J. 0. Bong. T. P. Mitchell,1
m. Aiken. Iraneus Pope, W1. '1'.
ettigrew, Jas. Beaty, J. W. Chand
r, W. A. McDowell, Andrew Ri- 1
er, C. E. Leitncir, James W. Bo
k, E. P. Mobley, H. L. Elliott, J.
:ery l Brice, E. S. Chandler, James
Milling, W. J. Herron, V. J.
rowder, J C. Muckorell, A. J. Mc
ill. -
Colorod-Chas. Hend]erson, Cain
homiipson, W...J. McDowell, Fred
beele, Bristow Iiinsler, Jacob Bar
r, Si monl Davis, Henry Harris,
In Egleston. Logan Brown, Frank
ahigault, Wylie ierbert, Milton .
Jok, Louis Darkley.
Towsixr OnoAxliZr0i .'r-Wo are
eased to learn that the organizei
the citizens of township no. 4 into
democratic club has j ogressed
!:y rajpidly onl very e.couragin;y.
i h little labor and in at very short
n1me th4. conmiitteo appointed for
( purpose enrolled the names of
aL' one hun ldlrd perisons, and it
expected that this nlumber will
eeive large accessions before the
uin ty convention meets. We have
doubt that before such meeting,
o club will embody almost the en
-, voting strength of the denoca. 1
of the township. We hope that
e Green Briers are flourishing,
Al that as they have taken so ac.
e interest in our quiet little
wnship, they will follow her ex
11p1e, and forma a verylagcub
of course, there has not yet been
eluded -in theirs :every available
an 'i the to)wnshlip.
rmied by Tlreaisurer Nelson that tihe
hole amount (of taxes collected by
m before the penalty attached, was
i8.536.53, besides $7,397.77 ten
Ired in bills of the Bank of the State,.
aking an actual total of$65,9:34.32.
Ie total levy in the connty is *70,
47.72, and the deficiency is there
re only $54573.40. This is smnaleri
an any dlelleiency in the payment
taixes inl this county sin1ce reconl
rnction. Of course we -incluide in
ec amount paid the sums tendered
bills of the Blank of the State.
lhe state government will find it a
ry diflicult task to evade tihe aie
ptance of these bills in paymencit of
xes, and the soonier the authori ties
alize that fact, the better for the
ate treasury.
TowxsunP Mai~s'.--We are au
orized byV the dlemocratic commnit
e of township no. 4 to announce
tat there will bec a meeting of the
mlocratie cIb! of the townshipj at
te Town Hall, on Thursday evening
:xt, the 20th inst., at 8 o'clock
he purp)ose of the meeting is to
e ten .delegates to tile county
mIvenitioni whichi meects on Satuiirday
ext. An olportutil ity will likewise
3 presented to aniy perol5s1 who
aLy wish to utnito themselves with
ec club, and hav-e not already done
~. We trust that there will be a
11. attenidanlce, not only of those
ho have already onlisted as mnem
(Irs of tho dlemocratic (chlh, bitt of
1l who may wish to tuite in anl or
anization, the object of which is to
rociure and perpel)tuato good and
onest governmlent for the people of
ouith Carolina.
TnAmsri oF IhE-, EWPrT, .-'=Sinc(e~
or lst report the following trans
'rs of real estate have been re
orded iii tihe ollice of thte ('ointy
Sand. BR ClowIney to (Iharles
farris, one lot in the town of
Vinntsboro ; consideration, $350.
T. Rtoss Robertson to William
ohinstoh, one lot in thd town of
Vinnlsboro ; consideration, $5000.
Mrs. Janie Davidson to L. W.
)uvall, 831 acr~h ini township ho.
Samfe to same, one let in thec td6't-n
f 'Winnsboro ; conisideration, *1.00.
B3aylie E and Margar4t */Elg j5
)avid it. Flenniken, 388 ack-es in
owniship no. 8 'cohsideratioi
Ilis E Elkin to DaIl n~ Th..
ei i;s in township 0no. 8 ;
cohsidcratjon, $1163 .
Vios. It..Davis to T. E.. tildi,
olie 19t p f a."I in <,ho 't yn -f
Ridgeway ; consideration, .same
quantity of land located elsewhere.
tib HIa.--Tho old Original,
anrocoiistructod, dyed-in the-wool,
can't:bti-rubbed-out democrat. He
keeps Brown's Hotel, Winnsboro, S.
D. A gentlenai front Philadolphia
stopped with him and made Messrs.
kieMaLtbr & Brico agoi'ts for Dr.
Pembdrton's Comiowund Extract of
Stillingia or Queen's Dolight, the
ily knosil vegetablo blood-purifier,
free from mercury and injurious
drugs, that Will eradicate the worst
forms of st'rofula from the system,
with no return of the dikeaso.
Ten'l t hono nd dollars ($10,000),
will be paid ly the proprietors of
this rowedy if there can be found
nercury in any form or any ingre
Bent not strictly vegetable. ts I
Mfeet is seen in from four to six
lays. No imnpirity can remain in
the blood or system when this reme.
ly has been taken a reateonable length
)f time. Ask for Dr. Peiberton's
tillingia, and take no other. For alc
ay McMastor & Brice, Winnsboro,
3o. Ca. - 0
that every township will send i full
lolegation to the democratic county
onventioi wich is to meet at.
Winnsboro on Saturday, the 22nd
nist. Wo need not imipress upon
. Wmhe people the importance of this
lathering. It nmst b)0 applarent to
ill. The number of delegates al
owed to each township is ten, thus
'rming a convention of one hun -
Ired and thirty mnembiers. Ever y
ownsbip should send its full con
)lcent of delegates. The fuller
lie convention, the more represen.
ative will ib be of the interests of
lie people, and the better the op
oitaunity for a full and free inter
hIange of opinions. A conventio(n
)f the lcolle1 properly coiistitute:1.
vill be a miost excellent starting for
hat abmsolutely perfect organizationi
vhich must be maitde long before the
ovemnber electiuh. We have aiWays
)elieved that the people of air. ,
ield would do their full part at the
)Oli5s but somiotling more is now l1
iceded-we must have a perfect
mnion of the honest people long be
ore the voting time comes. We
rust that the organization of the
lciocracy of Fairfield which has
>cen begun, will soon be carried to
A S.um DNArn -The papers men
ionecd about a week ago a surioti
:ccidenit to Miss Emma Parker, of
3olunmbia, then residing at Williamns
on. She was walking along a
oad, when she suddenly discovered
hat her clothling was en1 fire. Shle1
mad passed by a blac-smith shop,
mid it is suppo~sed that a spar-k
odgedl on her clothing and, fanmned
Ls she walked along, soon caused a
'ull flame. The unfortunate young
ady lingered, in great suffering,
or somme days, wheni death camne to
ror relief. Speaking of this sad
>ccurrence, the ecws and C'oud~er
mlays :
"TIhe sad news has~ been received
Shat Miss Emma Parker, daughter
>f Dr. Parker, of Columubial, died at
LO o'clock on Saturday muorning. I
l'o the last she hore her great
muirerings with singular fortitude
mnd unbroken piatienice, mand, in all
rihat illustrates the char-actor of thme
3lhristian gentlewoman, her death
wvas as beautiful as her life. The
sause of the accidenit of which Miss
Parker1as the victim has not been
u.tisfactorily explained. All thdt
is certain is that thme fhunes were
atinguished the instant that it was
known lby Miss Parker's screams
that her clothing was on firme.
WVhence the firo came, or how lon'
it had smuouldored before it was
liscovered, cannot be ascortained.
Miss Parker was young and ac
comp11lied, richly enowed with
physical grace and mental beauty,
imal the sweet girl graduate was
litting hersof, b~y closo ,study. for
imi enlarged field of usef uless,
when the horrible accident occurred
which hurried hior out of the
YcUxo MEN's CmIusTfIAN Ads'oermA
'rroi,- Notw~ithstanding the heavy
shower falling at the time, there was
(luite a large nurmbor of Christian
youhg mon01 present at the P.rcsbyto
rian church on 1Friday night. to
donsider tihe feaib~lility of ol-ganmizinig
a Yonng Men's Christiafl Association
in Winnsboro. Every church in thme
town was representcd at thb meeting1
showing that there is a geileral
intorest iti the subject.
The lpradtical operations of these
assfociations, and the adv'ahtages
they. possess; WOre exp~lained1 by thme
llev. Mr. Chichestor, who has for
many years been activaly engagedl in
laboring wibh them. The 11ev, Mr.
Mollichamp also addressed the meet
ing in an earnest manner. A free
conversation was then hold, in whichm
each person present expressed his
views fenmo danuird nn immediate
temporary organization, while other" al
thought it would b batidr to a cihi
poinit dolegatch to attend tho con
vddbion in (oltimbia, which Com- J.
indices to-day, and after their return
itid hearing their report, we would i ins
be bettor prepardi to orgailid aild
coninonco active oporations. Tie an
latter vidw prdvalled, and Mdssrd: J1
R. tGalloway andl it. d( Ieaty an
wore hppoiited delbgates: li!r.
Chichestor road the followiig rios- ant
agd from A. J. Dodamnead, 19i4., of 1
Dolumbia; correpolihding mnhibor of It.
the Associatioil for this state J:
"It makes no differenco what
uunber of delegates you send ; the po
wore the better. I think we will have 1rt
i blesed mneeting." err
It will thtus be seen that every one
whNlo desires to go, will be welcomed,
lud several other persons who wore sec
presehnt on J'riday night expressed
their determination to be present,
any others who may have been
absent from the ieot.ing, and who
fel an interest in this important
C of
York, are cordially invited to itteud
bhe convention, where they will
orn in three days, more about the
ulvaintages, results and practicalI
>porations of Young Men's Christian
tskioiations than they can othierwiso ref
earn in years. r'ho only qualitica
ion required is that they bo mom- bo
oers in good standing in an ovan
.elical church, no matter of what do- 1 U
tomination it may ho. It is hopeli
hat the pastors of all the
hurches will attend, as their counsel h
mad advice will frequently be sought 4
i matters portining to the As
ociation. Delegates will loavo on 'I
he noon train to-day.
TrE InCAI, CoNvENTIo.-ThingM P0
len't ;eem to havo gone on smooth. tio:
in tlis body--which mct in .lMe
Jolumbia on Tue:duy, the 11th was
nat. Tho convention was called to to
>ider by Elliott, and the first diffi Ass
-ulty aroso- as5 to the election of pri
()mp1orary president. Upon the thc
natter of election, there seemed to ho'
)3 much diversity of opinion, which the
howedi itseif in at most violent way. hat
fudge T. J. MLtekey, after conslidClra- get
de cort, ouceceding in telling the He
oitoraiblo uhairmnnc (Whittomore, Sey
vlo had temporarily taken the wit
hair) that "the question was not ern
vhetler he rocognizod fieh mob as a be;
ouvention, but whether the cohven- on!
ion recogrnized hiim its chlairm.m." ma11
~ubersC of tihe delegates crowded bly
~round thle Judge, uttering iiblisivo aft,
~n I threaterugi~ language, when1 hlu 0(q
'eemnentl~y donll1~Outlo themu as
rlobbers' of South Garolina." -
alliott ap)proaching att this reMark1 the
hidge Mackey reitorated his staite- Th
nehat, adding that he branded the brt
speaker as "the chief of the bandl ol' tre
-obbe~rs of the State of Southl of
Jarolina." Elliott walketd hurriedly an<
*.ward~s thle Judge, whein the hlter c)a
iruw his revolv'er and p~rep~ared foi- M
Letion. A geher-al row now ensued len
m~d it wats som1 time before nmtters thll
>icamoe suiliciently quiet for bit
masiness to prIoceed. Finally, after thi
tonsidoraible wvrangling, the roll hinl
wals calledi, and Rwatils (a
nulatto from Williamsburg county)
Vas d3claredl temporary president,
.comittee on cretdentials was theb Nit
ppJointed, anid tile convention soonl 1)
On the sceond. day of the session,
he tir'st matter detbatedl was tilea
itateiment mlade in the Un ion-IHer- r
udd that ton the first daly of the
ineeting, somebody had raised a lj
hair, with a view of bringing it bi'
lown with emp1hasis upon the he*1lad e
>f the governor. After some1 (in;- Sill
mss*ion, it was decided to requecst -
t statemienlt from the rep~orter of the
Jtnton, the genitlemiani inl question, 'lii
tated that h~e saw a chair raised in n.
rhe direction of the place where the teni
.overnotr w as sitting From thit '
leseription given him of the persoh
Lyho raised the chiair, hie thought it
a'as Lieitt.-Gova Gleaves, but lie had
ince changed his opnin Ih
nentioll of his hamon brouight the
lieutenaint goiernor to his feet, but
be w~as soonl pacified. Then daml~e a
statomont from one (Id. Koogab, a
reporter of thlt Washington Rt~
(Jhuronicle, the burden of whose
Fiong was his love for tile Union and Iia
the neIgroz Hie did see a chair
ratisedl and1 ho dlid think the gover
nor~ was ill danger8 He wats tbo)ut
to witdraw from the conlventionl,
but a number of the b)rothrenj
Paittersonh among the~m9 soothed
him, and brought him a chair
wherewith to rest his weary limbs
after the terrible trial to wvhich his
feelings had beoen subjected8 The
committee on credentials mtado r
their report A minority reporb A
Was submitted, dhifferinig from the
tnajority only as to the delegations
from the dotuties of Charleston, -
Ciolleton and Barnwell. The ma- c
jorily report wvas in eaeh case -
adopted. In the eveiling session
the following delegates were chygiien1
to represenat the state inl bhe nation
republican convention at Cin
Lia(i !
First Dihtridt - . A. Swalls and
H. Raitoy,
Second District-H+ d. Worth
;ton and W. J. Mctiinlay.
Third District-H: . (lorwih
1 W. B. liash.
Fourth District-A, $s Wallae
1 John Willmsinith.
LFifth Didri&t-Itobbirt Smalls
:1 Lawrouice Caiib
tate at Itrge--It. B. Elliott, D'
ChamberlainitI. 1. Gleaves and
J. Pattrson,
rhis delegatiol scm1118 to bd ('om
Sd about tqually of the support
and thd opuonents of the gov.
SToucuno INsomEN.-Thei book
ohtly published by Gen. Double
a dtititlod, "Fidl'ts Sumter and
nltrie," contains and inleident
1 illustrating the t'haractet- ott 0110
Fairfield's uost 1onorel sons.
appears that when Anderson's
uiand abnndtihed Fort Moultrie,
I occupied Sumter two ladies, the
'e8 of officers, wer left behind.
o of theose, Mrs. ieyolour, re
sted permissialh to join her hus
1d in Fort Sumter, but this was
used by the South Carolina oil
That night sho btered an open
It, and was rowed over to Stunter
the darkness by two boye. T'he
S. chaplain remtainod at Fort i
nitric. (en. Doubleday says :
1 the mecantimte an amusing se2Il
I occurred there (Fort Moultrie.)
very chivalreits gentloman, Ex
vornor Me:ms, of South Carolina,
I learned in somec way that Mrs.
'mour had been rudely refused
inissiol to visit her husi8band in
rt Sumter. lin thought the ne 1
1 of the cominatndant of Fort.
ultric harsh and unneecs;ar in, and
i kind enough to take tim trouble
NalU at the Uhlmplai'i's hose 1 o
are Mrs. Sevno'mr that, he would
cire her a Iws'; from higheir au
rity. The (haplain hardly knew
v to act. He did not like to tell
Ex-Governor that Mrs. Seymoir
l alreactdi gone, for fear ii imight,
the Sindlair boys in trouble.
therefore prendCed that Mrs.
'mour was contined to her room
h a sick headache. The Ex-Gov
or sent in repeated mess:tges to
that she would see him if it was
y for a moment,:but the answers
le by Mr's. Ha~rris; were inv'aria
in the negativ'e. The Chaplain
rwards laughied heartily at the
ivocal position lhe had been fore
to assume."
'is inciden t touchingly potrays
softer ibr'es of a heart of oneI.
same natur. that could not
'ok tihe sight of a woman iii dis
1ss qlnod hot. boforo the stormn
ja ttlecs ahl gieldeCd itself, ai willing
I nloblo snarifi e- to the6 Southern
.80 oil the lloody battle-field of
nassas. Additional inteorest is
t to this a ieoOlto, from theo fa't
t it is lirst, brouhmt to light' by a
Ler Chuemy of the cause to Which
Siloble Carolinlah had devoted
inmn ! I -A destruct ive' taro oueurrnd .LI
ety six, t. C., D t'eeme 21st, by
chi f.oar stores valol a t $2), 0d)4 werme
nied. Thel forthr ,, pread of the coni
ratin, withi pr'ohphie dest rucition o1
wthole towni iand a ls of seve'hal hun:-~
tii~~ man ives, were pirteentedl by the
vali of ai( Griot Aureriennl Fire lat inI
ulher, an Agent haein'tlg to comle ini
n at thle nick of timne For full part ic i..
,O Liee th lhheville M'd iumn and New..
ry I1(rihl oif Itie tfollowinig w eek.
C r. P. P. ToL'.ie of Charlest, u S. C., is
(Genaeral Souathernm Agent fo~ r the. I riat
wver all imnuiries iln rega~crd to t ho samiE*.
L. agni nst fishing. I h . in l, ut iin g
lbor. oir othierw i' t re'spaossing uplon
lands. All perisonsi d isregard ing thiis
ie will be prosectedt toi thle fll ox'
I. of the law.
noO2OT ~ A U -'M u 0E H
I TAr1Hthi nf ron to in-.
opebed,~ ai Iooit anid Shoie l,..
tory it. (brig's huailinzg, iai lam pro
ed tO makhe hadies' ii gelit wtitorsl
Ilife hoes at ew York pri'es. 'Theu best
t.'s boot mad for *'4l; foxinag $8 My
ek is all hiittdi-ade, aRn) warranted to
e sattisfaction. Reopairitng done at. short
'b 1ii Winnlsb~,oo h. C'.
TI'lt exer~cises' of this ,iiutioni
Ja uury 12th. For clircllua.,
conltaiinitig termnts hind full pa~r
tidulair, athlressO
W.. M. D)WI(GIIT,'
ut 4-tf Pr incipalI
~ 01mth iNE, Iodidlo * of, othdnl
I. Ilronitd o of Piuoi, Ilromidel Aml
'Slae, Chiloral, i Hydrated, julst, i'OCived
I for sle at the brug Store of
nar 80 \VFE AIIKEN.
Fine Domestic Wine.
UJSTi received a lot of. fne N. C. WVINE
from the celebrated Vineyard, at
niar 25l IR J McC'ALEY'S.
JSE tFo)Ir rrnbbing need corn, can be
had at the Drug Sitorre of
m1l W E. b$ AIt.
Live aild LtLv
'11i0 Hiih8s<!rilwrH i wish to in
fcriii tlhe .Iaadics of Winnsbhoro anid
4(ir1 otuinin ('OllIuiry thlat Ih" have l[w
1)li1('llH('hel t lc enItire stoclik of J . 11.
I rowvn. cdlnsis(.ihg of illinery andl
k'., ie(11 QV ~Iitli th StocH 2k 1'tnr
'Illull from .J. S. Elder & (Co. 211121
Pi. lde's .~ is of D ry ("mods1,
('lotiltinug. &e., ('lalin! wa oo
ctofr he largest kitock of t'cia' goo(Is
'ver dIislayed(' ill once Stern? iltt Wniihs
born1. ''hey litivo it. large' litre of
tin 'riulubings, I)rc'H (~ ()ooIH. I~
[lo~icry, fin., which they" mill sell ati.
iiihitard-of pices for rash. 'T'hey.
,ow' otilr their tii s''Hteel: of? \W'
er (;lothintg. ]ats Ii ,outs121, Shoes,
~c., at, tld belowv cost, to) Illtk( roust211
or~ fil. it Di1 Sfr ;{tck: All tIhey tiisk
s (.itli. to ('2111nc~ lit ltl al '1i inIht.
,rte lilloyd. iy4 1) lil12iibiir. 'Buyhc
1101111t I)1l~il (tH +, crul d -v1hltrot flij tut
letmol 1) aly Otte. 'lhuir met t o it:
;trieUiv c~ah.
]I. F?. LJ1EC.1[ & (20.
P U I3 L I C
- I I !t, lltlllersi neii haviiiCt
)01g 11t, the stock lltlllel' a sigi1"
11('I it of the firm of
1111ier & ('0.) Offers the sa111ce
tht' public with all the tot
ut' gre:ltly rl'tlll( 0(l
)ril'l' -111 fart. it
will by in:1clc
)1 ' t lllo L )odls oil h:tltll 111 019101'
i) 111:1 ke 100111 for a
of tlto patronage Si)
i1wrally lM tl)11'ell (11)0tl the
11111 in 1 O'111ot' (19 VS is rha)ect
1111 v solicited by.
;11)ri1 8
3N. -
t\Y 1t tRrc 4 i
rOf f/1t V\ 711 C}(
FdAI'xMi 'y'i ;.1Ot f
Ilalldrral/rrrfx;tr","nrJ,1'n/;, '.;.. ! r ilr;l; ;r,
Jlrttlrc'J,,1'IG,'f+ / 1!lild/pJ"li lh' lilL!Rb,
;lilirr; It?1ir'.'r' I'r rr,1 tGrlli ins Gu'iz
L:4uul,:Ia ,.rJ .1t octrl. cLc.
A// ltlor~ 1l;irr rnlerl,
Send fcgr1'ricrl i'((,
1. M. 1a ALL & CO/
hrtnrl/arturcre & 1)es/crr,
2, 9", (T, 8,101, if;tr/tct Strt'Ct. t
z . 2:23, 22 .%itIC71a}ti
IN N SB OR 0, 8. C,

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