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1F A 111 1 Ei D~ 11S R lif LI)
I n P UOtf i s itll w1 KK F .Y f y
?,;rms.-The //RRA /t/) is piublished Week
y in the Town of' Winnsboro, at $3.00
n ariabluy in advance.
q y- All iriunient a4vertlisnseent to be
1'.41 ) IN .4 / V.- A'CA.
O('iiaary Noiloos and Tributes $1.00
per 1 quare.
WhoInvontod the Cotton Gin.
T he Angusta Cosiuinls of
Wedocnesdaly conta~ins some interes~t
ing statements concorning the first
invention of the cotton gin, fortified
by a let ter from Col. Janies 11. Aiken,
'of 'Winntsboro, in this state. Whit
oiey has' the credit of the invention,
and the citizens of New Haven,
Connecticut, his native place, have
long sinco erected a nonuncnt to
his memory. He was iL school
teacher in the neigihborhood of Au
.gusta, and of evenings, while board
ing around among his scholars, no
ticed the slow process of soparating
the lint from the seeds by the mein
'bersof the families where he chanced
to be. It was the custom in those
days to pick the cotton sed out with
thie fingers, and each person had his
little pile warming before the fire,
to make it easier to pick. Whit
ney undertook sene experiments to
quicken this work and do it by m.,l
(hinery, which are thus described in1
our AIgus4tL contemporary
His first efo'rt was to perforate
the bottom of an old tin coffee-pot
wlith a nail, nad14 twirling it atrou nd,
'discovered that the "raggedl edges"
.eizod lhold and pulled the lint from
the sed5, and right hore tho princi -
pie WIas developed which has worked
s4yh IL powerful indlenu.e in the
history of civilization of the present
century. A ftier fitrtherexperiments,
lto made a gin, which contsistel of
a cylinder of wood, in which were c
driven iL aii mmber of spitcit. filed to 1
a point an d slightly crooked at the
end--and atfter boxin. it was t
worked by a enk or hand plowe.e I
&eng that it was a success, hie made
still f1urther improvements, and put i
up the first gin in 173, at whiout isne
Joowvn Phinizy'sPndabu on
mile below this city. f
Col Aiken noticing that Mr. W. I
Herring, of Augutita. hadl advertised I
for ant original "-Whitney cotton
gin," in order to exlhiiit it, nt bIho
Centennial, ,sent himl the curious let
ter which we copy below. Witt it
wts enclosed an aneient doctunent
signed by George Wiishingtoi Pres
ident of the United States : Timothy.;
JPickering, Secretary of State, and
Charles Lee. Attorney General,
granting to Hogden Holmes. a citi -
zen of Augusta, letters patent for 1
a "machine for ginning cotton" for
fourteen y'ear's fr'om the 19th April
1791. printed on paI'ehiment and
dated 12th May, 1796. Mir. Aiken
gives the history of that paper as
follows :
Hogdeu Holmes, a native of Saot
Jand, but a citizen of your own city
ill 177'5, waIs the or'igina~l iniventor',
and his miac'hine wasJ locd up in
HabugS. C., when Whimtiey,I
though the influence of a negro, got
a diaa of it. It was then known
as a "patent for taking burrs out of
wool.' On this infringement Whit
ney got a) patent, anid called it a
miachine "'for' ginning cotton." This
created a law suit in Georgia. In I
the meanj1)timeC Hlohnies expended som11
$8,000 aui: died ins~olvenit. His suit
waLs conltinueld to the United States,
Court, and Whbitney sold4 his claim I
to the State of South Carolina for
Hlolmies left b~ut 0110 heir and the|
catse wats abandonedl. That lheir was
my wife's mother, (the wife of Dr'.
Wmt. C. Cloud, of Edgelield C. H.)
Noone being left to prosecute the
caso and 110 one able1( to c~ontenld
*,against a state, a patent was taken
inl 1795, and Col. Wim McCreight, of
2 Winnsbor'o, bought the exclusive
right for twenty years, and did make
Sand 9el11all the cotton gins furnished
for the entire SotenStates upto
the year 1818: I marriea the oldest
d ~aughter of D~r. Cloud in 1837, and
among the final oirocts of Hogdlen
iolmues, whlich .had nlot b~een dis
~turbed10( for forty-two year's, I found
4'the parchmenlt (the letters patent)
with a sp)read1-eaglo seal of beeswax
'.on it, about four' inches in diameter,
h''v i has long since crumbled inito
1 4ust.
'I might also add it is genuine inl
vcry partIticlluar as compare~l'd with
~he CJongreuionalitJecordI in the
United 'States Patont Otlligo (in
d.4)by myself.
T1hered is aL boo0k publiNhoed givinlg
fulil historical record of' the inven -
ion, jl and the law suit, (not very
cr1editablhe to Whitney,) but the title
~-of which I now forget. It is thirty
*~sears since I saw it iln the .librar'y of
the South Carolina College.
Your's truly,
Jnma~ 1?. Amnt.
.1. S.-Hlolmnes died albouit 1796,
b~ut recoived the paltenlt before his
death. After Holmes' death, 0only
a few ginls wro' ma~nufaictud for
sale in Augusta. J. R. A.
It would be interesting to know
hw much 'Whitney was indebted to
Holmes, and to discover which was
the first to conceive and carry out
the idlea of machinery for ginning
cotton. Accordin to the statement
before us, the palim is duo rather
to Holmii, who Was chiselled out of
the olmnlunents and fame which he
seems to have merited.- Columbia
Wruptlon Of Vesuvius.
Tiei raciat eritption of Vesuvius
is doscrlhid citr nomething thrilling
to behold. Aftoi' imanv false alarms
and partial out l)reaks, the ancient
mountain began to pour forth i
stream of lavai, while an ilnelifo
column taf milk-white vapor roitC
high into the air, illumined magli.
cently. it is said, by the fires which
Were raging inl the crater beneati
Quantities of stones, Cinledors, and
sc(iiim were at the samo111 time ejoet
ed during the next twenty-four
hours, as though the subtaurranean
furnaces that underlie the brim of
the lovely Bay of Naples Wore being
stoked by the fire-gnomes for a real
ly grand outburst. The warning to
the inhabitants Was given several
weeks before, when a denso and rol
ling volume of smoke arose from
the volcano. Even then the ioln
tain was trembling with the ilnor
shocks aind noises which mostly pre,
cede an outbreak, and near its top
Fire could be seen luridly shining in
the night fl om the mnally crivices,
Emt of which exuded the mephitic
mell of sulphurous gases. Yet,
iotwithstanding all these tokens of
:listlurbance inside the volcano, the
synptoums appeared to have sub
tided, and Vesuvius was thought to l
) settling down From time to
ime after that there wore only
dight relapses ; end the prosent
)Lroxysl appears to have come on
vith something like abruptness,
vhich is one of the worst possible
;igns of its intentions which the
olCiano ever gives. The terrible
mitbreak of A. D. 70, which over
whemClmed1 Pomp1eii, andl cost thme life
)f the elder Pliny, began in the
amue fashion, with a great cloud of
white vapor suddenly ejected to ia
ast height, lighted up by the fires
)f the opening crater, and full of
lack fragments and showers of
corite. From his watch-tower near
.he summit Professor Palmieri keeps
n eye perpetually fixed upon the
nountain, surronnded by cunning
nstruiiments of all sorts, which en
ble him to feel the pulse of Vesu
'ins, and generally to foretell a fever
it in the capricious volcano. Its
hangeful moods, however, frequent
y deceive even this wuitehful seiti
o1 of sciecaie.
>ersons, from nervousness, fatigue,
r mental excitement, are unable to
leep. Mr. Frank Backland, an
Cnglish naturalist, prescribes a very
imple remedy for insomnia, or
;leephessness. The fact that. ol)iates,
n any form, leave traces of their in
hience the next morning, induced
lim, he says, to prescribe for him
;elf, as he has also frequently pro
;eribed for others -- onions ; simply
ommiloll raw onions. The well
mon'wn taste of onions is (ue to a
)eeuliar essential oil contained in
lhew, and this oil has highly sopori
lic p)owers, which, in his own case.
%Ir. Biu.khau 1 avers, never fail ; if
amehl pressed with work, and feeling
in inability to sleep, his practice is
to eat two or three small onions,
11ho effect of which is magical in
prod1ucing the desired repose. Such
t remedy has a great advantage over
Lthe stupefying drugs commnonly re
sorted1 to for this l1purpose
A boy was asked which was the
greattest evil, hurting an other's feel
ings or his hinger. "Th'le feelings,
he0 said. "Rlight, my dear child,'
said the gratified priest: "aund w"hy
is it worse to hinrt thei feeling's?
"Because you c-ant tio a rag roundl
them," exclaimed the child.
J. B. Phillips, of Orwell, Ohio, is
making a cheese which wvill not be
cotmpleted u~ntil the twentieth of
May, when it is expected to weigh
20),000) poundis. It is perhatps need
less to say that it is destined( to as
tonish the natives as well as the
foreigners at the Ceniten nial
"And this is the very room" said
a country cousin, on b~eing' taken
into Fancuil Hlall the other day, "ini
which our forefathers met to unite
against tyranny." "That sounds(
weldl," said her city relative, rathier
bored with sight seeing, "but thme
fact is, this hall was built in 1808."
There Were 7,740 failures in the
Uniite'd Sttes in 1875, of which the
gross liabilities wero $201,00,4563.
Th'Iis is nearly triple the number of
failures in 1871, and 2,000) more
A young man at, Nashville killed
himself because ho could not got
anothor' man's wvife. Itis terrible to
love somebody and see her washing
windowsa for another man.
"Science," says Dr'. Holmes, "is a
good picce of furniture for a man to
have in an upper chamber, provided
lie bas c~itommo sense oni the girouind
The sum of $250,000 in fifty cent
notes has b~eon forwarded by the
Treasury tat Washingt<m to thme
Fidelity Safe Deposit Company :of
Philadelphia, on account of the Ceni
tennial Board of Fhiance. Tbo
Inotes are to be used as tickets of ad.
mission to the Centennial grounds.
A Chinese Mandario's 31 ' h1 the
n1 s Spouse of an Americanl M ti1tit at
Puan Shanghai.
hi From the Greeuwich .JelwTin'
Some years since, whi-l tarryviig
at Shanghai and Hong leotg, the
c writer became acquainted with Mr.
to King, hoed of the highly respectable
firm of Messrs King & Co., doing
to bulsitess ut Shanghai.
Al Mr. King had recently returned
nii fron a visit to the Jnitod $tates,
where he had formed an alliance
with a blooming young lady, daugh
tor of a Presbyterian clergyman
residing near Boston, who,' after
h the nuptial ceremony had been per
formed, aecompnuiied her lord to
a- the Celestial eupire. On thoir way
they stopped for a few days nt
IC Hong Kong. After settling them-!
elves in comfortable quarters, the
couple were visited by a rich man
darin. 'rhe latter regarded the
el- lady very attentively, and seemed
m- to dwell with delight upon her
31 imovemntts.
g' When Mrs. King at length left
e, the apartment he said to her hus
to. band im broken English (worse than
it. broken China): "What you give for
t1 that wifey-wife of yours ?" "Oh,"
replied the husband, laughing at
the singular error of his visitor, "ten
'l, t.iusand dollars." This the merchan t
thought would appear* to the China
man a high figure, but he was
mistaken. "Well," said the mar
darin, taking out his book with an
air of businnss, "s'pose you give her
to me ? I give you $15,000." It is
diflicult to say whether King was
m fore amazodi.~t than amuised ; but the
. very grave and solemnti air of the
Chinaman c'oivinced hii that he
was in earnest, and was compelled,
S therefore, to refuse the offer with
u as much placidity as he could as
sine. The nandarin, however,
(e )cntinued to press the bargain, "I
've von twenty thousand dollars,"
n1 sa d "Von take 'ema T"
Mr. King, who had no previous
notion or thought of the Commerl
eial value of the commodity which
ho had taken with him on his busi
ntess tour, was Compelled at length
to inform his visitor that Americans
were not in the habit of selling their
wives after they had come in pos.,
csession of them, an assertion whicht
the Chinnan was slow to believe. I
It was Mr. King's custom, as s
as of evriy ot -;- ave
the clerks dine with them daily,
after leaving their Chinese wives
ein ejmd. Soon) .after' miy ariva':l at
41 Shanghai I was invited to dine
) with Mr. Ring. There were a few
gentlemen and 73 of his clerks
n seated at the t:ble. They were tll
d well-dressed and genteel appearing
young men ; tage wol
imalginle thiemi to be gentlemen.
dWhile seated at the dinner-table.
Mr. King related the following niar
-rative with great glee, laughing at
his young and pretty wife, saying
he had recently discovered her full
s value, as he had l.'t offered
$20,1000 for her, t very high figure,
as wives were selling at that time,
for the aiveratge price paid by the
clerks for tin ordtinarly Chinese shop]
s keeper's daulghiter was abiout $150,
Litile pice beinig tagreed upon01 with
tile parilents beCfore tile young peo1)
pLe seeC each othet'. When initro
rb dhuiced, if pleased(3( with each11 other,
thle bairgaiin was a~t on(ce coniSmnt
miated. It the wotani should p~rovet
tanscendecntly beauitifuil the parents
mih reev 5 more~ as5 enshmna or
15As soonl as he comes im possession
of his wife 11e purnhallses or renits a
hous, whichi, with aI liberal $nlh)y
of i'cs ntand aiil few ar'ticles
for enilinary purlposRes, sufliceis for a
residence, whlich is kept tall neat and
c lean as ai hound's tooth, the wife
'jdoing, h owever, her' own housework,
washinig and1( ironling hier lord's
as5 clothes, which are kep)t in perfect
order. She~ is very dlomestic,
seldom or' never seen upon the
street ; and1 more trute and faithful
iiwives niever e3xisted ; in fact they
daiie niot b'e othlerwise, for thir par~
ents wold( chastise themti severely.
he'i husband fteldomi takes a meal at
tbhonme, te wife subsisting chiefly
upon ie, tand the cost of her ward
robe will not exceeed $20 per year.
Mrs. King, being a conseientious
and1( energetic lady. resolved to use
every elort in her powver to br-enk
up~l thle infamous trailie ini Chinese
women ;h but beig ignornt of tho
(lihit attant country, andi having
isno baclkers,--h~er huisbaniid feeling
an indliflrent,-failed in acconmplishinig
of Iher meritorious object. As a laist
.. resor't, she issued1 an1 ed(ict r'eqiinig
11d every~ one of her hiusbanid's clerks to
abandon forthwith and turn off
their Chinese wives or they wouldI
of not lhe Suileredl to dine at the same
of talble with her. Trho result cani
us. Ieasily be imagined,, for on the fol
melowing day not one of the clerks
ng mado his ftppearance at thme allotted
,nd plc of business, which placed Mr.
ov- King in an awkward position,
is Ibloclung the wheels of his immense
san business.
The indiscretion of his wife came
innear causing him munch trouble amid
in nneessry xpeseand, strange
is as it may appear, the clerks had the
mr' sympathy of the whole community
'eaw ei Shanghai ; and, however huuih
nating it mlighlt b)0 to Mrs. King. she
A Cot1i1ion on Ship-uoard With Sail
Allot Fanny writes to Applete
Journul : Many years ago I I
sailing over the broad Ocean on 1
Fourth of July. To please
Ameican passengers, the captaiu
a warms-hearted Seotoiian-drsi
the ship with flags from stem
litern. It was a magitificcnt da3
there Was not a broath of wind
lift the semi transparent, gold,
stained hracz inl the atmiosphere--t
so the boatswail '"piiod all liant
for a holiday frolic.
The passengers piped thLemselv
'ild rushed ill ia body to see the of
ca'rs act nn original play, in whi
disguised as olophants, donkeys a
other animals. they didl inconcei
bly funnuy things. Then they gi
a Concert a la negro minstrels, wi
a world of natigal and char
turistic huinor. And in what festi
jolly spirits we got, to be sure 1 O
of us, a bright, charming young f
low, invited the whole ship-pass<
gers, oflitors, crew, cook ands powd
mionkey-to ia ball in the evenit
ending in ia slupper at his Oxpes
on condition that we would danco
the tigures as lie called them of
We were reiady at that loinont
promise to dance on otr1 heads
anything, aind looked on at a d
tance with delightful anticipatic
whilo he gave some mlysterious i
structions toan old salt, which inelu
ed some writing on his part and uir
giggling on the part of the tar, wI
walked ofl presently, loo king
tickled as a little boy with a m
After tea the deck was cleared f
wthion. The full moon "rode tlhrou;
the heUaveLnsI without saddle or b
l1e," ats Ia "horsy" passenger I
n:rked. The capltain's "finely ch:
"led eye winked serenely at the s
pervision of law and order," ats
1 mateu r sculptor observed. T1
little, st11111py, old sailor, who oww
: dilapidatod fiddle and was to c
Lito music, broughlt out his Cremoi
which whined and squealed to p
fection as lie tried his hand at ti
good old tume of "Monig Musl
"Life Let Us Cherish," and - "Ti
Dashing white Sergeant," and so
Lter dancing began.
But the figures ! Instead <
'right and left," etc., which fign:
Aomlefnces a cotillion, our hor
taught-by the old tar, yelled out th
tiutical palal)hrasO:
u d i e)gur~eige~tlpahs I h
Lear up and get your head upon ti
ather tack ; regain your herth <
the port tack ; back aned fill wit
your partner: box haul, and wei
trould1 twice aginilst the sin in coI
paly with the opposite craft, th<
rour own, afterwari box haul m
bring her rouindl to place."
As we duncedC with the sailoi
they kept us "to our hea'iigs." at
we waited, mid shouts of laughte
for the next figure, which everybot
knows in the vernacular as "forwm
"Shoot iheadl about two fathor
antil you no:rly conic stein on wil
the other draft under way, th<
make stern board to your bortl
side out for aL bend, first to starb'oar
then to port ; maike sail and paI
thme opplosite cralft, and get ye
head rounid on the othier t .ek;
other side out to starboar'd and poi
Sien make all1 sail to regain yo
berth ; wear round, bac~k and Ii
a~nd b~ox-baul your partneri !"
After this caOIUL "right armI aeromi
whilch the ol talr translaited in
"hleav'e ahead andIL pass the adv'ersa
yardi arm1 to yard-arm," giving t
whmole figure ieh droll dlirecti()
that we were achlin~g with lLught<
ending withm, "Regain your ber'th
the best mneans possiblo, and let
tihe anchor."
The rest of the cotillion, giv
wit~h sailing ordlers, was so riot
1l' funny that tho jig which emided
was1i danLIced aIccord(ing to every on
w~him, although the paraphrase w
as good as it could be-coirmmenei
with "Wear r'ound( to starbon~i
p)assing under your partner's bov
and1( sight the~ ca~theadsht of all I:
crafts ;" and ending with "hox hi
the whole squadron in the circul
order of sailing"
If to laugh is to grow fat, our in
v'idual tonntage, that jolly Fom
of July in the middle of Ihe occi
ought to have been prodigion
increased. T1hie sa~ilors grooetedl ev
ligurio w'hith upr)1oaritmaK choers and
"Yo-heav'e oh !" while we laugh
till we could only gasp.
ANDIRnmi,'s SOIIAP .lloOi~i.-.'I
latecstestimiate of Vanderbilt's weaL
places it atL $100,000,000, and it
increasing every (day3. Thme old Im
hals aL large library, whichi consiste
scr'ap hooks pasted1 full of gove
mont and1( other bonds. Hie cot
buy out half of tihe crowned heL"
of Europe. Nobody, not oven i
self, known the exact figures
his wealth. Ther'e is no danger
his falling in tihe road so disastro
lytrvee ioy Daniiel Drew, bCcl
lhe is more careful about scattori
his pr'omissory notes around,
sticks rigidly to his library of g
(ernmnent h)ond scrap books. He
the richest man on thme Ameri
To b)0 at a party withi a cold
your head, and no handkorchief,
worse0 thlan sitting up with y<
girl, and having the old lady pi
quyt1W14 of' Childretn.
"''Collier. have ej i got, any chuil
(t'1t ?"' m'wkf(l nn urchlint of eigh1t
IIt in mto (11' hea( .-e arisellH
.1 iciil in thie 11ildo to (ld' abhout
Lilltie A1144 '(as rr'intg l ii 1l
4rd ifl I ('titl ((Hoest U nl, ((Iiifcsi~o I
to Jt'Qlhi ; re('C1i ved It Slapi fr'om ('lIc
Of he'' Platy fICIJ) Wi-i ktI~l s;I iith1
I Ia e ret iIlled it," iiiiwiscliy f321id the
fore,' sao~l rh o little gui.
* !;4'* it( tli titonligltt Ivy hris si::te',
Ilgef( sin. lainid to her, "'ls t (lt] at
'(~ (1 manu . N ell v. to giv~e is Natoi if
Hft~ h ~11 1 :;111 'to i l (' :t) lie( 1(1 ii 11(11 141
i-4 iire that. (Gott is on I"
" liii . 1111 1i madeitl of '" .iki:(1 a
lit.,I( gi fretsh front lien tttitlay.
t(An o d lemsol. asg the ('ssaye 11I
HiIllr t11ll 11(1l(ldge 111 al yoticge
ntnes tswt'i. V''hat lotii's iilltt:
AHI''L') 11ip frown lte flour '? wall t lie
,'111 iI'fin tol. "I 'its, it t'4'dIC,
11uxll J ct i( re1'4sitte.
It (115(1U it'bii'~' Ole 1tnitit 8"Iat4's Niu
J)Io't.Ii ('ottit. ill \'cshtihte..tloii, at f(ew
114a 4.1 91 o O".tiert iii Mi' ullo it
('1(("('1 Itt-.1, f'i ll i 's. ,(t'Ii o t
1t'i ,'fiivy ( i' j uto t I 1't -s"1oi l. '4l ' 41(
suud in afl1' ( I uP' I sitl~l li11 111I'it
Ul (':t i gtli i eose t( is Mix I it me'1
V'ititt :' 14, atto:tii' wm i ii t is e o4' ;'it
tw i'( tt t,. I ' Ol li lt " e\i cs 1vil
wat. of hi4t'(Ile 114Il (( Wli
.1 illit. H"t'ikC5 heir:a,, li. itMtr.l
fie,1 "" 1 (1 tifl't. lil.t. ;hie r i t. Iat
Mr.-icIf fior i1111 tit i ,-e r 1 old,
III;,]ilul il('i ttg t ail t h e ;i~i. Co(t'
Liy 11Oti'1(14'tl even Aien v -t~sihree W( .1.
wtl o~u l ad sotisi lit'1 ait l
111 ;1 i t II 11) )4 'I 11 5 ((' o h c h ' N'r i t V o: e'c.----" V.
kl 1 i's th.iY aie. wht is saix av incl
yeas td, etteiia Ft114n whttiit si-i irey
wt o ulier the A 1te t'iiI P"4e (eiitjl i
lits 1i. 19- "terae.
Mr.1~. (101(1 liot iolt lli Iti'l pint.r
(i'mi theo ttcrtek. of Aoughtns. it)!il
wy'choe hi(. lotc 81!gl '1 a u.
(14all' jntuii F11 to e siiiti stiore'
''Uthe ) ote day V ' I e (144'r 1 1(4 iC dii
itic )Wttl I'(111t ~e ?' .11 \' 1 aii (" t I la'ii
)withil 101. 1-dlii'I fic j (
"Ithid e. ifn a l~'.(4t44 )a i t( j'iii4Ii(1g
csllitil the lilt .I iN.'-h ")
114)141;( not, Ii.151 it It ie sui a iioir
doll1)it, Iu. fith[ ' 1 l1414 1~i 1S'Iui:'lti't
btel' o . Ill /'U/1, l. t everywhere
tne '10 ) ti1( Ic (14'111(1 aliitius tets
IIP"l, I iftl) ! i; ! \'V ili(ter f um of ha l Hi)
b.'oard f ti loii:i'(U1'1 \ciii]iitll
l11t(1'(i1 cis lflit Ivr ll. dJo t11i(4t
was obliged't'o reiscind lr edi t
and when tVhe writer left 'lhagraiii
the wheels of busines- were agaii
in' motion, and everything went; 01
The presideimt has vetoai ti
hill recently p~assed rerteiigf( hik
salary fre n $50,000 to a25,(i)0
The veto has been refitrred to t.he
senate coltiittie on civil srvie.
It seemTs to have been a decidea
In the court of impea(chmTein1t. as
sembled for the trial of Ildkniiap.
the late s'cretary of war, areply
of the accused was r ead, sett.ig
forth that at, the time of the com
mission of the ants cons.itting the
grounds of impeachment, he lal
already censed to be an ofticer f
the governient. After tPfme11 dir
cussion the senate as a court of
impenchmIent adjourned till the
27th inst.
The bill defining the tas on malt.
liquors Wts aiended, piss(l and
sent to the house for concurrence.
The hill providing for the ('coult
ing of the presidential v, ate (aused(
a long and warm dis(e'itssion. 'Ihe
vote by which the bill was passed
was reconsidered.
The commtllittee on1 elletions! h1.<
heard the final arguinotit in the ctaQs
of Iuiitta vs. Macekev, from Sith
Cuarolina, ind referred the ii atter t ,
i sub committee.
The issue' of silver coin in ex
'hiange for tie lresent tractitoinl
-urrency has begun, aind there is a
oniistant st.reaum of pcople giO ing tIo
Ahe treasury.
The naval and post ofliee ap)Jro
>riationis have been reduced $8,000,).
A resolution waso introdn('d,
iaving in VieW restrictions lpon the
reat influx of Chinese to this
A resolutiol Wts adopted by the
mouse, providiinglg for an in vest iga.
ion of certailn charges maude ini t he
bewspapers agains3t Secretary
The senate has passed i resolu
iiin aut horizing the issue of arms
,o the Washington Light Inftntry.
If Chrleston, S. C., aiO the Clinch
.iles, of Augusta, (ia.
In the senate ai bill authorizing
,to secretary of the treasury to
irOsent from the Kheodivo of Egypt,
VaM passed unanimounsly. 'I'le
ewols hadu been in the New York
t-stoimi-house for two years, and
.hey werc about to he sold for
Ex-Attorney General Williams
mns been examined by the .hose
omimIittec onl oxpenditiurel in the
lepartmlienlt, of justice, aid idlits
o have paid to ia formier Unit 'l
3tat.es comiissioerll, out of the
cret service fintd, 830.000 for
doection plmrposes. Umn beinmg
)ressled, lie ackio uiwledged that the
noney was paid by the (irec 1 otr
>f tie president.
Young, of Tennessee, has intro
Lluceed a resolution reiting the
unsettled state of iiL.irs in Mlexico,
mld the marny outrages thereQ(' comi
alnitted u pon th1 e person s anid (lie
property of Aimerican witize1ms livin g
)tu tile Mexican frontier, Tho
resolution reqjuests tihe presi(ien t to)
hve sent to the d~ilsbe l calitieos
such forces as will give full pro-- i
tee3tioni to Amteiconi cit izens, and
t.> diret the general oif .te armyf
to pr~ceed in per ion toi the scene( (of
trouble, and take such mueasures as
maly be necessaryLV1 to mahuintnLin lp'e
iindt proItecit the honor and (igni ty
o~f the national g oivernmuen. .
Troaeuteor Cardota says he wvill be
Ible to pay during this mon11thl twoi
thirds of the school mioney due the
portionmen~lt, made(1 by Siiuerint emi
lint Jillsoni. Th'is is weomie neows
to the hlundreds of un lpaid tienebeirs
who throxng thec land,
is not generally known tihat the old
hd famlous Waito Hamuplonl, of
Soulth Cairolina, wasLI [bo11n inl Stokles
Cotunty, N. C., on the farmt now
"'Ma," said( at yoiung Brooklynite,
us he stoodl before the Jlookinlg
glass wrestling with a shirt colhir,
"I shall be twenty-four y'ears old
to-morrow, and( when 1 refleet, that
I never yet hiad a shirt to fit meo inl
the nek, it seems as if may life had
been a failure."
TheII mewl (wrote a schtool boy) is
a larger bird than the guise or
turkey. It has two legs to walk
with, and two more to kick with;
and it wears its wings on the side(
of its head. It is stubb~ornly bac1k
wvard about going forward.
The deeline of the Granger' move
ment iln the Northwest is partially
attested by its condlition .in Iowa,
whore there are seventy-five fewer
lodges thani there were ono year ago.
An exchange says "it takes thirty
men) a month to mal~ke 11 o ecamels'
hair shawl." Yes, and it often takes
Une man thirty months to pay for it.
SAn Ohio editor weoighs 209 pounds.
His opinions must 1)e entitled~ to
Th'le exhiit ion of the Argentine
Lt'puthlit! will 'ons~ist of :30,000 ar'
1' 4)111' ictured fr(Jfl tliti M ',il art
gaillery wvill lhe sent to the exposi
Thelic foreign edcilitor8s, ait gener
al rnile, b)ring their OWti loe s
with lUlv n.
:1n rca of .5-58,400 feet. or' nearly
fLiit tueIi ltIU'VH", iN cower1ed by tiuaehili
t'v hall.
A. e0oltxsal; N at ir of Pr'ine B3is
111;.4'(k w ill be (exlibited in. the Our
Tlhe iigt m of the Net herila s
Will v'liiluit, l,850 lht )kN publishied
(111i1 i( thle 1("'Iettf V'ItiIs o11 UduicIL
A let'sigr ein ebhronlo lithography,
ilhtr~f in, the iYVriwtl 111141 histor)y
4' t4 i Aiii(Ticiil Ilt. w~ill dcorate
Tir ty I liin fa m liilies, with their
(ltlg1';, t '*t iJ)iiigiytil~l lwirflplirrialiii,
vill eiieaiaj- oil the Cc -it(fliial
gri itlli. l eitlt. i ldireetiun cof Pro.
'l'lie finiesti hlt of file Italian die'.
pliY wil 114' ill thle art. td(ipirfiiitwit.
oif t-1 ( i li 141~~''n4'. Wll thec painti iigs
tw i l li ' l ' li t t41 ( . 4 t i eI h i e i
litV'("iiiutu ~t,. I for li r ('I i4'lifil
f 1;i1 ,1 t~f llifo nia itii.u.'Ic
1")1'ot ii 'I i i 's in Il1' villa ,4y"1o
Ofii lu("inlliutnr. il~ aditx*ion to 111(
(4t1111u041a"1a1t,:ii)li4ttuifx for sipo(e in)
lwliiel In exllilbif. wolkH of art for
which then' is no rotuin ill the( )tnail)
lniiltliii . 'l'liey will ech~l 1)o Ono
liiiiidrel and1( fort}'lby fort.y' foot.
1' iui11. 1 115Will UISO oli iicdld to
ft' n iii ilt rii I )those ti1Qexotl tom trho
irt. gl lery.
Afer all I hert' will lie it R~pneimen
of J4tfl.(JJ)(t ro iyalty oil exdhiition iLt
t he C(-tiiiiil fui'. JHurt (:uit.uin,
t I Iki'lin, 1111:; sI t'cet'tlcil iii making
ai waix ligure of \Williaiui 1. do ff101 to
tc'i'~ dla I Ioo's~ alotitwt
cI'm daysli ago ln'ouliht fo the palace
an xi'ted1 to thle imiperial famtily.
TI14 ie igii me is- eli ifl iii every~ pilr
( i'01:t' like thie, eiic1ui'ur oil staite
0'in' 7it his, I lic dii 'ss hiavill ;lieen
uii.1(1' ly I lie tiiu'in iit ailor, t1114
I lie iiisigtit arc )i11 t-iii('t ctopies tof
Oi. tui'i;;ii:Iii. ionl (ttu: of thisti are
it niialy ~ (.Hurile cheiituts ieit
AN:ClIENTi 'Oxi'fulyiiih itIi t 1hlea
:+ 'iv tw ix I ds wi'i H)tii41 w' ith it u
t hick :ill tii: 111ii111i41 fe. high,
tit It 0tintlinlihcl brazenl gales, '.'hio
'tl; )c .I hiltl . l.'leti, lai .
Iti iintl r4 111141iit feet iiit heht, t tul

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