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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, May 03, 1876, Image 1

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11 A ! 'II I I? I E 1111 1C~ .1 l 1" D
,~I~IhL A .1S& D A %'E 1 g
r hnz-''t /IbU'! .1 1,1l) it pbubliidh"dt W ' k'
}' ill I h("' Town ,l' Wi UVil iitnb)50. lt gi *IO I
is. ,'ariu/,Ivy ill advan.Il~
a.;}' All I r'tiiti elli0 e~r( isomint 1lost1-,
c) liii. iv NIoli ies 14111 TriluiiI C $.0 d
SCaptured by Telegraph i
'CInL)loYVI I11 itsighit. o()i5ttIII 111 Lh;Ii
I itilitsiiad oflice fit 1) .-. Iowa. 'Il
Il) ld'iI~iI r')Itll I l\('10 (;hiesigo tint \V
(.)lnu 1151 ruul.9 t bToulgh 1)--:. till( \)
(1.lsti$LOlI d1511gclr of 'ollisioif 1'('MIGt 11
of igh~t opj erator by 11u IIA'5158 ilfi
t:asy one~. It ma~y be -well to m1en '
lien hIors' Its n1l~l"8lVV\ to thle fol
lol\\iilg story, Ot I l)Pelidl'H the rail
))Loy . 'I'is we ii WAtp8 8l+..,i:(; of 51
(1 l) Vt. 1it l'iy' lii L' lt, 11 oa far front
h:ov o'c lc0(1k. I Hitt utt, sltX (Il"~k-11l4.
for it VI'o(lel('. idlai'. Ti.h wVires II1i
not 'i iled i1* for Smi'(le~ 1 1 nd I- W
11)( t( 10 11( iilt h of i1\" '1 ililtp tion
'.1114, 4v(8tPer train hisad 1 .seI Ili((
1' 1\(111 ll tlIhal ani lii11 I '' ; a1l)11
(faun'l. ;111(1 sofi lit, I . knw-1 .I wisU
(IItirl\V Irian(: ini Us vast building
Finailly. I ire( , o~f I liinkitig .1J
ip(ic 111) t.1ie l+ (.' ll)r. 1)tlJ(er hull
;,lflhl('(d i1.t I' 48lV' o)ve its (' 111118s.
(l1t:liI I 5 ('1u t II 16'.-s I r"'ui flit'
river. ont ilt ho )Illyi&k'1- ; -igxlt.
ThreeS~l rft $11l(l(t. \tVrl kssovvi' 5"t. (1('s
plei. t'. Cll Ii I'S in I liIt \Wi&i attt,
.1511(1 entered~lt I'll ("1ff a1(' of one
lf[tt.hIiei". 11t fatrmer livinug ill an
181 ,1:ttI d sj)l.t-- hadil hutelueu"'dI the
iriir fi1n1 his8 ('11)1(1101), terribly
i~ii ttl'tll his wife, anid th1)41 (ii!
l)(l~t.eO i lii tlhey\ 0111)(. haiving takenl
with thr",r' \V~ui5tt4 '(t )j11l~i('1' was8
boa., I) 11"hat, in' t P1t'rl1 Inc; mos11t
Wvas ai 6114 Iow ej p Ii 1), f. 50 ptilpIose;
of "ido'nii iictIiil 1.(I o h chief oif the
"ilIl?.'uis trfio, Tun Lynch. Here
lit it is I
+;5t~t) l'C' Aril will 1 apid for in for
orP aithI", of Tim 4Nn h Il'e r
loadler Elf tI le Matthew1".S tr'tehlv.
J"c j iit r 1 lliii rkahi l bi' J1110 1 si
feet, fo)ur i 5l0iII S l In legt., \"('t"
heav. ati lr(:t(111(1055 the 8h11llt
('IN. i'.ci 'r'*'ilsl rt.I-thi
dcrl)sc~tI oV"l ilte ii git ot J IaiI
'WiS V. )l1L( k, hit( I10;1111 Of 8H1111 (4401".'
W I(" last1 a::4 sclI 1N, was (lressf!(I it
(darl(k I\ 18811k hIilt. liii tol trili oI (ver
])511E to f) in}' o(ii furnishing ,ositi\"
informiation of 11is \VIIr('liltX.
} (C Li41d V('leiSl' flt----iS.lCIt
'viUoiil isi it to go I'
'(I \611it YOo toll Jim FellerR4,
)f Cohoe, thaIt the bull qIuit hero
st night. anid tlt~r H~i.Plle be o se
)II118 is ols.''
As ihe deivj3e10' this hoimtelc ho
(101(0(1 itt muo it if lie: (exliretcd Ile( to)
10' iiystifio~d. But I t.liotligit it, bent,
Lot to l))1tr so, 111.1 1 Sa ~id ('1L1('lc~lI
'"I M:l pt)o8(1 YOU 11'O it (Elfer in
toclc 11114 this is your 111 jar1t.11O ?
Lit ! ti, the teOI glL)iih 104)11)8 you
L3Jlo~s out W itht ninny1 a sharp
eiiIt.ly' pleased \iitli the wily [ tool:
()\\l) it lot. 0, Shock. J]lgght, it (log
11(3111) over ill (.h'ilesee, yist cr01115.
I turneid to ll jst riltili t. Whl~t
aIs to he( clung 'C' Tlouvli ouruie
"is5 it "li I 1a of41 lit(3e, wI, oflfZ Relit
ilenCs 31 s:(a~ges :111(1 if If did its
vitad 1)0\\W 1 810111(1 j)1olNtthly ge3t rid
f THlY 1)11 1 '11(3t( visitor witilolit
in iler f roubl)o. ]But in my short.
slive'rslliion with himi I haid 14o1m1
hat reco'4vered from lmy firistt. Ilarill,
id I 1)')W (O11('IeiV"( the idea of att.
3ltu.ti31g Ilse 'iptitre of TimO Lynel).
Was* only it )Or' sa4lari(ed ol)orat.or,
Pill' to felt\e 'i 11 lil to ntzolrv in
le3 Spr1ig. Five 111111. Ih'l (10111.8
old ac) i'Q it g-t-ot. (teal of god
Lst. l~t) / 8it.r:ty notingi of file. Mcott
tlt t~ilg .(ilut howv wals it to be
'(3O1flj)i81ed I-Here I 't~s lone1( 1ih
o ijlot his \cili (n :)1111 ittle mengi to
.ves 8i'V('I~ Hawst~ over3. .Anyi itt
-)n pt. to s'ltre blur siniig: 4I;4i(lcii
:; it~ ot 1)(; tiuiiight. o~f h. (ut, ld
.03 ('X.'IslSQ )1v'If, iuiidI go out. laid
13(313 hit", in ? ,No ; well lI knew
till tile distrulst fil loot: on Ilit titre
tt any propsal)m1 Of 1)1111( to IL'aIVC
I. 100311 W..11il41 lie3 l)eremp1torily
liv sinily~, this: l \\"(1.1 ( elk.
,;ilI to t.I!ij 010 ,\" toiwn station.
11)11 !tt 'float very d.y tile COWIt
"1)ioli l)( t\\(-.; I' I le t %\"o oth('(3; h1..1
1b( oult 1or ir-limirs .1 t. WYIts 8(3il1I
'V:. of t'wIt ? It\\":( otflly It (jTtcs
t i. (If it fewv seconds41 more Hine.
these1 Iii' ,li;ilts wen thr~ough?1
11130u1 wi th the rapjdtiitv cf lighlt
li its I1 1 WCI) . to they ba1ttery.X
iV)y r4ogo".I(1t' Noe from tile (con too
Of1 1 lll "C'1 tId eve' Witih a -is~eo
timalaItd 411( 8il)t1S4 in Itl\ 514(14. As
I ,\1 heow 1113 ~ an~li Ild 0113('o to illy
)1: er.'O, young, feller," hie
}1hit:.. in. my (8mtX and h~is brea~th was
Hl('kim'' ul~ ti ic fume"; of liquor.
110o1)1 to for vur ow\n 8111(e. Bult
than TI1 10.111 ii8t \\V1Wlt ter
tel1 ',t' I y'itI IttI k 1)4' s ii
fo Iit Iso ('te l11 (4od e? f \"e goi
I) 13 ',. -)1 (". I' 113treL.&1 lt 0 i411 this
.1 a tifl'a 1ev4er I did it 111,111
(11 1 fl: the( c(1 Ic lui/1(' of
Ilsi1 :",i" t);1 liy C lo!< k. Pur13'im3])"
1ll " o'tiitl(( at lit tle, Ihut T; was
still n1 ivtd im lilY\ 1'C8')iItiO1 as I
'"N(i fo~dr. sit, I'll teil luitt' 411
sonll(tih to imelfl and still re
Cohoc had just Written off' thci
messiage aild sent it out. Ie kecm=
ed satistidjd ald settled back il his
i chair, whelire lie Sit in sullen i ilence,
his jaws going pilt and down as he
Chewed h1is woo'(d.
Oh, how HhloW the fivo lihutes
orer' y along. 'The0 suspensO e was
terrible. I Hit 111(1 watched tho
miinute hund1(1 of the clock, and fivo
miinultes sceed as mn1:1y mounths.
My companion seemed nervous
too. lHe moved uneasily in his
"AiiI'f it about time ye heard
from Jim ?" ho asked, at length.
"We chlzll get word from lhiml] ii'
i few momn11ts now, I aniiswoered,
and fell I) wat.ching the clock again.
-Five niWitos more 1assed. Lyneh
got 11) 1(1 1 began pcniltg to ~and
fro across the room. At length he
paus11el and said :
"I don't believe I'll wait any
more. I've got to see a man down
at the 1tmusyl vania Hmise, and
he'll be ahe'd of I don't git thur
prett~y Soon."
"Hohl on at mlolont and '11 see
what they're up to," I cried hastily,
and I touched tho key again.
"iake haste," wuiS my mnesfsago, "I
shall lose him if you do not. Not a
Im1oen1fiit to spare." Strliglt way
('iame the reply, shlort but elncoll rag
ing : "A squiai of police started fur
the depot Live ilites ago."
'Thank leaiien ! They oughit to ie'
hiere now. I looked lt I ytli and
thought of the live lindi'ed (1o1
"Val. whilat's the word ? he
rowledl, imlpatienltly.
"Youtr fri''nd is comning," I an
swered f.r1 want of n h.tLer reply.
"Cornin'! Comlin'! Wha ~r ?"
"Coinig to the office at Cobioe.
He 1) robab.ly has ant ansiwer for
"An answer for im! ? .Jim Felleri.?
What 11]Jould he atnswerVl for "
Lynch stood in st up1id t iough t for
ia nn(Iwat ind t1en he loolke-t t.
lime with a dal1ngerouis light in his
"Look a hiem yotg feller," he
(ried. "its liy l,2ivate opinion
you're l.yin' 'o me. And of e :arcs
there lie ntte'(d a horrib ile oatl
"'ill cut youi' skiilk i heart out. I
don t kiow anything 'nbut th.et
thar' masheen but 1. swaI' Jim
Fellers hini't got not lung to an
SWO. More like led git 111 and
sc'att er wien e h lci Id that rno
He stood glaring at me as he
uttered these word:;, his hand on
his revolver. I canliot account for
it. As I b~efo)re r'emarke~hd, I min a
timiul lanl by natu'e. ut this
action onv nade mie hald(r. Every
thing delmded upon keigi, him
few sec'ondis longer. It nmat edneitaycst re t he
done01 ataycs.Itre o
"What ('o youl mean, nir. ?" .
Shonted rising. "b11y comling into
this ofhece and14 talk;'1; in that:va?1oon ,ik.11ctlt tV
vtye ? D o youL th.ink .1il enurile it ?
Letave this rotomn at, tio, sir. or
11l-, and' I advanucedt th.:-eateninly
tow ardl him. Mly lunexperctd at
1itudeh seemed't toi nlse imi moret
ilutta anyiting l1Se, bult it silenced
is susi SIions ii~. Hei pul i s hanuds in
his piocket s and d~elered a loud
laugh inl my' faicP.
git so canlitantker ons. Whio'd themghti
sneh a little breach les ats you(i lwd (
such1 syn'ik ? H1aw~ I haw !ha
maukin' two bites of ye.
"WVell, sir." I satid. still app~:uront
ly umiiuodifiedu, "'(ithe1Or 'it down anld
hohl yo ur t onguei, orI c eso lea~ve theI
tfi('0." And lie go iod naturiyih~
Oiwe' more w.e were' sittif ing liton
ii' . to fhe tioking~ ofth clioco k as
the InlIiimt(: draigged thir slow
come11 ' Tiinee mite s mlore. G reat.
hevenis ! 1 The suspens 'Ol54was ho
the stair' 2nd( li'-ten, if .I die for it. I
aroseI and' took' a ste t~Ioward thie
ing upright, ill his sniistionis
aroused IOuIOO. once ore' ; "ydlr ca'it got
ouit of thliat door afore me. Comeo
b ac'k here !"
"'Com bac01)1k hiwe0 or' by the~
Eteinl--" and the p)istol mun'zzle
loioked mec in the facoe. Hfe si1)od
now half lturnled froim th door~ll atnd
I wa:s fa'inig it. Slow ly, wvithiout it
patceof Biso, I end s theo klulh
tdra'i anid a fuce under a blte tcap
Sme ! I felt joy'~ nnonottriolbalie(
('o1ne over') me1. it must1 keep 111e
murlidere's1 attenitioh an inistat
longer till 41ome1 one( could4 spingi
upon01 hiimi from1 bhindiii. I walikedo
straighlt, 111 to himii, bt his <pitink
As lie turned(' with ani oatht I sprangit
upon01 hitui ando boro down his- armii
jus8t as8 the revlver went ofl, the
ball1 burying itsel f harmlessly in1 thie
floor. Bfre1' he' conld free himsel f
from my gras~p, half ai do(zen1 olicers
were upon01 him and lie wals qutickly
The next mlornihig the palers
we're filled with gilowing nconu1tsF
(of the( caplIture of the mnurdererr1 anld
priaise4 of my coiiduet. The
princ(ipail business men of the0 town
mande upl~ il p'ura of five hundred
dlollari's anid presen~1ted it to mec and'
this, with the~ rewatrd that was paid
mc the following week, enabled me1
'to ge mnarrirv at. (hrintma. Rnt. T
hudliTer attle remdbrubialie"bf tit
half hodtr T spent alono wiltt! Tim
jyoh I and I don't thitik one,
thotisa1.nd dollars would tempt me to
go through it agairi.
How John Wilkes Boul;th Aveiegad the
Hanging of His Friotid, John Y. Beail.
FMi'1 'oUeroy's Doniocrat.
Among the ehosbn friends of
Jon Wilkes 3outh's boy hoiod was a,
dashing, chivalrous young, man
named))1 Jio. V. Beal, whoso - home
was in the beautiful Shenandoah
Vailley not fair from Winichester.
Damon and Pythias were not more
attached to each other thanf worq
Booth and l3e. Boal was uth
Elra in his Isympathies, and p)t tned
raids on Northern Cities]i at
last wis captureld at or near Bugffalo
tried for piracy on Northorn 'lakes, F
and sertenced to be haligodI on I
Botdloo'1s Itsland.
QuO aftoriioon, in the ofty of
Waslington, while Boal wrns tinder!
Rente110e of death, there alighted t
from a carriage ito men, who i
wailked into the room oocupied by
Washington M1cLean of Cincinnati,
who Was at the time in Washington a
in the interest of his business. ii
Thoso men who called were Senator
Hale of New llanpshiro ahd John
Wilkes Booth. Booth was atxious
to save the lifo of Beal, hie chura
'ad' conliden tial personal friend.
1Fe haid intoiosted Mr. halo in his
Lehl)if. -n
'they inportne(d McLean to go A
withli thema to ti .Presidont, as a
Demo'rat-as a friend of Booth
to . mn1I1 iwho had muc'h influenco
vith MI Lincoln, land to vouch with
1 r. Hale for any promises Booth it
night mako in return for this great i h
aLvor to him. After a protrectad ,y
nterviewx McLean accompanied '
Fiale and Booth in a carriage to the j f
esidenlce of John W. Fornuy, who V
vas then in bed, the hour being o
ate. Forney was awakened froml
ais sleep 1111d told the object of his
!il. His sympathios were enlisted,
is he was always ready to sorvo his
'iends. 11
It wasif an hour or more past mid
light when lile, Fornoyt McLean al
oLtd Booth were driven to the d
Nhite House. The gtiurdi at the It
-euneHt of Forney, wAlid tted the 1
arri;ge to the grounds. Mr. a
?insu-oln Was enlled from his sleep w
md there in the dead of hight, h e c
;at, aid listened to the praytirs of ft
B ooth an1d th -edtiorsemnts of 11
hoge Who cLmUe with himt to ask the b
&v r of ExceIttive le'ency ti
This interview lastel till 4 in the C
3or nilling. i t was on1( of lelLars, )rayers
midl petit.ions. T'1hereQ wias not at dry a
rye in the room ais Bitith knelt at C
.e fI!t of Lincoln, clasped his 1
owe('0s with his hands, anld he)4iged S
iim to sp ar'e the life of one mn-th-a -
io'ind:t friend who, in serving the w
mes.'. he loved, had com; to the door h
>f (Oath.
Bot-h told all. He told how, 1j
ng before, in a lit of passion to do l
itonie )oltl deed, he had joined in a l
-o1i5' Uracy to abduct the president 13
mdit to ho~hl htimi asn a hostage for theT
-eleaLse of (crta~iln military prisoners s
xvhoa were Iloot h's friends, anid wvho, i
t we;O thonght, were to bo shot- u
Fe tuhl oft tihe mleetings they', hadu a
whll at the house of Mrus SurrattV, anld
di of that that plan had fallen to the
frounid long before. lie oifered his
erviCes at iay timoe and inl any h
41hte or. capac1.ity, free of COSt andio c:
'-arls of consequences00. T-1he
wit h haim jo.ined ini the regne~st that x
.ho prayer of 13 o hi be granted, aid h
lou Beal should b~e paarsho.l- t
At last President LmI d, with
Uars streaingi1 dhown his fac~e, took
Boo th by theo htandis, bade himu rise
md1( standI liket a. man1, anid gaive hims
jiis pronaiu- thatL .leal should be
"Ir honed . He asked the party to
iOepart t hat lhe maighit gain rest for
he '.'vik of the hmorro~'' andI said
hat thle ofileial docuumentc that they
asked for shoul he forwarded at
)Jn(e to United States Marshal i
IRoberti Murray, in New York, andiri
shruough him to the oflicers cha.ged
wit h tuoe exctiCion of Deal.
After breatkfast inln~t inforrmed el
-(ward, Scretary of Slate. what he h
andi .onoie or promlison~( to do. a
~*wiiwar said that it musi~t not be k
hat public seuiimoent in the North rl
1(Ilomaded that Uleal should be
mulg. H- e declared that to pardon
.enigthen'f the war, and1( insulit thue
sentl~tiet lthatd calledh for bloo-.5
le chided Lincoln for muaking suchi
promcises without asking the advies
>f his (Jabinuet, or adv'ising ith
himauself, tHowaIrd, on ftcatoe policy.
As the aurgumlent grecw 'onitenitionsM
hewaird d0claredM thiat. if the conduict (
>f the warP was to hoe truled~o withi by
apalsl for ho umanlity he should go h
mit (If the (Cabinet and use his in
Ruienc(e aigainust the President, and~ ',
thouldl vhiarge hits with being inl
sympt~athy with thme South. Liitncobt
vileld andio Boal was osecented. .
11'he re action on Liicohis nervous
systemu was such that for dlays hiet
wias Mr from wells
Th'le effect (on Booth was8 teorrile. l
Ito raaved like ai muadlmt and in his
frenzy swore that Lincoln and
Seward should both pay for the I
grief and agony lie had been put top t
From the death of Deal, ,Booth i
b~roodeod vengeance for that which lhe f
considered a personal affront. His 14
rnagn took in Sard, and he on-a
gaged Harold, Atscrodt ald other
to avenge Beal's death by 1illing
Sowvard, while lta', DoPea h o-odth aa
human vongealceo oh the President
At Inst came the hour. iootl
killed Lincoln. Hia friends aicd th
relatives or avengere of Beal trioe
their best to kill Seoward, :al wher
they lft him staitbbe(l, bleeding> an<
limp a.4 a cloth, as ho rolleId ovoe
behind the hd' whereon they fone
bini, they supposed their work wma
ominpletoly done
Our story in told. We hart
Tivon the truth of history, and tohl
Sxaetly why Abraham Lincoln, the
iumano President of th, United
tates, was killed.
h6 Story of the Flying Dutchman and
the Headless Lorbernan'
Tho Tappan sea, hefore "Sunny.
id)," on the HuItdson river, hats its
egtensi. One of these is a match
or that of the phantom ship (,f the
kouth Atlantic. A thousand sailors
ato declared that they have seen
hat ship and its master when puss
rg the cape of Good Hope. The
tory is that a plucky Dutch captain,
aIing long breasted h eadwrindflH,
wore a fearful oath that he would
eat around thi capo, if it took him
ntil the diy of judgment. Ho han
an beating ever isince-a phanto
sown as thn Flying Drtehmaun.
Iamibout Vai Dam, a roy st ering
oung Dutchiman of Spuyt den Daay
ol, crossed the Tapp:an Meia on Sat.
rday night in his boat to attend
quilting frolic on ita western r--hore.
to drank, danced and caron:sed
ntil withughlt, w;hod, ho en tered hlis
oat to return, lti was wairild that
wauis on the verge of SulndaLy morn
ig. He swore at 'e:rful oath that
o would not land until lie rruwlhed
puyt den Dluyvel. if it took him. a
month of Saundaiys. lIe puiished
Oll shore, and was Bever seen[ after
'aLrds ; but he meight be heard by sail
rs nd believing lzandsmena plying his
urs over the lonely waters at mid
iglit in never-eling voyages he
wveen Spuyt den Duyvel and, the
estern shore-the Flying Ittch
tan of the Tappan seat.
Beyond the broad grassy bay just
bove Tarrytown, where was onaace
cop \Water for the aichoW ragel' of
irge vessels, may be seen Castle
hilipso, acnd a little further on.
quaint looking building of stone
Lid brick, with I small eupoia,
Lose by ia cemetery. This is the
Li11ous Sleepy hull >w Ch urch that
gures in Irving's legend, It waA
[lilt in 1(99) by Freder'ick Pililipse,
in tirst lord of the manor, and
atharine Van Courtlanadb in ('om.
Lumlnora1tion of their marri.ge. In it,
cording to the legend, Iehahoi
raner, time Connec ticut xebo .nlimstei'
d the singers of p[salimedy on the
tbbath ; and near it floW the
lacid Pocamnteco. at the bridge over
hieh. by the church, Ichal'od had
is direful encoute r with the
oblin known as the ''Headles
(arselualln of Sleepy .Hollow." The
gehd is too well known to need
ill repetitionl hiIere. Sullice it to
uy that leliabod lovedi Katrina Van
alMsleh and no did Broma 1 ones, a
:ouit young Duaitlnan. Ichuab od
nigered (on1 night at the braI;king
p of a party at, Van Tassels to sayv
soft Word or two to K~at rina,. and
I(en monniited lhis lean ho rs~e, Guin
aowdelrs andu departed fo r home.
cair the brIidlg 1he dlisc)oerd ai
orsian~jzl jusit behlind luim, whao
ir'ried his he-uld (on the piomlac of
is sarklio. Ichabhod spurired onl,
ad whlen io heid crossedl the bridge,
ud thonughat himseal f safe, hle looke d
telk to see the goblin vanish. A t
tai maomenvt t he spectator rose ini
Ie .'azddle and threwv his headu ati
-ahod. Ih anoithier maomevnt thec
lhoolmatiler lay sprawvling in the~
aut, anGunii powder, pursuerI aund
ae dlreadiful muissile alil passed( like it
hairlwvind. A baroken pumpiakini was
mind ait the spaot than next uaarning.
hrewvd people)1 gites!sed that Brotun
aiu the "'ha tdless 1ho rsemuan"i on
zat occiain. Ichabod was never
card of aifterward, and1( BroiUn mar
ad Kaitrina.
Scene, a buitheur's stanad.--lulch
r < "Come, Johni, be0 lively, now
reaik the 1)one( in M1r. Brown's chops
11d put~ Mr. Stuith's ribs ih thu han
('t1 for haihaa" Johnl (brishly)< "All
glht, sir itnt ax son as 1'-u unived(
Y Mrs. Muarphy's lug.
4Anl Illinoin jurer stnek for "not
Bilyi a. ('ase where lhe was pos-i
vo that the prisoner' was guilty.
he mean owed( haima for'ty dlalars.
11d2 if he Wont to prisoni how could
() pay?'
"Mimiin has been1 to sae 1)mn to
FLy," said ai Ii~tle five-yeair-ol "'aild
10 behiaved like a little lald" "'I
rape yol (did, too," staid hem- ainother.
Yen, indehed I did: I turnied roear
mtst for her on my bed.'
Momo relaLxationl is necessary to
iopie of every degree ; the head
iat thuinksa the hand that labor-,
msnt have eome heisure to recruit,
Tw'~o ne0w breeds (of sheep hauve
coin in trod(ued( illto En glanid from
he~ west coast of South America.
)no is a white wooled sheep, with
nur horns ; the other' a dlark wooled
pecies, a cross between the llamai
nit the alnace.
4 )om:srec H-.1uwr is .FU' NE -
Travelors in France are ofter puz
1, zed by the eurious habits. of tho
c'oiintrv. 'Th1o people are very so
t iail and kind h14'arted and polite in
inty ways, but they seldom invite
foreign Visitors to ia me1al.-: That is
not, thir way of showing fricndship.
I ihen they show Special attentions
'ndii inivit0 .,.) a (iller Visitors are
plerplexu tih cniouas ordor and
kinds of 1Q8- Meat c'or en on
vithlit .l itnhd 'afte-r thie meats
is remlQioved g -'e1 Lh(l 'eala (1 in
served 1is.e t sr IKni es
an forks a t 1 1 'l the
dessert appeailar l d w l 11'mC
kep~t through41 the entjyog meald. The
stron black coffee at thweloe witlh
ott either anugar or ciam, is ra-ely
palabibhle to ladies. To coruplete the
bewildernent of guest., -the lady of
the ho:e will often oxclo horself
after dinmer and go out for at pr'omle
nado. C;hambera' Joulrnail gives an
ImiuIsing ac'tu1lt of som1e Scotch
l:adies visiting Paris-very priml and
preci;e"--who, after p assing through
an exporieneo of this kind, conclud
ed tht the French had rio exporinco
is talie arrangenients and no 00(1
manners toward guiests. T!'hey for
get to make allowanceIs for difference
in natioial custois.
The printing business is the 'mostn
1 Qfaiating si entre~neng that man
enj follow for ia livelihood. It is I
hot. ny all exceedingly pleasnt.
and highly re spec~ttable enlling;, bult
also vely luerat.ives empJloym2uen;at.
Larg fo'tuns itre constantly, being
r'nlied bv Tews:piaper' publishelrsl ,
withbout thei s~liht('st 'ffoirt, and,
take it all in all, it is t;e eaiest way
to gaiil .lSistitancti one cl find.
Printing debts are lianost welf col- I
leclable. You never have to ask
your pay bu (11ce. Evertvbdy is
So kind anPd thouglili that it is no
troubh!e at all1 to gather your stamps.
Buy at priru; in" Alie and learn for
yn.jef how truthful are these re
A c'ertainl p~ompoust; judtge fmelcd
(s'veml vlawyers .lt) r:tel for (iiin
tmt'iii'. of colut. After they had
1 aidj. teir es ;hi , a st?( 1C eatiy guilg d
at toiney vil al gritalv lip to fhe
benlm and laid down a t10 bill.
halot is that for ?" inqiuirecd the
j udv. "For coni temuipt, your honor."
Whyv; I lt 'e. not fined 'volt for con. t
te'iupt." ".I kniow tiht, ' said the at- t
ttiany. "but I w'aut you t) imider
st:ild 1 cherish a secret contempt
fur this court all the time, 1n(1 I tunl
willilgn to pay for it."
The llakers of Naakayuna, nr' t
Alhayiave. hv a mo:;t benevolent way (
hf doing busine!s. .\nj 4' '1om ):my t
applied t o them 11 r in1.1 lu-:.hl to, s
t'ut ice fro:m a like vhlch is on the i
Sha;ker lil property, and (off'ered to pay F
it good price for the privilege The
Shmakers grauntled the permiission, but
refinsel to fadke any mooney for it;
tieir principles 111dding the sell u
Ig of air, water or ice 1i
AnE doctr, traveling i
th-- Etns, wts exc essiveiy alxiou1s toa
mer'a:se his repultationl at homnet by a
Ilarin i g certaiin mlethods of tre-at'
1ing., dlisCLts, of whlichi he had hieardi
wtonders,-. On one occasioih whetn
oh the( Ct mlines~ of theii ( Iret Desert, t.
lie asnked4 an old shiekh, "Whaft do t ui
you (1o witha the Hickpelewn
t hey ent sle "H recived the a
to wa~it.ch theo camlsu~."
in a decip titimi of at fhient iieigahbor.
"Bo Be . meansii ver'y well," said
the dco -' '"he is a sinicere( and1 honmi
est mahi~ :)1 li, e tailks faster than lihe:
thinks, alnd hle believ'es what hn~ saly%
beeanneit he iimn't got, upl with it."
Presby'~ter:i an Churchi in the U nitedc
Stats wf(.~ il Ilimeet in lie F~irst Pres
byteriani Chlurchi of Satvamnnah, (Ga.
othe 18tl o May, at 11 A. Ml.
Tepnin)g serm~ont will beA pr(eh
el b~y the liev. MositH IID. Hogi, D).i
D)., Mora4C~tor o1'(f the last Asseimbly.i
It irl Flaidl that there are0 400,000
feather4 upon0 the wing of at Hilk.
worml mot011, and1( that any (1he doubiht
ing thle truth of thed .statommit enn <li
MinA :a Ihony saiys she Wahls i the i
halt4 i.f for 1no (Ither reasU'on in t he
wo' rld thani to spitIe thos necwspIa
pr neiblersltI' who amiais t-heir~
smlhl miinalsn by cratckin g joikesatI lhe
e'xpeInse of womanh11 looda !
Wihen'1 ai yourg man11 cainnott live omi
linsnsalary, the nual way is for himii
Apratital joke wasM o)01 attemipt
ed to beo platyed en1 Mri. ilhSkine( an
Hall with hisa hample bag (Vrammled
fuill of bifs. 4hme wauggisoh bar
riistCr lired a Jew hoy to go and '
asnk him if lhe had "aniy (1ld1elo's to
exclaimed('t the indtignaniit couinselor.
tM. Mairy L.uc'as, of Raleigh, 1
yearsii'h of age, has just compniletedl an)
exquisite poinlt lace hatndkerc~hief.
which nlhe miadet without the use of
rzass - -
A Sill )-COInlnitt0 hit 11118 lICCIIreed
to inve"(stigat e the B~rooklynI Navy
it til' AiZnnjte, Sherzualn hiilmittecl
it rC.so1t101ln i'C(jiestiis g theO se cretary
of war to in formi thei H('llstt 15 to the
cost of the signasl iServic o rps11, sand
to stat.O hh views its to tile fesibijliy
of trsttlsferll g that service to
the treasury dlepairtmenOJt.. Agreed
ri Ti Renal e thlen res~olved itself
o it ort of injeaelilllellt, for theC
llLoved'tlSt evideiwo oil thle iil'isdic
tion of the senate 110 t.:kf'l, anid
jutiiitioii 1)0 oYGrlled, lho he ire
11i10fl~l to anfswer lit 1111 two dlays,
and1( tle 32)1llgel5 ilav two) clys inl
W11441'i to rep)1ly--at the anld of which
fli1c trial pl'ocee(1 regi ihi ny. Ca rpef>;
bcr )[lovedl thast thei trial 1)e pIos
'O iied till tile th1"t Monday if) iecent
)c"1, atnd 051k(( all ItllowilheO of two
Iioiii's to c aeh side to argiue tho
:j i stion. Thle tila) int;U granted.
l3l1tir I hioii;;1st that. at this iidateol
[takeg of the session tilero was not
Lime for counsIel to lpl('pare, and for
.jllCRti'll. .Juide Black, of -ofliisot
or tile dlefendant. " tilt that in tii
lI)08!iblC for tile de~fend~ant to haive
fair trial, tiiotig] lhe aliight llav()
10 11t11 ullell 1. 1111( the seiltat.e reed-ored
or ('olsi 11tsttioii. On , ,erri ref lot n it,
VhaS 1,ll1Ils(c.(I tll,, ('airps'slte'x 1lull
runli Ild 1 )('CI) oVOel'S ileal.
T1he investig:it i0)1 raider ',I( (e d
ectio" of the hloise aore still p~ro
~ressisig. anld i mportant.osl develop
cleouts niay" he 'xpr'e ti'il before' very
hecre :ire tlt! heads of it scrtiioi
11c0 IWCawiled by a1 (1lillt Old1 e1ii
itO' on1 the t~ext, '-Adapto, whlere art
1hog ?" First. id! lii'es are seome
'hic. tii iidl' slunIM 1-11 hIO
s~h-, thf ouIght ntot to be. 'fhird
111l t1ICiulslvec, where they had
Ii1inTdiiu. iii 181W:, oneo t iglrss Wats
('p)01tcot to have kilh!.. 127 J 1)10))l
1(1d stopped a g'all;- l' imi for 11i1:111;
eeknCt. In) alotlI0'r t'alSe ill the( cell
1.111 pi'()VlllC~s at 01i11,i( tigress e.-tiised
lhe dcs'tiolt of h Iirteen villages,
nol 251) Itisal~re guilt': of ('ointry
.ere tilovO1l out of cu~ltiva~tion,
Two W~orking 11111 ini ni \illago
Or1e hleiird discufooinr) a new inimlai
tut. "'Is lhe ai gellthlnlalI '" fihqired
no. ''ac lithllo11lI !' ec'ielied the
Ctl1' with iwtn t 01111l( 14o 4 l&i11 "'I
110111( tinkl nut. illdlCrsd why he
OverI (l~ved at Jiitiidrs'd dollars in ?'
fo 1"
iit.t Ce has1 ishoid ili otl 11. ("c~i la
rging the Asten,'hiil people1 to
J)lyird( t liL'ii' forl lii'rxliibitioi
t tho fair ii B~ooni ;t~ 1ils)1 . 'flieo
Ii iliig s ~i1110 n 'o eidv to receive
rtfchl s ii sill of theQ (leln~)a]1111t.s;;
sid sptai'u is availablle for atll early

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