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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, May 03, 1876, Image 2

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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-, . ' ; "4- 11, t, E"
.) NO. S. It A 4IS Eci' ?
'T'hei ('irtilar of instructions1)11 fr(I
the14 ('(1 11 !t i l ;e I' f i421 toI1 t he 114 81
J' 1Ii i1 l w h i c h h as1 lo ll"' $ 144 e it J('8 1.
of1 $441114! 1lii842148 , itcl, to the s1.1t
1.1tigie o1111X111 I thL' ;li1144 441 11
.R1' 1k c.' (lhe Slate li1']( by~ V:11'iol
paylli u:n1 o1 141842. A lir t v'i n 1111'
no~ t, to~ Ilk\" been 1.1141 18ccl --l iti (
the 1(1 4421i01," andlc t11'3 yVI wee 11
iiai~t (il det legally h~iiucliiig 14114
the state 4. To4 1111.4i)I ''It (.. v lil
Hale0 ill cases42 Where there 1had4 been2
ten(chIP of 5110411 111118i ill l11Y111P11, I.
lLIuth41itieC ill it. J)4)itiCIll at. o(41
(10111 hf111 1 ncl dlifficul t, ;4ich I oii
1114: v184', 1.111' !42gi811 iture 1!tecl W0$(
ill 1:11;;:i1.1 the ac2t, lundter the 111
Vision Ii WiIlie-h1i Ix?1i1VI' N saIUY1(4
)11VN ~ltii (110 1)O 144111 1.;, 14111at! :1
cotuty , ill t ljls iii (1 iu'stic41.
'flu! nil'etillgx s l el i broil.;hill
hll( d42l4gltl.428 to Ii 1111 I141:1 il 1
1I'" 44 1142 ti*4( ut 4448 $I IIlii 1.1' clit ii'
('c11411 V I vi:1 tli .2 'a'42 111:: ill"I
1)1'lS4111( i havel 1'411 14 hl. lil 1,
ci liii 411.1 wil he42i1.:-Pil ('Irill Zt!
itil 111 the :11!2( 1 1 t 4111 to\' icc l ci
tlill1: y c114f 4'. Thei' 111 ;tlic' '
1111c'd ( c '(111111c ; 1:1 to(Ilc 11111,111
('Ll1ll: n 'c 114)11t c' tc licw r('i' ':111
(:1 1 ~ ' : ic ; tI , t ' 1''\llti " . c44 11
i811c'cc'xc;.u1 o I1: (.u"t (I cV c4
the ...:tl1:11th141 1 le ci'I ;t: 1141
of 1 18:1 41 o (l l'l,(lt'1" . 1.111.;;;414':4i ~ '''~ (4 I
V1\ flt 4?';.'kl i:t j4441 of thle cc11 2'':1t~
I 1 i 1 40 ! Tmc't-c. oh' I1'414C 11 1'~ mi.
1. Ii. 14, 1(444 111444' c11: 411 t1111. oil Ilt'
chwinled ' " on tlio ftump, times1 witl
ouit 11111111 OW' S Io c4Xl'4Jl~xd it inc
Hvilltl.A)1 Mot ; 1111 ho 11111)Inot
1'c(011 nt irely frco from it ill 11u1l
Sev ('lal;1. ('Xt'Ctlt.i 'O*( lietrt 44iit'0 lull il
:ill;; I' u 41. .11. isi w~it ii el i44 t1 a o 1
44.115 of rel'4 lii 1Ii(' l t 11 1hat. lie 11s
lt Ora ut41I'1W041O~ 'it f:hiwu to4 his paLrty
I'2')11: is. 4 uti ILt\\ orl by of t1i it~ fil'ti
tfed h( 11( tu)j 011. i '30 t iul(' of (1 his 1
(lj)IloiielIt \volil ilzh to forgo 1l1 1l
wt11: ('4t ltIIi 111 that tilt h1''liest
* l11 21114n ('ollipa il dti with ii ld('i Iv to
Ole I 1.'J)II1 ).it11 par1tyV. '111le test of;
(4 weVC to I hie Iiii Ii't1 1L40 o f (.110~
Sel eli iu'1 of ,Be4'llI luell as1 hate .t }.
c Johnt .1.'31te~sn il 1,1,'lplrt
10 :\'.1y lolv 1 lira 41('11(' by,~ iIliptjorit.1
113 \c III lilt 1'4sj)CCL Yih ~to itsx reilI
f131111~i or to jt'~ .J)clilg Ujon ieu'1
11: " far of thy- peopic. Sulch1 a test.
I' Il(11 1 (111 1-te dx. :;)m1 h )arl~lj 111 ,
13)J iis 14)'"; S1;i1ol)' it... tt :io ll
11 I'tl l to ( ~(;C11)i 41 . P4 il C J4tx i
.-We in1 it \e (':trpeutter1 isl just. as1
f(4r)1tuI l R11311 l34i t, 1114 ('lIIItnherl:4ill,
! 1' 1 4411(C ori.f ( ( lmhlt:. I Elio.(. flu
* ' ) ' I , ' " o t e l o t i , o W . J . 4' W i l ' l . V 1 'li tl d ( ' .\ I c l' i tl 1 4 l rt 3 4 )
j1 1 41,;( 1K :.: 141';4 41 1 it 1 11 i s 1it3l 1
4" l('V.1 'I4 lift ritr (th h 5l1't.' il ile
s4' )":':tm i till ll~ r 144111114 1 4 111 ; i
tt .i( ilo' ti i . 111':I t. 11: ( il. l tl'h )l4 I l, ; lis
ti ll'' 10 1i'. ; v 4.''ll l ly(fb jrt:: 1 of it
,, . c~~"t1. 1t-.. 14131.t ( t\c) tar
I !14 ("1114h is 1.44 J~tl ijY t' 2. I ZN44'4C lll4
at 11, 4 """,(1 to 1 .114'tl ia 14 41 >tt4W O mit.,
:h,:4 . :l 144 itt tilt! \Vet Su}('iOt' of ills.'r
1l, 't 11't d 1441 I~r ii 1 4en 14 1.144141 titiic'tii
111:141 Ir1(.i 4 tI ".S e n t54 . ) ('14
t ' 1 1 :1 a ' 11('('"1 O ( It'l IIIC l 4)).
'1 . lIlt ii VaIt 1 1I:; I,.11.c 11 YIt ' 1l:1 l'~I"tr i5
1 4', 414 ., 1 : ; '. 'l i 4'I h i t:, j'iI44. K'tt Ol 4
tl tI 2 441 ,,, :l ti\ pilt' i~rt, i '510 '4'4l'i
ii'11,1 8 f1 I, 1 i 4.' 1 )4 :r i
1i',l~ in i ti ltl' \"4)(i4i 11a Of M_
I I"1'.4.1 1 1 )i,: 14i.'41: 14 i I s (.%. 41' 1 t'
1. v til )1414' ill tIll;' II t's' i 1.:il'
['hero wvill of collriio bo anothor
:ulivonioi loforO the elections, toi
.1pi proso of eaflholllleifg a p)latform
f l~i ieiplca and Iwlfliuiating Mollh
)orH~oliB for isuclh officeit s aHthe dole
,ates of theo peCople lut~ ll dliem lwttt
Jeforo that con en tion ttssceinhiu,
)liIort~iliit.y to determlline tho3 (jUC5
,ioh of it pla~tformii atiio mode of ac
ion. At pr'Oeent every (tftort, shlould
)y (lirerte to ~erfecting the or
;t:rlizi~tiom 11(1 thto dl~ij1ii(m of thme
"1'o lotice thalt HmeJ~( of the tuews
)ltj)(rl tire w"titty (expressinlg thieir
iwS tt5 to Lti pope'r pl)ii(Y of theI
lI uocrtuc+ of t hi:; :,tts:. Of cot ie'
t, ('tittli t he( (. ptc!tedl that the iiie8sn
,Iris (jiuitstlil uI tp to the tune ait iche
.Ie lo(gli!:iit nltiir: tttlg ((iuivclltion
I lot M--call 0(, f the & li if dii ts of
'he press~ b~eiig to do a, part
"('c'i fl~r it it i j)r(1i t i e ( litU (l But '
'tl t! i l(!rsen t it titti !;eu ts us only;
t watste of WOrc1S t.oc ( ll,CT. iii Iu
' :~ I'y (ldiIuiollH 1t" to0 thu dutty
)f t I1(:t 4letertte'y inI te: e:; )inti 'on i
Lest-----iheth(l', lilke the GIreenville
. .,we ilneigh :tigieeiist eveitlcting'
Itit. striel ly' strttic1ct -fiat," or, like
[LIP Sitmttr l'1b'"h/iiun, we prochli
(~oveiite r (;haiiclnrluitt to ho our I
'ittlci t( ii thle 11(:x1I. chli ef nllgistrtite
1f the4 :;tats. ;)itch nitt..ert uin lbe
11111c11 11( t" tT il'1 I tocd, Itnii I enet'
11th hoCIi )tter01 d(:ttint d, sotm
Thu Demuocracy and t,1tio Nogro.
It 111:; id : C1}1*11) ti ti ll tfhiit
I)( Ciun bi y iiI i ti iiet'it(' of 8ol th
i l liti~ iM I th iisi( ii of the i11(:_;1'0
l~v ilti~.i IL least. ai poi ti( C
I Iiii t eL e;(:.; fill Vie sidle of honesity~
lI iti mef~ o"tH. l i 't1fe'' there has
l[1 lt ut ( ill' t.Itiiig ieec!~"" t) eon
l('1oti :tit tot;ilit f: r ( t'lie( i11 t'eeiir
I'iit hitlt te ativi;", htimtsc'lf it emorrtt
fur hcilts ti li;o tc last rchutrce ofj
[L1o c(,le)" ci I \ cot'. 'l'h(' (lcot 1 tic
11it LV I ti 11111 n i c, us,ler l theo
wiors ci-;I(t 1V t( tiii t( C vduttI aimd theo
lcliisii i of the tir itee Itur this:
lVl!tV it 111 ut ii'li Wil the sso
rep iii ii wit Ss hit i c arriiol Soul h I
,tarolitl:t. X few r V:otr:; 1; , it, weir
Wll 'ii t wttc 1dvi1;.":tl tlttt, it'
bla~kv They m~ay work temporary
disadvantage to th~ Iiatcr4 but they,
s 1d5t 6nuro to' his ultimate ad van
taige. t 3y int,'i the sitaindard of
citizofil1iip, thtro arb osnkintdled fit the
mnd(' of Clio toloreod m1an1 thoughts and1(
ILHJpiitioils to W~hich Ito is otherwis-eg
almost an entire strangt3r. S8uela
leas8 been the r eali 6ttoce t of th e e tr t un to w i l w h v
alludedl. Workinig with epmul fore
up1onl the white Inuau nd the black
1zia.f, they I1;Lv( Oxcitodl tho pride:
211(1 the amnbition of bioth. Wh!ere
1111 edciationial (liiahitie.Ltio Il 1K r
tjniredl for the (i'riso( of cortatif
pulic duties'. the r'osilt, is t flat the
Ufle(lIC'ilte(I Hu2tt1. whiteA or. b1~wk, is
at ontoC ilner with it direiI fill
Kochi learning it: wvill fit hint for t le.
exercise of:ul doh (~t ir arnd the
n eeesiar}' C'onsequlelce is that tll(
greatly hei'tited. '1'hio lito' I
Staitesl tgi)Vcfi'r11t it self Ihas pI iu~'.
resitrictions 111)011 the eXe'rCiso of
cJ1taiill righits. Evety jil lor ill I he.
Uited States courts iriiist he aflli
to road andl write'. before ho camlf
Like his sett in th12 jury-bolx. Tis
s~iiflo1ouiit hliu ikoeviso hm-ith u1o:'ided
by Juldge Macey. us lie holas that
in1 certin t':ses the inii'!lit ov('f
it juror to read is it good ground of
FCstrictiei upon the exercise or'
CO01taill right s hav iV( l ))1(1ui~le alike
bly repihi:11 'llIl by (1t ilocrtie'
ITll l110iitVao "oto a is Ue
l)eciHeiV ('41111 n 0 his scorie. Art t)
theo real :L' Vaittt likely toi a.ieeite
to the ilie'ro frtmuit 11 ur-ti
:tduinu1strinoitu iin S.111 (it iar~n
it it, ()2ilV i2CCC:all to a~sort, what
(.-.in he eaily proV~ei;, thi.f the flCgio
in the Sm uith Ii i be-.it, oil ii t hoise
:; tatteri w1h ich hiar' Ieen lh '
iiudtei' dIlcnie ic ei I ol. u-ls
tighi is t.ein; se'. real I 'v the centiii
stitutioii. 1)0(11 dstet tiiii fter;!.
1111 att empt 1)1 lt lid hivic rc'il tell ill2
j~airiiieiit 1ties o'er hlet1l utt }t'.iiijt
by the deiiuot rat it' par1 %.
Such Hue a.1( I'\" t lie clim- (ciii
sid'ratjoiis m1;oii 'vl:ieii the etiil'iil
pcc 'l?e of S*Yu l}1 ( :ri .1 m inui
lid fehy aii:l v'isi st ciilvi -elitoe it Ii
their white irhhiits of I}1 it ruti
(rTltic } :iit V. i I' i l~w(Pti i clbrt, to
resitore. to .ill t lit jui4:lja it good
11?t 'h- hit r' s. T c mltire;ie Iu hse
h'~il ttati lver lal)irh lathier should:
(.2ii1)hre l. tol 1-' U1.; ofti ttim'
uand to conveieintly sutler the burg
am~ to Oescap) after lhaving id ntiiid
A droll incident hzlpp)Ofd on tho
way. 'J'hio tulle wasB one o'clock at
night. T1hIe burglars, carrying the
8liaii 1 )C)ksl had for'gottecn the 1ti111n
1)0r of Mr. Alexander's h~ousei ; iand
about to rinig the boll of the wrong
11011e, thie J)ohieO F41utHtl to ho iii
vigr.'nrons piursuit of thei had ac
tuai y to ('11,1 to I hi!iil mid( d1ii'c
thiioi to tho right, hoil ae Arrivedh
1,1101 they~ rang the hIt'!!, but in tain!.
Hr. Alex Xai' ir, tinking" lit 1:14. or
114oth1 inn of the pro~pos ( I dli v'er,) of
the h oop's, anid at novt into d. ter
tiiiietl to taike 1n0 noticej of irreguin
p1'(Wcctlii1i s With Which hoitv oitlti
hav1te iitthillg to dot, 1i:1ti gone to bi :d
:tt his uisua~l hour. 'Lille bell wakened
not o110 ini the hioliW;. Thle I)Iui'glzli'
and1( t.1t0 Shankl poil ice er o~t h perii -
plhexed . the utrea hell Was rain; with
lit) bttor Success ;and, finally. after
nuzith le pl)ice,' tho whole plarty de
Thle neCxt, clay Willinigtt)1 Wt"ls
et'titcttl by terpr ~lt tnc5
daii ik luiiglar~t' had 1 en )ilili 111it et I
an1 l t. Hit sfu lownu 11) ill IDis~trict
A1ttoit'y I [:n'rii-. itt) s1 olieo. 2111.1 all
II ('ais were1C ltse: t) Show t it. te
perse'Hcutor's of the Rill." had 1)1+(_1
wltie t he true story~ torkuiti ot. anid
5('Vei'iil of the at 'tos ilk it tter leb(
Aldi, t() 'idci'. for the chiefs in
111s consp51irac(y hadl very' p.owerfutl
hi:itdl1.iti 11 I vrsh 'twtl!v inagedl~t so as
t:o (c ii'e'il th 011410 Is treatll ti .z ho owl"
edge 01o thle Sihll z'ljtihs iln siic'l a
Wt:ty that. biut two rtillitit i'l :igttts
ke who werei' I lie 1*etlI a411(1 i( s ()I
1(e plt. At last, howe"~ver'. by~ t ili
1W'risjt tiit cef.orts ol "Mr. Alexand(er'
dudt 'it! 141 "i', 1Ii'i 4 t ,lii e I )1st:: it'n
A'th ii 11ev. a pl I t icitl fr' tieiid ow
8hIP'.ilierd an 1 .l..ilcockrl ati ani iiti
mate at the Wh1it'' lILu;ise, wa's ini
eliit (l adti hrit ult to tia~l. TPhe
to .Ale. A. 0 . lb ltllce 4ts Asmst atlt
1t It 1 ad iO'rQV :1 tli: -itl) r. lii i.1'ii
144':1i: 1 in. Wv~s i i(, iwo It( 1);' It'e
p1'tso ~Ita i(1i tl 4.1' ilosI of the 111111
ant1 i ill, 4u'11111I )llett' ter. tV: ts ad), s
11 nl ii* tvas iiu't (Iitthi':l lintl t": set
1It t15' tV1. (''4 wnez 'P('.i't 'trial fu
ai'441''a "1 a i~int' (ill hll. s('.,i'
M[r. ii.'1 u~lu'flai I and for no
it(. tial i l" )it I Ir 421. .Ui ~ I the
;X% H'i Utl (l)i'i 1 4 i a , : un t, (1,!i. .i;t W:.
Wh'e?1tH ('ivte l ti of~'t uICI'il1 4)i;11.
I11 )c'I~ai 11 iit 144 ~ i oh-wiii'
. 'i~ 1 )I is ti 1."45 .1 at . i t. 1.t. .. ...
tiatttt .. rr a
8171. Jorrx FHtisir~:--Vis'itors' Possessed
fewer t"xnii1dei of lirttre heroic bcarinf
and 4ell'-1:"auritloi11 etli>i'ts for the ndvidnec.
ment_ of the material interests of ruunI.ihid
than that exhil ited by this noble mdrtv'r
in his exerti(irls to tnpl:e it discovery \tthinh
if aceourl lhihed would open to the *4rl(I
nilv'attttlges beyond t't mpiltltlion. Bill
Itow inslgnillennt are geogr'aphiciii dis
cover"ies, \vl.en c"om1 stred w'it.. Ihosil ttsltl
1 t"11elit the hnnsan orgniiizlttion, showiri
how ill this life t'n."urits rural' bo van
(fuisbld, how the brain buns' be int'ightiited
tu.d rt' r'ler'etl eal:ttble of gr"itsliii. tit(
musk u. ,trtteo 1ltics, it'll s. whether :+eierl.
title, c!olnnti'reial vu toreheIiie:il. This r: n
never be the rnv." While the hods' is ell
fet"} leil by iitst':tsi. ;,1'Ile a loo4l ililtst be
t:t'tlltby. all Illm in ''v of Iht' htdy Inltst
he in lu!ift :"1 w'hl'hhirli; '"1'tlt r', (itherwiv
the hl':Illl ;A weal: ;lists fetid :1lr.,'Itl, ett nee
i !'.sfi the . o':ll l::stlt's t"f life is L!1!' r"e
Silt'?1 tl hits li, f"11 I)Ilt l? y Do.
'1't"rr II1 his rt"It"1 rli!rtl livrr 1'11 s, '1'h 'y
li the its rrrilil lilj hett IuUrr !;o,.,l to t''1.
ttillit,:il t'nIii Iv 11 iIi rs.llltl I'\". r loo e het"n
nftittirtt'tl by Ilse sltert h!t of Sir.11hii Frank.
I;ll:3r1(a, fir" 1'(al l r:l Itiaa, tt, :A I1gttyln
Hail Uoi .11.
('o 1. t' belts,. liar. ltl. 1!'75
1t1R f.illlwtl!K I's iienltrr zsche.l!llt
i w hV snit liver r:lint rmt) oil ,an:l
.:icr this "I:t:e :
Ta,\1\ --"QOi vt) "RTU.
AIIQuPta, tl"t, rtt "t.l:i "
12 1_0
lrrive at tist init. , N. C. it.Ia a
Tit AL Is---(ro.$41 aouru.
Ieure i'hnrloue, N C. :at (i In p
.' C1,e'tter, 1 (1.1 rt
tt'inn.rhoro, I .:a R ',
Coiurnbitn, :3.4A it
Art-ire -it .Itlt;iislrt (1.(m it it
,1.1S .1 \ lit;:i "' i\ . ("elt'i
A.1'1 1'l:.
'-'Grail I'a!,von. ,-i 11:1.1 T: , "'t l fr
The Atlas I ilStl l'illl(P ('o (t paliv,,
t --(t l'
('alii:it 1111i'? lilt - - - ti':t111,IN1(1,
.\..,t to t:;:ir ' t
'L'IItS rtinsl unv h:, ; stea"lily wo;t it. v.tr
to ant r"' :, llutil it 1141tt" rti:h . \rit t rj!'St"
iiictl:t:t, tl"< w'isit"ll hive l.-i\- t"11 li::l"tf "rd
-'11411, :l 1^liatatl":1 lil' Co<t1t\' itn.i .sir
tl.':tu re' ill Itil'lt'I' ; ell!: '
.1.1 W. 1.:\ \\',
Fi..,: ! ! ! "-A thsti iictive firo ot'tittu 'd at
inilty six, s. l'., I)cieiiih'i" fist, by
whih our '~C~4 valuetd att. $20;00U) were
bunedtt~. Th jirrlhcrii l'titiitf teI con
the mt hole' towni trid it lo i.'1 f H)t'flhrl hurl=
f.ired't t lousullil dollars worth of properit'y,
,iii'1 liItiy ive's, We're pirev'entedt by th1o
a rriv'it of at (1rvat Amiericn Fire Ext in.
giislir. ai Agent'i lij)jtiinig fl) comeI in
tlown' mt thie iiuc of ii uio. o fbi(ull pa rtir'ii
Ines5, 51!e thIii4hLjillo M'itiuni mutd Now
berriy Ile'rald of tlhe follo(win ek
the lid n,'il~ iotLh 11 Ant.i fotr the (tireat
Aniiiiii I'1 ir I tii,''i~ishiir. aind will
iilswt 1 I' iI iiilii' iii re~~iIa Il to fit' 4411111..
NOW[ S1' 1,or Il(r4 dis'o tE
rr h4i v'II jilaslt' iii'e: of'h dlisso~lvedl
'iii Not ;it'll, oir t he swcl igs of y'our
(h)iann. Ntre ly s (:11111,', .1. i "18;1u1 (.1 uiiun,
fcr ca~sh or'(jpo l)':V
fulb I - 1iII:tA IlUI'E.
I t't''5.1 suplylt of freshi ('crirlen .SeedIs
jus it, orI.l I )1i'1l~' ii. o I e it'l
je'odlii's oi 'I'l,le ii, w rl i (.' toi
Ii. I let' deiring mye hereji1f atel 'e,
ji tn 1-".vigetra at' lin W)I1)War I)
Y vW hope" 1}1 al nl pt:"nn w~)i' 1ho owi'e n1
for L d l, will pity upi AT ONE'
for ire need inonoy kid Iv.
j)an 27 MecfA8TER & 1 RCE.
. .....[aii'.. .. ", Pll I'
I o ' "f 1, lt '41 f',4i i'l i* i!t
I It l' I ~ t I fl'. 1:1!' l I' '' i I I i .
1i 'It tts '' ;: \ ::, 1 t ,u . 114 '.uI e l ii t ' .,
i ll1. ;t:i -, I I '1 J4~tit tt 1. ' IV l ,t.
t', t t~, 1 1't; ". l:," 44l ,i r 11414 :

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