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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, May 03, 1876, Image 3

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POST Or1i' i'I 111 is. '1110 poe1t
'oflico will be open1 dily 6iiiidays
e'xcepteCd) from K A. M.," to- 12 31.
atnd from 2 to 5 P. MW. N~}thoiii
and1( Soiithernf maiil 01080 at -83. MJ.
1)V0(ci80ly. ?'Y Miil 1 t oiret- oil
'Sun uhys from 8 to 9 A. 11 . '
itt lT.iW4l) Sicll sI>v1,h.-'111 lod tl I
on C1. C. & A. It. Rt. now l,\(
11.5~5. p. in. Uoillg south, 1.35, at
Accommoacdation da~y trins : 0111L
noitli, 11.33, a. II. Going 1youtl.
12.12. These trains meet. at \Vinnu
A. IF. \I.---i. 1'. \Lulasem', Soc.
J. (G. Sqier.
troley gets Hsiti'Vti and il) i caiP0
every (mIy.
IceL1 an be hl( every' i (1 at. . the
M~orn ing Sher Salooni. 2wt.
TIhec towni pit iiy into I~ec~ (', reied.
"'V have had~ it call1 froim Jili.' C.
Sqiitier, E:(., tlie Wililsori) agut
of the Colmia Regyi.dv'r.
1 .here al1e SCYV(iI iiewt (ases 5(it
lip1 toi the (Court, of gi(iiel (Sc:MiOhE
1)y Tr'ia~l Justxie ]Ib ii )(ti )1. INone
of tlie other trial juistices hiaYo
fiurnislihed ainy ui nss for the
(;all:, I. N. \\ithi'n has "fil" rc
tllcie. A gol CX:'1iiplo4 '\ilih Iiialy
otheirs8 Shi' iul1 S i'('1iiV fo llow.
'I:st at. the~ iisit1eiiw" () '.rr 'P'lionia
eimitted froms li' st ive tiiid droppe1)d
UlOln tlie floor. Thie !,lan~e \V K din
('tOreled i1; i'i' t 1" V('e u't uL1 COill
rOefiusted lb time lody iii(;i.1%.. (r5 It0
tribute Ic. i iih; fo he ie :t~ are
ICe(j iist i'.I to 5(11(1 flit II (1 flit
huh m~i ecii 11 10a1(d1 ](' lic il
to day.
:1lx0 Court of Couliii 111, 1Plea; ni
(iceral Sessionsii miet promptlhy nt. 10
0'C) ky nhe i'trednl bsrlng The1)11(
jeri s \V"01"11o ( ": S 1111 t~t'.1 L ..) t'
ever hltored1 With aitoiiiiiuclnt, itY'
ithould1 be of native granite, anid it.
thait to be found ini th~is ('oinlty is~
reiIukalthy fine(, it i8 conideredt
most, approprjiteo that the people s
of Fairfield :should eOfliI)1tt it stun
Huflicienlt for the purpose. T1ho os "(
titnato furnisheod fixes the cost of the,
necessary granite at seventy-!;
live dollars, ahdl it iR tig41gestedt thaitt1i
tin tinotint lce rised inl this county.
WeP trust t-iit. the plel oif J irified
to fit' rPcl1iP t thuts mai~de. A cry
$i hall contributtion from aic.i p~ersons
able to give, will easily raise the
hecessary stun
TION.-Olt 3ri i.ida\ l ig'lit - ghii
j pttii tttiis (;lni'.tiaot A t-.iA' It
of \V"ii)wlioro'' \\:)s ClgliliiU(1 if *
tiistitint ioe adtedliU, acid( oflt't'iH
(Meters to servo for the eliflig;.~
.yet. Reoports were imide liv tli.
I('v'inal dtch.'ift~s to thle t'iiv(otl t,
Ui, '..-duuln:t, iii-liccat iit. that P VciV
(0iC I'liose pi ivilcgc it had hea to 10
Cl~(~lltit~ti(It 41 ue Iheir ut i)ust:"
(titdt'lL )) S to ('It iVY out stlE'(*('isfhtilV i
tiimt i;jj ftlin I. wo;Iik. 11 lt iirks wereu
Jii)tiEl h), (jiute a u Isisile of those
l.res('ntt It thle i)test int., *1 fun lt' itt
mst hf, mu)hIy and11 tiIaiiiii v (If
feeling t'iiil~it.ecd. Mt'iiil 1(05 from
eeLry~ ci .tirel, in Wiiinsi oro were.
i.1(Ii('atilig tactif f.II('1 is hot Iilg secs
1110/1111 01' ditoiontat it ual in 11115(ser
Ai soejatiouis. t heir only olbject lli)ig. t.
in the words of thle ('01sf itf wn,
'hhisitnfelotvslip Iahloii; II nl lI tl
hors, anid t1 :):,ive ('iristi:tnl wvork ;
etlpecitlly inlioitg yong uniL
Abo t twilt.ylive i):lnt's *wer
signed.'& to t.11e r11l of memb ersip; j
Wtf i t.1 is 11+1(( thatt, ;ll the gentle ti,
V~ci~ in (.1ou Ofwill show their i~p_ T
p.-oval off tis exit;,'rpri-C~ by hweoiigl
\v~thi s(ii~ ("11)1 cl . or' (/s.'irjq i'lt 1
hers. if I hey" have not, yet tu:tde any
i1it ot ~sio. oflThe atnn in tl
Iittit1 as toi at;'. cv" i'v 111'51)I lv 11 I1
110141 cs thei \l' lfatre of tile yottg 'l
iiicm cf W inlh~ot") sl.ouW lhtoo1le it
'lei~' \viil li' t 1111 adjot1I'led1 tucot- t(;
ink 61 -'.dtuuday night:. att t.1w0 PtrcF
Iti' ill li~i hu t(1' ive t).i irk, thel for
Otill' Ii dtei' asmay e neoss'v
tithonot penalty. After this time
ho deliingnont property, if real1
state, for which bills of the Baink
f the State havo heretoforo been
endleredi, will be a'dvertised and
ol on June 5, 1876, as other delin
Luent property of 1875, and then
an bp redeemed as forfeited lands
Irior to November 1, 1870; accord
ig to section 1 of above-nimued
et. Personal property, for which
similar tendor Wits made, will be
roceeded aIgainst by exeen t ion.
Couity treasurers will give
riomiipt notice to Itaxpayers to bring
r all billy heretof're tendered.
teiipectfully, etc.,
''Tuoslts C. Dvvv1
Comlptroller-Gencieral, S. C.
'T'his aetion ui the staito authori
es is both wise and proper, mll
would hiave) l)en ill the: wiser and
lore proper, had it b 011 taken mu11c1h
ANNe.\l. MIIlTINO of' TIlE Qua\N
re00(1: or (00) TMi 1'L.lts,-'Tlo, lifth
ssion of the (rantid oilgo of South
arolina. 1. 0. of G. T. mbeet at
4-eenville, in (AGood Temp111lars' Hall,
pril 25th. Abit half the mem11 -
ership twere( Le'pt away by the pres
*rleO of business allil searcityv of
toney Th Fe body presient. consisted
f fift.y four voters, besidt' the olli.
as, aind about fifty visitors. The
ssiont wasH 1,nlive~nel by the visita
on of (ol. J. J. I1 iekma:im, It. W. G.
emplar, S. C. Robertson; G. WV.
ecretary of (ieog'ia, n1dI Jam. H1.
arlisle, P'resideit of Wofl'ord (ol
e. Rlousing temp1eran1ce meletings;
01r0 hurl each eveniiin during; thto
Ssion, add4 re(ssC by these di:til
niished visitors, with resulted in
1(; ahdlition1 of forty-foir iiCemb11ier U
u Greenville Lodge froni t le best
reles of seicty. A roll of (ine
ouO1s1nd and thirteen n1ami)cs of
>lJrd ' persolls was exhibit ed in the
odge room. who were pledigel to
iStillence. in the city of (Greeiville.
he statistics sho wel an1 iljncre1e of
tenlty lodges dIring the year.
hirteen Lodges have failed. loaviniig
ghty-five in good sitanlig, with ta
emIberslip of about. lour tluint4&l.
his order' m'll.braces the
orid, and numllilbers IIU'hl.dreds of
1ousain3lds. It is collt-roiol by the
ight Worthy Gr:11(d Lodge, which
cel~s inl Loulisville, Ky., onl the
lid of this miontih. Our town has
ic honor of contributing a. member
I thiit hody. The neat se(s8sion of
Io Granud Lodge of Suth Carolina,
ill be at Newberry. The cleclion of
hivers for the ensuing year resulted
folliows : Wm. H-. (Juttinio, G.
SC. 'T. ; Mrs. C. E. Gilbert, G
. v. H. (3. Beard, 0. W. C.;
.N. Jherry, G1. W. 8t ; J1. S. Con
zit 4'828.1 Sueitende1n1)I-of thet Ju veile1(
rs (t. H (. .bert. wecre chlosenl dle.
I e.21, w xit le1ar T.l 11 4ilber and 11(
W. irmd Lodge,' whiebc meets3 at
r's were appiointed :(
R. 24b1rshlli, (. WI. Mfarshal;
r's. John inlgat e, (G. W. (uard;
ice Calhon, (G. W. 1). Marshal:
Tm-i: Cm-:wi.:n~ Fn1.wns11.-Mu1ch in
lesti tlmo late centred upon11 the(
tionl of the (ircu1it ('on-t of CThe:
(1 by3 sm11e oIf thle ('ountyi, (life..~
will be0 remembere)3~( I th-sLt Mr.
melts Braiwley. 4.he ('ount1y audi tor,
is inldictoA. 1 and tied for1 specu'Iilat
in 1c1ount Iy p~aper3, bu11, tihere belig
ia likewise t~riod, and thei~ prestidlig
dge, Col. F. W. McMaster, ire
ruIled thme juriy to, find a1 veridiet. o.f
oka diff'eronit viow of1 tho malltter,
d found [ly uiovl iity. Upon tis
(e actinig ju lige set aside 3t3 he ver'
e Lan o d1( 41rledl a w ),'/ jyii,,3.qui 4(o
(en1tere3d inl the caseQ. Tis nit!on
d ve'ry general dlis'3ppro'4fa;l among I1
4' peop(l)e of Chestter. Ti-se, two
s(us hin:ig beeni dispose45(d of, the
NI sensa.t ion3 was ito be 1 th11e trial of
(1. Xocom, the1( ('ounty treasurer,01'
r' cert'4ain fra:nds upon0 the counity.
10 1main1 potils a5 ttempte)IAd to he
1(1e againlst him1 were0 that there(
rm1er1 treasurior, Mr. D~avid Hemp111
Ih alrg(e 111immber of c'h(ool ('(31
icates, whiich, though paid, hadu
ver b)en Panneelled, niid tha3t Ye
ml cons1pired1( with otheri paties( to
i. Tihe triali of Yoomn ende1(d on
Il night of the1 25.1 uilt. Judge
C. Northrop presi~ded1; Jnudgt
tekeAy havL~ing, for' very goodl rea
15, declinled to sit onl thme trial of
33 caseo. The state( was3i r'jiepesented
Sol icitotr Maickey, assisted by C.
Briicc, Esq., of the Chester' 1)ar, and1(
33 defendant b~y S. P. Hailiton,
r'oy F. Youmans, Gliles J. Patter
n and T. C. G4aston, Esqs. TheiI
Lte had made out a very weak cape,
if, indeed, any case at all, when
it was proposed to place upon the
stand John Lilley, who, it will be
remembered, had been previodsly
convicted of burglary and codsignod
to the penitentiary. The defence
objected, upon the ground that
Lilley was a convicted felon and
tliriihn'o incompetent to testify:
The judge sustaining this objection,
the solicitor produced a document
purporting to be a pardon for John
liilliv from Goveriior Chamberlaih.
The pardon was graiitod "on coitdi
Lion that, before dsllvoring this liar
don to the said Johri Lilley, thb
presidiitg judge shall titider his
hand aid seal, eM'ify to the gov
lrnor that. the said John Iilley has
testi (ed fully and ill good faith ill
the case '1 the State vs. B. G. Xo
gol:" T' this doctiment Counsel
for the defendant objected on the
ground that it was really no pardon
at all. and after i rther aiscission by
the attorneys on' each side, Judge
Nort hrop decided that the docmieint
Was itldeed no pardon at all, and that,
therefore Lilloy was incompeteut as
a witness. A Chester correspondent,
of the Kaios and Covrier says :
"Thie most unfavorable comm1entr
were freely made on t,his document;
and the pro(ceeling of bringing theso
Convicts [.Iilloy and Mikell] to tes
tify is considered by every one ats
allk prsecution. The defendant
ha:s now the puliic opinion onl his
side entirely." After argument upon
bot1h sides the ('110 was givtlli to the
jm-iy, and they returned into court
about. 12 o'clock on the night of the
25t!h inst., With ia verdict of "'not
guilty." Thus onds the last. chaptor
in the great Chestor sOlsatioil, of
which so much1(41 Was expected aid
from which nothing has coml1.
Ti E .uimooN or JoIHN LILI.:.
'he 2 reasons prompting the gover
1")r to gran it a conditional liardi II
ti the notorious John Lilley, who
was under senctnce of nine years'
imprisonment in tho jtllltaitnly
for bulrglary. have just been ~ made
pulic. An application for his
lrlldoin was made to the governor
iy Solicitor A. M. Mackey and his
assistant, C. S. Brice. Esq., on the
grounds that. Lilley was in possess
ion of facts sufficient to establish
the guilt of Yocom in connection
with the frauds a1lleged to have
been committed in Chester, 'and
that lie was a necessary witness.
These~.l gen tleen further stated
that Lilley's testimony 'would be
corroborated by3 thlat Of oIther per
sons5, and1( that hlis paridon wvas on
to the pr1oseen'tion. Theyj also sug
gesta that ' "the( pariidon asked for',
if nlrlted, he forwarded to tihem, to
be~ dliv.leed to t he said Jhn Lilley
upon1)l lhe eixpress' cond itionl thait h1(
te'.'tify ill the case( inl goodl faith.
piresidling in) tihl case (of tile Stalto
vs3. lB. (. Yocom~l shall1 c'erti fy to the
governlor, over' his ollicial 1hand( and1(1
Si'-i, thait the said Johni Liley has1
testilied in said ear(', in thie pthig
ment11 of salid p)residing judge, fel
mat1 ters as8 to wli ichi hel 111ay hei law
fully inqire ld '.f ml said case." The
governoril further wrote a letter to
Judg'e Nothrop in) wichl h. gave
expre'ssion to tile embliarrassmlenlt
wich thle miatt er had caused himl,
anid to his earneiest desire to do full
juslti('( iu the p)re'mises. He stated
c' nch(ided' tio granlt the pardon, anid
close'd 1.1y sayin~g :"I knowv you1 will
appr1)ecialte this resp1onlsibilit~y and1(
will act discr'eetiy. You have
po)wer to use or to withhlold the
pairdon, as5 your1 judgmenit and
(liial21 duty' aball dhictae." Thle
('irem'loist anees aft tendinlg Judge
No throp's refusal to recognize theC
anIy parldon at all, together withl
thel resuilt of the Y'ocomi trial, have
already beeni given. In an interview
withl th~e CIohnlbia co0rre sponidon t of
the Aui,. anld (Courier, the govern
or stated that tile ground for the
not1 lat all that of his inlcomipettiney'i
but the fact that ho0 positively r'(
fitsUJ t:d testify unliess lie was11 par
doned. Tile only~ means11 of forcig
11im to giv'e evidence was to 'onunlijt
himi Lto jail for' conltempt--in) whlich
(cas5 lie w1ollihaye been1 far lbotter' of
thlan lhe was hofor'e his contemp~t was
shlown. Taking inta( conlsideration
all thie ('irelmstances of thet case; the
governor seems) to have been iniia
most awkcward( dlilma; and1 thoulgh
hisi action was uhifor'tuihalt anid not
to be imlitated1; yetli h F Oeems to daS
toi havte been0 p'rtrhptedl by no iml
prloperl motive. We hope), hiowever',
that, wve shall never Ilave another in
stimeo, suchl as tis, of a "cond~itional
W~e cali attenltionl to the next' ad(
vertisemnent of McCery, Love &
Co., in to day's issue. 7'his 6h'ter
prlisinlg house is again giving theC
people1, bargains, and as the sale con
2 iv da Let Live
r T'1 sibscrihrs WviHli to iii
formI the )0ladies of WinnHboro and
surroinug comitry fiat, th IW. lave
o purchased e te ntire stock of T. H{
1 0rown., consisting of Millinerv and
Fan1ey Goods, Dry Goods, Notions,
e &:, togtother with the stock pur
s haW sed from J. S. Elder & Co. and
e . Elder's stock of Dry Goods,
Clothing, &c.; onabling theti 1.6 of
for tihl largest stock of thes goods
I vecr displayed iii ohlostore ih lms
boro. T'hey' hav i large lino of
Millinery. Valley (oods, Noti(ons
and !'r1 imingxi 1)res Goods, La
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un henr(l-of prices for ensh. They
nowW ofler their entire stock of Win
ter Clothing, Hats, Boots, Shoe(s,
&c.. at, antd below (ost, ti) m((aie rooni
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is a call, (() convriiio th1(1pitblic flhat
1fh 1111,v( is 1o0 tiil Ji:I.IC tla
m10ah 11 il1do'sm, and will not hb tn
Clerriold by any one. Their motto is
nltiekc (ales and Small profitsn. Tormus
strictly cnsh:
i. F. LEECH & CO.
s still at thle old stahid ivildli a
largo and 'omlete stcek of planta
liom amd family (Gron li, an
everIythling tha the i II~ plnt needo
such1 as8 Plow St ce, Lay Iron, Sw.edes
Mfoulds, TFrac Clutins; 11ack lhanIds:
n 1urn F~orks, 1 ap 1tings, Heel1 Serews
(Code(0s, &c~.. togt~their withi aL ".l
A YsortedI stoc1k ol (dronkory, 1table and1(
pock- duley Hollo and Wdo
lie stil1 keeps aL large stock ol' La.
dlies- (ents. Roys', issu' and
Chiildren'sx Shole(s, inarly all maitde Ito
shodldy. He lis 811 aloag'lt for t1,1
fhhllow.ing brands1 of standaird .Fert.il
The Star dutano, th.ichl hiaf al
ways,' giv(n stisfaction1. ap'
from))-l Anhn0. ale 0$one lesh anud
B Ilood. 11ahama111 (unho, it new
I die o sellci only a few h agH to
.omofour planters, to haIvo it. in
) d1ret tnt, ai tahmb2le Acid i'hohadIte
for composltinlg, aLndE highuly rec0om
mI0(Eded for use0 in1 lanLting CJorn
The I~ above ar old a1(t. a1 1(ow rates
C as~h or on time with approv(ed
s eculr.y..
p)1lntiIng IPot4aloes; Mviiel& ii till1c
Tii dax i to o th attntimi forlI
me-, IIo c')o forward and1( settle upj,
miy hIness 1 (8 All persons11 owing
me' a11(l failing to se~tt(J, Wtill find
themir lnoinnb: inl the hands(1 of my
attorney for cIollectionl.
March 4.
f N4o1 (1f:CUpy
- stables (lpphaOit( the~
Thespian I Iall, where wit hltwaly b~e fonad
ir-It-.-lass horses arid lt ntule for sale. Va
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consmtaniJtly o. handtu a tlargii (pantity of
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hland( n hilly stijply of good
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SExrnE AnI'E.-You iro ask(
overy day through the columns (
newpapors and by your druggi
to use something for Dyspepsia at
Livor bom1plailt hiat yoit kit>
nothitg about. You get (i discoirtg
spending mIonot.' wvith but lit{
success. Now to givtI ott ati
factoly proof that (n1i'\e Ai-an~
Fr.owi:a will cure yot of Dyspps
and Liver Comuplaint. witii all the
ef'eets, such as Souir I.uitanh, sic
IHeaI(Lche, habitual ('stiv'ines
ptlpitiation1 of the IH('rt. lear
burn, Witer brash, coming up <
food after eating, low spirits &c
we ask you to go to your Driggist:
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a Regular Nize for 73 ecents. Two
doses will relieve you.
THE Sclo'rents say Naama
would ilot believe when told that. t
be cured of leprosy, he had only t
bmthe in thel river Jordan. Iii
unbelief brought days of si'll'rin
upont hinm. ats it dtoes ulport thusi
hvlo delay taking Ab:nneir1.,
H1:.'trNE for the Liver. When th
skilh 111(1 eyes boeolue yellow it) tih
spring sealzson, with )itis in th
head and boises of the bodly, and
heavy feeling about the stornu'
after mneals, there is but wonl chne
to escape. 'jicklnesM of Holm, Sor
is sure to coine. unless tho /i/r an(
ad b1oo1d are c11ricd out of thI
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of M I.1rtat.-: 11 u'H Trm:, that cire
all diseaaths of the liver.
(''Ic ARlm (U1i-:ssi-:nU . ---If the
f(lIeHs rights you are all righIt---pr(
vided yout pay tim bill: It tht
gl(ess wl'rong, you go to I11" grave
yard-~-they go to their <hnne1lr
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('ses of liver disease, indigestion
con8stipationi and dyspepsia, thait
all the doctors anal pills iln ti
world combined. Ask your drug
gists, MA'isru.:n & Bueti-:, abot thi:
Iedicine-l-ILr.rI'N-:. Each hot LI
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any case of liver comnplaint in fin
Gom:u I1o)wlEn (oii SynJIU t'l',
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MATER & lBuao.
Rags ! Ra I
Q AVEi you ekan cot I0to ad linen rug
k undl old ecorn stels, and we will lu;
Wrapp~)~ing papellr fori sale~ att man~flneL
t ure'rs 'rs.
uueh 21 Mc'A?"AS'l'11 & ]IRIC1.
Writing Paper and En
N1Vote, L.etteir. 1i11 andurl Leal I 'Ia
Paper,' am1i4 Enve'~lpes TFo unlii
wtishing paper by the ream, or envi elope
byv thme thousand~I I, we will make11 (specia
dee 14MeAl''AT1l & lilt10C,.
TilF.1 T exert 1 s of ibis i d jstidtioi
w.'il in' rest1u ii' i ('n I' 4(theSday
W .1)) 1. DW1(ilT
T lii
l' oA ot e npeyn. ee e :' I -'ir $$ uti ranex 2
exceede 1311I milo n ll I'laIt ' ho t at
J.\S. W. lA ,, aIgent~l
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