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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, May 17, 1876, Image 1

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;i._(' IL)r .I Its idb, eratb
I- l'Ul1i.151151) '11'I:1.1' fly
IV I1 111 It 1I 5.& 1) A VAN .
7 ,*naer. --'llrma !l;A'R . I/1 i,' j~IltlIi 1'e, Is
y' inIII Ii' i.; a taB' Will~ 11- lira), Iii
e1ii~7" 111 Iria4i-'aai "t'tveriia,,c~ to he
1) *iiiary Natiu i~t 1111'ribia~cN $;.1)1)
per a 'lerc.
A l ittlea Pull-haut': H4)Iglit on0 dIly
A id ruh,ae.I hais aaaa'nl et'x;
Andl thirongsa of iti-n )s c~antsa
iiitit It, ts laid esn iad Waas tire,
'11-Ia sailitl t till is 10 glatun's thin - -
A iln r uh tuL ii iiin tanek;
'"'lhit! WhVat!'" lift aid, tin t ti'vcr.ut'
'Tiedt Ihawk ini fronit.! Pilti( upj h;'Iiiid!
'Twv;Ii nevri 4141, 1 fear'!
'JPlitt Iaiin g is too riatl iiln s
\ dhtt.ii site (Ito! 'dv t'ioats frie'nd,
ti'ie' got leinitl it tree.
tit~ inii t jiflvt slit' *~;, alr.n 1
As nog t.I (an it tt he0.
$t I'ater k ine to 11 (1 it aid a,
--as in. lily* littile ii' air;
Bu~t to mlI, yen)i ittii 'l. iii troal la'
The fla'~ilal 3ystotn of ElozLtonoering
a~ U10 South.
Fl -uil t h .'ew \u: k 1" Irl 1.
1lt.u(iaa, N. (:., April 21.--Whit
ey'. st.aitling, rt. )1 y tolteli iii the
1180e of S0i.3rt a5a;''rice money0) in thet
elc t.i or 1872. unl s'iding. f15 it'
(lit I. thle sacl ittt "'i$hotherii(Jiitr;tge I
_tIIX 1'le, (;s ittoiney -(i ;;liu'l \\';l
hi~tlii,, set wi)11' ('orI'esplolidlent to r('-.
~iuIing tonne1 o f his o1(1 Sources'( of
jIt o1uuutt jav fails 1 usefuil here ill
1):te .I! li juoli- (ial(1well Oulitest of the1(
liliiiuet' of 1872.
'i'JIAC~s 01" 5E:(:iU'j' 511i'JCC MlFS.
Teeis ait, J)l'(38('li no m tie of
to '3t... vice! lalolle)' Uased ill Ibis
ill I lle 3:0 aaa(!r de'scrIibIed in the casec
of J i1llnv L).av'ill J)'t.. itt th.. Stato
Se(t' iv lul,,l its the iiifahiu 1014.i;'ictl
aiii;1 die, ltV a'. ieetatnt aind Uiliiti~iii
1I entet'e. .PTese nu'(' pretenid to 1)e
oin the hunt for lil Klux, 11I:(1 their
eoX siine.; tl d isllnat'iiieiis atre
(1(.tlI)t14355 (0)('l''~l tiiidei' Wh~at the
Jitt Att artiey- (.oeral laylIl~y silr.f
rest its "i leg.it inialte t'x)elidltiire.'
Tlhie Ilfari'ai1's oi)Ii' *was ver' lily
e;:'all stipljpie.l With in')nov that,
VOtil' to still in the 5Uil)1)1clii;. of the
.til iltix. auti ailnar)st every town
l- hit in til SA)It l its d'ya):ty
muA~s;hl to) p.t (l:)WIIu the grill,
gholstly fa~e but of the $250,01)
(hi ltr~eI5( by M~arshal i r-w i
1872, p~ossi l )ly not it farthing (11tH
)low he0 traced~t to other ure'es than
''legi tiiiiatte( exetltltities,' tlhut Her'v
;.., the... d ,.. 1 . .------ -it ----y -o -t.
waas one of the nalagers and ianil
itlators in 1872, and seems to havo
acted as a so't of 'atyiaster Ge1neral
for the cotnscript atrmy of 'dosigua
toil assessors.' 'His evidence, to-;
gether with cociumaents in hin' oi1'6
and at Washington, will diseclos the
whole "conspiracy," as District
Attorney Bi.dger characterized it
vhen, somie time ago, ie proposed to
mlvestigate the mastter in the United
Staat(e Circuit Court, but watt c8
vuxus slen ix 1872.
At the close of-the session of Con
gress in 1873, Souator John Ph'ol
and ex Senator J. U. Abbottappeared
in italeigh with at sum of moneya
viu iously estiml1 Jtt fiot $10,00'0
to 8t0,000. Tids" nnon4y,Atliey sisil,.
had been1 apportioned to North
Carolina by the National Executivo
C(ollmitteo of the Rleipubican4 p)t1rtyji
anil themse.ves lesignatQd tolpend .
it ill t..e mualiage~oent of tlhe 1 Camn
paign. S:twu11el .1.. Phillips, no
Solicitr--Guneral af the popartuent t.
of Justin , )vas then chairman of the
St'tte Executive Committee, tond it
was re.1 tro 1 at the tii, by' all the
leading lRepublicans here, as a very
singular cirainistance that the
National Conniittee should have th't,
ignored the St-ite Conimitte6 in tihe
distribution of funds, 1taotiettly
taking the man-igenent of the Si:t a
cami)lgfn out of the hands of the
State Coin mittee and leaving it with.
out money s.,ve local contrillutions.
Precisely how nueh money.Pool andi
Abbott had has never been known to
anybody but thelmsielves. What
they did with it all has been a matt
ter of speculation. They are not
known to have kept any account of
their expenditures or to havo ae-.
cullteCl to anybody for the money
they received. This nattcr has all
the tiumle been
of the gre it e.unip tign of 1872,, to
which we perhaps have at last at
key throughp the Davenp-flt trauinac
t1ion in New Yo-rk. Senator Pool
hal., like Davenport, a system of po
litieal bookkeeping and registration,
aud he oughaL to )e allowed to tell
if the whei ewith he lid to expbld
camRIe out of the Secret Service fund,
which aill the nil emllstances of the
c(astei would scee to indicate. Ex
Senator Abb.tt, is now Collector of
the port at: Wdm1zsington, N. U. Per.
hap he too would like to tell what
he knows about caa1i:igiing in this
His X M.nr.--''he mark wh'ch
p15s15 who are unl0 1o to WA ire
ilre require-1 to maike. instead of
their signaitue, is in the form of a
cross ; but this signature is not
inva iably at proof' of such igno
rance. Anciently, the use of the
mlaark was not con lined to - illiterate
persons. Among the Saxons, the
mark of the cross, as an attestatiou,
of the-good faith of the poison
signing, was requtiired to be
attached to the signature .of those
who could writ.., :w well as to stamd
iu the place of the signatuire of those
who could not write. It was, in--;
deed, the symbol of an oath, from
itsa sacred associationui, s well as
the mtark genelrailly adopted.
Henee the oligmn of the expression,
"God save the mtark," ats a forms of
ejiaeulation apljohrinifg the-chre
ter of ani oath-indeed, it had - thle
samie signiiitance..
Tihe Geoigia delegates to the
are reported as moreo fatvorable to
Tildeni thans to any of tihe piandidates
ameo.I for the St. Lonis nlomina.l
Hon. A. M. W\addlel, '1 DSmo
eraitic miembaer ofi Congress,
hsII been severelyV attackod in -i
columns of the W\ilmingatoni (N. C.)
Podt, a Repu)lbl in newspaiper,
c~lned1 the editor at, that -paper~ on
Briatttleboro, Vt., has a nl1:Lherl:sIi.
cal prodigy who cani solve 'then mast
iompkjlicalted problemns isnsmhly b~y
no known rule. He is thirty yeas1
old andI: can barely read and wr ite.
There are 11couple pf. women~l
revivalistsa traveling. in ''Ox.1s. $ne(
preachesC~ and1( thse other Oxhibitj a
Id~arly all h~r~ea fio
L~ouisaana to the Doeana*atic (qon
venltion ait St. Loinis are said to b
for llancock. b
St -AgutiFlria chif
to have hadl 1,500 more visitors ftdsi
year than last.
pwould not believe whsen told that to
be enrIed of leprosy, he lad osly (
bathe in thle r'ier Jordanh. NiTh
nllhief briouight days cif srffering
upon1 linm. laS it (lods , upn those1
who delay ' aig bERl
H farwrsxE for the Liver. Whzen Pa6
skin and eyes beiomeo yelloiv in tihe
spring seasoan, with pains in"' the
haad and bones of the body, and a
heavy feeling about the. stog4a~IJL
aifter meals, there is but one chsonee
to escape. Sickness of somec sort
is surie to comle, unless the />ule '#nd
had bloodatrd carraied outo h
sysitemn. Go to your diruggists,
M(cMas'rEn & BnalM? and1 got a .bo~th,.
of MERE.JI RJ. HEP'ATINE, that eures
all$ di.4aanZ of thse liver.*
The Peculiar. C aracterstics oi the'
ohg6t hs es'Ue chant and Meobanto,
San Fraclapo. ('or. of the (naauti
A4 eilinpatred 'with American,
English, .French or Gornun mes
chtn te, .th1e ne ( sauo are, very in
feria Th. Tippy .c zhiI.ppne of that!
wrnierfd, e4torprise and l1icnes n
whih 'it-acterie ' th - Catucasian
race, 'Uld 'Which no often result in
the , rapid ctquisition. !f great.
)ealtih. .l,, .Mongolian trador a
wiIll pftel nake money, it in true,
pbut hio does it by the practice of the
110t ri id ec'Oo my,' expending not
a-dolh1 ft ot' luxittries and even deniy
ing hienself wuatamaong all civilized
nationR, sro rega449d ae. the neces
nary comforts of Speciulative I
ven'tuid <;'oItid of tIlod involved
in their gambling practices, they
ii<inriimgI-yX r 'Now -mn d then
a Chinaman who has recklessly
throWii Off the proverbial caution
of hi 'race mnd become in a miner 14
"Yankeeded," ' will take a quiet I
"shy" in the stock market, but t
these instances are rare. Go into
any of the leading stores of the
" garter,'ant1al youl discover none of
tiat;bustling' activity, that prompt 1
n ktf eagerness to mupply the
aita''ctomoer, which is one!
of the secrets of success with the <
American muerchant. On the con
trary, there is an apparent bi ines.4
apathy anid indifference among r
part;ers, cli ks, and employes, F
which, if exhibited in any of tile
stoles on Mlim ket, or healhnev, or c
Muntgomory street,. would il a I
very short time drive away all 11s 1"
toners, and necessitate prompt pro- t
ieedings in biankruptcy. -But, t
viewed as "barbarians," pur Chinese f
traders are certainly far in advance
'A-any, )fthe -seamit.vilized-n ations.
1The Persians, 4p)ians and the
l1iast Ini ans are not at all conmliara
ble with the Chinese in industry, in i
Fruigality and! thrift. Thle China-.
Uma) mra;y accumnulate moliey slow .y,
but it will come to him surely in tle'
ong run. In this city there
nr quite a number who are reputed
Lu be 1 qrth
BroM410,00. 'o. $200,000. t
But these are probably leding n1
)licials in some one or another of <
the fiisuiuis Six Coipatnies. where it .
is well'known the opportunity for 7
ruonev-nmiking is not lzeeking. The t
UhincMff oir has a system of
b)ok-keeping and accounts which :
wo11l I br.hlle the most skillful
tuatlheltician to iravol or explain.
Bu1t it seems to answer the purpose t
required, and is, of c'ours8, as ae- t
inraate ts c'ir own. On every coun'- 1
ter there is a small computing cane N
"onsisting of movable balls on <
Wires, not unlike the "case box" 1
wlranlgemienlt used in the American , t
faro gale. With this a Clhinaman 1
rapidly adds, nulti pe , dir'ities. or
i)titrac t.s, bilut a Phibldelphia
lawyer could not solve the process N
n a twelvemuonlith. Most of the (
pIaper used by the Chinese is of thin 1
patyru s materiail and of ia light t
brown color. A pencil brush i fith i
! sall poinit and India ink are usned I1
it all the desks and1( counting-rooms I
of the "quattrter." It tione of the
stores is there a particle of taste or
ingenuity exercIsed inl airraniging a
or1 disp)layinlg goods. Shlivest are
pa~1cel andt cro)wded~ with merOchanui- <
tlise, no( :attem >t b~eir g made to
exhibit tihe qualhty or excellence of 1
rely sp8lecial cominodity. A sho0w
casne, siuch an in almost a *'ine qua e
nonm in ever4 American shop1, in
rarely found ini a Chinese~ store, and
ulthlough m-mny of the 'articles on
sale are of a class whichl could be<
maosit artistic'ally arranged, ourii pig
tail merchants lag~k eitler t~Ie taste
Ot the d1idpo''itloni Ga both, to I
at tempijt anything like display. TPhie
opinion entertained by not a few it
that thle Chinese are commineri:dly a
shre'wd and sagacious, in ai fallacy
wh'1ich is niot borne out b~y fats.1
TLhe who~le secret of thieir suc'ess in '1
laying up' money lies in -the fact that<
they are tihe stingiest and most
parsimonionsa race, on earthI. TheyC3
tire only a reimove or two from thea
~hamileon--almonst 'subsisting on
air 1, andh a terribily foul article at
It,is w~orthmy of rematrk'tat whlen
a Chinamwan ?5 able1 to pte~hase real
estte in thle "quarter" ihe never
improves it, but lie will "hioney
coumb" the, jnteri~or as much an
possible, making four or more.i
roomtsR.out of one, and fitting themn
up in such a way as oi 17 a Monugo)
lian woild nuro!It1er~ for living
or dIaboring purtLposes. .
Wlhiile' it is~ u, ell known fiact that
the. Chinese huaye very little of the
spirit of inyef iAn1 'or .origiiiality,
liyare skillful and ing'eriious ami~
tat~vrfi and (?ogyiis. L' An tan irnstanice]
in1 poinit, it in related thait 801m1
years p ge or the'arteival of one of
our- fihlt ons clipper iihips at Hong
Kong, tile captain, learning qf thie
wonderful - imitative skill of the
Chinbso pi~tenrs. emplI~oyed 6one of
dlentally been torn a few inches
ard'ossa its face, the6 renjt hating bieen
sown itp. Itt due course of time the
copied bairitig came hmne a perfect
imitglionf 41 af geppteevpmn to the
sewn gash in the or~gn. Any1
mechanical tralc . which ,. not 1
reqjuire originality of taste or de
sign they pick up with t surprising
facility. The minufact nre of eigars
in this city may be said to have
pass&ed entil ely into their I ands,
several thousand being employed
in this branch of ihdutl.ry ,l:'ne.
Origin lly k1)wing nothing about
boot and shoce making they made
41eh1 r"apid strides in thlis trade that
11o other class of workmen are able
to compete with them. At such
low wages do Chinamenl perform
this kind of work, that in no place
an this continent are boots and
sioes sold so cheaply as in Sanl
Fraleisco As carpenters, mllanuil
acturers of furniture, and11 wurkers
n all kinds of wao1, they hivo
.rowd'd out anl army of whiie
aborers who would otherwise nOW
>e employed at good waiges. With
dil the uses of sowing mwicines they
lave become familiar, willingly and
uiitiringly working one twelve, and
)ften fourteen, long hours n1 ithout
8essation. If there is any bra nch1
)f mechanical industry for which
hero is a public denand, "John" is
lure to have a hand in it, working
it such tiguros that no white a1
an possibly compote with him.
'he trades or professions with
vhich they do not interfere are so
ow as to be easily enumerated.
IVe do not hear of thon a preach
rs, lawyer's, jolrlalists, legislaitors,
e:tamsters, car coldluct0rs, or
uctioneers: but the time my;.V
ome when these calling.{ will b'e
ubject to the competitive influenceo
f "Chinese cheap labor." In all the
lepahrtmnmlts of servile labor--is
0ouse servan3ts, cooks, ncerubber..
rardeners, porters-they crowd out
lie Caiueinsiaus, leaving thousaids of
he latter uinmployed and suffering
or the actual neccssaI is of life.
Two Mighty Hunters.
"I hoar they'i a having great gloose I
ontmig now over on L->tig Islaund,".
liid r. Maiigrudler, in the boltlding
ns11.e, last night.
"Ai e tley ?" said Mr. Magutlin.
I never hald much luck shooting
"I suppose not," saidl. Magruder,
o0nplassionif ely : "aot }uch tsted
') fit C:rrms. hey ? I Ilever re id 3
bout geese but wihb I think.
f a day's sport I had14 down on
;hiinnecock B-ty one (1 1y last, year.
"ho geese Were flying thin, and I
00k my1V V giunl an1 1-"
"our V gun ?" ihter'upted Mr.
I-gfalln : "What is a 'V gun ?' "
"iou will learin further on in the
ri-"aswemredl M~agruder, con.
inning heis .story-"and went down
he. e. One mnoriniiig we saw coing
11p from the south what I suppose
vats the biggest flock of geese th-it
ver flew. They came along inl their
sdtitl wary. flying in a triangle, with
:ie leaider onl the point towarIds us.
got a fisherm3an t.o litp11 hold the
T gun, and I took aim and let, her
o. The charge just, clean.1 0both
wings off the leader, and then spread
ut like it V, and-I a1 afiaid you
will searcely believe mme, Mr. Ma
cuffin, but it just went down the,
aside of each line of birds andl e ar
i . away their inner. wing.... 3a.
'ithi a1 hatcet. Losing their bal1
.neec from halving onily 01ne win~g
piece', they were4 throV4wn violen1tly
ogethier by the~ con)tinlued1 flapping:
f the otutslide wings. Every bird
vas killed by the shioc~k of the col
i34ion, and they' fell to the earithl in 31
vere4 just 809) birds :404 pairs and1(
he old1 hea~d goose54 thait was3l thei
"Your speaiking of the long-necked
re-itures," said Mr. Magutlflin, (eahnl
y', "A('111e1mindse of my)3 girafle hunitin
sout~h Afrien. (reat sport, giralfie
Vas auch1 a1 fasnt runniler that 11e wouIld
>ften get (clear' aheaid of the party
13nd ca3tCh a giratfle aill b~y himse3lf.
L'hen he'd take a cole of toni s of
he giraufre's ne('Ck around111 a tree and
10old him3 unltil we c'amei up1. One
lay I wats out alone( and34 I came31
1(ero3s twVo tremend11(ous giraffes to
tether aIway from the woods. I
m~eaked upi behind11( them31, grabbed43(
.h1(1m by their heads 3and( tied 'em1
4)gethler by their neeks, alnd there I
13d( 'em3."
"P~erhalps you'll kindly tell1 us."
mid14 Mr. Magruder, "how you got
3014 of their headsl."
"Whlat ! You don't mean11 to tell
ne, Mr. Magruder, that you d1on',.
mo1w how they hunlit girflfeiS Why,
rou ignorant loon, giraffe h1unters&
dIwayst wea3r stilts!
Liberal Bequests.
Mrs. Mary (1. Harrison, formerly
>f this city, left by will to the Dio
sese of Georgia the am1n of $15,000,
to be0 lned as5 follows :$5,.000) to
puirchause a lot andl butild1 an1 Episco-.
a-1 Church for colored people)1 in
&uguusta, Ga. :$5,f000 to inc're3ase
the "permanment Episcopal1 fund,'
anid $5,000 to inerense15 the "WVidows'
ind Orphans,' funud of the Diocese.
Mr's. M'ltila Burdell, of Itome,
r.a., lately deceased, loft by will to
the Diocese of Geor'gia the residue
of her est1atel, after theo paymrent of
eertaini legacies, to ostalblish afud
the inlcomel of which will 1)e used( to
aducate candidates for the ministry
If the Eiuieopall Church in Georgia.
I'hin bequest is valuecd at from four
to six thousand dlollarf,- I tiuua
(}/rnnelc (nd M'4ina
A Snake Lives a Your in it Womaun'
'f'ie herVoin) of ti ioiii'irkitlti
(cl0Cilljjee~ 18iI, itNr. sLie) Jindler
V"lioowter. Sit enl~ts there' int Sep,
tOelnl)Cr hint, fromi (Camp iilWt11.
It19itlldl on it ranch1. Shze t elates
the story atuInitalntil ly (t" foldlows :
Onoe laiy ini the iltiintl of 1ic. it
itm tile (lay. lt when niiight ailt c
anty wa:ter in Clio housie Mile tooi~k it
0111) tansu reliiiud tol a sig:;,l or' hole41
ill the. gr'oind, %t heto her h111131:111.1
head Htunic it 81)11111 banal 11('141 it SiliLll
creek. Theii (1118k of eveing hadl
faded into daiikiiesv, renideinig it.
iiitpo88ihle for lier to s4ee wheit iiiiit.
Ito inl the ctrl) whe ite1 dran~lk. S! le
diranlk it (lo~p drau~ight. fruilthe (lill 11)
anid felt. somlethting Wiggfliig (lull 1,t
hecr thrioat, seeinigly id1ts mt tSizsr'e
of ai 11orse hinr, a11a I two or tl(!.
inehies 1011. She( iittetl t*"c t- ,) 1I8(i
ill hier stoie'1. for' tie timie heaiitr
dli~iistd ?h1MltJ(8't frouie llen hm
'l'hiret, Or foulr ill- ,)n11 theteroifte'r" she
began to 'w~inifest sylnptttil ihlllr
to llg ri'a1ate.I tl)Oj)8i1, tori i})1(2
bill Itillg14 1111.1 lrei(8tl( ill1,11(2
stomiach, stiut. e t118t~it, 4tviI:.r'. for
food 1111(1 yet. nove' .'4ttistiet. like O (11(
nciliitedi Wit Ii l)4-wOr'll. Shew; I
tt1)I10. buit- for it loll.; tiiie w:* tihi
nlot t:-ink tiltc Ihad a snazke ill her
Ht4)11:.&s:. Sihe c'ameI to Vaii'ouvce:
with her' hii1nindal( 1114? fall, ini time
mo1fl11tiiie her tr()l10 ii) ITOinilg.
und for the p181~ thriee ut.hou its -
Mi8lilg l,11i4 o t fiiifid stl>
111(1\'111 111)111 ltl ll tlit ll, 1, riO iiiy
tiiaiiife'tti.; its 1.1'25 114'O b 1 t1 Ilili
?iikalo evitlIeuiH, siialt 11:4 hitting hter
stoitiniolt seve:oely lullt i'neitl: ill'. lIe('
ailmt4 lX1Mole heorself wvitht pamin 1111.1
hoError. VTe cmieiictl would( scie
1ho1( of the linting of lier sto)Iu:lel
and Ibite unt111illuo sort of wt~aliI
food or danuk w~as adrniujttered1 to
Limt patientt, whten it wtidl( il 4111ide4
and ho (iniet. .Tile 1)iir woliai W.t18
kept ailmost colt tautly outinig anti4
dos)inlg fill the lICilet of his siildt>
81111)111141 it tunay e.:R ly bi, iilta;.iit 1
that, her life was1 on11 round14 o)f 111
titig;at.eA. 1101-1-01'~ . of'~l l it
(ii 10 t1ke wrote to 1)r. Jaynte;:-, of
Ca'liforuit, who sen. lier it 1troser1ij)
thi'') 17,(". Wl Hit"yto Iixt wco1
Mach17 fter It v.i 1f ti rodfh.r
full1y thett d(i prceivi ctt, ,!1(1 1 n'giot Lit
tiret Shte (loloo he tvily IVetil the liqiuor
1111d reclined on the 1101)1', with 11(21
face close to the lire. Along ill the
ioielnon s1h eue ld4';i1 lh~lly Mick a~t
the stomflach am1id vom~itedI Vit hell fly.
After severa~l sev're retchi ugs 81Ia(
felt the it-ike (4niitg 11)p it..% hea'd
Wift N) near list mouuth 11H Co) illltele
her ltrelthi4g, Wlt'ii rising to Ihet' fctj-t
in) agonty, and loot~ing hter heidc aLgain lit,
the ma011tile-piece, (iileO tly oer1 fte.
(Cwc'.wco. M,(i' T.-A terr'ific ratl
1torm. Iit iclx Wii4. tlittiitt'1,tl 18
Tile Mi ml igait t t llein (lep~ot wi
lilt loefe'1. (, race ( 'elti teej1 le. .I7
*feet h igh,. fell while th chi~lotir Wet.
li teiing. They wre te nnliii t. 'Ii(
Wabashx~ A ve'ltli %)lcf ittilixt ( 'Tlelc
* liii 14.1 bro~ ke o1). 'lie cdil totin 1'
hli ' t i Ilixt cdamageud, but inI ti
11:11 icitn w'ere xiifuiv r''emove. The1
litsxlle fo4 1)111 I at. the Cib lilt,!
the iilliv 4'(''i tO~t4' ower( r K p1
ilito)(tie Iciki. I [avks aid ('itiiiUge!
1e Wi(11"e.1. (ill thle Sfreets. 'liiie
Ii t r' & ( i.i itl i'r 1 I) tiO 1 His idi t(
lh lt(l itiag5+c. 'I'iie st ipnt iase
l int it few uln tt e. Thle lessi ix eKti
liatctjttat it (jlilter" of a Miillion.
1\' :1:1: "ri 1I. va . I al.---B3oilxAiiicl
c'i ett8'H aj '1)1eu't itiliUt I the 81111 timrie,
liin it, is clialiiiilf, to dietert'ite wiiel
('x('il I 'x1. e mo t, interiext.. AI boiil
tlit. is ill '4i-lit of the lI~ol~tlliaeu i
jl it lilitftil lie one1 lioi'iteil else,
where. Iti, it, is inot. sot iufirttntte
You iiiei'e get such fervent Iwrex
sote: of1 the Iti1 itil ax whe thlte is it
I,iii. 'fie poin ofi your citltoc in
it. is Ii x',d cl un1 is (till tntfly ecttil
ill c~cit.u't. willh fio; e';n xllstx'n'ee,
ai is iii iari.tl d3' I lie iiijeet. of at
ttL'l from Oatl e ic ini in 4taittive aftl'ec -
Ii' n of ficit Is. Atny huoy with it
'iil itti'lci' twheart'i lietit of his jacket
('Li tll .1tVot tt. it lathI in the hacnds
wilth I ri itc lt( t rtih1t 3t r )i't'4Iiits if
ly. ''htere iS i') tlxi i1i ft vi h to
g1 t the la l lit- oif the wa"ty. 'Choi
ili'c'.afclf xhlt1'k is ihic' it..'.-l.--..cI)re
Bi. ri 'i . P -Sc nile eitPH algite
I tint Itritf c'f etled A rt hilt. by gi "
ing his 1:)! of h,'it41ic. TPhe Ihl(or
tii5c fur I t years' to it ll('(' it.. 8111
llin filed it awa~y. Thme other clay
he lad 111t oppirtunity I! .'w"ork it oil'
iit.~'r of fil' Hole( fil saiI I:
"Ni, yo'oll have Ii, 'odie' to timte
i'v"e Kole! that jioe~t of otx~r !
"'(.4, I have : gutl it.f fil it. a1u111
''Se' 11et4, TP iit,'' s ii ! l he ale''t U'"
et l ilitltis for fle.lt luiii ' (loll it luite
iig;iitit 11113, tilt, iii V i t W t. give:1 tue
:!!tict hi ui'i~r for' vot in itiy life !"
1l, elil tieluhiliir oif the ('itilex~ctn,
.1 ( Ii itf lie hsegitdi t ti'~lete !]. ithu
'~t'* hip~ i' a .' iile. th'lat eix i nniot
xf'Ii'1 the I no iii for ( itiw 'itio timet'
(t)ijti .~ T h gaiiille iitd e'oevit.--.
the ill onii noli i i cli't' e~meof
Whiper an .uile" T 18haet is i gac -
sittor tIaelexn fo (!P1ow'.Y ('.llttil'4J
l111(, Zlihl eiixl ii C titite Wiuhippri
tunhamteried toiv 'f'1t i s ac t ur a fli
(llii of the,1lle holt ite! ettwil'V
ii i '. c
t11i, i ix atitee I is a ('etie A atcf
A Novice at Oaimo1 Riding.
I.h ltudiley Wsrtwer.
Montn the eainllel is not diffleunlt,
belt it hasi some3 tweot surprises4 for
gilllil wvithi all hlis logsi lhut til
nder hinti like lijI'k-kn~ife. YouI Heat
y'ou l~ f in the hrorici alen(I and1
cruets V(tl legs ill front of the prin
1.110 Bef'o youl are reaLdy 340111
'tiing like it privaite et'rtliyiiiko be
gilx ttid(et' you. Trhe cituol rauRvH
his lliillcj1lrtoI'H sulddenlly, and1(
thrws you over upon hlim nooek +and
be~for'e you rfo-over fi o:11 that ho
straightens III) hisl knees13, and3 gives
Volt It je~rk over his tail ;a11 wi'o
yout are nut itt llI curt~tint Whalt liii1i
liltj)J3.1I(d, ho begins3 to iiiovo oft
with thaZt (Iisll)V~itod walk whuichuusts.
,.)()t intit.i seeH-sily ico.tiol, wvn
backwardsVI.1 and for'wardst iin tlhe CU
llcintlIs saddle. Not having IL
hintged back lit. fo.r thlis ilUOounieft,
you l1s ldioh inizilli with y-our koor.
l)auh to IlLI(ko hitu change lhis gait..
He 14is tling loth to do, it, anud at
olive Htti't1 into it high trot, which
solids3 you a foot into the air every
st ep, b01)5n yet fromu side to siide,
drv: o 1 NLkIboII( into your brain,
IllInthke3( (li11tttultH of your teeth.
('aupitau e.\er(180. 1'iheiu yu htav
itl(jlhi l'QwittE is the heaten tcthiod
of riding it drome.lary.
In (lernuny the t(3lgraupht wii~orn
arfe itl future to be (carried tindart
I grundut iinstead of liig supportedi
by lusIts. '1'ho ohijto(t of this (3hluflaro
is to pre\venlt, theIl interr'uption o
commIunuications whict.h rt-galrly fol
'ot t et 8LO1113.
11e0new peittetu v bill 118313'1
by' the MliiXI)pi le.gislutre leas~es
t he ('011h' VIs four years. to) resh)u1Hi1)Ie
pa1rtieLs, atnd will greaitly redue
U( S. internal Revenue
may 1. W4s to Aiu't1 31), J$7?.
1.to t . r, tollS~) ~ ; ~~:{ 2:l7; - 8, muid
"I3,::1, rat re' l'Vary" jiers ("ne;a~slgfI nu}"
ioi loqil, a~ii Oa(iull. all 1)11ll ja oi1iiiriit
wh ichi n it lots Iiu iull to111 aI *1h1I :A J4
t'AX, toS *etiisCUI4Jdl ft lug 031.
ciait )1) alint iii0 (lit' pciv)tlollt..pf silaui.I
SI'EI AJ~ FAXfor the p1eeinl '1'itx Tear
Il"1illin 11134 I ,1870. 1 atfoi'o ('(ttllltl'1t
inii r 4 '1 iuit ilc. m~intiol iIte A jaril 3U
'liat'1t I'Sr iailihrriadw WItIcin thie ) roviS
14)11 ott lao 1111 u1N1t (poled~ili are the~ fol
It alt ox, rc't1il I i'1 lon, 25 (11)
1)e iihiri , wV. l lsculc hii5 ior, 1(1(1(1(1
DI).jrs ill )pull1 hitlilN, wvhotlesle, 600 1i
l)eut'"rs inI mu111ll illINr, rrtllil, 2(1 (103
1 )erii illii ltoauento. , 25' O )
Itttul (1 iil irs ill 1+"l11 t cdotcco, b(3. (o0.
Ail onlt~ (isaf over ;1 (II~). flfty
tvu~cfti or osvery dlhiu iln ecNIUI(
,,r$' ,il 1.
Dale~r- inl m1:1, onfnat ra~l tollau'eo, (a 0(
\[:a i n1 fint ni revs' af stills, :ii) il
A ral faor rcla till 1(1:3111fict Ured 21 0l"
Anil1 for 1*11311 woirm iat31*nfiwturedl, 2(0 (K0
l4a1 113taut ainrs of' 11(4111, I)) (1.

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