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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, May 24, 1876, Image 1

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"012.XI.1 INNSBOR() S. C.. WEDNESDA Y MORN[NG~ MAY 24' 1876. lIN0. 49
I1 lIIP I E11 DI iii; iii L)
10 1 1.!. .~EdA 311!4 . so .A I1 Si.
15 ii Iie'Ib~ olu i l l ii ~bil 9., ati $3~.4100 (bY 11
Ii?~ lt c tmi'cc, it .t'ei~j e e llgi, I u he
i 0IN1 1'. 1 1rR
Me :gove) nnlent ini the South.
1111i011th it, is (CVelI years 8111(CC
<<a trzit I ellV s1x)ekling, 11x1( I)tC )111(1(:
the Soi it.Ii ill the (i rcCCIionl of re
~a'lliig thle ravalgesx made b y thie
111. if ths yeICM' VC,1I8 i eel C')011
ju1 II 18s they iiigh t. ii'~v(i ieen), the
LI hee l i ex ss f wt it iu
iii the jij)1 ) 'i(111C paty .) ts
+.1+161)g field for' pli il cad llawaigs
iW l t (iiitlrxr, Nv, 'o iiiip)osot1 11poll
e; the eie'uliilit-y iii ihe~ laciks til 1 (1)
(!OItiel ioh iiiicl ilsil theog} whchthpey
1 the his~tory' of ne:eurly every
1,ctit.iii'i St..t for tite 1):iHL Cloven
U:1 's sihows hoew iti'!. lesslv they
YCe' robbhedl toild tlleIr( 1. '1114280
1 asceiil y (ee1iiigogiies polisouned the
2111 liel ofci the 110111,le1's l:(.iiilist t .i i
'1 jWs of Lindl 1.11(1 iiiilex troin tilt:
t.J IIi 4 1 S ~tes 4v(VVelui)Ilit. Thuli
)n . l t'ea I iieel' I the svelte of PIoliLi
1*iI Iit~tie ci aulI stif e, wheicl soiiiiel
1ehiivy (iictiiteci Mtt t"here sho(uld he
r1I6t }.ru1il i ee~l*r(. l 1 11')1 el oil the parLt of
eCo il' 4 'V liiicl iC( t to ili'lc1ll(e1'it~y. (on
'? e I ie'.ily I v1l lv it :I 1 .lie South'
i,7ts at (IC clceiie (of th1 War, ilfidirs
'cmV 'Nline'. iiixte~ ul of b etter, with
( dVi ly Ifresi Ih oliuicalIICi ad i1(ii' wvho
ra'$'e'et I I ere' to wa0x Ltt ndii gro)w rich
Ati l'eoi'h s11a11 prctic.es int the oli
v (did1 1p)' I114)1) whi'ti the gt)id wvill
I1 w iecic Ii sc4ent: (' 1 thiouigh the
II 1.ve t he hh11jllex.s men of the
culth ev c c'CI) xidleied wha~t filliii-'
of~e 41(185 los1s lit es sutliliiecd in1
!ii1 1ii-'l1it' olf I le(e Iliau'e~iillg tel wIic'1
t}Sle Slclttl1 111s heed siilujeet''I t The
,if'e 'Cri t'5 1i ' h lve )! hive been1
,;divc el' li I.111 lei.i i iiit.e. iinlI5ttPy..
,Lh.1a'lcs ine l~ arge iiiiiihei's have
.,ftts IhV (ities8 ll 1 t4'1"ns. vhiere tit(!)
1ke (llt, a san1 ty l i veihod141( ill flh'
..11:1111)C'P. 'T1he wlit. halve 11een1 im
Pb V"ei'i81 1(1 Ily the ta:xaitioii wich
plitviti eil ctui ilg, acting iln the'
shine1 of the l]Cl1ill lliC.11) ):ity, haive
11fllosc. aipoe!) I u :i'i nuill niext to~
the 1idi lhii olf eit::uiiiing it bare11
IsUI ).jtt cU". thei 4)11 C 'Nhicli hasx give))
thrill 1)4os', 44011.4; 1. iii) i whic~h they
jintie teit(iii lcet (litflil'?t to electi
flutte, ha s been1 that oft o1)tlliug it
clue w ceit ill thle 1lit nagevt oIf
their owni loa affia~Iirs. If they NO1(
1': gi'ei) .t fir s t art t'(ea)'s aigo
.if it I11:el11]41t. I I'CV1 thle settled poice)'
South Carolilla News,
.Judgo Northrop, of the seventl
circunit, will reside at Spartan burg
Memouiorial Day .was r1)propriatoly
colebrated in a nubnler of coulntie
in the State.
G1lenn Springs, a favorite inmmei
resort, will be ready for visitors or
the 11. Ht of next month.
C(l. 3onjaiiii I. Wilson i pron
ne(t citizen of Georgetown, an<
widely known in South Caroljtin.
died il (harleston ol the 1NO]
'.J'ho grand juiry of Newberry. at
the last term of the cirenit (urt
pre's('1ited the board of coiitty comt.
lissione&'rK for several csLL Of ollicia
Stealig is going on at a feaw fiu
rate) nil overV Abbeville counlty, a111
eV('rythin1g in the eating line hasl b
be kept consMItantly under. lock anid
key. So say's the Mediuml.
(en. .lohin S. Preston, of Coluin
bilt, will deliver the atiatil oratior
before the literary societies of the
Carolina Military Institute at Char
lotte, North CZarolinla.
'Mr. -lohn S. Haftrm;on and htis wife,
living ab'out ten miles from Green
wood depot, in Abbeville, were
found inrdered in their Bd on th<
mo1rning of th 18th inst. The minu"
dterers att eimip!e ] to blurn the house.
Alph Ruff. (no of the gang -who
robbed and mrildered Mr -Iaynt
lucid tt. Pomtr~li:t list )'enbo:, WaS,
4trangely enonghi, convicte'l of man
laug-hteor, and was sentenecd by
l Jidge Northrop to twenty years in
the 1)eniteltialry.
There are five hunvlred anl, eleven
tracts of land advertised for sale in
Beanfort couity, for non payment
)f taxes. 'T'his does not includ<
lhose e.1so4 in which bills of the
13111nk Iof the State have been ten
bered in payment.
Three D)emocratic newspaiper"s,
the Charle-ton Vr$ mnd Courie'r,
the Suoter Wl'utc/htnq,, and the
Ularendon .1%'.., have expressed
the opinion that it would be unwise
"- opov'so the re ile tion of Govern
or Choanberlain.
The: o re Aix hunadred ani forty
rfeiece >)0(' r%. nv it t&o ita. tliso'd
for sale by the auditor of Charleston
'inty for non-)ayment of tlxes,
l).mht!ess a large number of these
[1re cas(es inl which bills of the l3Banla
of the State have been tetilored in
p) tymelit.
There was quite a disastrous tl c
pit i).trlington (. H. on the morning
of the I4th inst. A imunber of
stores and] dwellings w'erdelstroyed,
the entire loss being 'st.ilmatted al
one hiun re I thous:and dollars. There
was comparatively little insuranece.
Alfred Rush, colore.1, a imembeh
of the1 Legislature from ) tirlington.
conty was re-enthy, :i->t al.l kille-d,
while on his wiay to his home in It
bggy. The perpetrator of the
nmurder is yet unknown. A reward
of four hundr~dd dollars has been
oflered for his apprehiension.
Thle trial of Williun.. Alexand..ei
Lory anegro, charged with th
murder of' Mr. John Murphy, o1
Sumiter coty)lL, camel1 oil h efort
'Judge Shaw~ aL few days ago.- A nol,
pros5. wats enltered( ats to two othIere
and pleadled not guilty. Th~le jury
c'onsisting of two white am11( tee
co lored mein, returned a verdict ol
The11 Fort MoultErie Cen tennial
c)elebra4tion, which is to take 1)1ace ir'
Charleston oin the 28th of ,Junie
promiises to be0 a grand air ir. Mili
tar'y compan~l~ies from Boston,. Nov
York, August', Columbia, New Or.
leans and North Carolina w~ill par
tic'ipaite, and th le Charleston compaj)
niswill of course tmn out in ful
force. George W. Willions, Esq.
the well known meChanl11t, is c)hair
manlf (of th'e Seniior Coinnnittee a
most exOcllent selectlin.
A. HI. H-oward, ('o1ore(d legisltoi
froim Marion, deemsi~Ii hiself insul11te('
by3 the p)o' grapJh goinig the round'ah
lhat heo sits withi his formier imaste1
in the Lengislatumre, and then goei
home11 andit works as ai cartpenter' iand
ovits ill his kitehen. Hie a tys:"A
far als 111 amconcerneId it makes huil
veryi- lit t~le diferen t with mei wh; t
myi friendls siay abiot mie wher i taker
mys mae:dls nor how i ta'ke theum thiall
god t hat i have lived to see to dayL
when'I somei of may ris tociratic frienld>
are glad to take there tools and1( g<
a lon~g by my13 side to urn ther'e daily
briead i denigh this for i hav hIUI
1home1 terday to my farm evr'y sonst
the legislator' hi tan eed." Fin e
lt it'rary ('Ifor1t for a law'-maker'!'
Toom~lib* has given to at pa~teni
miedicine mani at certificate that th<(
nostr 11 uiihs enred him of "'an Oh)
stinatte ailed ion of the t.uornt.'
Whaereupon- the- Lynchbu~rg News
asserts that thle vendor of th<
meidicineC ouight to be imLeted as r
publi i mu.'han ce. "Anaybod'y,"' i.1
ivay: ";;ho~ Mll oid in str'engthening
the voice of Bob Toombs,~ is nu' trfl
friend of the SonthiP
"Lve known that nule for thre<
years,.~ and1 I don i think dat de' alri
minl would huriit w lami- canne-----.'
This blank. space indientes where th(
lecture wa~s interrupiited, and th<(
dar'keyr forwairdedl to the other sid<
(If ilm few --.hv thnt. same mule.
The Gulf Stream as an Illustrat fli.
MeteraI years ago OX Gov. Vance,
Ihi a lecture that afterwards became
fatnons, conpared the Jews to the
Gulf -stream, That stroun of liu
imanity had from timhe immemorial
preserved its own cotlrae and 1een
separated by well defined bounda
ries from the groat ocean of
mankind. But a short time ago we
noticed in one of our exc'hanges (the
/l.'lly/iQUS I/'a/d of this city, we
think,) an editorial in whic'h the
"1Faume illustration wits used withotit
crediting it to t dov. Vance. Still
more recently Hon. R. B. Vance, of
North Carolina, him utilized the
Onttlf'wtreamas an illustation of how
the Mouthern people might by
kindness melt the Northein icebergs
that come floating down this way on
the gnlf-streimi of prejudice and
pmssion. Wherenpun an Augusta
paper tells Mr. Vale( that he
probably stole the illistration from
a Dr. Campbell, of Georgia. Mr;.
Vitnee's use of the Gulf-stream was
so diffurent from that of his brother
that ho cannot fairly be ch:trged
with having used it imiproperly.
Dr. Campbell was probably indebted
to ex-Gov. Vance for his use of it.
And the Jlellylotta leruld (if it was
that paper) had forgotten that
Zeb. Vance originated the simile.
No happier illustration was ever
used by any or(ttor, wo suppose.
As it is one which, having once
been seen, would inevitably come
back to the mind, we deem it a
kroper ocet$ion to reassert Gov.
ainces c laium to it. Can any'ody
trace it farther ?--/ichanomid his
The wedding prents of Nellie
Grant were exhibited in Lo1donl to
ia seleet eircle soon after her arrival
in England, and folks were sur
prised at the (l1Li1tity given her. It
is not customary there to choose
silver for wedding gifts, it being
venuorally sttpposed that all well to
do families have enough silver as
heir-looms, or have purchased
enough to nllswler eer' pllposo.
The question wvas more than once
asked of those who had the pre
sents on exhibition : "Why did
they give her so much silver ? Did
her friends think the famiily into
which he had maUTrriod had none ?"
M.m. -A young mal Inl Illinois re
ceived an emiplhatic "No !" from the
girl lie loved, because he was poor.
He went into) the woods to hang
himself, but found $36,000 in gold,
and tmotuiinod to the girl, clinked the
ve'low boys under her nose, and
then went away and gave his love to
the datightr of a washerwoman.
Is'nt that first girl mad. though ?
II. lriving coile to the knowledge
of time "Good Tomplaris of England"
that the white pion1lliiOf inl the
United States is antagoniistic to as
sociating with the colored race, they
have passed ia resolution, at their
last meeting ill London, to the effect
that if Aumericains are determined to
ostablish it dstilietio) of races in
works of unmanity an1d telperance.
the order in England cannot hold
any further intercourse with thm
as brethren.
A pos)tatl card was recceive~l at the
post<(.11ice in Rlochester the oithier
daoly with the following address in
Germn: "TI myi couinii who
lives 4 miles fro~m Rochester onl a
firm of 40 aces : thme cis inn11
thrmouigh his land and he( has ton
A terrnible story is toild ill tihe
*Moscowi (/visure of a party wh'lo
wer'e tr'avelin g on sledges, inot v'ery~
far from thme city of Mosc'ow. A
tr'oop of wolves() attaekel1 themn, and
only onie peroniO out of twenty-'four'
suc~ceededl in maqking his escape, all
the r'est becing toi'n to pieces.
"No, Mr's. Henry ; no !" sail .. hrn
in tones of solemn warnin,::. "'Look
at Mrs. lielknap. Nthe waruited a
new~ di'ess, too :and see where she
is in'w I Stick to fouri enlico, Mrs.
H Ienry, anmd avoid thmeinsidious voic'e
of the temp1ter."
A hmundr'ed pounds(1 of flour cost
twenty--eight dollaris in the Black
"Thle l~pope tiudy of mankind
is nman," says P~ope ; but tihe popui
tar study is how to maike, money out
*of him.
A Ger'gia preCherlCt r'e'en tly dle
liver'ed a sermon fromu the~ fext:
"Amid the vale: of the temple wa~s
wrppdin twine.'
"WVhat do y'ou Cake for your
cold ?" saidl a lady to Mr'-. "iMovr
p)ocket handkerchiefs i dy
madlam,"' was tihe anmswer.
A. Charlestoiv man. whlo lost a law
areit has sned his lawjyer for' danagaf
claimnin" that the attorney's b~ad
gr'amm4~ar disgusted the jury..
A few days ago a jury in the Wat
crir wilds gave the following verdict
in a case of anioide :- "e find tho.
dleceased was a fool."
TVhe mfore a mnr or womarn,
knows,. the'-less they goenajp, about
neighbor's.. Culture kills' gab..
In the journey of this- world the
man, who goes right is nt apt to get
1tlld yOu bin go round iand fight. it
thilt With P tott, a fitre ats Imy 111ine's
Potts owns the whole dog low,
fand Naeudder. gunls withoutt one.
The Marriage of Groat Moi.
Byron married Miss Millhank to
[ get loney to pity his debts. It
tuined out i had shpit,
Robert t Burns in irried a (.1u -
ir, With whom he fell in love
while they wer-ked together in ia
plowed field. H~e was irregularit tn
inis life, and committed the mt
1 serious n11iitothe inl Condueting his
domestic iLlirs.
M 1ilton married the d.ighlter Of at
t.Country squire, and lived with her
;.but at short, timge. He w.ts anl
austere literary r('cluse. while sihe
waS ii losy, rIomping (01111( Li I ts
that could not endure the rest' iii ant
imposed 111)on her, so they sepa..1t
L ed. Subseqiuently, however. sit'
returned, aud they lived toleil):y
Queen Victoria and Priniec' Albert.
were couins11, iti.n ilbolt the tiinly
I example in the long line of Englisi
mlonarchs wherein the ma ritatl vows
F .weI . sacredly observed, and sincere
afflectioni existed.
Shakespeare loved and wed.le.l a
farmer's daughte:-. Shu vis faith
fiul to her vows, but we eouldl hadly
say the same of the hard himiisie'i.
Like most of the great. pots, the
showed too .Iittle d iserimiatio ini 111
bestowing him itl'eetions oni 1i.e
other sex.
Washingt(n' married a woman
With two children'. It is enough to
vly 1he Was worthy of himt and
they live 1 its imirriedl pieople should
live--in perfect hxarmiuny with e:rch
John Ad:tims married the diauglhter
of i Presbyteriani clergyman. lier
father objeeted on account of his
being a lawyor. ito had it hal
opinion of the muorals of the pro
John Ii )yard, thU great. lihilin
thropist, married his nuse. She
waszf altogether benea('th him in
social life and iitollicttal cpiaciiitV,
and, besides this, was fifty-t wo
ye rs old, while lie was hnt t iwent.
live. Ie would not ake "No" for
an inswer, ind they wcre im-trrie'l
and livel hnppily ulntil she died.
which loccurred two years ifter -
Peter ! T( Great of liissiI
mii8i.)jed it peasant. ie illde anil
excellent wife an1(d at sagucious
H-imbol:lt, married af poor girl
heciuse he loved her. Of c(11tse,
they were happy.
It, is not generally known that
A adrew J 'kson il trried a balv
whose husband was still liviny.
She was all tulleduclllato: bit initial
womant and( was m)ost devotedly
attached to the old w.uirio1r and
A Fr.owit TAirr Camisxlm I-rs
Coiont.-lotany is a divisi n of
natual sc(11ien0'ce which treats of
plants, and1( ia study of Ve ge(!ttble
Physiology must he the fmuladtiom
of hotanical kio vledge--a study
only' pible b.y tn i improvemlent
e'iemnistiy. As) phimnils anre not3$
scattered hlaphtaz-trd oiver the earth1 ,
oif elvery d' lifeb% as in Agri,-nlme,
Animailu oifteni ex\hhiit ai marvel~ouis
hasi o3ft1n, heen ill the f'rfmh'I. fimie.
Iml1 t 111most Yahinle dliscover'is.
And should mtan, w.ithu his kino~wl
ed~g~e iand appj~liances(35 fail Io' dlibcover
l ess. than the bnrule ! It Is of Medli
th'Hll riE PoerNT dliscovered ini
Notihr Nu'a,~ the Flocwcar 'f
whieh chaffges it eim~u'~ uil't m-VFry
change of tihe atuiio'phiere. T.he ir
umarkable chlanges5 21). vaitionse 1 oif
this Phlant aril Flower' havs hoen
for' y'lurs our1 m4p:i-Il stu Iy result411
log in the discoivery ofi i its posse5t
Hioni of worn ki~de 18u meical proper(I
ties, the Oxistenice anid value of
which hiave her1(t3 . fore beenl entIirldy
unknown ( to(1 med.al science'(. A florii
ing i a p)u~'lllirIl' medh-inal pirice phen.
wh'ich ar-Q a. specific aund~ enre fi r Iall
dIiseasesH oif the Is'ive, Stomteh and
D~yspepsuia,- Inidigest amv SpleenI
e.mnoi~t senid ai livnmig h'lower of this
liant to all whol( read (if Ifepatime ;
Phladelphtia. P'a., wk'ih ai thre'fe cntI
stamnp for re(tlurn p)1itage,. we.' will
sentd FREE:a a fa i sh~sils of the lower'
that will danige its color)1 ~ust the
samei( a5 $3he rea'lI Hepaitino I' lower'.
TINI ffor sale b~y M.'Mswrxx. & Bmieu.
Winnsboro, S. (';, will ere all1
dIiseases of the .iver.
Zeb Crummnet s~ys- old- Deaconi
Ranigomv .vwent to ai cir'cusF and- took
hlis graicii, remharkiu( -to every
acquiaintaiflma h' met,- tha t~he btiy
Swanteil to saw6 bhe sacred1 aiiniales,
anm$ he odnt find it in- bla heart
to refuse him-. Arivin. at :tho tent
he-1 criedI to go) home, andl the dacon
hiad' to 8Jpanlk him. to make him go
- m.
A Nie befgal Question r eotitd.
A ma~n came into the ollice o
Judge X., the well-known Piitdol
pia lawyer, the other day, and wheI
the JuIdge had time to listen to hin
le said :
"JudgIRe, lly na11e is Scudder.
t! illed to see you about a dog eas
that kinder bewilders me, anld
thought maybe) you might. throvi
om0 light on him-dgtuiht just gii'
me the law points so's Id knov
whether it was worth while suing o0
not. You see mie an(1 a manl name(
Potts went into partnershi1) on
dog. We bought him. He was t
setter, anti11 and Potts weni
shares on him so's to take him ou
a hunting It was never defiinitely
settled which half of him I owned
nid which half belonged to Potts
but somehow I kinder formed at
idea in miy own mind that the hin'
end was Scudder's, and the froti
end Potts'. Conseqinence was that
when the dog barked I always said
'Trloe goes Pott's half exercisily
itself,' and when the dog's t-ri
wagged, I always considered tha
my end was being agit ited And, o
course, when one of my hind legi
Ci'ratched one of Pott's ears of
Shoulders, I wits perfectly s5lttsfli(.1
libst, because that sort of thing was
good for the whole dog ; and, se:ondl,
because the thing would get ever
whel Potts' head would re Leli
airolnld and bite i flea ofl may hin 1
legs or sna) at a fly. Well, things
Vent along smiooth enough for i
widtie, until one day that dog begati
to get into the habit of miuing
arouinld after his tail. He was the
foolishest log that I ever seed. Use'1
to el ase his tail round until he'd get
so giddy he Cul(ln't bark. And you
know I was skeered lest it might
hurt the dog's health, anidt as Potts
didn't seem to be willing to keep hin
end from circulating in plursmlt of
miy end, I made up my mind to chop
the dog's tail of', so's to make himu
reform and behave. So last Satur
day I caused the dog to back up
agm a log, and then I suddenly
dropped the axe on his tail, pretty
close up. and the next minutLe he
was booming around that yard,
hI >wling like a boat-load of wild eat'.
Just then Potts camie up, and he let
on to be miad because I'd cut oil that
tail. One word brought on an:>ther,
and pretty soon Pot ts sicked that
dog on me-my own h:d ', too,
mind you-and that dog bit me in
the leg, bit a piece out. See that ;
look at that leg. About half a pounJ
gone : eat u1p by that dog. Now
what I want to see youabu , Ju Igo,
is this : Can't I 1ecover damages
for assault and battery from Potts'?
What I chopped off belongedl to In"
I owned an undivided half of that
setter pup, from the tip of his tail
clear ulp to his third rib, and I had a
right to cut away as muclt of it as
I'd a mind to : while Potts, being
sole owner of the dog's he Ad. is re
sponsible-wchen he bites anybody.
I don't know," replied the Judge,
musingly. "There haven't been ainy
decisions on cases exactly lilce this,
But what does Mr. Potts s (v upoi
the subject ?"
"Why, Potts' view is that I div'id1
the dog the ivrong way. W~hnu ht
wanits to map out his half', he driawst'
a line from the middle of his nose,
thi efnd of the tal: That gives mn
onec hsilid leg and( olhe fora leg, am1
akeP him joi pr'oprietor ini thu
t'ail. And he says that if J w.Lit(!
to cut off myi3 ha111 of tem tail I mtight
have one1' 1t, ahf1d he woludn't havei
c'ared :hut wthait made~l~ him mtad wasl
that I waosted his pr'operty With
out consuilting hiimt flif that~
theoi'y sems to mec a lltth
ettrainied, and if it.e legal why Tmi
going to closo (out miy haltf oIf thai
(log at a sacrifice, sooner' thant bhl
anly iter~est In himt on those prin1
c'iles0. Now what do0 you thintl
of it f"
"WVell," said the Jutdge', "I (car
hardly decide so implJortanlt ai ques
tioni on'hand :~ but at the firust glanet
may opno is that you own the
whole (d(g, and that Potts ownis the
whole dog. So wh'len lit bites you a
suitL wont lie againust Potts, antd the
only thing you caln (1 to obtait
justice is to make1( the (dig bite Phottt
ailso. As for the tail, wheni it is
separatedl fi'om thQ (log it is ne(
longer the (dog's t-il, and it is notl
wor'th lighting a( liut."
"Can't sue Poltts, yout say ."
"I think not."
"Can't get damages for the meal
thiat's been bit.1,Mt-. uf me."
"'I hai'dly think you c~ai..
"WeilJ,. well, and1( yet th'ey talla
abouit Ame~icani civiliza.stionl, 11110
temr'ples o~f u'atice, anid such hi lngs
All r'ighit. Let it go I k'm~ stanId it
bu11t don't anyb~ody (everl uindertak1e
to toll mec that the law pr'otec'ts hu'f
mn#ni h(wigs in their r'ighstw. (i.>od
mnorinlig, Judge."
"Wait. a momuenit, Mrti. So'udderi,
Aidk the .Judge ; '*you've for'gotter
my fee."
"F" fee !. Why you o't chiaig*
anything: 'whien. I (lm't 8ue,- dc
yow '"
"Certainly',- for my advice: My
feo is $10-"
"Ten dollarR!' %nd<Marus Why'
Aigo, that's jntst. what f paid' .foi
my half of tha6 dog.. I h'iwett go
fifty cenits. to my name. But Tll- tel
yo~u what Il (do. Il make over al:
my rights in that settm. pmm t om,
A 'Jl~X%\:x THICKei. --A Mt riiiigir p1e
p0llhtl ft it 1)41111 inl Il)hu,. '1'(x44, a
('heell for $1).Ot): Illid 211(11) h'ttl'rH.
j)it1'))1tilug t'o e'l)2hn"Ie him 1111 it
('I'M ltii N'' Yok. 1. '.1'Wll( b1ank
0 'l21 111(1tl1 Ii 1 i kcitr i 1 ) lt)'llH~j.)I411
(t'4~ iii, N0\f' Yir. 111 .I uwll 11 'iu ry,
Io :tol. 14 1144)1;1 1 Jti.t111\"e 1 1 4144114"4o.
Ae~ 111010 ., lia sl1~et 411 11... 4'fil
Stll: tint(, 1i41 \\rija i et~o The
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hi ljeif to .'c it loln 111 phaul(01 of'ld
mt 4411.444\1 f0\\ mlille ro' il Wllus.' hi
f'lli1 1) \.1.5 . tt''"1 'it~u (e atey,
1 ist. I o11"1111')111140111 fItyI Q'I LI)(5 11'
\'1)1.1:" 1111( W ~it 1' I ir~y~ ~8~i";. II
:1 .\ ;1t1\1)t1'1)\ 1 'ft llglediel. t o Vhil'
lVli1tiY \\" .t::~ tlin ('ef'0for11 lefligli
111111 II t. (is sa1i )hut I, Iol d dryid
it. 11ew2 I' leu ilhh hl, 211141t1 {')11(1' 111411
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wtits r )" fon2d Il'' i 1liSet. Affil,
111r1011 tIti u )- .'OI h .i hi'M' 1 f11t1111l
8 11' fe il l T i i~ 11 1141l~ i 'Wlito ' 1'4J
wit.Sl~ f or'( '..414 Oh.t, 'vi e i
f1i11IV11'r (ai \\'..Oi 'l('tib ttl'
11.till . Il i l 1 1111 fl! fl~ia 1 \\'0 11t e
44:01 eutor Wer e1ti~le fol'~loin dayl!
: itl, hlt. 1'elii uiigli (il( 188. 'hiell
11'1411 l'hi'1'4 121111 'rZt41fi t"1A1 f.$l'
11tU'C 14)111,1d tile leflt (r3 thn1ile
i2ll i11 (' aiII ' \8l21 V II 11111'1 1111'( ( lo'i
it, will, t hr forrus4edt 11114l, tue 1)iike i.
lig ill( .f~1t:~1gi. whi) r1111 tl'
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te14 poised till ) M 114118(f1lfl" flH pll8.1..
c'1i ls tole .lie hos :;litl.1
\\"15( ~ \ttsle '14 11111 ei Teth prkl~)I
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5i1('1 tollg)'15i1 \001P2(81 int W rk.
l)1111424y forl Oh gll l3r:.l YI~I
01)V'u4 ii V!' ll ilt l 14 (4)11n oltiii f
th 114 +'tli"l fashion4'121. OIL-h '(1tn
(Te atMIX) . lit )'iyil iiieltl "e at
Ch.1arig 14os getfl o)0 'V1( ro rn lll
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th 122ii)) 0Il i 1A0 o11 it.0i ei 1. Was1(
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8 Cii .ivit 1411 %%' e1111 Irtt (b tde.
9.Yt ' rnp'i~ for i V 1111(1 the tluk hof
fA lany ft 1s 12'('Cl 111ihi4s, Ilidtle,'
0111w of1 'C 10il(11 f I.Ci) \t holle 1.110"
o r(:1tl'. itl. Whic W botiI respondedb
co b thr (81l1'. 1 of 114(0 sit; ilOUI l LI'
Tile c1'M till P1'i~ (1111 .1iiegrit1'(ff
(1'~ts. 11y ha i'V('V ' work11( hu ofII l)
laig 111141(4 1101)t 811"4 11(1 iic 11ed toI)H
:11l 141 legrp hI r('OTl11 tie 112. ihY Stork
ioliti a oflui gjed. t 'l~c ra iYuug 12
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til II 111 2s eache, :1.51\11 1 )e )1(011,
tIifvr r(8h11114 ~ii~. ~nII it I iiuiagi(14i)11
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0121 (P48241 2V, dig.\hls 110
(,Vel'l' Vof 1n1(14 tily of i.,i+101 WO-IinldtsiIIIt
Hilg02r this (on th e (1 pir(1 (5111 be
410t4114 whateveu i utt fi~ thy ('ilh
I 1c'ra&1'~t (*~onofnlyi lwol(1l
tIho Soft Iutlnds.
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l.liVriii (I of I4lilt (reks. ill Ii r( tS
104'1 411' jii l1 t. 144. 44 ti'of tem mere'4
I1" gi'i(i:S Itaut1itti tC44Ihat are't l.0O il
lt. high waitr :'4 ot11Q44. deolight full3
I.: , w1wrj' ti.4 old(1( Ii m'1)1a plu r I ))X44
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Ie44 1; \"i4),' of j l~ti r4 'r4iil it" 1144:
ol1tets I lI('r1 ( 1004 4 " tint]( (4rove4s
h1 ili (14li s1% itIt.i III 144' 4V1'I'g4'",14
itt 1'414.14 4i:I ('I't:t,'.11 f~e:I 144411 4 8)44'tie
('1i44'1i iI;aIit.A h:it ha~ve ('Wic.
11; "'~I 4(1 ru4e4tisi v. 'e Ii' 2aft(e1 year.1
fit4 !ii ,ef o n t .11 44(111 (vi. IIti4 1141
thle4 is 1I 41(1 ('4444eo t'i'4't4 ('Ilii4444e,
when.I'( ani 4 4t4eep44 141444444 4 41(04
4W4444dt : of 4' w u' tle'"':ilr j)e'" '('444:)4t
(o, ~4414' 110114'41 4 414z1'tei'. hidhlt'lii t ~
2"'l)l4)1V"i44g tig .1(05, V"iR4QH ant41~i -
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11105, I ha~t, 11', 111 toi glow41 with a
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Si4144e fewl of1 tii(44 fa)vored4 lot i111
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t1 4(11 14444 444'! 4 )'.Vi1lt'', (111d(14(I the Ire
14:1 e ile4 jili )''41 posse(ssion1 444 1e M~l the I
%';1)'. 14 11 ( i Vli 41 (ill jil (te~ tiilg to4
4't.'4z11it211t (411(14. Wo44d~ei4g why.~v ill
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1414444444 4 1441 Viel41 41l.1141)lttl'iv. 14s o4f
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lie si h14\' w er rek fire 0i4)tihI 14)141
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1444(41 to4 \"i(1\\" 2..11141 al11 41144os the
lg's o (4'1les.' islandi s (1 t f 4 inige oif
('44444 (I 1sl.4'4 , 41)11 her and'( 4 O141 .
11,(15 241: 14((4164 oif 1.1 il 4 4Vs4t ( I'01
111. of' theo 4444)11 411. l'2)441144, 1 1ii4,4)1.
.4141. \iig t.h theiri 4414:1414. IIill4.3' edges'(1,
'1' i) 44)4 i1:14i4:f.t to i my 1d'4 .44(111. that,1
1.11114 111)011~ t he11 011' 11'4414141 thin];4
i)111, it 111 1lot. so : tllhis4 !4va.v4(.; it;4'
.1it he14, 11.1 n44 ' '14)," 144\\
istVet' 1444444V, (141 (4b1114144' i244('h
11111E (1("1111 1441- \v111044 is 4141( 14)
D~iet; 4)11 I 1'i44~m. .144 444444( places41,
11IiWt''"t here 1.1(1 e 2)4'li'14 t 1) 1' m
c' hil)1(' 4iystl''. 'hese 114il11411 lts
yie'ld n414)4,1 1 444441 1.4)~ 211 al the t.4'i144
(II' 1"(') 1444'. will wit( 1V114'H.m 1()41 W1444hi
.h'l.4)11'14'g:. the4( \IitSjl. th ill tlon
f/f UI'(. 445 h- t (1.44( te 4411.pe Ii 4W 1111 (1,
1rl# 1l 4 rest.to4444 tcilt-i l1144 444)Xj \\"44('1',
444444141. at1 1.14(4 14(1(11' flood , amid( ((4)1
1.444ii'4'y 1 )114'1054' 14im 144oot, 11)i 211(1
uitVI the4 1.44 14t.ie:11.4 (1414)1110 i 1~ III
44j i('41ii1' 8("11)4('0 it loud(. (Of duck.
144' l.nuii.1 1 l1 111. 1i('k t )lj

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