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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, May 24, 1876, Image 3

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r Iouns.-The post I
open dailg 'Bndays1
g 1.1M., to 12 M. a
5 P. M. Northern f
mail close at 8 P. M. (
Mail delivered on t
8 to 9 A. M. only. c
cS#iIJ.:.-Tho trains
o A. 1. 1i how leave
foo : oihg north
It oi1g south, 1.35, a in
on day trains : Going
.L as m. Going south.
lh o trains meet at Winns
) :.i fN
poert-=5 lB. Clancly,
T'ref1)assers-J. W. u
thers. ']
Hmissory-Willi.iu A. c
tardian. 1
Counters--McCreery, v
v. B. Peakce.
.ty of gypsies passed
nsboro on Tucsday
-11ouse of tht Fairfield (
y is unlergoig i-e- 11
festival of the w'ans
, under the charge of
stin, will take place on
'iV ingi hext, and promises 1
Il spoctA a most enjoys'. I
AoERll .c11 o1 'JaTION.-SmOil t
U per cent was paid
1 s colkosted 39 (thirty)
rei~. P-"SOnis inatereste;d
shto by applying
usel E q.
d oats i1 inst, sec f
countsfv havre sulfuredNi f
m%,)Jl lack of rain. lhust t
in l o lie portioms of I
reg ret the tardil,~s
gi'm of the i0aniflflii .
X. P,. I." t w a an
ich we tiust will nevel
1. 00r este'emedl cor
wt ilidlgent and L
bi lverte c
Sco.o.-Mr. Rt. 3'. McCar-"
received a lot of extra
hI& toiacco, which wo pro
s pod an article as wehave
*o0A on" in a long time. We
Mr. MeCarely's tobacco
p ~g portion of the corn.
d9 c that the alplication
la~ (Chareh (colored) of
on or admission into thme e
nl Coventia of this Stait
iro ght forward again next
id ~hat thcwre are strong
iided o1 its fav'orable re
11a1l tteniti to the niotice
baiahb Simpson, ' who) expcts
Winxtshoro onU the 22d inst.1
ip On has gained .a :well- ]
N ieputaitio.1 for the ex eel
his work, wherever he has
S. We 'ommilenld him to all
V 1l 1 the service of a (1en
dIi attention to the new31 ad
1On1i of McCreery, Love &
to.dav' issue. Th's enter
ho se is again giving tile
a Uains, aind as the sale coni
> nl ~i15 di)(ays, y'ou shiould
our spalU r~e chango andi
~you waniut of that hiouse.
selling dry goods, boo0ts,
di Carp1ets at extrao)rdinlary
G'o anld seeC themn*
One week ago we were called
annountlce) the dleith of Mr.
I jorhbeek, .and to-day we~
lo'-bliat of his wife, from the
-- flsumption. Mrs. Hobrl
rhusband, hand been1 in
34f althl for some time, anid
been('m felt that she could(
ai shoil time. Sihe was
llMI rem~nebeed as for many
-O 1( det of Winnsb~oro. The
vices took plice at the
iin (hutch yesterday after.
1 'lock.
I aV. C'tji,~r. :1 ti st1 be those
Constunptioni. Bronchitis,
ny d1' iseaset( of tho Lungs,
7/ tur after reatding the fol
wr~'it Iteni hvY one of thet mSost
Hol' inl the South.
*Mo'n. (lh., April 1R, 1871.
11 In gratitudie for the bene'tit
heit 11iC oft yourl1 Exph4olrnt,
ftower in cnring deep-sord'd (
r IieveraI'l ear ,suffe'red
S it h ai congh at tendedi with
y1 of(' breathing. I was ini
yourI E~xJp('torantt, andit it.
inmed'hiato retlief. I took six
m~ ow per.. jfectly restored1l. It
b- months siince I begain itst use1
ot hind ain aiftnck since It
eat b:essinig to me1 ; I an not
S ithiout it, antd heartily re
a all whlo have hung or throat,
- rectfulhly,
PASONAL.-iA.1\ C, M. Chaildler,
f the firm of Connor & Chandler,
caves to-day for Spartanburg, at
v'icl place' he will open a brandh
tore in the line of business hereto
ire conducted at Winnsboro. Mr.
;handler is a skilful artisan indiis
rious and honorable ahd lhele
ualities will do'ui~tss bear tkoir
ruit it\ a full measure of suecess ili
is hW 11ld. In leaving his old
omt he elkies \Vith him the gu)odl
rishs of it largo humben' of friends,
rho, wliile \vishing him that success,
till regret his departure and look
irward to his return before very
lany months.
h(E acknowledge the receipt of an
wvitation td the Commencemnent
ereise s of this institution,whilh isa
nder the charge 0 f Col. JohnA 1A
'homas. The itannuIal examLiiniat ion
onnnences June 1O and closes Juno
6. On Sunday, June 11, a serm1loln
'ill be delivered before the Corps
I' (adts by Rev. F. J. Murdock.
n1 the evehinig of the 14th an
ddress, before the Polyteihnic alnd
'alliopean Societies of the
nstitute will be delivered by
ihfl. John S. Preston, of Month
b.troliili1 The regular public ex
ibition. consisting of fl ieaya nld
rations, will take place on the 15th
f June.
IoN.--.ille lwtxt meetihg Of fhe
)enocratic County Convention of
'airfield will take place on Saturday
ext. The business of the conven
ioln Will bO \tUry 111ortant, and
hero should be a full deth'gation
reselt from every townhship- The
oiiiiithti't otppointed to subilit ia
onstitutioli tid hy-lan rs \\1l1 make
heir report, and other matters of
reat importance will come up
ar consideratil " Ve trust, there
ire, that there Will he a fall at
endance fro u all the towlships.
hose in which no formal organiza
oh has yet been perfecetdh should
t ce take proper i I'3 ill the
tatt'on and send the fill] ntin er
f del'gates to the county Crlyolvn
r Te (-t)nluia' papers tliMllohe1
hat Detectives Ualhtoln and Hubbard
ave arrested two parties, Purvis
id L:mgston, suspecte.1 of conm
licity Ill the r1'chit mu urder of Rush,
colorist representativo frouni Pir
ngton countyil. The escitentll at
Ssaid to have been initense, and
here were fears that thme parties
har~gd~ would be lynched. Fortui
ately, howeve1, no0 such thing was
tiemopted. A fter a hiearing' bei'.v
trial justice, Langston was dis
harged, and Pturvis was commnitted
e jail. We heartily condens thle
ssatiatiotl1 and thereOfore feel free
o expro~ our equal coni lemna tion of
he threats of lynch-law. We take
or granted t~.at thlose threats .were
aage entirely b~y colored men, in
itedl, probably, biy suchi cowardlly
nid colntemptible wvhites asE have ail
eadly led the negroes to lawless actm.
t will be wvell for these adlvisers to
se their utmost enideavors to cheIIck
lhe spirit wich is said to have per
aded the crowd at Darlington and
immnsvOniille, for if carr1ie .1 inlto tic
ion1 it will leadl to terrible results
like to blacks and whlites--princi
>ally, we trust, to thie whito e e lers
vhto have po)isonedW the~ minds( 0of the
gnoralnt, creduilous and su1peirstitLiis
legro, and ineited him to imp~roper
rhe annual meeting of the State
'ress Ascatin, whmich was ihold
It Spartanburg on the 10th inst.,
leemus to have been1 inl (vey0 way
i pleasanlt reunlion. An addcress
1pon1 the subject of JoulLnallismI wats
lelivered by Capt. F. WV. Dawson,
f the Charleston NVai and1(
Uourier, wich is pr1oounced bly
somnp(tenlt judges to have been a
very fine production. The election
r oflicers wasI held(, and till t he ol
oflicers were re-elected, with1 tihe
eixceptionl of Fifth Vic--Presidenit
B~ronson, who hadI~ failed to qJualify
1s a memnht of the Association.
l'he vacancy was filled by the
ahoice of Maij. James T. [Bacon, of
the Edgefield Adrertisor. At night
the Association waIs entertained at
rI handsoimeO dinne1r at thle Palmetto
House. The next mforninig a
nmher of tihe mnembers startedl off
on a trip to Butte Moutaltzin Gal),
arrarnged1 by President Duncan, of
the Spartanb~urg and( Ash evillhe
Railroad. After the return of thmo
excursionists, the miembiers set ott
for their respective homes. 'I he
hext regular meeting of the Assc
flittionl was (ordered to be held in
Charleston, at suich time in April
or Ma~y as the executive colnmittee
may direct.
Attorney General Stone . recently ill
structed tile county treasurer of
Richland not to levy ripou or adver
tinn the nronerty of nv taxpayer
who has tenlered bills of the Bank
f the State in payment for taxes>
and who has instituted proecedil gs
in the courts to have such bills re
ceived in payment thereof. The
comIptroller general, howveel\ has
taken a directly opposite view of the
case, and has sent the folloWing
instructions to the treasutor of
Richland :
"1 xac.invya DxPAItTM1d.NT,
O1'it 1: thl i M, 'ohOLa G..N'L.,
(X4VMk4MiA, %". C., April 21, 1670
(f . A Jaini'#qg, .faq., 'T rettrr i'qf
.Richeland Coutc)ty :
Suir-You are sent herewith copfes
of ail a'et ehtitled "An act to amend
an act to provide for the redemption
of forfeited land upon certain condi
tions thierein m1entioned," approved
April 13, 1876, and are instructed to
give your special atttnt'on to the
provisions of the sane.
Under the authority given in sec
tiuh 4, bills of the Bank of the State
are to be received "i11 payiient of all
past due taxes prior to 1875," moain
ing prior to the fiscal Vyar 1875.
I all eases where bills of the
Batik of lit? N1atj have betu -toe
dered for tais for the year 1876,
such taxes are to be regarded t14
unpaid, and assessed with the twventy
p)0r cenft. penialty, and collection of
the sa1i will be enforced by exeeu
tion, if tol- persona!.1% and by ad
v'rtisement and sale, if for realty,
ii fhe .lsame manliner as for all other
Itmpafid ta-xes. 'JT1(s. C. M
Comptroller General , 0.
The doughty. comptroller, as
usual, talks very boldly, but the tax
payers need feel no great alarm at
present. On this subject the EVe.s
anf r;.rier very sensibly says
"Advertisilg' anud selling property,
where 'annk bills have been ten
dered for taxes, is a bare f >rm Llity,
Lidd might just as well be droppe @
As the bills can be used to redeem
the lropertY as soon as it is forfeit.
ed lo the Stateh there it l4hitler
rhyme nor reason in refusing to Itt1
cept them before the foi feiture."
Jih'r M.w(3V AXND 'E RAND
JuniC or LAN ASTEII.-jolurt Im t in
Lancaster last week in the African
io1 Chllurch, on accouit of the
inseenrit.y of the <Virthrntse.
Jfudgi' Mackey nad' al t planation
to the grand jury of his haty 'mild
ilpropel action at the last teirnit
He said tshat his tonduct Was duo to
information he had received froit a
p trty he beliCve 1 to be trIItur.)rthy,
that the jury .harl ieti itiH1ithlced
by the appeals of a relative of time
person chbarged wili the offence.
He is satisfied that the charge was
tlse, 2mand that the grand jury was
impelled by at o('llscieldiolf% HI'flse
of duty. While hei holiievee thn'
conluision was wrong if the wit
nesses were credible, the credi
oility of the witnesses is left to the
joigmni ofthe jury,- anidth
Court erred in hioldiin "t-hat the
fact hmavinig becen testified to, the
grand jury were bound to find a
true bill." TheIl allegation that lhe
charged any juror with perjury is
false. lie has never imputlledl a
corr-upt motive to any of tihe jur. j
It is thle duty (of the judge to resist,
all violations of the sacred safe
guards of the lawv. That duty he
endeavored to perform, but in
doing so he wouldl not (10 violence
t > tihe sense5 of honor of the jury
men~f. lie concludes as follows :"I
regret profoundly, Mr. Foreman
and gentlemen of thle grand jury,
the harsh termis ini whlich I charac
terizedl thle action of your honorable
body, and I tender 'to you this
unsought Atonement for an unljuist
ilnpuftation ca4st upon you by Ian
guage here uttered by me, which,
thloughl not meant in malice, has
given you jnst cause of offence,
and1( whlich upon~ due reflection
neither my judgment nor my
heart approves." Judge Mickey
hopes to receive in future the com
mendaltion of the people of Laincas
ter. . This action of the Judge does
im~ credit, and~ as5 we conidemnued his
action toward1s the grand jury, we
take p~leasure1 in giving publicity to
thle explanlationl he has madle of his
TAxi'.vus.-Wmii. M. Nelson, E.sq.,
c'ounlty treasurer of Fairfield, has
laitely receive I the following circular
of illst~ruc-tion s fromi the comptroller
general :
O)rrxeE OF CoMPvvT~r~i,-GNERuAL,
Columbia, S. C., May 17, .1876.
The county treasurers of thle
State are hereby notified that in
eases where any tax--naver or- hi.u
agent has, prior to the day on which
the bwenty por cent. penalty attaeh
ed jn his county for non-payment
of taxes of 1875, tendered "fills of
the Bank of the State" ini payanient
of. "State TJaxes" and now ddsires to
w ithdraw his tender of State bills
and pay his taxes in national c'uir
rency, that the ap)plication for an
abatement of the above tiJenty per
cent, penalty andl all costs, if made
on the prescibiled forms and for
warded thr-ugh the County Audi
tors; as noted in Series 3, Oircular 5,
Iwill be alproved at this offlee.
Respectfully, &e.,
Tmios. C. DUNN,
It will thus be seen that another
opportunity is given to those who
bave ided hielleo etha e Mnkoath
State, to avoid any penalties wlet
ever. Those who nay desire to
avail themselves of thi proposition
made in the comptroller's virgi lar
must make their applications in Atue
form, and mich applications will be
approveC(, It M s to 11s that
there is Aitii a deheless q1tilt.ity of
"red tape" ii i p'ropo1ition of
the col%ptrolltr It would have
boon nme1chi #hiiler to instruct the
county 1tasuirer# to remit thl
peialty antd costs ih all cases of the
ulrac4eger noiltio&4 in the circular,
Thd whole actiol i of 'tho Stite
hithottles in tli anatter of the bills
in quiestion has boon inconsistAtt
vacillating and puerile. In this con
nection we would iention that At
torney-Gen eral Stone has putblished
in the C)ht1:n)i: U,, 'l m. licrti/I a
letter in Which lie defines )his posi
tioi in thit matter of the bille
referred to. IDe states that he haft
ivon no instructions to m)otllt~y
tre:sirers on the subject, and
boitlr has taken, noi- intends to
take, aqgy st gs to ongeltl'tlhe couinty
roasiurors to rhiui'iVl thti billtit 1paya
ent of taxess
SEMslL.E Anivmdi .-Voi are asked
vcry day through the columns of
newpapels and by your drtlggne
use something for Dyspepsia and
Fiiver Complaint that you know
iotling nbottt.. You get discouraged
spending money with but little
,uccess. Now to give you satis
factory 1t'Wf that (1utEEN's AUGUST
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tmd Liver Complaint With all their
effects, such as Sour Stonmach, Sick
H1eadache, Habitual Co stivencehss
palpitation of the Heart, Heart
burn, Water brash, coining up of
food after Uatinr, low spirits &c.,
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McMa.s':un & BIlicE and get a ham
ple Bottle of GREEN's AuouWr
F1.owE foi I) cents and try it, or
it Iular Size fi 75 cents. Two
do() !hWll relieves you. *
Reac. Lhe ihly advrrtienants in
this paper.
OFF11 001 ti'NTYl A Uirlt. I
W)hltcv1o 1?t c':, MAv Il 11{76. y
In acecorditn,'amoAlith instructitiha from the
'omiproilller-Generars oliee 1 herehr imb.
ish the list oit deiliquent-bJinld of Fairield
'ointy for the tax yta1r 87
Lucy A Croshi 215 'cres aed one iuihi
ii in towIshil , I
solumon Wi, iei n er, 513 t'es ih nueui
itobert s Jelnlkmnsu 160 antres in amue
5niey J D~ove, 151 acres ini towitshdipc
iii. 2
Anadersoin Mayo, 2.) acres in s.ei
ltrgaret Austini, 10 acres in townshilp
1111% i
1it John Yongue, 50 acres in township
lot in towni p no. 4
AiM N ' (okelhl 2 hunildings afld 'It
neries all HsIIUe ithip
Jat J3IIIn V IntIlnaItI, I houilding iunl
10 II acres in townt shaip Itos
lball & Pros tee, 220)0 a're' Ih m
Ilst of tobert Lewis, i701 aceres ini samel
io,. lisuip
Jino WV Eraler, 2 buildings and 3';2 acres
in township no. (1
L.ouisai Ml Flatltiganli, I building and 73(
Josephl HIo'lifunm. .50 acres in sameui
to winshlip
Caromi Lamar, 915 acres in same town
Johnf J Nelson, 350 acres in samte town-i
Est, of It F D~avidson, 356 acores in sams
E..t of A D) Jones, 2 builuaings aipi I St
atcre. ini sau township
Ma1:ry E Walitig, 711 nores in townsuhij
no. 7
A 8 Rloyles. I building and 117 acres ii
ttwnshipj no. 8
Est oR JIohni C'ampbell, 00 acres in same
Lon niship
E.,t 14 1 Davidson, 424 ocres in samej
Susan Hood, 16) acres in same town
Ehaiani Hood, 95 acres ini samne townushui p
i.ha Jan' 1 Laws, 61ti acres ini anille town
ELizabetth J Newman, 50) acres in uni
townishi p
.11rs It E Perry, 21 acres in rnamei towni
5 .1l Smart, 160~ acres in samte townlsii
E-t ol' Naney Frazeur, 2.)6 acrus ina towni
ship n-,. 1)
\ 'illiama G ibson, I10!) aocres in same town
Lt of Mafrtha Shiedd, 192 a res in sam
Est ol Lewis Hlaig sod, 52 aceres in townt
shipno1. IIo
d1a11, es Rt $loan, 196 ao(rOIs inl samel town
Iara TF Smith, 15i acres ini townip1 no. I
Jno1 C Cob , 1213 acres iii sertue towinsh
Mary Cartisle, 110 acres ini township nei
Paitriek Hlastings, 2 liiiildiigii and 75
alcres. ini samle towtnshipj
UGassandlri II itahh, 307 aes in samei
I) lever Sloan, 19 ) acres in sanme towni
Jim11 Mi 1ling, 461 acres i.i sameio towvIi hi
Esut of Jlohnt Daiwkins, I 1 ..eres ini town
ship no. 3
Est Lucy Ediington, 93 acres in sai
D~aic jeS 11 ice, 5)00 aeli inl towuship ru
.Johnt Eniglishi, 150 acres in townishi
no, I
- Th~omas. W. Er.win, I huiling and 67
acres in townisbip not. 2
hoherCIt Stovensiion, 150 acre-s in sam~
A lex'd II U'otglass, 1 btilding and 31.
acres in tow nship nso. 3j
1lev Jaumnes D~oughusa, 380 acres in mi
Th'lomas WV Erwin, 12.99 acres in sam
eo W ~Melton, I buiilding and 2 acre
in saaune t6wnshaip
Jape..s anid Eliaabeth Sloan, I buildin
and 225 acres in same township.
Jaof CofeA, 2 bfildrings,' oufe lot and 24
acres in towvnship no. 4 and 14
J W Metroiglit, I building, 1 lot in towri
Wtilian Brico (Mclntyre's lota in Winnu
boro)2 lo sanie towitsh ip
A WLail ndC TI Lsad, 2 buiilding
apd 14(00 r cron ilp township no. S
Geo WV MoltWr 400) dores in sameo towna
Arthur Blizzard, 70 acres in towagshi
no. 8.
Jomima A Cook, '1110 acres in same towli
NaincyM Entzminger, 1581 actek in naim
townsh I
Wm EMcNulty, 2 buildings and( 8
Louisa M Iloribeek, 1 building and 23C
acres in townshtip no. 9
John 1) Million, 4101) scores4 in n'une tow .i.
I hip
Rev Jamesn Douglann, 220 arsin town
Rbr13Sloan, 3 buldi1lgi IAi~ 280
4lc~ro in inun towl4vtuh
1'hoias $I4,ui, '110 auos naoetwl
Get 1V,(rp~tiuk* Cot, 808 a4cres iL
Joseph Keller, 124 nukes, ;.VWiil) Ito.
18~, ", ",.1
lDavid C. MenusI, Bank rupt, 342 sores,
TAW: 13. .
&i~tri)ol B~ird, .215, acres, no. 10.
l'olce ishewreby glt1 th!tthe Wh~ole 01
ga several patciO1t$. IoW itd arts Of lotisOl
grahl I s1to doeceribod. iit.1 th rceilin,.
lt-or i'Cb nuit thiereof ts wt! bey i44e('4i"
wiry to pay the taiC DitiL'S aiuatilc RHsti
11114111114 ahrgeal theIeon, -willt~ ?0 sould b.N
heTeurer off 'nifl l ii COUot3, out tin
Isuch tuxes, afaI%01lliOf lInI )nliuih
p'aid before thatt time; nnx. suc1 saile' will lit
continued, Fro'm daty to dpi, until all of
SAW. pnrceelH. lo15 and part;, of 1ots of( Reel
hslnte all h e sold or offeredl for salje.
W. It. 1'lEAKE, County Auditor.
Winhnsboro National Bank,
T I~n horn. in: tit..t:f1 t%1 ito.it I
Al y' 121h. 1:tI,.
J o xdn al Diec.',ut, $tG1l.2 I;) 3.:
Ovird lifts.
U. S l1QI.(IM~ to ,4conqe
tI recemI at lo,, 7,1flO (II
file those arpp oved reserve
line Irons Oither Nt'io. hli
Banks. 3 :304 43
st eal E-,a, e. F'minli el'e
stud Fixlm',em 1.118 7,
Cutrrent KxJC~f~ce,i sacsd
Taxes I' cii, 3 ti 93) l0
hils u oiirt healI )o a .n k, u)(
l ,nijil I tIe N..a v i .1.ou
Itdeli'i,) mitl toal Will, U.C
TCIi , b~ "p~ of' O rculaltll ",0, :'.)5 (I
'lutll 5)14 id47 4'.
Surpca I"'ian'h, 2 t)'!l 64
() her tnitdei~ dccl F1la lI 4'29 20)
IN ut jot ii I;INuk ltstS 4
stns14slits . lat',.w45 011
ini siwisissl dl husils iail.3cc.
to clok. 23 .11:4 0
Dole 10 o' he~r N cli 3nI Bac h . 3';I .114
sr4~Ilk nVl sot3'i t' a tA111.1 N .t, t
I'u 1 in t ' I ts r l ld. i
I Satithi 1 II. UlotN~l' V, t ':tthu iet N1' lISP
,uweflr sht thme iltu,4e slitelis"tt ir"eI Ii
'u l'.e iue't .11 il Ito "wvte.Ige tol b elief,
MU~lCI.:I, i I '1,( 9. N 14V. CucsI~I1t..
Is 9'lhl3 day "I4&tv if.
II1l:NII '~ v, t)it I: t. Neil' try aolic.
W~. It. RltItIt'XON, '
.1 ' V h:: It 'c ' NTS, . -recors S.ore.L~i.
J, E. Mc1~aster &Co.!
1W~TOULD) e1JD li the Attent~ioni of tbl'
. .YV.K 1ubhx to tchair cuwiuj1.te ('toek of
Suring Unit uI' ur a heoitx.
Just It(WO'ivCi l 23ie esl4'~ CetitiuI St ripe,
.2 A full line 4f('huti(t tesvi Lie
r-1 i Pplns
2, (2,gutntlix unit :Swissx Mius
Hin tindl I mntit il 't >i ''t t\ir S' irks,
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May 1,1
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