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F i < 11 'U 1! 1 lKD w 1-..1. Y 1 1
t 'I R II R A S & I l V Is. I
7 rms.--The IIR I,1. it ptblisiehe Week P
y in he 1'oun of Wiin-ho-o, at $3.00 I
ta-jy- .\l ir-ti-i-n i .verticient< to he s
- r'II IN .4I /V.1 NCE.
O).is'try Notieis agndl Tribuites $1.00 t
per tqutre.
WIHiTTiIIt. it
Our fathers' (.11 from on whos hand
The geitnries fall Ii -e graiais of brand,
We meot to-day, united, fret', I
And loyarl to our 1uan.1 anti Thee, I
To thank Thee for the era done,
And trust Thee for the opening one.t
H ere, where of oll, by Thy design. l
The fathers sEpako that worl of Ti.ine,
Whose echo is I he glad refrain1.
Of renied bolt andL fallia g chain, U
To grace our festal tim-', front all 'T
The zones of earth our ,;oSs we call.
b le with its while the now world greets t)
The old worl throngin all its ustreets,
Unveiling all the trininphs won
By art or toil benieaIth thesun;
And uirato common good ordain II
This rivalship of han l and brain,
Thou, who bust here in concoral furled t
The war It ig of a g.ttherel worl., w
Beneath our a e,tern fkien 'ulfill
The orient's muission of goodt will, d
Anl, frtightel with love's Golden Fleece, l
Send back Ise Argonauts of peace. Hli
For art anEl labor umet in truir, ti
For beauty maul' the b ridle of use, 01
pWe thank ''he'e, whil, withal, we crave 1
The aisttrie virtues strong to save,
The hon]r proof to lplace. or gold,
''he imnhoini never bonght noer sol<1!
0! make '1'hou us, th rough cett..ries
In pea'e snestre. in jttstice strong; aE
Around our gilt of free-lom draw it
The safeguards of Thy righteous law ;
And, east i -sonmc diviner mould,
Le-t thy n..v eyttlt suime the old !
Genoral Leo's War Horso.
An ex-Confederate quarterimaster n
named Brown, living in West Vir- I
ginia, gives the following account of S<
General Lee's war -horse, Tiavellcher :
1Th1eo horse was bred by '1Mr. Johnt is
ston, nearkV the Dlite Sulphur Springs, di
Grecubrier county, West Viirginia. il
It was of the -Grey Eagle" stock, I
1111d, as i colt, took first premiw,
under the name of "Jeff Davis," at
the Lewisburg fairs for each of the
years 185) andi 1860. It was four
years old in the spring or sunner of
1861. Captail James W1'. Johnston, cc
son of Mr. Johnston above mention c
ed, sold me the horse for $175,
Confederate States notes, in the fall '1.
of 1861, when the Wise Legion, with
other troops unde(1r General Lee, l
were ceampedJ onl Sewell Mountain,
opposed by General Rosecrain.
While on Se i'ell General Lee fre
ciiently admiireid the horse, and more
than once jestingly remarked to me 1
to take good care of his colt, as he
expeeted to need it before the trou
ll e was over. 1, ats (uar,1ternsltter
of the regiment (Third Wis, or t
Sixtieth Virginia), had full privilege '
of the rear, and kept "Jeff" well
AV. stabled and groomed, at lent five
miles from the enemy. In Decen- HE
her, 1861, the regiment to which I
was aittacheid, then kniowni as the~
ASixtieth Virginia, Colonel Stark,
was ordlered to theO South Carolina
coast, whither General iLee had al
readly pre(mled us. Of course
"Jell" was taken along. Upon~i
meeting with General Lee at PoEco
taligo, South Carolina, he again in- -
qulire d abont his colt in his~ usual
wainning way. I then offered hlim
the horse as a gift, which he pirompt
Jl delinecd, in the fiendi~liest muan-a
ner, however ;at the samiie time
r eimarking thait if I wvould not will
luig sell him the horse, he wold
gladly use it for a week or two to)
learn'f its qualllites, &c. I then left 7
"J ff" at Gleneral L~ee's stable. In
aibotit a mionith after, 0one of his staff
011icer5 returined the horse to me1(,
with a note from Genera'tl Lee to
the effect that the animal suited him,a
bunt that he could no longer use so
valuable ai horse, ini such triouhi
louis timesi, 11111ess it were' his own;
thant if I wouild nt sell, pleanse to
keep1 the horse, with many thankils ;
thait if I woumld soll, the otheer would
pa~iy me imy price andlo tke miy rece'ip)t
for the amount, &c. I took anid re0
c'eipted for $200 Confederate States
notes, and "Jefi'' becante t~hie oer
ty of General Lee. This was ini Feb.
ruary, 1862. In the springl ouf 1868 C
-- General Lee wrote mue aL noEte staingo
thaiit his horse hadl murvived the warl, A
that it was known as -'lraveller" (Ir
recollected how lhe spltl~Ed the word CI
with two l's), and askinig for the a
pedigree. I obtained thes pedligio (s0i
from Cap~jtainl J. A. Jo~hnlstoni and ali
for'warded it to) Genera'l [Lee. Ths C
dletatils are mentioned to r'ecall the 'h
simpflle dlignity anld hoe ety of thetman1 si
even ini so trivial a matter as a horse hi
trade. ti
Wishing to, pay his friend a com--,
plimnent, a gentleman rearked1 :"I h
hear you have a v'ery indusilt.r'ious Id(
wvife." Yes," replied the frienid,. with
a melancholy smile, "She's always a
finding something for me to do.."
"How are ye,. Smith," sai Jonecs.
Smith pretendedi not to know him,
*and annwered1 hesitatingly : "Sir,
you have the advantage of me1." (
"Yes, Isuppose05 5o. Ever'yb)ody has.
that's got common 5sense."c
High Eoors-i1so In thme rain)
b,- ..
Sensitive Flame.
Of all producers of Ho-alle
lysteriotits sounds, Dr. Tyndall
ensitivo or 'ow'l faime is one c
hie most curious. (ut of a partici
ir kind of gas, with a burner <
eculliar construction, the learne
'rofessor )roduces a lighted jet
lame inarly two feet in height, (s
r14111ely nar ow, and NO 4fJIiqitel
enlsitive to souinds thmt it Bing
nd (lances uipl and down in ri
1)ons to every thing that is sun;
r said, with dilere)t degree
f sensibility for vowel sounds
The slightest tal) on at distan
nvll reduces its height to Hove
wihoS. When Ia bunOh of keys i
Iaken, the llaie is violentl
.itatod and emits a loud rol
'he dropping of it sixpence into
and already conjtaiilling coin, at
istance of twenty yards, knock
1e flame down. It is not possibl
) walk a(cross the floor wvithoui
fitating the flame. The creakin
r boots set it in violent cominotioi:
ho crunpling or tearing of paper
r the rustle of a silk dress, doe:
bie saen. It is startled by th
itter of at rain-drop. I hold
atch near the Iiitune : nobod'
ears its ticks, but you all se
1"ir effet upon the flame ; i
very tick it falls and roars. '1'i
inding up of the watch also pro
fles tumiult. The twittering of
istant sparrow shrieks in the
une; the note of a oriket woul d
ie same. A chirrup from a distanc<
thirty yards causes it to fall am
)5.r." In reference to the powe:
f the flame to respond to poetry
1o lecturer said : "The 1lam
aelcts from the sounds those t(
hich it en respond ; it notice
11n0 by the slightest nod. to other:
bows muore distinctly, to some it
>isalce is very profound, while t:
auny sounds it turns an entirel'
'af ear."
So long as the ca11se of anl,
musual sound is ulnexplained to the
m-seientiie listener, he is a(pt
iturally enough, to term tha
Mild mysterious : but the elemon
mystery will disappear when h,
assured that so)unds of evet
asicription are due to itural till
lalterable aermsdeti plrinc'iplos .
ffr)pC' Weeky
Good Crops in Georgia.
ATLANTA, G.t., May 22.-1--T
tate Commissioner of Agric:ultura
Georgia r1p)rts 10 per cent. mot
)1 planted in the State than his
'a11, Mid preparation 7 per cent
otter. '1'he! severe cold in Marel
lied corn in Southern Georgia
1iuiring' it to be planted again
aLt corn is promising all over the
bite, and stands average 85. 4t
I'rl cent. of the cottLon crop i.
rt.ilizOd. The acreage of oats i;
25 compare1 .o last year. 6i0 pet
m t. were sowed last fall. 'L
crage conlditioi is 99. Tho
reage of wheat is 218, compare(
> last year. 111(1 the condition Ma'
t was 116. 58 per cent. sower
fertilized. The rust in the hlad<
reported in all sections, a1(1 it
)ne counties the cr>1) is n1earl
lined with rust. 'I here is ai
...r.ase of 25 per (cen&-. in th<
are(age of millet ando 20 per cent
I forage corni. The initroducetioi~
F German iilet has stimulated tiso
lanuting of special forage opsi
here' is ai decrease of i)10 per cent
the aecreage of cotton, but th<
reparalItiion is 7 1per cent. heftte.
kmnl last year, and the amount 0
rtilizcrs used on1 cottonlit 1)0p
mit. greater' $11an1 last year'. Th'i
riealge ini sugar canel increalsed 2
ar cent. anid sorghsum 3(6 per cent
wolve pe cen)t. mnore fertilizer
l~ve been01 purcha~'sed this year' thai
st, only 14 lper! cenlt. heing fo
rincip~ally fo c1(otto ai st Ii fteel
m15Is Inext Novemu ber'. For1'ty-tihre
er5 cen'it. of then fertilizeris ulsed hav,
een1 comp51ostod at home. Th
reragel wages of farm laborersi
100) per year with board. Laho
as ireid 12 per cent. moere willing
tis year than last and is 7 pe
mut. more1( eili'ient. Ninelty p)e
mlt, of the (crresp~ondenlts of th
epar'tment, replort a1 deteorimaim
athe p~art of the fairmers to unkl
1 tile farms williesO at hi':kn, S a1
t eotton he strictly a surplu
D OwrH OF l(. WH5IArroN.-h
.dlveston News says : Mrs. Penen
pe' Whai~ton, reclie't of Gesnn. Joh:
.Wiharton~ Of Tiexas, died aot ise
lsidene,4 Eagle Island, Bra zori
0(111y, oni thme 15th May. jhe wa
daulhghter of (Goernor Ddaid .Johr
mi of' South Carolina, and thi
:loped1 dlaughter of tihe Honl. XVn
.11and Mri.. Penelope L'resiton. Sirre
er marri'iatge. twensty five years agt
Ie hadt~ lved1 ilk Texas, bl)Ooved an
onyoredl. bo0th 1for aiabiille dispos5
on andkl brilliant miido. Her 1hm1
and1( wasH killed, just after the mns
under, by a submordinate of~er hi
aid offenided in) 'eamlfp, ando her onl
aughster died a few years aftei
hie herself, stripped of platrimon
ad afilieted with total blirtdnes*
ore hser allietions wi th Chiristia
esiignat ion. Withher perislied. tls
(oord namne of hkartoIn ill T'xa
A gentleman observed upon arn in
ifYerent, leaderl~ at thme bar, tihat 11
'as the most affectinig oraitor' I
ves' heard,. for lie never attenmpte
r> speak buit he excited generV~
Spring Chickonas.
d 'A stlrangor1, the orther dlay, enlteredl
H a city restaur~ant and inu(lirel till
f price of "Spring chicken," which he
slaw announced on the bill of fare.
of and wasli told l81.5() each. W hell
d1 , served he noticed it awas about, the
f size of a wood-cock.
- "(reat Moses," he afterwards re
Y. marked to the polite French proprie
H tor, "you don't pretend to ask X1.50
for such i tomtit of a c(hlickell as
tLlat ?
8 "1 (iml no hlp it, Monsieur ; ZO
prize I pay for z e c(hiken it ver'
It lartch."!
at "You eertainly cannot pay a Very
s blig price for a chicken, of that size."
Y "Monsieur vill (exC1ene Im, vwl I
-" sl1l tell him zat he iR listak' : I
vill show to Monsieur zee bill. [Pro
It !.du.ce it..] Whaiitt dloes Monsieur tind
* zare ?"
U "Well, I find that the chickens cost
t you fifty centH apiece."
"Monsieur is correct."
"And you ask me $1.50 for one of
,theml ?"
I "Again Monsieur is correct !" and
3 the polite proprietor honored his
(icustomeir with a lowv bow.
"Now, it strikes rue that your
price is a little steep a little too
t, high. Fifty c(en1ts ought to pay you
very well for cooking the chic(ken:
$1 is all you ought t:) get for
i the chicken-thatt gives you i big
"Alma ! Momsieour does think so ;
but zee freight ! Moansieur vill
l pardoni 110, bu1t he does forget zee
fr eight !" and he elviate.1 his s1111 -
ders till they were oni a level with
his ears. The bill was paid without.
further comment.
Cabinet Cuanges.
The President sent the follo,wing
nominations to the Kena to on the
22d instant: E1wald Pie'rrepont, of
New York, to be Envoy Ixt.raordi
narty land Minister Plenipotentiar y
to Great Britain ; Alpholsio Taft, of
Ohio, to I e Attorney Genernl of Ilie
United States ; J. Donald (amieron,
of Pennsylvania, to be Scrmet:ury
of the Department of WVar ; John
P. Hoyt, of lM ichigan, to be Secre
tarv of the Territory of Arizonat
The nominations of Pierrepont,
Taft and Camier<.n, whemn taken u1p
by the Senate. were referredl to aIp
propriate colunittees. who. at few
t minutes later, reported fav~orably",
il the nominattions were confirm
A well known Radical siatesm:m
Scomplainis bitterly that the ex-Co(n
federate blrigadhie s keep the m1emi
,)bers of his parity so busy explaining
their Conn lCection with bonuds an1d
straw hids and tlingi , that they are
wholly tlunable to devo to f 2IihimselvesV(
to restoring the disordered innces
of the colulty to at soudil C.emdition
3 or to assertilg the sulpremuuay of the
law in the recelliols Sou! h. If, he
I adds, the great results of the war
ar~e thus pet illka ll n lost, the ccoun
try will hold the Democracy respon
sible. Why c:n't they let Iinders
introdnee a timllciatl mieasume, or
Ben Hill iake another speech, in
a !stead of p)roseuting investigattions
thatti will do tlhe 1 good .1d may
IN WAr! 0or A Pux.~o.--The0 little
dauugh~lter' of aL Detroit faimily wasi the
other day e3xpi essing the wis9h that
her people couold haive a1 piano1, and
- whien asked wh iy they dihit get one0,
f 81he explainled:
*O "Well, weJ got one0, and1( the tonie
didn't, -uit . T.hen we got 2an1othier
j and1( the2 le'gH (din't suit. Then we
got aniother'i and( didn't like the
4 Houning board(. Wheni weI got the
last one it was all right, but11 the manu~
took it awaiy becausel( 1: p 0 conin't. pay2
Ifor it. We've been to all the plaIces8
ini town and11( pa1 will hauve to imakte
OneC for us."
She enf tcred the drug store' to
wait for her husband11( to drive
r ound wit-li the teamn, and( caitchinig
ig1hit or some tootlhbuishes. sh10
as2-ked( the price. "Twventy cents,'"
replied the cle'rk. "'What !" she( ex
ba~irgaini they arie." 81( S he alanehd
0one on1 lher left 1handi. anid,
ges2ticuinh g vigorousnly with Ithe
Sothr Iosh 10en oninue :1( 'Yo don't(101
tell mew that, thlis 'ore ting is9
twenlty ('(nt11, whien I ennil buyl a
- hair in) it, for' the( same13 price(."
r' At. an1 eivening mee(ting the pre'(ach
L (er was10 speaking in graph1ic terms of
H the judogmient (day. He saidI (every
- One that ever lived( wouldl be0 ther'e
01on thait da~y. An Iris-lffha presen21t
.asked, "Will S~ampooon be there: on
o that dlay ?" "Ye," saiys thec pr1each.
er, "every biody that evri lived will
I he there." "WVill Mike McFinnIeganl
be tx here on that daLy ?"' "Yes1, I. ray
Ithat. ever'y body that everi lived will
b e thiere," "Well, then, I'll b~et you
* two( biottles to one(, there'll be light
in' on that, dany."
yjAn Alabama paper)O say3s :"A law
yer in this State, us5p(etinlg some)
one wasI peopinig thriough the key
hole of i s office door,. in
vesntigated1 with a syinge tilledl
with peppe)(r-Hauce, and1 on1 goinlg
home12( found1( that his wife had been
cutting wood and a ehipi had lit 11er
in the eye."
T 'hey say that, for' a, man w~ho is
inot used to it, Judge fliltont 81u
ene'rlad vor- vwell n1u a millinnaire.
South Carolina News.
It is poedfivo1y ,.tlted that there
wort]i ii)o1tL fifty liroes. entgagerd in
tho lVn11llinlg of the uhtlrdtrctr4 of the
I fmn1aow, ill i'.~lgef told.
TheI( lbar of S8ulu ter 113'(a tldl0eH~d
.Jii 114'o tlLutV, (I4( jiestilg hll)u to
hold1( oh to his,. jldge4Ilijl for his fii'.1
torn], 11(1 p~ledginlg him thou'i Mupl~lort
to that en1d.
Th'Ie collet 1101504 inl J4811lt01'o i)e
ing ur'fit. f(,1 use, the grandl~ jury re
0011111100(1 I tat the Legvislature' ll
tluorize the( levy') of it 81)(Wiad tax, for
the erectionu of at new onie.
Tw'o 1)l iEu111' ('])111'1l ini tm
(oOO.-reeenf ly picked- it hole in1t1
have esecaped but fur the tiiulvVisit
of the ja~ilor.
Activ'e 100aI1'L'11s are' ibeilng taken
for thec ea1rly' ('onilption of t.1e 13111e
Rtidgei Railroad. T1here was it large
((11( OilthlIpilstiC ineetiig, ill (jhaar
IP-StU1It few~ dayiv ago. of the. frio1ndH(
of the( ullterpliH. an11t. al 8C.auid ver*y
'rhoe prisoneor, w1ere remloved illto
thue now~~ jail at Aikenl it few daysI
aril), x(11(1 o11(. Il i'i&1lt t. llkev 1r1mark
wi(lotlt de J)lollaste judge 1(3l(1 (1(e
'omilty 001m111ti81." Th'lt old( follo(w's
holtd isi love].
Port. 1lbu'al an111 Ileatifoif, wvill
80114 at delegf~lt.ioll tot \vl. 11-.
iiigton fto 11181( it clIear Htt itelut
of the itdviutiiage. IIOH8OHH'd
by3 Por. Royal as8 It nuaval sttfionII
over thlose of TJylwe. (iti., where it,
is. no P)rooLa1cd to4. ('iitH liis itc uei
Tihe boardV( oIf directors' of flie
Hiate pllitelltil'y, after (ton11 Hll th)11iu
with the gov~ernIor, determnied~, ill
view of tilme11O~ t, 0111 elmrrassed
conlditio o01(f the State fill;Il V(Mi, to
w~ork onl the railoa m esu (t.We(111 (C dmiu
bin 1111(1 A.Ist( o. Thle ('(IIItritet wll
be 1111u(1 asK s001) 2 ('flgiliCoirs gratde
tihe road.1
Distressing accoun11ts arei rooiei'l
(of the col~litiotl of tile pleole inl
(jol loton (u1(1ty*: A ~ \at or) oro
*' 1'Or(p)l)Cl(Ilt O f thu (a's(" voidc/
f 'ourju"r 8111,H :"1 iieh wolif is. at, the
(1011'. I'There 11l)0I (''4)10, 1114l n1 hurge
1lhl1111)01'o (thflem~, IbertIfor(' llakill''
their Ownm I)lOvi'tn 11)M 1111(1 ill tel)b1ll I'
out (If f;'actor 111(1 11101'0121t , who
illy; to get litho . wtill ILI()lh2tely'
.('Dy*''r if 11eI(.11) 11ot he olti1ed.' I
110 Aulgusta.* U it Il itu,,1;81
1118 t tan 11 t.teu11Ip will 1)c' 111:1111
to) stat the ('Xeetlf iou ((1' .11 J'voy.
Lte Grlliteil (V h oa1r111(] or, by al lIll)
ll1ldeniW] voiith rece(ntly 13' nt to~ his
Ilollie for' It fidd(le with1 wichl to
11111118e hims1elf ini jail. 'J'Ille jatilor'
told Mo~oy i h ouild pay23 his
laIwyers It. ((1talll 1111 otf I12:inloy thlat
they' wuld1 get. 121ii a n(,-wt' i.118, and1(
takc' tiOt. lhe iitttel'(: di I tri ii1( 110oth,
and1 Kalid lhe wl'oild n~t, give tli.
1lullou11t to live forever.
wSehvieral1ly eek t~go) 01)(!LX: of"11 t.
whi jol ''i11 e.t('of te 1 1 tikiall
Tho Orgaiz.at ion of Donocratic Clubs.
We publish for the information of
oUr readers a form of coltitution
for i)emora tic clI.I 4, which s(ems1
to havte w orkeI vcll wN herevor it has
been tried. It was originally ptth"
lished in the Anderson Juten/i'igee
antd has been very generally adopt)d
inl that county. The organizationl of
the l)euocra"c'y in Anderson is very
thorough, and the fact that the con
stitution givel below has been
adopted there i of itself i strong;
proof (.f its excellenee and its en
tire fitness for the use of the Demioe
racy of the State. It isa5 follows:
ArTI(eI.r 1. 'ITho name of this or
orgallization shall be "The -- Dem.
oeratic! (.lub1."
Air'. i. The officers of the Clib
siill be Ia Presilent, two Vice-1'resi
dlelts, I Reh3C"ordi1g Suoretdry 11111
Tlreas111er, i Corresponding Scere
tairv, 11ad an E xecutive Comnnmittee of
live members, who Shall s'rve for
Htell tiIl Its Jl1y be fixed by r'so.
lution; and1u any vacaiii es for these
Ililiees shall be filled by an1 election
aot the first mneet.;ng after the m~une
are announie,1.
Aav. 3. It shall bec the dutyV of the
1eleetive! Commllittee to colleet anu:l
diissemlil:ate information, and advise
the Club with regard to such poliey
is in their judgment, shall best sill
si L ve anl1d )1omiote the general g ou
of the count.
Are. 4. 'l(e President, with the
sIalctionI of at majority of the Ec
("entive Commllittee. Shall have power
to ('.111 e' ti't lIOeting. 5s of the Club,
111(1 (n third of the total meiniib cr
dhip of the ( lub1 shall constitute a
[in1rmn1i for the trnlsHactiol of bu1si
l ess.
Awr. 5. A regular mleeting of tile
Ullb shall be had on the - Satur
lthy in every mnmth.
Awi'r. (S. Anly male citizen of the
vicinity may becole at miembels'r of
the Clib by signing the Constitu
lion, 1and( pledging himself to sus
nlini and Supp.rt to the best of his
ability all nominations nuade by the
)emacratie 'mit ty, either in State,
CJo unty or Muicpal elnecions.
Awr. 7. I.. shall be th)e duhty of the
Executive Conmnit tee to iIepare a
fall ant correct ro ster of the Chih.
iving the name11, residence and oe
0:upation of eacth mulembe, and1 also)
n11111le' e record of thie nanies an(
residences of all voter ; within the
I ow11IsIip.
Arr. 8. That. the m beillII.rs of this
"~ub. ple.lige themseheir.; to (:101h
Ather andi to the D)emoc1l(rat i party
Lo abide by and sust:in the n1oli'
(Ces of the party fora ll oIlic e:,
lvhlethmer Nationi.i, State, CountyIA or
iyMunicipal, and will discoun tIme (0
Every eflort on the part Of individ
na i to dlist act, our comislss and1(
livd. the vote lpon indep'endent
-:11did(at0.4. whol we will regard
hecreafter ats giving aid a~nd comlfort;
to oUt' poiiticI I al )potlch11s.
Aa1. 1). Any article of this Consti
llio n slay be alt ered or amnII 111ded
Tpon one week's notice by It Vote of
Lwo thirds of the lCllbe'rs present.
Onae wvay of condttiiig a spelling
>Ce0 iln Eniglnd in4 to let onie personl
>egin with a1 Iet.ter', the nmext, one
11ust, add1 to it, hiaving a, (cmle~Cte
nay~ e'ventual0ly b~e inanu1faturd.il1
Anya' a' wVI iter!1 iln the Court (,ircu/ur:
[t, is asxtoniishinig how nnfamniliar'
('tterls somlid whenl said1 in this way.
1'hns5 I hard oaf a baee hohl ini a co(iii
neiuai'l rinI in IL blge hotel, when
lith worCad hi;nt go. t a5 f'ar as %S I N.
''bal~t (IlnI iathI CInn 'zi' he14 the 1he
ininilg oif ?"' slaidi th n1'ext miani:
'( nod woritd iln tIhe lainguage 1b:egin.
(tinged" the last speaker~- thait is,
wkedl himii to compleICte thie word.
'Zine," wais the answer'. awl. thm(1 (1
IjpOni the1 puledC one1 jumPI (in llup
wit.h aL spamnii of agony.
Ltitions. Mark1'I Tlwajni n1Ce' comI
ph11 ied, afte ( a'I long initrva'lI of
diees : 'This~ woriking betweeni
nteals is4 killinig me!" I'
TheI croy pros)pec'ts for IOmallI grainl
nl G-eorgia is cheer!ling. Ja Lrgerl
rlCIes areC planted~ inl wheaii, oats, rye'
iid 1bale'4y thn heretofore. There
MiJore hiear'ts pine14 aLway in secret
'Ilgilush for the want of kindness
from those who1( sh~old be their
P0om1forters than~l fr'om anmy other
enalamIity inl life.
*The dea1'r(a'Eo obj'j' to a ma
shouildI be0 hi5 wife: butt it is nlot un1
frequently her clothes.
WVithi ai magificent, diamond, a
gentlema nnel(l gener'ally eut his
name11 upon)1 the halrdest feInrdel( licar't.
stranger thanii fiction," bec auseH it is
niot so commonl01.
Even inl' the hardest times clocks
emloy their r'egiular numI~bCer (of
"iButtonl pfarties" are~ poplalr in
the W~.est. Wie do'n't know whence
they derIive their nami~e, unless it is
bcauseit40 the~y'O alwy W135sure to) coine1
diiaileet.ed dist rit' Wilrt the thegr<
were paid in enish and where' the
w dwwas no reduction of wages, there I
hen lit ter ally strike nor any isp
of rioting. At last, accounts ever
thing was quliet, thontgh thts strike
had iot yet restimiet'd work.
Thu lhestor and Lenoir Narre
Gaulgo Itailroad is at last in cou
pleto running order bitweon (he
tor antd Dallas, N. U. It iE expect,
that considerablo advantago w
no0w acerne to the people along ti
line, in the way of cheaper freight
Eflorts will at once ho iimdo
fitisli the road to the termutini
originally intended--.Leneir, N. 1
This c(orporationii has enjoyed pee
liar advantages, having recoived
subsHcriptioln of two hundred thoi
ad dollaLrs in bonds1( of the COluti(
of York, and Chester, besides co
siderable privato assistanco.
large lmrajorit.y of the taxpayers c
York opposed the county subseri
tion, but it was m(ade by the count
comm1ilissionecrs anid the supron
court utistained their action.
Truth trangor Than Fiction.
The Asheville (N. C ) /'ione:
says : A nu1or if lunejn met at
1)muse oni No1 th Tow river, Mlitce
counity, for the jitrpose of t geliol
pree. As tIsupltl in such cases,
quaurrel ensiued, and in at fight be
tw een! ia yomg 11111 ittla it drutinke
com'i)paniion named! ''oly, the forml<
was dapgerously stabbed in ti1
abldonell. In) this cotditio
hie was5 place'd ini at blantket, aipo
1111 thirollgh ia loop in the smiie, an
the uls shouldered by two ltel
who attemlptedl to carry him whler
he 'ouiild get surgical aid. Tlh
jath led aitlong the side ot a rugge
aiui(ltiinn, and they had borne 1
soeI( distance when the kn(.
through which the pole 111 loosen
(Ad, and the wounded man111 w:1
tlrow11 down the lountain, li
intestines c'atchin1g onl bushels anll
winding around himt as he rolle
down its precipitouH ide. He w
alive wh1en picked l), Ind hi
friends carried huimi It alhoulse
the neighborhood. We are inform
ed that, an 1)1d louttswife was enlle
inl to attendi hhn1. She inishle
ba(k the ent.rtails and sewed up ti
oiliien with 1pack1r11e adII Later i
the day ia )r. Ilugger arrived, wh
gave it as hi.p' oiioniu timt. .h
operattion) had not, b~"'n piope (rl
dlone--that1 Daavis "paumed1 waIS nl
in tihe proper position, and tith
solnu of the 111iiter i trails wet
missinig. h'1is he ascertlained Ib
iing the ):tint severa3il heart
shnk es: lhe saidl 'the sotund wu
stoo hollow." Alt his order the ma'
was agtiln ripped open, while part-it
wesent iii searb of the nissin
(iit.niiils. They foumiii several <
these in ispensabiles to the progre
(if digestion, aid inirrviig lack t
Ie boue', lililed fheu to the M. l
As (hey were very dirty, he rinse
them in cold water, sp1rinkiled
lit.tle all over lintom as IL presevl
Live, aitd the put temi in tlI)
patient.. Thie wvound Wis 1e-sewe
and when o11 inform1ait, left it wit
tibought that Davis would recover.
.ii het dloes., ia life insu~rance polie
woluld be the greiatest extriavigan<
hie could intdulge in.
1he ne British man11 of wi
Iniflexile will carry in turrets for
eighity-onte-4on gluts ; hetr titrrei
wvill lhe priote(ted li3' eigsteeni iit(e
armitor : andl thte citadel, or' viti
not less than~ twentty-foumr intclues<
armior. Sheo is deOsigedlu Lto be
fl oting ceastle, the rest of ther ii
bcsg1 thei citade~ll 1being min m
us~eftf for thte pups of givin
buoyapbc-y IAo ftr (ltstral stronghiob
She will be fitted, hiowever, withi
sp~ur, whiich (enn be taken oiff a
pleatsure, andti her eniormitons ill
wvill give' her terrible poe as~
Yiunt, 1(er dlislace4mienti, wheni ia
hier w~eighttn 1re onl board,- wil.1 .
nto less thant 11,40)7 tonts-exuadiln
flhat of iany vessel yeti contstructe<
Ini spi te of thie donht wlhethe
thle peCople (n the Mayflower hai
anly tea, antd whtethner, if they dii
any of the ir I(lipot s have (oil
dlown Lto the p~iriesnt genueration, oin
reportlled top have beent )light I fri'
HIolland on :that. 11esse, anS
wats wohl at ant autctioni ini Newv Yom
recenitly for $5'5. It. wast Ht.ated 1:
that dupilienteos of this teapoit, lhas
been~i maide in Engliand, and are sol
by [tichiard Briggs, of IBostonl, I
amrr of the pilgrimii fath~ers <
thait city for $10 each.
Th'le rapLIid andiu empha~ifti(' recit
of the following is said to be u
intfallible cure for lispinig :Hol
met Sinobbs and1( Nobbis; H-obbs bol
to Snobbs and Nobibs :HohaR noit
with Snlobbs ar3 d robs Nobbs' fob
"T1hisn is." says Nobbs, "the worn
for Hiobbs' job3," and~ Sntobl
C~ol. *J. TI.. Simiith, of' W.ashiingt
coun ty, Gcor'gia, mate~r of the Stat
in) corni, thiirteent hundred iln cotte
anud fiv e hundred in oalts, H-e (i
pects to mai'ke five hundrel'fd 'Sles
(cott)1n and twe lve~ thiouit busihe
of 00orn.
Fried onion pafrties arn) giveit
IndJia. Thme banuet is followr'ld
games of forfits.
r The Why Woaver Eixix aztg IhIgo
aille--A Wonderful Narrativo.
1 From the 1Ow $u< Pienn
y The woetcrfil little Hpider which
captiltrol the muouse, Ind is elevating'
it in its parlor at Mr. Mihaeltl Grosuj d
W carpenter shop, on (.Greatnen, be
Ll- twoun Pl'yian Fields and Marigny
H streetH, of which we gave an aecomt
dc yesterday mIornuing, is still husily en
ill gaged in its herculean task, and
10 filling the nutuerous persons who,
H. visit it with Ilazemlnenkt. This a15
, tonishing little inset is of the black
is 8,i.mi, laid very s1all, a fact that
reniders the fe:tt. which it now por
forus the Ionre mnarvellols. Tho
a mouse Wias acetstoied, w'hCn on a
H > redattory excursioim1 to emerge
from at hole umder tho' buch where
SHpidorH dwell, and patsH into tho
A carpenter shop where the bonlt
fstands. The enterpriaa:tg spieur,
- who hadl no doubt watched for a
y long tine the moveoits laid a trap,
so for the unmiuspctittg ydiTng ioUtis,
and ot Iloitdauy norning when it
staIrte~l out on its daily round, the
little spider, who was on the lookout,
tightenedl the thread which she haed
!i-pepared for her victim, whose hitld
legs lN bCein enf.angled in them Its
it ims-"ed ouit of t ha Iomle, andi oon
secured it. Iiucdiately after t.ho
a legs had Leonen caught the spider
fastened another thread to tha
i oliuses tail, aitl after sevrtu liill
c ounstunt work Nsuceeded in rising
her pr''s hind q11narters, and (oil
tinued Ho doing titil the tip of the
mluslO'H 100 only tonehed the lofasr,
Having t.hus rendered it helpless,
the little spider industriotaly get to
owork msultiplying its fastenings.
After a few more hours' labor the
i)uHe was raised one inch from the
tfloor, the spider workiing as if with a
Pulley. in its terrible c(11tortiol
to relOis: itsialf the nIouIse 1n)1inal1ged
to sever the fastenings around its
hind legs, but No strong were the
threads which HuHponded it in tho
air. and att secure'ly Were t~hey at,
j tahl-el14d tei'its tails that an erfliVts, to
break t hem proved fruititless. Mur.
Gros,, taking great interest, in the
Pieceding , left the Spider undia
Murbed, and during almotst the whole
of Motid ay' nigh t, with several
friends, watched its working aten
Lively. 'TIle litle insect, after
talking her posit ion on her vietin's
tail, commt1em-ed noi1niptting1 f' 1ho
thlreadu afte working, Graully
t could the Ist inIshfld witnessHs of
this wvonderftil feat see the mous11o0
ecreel p, iln the threads, delscentd
ing from their fastenings under the
y corner of the 1enlch to tho mouse'
H tail, incretsed in mniih1her, and durinu
1 the 54 Ioutrs eliding yesterdlay evOi
ing the threads had11 w) ilcrilwe(a
that it becam1e imtpossile to count
them,. and1( tihe inouse, which was st.ill
alive though (tit. wceaketned, had
been raised from one0 to three and a
half' iniches fromt the floor. 'ho
Hpider durin: the whole time of
a1 i.s work 5at 1)11 the 1111n4!'sH
tall, only leaving its positiott
at lon;g I'ntervais, when it
Would cautiously creep down the
tail to its root, an1d 1,here1 feed upon
the btlood of theC iouseH( '11LT re
ximning is ~ pition 1on thel end of
work. ThisU unhea('Crd of (capture of~ a
r mouse4 by HI so~h n l an insct anld its
ringeniious iartnerO (f olovatinig it
hasN excital~ the wVofider anid samira
h1 4~o of thousanit ds of visi tors:, amntllg
LIlhomif maI~y be~ met.tioned Heveral
y sienttil men andi p~hi~iains w'ho
a1 G ross's carLpenllter shopl) to wvitness
the gigiat.' 14ask, vwhi the little.
,1i(Ehie has underI(t,aken(i and( is HO HueL
esstfuilly btriniging to ani issueO. Mr.
Gross will leave them unidisturibedl
anid carefully waltch the1 result, naRs
e.(ver'y one0 iH ai~ous to seeO w~hatt tho
kc spider will do wvit~h its (2ap1tiv0 after
a it, dlies, andi how far it will elevate it.
l A jndge ini Monmfloth Cluty,. N.
J.,~* once cautioneud ald 1( negro. who
had1( been acqluitted not to be found
'in had c2ompan11y algin. '"Much
r'lhige to) yo,' Ma~rs,"' lie replie1d, "I
d atllus 'Npect your ailwise ;)Ist doC
fact am'1 dlat giood c'omnIiy and1( had
o companJilty look so mnuch a lhke, (dat
,,N disiggalh enn'tI toll dec dliffereneo
until lie git, right in '-tm I"
..Al) Inidianaiu woman~ recenitly sient'
k the foltlowinag note to her hiusband,
w~hoI is seringI outt ai three years'
termi ini the Statil 1 Prison: "DIear Tom :n
1IIhave, obtinedio aL diJvorc from yoit
neCv(r intd ; whIeni you (2ome1 out ii
wilrnaway with 'ou if you- see
any13 way bywhbweengtaiv
It is oidered probble in as ~'~l
n ingJt~On Ihait the conmliuitLee2 onl post
ofilee alnd11( posit- roads will recomf
menl~ld that omuiains o fi
iacl busRiess may be o'nnt free by'
H.Col~~~nrsmni antd, also> t'hait t
e present uselessN expnsJ4,1ivo ys't~EMl of
ofiicial stampa) no(W emfployedl by3 ex
- enitive departmntoil b ae aboliused,
tbe T1heo Madisoir /intre *,irnnal tolla
2H thiN: A Mo rgani co(un1ty farmer, w~ho
ni, could11( not buy prv()isionE 0on timeO,
- got guanoi( Onl credit without any'
r f trembhe, Hold it for ('-ash at reduicedi
isiprices and nw biNs harder is full
and11 he hta nme spafin chiange yet
on1 hand.
>y The cry of green back-H~elp, (Cash
ne14 0r WO sink.

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