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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, May 31, 1876, Image 2

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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*~ S ~)~#41 m l~ H~ I
W IIII i'l y sloii rng. byii ii, W~
.I \E(t. ' It F N1O 1,I) ~, Ed if or
I')lL t (4 \ 18511 te reutllier thait when1
L(:'Inis of .1IidgI's Shaw.~ :il R~end
ht1 1.)It ('\j ijiet, antil e Legislal Ill'
11 d ii I'i:-i~t to (let tIdly slieces5,or'$.
'f(se (;.V. 1:14 res 'cenitly tathe'i i
Hh't~) 1 fl(II4r, ill issini~g t.o Jud~ges4
i'iav AdTl Red c1(ommlissionsH for it
full terns, in place of those formerly
givet'1Io theml for the llcwxpiieul
'el'Ill of tlheir' respcS1 tive' 14ld-.
1iue~i!)11i, the toei of Jltlg() 81mw~
I 8111:. and that of Judge lRve 10 no.
I ill1 D,-,!emher 11, 1878. For hiis
)4L(+itioll ill this; 110)4t Serio4us4 baitt"
Ile shlt114 1'teiUvO froms thlt peole~(
Of thet state alli the N~tl )1H41't 11114
11104)'Oligtelm011t h 11111}'1 desire. HiI,~
l'115(', fir's't ill i'Cftltllg 'Ollnti04 15
to the pretended judtge.s andit niow in
Jll14'iti. iln the iiiiiids of the p)resient
iI IkCmlll41ts t114 h~ighaest~ (ll (1 miost
utsetful eviclenice of' their right to
lolul thiri jit~igt'slaips for it full
Wipperlj0 ill tay Wdt l',) N1414'i mayd
lit ike t, wai'ts tiig thir sclit's
(11 ti('411 tais11kIItceHI.'i
.Ai i''ll 11(111 hler o'r OH I lt ( ),l
SIfui('1iUIlg I I11 1)1 a tlt (''. ('H 41 l ' icc I
1;11 iltl tJ('t'0il l ti c l -IC M e''. t. ttt
Iit Ille1PI (il the1( id' g1'Lvs 11 TM 114
lo' I p, N. C. A illiltli~t(1 tol 4'I 14141 s
1141.4ltelII 5 it ('0111ali115 hilly (lthit~li.
1: i1 tell. Not onily was11 on1 ofthIle
waH r on114I1441 the i 44('111i( 40, ticv. S.
iiti'iixa' ilat~lt'cl oft the Noi'4ii Ilnt a,
114; 144tM Il.t~iitt evdc o44 hiai~llt' h
;( 1i i i(sO1 (ii o . W N 41 ). If11. i'tIil \av.
1114(fe ll tIlt t'O4':h~ l i :1 rI44l f It'
54'te )'llll'1:'It 1 :'1ll~l~l. i iS 44 11 ."1 1lt1 d 4'ls
only ct an potuc 1)111
thie (jlI1iHtioll to Wihi(i wo huvo jus8t
a ude1.
TheIi reent chaniiges niado by tho
Presiden t in his8 Cutimt s~eemi to
I'igfli icanlt. Miore (especiallyv does
the llIpiiltiuf'z*t of D~on Cihiii('oII
to the p)osition of Secretary oIf War1
the aim c,f hi~ch is the electionl of
(!onkiing; . ho ]'resid~enit's choice, to:
'Flc 'lkl ( ,xil I" of *Jlldgc. 'fl, wh o is i
mattl of ;o~y m~oderalte Viewx9, is
Z1pt~t~ a thle firstI slo in stn~f
t l sILtte: tcl se(culre( I hE'll ll, if!
'iThat (; ran .eti ulli eiitate at sill t~o
Wold inl LtllV de(glee full to be his
ready eCufljlr 11'l'icI to itillilii of
lIto d1I)Ibt. i.ltL~gtl('P, the lappJoilt
tittt. of the linter book 11o glood
fo' the So uthernl people, anti its~
'(Halts wvill le aiteiid Wvith inter'Pst
f niot, with aLI] Ii l'l'liol1. Ini V1L'W
:)f tlis 1).(L'tiil tl c liVCn ill III'
',lai)illet, tilt([ of what s(centl t" beILI
ASx i jerts, it is the part of t 1w,
,oth iu people It) do) Iut hihip
Xh'ieite to) IL1'11'I (rn ['iit pret ext
Louse the uiriy for polit ical 1p111
[1)8 M" Anty dislttir'Iiniiiee however1"'t
'aucll nd l. howeveur Ii''liignie.tllt..
lt Iit elilg (if troo(ps ini t he 8 11111.
Th llt ie SI'~8l Iieit tLI IJIIOpl shouIld
theriefore e-x'r("ise the grea'itest
01. I in a)I''jll probab iy ful theC
'the litie fi'lP t the~ pie et A Net
ii (e Tloncx u t. ucle thef: coil
'ctiiwiX I 5% tli I LI of lt 'Ilat
htio ttL(:t hilljM]fl4c ne~ ' ' li is 1 1t
'lud----i tl cltm \it iiWil wat. t.
tIJii Ilnccl I lpe kiitln- anot it~ h tl
nit en O tIpcl C~ ~ia' e- s/'f'v/u f. -
liii]c lwilI' (it m th l ll ( i111ll;It ill
all t P i' (ull el'l Ic fuleynl o tvu ll
All 2W hili:t'l' If its;sel L'iX0 rtitl
'4111 qllal 'l vOP Ilceilt Lue 0l'1c
coif 11 the //"g'l~hi ti(/'J)IM i(at it
htllI ahi t"'() III' tlt 0iI l):1("( optedi fact
lcI IV li l it pr o l1: lc'"nliOl'x WI'l'
II'il1 t p c c t 1t ::e il! I (tI ill , the'
.~xt tit'l ,Iill is i l tt all w t t,l it
h le Iue . ') lilt I -:ls il o he'i . still
says "it is absurd to hold the whole
Southorn 1)001)10 responsible for any
accidental local (listurlbance which
occeurs in any part of that, past
region." As a further proof that
the first reports were gross fabrica
tions, the sheriff of Woodville, I
M itss., telegraphs : "All trouble
woull have been avoided. lad not
the collored people fired into my
posse. Prominent colored men
were with me trying to pacify thems.
Politics had nothing to do with
the If'fir." 'The Uohunbia t J'ion
//era/dl~ would do 11m1ch1 better to
uulk ia little close' int o facts before
flaunting its "b'.loody shirt." It'
50115 to look fr Republic'an
victories in the South, by, mnans of
"the st.n-g armo of the govern
m(nt," tilul doubitless it hopes0 to
gain tle aid of that trung arm"
by a 1e2rs.istent gi hiding of its
"ouutige Mnill."
: c re(t ( f.e': I yr.u( Irg.
Within the p.st ten dalys there
has ocCurred in1 our Stte a double
trage.lIv sear(elv over equ1 dled in its
(('r'ible1 1insults. T.het mmlud.!r o
Mr. 1n M:-s. Jolm LIa Hanll. at 1
thiri home in Ahl :eville c'oniity, ha
ielady been mentioned. It was a
dar k, cruel, b lood thlirsty, inhtlunan
deed. A woir(tihy im.n1 and his wife.
both 1iadvaced1 in years, were <ilietly;
sitting in their dwoivlling, unsuspi
dious of any app] roachillg danger.
when at 111n1 her of negres (n (e. eld.:
M'. Ia1n( 212 l'eiIlg engaged ill ('Onl
v-ersation with (on(e of the numehur. 1
anlothier, Siteplhen L..ke by name,
taking advantlage of the fact that his
intenode.l victim21's (4tteltio n w\;s fixe.1
tlse.wh(e, dIealt .him a blow upon
t.lie wal with a he try bluldg~eun pre
pm ed for the lurdel'us purpose,
uid felled him to the flour. The
nex blow. 1 f21ell u1pon1 thei headh of Ma s
IlIarmo n, an l the tW w Were ailer
m1ately h11ea t(en 1 th 1il p strate and
LnIonsciulls. Other .egroes eitered
IA this Ipoint, and ole of them,211 Lairk
ifullowaty, turne 1 over the ho ly of1
MrJ'. IIanumi :0 at on2ce2 St'pIIhen Lake
i' i; kni'e and ('tit the throat. of
his victhm Lark then went 4t to he
hilly of MiE. I barmoni Iilil tain.e1 it
ver", wOhen tep'1hen Inike cut her ]
thr-oat in likm m( tituer Bu1t, the
1rime was not vet, complete. The
house was (t1 once pillaged of all that
w:s va'11nthle 111 ava ilab': le. (101 the
tinre, a short dlist.,n-"e oft, w .is lilwc- t
wise riiihel. Tou noiter 1;t(( rub
hery, tlhes'e h1: 'k fiends no4w en
12aVor-ed( to add 1ie ('riie of a1'm l
Il:eiing att('11e1led to set fire to the
roo'in byv no 'ins of lighiting. a1 cloth1 2
lh21n11s were'I <j224'nched iln theP bdlood
I:h2.se whoil' repair'.l1. to the hohmse(
';arly1I'\ next2 ioonlig fountheI 4 ra2gM t
st ill smiiokinr 2and( thlr(eatening1)~ to
ablivi::tI2 :1ll tnr o:cc(f the bl1oody~ I
In-d that1 lu1.1 just. 1h(4en done. We,
whli2'h to) pe'rn1 in ils true' 'olors
withou 'it e'x('u2.4, 2.1:1 he' v who woul <21
'ft (2m1.t its 1ndliatZ2 n is2 no 1 better 1'
thanu any o1 (f t he 1black wriet,'cs hv <
wvhose luun'ls it was8 d11ne1. A vigoj
rors' 2e'n h wa ~:s at. on11e iade fori
theC111 munlre2s, 2422. severa2':i 1negroes
V er':Unial~1 . Three( of1 thelse 1um2e11
utve' h'ec2inple proofali of1( thguilt of
11d4e 1i2hl was111ie na tll iten, and0(1
12 1it s dec1 ided timt the 2ult 15
pt1'ies shouh2 be i ce. Aaied04r1 a11'
(nd 12h41 no eat1h. Thle l wirl '~l
WeullyIih'111:humb' 1l1ei pedsn pr II'eent <I
tei 2 2114. ur.' 1 An22 I laged2 couple, 01
ains whom12 it~l mighdut weby he1( ('plir
woe brutall Iy mude. redlI in1 their on n
home, 12the2C (41 house pi2lg, and an <h~'
Ittemp made' ~ 222 to hestroy e enir 11
haw bi2een' no124(t 111ingl alliating i,
m n. ti i ha r I4armon (1 <
lui oe caus~~ledl th1e (someh1 1ofi ilel
(r' inses 11 t fseneofl0 1 (d li'1o' l e er s, <)1
('wI (liI a '0iew to i 1Coer crain t e i
plon Tis ay haviibe iny 11ni'e de. 2
2)1ree WC actuateded o the ar lieine
fheir 11kjilgiof shot tiron deut Ii
1I1e)' is p;0 etext1 - -houg10hoit de i
1)anse a tir illodfl horrr in iter ogin
Lmd ill its effects. Lynch-law i
dlways a most dangerous expedient
For its victinm in this case, assiunii
their guilt to have been established
we can have no iympathy. The;
lid a dreadful deed, and met i
dreadful penalty. But, viewed ii
the abstract, a resort to such means
tires is most certainly to be deepl;
leplored. That is r, terrible condi
tion of things in which the ordinnru
lgencies of the law are powerless fo:
the adequate punishment of crime
and it is still more terrible when an,
iiortion of ia conilliinlity loe it;
onlieince in the hw, and resorts t<
ither ieans for the protection (
ife anud pro(perty. These are evil
inder which the people of Sout1
T:rolina, without regard to rae
uie now HufI': ing That cr iie is of
hle inlcr.:11e bN1ot~h in the number 1rn(
hie grade o;f the ollen a commit tec !
nu111ot he denied. The pen~tentiar;,
8 full, and the court calendars a1n
tdways c'rowded with ci imiinal busi
less. Whero the fault lies, we art
lot, inow prepilred to stiy, hut, the ofrdi
1 r1y Ieiasure(s resorted to have cer
:ainly been not fruitful of good re
il11s. Something iust he (1on(. C:
*heCk the increase of crime, ini.l vie:
tie'nto the majesty of the law. Strin
rent laws should be (naete .1 lil(
\vo: 1penal ties iliposed(. Soime
,hing tmust at one he done, enr
-rimle bJe(comes atlm)1 t to)' wide
1p: end to he checked at all. Mean
ime let all labor for the pr"eserva
ion f tihe peace. Lot its have not
mnother brutal murder, anid let t.hier<
ic no grouid whatever for a resoe
I lynehi-law.
Couniy Organizat'on.
Tho meet in.; on Siatunrdlav 1i.t w
ather sp-irisly at en le.1--llichl b
he Sil pi ise of those interested ir
he orgioizati:n1 of thlie 1)iemoe)ra
)f Fail til. F'roin the ahirg
t.fienldaiee n1111 the last coun0h
!Uonvenllton it w\,is re.is'onll~e to in.
er that all t'he t >wn Mhi)S w\ )ul,
>: fully reipr:4ein'e I at th;is s: ;It
mal~ egnal~lly impor.bItanlt gathalti'rng.
\'e deeply regrCt t'e 811:nall atI ti'd
m('e on iSa:(1thy. btt. w\"e are nod
ne'linc'l toi jil'ge tie gi(ood p'>ple of
airfield harshly on account oi
heir lack <-f active interest it
mblie gitlerin.gs. A-de from ti<
Ii omly con:- iderat.ion'i that, mony 0
lhe peo ple regard t1(ir prese 'in(c (
heir faurist at tiis y riiul:r inni1i
if the first m;ulenh ther mir- nr1n\
ugiuraf ' iby the 1)eople oft til
tate. Chief among t hese in f hi
iLct. thait previons to 18(;8 t' wm1
o0 sieh thinlg hiumvn iln Souf]
ihn. 'i.'here were of course differ'
0we c wa n ly a wd ( m l -ampai
lidatcs. Ihit the electionl ainii
>opuilari ity3 oif the aspiran1t s, anid
t niiattered no t mnehfi, as a queiP er
if publi1 ini jterest, whoII was8 elected
thiere w:as, inl anly e'venit, anlins
)istrijct gfvermen t. . int now ti:
n all ch angfed. It in true thIat. thi
hie primell object f thef!. ).i D eocrt~i
arlt y, in thef iniaulgura~.t~ in and lii :
'itiuioin (of gioods giove' nmilent it
ifnthI Carolina, and i thaiit thei ar<i tl
e'ally no1 pji"cval issues'i at st-:ike'
hit fori mlthi ianreasns whi'ch w<
n poi tifcal organ izatio loll f fh<
ioniesit ftaxpayc: 8 is inow a nef'cssit.
Ihr nml. llst, he some110ilC~ me-i ini t h<
>etiple ini thir (effrts towards t hf
'C etmptionii of the St-ite. amd t.
his end, thioough organliza:tionl a~
impijly imililpeinsable. It will not1
ially sf1 ve tihe ''nd ill view forl thef
1(oph.i to resolv e to v)ote tfo a man:1
ml theC side f rigiht--even atssningii
hat a fill vote en e p c i i lle w ith
olf priou.ls organ iz it ioni. Whiat
5 nece led, is thatI thme people act uni
fy ero// tfeelvesI in lie Demoi
ralt ife org: niat ion lng before thei
iinig iime ('omeiis. There is4 need
if muochl delibleratfion, oif uill aml
r i cinechan ige of o pinionis, lbefort
heia notin o (f the Demora c ani'it ht'ii1
he' peole1, I hat the ier-ulia v iew.
hie othler, and whoni th1f tuie fom
ie reguhitd b'Iiy thi-- views and1: t h<
xpien'ceif ffo wiih ior1gain iz-tion
nd( noting else, can1 give full (.5
>resion01. Anfd the lpeople shionh1(
ic organized tht thi(y miay not
mannouilsil prot.est agaiinsft tihl
'onlitiance of the thiish'~i gfioern
uenit und(er wvhiich alhl the peCople,
vithiout regard to race have' foi
vorse thian suicidal to argue, and to
.e upon te nargument, t1-t t1,
lItop)lictlfl mjority i1: so largo
thait there is no hope) of anuy good
reslt from ])emueoerntic. orgliuizat
tion. Good rei~ult,) are sit 1 to
follow. An orgacnizedI muinority),
IreprOeentiing, 118 (10er8 thme 1Xf111()"
i cratic par'ty ini' South Caroliiinlt tt
ltlt t llinetti-twetlitectli8 of thle
V property anid intelligence of the CO~l
111011weittl, musit, 0eet Homo ilutimience
r! the Repl~lican party in our St:tiec.
A strong pr1otest a~t the polls mlust,
ilivO its 1'~'Ct. ov'en iHhiI)1l(1 ther'e 1st
4 tfl:ll 11 t~rimcii1)I1 for the Htitkals.
Nor shlould it b.e 81I).J81, .1 that thel
f 1)emiioertmtie ors ilii A tic 1 is to) (!x.-'
pi i: a fer tile N )VCel!)er eklltio>iI.
It. s'.uoiild bel~ kept ill ae kc ive :tl
vigolousi l~cItC!ZL1lI It i Zi)i!Iw liI)''
i fterl tiut V evenit.. \\' h.v'e riot
whichl (leiiiI~l cf ta'i( ' 1 iilr ofI Lt'tir
so:\'c", f it 11 :( iht ll :li I U1 1)e111
-c Ciltie (!lt). Inl Oti jil t~ ~l1it is
of vital11 111p1))Vtallrc'C n ab',( iii 11:':11
('flllf " 1)e at Olie 1.. ceiigizl V" 1)
gal rcl. ver CIV Coi leitt ioc, like
initerest . Ul)III'.5 to (1thcii til 1 (IC!
tlu;mt till J)iO(1)(CC C'. III 111 114'S Il t.i '
li' .errtI II e\VIiSIi 4 -will at. one(! talc('
mit (ijh Ii Cto erol the IiC111 blet of re very
-\\'Jiefli the inext I ccf i ni; o f 11 I
a'ti " IC lu it~is. ILel . II-IC ii ii t 111
'lais. sI'l(. 1 in'c tic Or! .Uitti~ 4)!ill
r' iex t l i. el ilie It:I.c' a I t+) l.
i withcwv tht peole cci1 IliI N. .1..lli
Iie itl. C'ill' :~l~ .nl cI mIv ilmi .
Vise :tid lili~su Iii ~ I I< basis of11 :IV 11:
ej)l-hi madel tin c'. iri ;t1Igl, ci)1:; ti
n1~ ext. i t)!" ji(~ l
SI nil:t. t i('f itI C)II 54 ' a,' Ce' lI
p iiI t i~ i y ). l 1l( i ') : i "'i -:il ' : '. c
'ilcci''4 N~:' I t( Ifs ll ;) a- tu i '1t i t
Ih i i' l41 t it iii, , 'i "ii tc f) (' i~
11ccl e" '~ll:g a' 'cl)Ui c4 /.: p(cc
lieci;" Overc (iif.' ihitiplt""s" h:.\
io (1111 c:I this4 1 'i i'le di r' I l l
thI i cttmi. cat \\'oi:it.N.' N .\ 1. s
;tl )l i. (l'c i t! has'tp 5 i''. lc
lI' S~l (' hil 'IC ! N- I t t p(. ".
IA~t t tel~lllli' :::t' 1)1"t iei~
III., :l W *, 111 ,1 e' (' e slt 111. sI'. .:;e r I t~i l("c
Ii t ( 'ei.:t I'l 'l'.cue.~ i aci 1 :=' ii
Of tc $(i I'4r11.Ii'g a tic)i .:ci ui;s \' e it ,
J. A. Fraser, Agent,
tun tigent of limo I I1owiiig \\"cll extltll
1i:;llull file iutiur;utcr rulullauil N, itull
recommend (IICIIt to property owlkera Its
w'orti:3 of tltoir cotttilit"Itcc. 1'1"ol t"rty
insured 1ttlulvijuutu rlt(ws.
The 1''ire Association (11' I'liila"
It"lI)hia -Ilit urpOrnt( tl ill 1820.
Assv ,s ot,'i r ti:3,(jUUUIiU.
The (iiti$elit' IIISllr."ll v ('I)Illl)all,1"
" of Neivul"k N..1.- Urgolliiett in
11N69. (hi p i tli l .'S ,;,I i O0,UU(), As
Sets Over ,,t500,0U(1.
'I'ii Peter bl rg savilq miff Ill
suratiee ('01111taI11" ()i" I't"ten:"'
llara. Vir iiii;l. :1-i;t'ts over,
('till 1111 in., nll:l i:l"4111"o voile ilroi crl y
%%II tullf III i;; . ('t;ni.tty Ittilllin 8 11
;i t"ri;". it v.
J\t) A 1' It.ltilA1. A",i nt.
iu;u I 1tl 11'iul.t;ll~:.., S ('
AL A 37'-AL L.
f 111 Ot(1'lY
tllo iv( .1-V luul "11r
I'11t ."iiv11 I I;III, NN Itl rt" \i ill ulmilv's 1 1" fonit<l
lie>:t - l; ho r:.l t antI lit ul::s 1" it. alt". \'L
11."1t " ill 'Vii\'t till 11:1itiI fill' h i1"t". I ic."("I
't.lltil:ll.ilti , ;, ('.:11.1 it lal';'," e1u tn( it\' tit
("tl't', ( ;;t . it i iI;,\ l\"t"it"', I -""II t tl" l'll4h
nll\. ti . \V. ('11.\1\'I'i) 1)
V h
1 I'ftf;i.'.1'1 1 # 'it t iiiw ,.,I " it,
/ s1"it I 1IN ,t'till,.INS 1't"cl1\'rllut
1( ( ) t , I ) PIlk i':sI.Ill V It.
/ 1 I: I :ttit I'ii; ' 1t"\rt.t tt: li .i.l't Ittt.
/ 1. l I.,; 1" ,alill.; W isi I i.' lit ; r':1
i. " .t'.c: to l,;ul iiu; lit' Ir: 11 I~t liattLlc
i\' toil V I Ilt"t" i' 174; ' r t.:l lt 17,\'
2 - Pr ,
tom, "v.. " ,. ;. : . f .
t:s th e iii i-t t\'1111,l1'I'I111 t'i".
;I:.t 111114t ever multainpi its
"1'.-(,':11 ..
No !'t'i''titttt c'at'tatii(\ Ow se 1;if.ll" ,
ii't: Ill Iitilti..Ililt 1'tlltlalill I. It
till%\ III ,1\'Idt'd i1II9I' (I(t11l- X1'"(1 (jilt "1
:;t 1"(1 1'11 1)\' Il I'itl 11111:111) ..'I" o f 't"
tlil':Ills, all'tl \'.:all ,Il tlll' sSalsLCtl 1/l',\"t'i 1
iiifiOits, tit'ttiitt(U1. hiul Itttt't''
I('I 1 '('1','1"!i, v.Ilit"It a11'(! 41) pr(.
t'lit ll tla'. V;'!l:'\-:1 l11' 0t!1' g11"0t I'i%
till' I *Ilttlvl St ;lt(!1. espv "i 1.;Y
I!1"ra' '! Ilit' ill l .jlllli. )111ft), \Ii.' cu t'i,
tllttltl . 11't1I11's 't', (1,!i1'tt!! i. lll1.A i'lialt "
Kl I l tl. t'u1:witO n. !11':lzlis. Rio i.l" Ii ,l,' Ft
fl'air', .\itl'.i.,i.t, !1'O!.I " ;11';Illlll!~\Ittl
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