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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, May 31, 1876, Image 3

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c..DbA.L IT~]~lv.S.
1osv OFFk~l E OUR8.--The p ost
office will be opeli daily (Sundaye
excepted) from 8 A. M., to 12 M.
and from 2 to 5 P. Mt. Northern
and Southern mail close at 8 P. M.
precisely. W Mail delivered on
Sundays from 8 to 9 A. M. only.
RtAILnOAD SOutums1JL.-The train:.
th C. C. & A. I. I. now leave
Wir'msboro as follows: Going north
12.30 a. in. Going south, 1.35, a in
Accommnuodiation day trains : (going
north, 11.33, a. m. Going south,
1?.12. These trains meet at WViins
Auction--"J. C. Caidwell, Assigniee.
Bath loomns--J. E. (liilbst.
Governor Chamberhlin hats issued
to the )eople) of this State an invi"
itatioll to obtserve the 28th of June
ias a pilihlit h d (y The day should
be so observed.
Everybody in the vicinity of
Winnsboro is complainiing of the
long eontiniiuance of dry weather.
''hie gardens and fieClds are all suif
fering, and the streets in town are
most disagreeably dusty.
We are indebted to )r. WV. E.
Aiken for somve unusu1sally nice se1up
)ornonig1 wine I "u1pply of which he
has just rse'ived. Tt. i+. especially
pl.1S and is onl that accountt well
aiapted for mitlieiinul pun poss
Mr. A. P. Miller has reepfl.v 1%vt
two very fine cows. their death
S (ing caused, as is supo)se) 1- by
having eaten locksputr, weed
growinig :amlng; the hlicrnle in 1the
lot in which his cows were fastur
.t1'. WVilliamn Dmly, of "O 0r
llouse," will nceoipt the t1h:m1ks of
the oflice for wfimeO "su1ppeo riilng
tobblers"-a ne0w b~'eeinge' which ill
peculiarly 1iibibW'111 a illin
these wtrm1 soine1r)l~ dts. 'T'horc
a.re qlite a pleuty muo.re of th s:unc
Hort to be lu.ol at. "Our IHolisu"
Com)plainits are t.deof :a un1isLl(ee
in the north e'astern1 port ion of the
town, near Biratton's spring The
caeal'i'ti of at coi w C was taken there ia
few days sintce, antd still r"emtains,
1mah to the tlovialcc of the resi
dets inl tit nciglborhood. We
tist the tlwn cmn--iil will at. once
take stEps to have th g1re t nuisanc
Fi n: 2'' Coro. -\\'e I mve at omii
801ce)out stalks oIf cottoni, the taiil
esM. It is from the planitationi of Mr.
.J. Tu'irner Stewart, niear' lgewaiy,
aLd wats phted the first o
April. .11e has for acres (If cottoi
like the specimen sen t us. The for
tilizer us-edl was the SIoluble Patcifie.
In a1 rCeent numberl0ii of the JlossieJ
.I~nner, publishe1d at B~ellevue, La.
$0on, a formir resident of Fatirhield,
is: nomintia~tl for theo otli--e (f Cleik
of the District Ciourt for Rossici
pa:rish. M.r. C. L. McClenaighian
Iikew'oise it former citizen of t ho
reOun1lty i -, noiniat ed forl the 50anu
W. ~e entl aittetion~i to the new ad
piisinig haousi fii atgain giving thc
peophle barlgalins, and1( as tihe saile coin
'tinueios for onily 15) daiys, you sihold
giathe I1l up your sparl'0echanlige an11
ihuly whait you w~iai.t .of jbait honse.5
"'hyare selling dry good~s, hoO~rds
.shjoes anid carpe1ts at extriolinartit
'batrgaiins. Go an tld see them *
The numberi~l (of pieces of pr'oper
-2:y advert is(d for saile in Firield
~.county, for nion patymen'. (If taixest
is decided(ly t'nll, comparelld wi th
the numbnher of deliinents in othii
<eouinties. This shows a most comn
mandabole~ wvilligness upon 'i thme part
oIf the peop1)1 of t~he counity t-o pmg
th!eir dues to thme Ste te goverilnment
as5 are. theo preent, taxie' ]ndeed,
nlotwtithstandloing thie unujlsiual stin
jfoiey of thc time's, the taoxes in t hi.l
countl~y -havie 1beni mme fullly paihh
antly other since' reconisl~truciond.
.lt(;Awar.-There was5 tiite' a
Jlccmidet to it part~y inl ia buggy~ or
and1( Sammons1(11 wee driving atlong~
(iongress stree~ot, whn oti~ onii~ 01
tm hii hfts bu Ii'g br~ioen, the h ors:<
beenmfle frightened0( andii set or t di
full speted. After runini'g ia shmor
distance, lihe bulggy was5 comltel
enitirely losed from the veh iele,
sitartedl afresh anmd stopped not till
he had1( roi a fewo imiles in the~ Couni
firy. IFortuinately ne'ithier of fh<
THEs. H10)0 AND LAinomen Coiii'axy -
Tik organiizattioii, :omptdkeSd 01
,wineo,1 rnn paradid1 on 'runat.13
afternoon, under commatl of Capt
John 1). Smart. The truck was in
excellent condition, and( the men
pre'sC;ented a very creditablo tppear
ance. After marching down Con
gross street an.! back, the company
was dillissed. We regretted to
see so sImall a turnout of the men
It is of gi eat importanee that th<
numbers and the eflicieney of ' the
company be kept up to the highesi
standard. The orgtnisationi ii
composed of good imatei ialh and Ia
already done good service for the
town. It would therefore be very
tn fortunate for the members to
losu their usual interest in their
coni pany, amd let it decrecase in
Iiinb'ers. We are not sure iha1
the smaill iunbei r on 1 i)rtade or1
1lursday is inl indicnt.ion of :
faliing ofl in the zeal and interest
of the Colored Ii; 0teen, an'd we trut5
it is not. 'l'he oilieurs and imblleln e:
should do all ini their power t.o kO(ee
th1e Hook fnd Ladder Comllp.n}
fully lp to the highest. Standar(d of
eflicny, so thatt their stervicee
when 1(e"de1, ma1~y be promluptl 1y am
effCetively performed.
B.s ]3.1.1.-The matchi g etn of
.Uas(e hall, between the first, line of
he Chesteor Club and the seConl
niine' of the! N uni-loss Chot'. of this
place, camue o11" at O'awster i"n Satur1
<bry last For the first five inning ,
the Chesters had decided'y the ad
vantaige, lit the Nam eless made ii
"splmt," and at the end of 11he ninth:
the score stot d twelve to twelve
A.. tenth iling was tIhen ph:y((d
whichi gave the (hesters in all si:
teeni run is, to twelve for the None
less. 0The gnticillen from Winns
born speak in very high tmmns of th<(
hosp'itatlity. shown them~u by their
'hest.er ' sil:ndi. Lvl hing wm
done to make their short stay pleas
tilf, 1nd they left with very agree
ablle r.ecol1:letins of Chtetlr and
the Chc'st" r ]i.tse 13.111 (lu1b.
'Wi al infoL rlled that a Imatl
gaih le:s been :ui anged between cl
di ine of the C.ohunlbia Cl) lb
Siat of the Namieless Cloth. It wil
be played at Winn11sboro on Tuiesdtay
June (i. '1h2is ;:;tune is expected t<
I very xcit ing9, as both clubl)i ar'
well t.raimieOl.
1 m 3.1v FEsIVA. oF TIl W s
1n10no A.l -:\l 1.-A 1 0)1 iustlly lalg<
a1(ilnce essebldil h at the .ltespti'
Hall on 3bn.lay evening l:st, tit
occ;aioen ieing the iv ostival o
the \ illn nbioo Ac 1e.lemv: under til
charge of Mtis4 .Juiia Austui. Th<i
auidiee g.athIered verly 1lli promti,
and rapii 11y, an1 1 byv the time thl
curfin rose( therie wasI nIot aL v1
(cant sent, and rearcely stanldinl;
room1 ill thle lhll, Th'e compan;~h
were greet o l inl an1 ap propia. to ad1
dress by is.s .Lizz/ie (erig, wvhidH
was followe. 1)by thle c~oonat ion o
the Maiy QuIeenl -- inl whiich thle (entir
sch1 ool parLtici-te.1 '.i ('costumeII
wereo atl ll iuisomel miid inl good tIst
and the :.everal young ladies iupoi
whom foll the task (If malIking al
(thessesj1 actol thlemselves ver;
ered ital.Te ial t:-lemi11x to th
mire1 d. The' other portions of thi
evening1' '4:<eeilses were0 well rer
red, i tile speechi and( aIction (If aL
giiig e'vidi~mee of close att en tio:
andli careful1(' triig Duringl1101 th ~e
served byI' the ladies, the proceed 144
of wih elr~e givenl t. theC Method~a
NITreY CJoNr.m- 01" Niew Yoax.-W
hare p~lased to record thle promup
(thlrih Mr. Lofuis Sherfesee, thili
general aigenit for thlis Sftate<) of Ihi
losses 0:11tred 11y ihe don:thi o f Mr f
\Irs. M~aly iM. (.ope, or G.rahiam'%
hof1.h1 of whiomu were1 insuredi ini tha
the latter for 85,000.
The 8(0enrity'~ is 0one (If tile 011his
doin1busnes ini this Staito sine)
J868 This co~ipanly has1 pid hss
ti- ini Sonf.h Carolinua nm~lounlting ti
neairly a poie fa ulono o
] tr-, wi thut anly litigation or uni
'fhl nerh it paid ill 18'75 deatli
c lhnsl l~i a tu~u ng to $392j.268.~t
and1iE reuirned to policyl, hoilers aU
divlIidendl s 8305o,00(1.52, its' asseb
hav ineren1sed 00t( 1 73,361.0-1, and i h
sm ',ilui '$15ii538.7(h. mal~king it~ s as
*set'- (on lst Jaur,1876, 83,Bs3,
900( ~ 25, ani d its 52n~Ihis $5:m,427i.00(
ThIis cer'taily speak11 well for fill
companlfl1y, be)(ing char1'tered by till
Shte (of New York, is subiject to till
st rin~gent law1 s enactefd by tile legis
laion ollfI thati Stte, for tile protee
taige of whichI, our11 citizensl are no'fl
aiware of. We are pIlased to ani
General Life and Firo Insuranc<
Agenit.- 4oflien No. 9, Wahington St.
(next door to Col Rion:'s olice,) iF
tile aipcmt of thlis goodl 'ompan211y.
'.iL': H1aulIOS Muan 1a1.--A dis
pat~chI to tile Charleston Newi.' ainc
(ouire*;i, da~ted Abbeville, May 24
gives tile fol lowing necbotinlt (If till
mruirrer of Mr. and1( Mue. Hrmilim
and the lynellilIg of till l1t1.d(2f
"ocrimel t hat 11a1 oC('1.-lt'~ in
this regoll01 for It bug Little bust, hasC
crealted H~O dIeep a4 e2xcitemtllt
{ aml1ong the( 1)(8)lo as. t124 brutalt
zzuiir"der of i1lr. told ?lrs. Johlt iL.
i.lariuloii wvhich occu11rred at wee1k
sago, niear the EMAlgetield line: Tie I
dead l)odih('; it llI 1b0 1e211(211.lb.red'1
Wvere found inh ll hot n wh ziouiligr
by at. servan1t Who1 wenlt, to 11.wl1.ire'
Mr. Harmwzon, and who Jhadi to break:
open 2lthe d)oor to gain itdtiission
inoterOOm~. A buntglinig at te'nt .
TLhe !nurder' ut fiIst wasH i ('onllet4
found Itj)011 th 14211)1( near1 1,11(1 1)e2:I, ti
81.I)1)lied 2at ('l it,' whlich~ let! 11 the
('J11, if. SQ('(Il8. 1)11(1 bor(521 t wV ih a
knile iti which ther.'e \v:i:; it gall,. -
Thel( kniife \\t, f(linl( ill (lI1( 1)osses
4iil (If at(1. 11 0,'4 Jll'! 1,;, \I2'2 t C1'22 f
Wli('h1 M2Vil il it ('laid~t or tsl(V011('c1'
hm1 t h le i((2t.31V of (11(2 c'2jlilill.t j
The \\('1( '. six it lluu~V a11214;21 ll ale- 1
1ideal, t-heir nl:t11,i b)oil,; , 'I kinl
11)1l1.V21V", i~tf.'ph"I' Ia:ck(', A\ 1122 inll
1)avis, Marshall1111 J'421i'ilt, JeU. " et k-i
1' lleI'I~ted al1(1(11011 c~lnif.t..I to j: iL.
teat jugta sthi:V paidte. awful 1.n218 -
2~ of th i (121' he : l 1cI12 21121,211 2
(l21y"i4.e I tha1tl the ('12t:+-1y oh t h(
lawi filin too)ltor ~l22II2.t.loc of1 "'l
leatn t u ch (t4 hVit91di(I IflitI was;( tIe
It()~d421H 1e" (4(8 pit f le.iv t t'.11ni
(11( i i tae WiehI ilCS Jt'1ii Ia W.L':t
dayi t i'(2lt 1)the1Il 211ttl If fl'
r('1tI11 (il l) 42iot.i(to I2(' 2:2l: II ill 2
11"e(22 'e of21 fit2 V1'(' 21. i 21.4.1 t -i 24%en-2.
The.1 1h lgC:(t]V 3 \\"I tF~op,1(( 1f, n42L
less2 '2201t I ( it ((22.AUte1! 1iun and' the1
oh dlallc' "at(, t Ilput ' (0~ :iv Int 1tof
1.0 fIgt( 1(.i'NI~it j ot!ls fllo t. ("4111.l
1 t ii\ (1t~ 1.2 21t11 1 21 1't.')44t'f. " V1 .21
P t- o f ia u u l t o ( J i t I i t . r , 1 1 1 4 a l 1.': i ai f i it. L s , 1 i ( 1 t I
t2 dt -.21 2..o224'e2'L i'I II I.1 ( ':21L
!'Hefit wa 'Iljl.1 aI :l 1X2 t~t :i +1W;_1.
of \ie~tle 22421 ('ej21 cal.g 22111(h'' 1(,1
of PtIc1'% 1 ( 4 (Lla, t ill . hall t : ('4 tile1 1.
It(".~l w1 ere1 1'11 l (' tie , 1111(1 c'(li. 11t'
The o l. 1114' ('12; in l)(1s1 brig~ig;;l 11(
re1) ' 11.VI 11f th e ''Jnrcnit. 1li'l I)'abo
Lo(I2 f-lwac (''t-u~4It) iol . the,1 4)21(2n
t\" n24111, 14 14' '12412( 4' I 1'(1-ih'4t \\:l I -
f!ilte l by! )t(..1 ti Olt li, it 411. 1 1
-. " o f that (' c "t l lml ice. l( '211(';u c2 11 tint
\ti le sxth Vr~l8 ih'l 1.Li (")11.1.' u.
inth t fl. 1 11( by t21111 1.'114 41ra1 "
of 111C t'i' .tin c ('01t \,il l. ('111 ill( 11(
r pubilihe fl K12(r"('. '.I'11( dot el11i1,1
ti( w as Feli t(! by111111 ati(I(Sl 111 aIt et1
ral JIustice.
11'.V sJ)l)O1 r,S* (." '.
i'Y**AllI~ sj2ifr ,j$ t it4 ,ttl to f int w 31
iewiro 14404434Li ?4 4 ent ''at.
1. A S1 ]i .1144 X iiv\0I.Ul
1!"'1 41 N 1,.Y8 AT1 LA1 W,
.\t:). 2 1..4 It 11.4 N UI1,
1V I 1N 8 (i10( Hi-lJ' II ('A I;l 1 IN A
Ltie '(11 S 'It o~f IDry (h~oods, &c
13 "3 11.1 lilt 44lt lit 4ti4)44, C44444144(14i44,
.Von1 III 4'.,.3a4v th 3441 11 of .11111 41, Ill
I1; cIlt'41 S. 1( * . , 444 SL(41.1. , gon'd4 O
a,i3.I r..II A1. Co ., 4,14iiti144 of Dr)y (loads,
3u.1113itlt! I hi ., N i's, Cr4.4!ti .41.'r, Shelf.
I ii1, I wIt" av 44444 oth I,' II i i.1 iii ti1(tin ( El Ii'I1w
s,alv I4'34t. ill 44 it )1utr stilt4)'. . Al14o I
i.". 2 ,;1i. p1. -vast-,, "? 2liits ,m tiil ot4h41r 814)4
.1 . . CA i)1
E L.E l'00I li..l,,
\t)\' have* 4i14S1 1111h1';ol li'ttii l 1
Ill., 441441 t~ 14 , to S. 11. lit. 1'4'i4!4s, --
u . 3 i i i 31i', ls . 1 '11-itt isll i m144) 414ld
tilt: 2N I Ilk~ J. E. (.11I';1.'1'.
)!N 'riM'; (AlA IILOT'rE , N. C.,
i414' \" t' 341llt$i4411 411, . Eo1I44I44y, (lit
:4.41.1 .v 4.1 \IiNv, I876, ant i r4'U44411 89 tit- 1
41.'. 1't4h114 '4i1.1. without4. 3.14 i 1. 1D4
k%:. 11'. a 44434. ('all earls1' ail say'. v".14l
1 '.1. 1 l 11- 04 i ~1 ..1 1. u1. slt414 .
ma1.1 ::\5".
I:Vti' Ii:1' \'I 44 i1llt 14114438 of1tl ui'ilt
.,I i1 .,11 :'- '...'1"t' tWlIit s i i 1 ,l111I.t 1 1111,.
I1; il t,'V I.1 1'il' 4414. I
'..4.4 l 34 l'l"', 5) 1114" l ill
. 1; . :, r S 4."'44:444hi 14:4) 411r18s i44 '144444
.\.i" 1 4.1;, 10 Iem 41'~.8ill tuw\n.iaj
>. 3.i , Xi::"" 1' 4 1 l, 104 44t~e1'i ll tiii st
I': :1.. V: 14441414, ()421)1t.',3 in4 4444.'1 ott1
lit Ill (o\%. tiIv-.1 1441. "1
Mrs I l; I'.r 4'Il, 3 1lit; 1414i 2:,1
0'4t:. Ill ';14:i (la'.'.r4i3.
I .-.t .3..344: it' 3 4441ttII. . 1 LtiIlin;: iota'
I 14111 ,. i'4'441.,4'I4V.', :21),1~ ste'1, it, r:11121
[-.!4.4 t.44,,t"1 I,':'.is, 1701 44Cre4.Ii i81.4
II': \' F..=1', 2 uiliuIys 541.1111:'":: flc.';
It ..'v sIls3.1j Ito Ii
3..it,i:; N'1 I4.1 44li:1141, I 141.lljljl( ;t141] 7:;1
;11'0 li 41:4t Ital, 1..1 acres.' ill 5111)11' toIwn
1Reul I-stito (lt'Hrihoed in tho p~rcoding
list, 01' Ho wll~ ther(of' as wit! bett. et'ex
csat}" toi 15y thet tuxis, lut'iii!t its c1th flsess
the Trcanror of Fadrtield county, on the
Ftccr MONDAY of Juno, A. 11, 1870,. uinless
!suchl macs10, 41HsieHmill(lt8 ncud pL'11fltiee be
111libefore tt, limo; and Ruch sal wti 1~4 b~
cutinuu1,. from (!lip to duly, uintil all't
H~tt t41IIJbo soid'6r jehJocd' for halo.,
W. 13. Pk.AKE, County Auiditor.I
8111,I P 'S .AIpIl.
-3Y virtue of nnm'eltitio e tdlijct.
eel 1 illofr t tulobeford the
("'ourt 110080 door lIt Winnsboro on the
f i rst Monday in) Julie next, withini the
lealn lwemis of st, to the ii ghiest iide t"
for cash, th&e follo~wing desicri bed P~rohielty 4
to) wit: "All.t. ttt' ltjtlltitll or tubE of
two hnn)11 eld nulel eigh~ts'f, illierus, wcort.
or' less, iti boundled as.1 1b~loiq i h l
nothl by publi1c( r'oad leading to) Sheltot.'H
IFerry, onthil by lands of Januts Danwkins,
Wi'illiamz Dawukinis. atL tilt suit of (CaurbeR
WV. 1lu',ott. is 14(1101. (of estate o' 'A. J.
1c( 'onnititl, died S i W. RUFF1.
S F. (;
Siuiriff's (Thiiel,
May I't
httt Ili-1 1x1
I N jursue'., of authority coxifrl'ted onl
1 0 05 1siPesideit (it' tha -Winnshoroi
Bunilding cad I ,ocai A'%oteiatitui, "irv powetr
of) ntttol'lit'l'(itiit ini dliees of 4104101.S'
(Caldwell atude Will iami S. I loll. luite ('4l11i11-1.
ii rs. ding business~ mi'5 il theti l 1.' 4*
( 'cdwell ,. Co0 , of date t's tout i tly tit
2:3rd liy of. uline 18t75. aiti sit- I 4thI day
A iigiist 1875,11 will ?ltIt'r for ale Oitt the
1st Mtihtdny in June I' l it pilblic outcry
to4 this liliist itti1er, bcttore the Court
H Iot He door in WVinitsboro, ItotwivlI the
hou44rs) of I o'bl) a. nm. nti ; 'eloelc It'
tli., the following doserihe 1l jropterl
hl44'lr('tl 1ed to th' \'i II ti.'ioi'o It hi ing coel
Loan i A svo4 cifion ct cId 11ti foIrts' lost'
All t hat jiltt.'t 1.. el'h or I 1':!t'l of' mll it,
I Ice toots (of ltluuchstoch(, wit hIle iii)rcv
iflt'U Is t lc'rcon, hlcincltel oin the wesOt b '
shuiin St i'ol or p11 1 ilc cc~ltlay. sixty-inteI
I ft'I six iiiehivt' on tlie stiluth by (.31414 A
" 11 immlh-'i lotI. 00'lr hltoil' xiiul igs y
tw~co foet; o t i.t e c't by Joihu ( ' \I no o
s'el l's lot, tcig~at -fIo i' teet, wcit It ilt leric i
loge of at a'gha I ol' way (Iicoil so i l lot; andt
on the nior'th by ,loiia C. V ' orti IH lot,
clue hundred ndt" eighity-six feet six inches.
tci eeculainling Ii ltt'n 1l)141 -'d atti sixty
five' Hs ntro ycii'ls. more or loess.
't'ermsi) of satle. it. 151jiraliciser to pauy
for pper .(. II . Me.'MAS 1It,
r j 1111; 'l'wn 4' 'tuoil of Wiinisicorn,
.S. C., toffer it 'reward, for the li't-i
twelve niouiths, o~f TEN 11)L ARlS foer
!,ro01 54i131'i,'cil tti cnvict anyl, lit'rsti or4
l)C'boliH tit' erc'aL iig oir steal jog; the st reet
lani lcs. By orti or of thlie ('out il.
W.M. N. t1ANI1l.1?t;
1 lerk.
F rc h S e ds. kN tehlrqat r
-~ \Ioliciw, elli y Sixc Wks. (io
ltni' si)t14t Wax.1))J Ea (utigcit Reel
F1," Ill' I'olloC~ii }diltl'~i~ ol th e w11
OF -
I need money, and nmoney I
lmst havf'; and to alse mioney
vili ofiler for the next thirty
ay's fly entire' stock kf
)ry Goods,
BootR and Shoes,
Hats &c., &c.
!all and see fir yourselves that
nicani what I say. S}o iuld
ou not have any greenbacks
have no objection to taking
l~t palrticular als long as I get
nioney, tor wi th- mione(y I canf
mabU1les meC to be0 an1 in~depA'd
mlt and l:: huA ~ yer, and by
mlying closed, Gan sell ;1I~aji,
md1( selling cheap) gain your
'ufiden'lce and1( gamning your
onf hidee, he' suIccessl and
>(eingsnec.ces5s!tl mel.m~s to give
zou all a chane)~ C anid enable
on1 all to sav"e mon )ley, grow
-ichi, tiand whenCR yo t rich
lispenise with credlit andit liens,
live comnf'ort ablf, eat, dCl
mdII be merry,
Yours truly,
..eader of Low Prices.
mnay 11
havejed Mafi'( i ,lein nflertstrent
.of Now GoedH consisiting in part of
Gbi andaa Pi'ated Curbs (ChainsM,
GbllJraceletx, witha HIetts to )ch
asi 8leeve uad Xlhirt tttom1,
ansa lage qaatantLity of Hpectvaces.
iiri ni ti'4rit o b lck. Wautchen,
o)ckH n .-hav repird promtr)ly
I waarrnated to 6,mtriadejn
Vloney Wanitedl
E hIope that all persons, who owo 1ns
Yfor oodu, wiall pay up AT ONCE,
r wenne~d mony badly.
inn 21 uni .wrfEnL I nnw
Just Receivod a lot nico uncan
vassed Thus, srna1\ sizes.
C. R. Bulk Sideu.
A i .
A lot Frosh Augusta Flo ar,
fob 21
V mmisslion Merchaun,
An bealel' 114 Commercial Pertlduere.
F 'ou wish d hoico A>les; Bauin,
( Urnge and Lemons low for cash,
ca!l on. ,.e
. ..P-- i cttU ACoT, Agent.
N 0tiEIIN Cabbages, Onions and
N Ot1I1tCabgsOnosIrish Potato s (elected for~table uso at
PIRREi BA COT 8s, Agent.
GO Lunch. Pearl Oyster and A-How
root Crackers jnst arrived frcsh .at
'mERRE BACOT's, Agent.
S lR il'Catid es, Coceonnut%, Almond",
Walnuts a-. d Buttbr Nitta at.
PInRa BACOT's, Ager't.
- ,URNITURtE, Parlor Blraickets and
..IPicture Framesi, fdt-' deSin an-ai~i
workmanship, - ' uneql I eil.' i eme m:
her my pri1ces areO beoyom competition for
the saiime ilu'alily of goods.
of Rtustic Window 81hades, ilow in prico
durable, conveienott, thatt never get ont of
order, and4.Wit--tist donger tharl atty'nhli
Mirrors and Lumber for sale.
1'ntlitn1te.netitly 'rf a'edl at- itiderato
pr *ejiSe oialatlentiona gi vIp to the 4in-'
d'er aker'R lDopsrtmenht. I ketp on handit a
oulpif Casess and Woodl Comul1s.
I AM, just. .in receipt .of a
beautifu'tl assortment of new
. * - I. **.,
and call upon01 lmy frien a, both
oldia: dI new to examne my
stock beforea, nakin'g p'nehasda;
The~ fineost. line .of' Gents' nd
Boysr' Fift- ang ~1Stratw I afs in
towd:; L'fdies' Dress Go'ods!
, S. ..,. . . . e
Gents fie Dress Shirts, Furi
niisfiing Goods, ..Trunks and'(
Satphiela. at .SdL. WOLFE'S
ne w cash' st'ole,
ma'Iiy 6*
Thle Atlasn Insurpanee Vomipany;
VFU'~ono, comm.~
(sipital paid u'p' -- - - $'200,000.
Assets(market vatlue) -- - 523, LU8.47.
J. II *IPRA002g. rhes't . .. --
- - E. BI. IluNTfrltJq oN, S9c.
TIJIH Gompany hats steadlil won-Its way.
to Ruecess,'utitl it nogy ranks with thooe
instituitiohs -whtic~ihoive glivari Hartford,
sucoh a reptrthtin for hooosty and fair
dealing in un'det'writing.
. - ..:JAI,..W. LA'W;
feb 141 Agent at Winnusboro, S. (1.
JUIj't' ,REtAgVFD..
A PRSI aupply of Mountain. But
ter, and a lot of clioice, H ftsym.
ajd 7 D). It. 'LENNIKN

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