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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, June 07, 1876, Image 2

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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One By Oneo.
WoI 11.1(1 oc'axtion, some time agod,
11o rc,ui k 111o0) tits filet that one of
ow chtI IL *h(r ound,4 for hole amowng
Ct~i benest, peopie of te Stott:U WAS
tilo facet hiLtt the Iao')ii: for p)nblie
lItiII1JCCV W'1 well--itigli XilLIHLOd.
It WASLi w'ilu they were0 i) this chieer
J7sll1c0 swinle~I lilst, 1111(1 the text
ii' ok fr:1131 aft orwa~rds, conivinced1
theI 1W)r ) fiit the cud' is' not yeQt.
4I1'ho heavy I)l:ineuHH inl "g~o )i ('91 t
1ll_(' wile the1( ,prospl-ity of long
nitoo Was intLililed by) Scott anid
Moses~"9 Wotld s" 11t!iTCH stop at
intorivaix, atnd then an enterprising
coit .) official tvciiild eo11io to the
fr.ont. with it helavy (llflcatiolI, 1)3
NWIty of keeping hlis oficil Jim d1(
iii. ll. s of lot k, Allen of (I ree.
Ville,, ,Sititht of atirhieldl, Fludtli of
I )Itulingt~on, I-luinhert of Oratnge
1 liiig. tpl1'1ljick of Ai ken, HiW('Ue3Hlve
1,Y wvoz notoriety in beinig defaulters
ini Hit;ui varying; from live to thirty
fbiOltliln tllllli'. rThe0 IlIatet (ease1
is thuant of .ile)o(itt, the Ioun~t)
{ rotixmmrer of 1I'igIeli(h. '1'hero wits
at large 1131:)31)-t--a)oufl tirty
t II iiix.ltd (lhtr'--jill thei coull b'
I l''.;xiiry, the djiiii lMcniIellt of whichei
1rtei', unl 4'ldt~ had b2li 0( egai to t
liol Ioetlt Ufleasy anid i'ljiltiellt,
\)Ileii h1iM lHloo wts w~isely prom~tt
tin'l _ -ItnlV till ordi;eula" .1 1 vlieii
(,.III'~ hu~ ulb01(' " ElML o li'vi ted
fil ('( 1 1 I I )iIlI I (it 1;ii iii ti-ti (IN ax
1I hey s x~I'i~e to 0adieuii'ned I.
i 1 sen 411u~tlr ofa (141 212ti e con!))
( '"tIllIll I lldll )o 11111e OH M*.n
e": i l awai y tile 4 ille It ljh(':t a.l (1:)t
t Ih 4ct' ilil toQ lula dCI ill(n t
h lttKI :1 11 1. 'e1'111'1 rot 1 )0 811 1'
)Ii;21 I ,b d '1 V ls *~)), IlI I .1 o r at
4i(.llett. 13lie ctv);I i 111t115d)
(lOC r1 iot.:iilt t he l,:11 1 lf l e'4 tvhi
114)1 t he olul) I/ ":. ,fIl I ,t. t.1 .i1,1...1 /.. ,-~4
who woumld Ho( fuir ignlore theO usafges,
priltcipleB and traditlolis cif their!
c')Auatry flti t A.KdCg e 14 0 greatt a (d0-,
~IittUlto frolu tliem1u as the e'nfran-e
.Aiseiueult of the femiale sex. In this I
)1'OgI'el. WO 1115110? nuhe sutrprised
it iillV t11ulE('11411 1' oire fund of'
ltVc1tieii ai 8llsilltiC)1 on1 this lie e
Lito w'iteP, T.Ihey show us, what
[)e1'fect.J t~f we have p~rogressed. For:
fV weILveI timie. to4 trou~lel onurselves
CienOt such statl' as foliiuile' siitlriiage,
wve zliiist be #40 far ahecad of every
)otdy else that wo ('111 well atl'oi'd to lc tfwyaso fotadltto
iso a fCW yea6rs1 ofl gre~t, JUi lt tile
1)v'er tlhere people aliti &y1 thick;
runny tinms befor-e they speatk. andu
t, g~ooddl b11efore they act. Feiiiale,
utirage is such'1it new~v thing' tha't w
AiM ('tl surprised that, the matter
'dloul(1 overi ha;ve. reachedl 1'iirliat
iiieit.. It lis 1)0011 there, however.
Minud it lils b)el summatrily killed, or
itt least knocked #ipeeelilesH for it
year. . Whlether it will rev ive, te
matinsl to he 1( 1 il.
A writer. ill Clio jE)tisiiiilO ('ozi
('r-.I0?ti'illd liss 11i.dO ani (Istili' 01
of the Jrlll r'esilt, (If the vote'
(Jltlte first ballot, ill the~ RepubillicanI
loiittilng conven tion ait C'incin
nati. It is as follows : Blziui, 25 6 l ro , 1 9 1 r~ o , 1 . ) ncilg 9;I[ rrtfr-; H v s
4 1 ; Jewell, 1'2. '!'bre wEoud. withi
tis distribuition of the v'otes, be nooce 11(1h(1li rie w
reeds to ('Htinlztq) (lao result of at
(toldm this c'iiciila ioul is thitI. lilinu'
is the e(''llilig Illeul fur' standard.
lti'erc of flit. I . jpihli':an ii sI my it
1.1 ae eomii nr fighl t. '.l'le esstli iiiti
lWolild s(8 iiiIEI o 1 * be e~I'Cr' 1. ini o11
1.1hing.~ a~t. lea!st---ill giV ig 116,I 4'llImlIC(
to", 1;1tt1iFt. Eli Jewell. fBi ii Llue(
. E'1tlelrlI l}ive ft iem,'ls ant1 alivE)
(iat-es, I' 'it. t t ' S tl 1)1 II '15hr l st"
ii} 11111tit SII eif r i' (IIIiidlttcl'i. 'l'Iicv
Iii~iy vote roar (.Mon4. o~i(n O fEirst
" el1491 1,14 al 11 tte is t. Lk('t1. t lac
kr ll I fo IuE' t i pp(': r.i ll' 11 111c.IE
;t ale hug IH l llaerIltlelE
A't;'cIso . le e i',:u hai ,';W. i 'E
elided, anfd the subjec~t of lotz'1t
:'itxttioll bo fully cidtimed1 'l10 0
all so0on to be made by thO J shool c'
tohuhi,4iouor, through the i~everatl t
)oltrdl4 of tr'ustees, F*;lcIld 1)o gecwi'l- tl
!y reponde141d to, that each town11h11p1 it
neet ing 11ay 1)0 lar1go, aind so) ('onl v
108cJ1 that the iltOi(iti's of all classi o
is, li1;y beC We(ll Jl'tetC('t. In thipie tl
O(&1 tax 1)0 tixtetl ait the~ to west lids-lii- r,
.le ligutro. T1he txoc; luviciA by the' 1)
frJ&;is:1i0ttn t itS ret'iitt HoXsion are tl
t'&1 it t";ill t ih:'" tnt'iv a ctl' u't wheLn s
alie t~ji() fdl' p LyiII ; t Lxo-i IL!Tlivo';, to l;
tI it tO thiese tax es wtill Ile ;t lruidS hip,.
Ilgi. A nid it s114 il I Ito i (:inelxilvhlt
Eliot ?"'iut 4400418 to) 1,e IL VeryV 51111111 '
Latx 31133' Ile3 i very lle~t'V burden L
1. ix of 4)114- half Iof 1) miill i s iiv iliiiemot1
lst4Pally~l "till. yVIA it iutikest I) C
Iilr. (Ye: o~(Q f seveor:il 414illli to etcli I
taxpatvei, andi~. if Ieivit.*l ill)')l the en t
fireO t..1xd )le I 'l )):* 1}" iln the 51t.o~,(
Ono4( (f 14114143 t i44IIslIICi. It sL-i1i. t
118 its Rctvisab'.e thait the first, thing to Y
be donie i time miittcr of local "lhooi I
tuxes~ isi to zii.hl~ tlic'i :t:. s;il'Lll as~
poss~ile, ttviL.toitt in~jury' to t ;c" n
schoold sys-tem, :tie! the nitxt is) to hntyi' N i
the mite ats nearlhy lunfornm itR porsti
Weo ill till the townsh11 ip'. WOe trulst o
that tho ttWlSitip~ meet in wijll lo.t
fully alttendedO~, andt that atll Who at z
Lotud will carry with themy the reio- I .
loitioni t) act catltioiixly ini the un t
ettlinlg Ilo~l tlec tax levy'., Nelp eon
Stiith3' beft, I tir P (Vs tIh 14) 00 1
Sit~cs (of the plliiie, a!nd t,'ie ('411151
(11tlt Ie~o iCo 1f thti Ill). dS rigid ;(.()no)
lily ill ti!! ri'(PC.
'The :Lx':::c on Co:nbaLo. :4
:'ie Ii .''i"i'it 14a. in't' c~i the p l.
1 1Wt ('04111 t aX SCP"I'I vi 11111 Iv ciied.
I'hc st ikne;r, ;tt~ hsiit. I'VE 4)11111.8 W;"lir.
retot V~II t,. tIe t,1.1 rateC o.
stvr~glil lil II ~t II,ii ta' Ci c~I' e ~tea
of thyc 1141.rs ill i I.is t "o(c, far froth
,la411 in;, 1,"111 S Iii ,10( whi tvtr t
*i"%Sl~i:44 (.14! tiiiin t[ieii thiii tei.
ti'ot 11 V.41414 :IOil dli a, 11:
:Ste itss:l c'itgi c:ct.~ lI1441e;H a to 1 _,II
trouigh the niewspapers, that the
ifence with wiiblh tliw p~arties *er
bafrged jy as a most Jioiiois onld
nlainit oivilizzuttbn and tho laws of
to laird. Inideed thcWh is 119 kImow
1g how mucih "blood anid thunder"
.ousel( lhaive found vent 111)01 the
c'L15llUn. .lint murk the caution,
1eC reserve, the 1131 leRS Wih
*hichl the govornor proceeds ill *thlij
Lecllt Strike. Hto 31)poiInt to COn
of (e3 t l1t11t trial juice, and directus
!1e siierifl' of tihe co ratty to express
lie ViewH of the executive to the
trike-s zult ndI( ll'( tIICIJI ag.uiiiit a
'ralch of tU .C J aiie. All this Wilt
3(14mot "3131 tfin it" wayV. No one
li)I30~fs5(3. that the g.-ovurI1 r O 11113'
.her oflit'ior h1as the powe~Ir to*;
1111813 .sos fo ('i einilldillg atn
101 C.LSC of ipav. Biut soime of the
1iikerfs had (Crllhy hietten thiose
;hio refusedl to jin! Mhien), an~d had
lilts comm111itted is cleart viohltion1 of
lhe laiw. '1'hoe p)al tiOes shiould have
cCI p)3115lCd1, Iii 10510(1, aiid putnishl
d 1a8 they deserve. Ther1e( tire, or
h1ere olughlt to be, amlple mnc-ins at
'o)nlnd of the sheriff' of
iLolut.,1) to .arrest l1uVwbrZlkorBN, fill.1
heso z1uoalns should have beets
igorously emloyed. A call for
'nitedl Stton trtops would have
00.11 highly imlprolper. Trhe:"o wasi
it icecl of aniy s14h extrllordnlry
top.j, ats Sunchit cal ('1 ou1 have
'(2CCnIt Li irttlul a~dmission of the porn.
rlo-asUcl-5 of the St.tt1 governiziciit
1 1rt~~~ the iipo..,y of it; citi
en s a m i d( nll ti lt t llI l t h e ))O . w(' . T h e d u n s r t o s o c t 1 t 1 : o e
6.41 a thus8 po)1ihe5, butL the frieib
i I .lu)4 01(1111 exp1out muc 1Q )nre of
byv. (Jhiaiulwerlajii. It is not yet too
tt'", if 1lW"h3C 3tp5 13 takenl, to diH-.
'ver the parties who did the boat
ig n pun( a~Iish tlhem as they LiIJSOFryC.
fil.,'Iw nr.ter 5h1111. lct (Yit be ives
ig;.tt 0. If tile1 tli 3(111oul be us
vCi ftilled, we ileheve that aut the
iot.I ont of till thel troub1les41 wo'uld b1
nitud poti l~ lenders of both ritecs.
nut 1. liofiv of the lOWv o. der of white:;,
VIMO uniited tile. negro. llilhorcrs to
3('i1 feoh~lshi (3t3150. We arie of
111:?-c; Wiho. 1)h~v1 that utill the dis
111 Ixulicos inl this Sta:te 5ii1cu re,;oui
31(3 '.., tih, tom.dhillhY'l :.Ud 1lrt.it~ns , f
hie wV1ite l( ii"'.t S in theo 'i1ll)thiC3ln
mart- . Uphmle~inu e~ew 14,011] pre
or to have'3 Bill tile jICIUllty for the~
'1V11'. ',iCe they h:uve' iIIlrei'tl}" ell
t333r.i e.1 anid il~tl& CISON Hav1~e
(' mniihs6n Meird'ieil4
And hcnkcr in Commnercial IkrtIIlzcrN.
l Orngesaid I.v:1:oui low for cadh,
N (' E'l;IN'1Ndl1)ges. Onon 111(
Pitux BACo'r',, Agent.
f'I1N fLunh Pea1rl Oyster nnti Arrow
rot rnwkcrs just nrrived fresh at
PI.:iutE BACOT'5, Agent.
ii 1I'jlII ('tool in. C::onnnts, Almonds,
b 1 alnus i d flatter Nuts at
I'%EIJRZ BA(0'8', Agent.
Cti'o~tl fe, ('1111 t 1i ut & Augusta
('?. Agud. Cl 1. Ort 1. I"i*,;
l olu). run ', C.,t r 1i on~ pi~
'tt~ t is~nhyj J41))1l
i*'e C\glmrr . 2 ".111 I" t
Arrive at Chip.; iotte. N. C. h. IS) A C
TIIAIX--Es.e~ lIRtot' tp
r~etvr, C'harlotte, N C. at ',; 4e p
Chi el. 1.2 (PC) a it
.6 oln ibie(", 1 ::11n lit
Arr :ive *lat .irsxt :1.'l a to
J AS. AN L)11 t)N ,'o'i Dupl.
A. 110111,,
(en. I'assenger anti 'IlcLei Agenst
lth l(rlignei;1, (li.!iirl' hi in
I' torm MW cii.enn of Witinudioro
Iintl vitotty that wre* have u(*wraatt'd our
'1 vi' on 'I *r Itmh li-alsl tInt of .JoitxwroN ,'
I..'j* 141- ti'.u e ofd viu eep a'hisitit Iv one
l:~u1eh ulin: Pourter a'ul is
" :::::"r Al. :XI"mn ii large sht tk "* ts
* 0:1 .ueis. I )aW( hillI, ('i :tiig, (iroeerieNs
41111 evuryt ilin1~ usually kep.t itn ais-cus
lotie' thn'ilt for t i' 1 iltrul ,us , tlil
'!'. It. !tODi& ieTso i.
,rrlal JlurittIC41
OFl'1O) iN RE Ad OF ("OUI1'1' IIUUi
11'/.1'N.1'A ONO. .S C.
An Lut"ini i$ .!)t)utiecI IN him Wit
teCeiye Q'rbinpt 11)ieniEI.iI.
If. A (.AILi.Ailt)" Jlco. 3
GMLtIARO isc 1A.".rYNOLD11 A'1"1'OItN1 NS AT LA V.
NO i L.1 11' tr:l ,," (; n,'.
WtNNSl"Or'b 'F(,tTIT (' I:h1.1NA
't 1111 . r 3 1 {' 'j 1 i 1 A
l;,irnttt*lti "t"izt)11Si11ItiS proclaim Vilf
Fl;A1: i;I"r"rt:tls the Illt)51 wc)u(IerIiiI lit
"'laut that ever sustained ),, silil"i..,.
ytetra. '
\a !'t'rson ('all Inhe these Iiittr;"
:tcctn"tlitl;, t1) clireetiinis. antt rellmill long
(Ilic/tll. 1)r, Vtlel their Ilnc, are not i l
trol t'll 1"%" lliil'ei':tl 1),)iam or ut:l:,
"1ie;u1 , :11:11 vt:itl .+i tii lr:tstctl hey.'nt1
l'} ait".
liiliOtts ItVitlii.t('Itt atl(1 111f or
ill i l t('ti t lovers, Itit"h are so pre- a
It-lit in thu t":Illeva of oil]- great 1i e.'t":
lt1"111'1i'oit thu i'ilitt'd $t;itt'.('s1)et"iail\
11's(' of the \Iiasisii})1)i. ()ltio. \Iisstl:1'i
ilia 'Is. '!'ennea ee, Omit :crl:ni(I.:1I li;It1
"ta, 14-iI. ("t71In'a)tt). U1'il%,)s. R14) (it"ali.ii'
'earl, .\IaIinam, Ml)ltile. :t ",lttii;ih. lit
'0'ik ", Jarnt)", and 111.tliv .II) :$, 11'tl
lu'ir l:t.t (l'il)utai'i, . tkrt)Ughuul .'ll
-lltil'(' t"ulllltl"v' lttli"illj Ilic .8;iillllit'1" ;1:1)
\lit::11111.:ultt ruttlarl "ill s,) )lurin;, )',1
-uilS of 11111: il;ll Iwat .11111 art
111':) ial)iv :t"yllil})atli,"ti l"e " r i.4il"C.iN
ati;;l':Ilellta Ill' lilt, )ltlrllat'h ,1111 I,, ICI
.1111! rather alttniiiina1 vis.'er1. In ta.n)
Ii"e;i11111'1lt"a 1)ulg.lti%('. a\t't"tiii'' .1 1)o
CI'llll iii:kil"Iit"t? I1})"::1 Ill,"se Vafl,)US 1)I
rilll ) 1-i es. ('litialY ilt'vess:(r";'. '1'1)1'1'1
I$ Ii) ('allUIl"llit fur tilt' I'll! I: ('ltlltI It
I)n. T. 1VALI n1:'S ViNCl;At: i;i"i'inl;-z
as the " will si1c't 11i1\' rt'rt!' c the d.;, k
colored iiseil itlatler with v11tch tht'
hc)welS ;1;"e 1))11!,"11. ::t till: v.111141 ti,11(
Stillull:Itj;t;; tilt! SI'l'1','IIl)ll. of the Ii\"or.
Mill generally ret1)r;u.. (htt ht'altit%
fulit'tit us (if' tilt! t:ir+lltl' Oi'! :I11 .
Karl it' " the l)u:lti" III Ililist (liSe it*
by Dill il\ in;, nil its titiil lk 1t ith 1' I .N t;,; \ t;
Itt"r"rl:l: . No el)itlelniC (";i11 tahu ll,'Iti
ill' a s' stc'lti tli)1s I"tire-nrln(:tl.
I)vsl)epsia or I udii t''.t lot!. IIc'aJ
ache 1'; tin ill 1111,
I'irlltlil'.s or the ('in.;t. Dizziness. S.'1't
1":ructati,)tls ,)f' the -Imila("h. Ball "I':Istt"
in the \Im)ltth, ltilitnli .1tta,"I;u. 1'alltil:t
tattoo of the Ileni t. I1111:11111natil)11 t)I 111. V*4 I.
lit'Vs. Iit14 'ii, (:;ii1111'l'.l ~101.1' Il..ti'lid, ". '111).
Which Cai~ 1)0 (g1-e(1 hy} ai
tiielcy resort: to this Stanid
testimnials VOCciv('(I lby (110
)rol)ik.t0Ps. .1 t is Lick tliwV
1)h1ysiciails to be the~ miost
Vchiafl)I(V preltparationl eVel ill
tl'(dtIe l n'1 the relief and
and is olkrcvd to tile pulic,
t11)CetiI1IC(l by the C.Xpenrii~Ce
resortedl to iin SeaisoI it sel
domu falils to (Ablet ,I :qip('(y
CaUses o, C~oug"hs, roi fcl1It is,
Group, -,~ooi , ol,
Iii[tlwnzn, As t!'n in, C.ols,
*Sor(" 'L'. l:'OLIt, lis 1 r o r
ness ill the( Chest, andio Si(ae,
Liver ()oimi di t, Bl ~eedling
lit t lie Lungs, &C. *Wista1w's
('oil,h1, aind ;cagve the cats~
ZI.'ida is t he( caseC withl
mos id'~la dl~ts ii tl i
1110:5s eIVIov ini the caiuse of
the C0UIn1)ldlI I.
SET; ARV. r"(W LE & SO B:tn 4 1'su
A 1141 ht! by I)rttg.q1 iot Lt id . r-4 gt::iratllj
Insz .: :1 ur itt lC' :% asc : :inrtit.
AilogiI ; n t,jrf.8. C:. 1:i; :trm~ '' m.'Atml Pr
he~r of llct 1'): 's. a !;. tid I . I VLe:, m [u
LU.ui~Lt~ri u( ail Gt tn:.
ONLY ONE~ DOLL.Al. .::I. A t
Or los~s (hi!) ()nc (!tt a Ct'y. I.rt thwrt :)et,
$5~. C.LI .1 C -t V~i O~':t

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