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F AI R If I E 1 D IIE I iaI)
Is l'U Hi.IstIKD w rr.K1K.Y n V
7.:rm.a--The ii/.-i ,/) lii publishei W eek
y in ilhe Town of Wmin,,bos-, at $3.00
t.. >ri's ui aid ana( .*ce.
4 jY- All Ir-insient :arivertibeinents to be
"I. I/) IN. .-1 /1 F.-t N(/-R.
O"aiatat-y Notlee.s and Tributes $1.00
per a gitare.f
-1".is p A I N S c u rc h i nue iaou se,"
As tlin as a rail,"
"As fiat ais at porpoise,
As rough as ia gale,
"As brave ats at lioen,"
"s spry ats at cat,"
\s briglat ais a six '(1en,"
As weak as a rat."
"As r:ud i at peacock,"
"As sly ais a fI.' ,"
"As mIlaIt it a .W arc1 haigre,
"As strong ats ai ox,"
'As f:ir us at lilly."
I1s ellltI it a tir,
" A' ajih 14s Cl' sisIs,
"As ero-s as a bar."
".\s pure as an angel,"
"As nat ats I pin,"
-As smart as a steel f rap,
As ugly ats sin."
"As 1eleml as a <or nail,"
"A1s wi'aite as i sheet,"
".\ s flat 11 i lmnletnko,"'
"As red as a lbeet."
''An rotnn-l as ant alipl","'
"As blnck its your al."
":.t brwI as a berry,"
"As bliitsl as a ,"
.As ne-an1 ats a laise'r,"
"As funl a'; a tick,"
"As llutup an a pa'tritlge,"
"As shiarp s a stick .
* As clenIa as a petnny,"
A-; darkits a a pall,"
" As hia rdi as a mill stone,"
-.\s hitter as gall,"
.\'s I.ln ali a tul'lle,"
"is cHear it aa bell,.'
"Asalay as ia herring,"
"As ilt-eep as a well."
"As light as a feather,"
"As Iar-l as a rock,'
'As stifla as a po er,"
'As green mi gos lin,'
"As brisk as at lice, '
Anid lo ire -i me stop,
Lest ol weavy oa'tun'.
Mis. M. A. R:t.
A Vain Attompt to Make Political
That the IRadical party may just
ly be saddled with tle niurtler of
Alfred Riush is being clearly demIon
strated, notwithstailding the efforts
on the partof Cadetship Whit.tenore
and his hungry, snivel-nosed un.
derlings to convey the idea that it
was doie by the white people on
accounlt of H aisll's plOiti('al plrilii
ples. We very readily agree with
the Radicals that the nuirder was a
political (ane, and Wits dlone for
political pmrposes, but anly one who
has been ia cloFe observer of the
ll:mu1verings wtithin the itadial
ruks cantlot help 1 but he possessed
of tie convietiol that it was ia job
put up for the purpose of manufact
lrilg political capital for the Radical
party. No doubt Whittemore r.nd
hlis followers anticipaoted making a
ou tiling ot of this ; but they
4 were too hasty, or at least the thing
dlid not work well. Finding that
it was not-likely to have the desired
effec't, (creatte aL polit ical sensationi
and1( bitter strife between the raceH,)
and1( fearing thait the bottomi fracts
would1 come11 to light, they arrested
(white maen, of (coulrse,) neither of
whom)Il ever drieamed of such thing,
and( lagainst whom11 they were 111 unle
to prouce eIven aL shado1w oIf relia
ble( evidence(', althoumgh a whole day
and1( night waIs spent after thle arrests
inl teach'ing the nlegroes anid piosting
V themu how and1( wha~t to sw~eari ill
r'ega~rd thlereto. As stated last
week, Langs-ton1 wasi- released and1(
Pur vis comm11tted'L to jil
The11 preliminary tr'ial, with its
parltisani hitterness5 and( shiameifuil
disregard of atll evidlene; the blias
ed1 sumllming up~ oif the Trial Justice,
in which he acted not only as judge
but 1 proseenUting aittorntey ias well.
are faiiaiir to all the citizensH of this
colnnunity, and1( show lailiy thait
the whole malhtter wasL nialde upj for
its political etieet. Rush's wife, the
onily real wit ness, swore positively
a~t the p~rehiliminary hlearinig tihait Mr.
Purvis wals the man11 whol killed her
husbaud-tat she saw( and~ 11( recog
nuized hliml, bothi before and11 after theO
sihootinig wVas don)e. Butt prev(ions1
to tis, oin the mlornling atfter the
shooting, she testified before the
coroner'sr jurI y, and declared1 in la
i-tiatemn(It to ouriself that she saw~~
the man17, buit couild not re'ognlize
limn. She dlescribedl im as la meC
dium11-sized 1m, LI.w~ithi at small black
in no way13 'orresplonds3 to Mr. Purvis'
persona)il appearanceL~l0. Now' if she
saw and r(eogntized Mr. IPurvis. when
tile murd1'ter wats commInitted, why did
they telegraphi to Cohun~lbila for a
detective to ferret u.ut the murder,
instead (of taking out la writ and
having him arrested att once, without
allowing tharee whole days to pass!
before the arrest was made, thereby
giving htimf ample time to escape,. if
lie had1( felt inclined to do0 5o ? Will
somne mlemiber of the Loyal League
pleas~e alnswer this question ? Again
shie swore that three shots were fired
att in1tervlst of live mliintes, a~t the
(imios tiiniu 5nin1 than, the hor-e
dashed off at the report of the firsi
gun, breaking the buggy and throw
ing them both to the ground. Mr
Purvis, who is confined in the dun
geon at Darlington, is prepared t<
prove all alibi, and will do as sooni
a14 ain opnkortulnity offers.--- 'i'bn.
Vin Decoration Day was first
observed in this cotutry: the only
feeling it excited was the desire to
honor exclusively Northern or
Southern soldiers. Ea'hl gallant
fellow was yet held in kindly roiientm
brance inl his native town or vil
lage ; the little flag or bunch of
flowers was most probably laid
above him by hands which his own had
littely pressed ; there was an indi
vidual senllse of loss in the hearts of
those who paid this annual trib ute
tQ his memory, and, it may be. a Lit.
tar resoituent against those who
slew hliml.
Now, when perseonal sorrow for
the dead has given place to a more
vague bult far juster conception of
the moaning and uses of the war, it
is a significant fact that the one
incident of the day most eagerly
Commented on as important by
press and people is the occasional
honor paid to the brave dead by
their former foes. It is the wreath
laid on the grave of the boy in gray
which draws attention away from all
the others, and dims the eyes of the
bystanders with a feeling which has
i deeper source than even regret for
the dead, so strong is the desire in
11he people to be friends again with
their brethren. Politicmns may
have their own ends to serve in
probing the still gaping wounds, but
the great mass of intelligent Chris
tian people in both the South and
North are heartily glad of any occan
4ion which brings them together on
their old footing, or gives them a
,Ahaiice to show kindly feeling. To
1ay is one of these rare chances.
Last year a i-trked eflort was made
to pay respect to the graves of Con
federate dead in the North, or of
Lhie Union soldier s in Southern
graveyards, alnd we doubt not the
bsrotherly feeling will be more
strongly expressed to-day. A propo -
4itiou was made a week or two ago by
in association of the First Defenders
the men whot first took up arms in
the North-that in invitation he
)xtended to a like association in the
loutlh to join them in honoring the
Fourth of July together in the old
[ndepende nce Hall Thel speetacle
:>f these two bodies of men, ren
omnts t the forces who rushed to
irnms against each other for causes
which seemed just to them, march
Lng arm in arm together, would give
muore mrreaning to the day than all
the splendor of foreign or home dis
play with which it will be cole
There is no reason, to look at the
matter in the light of common sense,
why the alienation between the see
Lions should continue. There is now
uo integral diflerence in their inter.
oats, sucl as existed before the war,
rind made accord well nigh impossi
ble. The great political issues now
before the country are not based on
geograph)1ical divisions. Much of
the heat of resentment still lemalinls,
e~specially in the farming provinces
of the South, and it is naitural it
should remain. No agricultural
peop)0 lie can se their hlomesteads de
stroyedl and land laid wvaste withiou t
bearing a grudge deep and1( bitte~r
tgainst the inv'aders. Men in cities
whose business~ sufferedl eqjually, and1(
wvhose losses were plerhaups hieavier,
felt no peorsonaml malice against their
eneicalie ; so whl0esome is the effect
of friction on the average mind. But
r'ven) in the isolated planiter the sense
of injury grows already fainter with
each year. Thiere are mny cau~ses
wihich w~ill hasten a return-I mIot only
of pea1ce but of good will. No perV
sistent feud of this kind has ever
existed amiiong a peole of hiomloge
1neous origlin unless it wasi cau11td by3
religions dlifferen1ces, as in Ireland,
or by3 irrecon)mcilable p)olitical aimiis, ats
between tihe G*uelphs and Ghibellines.
There is absolutely no0 irrec(onIcilrble
difference, politicail or religions, be.
twen the peOople of the South and
North ; nothing but the heat of re
eenit strife ; and the Amnericain, after
all, palrticuilaly the genial, indolent
Southerner, is a forgiving, easy--tem
peredo~ fellow, A word sp)okenI ini
season01 may13 mauke friends of him and(
hiis children's chiildren. For our
sake., anid his, let maniiy such words
be spoken to-dlay with heartiness
and sincerity. No better time than
tihe daIy oin which we mourn for the
hionorable dead cani he fountd to show
that we also honor the living.-ew
.York Tibune.
VEaV 84A.-480 the University is
to close oin the 15th. Th'lis 51ad an1
noun11cemen0t is OCCioneuld by3 the
fact. that the mioney for the benefi
ciar'ies caunniot he paid before July 1,
1876. Now, nex. year there should1(
be no0 such shiortcominys on the
parit of the tanx payers,51 andlo the stat
(d0nt.5 should not be permitted to
leave greener than they come. Let
there ho nofoxy scheme on the part
of the tax paye'rH, Or aniy o114Cr mlAn,
to avoid assistinig tliis highly /bene/
eil/ institution. If there should be,
some of theml may13 expect to beC
/yncheeld. We trust this little local
will not be a brewe of trouble, but,
in the main will result in good to
all coimrerl.-/(Jo/ne/aja Il'gifc
Sh outhi Carolina Nows.
The crops around Greenville are
unlpreeolltedly tie.
Colmbia is so healthy that the
doctors ire low-spirited.
A rifle club has been organized at
IBlackville, and a full set of oflicers
McDovitt, the def-tilting trosur
or of Edgefield coulty, is said to bo
in C.nada.
Red ]lot JOnes is still a power in
Georgetown, havint things almnost
entirely his own way.
The last convention o I the Demno
cl atic party of Abbeville county was
very largely attended.
'xtenmsive preparations continue
to be made for the Fort M.ultrie
Centennial at Charleston.
rhude Northrop seems to have
given very general satisfaction whEre
ever he has held court.
Theo circuit court is now in session
in Charleston. The criminal dockets
are very much crowded, the offeneos
being of almost every degree, from
murder down.
Governor Chamberlain h1as offered
a reward of $20(l each for the ap
prehension of the prisoners, five in
number, who recently escaped from
the Orangeburg jail.
The store of Messrs. Agnew &
Boner, at Due West. was entered
by burglars a short time ago, and
robbed of a considerable amount in I
money and goods.
The attorneys for Mce1vov, the
Aiken murderer, have filed a muotion
in the supreme cot;rt for a new trial,
and should the motion he docketed,
the case cannot be heard before next
No)vemlber, amnd McEv'oy will thus
have a respite until somno time in
next year.
General William Evans, Ia promi
nent citizen of Marion, died at that
place on W'ednosday last. He at
various times represented his coun
ty in the Legislature and inl the
State conivenitionis. His deatth was1
caused by disease of the heart. le
was seventy-two years of age.
There are more than five hundred
United States troops quartered in
South Carolina. Of these there re'
three coIipanies of artillery station
ed at Charleston, six companies of
infantry at Columbia, one company
of infan try at Green vill e and one
company of infantry at Yorkville.
Quite a fracas recently occurred
on the )lantation of C-l. Cadwalla
der Jones, no::lr Rock Hill, between "
some white men and negroes, all
the parties being tenants on the i
place. Onte white man was cut in a
the head wit-h a stick, nd one nie- 1
gro was shot. in the abdomen. No
one was killed.
In t.he1 Uiit.ed States Circuit
C, uf, in session at Charleston a f
few (lava ago. the cases of Harvey
Terry vs. the 13anik of Chester, andc
the smme vs. fhe Planters' Bank of
Fairfield were heard, and further
time was granted to the defendants
to file their an'swers, pleas or demiur
The Spartainbitig and Unlion
Railroad is to he e'xtended to Columi
bia, anid arran~gententls have been1
malide for the early eoumpetiou of
the wVork. This (mietis6m beconmes
necessary by the cer'taiu comp111letion
of the Spairtalnbur1g anfd Ashleville
Railroad, now under construction.
Two hundred convicts from thme pen1
itentiary haive b~en engaged for the
Governor Chamberlain has isuedl
a plahtmationl, iuiimadverting in'
strong terms upon01 thme recent lyngh I
ing in Edgehield, and calling upon
the oilcers of the~ laiw to brinig thlose
engaged to justice. His Exeency
conisiders that the c'ircumstan(cs of
the ease were by no meanms rsuch as
to wvarranmt or' exense t he lynching,
and warnis the people against the<
prob)able effects likely to follow
from a resort to such means for thme I
punishiment of crime. He has also
addressed a letter to .Judge Carpen-. I
ter urginig upon01 him the miost vigo
rouis action ini the mattecr. He aliso I
suggests to thme Judge that pr1omplt
mea~fsur1es b e employed for the ap
p)rehenlsion of Matilda Holloway anud
Biettie Ferrin1, two negro womeni
supposed to have been nec(essories
to the murder of the Harnom.
S Ie N BE.AurFon-r. -Thme occui-i
panlts of the hotel iln Bleaufort were<
alarmed on Saturday afternoon by l
the sound of ia pistol shot issuing
from at roomI occuplied by the wife ofi
onie of the naeva~l officers who ared
stationmed att Port Royal. The (1oor 11
Was opened( and1( thme dead body of i
the ladly was found lying on the bed, ']
while a great yw,0i of blood and a !
navy revolver- lay flpon the floor. i
lvxamiation revenled thatt she had
been shot, tihe ball enterinlg just be l
low the left9 breast and pass~ing outj
neiar the spine'. A coroney's inquest i
was held, nnd the testimony ad
duced showed that the deceaed had
been much dlejected for some time]
and hand not tasted food for several
days, attrd that Iml liFd' puarchased
laudanum on Saturday, wvhich,. how.
ev'er, could not he found. T1hme (10e
consedI wasH much1 respected. Tfhe'
telstimony shows that 1411 commit 1
ed suieidle, and( connuiaiil infelicity
is alleged ias the cause.--e rne
Vapor Which Oozes Through Gun
Metal--.Fuol and Host Dinponeed
A tsn reporter paid a visit to the
machine shop of Messrs. Sergeant &
Chillingworth, in this city, where
one of the Koely Motor generators
in being made. It is inteided to
be of 100 horse power, but by
opera ting it rapidly it will give
a power of 800 horses. Its height
will be about seven and a half feet.
At present the parts are either lyiig
completed on the floor or in process
of preparation. Among the formier
is a bed of cast-iron, seven and i
half feot long and three feet, seven
inches wide, upon which the super
structure of chambers and their
necessary tubes will be rinsed. The
eltmbers are about two feet ill
diameter, and vary in height from
two to two and a half feet. They
tare of massive steel, and their hol
lows vary from four to six inches in
diameter, leaving~ the walls nces.
sarily of very gre.it thickness, and
capable of bearing tan enormous
pressure. The difficulty hitherto
has been in obtaining uetaL which
would retain the vapor.
Experiments with a generator of
rbout fifty horne power on low
[>ressure gave entire uatisfaction to
the comupaniy,anid Mr. Keely was '
idt'ised to' construct a larger
inachine. He therefore, two years
Igo, began one of 1,000 horse pow
ar. to be endowed with sufficient.
Strength to Stand the reuisite
tree with perfect safety. The
lext experiment was with a genera.
or of 1,000 horse power, construct
,d of gun metal. A pressure of
0,000 poinds to the square inch ,
lid not burst this metal, but
.-aused the vapor to ooze complete
y through its pores, nch to the
lstonishtment of the bystanders.
This gun-metal was of the best
O1Umposition used, and comprised f
eighty per cent. of copper, fourteen:
L)er cent. of tin, and the rest lead
Lind zinc. It was thought that! 1
iltosphor bronze would answer tic
)Iu pose, but the vapor oozed r
,(rough that at a still less pressure. ,
L'hie virtues of wrought iron and (
teel are now to be tried. The t
lauters of Mr. Keely's 1,0001)
o irse generator in Philadelphit
lye stood a pre:surc of 25,300
iounds to the square inch in the
ower par t, and 10,000 polti(d ini
he upper, and retained the vapor,
nit a small globe at. the top of one
af themli, which, it wan thought, It
fould be safely constiructed of gun
netdl, allowed the vapor to escape.
L new one is under construction, s
ogether with some minor pa3rta,
nd by June 1, a trial will probal)b!
), made, and one em il machine of|
horse power will likewise be
tied. The chambers have stood i1
pressure of 10,000 pounds. The 1
nventor and stuckholders are per
celly satisfied with the fe isibiity
tf t.he theory. The only point now
to get metal sufficiently dense to, t
etain prestiurc.
Wheir it is considered that lia
hines driven by steam rarely or
level' Create i pressure of over 200 mm
>oundsl to the square inch, the,
normoiu force of the Keely Motor,
id its immitense capacity for pro
>uilsion,- ean be realized, The1i power
vill be gelterate'd by ai Vaporizin)g of
vater mchlanically, andu without the a
gency (of hteat. Tfhe expenise of
uel will thus be save'd.- Those f
ntIgesd claim to have becut *fis.,
midersfoxul illn ayinlg that a pitnt of
rater only3 would bei nieeded for tihe
>roputlsion of a traini of earsn he
wteenl this city and Philadelphia I
*und back. They meant that if tive t
utons were used for an engine of;'
LW) horne power, a pintt 0only miight
>e lost by vaporizing through thie t
ores of the mettl. None ait all 1I
night be lost. The wa'tter, after
>eig vaptorized, and( passing
hiroutgh tie vaious tubes ami
hasmbern dloen its allotted work upon
he enigine, is recond1(eml id into it'a a
ormer state, anid, tagain beemnning f
apilorizedl, starts again upon01 itn t
uuissiont of mighty pressure.
T1he capyital stock of the Keely r
fotor Companyv in $1,000,000 (livid i
(1 inito '20,000) shares. Mnluy shlare- e1
elders, dlishieartened at thme repeaited
ailures, and1( the aidverne comm**enlts I
14(1c1entific men), have sold out at a I
ca~&vy hosts, b~ut others are hopeful.
w". York Kun
A Nrv Tfr.ohA'u CYMI'AN.-A fi
er'tificate of ineorp)orationu of "'The
lErni'mici TIelegrauph Company" has li
>cen1 filed in the county clerk's office v
ni New York. The capital ttock of t y
hwecollmany in formed for the pur~-'.
tone of runing linen of teleg.#aph P
romi Nsew York to thme principtal I:
'Gastern, Western andu Southertn a
it ics,-iweb.iding Biltimore, Washuin g. 8
on, Richmond, Savatnnath, Mobil1ed
nid all itrtermnediaite pioinits.- It in u
>ronosd to increase the~ caplitalj
toek from time to time,~ as occasion I
nay demand.
K. G. TJobin, of Oranageburg, was
>raticin~g with J''I rifle a few dlays
mice at a muark set tup in the mtiddle
>f tihe railroad track, w~hent
me of lriw shotp, after passing
*hirough the object at which he was
ulhootig, ricocheted upj and killhed a
muzzar'd that was passing over the
iailroaid about thirty or forty feet in
Reoligion Runl Riot.
A Sit. LOtusH Ji:Iper lscriisv
Illotlile 040ts of fanlaticjspu that wa
l'eeoitiy (Iiscovere'dli III)ttliwetit ('1
Mitsoitri. It ltl))I1ar that, the al
t eltionl of 9401110 ieiiIilbr wi.s alt
.Ityaiel by loud anud ilmusiul noise
ilk the ty of rsiotiilg4 singing nil,
pra14yng, atndhip 11m going ta tLu
lie batrl(d on the inside. Admit,
0141 tile doui'in "t11"0 bro'Iken open'
Whlen tile; sliwkilig 91e(tit('h of
II1114) huhat iJ td W'olluihi u(toad( ('ItS
,)n thei floor. T1he )12411 piro\ ('d t(
40111(4 pecu!liar Haut tlitt 1et fl'0.\:
IlIltOH MO01lllj*.an~l ill till I Usai(tl
a(v(pt t~liit thecy Ie'll it. to in' wronjl
o4 hares( lot tl ~ uu (l!Wife tli
b'Ioltul wits1 alscerltainled to be ?.[ar
[yiul'i wife'"s I45t431', abo)ut1 t wentj
Vuau's old ; upoi the bed a plivslig n, hth a 1)11411]ll
Ailid two yeacrs; of aIge W~Ii5 lying col ~twt t kl 1 sllin.
Lynch, the father of the deaid child
old( the inltruderls thit his chld
nmd for some' tiae been j)0H.(1145eet
if the dcuvii, andi that they land do
iti'oyed 101d cast out tihe devil il
)icediell(e to tile s1)e'i'i inljluli(t ho
if tieLordt~'(. At the t imea hie 111(1
1111 si~ter'.ii-at', we1. ('15(111111h
i1iiltl overI tie Male f.wou of the
niioceeit b~abe. its llt.ilcr atilt] -tn.
)flier wolUltll werle n~ar' tilt boll('.
**oc. fi~le Rev. Mr~. ]~vwi'h 1;.1
issitri-1w wr tke l ustody, but tuft(r livinag itI(i'rcLeat
(I iln jatil they bo0th r'efutsedi to (':lt.
;tying that, they could 1,u ttket
10 food for forty (las111 d ThIl
L'he pr(vaiiillg opinio lil th11( itint
4r'isonv'"sro re tnx, si d their ill
ality is VOIntiI1O..l toe zeiigi~lee4 jil tt
inaltioi. 'hI'. I~y'llela ceas t:) ie
inliliar wiith the Old T1'e;t nieuil.,
Ilel insists that.1 11o wias fulilintg L~iar
C(lireiilelts of Sciplture wihen lh(
filledl 1his it.tl-gill1. 1les ion ginde's
1ii1154.f Abrahaml~, ati fuels thut Ile,
Muist proe) his faith ill Clod by
t('iiieiii his eliild. TheIl)tbe kIten~dchl .;~ ict it I:
he Is:iine d(,tsioll thiait seeiiis to.
Aye.. fitill'1ill pe.l this I)rlsolxcrs.
Don'1t taike 1e tr~tler box outi
Ii koiql)all.
Don't1, smap Wcith yeit liii)4hltlll
LiIism ye kenJ ue1io.i to give t heim
lie big ('11(1 of the triui 1.
M~arry V'ella;,an i if 'i'el11
t::pce's requite it. often.
If yout ca'at git gull (clotihs Il
tdikiisiitin too0, gil. tAi! ('lth..
:Ily how alrte ye 1 tat eve rysl.
Kultivate iiaotdet, but, 1111111 ailt]e
(*1) It good( stock of i~ll.lVtl('e 01l1
1'i11 1118 (1e o11 purpos()e.
1)on't take nnly bohy (else's iuulViu~
tit Your i' 1Il.
If it 111:t11 B~at t?rs vii?, y30 1{:ii kal
ihlttes he in it ro;ge, or yvote at fide.
Kepbth4)(1);1:dnts ' half ynt lloti'e.
Young Meh'A Chriattll Asao~itt.ou.
k4((exx of the Cirist ian religion a:
Sfotuinl l in ts li41L),taliy t. t11 -
'( tt rext l,%( to) atltil t his 4311
cesisi the tkolrit fsn i(9
dlie tt H a;) wvill bust mak:e Ithe go
work o gress xiv 41iiili11(1 n (IrlcliI4
iilit11 thne spirit of the itge.
IMen's A 81:(121iouiP it. f"'l~v yearsl' 4(g
I) WVA (14 ifll)urtallt wo1ve forwa'1rd . I
a.zt o1 e iiwavi.'it 21 pIfoIII( iinter
'"ext. i l t i~ yung men of tilo 1111i(
't iei-Jlllx1ihility 1111(l 1)rl1'ietOV '4hiI) ii
t2i p111 a u t. l;t'it of tll)i gosp(el ~1rI
'fl' rexit of the 11111)!), (lfleeJ
('H of the nlew assoceiation HI)rauig Ill
*in 4411 (hle 1314.ilg.' itiex ill thne ('141
tryi, lilid Vuiiii 1111e11 who hauld 1hither'
1C)o en Wl 11 ~t- tie renehil of reti
glioJKl 2)gell('Ie'8 w4(' rouw4lghit wit hil
tit( I11-fl~l of hioly' ilid ('erlttitl
int1lunen. T'hei (chu1rch ll 81101
11 alays be1 kep)t 1)roI11i11etlt its t1
1113.'41 that8 thue ('birch 11)0(1s atxilix du'
iitipri'xeti~l At. I)res(Ilt thr Ilis 18(1
4)r )111i?.z:ttion outsidec of t he e'1uu1"('
front ilhichil 1ut114 gooid evil, be)~ e
I )ei-teC1tha th 11211slociau4,:tion1 all oven
th 1) 1' ~ it PY. whlo J1lVClge t~hl'11e1 VI'
to work forl1 thec ('lL'vitti4 Ii 111(1 :;cute1
I itieati in of their fellows. Alt 4(1
or has it Power' whliei ilui'x n1o) lie it,
114e ex hurt :it 1'oii Of It Hilpurli 11*. ( )II(
illvite h S isx 8)11 ! 4j tH*1 It 1)144 ii(rI, Ili(
of4t' itulel)vi"e ('s 4th oe 1 uglier in d igii
t;; 111(1 itll Iprtan" 111)oe1101 hat %V'ri
HVIIlei:'tetje 1fu41 fellow- feeling~ with
" ti1l whom hle H(.' kS t. I) iI le) 40, 411
.i tIwr is 4101111 Vei o)f thes~e 2aids. n1)t4
1iii words 24re too of(I1 iIn1 it. c0oo
1)2(04:Pt N.
'The valuew of the labor of voilil
11(')1i 1111( lu t.Icii fol low 1 il gH 1)4:
inn acuit'c~ , t he ii ' )uglt;;
(i~ ititia A.9i. )('i1t 1O11 is it 144 J0)4a
(I letjtoit. NoI outier means2 118 Vei
IIw.1k(Iled I~tn 1iih) lively to) the wvor"
it, was t heir Hp~eeil 1'ovi1Iee to per)
formr. 'r0 , v'1e 1i' K ) 1)1:t11 '
VO)IitI) 111(21;44. wvork ill th1e4 Vi I14V212
of t lajer Master4 ). Thel4y feel thlit. itit
O wlit. wor k, thi'\' have tlhe rel'8J 18
Ilility rex huig onl thir i* 14)14 .'ri
they1 often!I labor 14 ith liit LZeal vhlli.
jPlitH to the bInsuil thle efforts of~ Elfag
en's (Chrisfiaii ill~' ;.m '. I.
Mimet is 1111-v ic1y Iii.. 11iel1 (f i .s ;uI
u(Knit eiwigv, ;1141 4.140 elfitets of1 it.:
('nt. Nt-edl ith 1)4 ' that. xiie'ti IL
11884)(ia1t I-l must1 11404,t Zi t b the al).
.? '114 oiiEf alt rho) eilt t o ',,Ilesh el uiwI
11s flue ;1)"k of 811tfet.l'?
('It)' ildi 1(11.4 thle exten to1 wline
itsH iull lnec'e has1 ('xI 11ul14'. It is 12
tith ands0' of y4)11 ,1g fictive, I wayv
I 221). Is lx H1leeSS is WVI'i t el 4)I1 t.1I.(
s(114)11 oIf i.1e fiit hue ill such1 I righi
tet-t 128 (lint, we ('1111 alwaiys Kee(he
Th'ie foliniV1g HJ)4)0imilO11 oIf J'n''
fih ue 14)4)1 liI 1ll4.'8 ' i4. fro 1.110
I I'l~ll)1 i 'l'e:-A~ 212141" Woas
is not. m iember of the R431)ubliczLul
e1;lprt, . 11( dos~i not 110C any fatvorls
*0of t.hup part VI. .11e (.fu1)1, to Ohio,
I( last81 111111110". ILL his OW%%Il exp~ense,
20114 ti uiti il 11 toiw ,.le, IagIai ist 131 11
d (lts ( e 2 1el. 1-ltl the (Il11)11Ct
n'I(Oe~ ( ( i't 1ili(' of $lit( I )eliwc'1acy
N('144 dltilgert 1(1. J1(re1had1 in timie
g '%a Il(il ((r.Atlt ti hfist hit; St. Lotis,
( 'ooi ll .) '- ht tS'it, 1115511101 14) high
I. O4)J((s, ailtdII 114 now inl the Ptehiite('i
t~iu'-,afi %.I5 trated'L wit) disdainj~.
1 Ilewd 1211(eV(1l $t) div(rt thec. Ilep)ub)
II4ILI(, f)( f'o' iso j i ts $"ii o th
w('11j10115 (of wvair in timii oIf 11(21cc.',
x~1011 11181 sritt(c wit h (-111., whose8
-I1e(!l'U M ca (Il(' of l,1"'II'OIlItl favoriit. -
XiII214 ellt all (1laf(IIs 18 (j'J4'PWI ('lL1] V
4.isgIst(tl himin, b)ill, t1he (,O1l n1ot1
st(II1 the In1(dlV $'.1'r4'1i( (o )l1LI.t2 It
silenPl irsl. ou~t oft aI pig's 21L. A
10 (411l11(1111)ld ill 11111 ciVe'll alees
1)(IhiticiL1; 11111 kept his IlLace Its t1ut
hailLa 11201$ailioul his initegrity, andu IN
V t~'ai $('1V $h,) 1ii 8411211(11. No Ot I111
Sli's lie would1h1 suhhpport. .Br'itow)t, 111(1
It'0no 8UJljlurt Morliton1. lilie or1 Con)k
I! o111g. H ' 1'lhI wt,~t lie Hay3s, a1.11(
lilt itrih t. t) ;a, it, n 1 ,')e
4 (11$H 1 hslt~n1111418 11111 I~lIs of 11ho4t1
81(1111, I iil'oig 11n1, the 11(1141--.(.'in1
1 rs. (1; tlij), " f 1 *lLVc' jii lrt, re21lrk
('41 tol aL ii.'ighilo lht oi I cther day
"MyL2isba It 11s. lI~t(,I i''1. It 1191 tv
1111(11 ii N11 htc(rII(.1hdb
51L115iill lIlY elll (.111 t(')1't. 111)(1 ,!)r'ow
ItMl:jliteILor hiruighi I-h1lw hIili
1iseo tae 1(1(1' to tin ('eltlizl.''
1P The' .XI:(1 111:1 / '/', n U-' c'(siq 11:0,114
that 11 $h i uts lit i I (.9"1 wasc 11i4lIo't
(11$ at 14. li the( chik , 1u(1(4 we
1(1'a 114W ill 8r1('Z o''i(f 8111iclt.i iig that1
will cat upl the( cats
A (VI'IluillIii;ld 14 ItIec(-1tor4'1, aft-er
t%'4j12WV jil~Jl~l (ll'tI'v (l114{8y, 8( 1 81(1
?"18 till ' she, Shil' ' 1118 oi s$till,,' It .kst'
"'Wily (((111$, NV'1114'1 1.:Lk 5101110
(('(11 1 .1"( 11 11 l i11io ti thL i'
(orrup11t, 1 ~i~tlsb ha1(( :ve J111 the
ulnil ii Ilt' 1hIave wel h11ighl 'o itL to
lLwn1(' 114 an t(':111 $those whoi( 1(88111110!
1 t4)o Iii ;~(ei'; I01:11 1.1' he ft,t Iieirr
1lIti'i' 114 8'i't lt , or1 re(tile tu' tlio
N 5jtc(41H of1 pr1i~ t ii le.
1Itic 41:41.s cro ill( Ma1(11441(o is )haul(e;
111(' 114:Isohis are~ (tlit I iligl".O 41'Iri(:r
w titoit 1101$'1011' il is 511'1111e ill th fit l
$lore, gill comI'ljl to4-h l.e 1(:Lsunulld
('1111101ion of (104)1 JIL 44 tllhhilsl5s.
4111(1114nllitlt f h
..J)I 111 L~j 11118i1i4'0IL 11) y 11IlsL
413 i" 1) e'1 l 114411 Io 11)j(I l'4 11 1(1to 1,141(

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