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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, June 21, 1876, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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\Tofjo XI fol ! M
WINNSBOi() O..WE!DNESDAY lr )L I {: l t
. .. .. rwr. .._._. .r ?..r. "rr+..+.r ..w .w. ..rw... r'iili. 4_-- 1 u-...._ _ _-_ __
1 e A .1 .1 1 1 { ~ t c i I ! 1 f E I t'"1 'l t l i i i : l i tie: 1 1, u t, i~ R .
R! Il I/ 1) IrT A' I
it) r Nisi i uic*us :ltid ls:i )II t.H $1.t1
* "Rovlvig thec Issues of the W(ir."
lie luun1t be it very dull1 obnervt
iol politicail (!veilns, sayst the No'
Vork 'I'h, iir, -who1 (10(1-1 iiut JieOciiI
of the other, was ZJr"lned by ti
war for the Union is sti11 vel.
s~trong ill b)o1t1 sections 11111 Wvi
eiiteri it tti I-i )rc~41df.'n$.iit1 (inlil it
Onie mauy regret this fact, un w\e ont
.Slves (lo, butt it in folly 1() (deny "i
\\e (lo) not, ItgWe( Wit Lif-ose \\"h(
1l1(e Mr. Cliarle'n 1"l'ritti.j.4Acrlatn, jr
~JIi hl n iothinig ill talee' 1pP(IiL
of this feeling 1 111u11i . inii) 11XL1-1lint
(lo) not algree w\i li flit; vie \ w\lie
H(t~lihI'1sow l1)naperH, that "'loynlty
sn 1u i t IL )(litiClal L ~ t) necuire tL
~i~ci:ulls t he (IHII ice I,() ut.i. NN'
snit iiL 'ti 1~ e gladi to see the no(rth till
tiht Morlt ' u uel l} t iiitnt ly divide(
iagaiinst itnell 1 soi 0ie '? elrrt 'in+u
th1iiu- lwiiigi1 ' Ii!-- iiI 'a "i ul'((i cc
('!on~I stail sn ti ttttiiig Msyllplttil
Oni si('i' (10111 14(1'I * 1)ie(*t. foi. O:1 ) en
Mote iii the soti ii or ill e':th 11 th
oil li *i(:ri'vt act11111 ic fti .ii~
uuigc:diigf-I4'10 reelioni Ill
\We shonld( ho i.p(ciatlly f;' 1)1%1'J
l0 he whit(;e )(I)0l dJtilie a south1 had ll
t tll' txc(jt tili i ut'f dtiiunent, to tlu
I)fli'i)e;1N fur whlich t hey reliicl4,I U
10(1l atilt' illiiiiifl4it~y t.owvt rd the i(j)tilj
"I(ctli iit Ii. tf\ e"a'c I the 111iur?1. Ihi
i1. is Lull sni iLu ti Ietiie t'll!Ii ):"'ii
it 1.li:4(1S) e . it. isi 1)) lte for tbh
I hey it)r(, a Id tj) toL do tihe iest. \\i t.
tlieoi1 for1 the geli'rtl rood that \v
(Ono thinig is (lit.irely C~eit~iP--VV
Cd 111101 coinie th is &;-I'e't. massn. 0
thle 1Cjtiihhicaii :1 iutjt that, it. is the
;:I(111(1 %\It()-lire V(*nJiollnilhle for 1.l1
present eilfi ii of tlimg.,. or1 t ha
thiei r Jeec'lll I ice-i. , \lt tierl jllsI 1
MF 0(1110) il V, i"1)t1 1011)10 1 nliey
t hat. 111+he' "IlVc not, bids!i Ii-t1rnl \\vi t
1.1(1 letf~ :i i thait t hey 'ioleIsl at
e,:01%y and as lidl h' ansci ml. 1in reaso
1e4(a i':le tilt- henf~iin1tiimn ill 1,1
I verII 11(1, nt of thoe( n righ!ts \\vliic
the smalil i tsulf uudlcitool. t." ca~lk
ltl\:&s'. :i1i(1 that %%-I Lt! Wi' 'vii cons
(!I li-iicn liuhve C ('')ll"i 11)11 tI}O( \\'111 w
1weotk 1':irI. in the ich)(lliOli h:avc 1)0.
clue0 ntit o toi l. 1 )11 (1(( t. of tiales
who fatileo thlan to that, of this e \vli
gro)wing gilt of te you. TrilS 8ilqp
dtuochrittioii of sonthern HtiaOiil
(~OnI0;.tc' thati -I I'( (01 se of th e
jntli i~ pairty fur theu last two yetto*
yield it diit(Jr(3lt r.+:suit frr tis
Theli S~(ttill(,lt of the "'xc1 Loijiisi:
litla (llOst.iohl ill 0 . i f t~li lY' '
k~ est fairnesis. theo distifl'*t Spot
tte.soittliern viewN o Ut~w rl
r&iiifiet, the refusal orf the f~o .ria
1,. lUtit to sentroops(0J) to Mississipp
on the~ r(pjlsitioil of its gvernor.
of stric tly tlill)iltte ifld (o)11ei2t()1~"
View(., tho tliv(W8al (idtnl~ti(1
iuaolig rep)I1IiQ1ufl of Sjtetlc'Ebr, 1011(
is "j, olW ' in Alubziinn. the 'lijlilli,
t hattiitrlail &,COt i ('~t i1r'OfrIlh its
south Catrolinab.-.sulrely theselrl
ii alJle proof that the rep~ulli's
jyit"y dloes 11O~ deserve the u11(jllii
fie:l distrust 01"thei South. Yet tltit
is what, the palrty gets, leld. appa
1 rently, all that it ,rets. IN it stratlgt
i growing out. of the war as8 havLing
stomi 1 1lnc when the1 "I (3cSiieh'
iprolminenlt '? WVould it niot In
h triii-re, 11 ill! (conltrary, if tlio iiorti
shut its eyesK to fats which thjii
south so forces up1)o1 i.s attenion 01
It is des4irabl1e that tile 1101.1 1111n(
south should (tom1e; tog ether, bll
(.1111 thati (3VeV hlppell ~hlile the~ .54)111
holds sulhlenly tltt ol).stinlltiy al1oof
nonstttutlcii for Democratic Clubw.
A it matter oif genieral initeres3.t '. *(
iiiehd-eul, by the1 Deniolcratie Stittt.
*Dmouoer:t.ie (CItu1l'. throughout thI
State. It. is its follows
11i rri VP IJ. The1 h,1wio '6f tis or
A t{"r. "!. "1'1i3e o()lh'l of 01 Ii h
4 It1 1; i 1'1 eiden t, LAOi( ) i "'SIi
H et. atRee iidlfig 'Seeretary andl
T1reastrci'. 0t.. CoXrrespon~din See
five iiieniiors. who shill serve for
t sietro~ tn I . im .' lie hixe.1. by, rc-o;lui
h ioln :11 1lfl fl('ILIac~i(3is it. Il hee
''fliees shall 1)e filled( by as l (1t(101
at. th( flU34t.-retn afUI~~fV ter the Kam111
~Aiifur. 8It. shall be0 time duly of
,. so
p)olic3y us ill their jlud3.g11(31t shall
(ill -..IQd of the coun~ty.
Ai 'f( President. W'ith1 time
t 111et 15)11 of iL Ihulijoiy of'(i the .Exe3'lI
L five Comimittee, sh11111 hve p)ower to
cll e'xtra mleetilgs of the ('l), tI,
1.tI ll 11 ctiofl of bttiixii.-s.
Air. 5 . Al reglr iineelt of tie
(3!tlh shall be held on1 I lit --t
f rlyill every~ muoit It.
* A' 1;. Anly 11ude1 citizeni of till
lilt . l~t 1.c11: tll~l~t
the( (club b~y sighing the cdilst.itittiolV,.
and1( plc lgillg hlilYfrd to sus3ta1in ll
8outh~lO6)din n uvul ^
lIn ever' part (If tile Stt.eopl
ireo 0oluliliri11 of the i'c 'lircity ifivly nila( ae eeily
rTh're grandi~ jury' or ]3(eaufort ctllfl-'
he 1(30 tht by 11(11' own1 hanl( I
'liI;st ('hoir'. fin 'j)OCikih'Ilt. 1iltt tie %611
1,. vote: ILL S t.. L~oulis for the maost _.ahheHn
l~IoI')j~' ()ldl "( ; i11" is to 11e
('11.01ed :fgraillit'l 1l the~ dlogs in' the
tly, tliroi' to Six at(1' t jte
tIil L~nih , itat( ;8 r:1lolJ-of wrar
ini thle ('e'1cifl~ ion1 of June 28th1
'I liE.'ie 1V, M'thOclit~ 1)~i! t],;(kTi1 f vt. 'liAl tit( 4th
lrj'ea'h('dl by 1 e'v. E. . .11c. iyulr(1It~
ThIoillt 4)1 byl (wovcrno1' (5hIInlc1 111111
ti (. ll (1 of lh:Jgoiieltd cott., ) has
(lcriue'EI1d the position. C.
A. inn1 ,ei' of c11telrislng e'itizen'i I
are ag~itatijng the (jueltioli (of e'3tai)
lipngi ot11acoy t loec. 1l it is vo('1 jIltly ('Xjlcl'tedl that it iI
]fir. Eu 8( 11, MU811 il dent of the
iln New ork ILit )Da1 l fini (1)11111
ticlt to 11111 thalt illstitnlti(iI till the t
Stalt(I tr1easury1' is reC'j101I1d. a
Pro'Ef. ]'elix (loather, w~hio fur I
Hon years~l V WltIM pro1 jfess'o r Elf (l11'Lw
jug lit thlL (sit Ildel A('ill('1y, (Jl;iil('X
5~ o clock. Ie w asM over eighty y ar s fT e ])i-o C al son a d o
(iget ii ig; will netL inl E'i)1U'rt in t
their eflo1"tM ti) .10t11111 'Jude .)tend
ill tile posIitionI tIle has t.iiJ.o'i in1 thle
llllitter of' the jidg.'tfiiij ofl the 'lirt
road. atting thle traci(k inl ,;ie or( Ei
de. r. ailt' tigle tr liteL di )4 thell
will8, iii a~u th ()Titi te. 11a 1 8118e
Ho'(1'i('lo( at. i ~1'
Ctl ('sl o 1.11;1 ('( 1110 El ~triladl of
the 18)1 til o! l tle llt~.isE itta ? 11)1(
t (r.IL'di'8in .,) lelrcl i '. teb flzt1(..'l
'E111 ' 11101E ) 1 0 trl sglodi1110 Lh'i1
it 1ri rgcentlyt t(1. thee airus coi
11f( iluilng t8E.'1' i 1jUV' t1' theJ
F1''IIe.ld 1.4.) and~v Fl'orAel( t ill-6 lu
ton (1111(t th('1 11;eo8tl'10-! f(
*a' to )1 tal i i 't10 'ofnt' wud 'ill. I
.1a11(',11, 11lt~(1 l(n waf s ho1(iteven to
d irtorsinead t iii.) Ithe mater t18 1
Cropts~l~il' 1t1 11r11( EI t o :ai'gro 4
tiov 11138ar lg~rell t.W('('1IlIE. Thelc
.lttv. J. 1i.:A41~^t, 1). l)., of ('Qintg
I 'iii, has il Ili 4) l t,? i1 1 (414 le te )
1Ic'v. ])i". t~titt J1e> ile iii. C' "iV'et..
re 1gitr(1 (to the recent11 itetioni of thle
.llaIngud its t~olegr i' P it" Htaiti)4 e
LY 111is1i214141stLR)4, 11114, ill (ct~ e~~(
undge reso(lutions4, the whlel (liull' ii
'. is4 farther from l 1itig Itlljnl(4'1
:it (.vor. 1'"i..to nul rulut'ousc ha,' -e.
tot beeln re4' Ostabisiiihtl, (111(1 the
T1.he heavy mnils of I'1 eli ~~.wee'k
Biel(-Qillin c 11 lie111 foillldittj(iiH o1' itM
it 241,l0; overI JlronidWly (.treek. oth 11i
s114lCP*4o1 i)itil'l of the ( lP44ntlleh1
)iqrtl;g oar, wh'ieli left B3elt an. the(
Ii'"tioii of the Anflrcl'01 biIiti'1 wit .l .
Li( P.1 t Ci . t l)Ot the tiu Mln. .
1 i1( rW ht".etUil dit - trind\t. J.
..is, egineer G. .( L,,~, C** (
1)1111cr C1' :Ille:I by the fatll or' dro4wn- it
'(I in ti wUt(L r. Thie bodies of thei 1
he( t~r''P;tI1c. Ij4j . %%o')t 1)21244411, I I eiirv
liv hillpc~. tI"ts~i take oil t lowc.1 I1
Ihoceee:I front Belton to AI1III'HIi it.
.lo Hleeiitl requesCt of the1 ('4)1ilteto 4)1f,
flop if. 11214 11een dleterm1ined1 not to1
hotw it. to 1)a1ss o)ve the tICHI le. t
Theo Cincinnati Conventioni. ."
Int o11 the i5til ins~t. Tfhec res;ult NN
tits I1ts follows: 1
1'mnirr JJ.1.oTm.-Blztune 285. Ili-is - ii
ow 1.13, :Morton) 124, Conxklin;; t). ),
Lues .Hrrlnt5,v'lcAr elI 11. Ne(C(Meisy to it (IltoiCO
ir). 0!~iitti i t~k ,1 tii o ~n It
S *(3, n ichi -Uo ith tl ~11aie .1 '
1' Pell no1'y Iv0itt be10ing call. 1)'
l'ie slixi~ ballot,- th )ihii~u o91' 11i~
iOW 121, Catol kie,1 t friih 68.
i'i1'ii 13 Th 'rsst o tie b92 tIi t i
Blain 121)8 (X'i-i' 111 ?'Ji untiiiI ci,
IttCH 6, Wheler :3,1iO Wtshiun l.
o it u to it do nee 371.
Timei)JI .Ito'- 4 31' lih1(' 297. l13, -
ow111,ii (' Ih H"~llt :)) t'4t 10if (ii
1" ;tru'r 1t3 .~% .-( fll 11 9, 13: i. ]
Sxrow 120" Cnli S-1 A(trtrS.l 1,
-hve (i'I .\l 1 'o 108, \\, ;1;iil
. \4 iiiih(tc'k . 2. if 1,Tlol li lE'E ?t 175-1.
M1t'V t1e-J.211114 of i );2 It: . 114 \2' ,t
ii lt :3f \the llot 2;
1. Nri 4wu.'ia1* ' tI IL lIE 'i' 379 11it
*ty i 11 ,1 I c t i~' 2t44Vi'1 8u , it yot~i n
'f ev 1 1:1 ,"rt. ' 1 t wl _ +f .
A a ATtuy'T' 01' Ttl) OLDEN 'T'IME: ~
I'r ,".ii the NowlWr'"'
Bacon Says -'.el l(t"i 511(11 its are
v1"ittell frolu \\"i:<e llt("n, lu c. of all
Jtr \\"ortls of Inrn, in Iit\" jI'Ul!r 4c'1 I
hv Th. 110I1(+.\'111g lt"t lt"1 a;.
)nr of which has lac't"r"r i)c't'Orc' 1 t'ell
11 i)1"illt. will .hc)\v Ow N.--l I
hivalr'. a111.l lr.ttt"ic)tisln ()f Iii(" tic I.
)f Fort Mollitric
1',)1'1' (n" _ ).r:"l"t'i is 11; '\l : it t :t \
I "..'t'.ttil'1, 'CU ,.\.a. r l.\. 1\"\1. \ic' t'I.'I'1:11
li.:rdt 11 1 it, 17.+1.
I. l0 1)rc)tctyfe
Sin : :1 sinv("t ' \\i ' a.
viittt, ttlm' ic; " yc)ttl a: 1\a:lat.at!;r. Ill
lltc"c't"a 1111." mm to Write. 1 ilc: Irctnll)tn
jilt which \\(. llavt' t"11:a\"(11".r l
IMICf"la in,, 11o1)t: \"4m \\ ill 111)1 111(11
Illiali what, I a;:tV. 11y own Ii"Ii*!*'i
,lcs , rc::;1+c'("tin;; slat: r.)t l'taa'lirc"111""nt
this 11111.1)1!itltutt: 'Vul, a"(.tcU\\"II to \"c)tl. Itlt(t of rou;"-"t \oti
tut rc nrc"iv(' What I t11t'nl i::u IM otlt.
,f 1c'ric1)(I--hif). You h:i\"cr n1)\\"
I)ii llt" 1)1"atvc'lN", in tiu+ rank' of \'onr
4)111111 V, for t11autv"V(:t1 S, an.l, Ill Ill\'
,pinion, fttlIill("41 tlw cltliv ever,'
r, i"; i(ltlal o\\"t S to it. \'')ll hav,
a(t your I:hairi' of h:trl :ltif);; and
iflirnlliei, 1111(1 if the c.lllt("St is still
a) hc; rontillnu I Voii1ig r I :tncla
hi)nlcl now tako Ow toil Ir()tit von.
7lac lln\"c: nor a f:tir o1)rniig of
ltittiIi tltnt, ti('I"vive . wit it IIl)l 1)1"
ntl I -pelt ttiol to \(,itl"srlf, lip r1ir;;
1) .1:itll"Iiva with n a' a a'' \\" )1.1:1
ill rc'n:lily at i ril utr it to the 1;11O\\"11
rivildsilil) ttl'tt h"ts 51t! 1:t,".I he
w rit II,, an"1 l v 11i;;Iting IIli,,
on"ltll'v fccr :1 .!tort titllc', vml will
void Itn\" clia',rt'raI)I4 (' cII v1.s,t
Io)l)?:, awl l1:1-- {ht 1'('.'11111 of lr'i>: lrt'
:) t.akt' 1)Utitit'R .1 ,11 11 ' ' tlsr " j:)t s
Ic . iIIit'tit" -1. alll , it1 t1) rotIinI;ttltl.
It(' cnly proof I c".ul - i\"at \"OIt of In y
nrc'rii"N' is thfit I iv X11 I cit III:t.I
ol1t111'ltl.l 1.1) \'oli, \\ iI) llt':c51ttc".
11(1 verve tinder volt. I (.;It 114-s! Iv
"ish that. I ( 4 ) 1 1 1 : 1 l i t ! t n i11st.rltnl(':i1.
(.11'(2A whatI 1)rt,:,-;, as I I hil)1(
" \vo11l'1 I,(' it ,.. it"at II '":tirt to\ ;tr(l
1.1)!111)till'. 1 .11:11. tf'lon t"i1lattitill \;c
11 \\"i:at for. A th.I;l:,,ulcl t"i1"c"t1111
1,1111 "1.'N (",)11 '"al+" t I) lll:ti.c et"!ti 1 al
rol)rt" 1 c;t"iml [ or \"ci;t 11) (iIil)r:i("c' -
--Or t 111 art111:tint:lnr..- ...ln}" h:tvin;;
voll 1.O(111(; IN- I )ca"t"nnr ill I his
-the intr:r:;t I h:tvc" in Illy'
t"('sol I I (0111111:411.1('4 5. . l; i vv ' c 11;
+\' Ii"i:+ 1". \\ l :tt 1 \\iit r is vilt.irt"1\"
til:n )\v11 to (Ill! ('')IiI'Il"tIrl W . '):' It)
ItV (11(1 (!(--ti() 8:.':111 \""ilt. 41.,\\"141'
it yml l:l\"ol" Illy \\1l II oily.
ltitti: \vt"ll of Iutc. )'t)tt r ::i11::"rc '. \ ,
('ii\t11.,.s 11c) 'r . :l I:.
GI:x1. 11'i1.1.'-Nl 1101li.'ricii:.
Ui'y of (1a" r:l:\ . :0. 1.1:tti: 1'0
t \t :cttlaa. , .l olx'r, JLil'rlt 12111. 1781.
MN I rerriv.. I \.,,c1l t Li
tot nits _ 1:y Fidht'i", atni 1 t h:u Ic yotl
I" \"s)ttt" \v->:h it, 1cit 111lltl' n 1.\ atri
a11lt.atg('.-1)111, 1 x111 11111th tittl"I)rit'.l
i \'(!111" j)rol 1)ti11:1111 ! 1 it tttr;('cl
I\: c'll' t 1,,1)il iI at r:'t')rc
_;Ii wit 11 \"011. I s11"11i \\"ritc itia
II c' Sallv fri'c' loin \\"it I1 \c.Iic'lt 1.\"c'
tit"1 1 , (": 1c \"('trSt' :lii 1 41, ;tl t. Pot.
iii 11111 \1111 1'1.:"('1\c' c1. \\:I i i:Ic :::1111)
1t :I.)tir5. t ht\'c" 1 ft(":I 1 t'.l}.1l VII)
xi)1'c'titi \ iiil"" i" iii ttou"t Is. I" ;-pt :"1 ito
i111d ttilprove(1 conl:(ieltce of lllt\"ilt ;
tWtie Illy (linty t( 11 :1',, ('1)Uj1t.r3' $1111
("tll,(luc"t.ctl DIN-gulf, it". It I1)IUt of Itollor.
M v Io1"(1, I null sorry , tq ol)KOl"ve,
I hat. I feel ivoid' friep(IIl i1) tC) Vltrdii
tlln lililel, ttl+lttt'a ('1'V41U Nvolil(I n( t
tn(le;t\ot" to prevail I Ilion 1i)( I.t).'Ifet
base U. part ! You ("arnetitl)"
,\\ islI" Npit voul(l, brink. it nhotit, ILH
pill t Iltl. . It \ 111 1)e it 1l)qt111r) Of
efl't"('ting that. revolicililtti0n w t all
t:o ;u (ic'nt ly (le (ire. I (lo eltt"tlest1y
" vt ish for it ro(!4111C1lilt tlon, as Ililletlt
,( a (till, )Ililll bill only tlpoll
ht)I1( 1'tt{) (' t('i'pl$ ! ,'I'11P 1"(:pOHNl"KH11lg
,y.('"-<It 1(ti tht' u11't:r (+f Out.. (.--Un
ll:al:tl o! \"(,tll' 1,01411,1011t, Iti'li tili'
hollow Volt ll)"ollo a' of serving hiller
lull. III,;" I):tltrv (onSi-lerat.iolit4 to flit
I(is4 yflay reputation '. \o-' )+tif
1.11e ft t" Sillli11(, possession of that
\.tlmti I( 1.~140(1 .ltunai("a, 14110111(1
ii1(lilve me to 11111-t fl-out Illy intu;;ri
I v \ty 1,(Ird as you have ulit(k,
(;it(- proposal. give lu(i loavo ttimake
u1other. whicl! \ it .l.)e.ji),ti)rq~. tt, lt(+rl
1)11 to its hoth : As )-oil 1:It\"t: till
iiit('reSC with yollr coltlntill t(iei ,t I
\VOull(I have yot1 1)1.(ll)t1(fh , 1,11(1 wiflt.
clrtt\\"ing Ole I i iLiti i '1'r(lop, frolAl
the (;ontine)!t. of America !" .1f;;\\"
(lit! 11 ilepc'n(lellev ! 1I.1t111, pKkij)oF(i It
I'('ac(! '. 1'his heirs.. (loll,. 7 't\"ill tl "
111y inflnpnrr with Illy (.011iiiuut(lor
I l i n("("(-pt-of tia, TeriIIH-iul(l itllo\\"
('"(t. 13rititill at free i l"a(le wit It
. l11('6vit ' : .llv io "(l. I could 1111dw
Out' lu, r(" I:!"i1)otial : hilt. Illy rituit
litIii its it i)O!i(,Ilel" vi ielli11K("i'll)(!H 1110
'ViI Ili 11 vul-u"tin licit] ntis. .J 1111114
1!I('t"ehne rtnlelutl(' with
Y (Ill tIt(" fi"(,c, lih 'tt,' t(+ )nits,(, \v1iitt
('\""t' 11 ,& of t.Ili:: 'you 1.11111: Droller.
1'11:) 1 ("tl"'1" of lilt.'. ,
1 a111. my Lord. yolym" T.0rc1511i1 ':.
01(1:(1 (11)'I. Iiltlnl)lc' 14("i' \ I.
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\ T41H Talkell Al-ay
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Tll(".ttl"1('tll p(0l)1(b arc ti'("l.11mallilie,
(l\"t;l" it jtlIi(" Ilrltl'I.i('l.tl I))" .1,0 1li 1,.
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'.l'!"ttllic". while here. !1.'11(- "Vokt'1(
\v''re their best 10 rathri:..'1 0t{
1t1,11Nt" t. f.)1" flay \\"t"!"(' 111 , ";l'{ill/, 1. :,
(litrill till' 0p("nitlg of (Ito ('elit(,ii
ni'tl ttticl tit(. town was (1(sel-te(,1.
lnlillt, one of lit'' tuo,;f t'flici(")+t
il (!I1+=', li 11, ill,' :)) -.' (.1i "i,.;,1. \\ t':
in ;t high -A.,,t(: of disglt i. Ilt" tl,7t's
Wit, Stu"("llilih rr:ul.ly, told it,, IIn
ulitlsl, of his (lira rocs Henry 11'ilrtl
I )' ("(411P ' tll)I)(".tr("(i itt" t 1w nltf itmttl
t':tlii(" { I 1,"("t'lt:"t'. .101111 L. clt"t.rr
i,titit I to ntilizu Henry Ward. '1'o
I !lib ('lid h(: 5(nlt. nl1Sertlpulons vInih
>: ii it"ti I t, 0,t ;ltottl tilts hott"is, chlh
holtst;::, lol)Iit : , lunch- rooutti and
v!n("\vIivre to sh)rtrttl the illtcAligviict'
that ()I1 Ilion iiig11t Henry 11'itlv1 wilt;
to visit, tia 1'olws cnlortttlilllivilf, at,
lilt- t11(,it:'e. \o\\". it vo sf.i, p.tItlollar
t,+ Iii .14..11( ltri V-vfiu"(; 1':11i t tr that
1;11111 alit: ('0111(1 t")ijoy flit \'0lit":t tul(1
Srv t lip- ;,IY':tl. Ill., ULl'n full(, itt (mr
,111(1 Ha' 14.IIl1": f.ju r_'. .'J:))I' rCrltlt," with
it (";.o\\tlt And ill.. i)("uj+lt'
\+('rt" (li:~t;)I)ojiltI+(l i 1u ( i.P. I)it, of 4.,
34,1)11 1 . in' it' rt Jollll '11tl+r;lt"rluirl
An 1f3 u \Vitnc)ss'r, Accuttnt of Cc)rn
Wi Int.' Surretltlur.
1'rt'in the 1'reilt+) icIc:.Lurg Newts.
Not. bill; t:ittce,: licili fit 'u11: -
f ow n, j felt into cl.iscolli-He with
11 Ve y old nc'gro 111811. who wits
4ltlite (:olllmttnicntiv . 'As ne;1t'1v tti
li ra) t"t cfitll,(llc Vaortl.'. leis 1iiirr1tive
wttK utut fultul" t
scu Ocilerttl \ti'ttshin);1on ? Yes.
tih wlly, J MA s 11!'r nil cle Mule
See !1!' British Set' otitwitl1is
Ju " I>.c' ' t;y c)'..:_y(;u)'t 1 ht r(', , right.
1i; r: -. nil t (ime. '? tiutlrn11", I sCeu
('fit all. 1\ Va. I tell you, 1)ittsHtt i--1
Het; (ic+ul'lal \S nI 1iii)gton.. and In'
was it s, i t ill' on hi, ill is., till' ('still'
of It peach ; Cornwallis l1v etnllo ottt
"Rit)1111 "tt")w Ll'd (It' ('reel(, nt'tl he st.,trt,
to rt;lt, bit, (;].noel! 11'nt;hingt.i)u Ito
live, Ili In tI Le telly, tin' hc; stfivletl artol"
hint, tilt' Cht'1lcrit1 11')ti$hitlgt.w) 11(;
didn't, 1val)1, to Iitl:c' fit) iutvitlltainti
of him. So iit ru)\' lvoll".-Itt)' pri+t.L
mogi>E A w . c"fit(Al ('!)rnn-ttlli , tit)' 11t)
c'atclt -111 by . Ie sine(. ;null , kitty
"Yot, Mount] hc"tltnth il, i g(;i. volt t'
Abll_.'tIt'll )VItlliti, 1t libel ruttltcl,,au,'
).ii):1c1. t{ :'llr.' Clener;tl \\'a'thitlj.,ton
h6:;' Stilted, flit' (italt't"al \1'nshiii tun,
lit, jt!t;s $oi iI.. it. and (silt hie; Juutel iefl !
8(4(jii ? to )W-liho' 1 NOW , it -'"t 1%:111
~1}'tglit.,, 1i',j'P. till , clc1 t.unle, .NJ1t;ht1'.
til.t)tt 1 t;nilil: lic ij +'e.it ? , J4
tell Well---(at'm'elt] 11'uts1iiii toil wail
it sett ill, ()It his hoa. an' ctrl in' of it
13th, it. is nof. ntt'e1::4:11-V" for 111 't,.1c
rel)ltft, (it(' old man's .tu1")'.118 0)ft"11
its he dill. SiIIlice it to sit). I411t. ho
never 11t1rirtl in nnY pHIrticiiliu" ;
t}lu.j. fttt"nishinh cane of thu 1)(-tit
a "'",, rte t'1' 1"eralik" fill(] ttecnrrc"V.
\I"usl)inhtutt gossip sti' N that the
I)iggt' ;t ;;Millet: of ('arils ever 1)laye 1
. IItili c"t 1t)ttrti' Iooli 1 lit(t' 1i (ent.l,1"
ill I hat, 61Y. , Two 111117Atit"i:ttlti or n:t
1.11)Ilitl' )'!!1!1i1:lll()11, it lllt'llll)t'1" O f 8.
~rt tti, ltulltill., lisiltse i.n 1':+)l"cl61) and
,J0ii i Ujilmil)erhtiIi. Ow. "ac(!e] lcnowll
1tu"I'111ite., Hitt,(],)ttn hilt (IllietI'll ine of
iiraw in (lilt' Of t in" leadin'r hotels,
The 1)lay,,tv"ty ltea.a" y.lir:"1illtt' 1 t1Htietl,
alt(]! Cllr iult:ctresl Ia' t":ulue 8;(1 rote).]:(('
that, Iht nitIile,, lit stell thi)'Iy six
ho111 , tit, t"h'' close (If which ('lutm
h."t"lttitt Was 1%11184'i' to Ow nmotini,
of tie Itl.(II)1).
A. \\ a iti!1^loll latter S:t\"s
1)ooa"1ere1)er 1''itlinL;l1 still rifnsi's to
lie t'u(Htlt"iletl of tt) ulitlce tiny coil.
1)itcemise \v 1111 his 11(1.4) .1)c)1Jt.it-111
1',.ietl(,ll4.t I1" Hetvs Ihat.wi(iiiii it week
Ile v. ill ; i1t) pill)1ic'i-1.'v 1(l. ti(lni'l i)tttl,:
Iers tiult Will t".Ifrtle tilt) colt itt.i"v:
1'1l' llecltneti tc) sfi%' rene'I.lty evils], Ilu'
ntltnreof his tviclenc(t it, ]alit j1>,.ti
outlet; l)rotull " .11utt. ",:li<"n ht' tlut'H
sl)Cah et)IlIC .l)r.nltieruttie rilenlh(r*
kill fie! c1 leaves of ul)scucC for I Ito
rest. (11' the 5(ssil)11.
Tiii: 'I'8.t1ii: IN - I hv.
l;intnlnel Van (.)1-41'n ('allele nl)on iii'
J' iIWitrcI 'I'llornbit I fill(] stilted that,
f"lie \tllie Martins," of Ow time
Ball line of strainers, rtntiiiu Ii,,'
tw(ell \c'1v York itn(l Rio de .J:tn(1rro,
Will 1)rlo11!;i)l., to till I";'i-.dish cant
1au.11y. Ihoti"rh .Ivlr.(l. the "Ultilell
"Iat' )i ";l i tnl8llip'Cc)11!1)tilty,' ltl"1'i 't't1
8) Rio (1d'" .Jtur.iro. 0)1 tilt' Jet. of
i trc 11 hltit,". ca-l-t'S'ill tli;vull HIaces,

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