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wet.1 Ci y mhl)~oring Jul1ie 28, 181 1.
.JNO. S'. It NOI1/S, E ditoar.
FORllsl lEJENT',)1
&*,i..~ iiJV.tl J. JTiLL ) EX,
of Newv York.
of lil)Lf.
Eoaccratic Platf'ornm.
We s llrrendOV aigood d(oal of spalce
in1 thIis iseliC to the publ1iCIatiol inl
frill of the pliitforrn adoptedl by the
bitte I)eiiwcratic Convention at S~t.
Lis.i It will repay~ a CHIefttl pKeru
H-1l, and is conlfessedly a mntorly
])rodltiOfl. W~ithi the1 exceptioni of
t011! tmuiii 1)hoic it received the
tlilllOllH en)dorsemen~t of' the con
'c'n ti( m. ''here wasN a b)rief struggle
oveCr the nionley (ltIUati(t bIt)1)OtWle
tile "hlllurdN' 81i(l "140ft81' butt tho first.,
the ilfl.Ltiotii~tfl ho(iItg suppor'ted
b~y only nighty three votes ouit of
ovWr HOV oh ht:lre,l. It Was thonigs t.
by maniiy 1)olitieinnl) that the coiiven
tion would co111(t to ai deloc Ok on
SlVo- W411. the idea thatd it, would
be1( tie c) '1k nplJH wh ~ich the I )eII/o
cralic ship wivuhiI world got,) pieeeO.
\Vel'('lit. the o' l1lu, 811(1 tihe g~o old
'.0)8 1~t s Ncrod safely u1i'4iii ( .h(.
l)I-(';lkerJ, a~nd into then tilll')oItiI son0
I )(V()ld. T1he( p)ositionI takenl ill re
f;rLh II t~he rcSul)p)tiofl of specie
p:yiu1is aNItIpears to 118 t'.) bx1 l~hc
(0iUr(1t, oneW. Wihile it (commtits thle
pat, to t ititet resulmlption. it (10-.
ellre4 lit favor of a gradual p0)008,
1101,. fixin~g the day, b)ut1 skincg pro
ftlo e. out ry illity 1"0cviv '. i'Idoin
Iliell . thereb('y. ()(.he'r graveOe(j~O
t-iont" tilo hantdled wvi I h hike skill ando
ial I( lii 088, (hid Cho wholo dit tt Oul)
18 ,uuuiti l s~tt~u dje I iio ighi-1"
ouit. 'Itla, Now York /Iepq/e Nays~
ofC it thatd '"it dilers; froma ordinary
IIuzIrlkH ii. hearsV4 ofV jltoct nitilty c
more than once, which undoubtedly
would tend toward reform if practi
('ally enrI iod out. It is local in its
clas atuter. : nd thetrefore Should
prove of interest to our readers.
If adopted and tested, it would
correct certain abuses that attend
the adnilistration of the crimitydl
laws, and render more offectual the
systemr of imiprisollment for *potty
offences now ..proed f? 4.
crimimal (ode. Tho pro sitt6 ;H
stated is ji tho* ur iction
Trial Justices be tno exto d4 and
onlargel as to authorize a'd permit
thet to sentnco for three mouths
imprisonment, instead of thirty
days as now fixed by law. ,This
chamnge would out .,ow'n ;, thu ex
ponsos of the Ci-cuit Court of
Sessions provichd the Uuu emrgwnont
of J ustioes jurisdiction should be
made to cover imny small cases
that though a more technical con
struction of the Statute laws find
their way to the higher tribunal. It
is a good ground for complaint that
the dockets of the Sessions Court
are frequently filled up with in
ignmificanin, trifling, cases, that copld
1e summarily disposed of by a
Trial Jlsti'e, and at less than one
h:lf the usual cost to the County. The
reformatory change proposed would
correct this evil, and, put in
this light, should meet with general
approval and sanction.
The next point to consider is
whether or not imprisonment in the
County Jail, such as we have,
amounts to a real infliction of pun
ishmient upon law-breakers, and if
it is not, how then caln the defect
be remedied. We will procood
upon tht aslumption that time nega
tive of the !abovo proposition is
true, that is, that more C miinenm.Cen
within the jail walls is no adequate
pitnishmntit for1 crhltiu, even if it is
not of tin aggravated nature, and we
woiiohl Hilgg -st ite cra'ution of a
pinal farm inl connect.ionl with the
eoer House of the Couity, with a
Viw of cont riullting 4o this afI)port
of the latter ihatitutionm. as well at.
to miiake criminals fetal the full "fore
of tie penlity imposed fut ia viola
tion of the law ''his pl. is on
t.irell f practicablt, antd we liatw no
d1 mht l)but that it would. work
sat isfictorily if oper-itid uinder
p:ope'r 11a1goement. It would
n,)rk two fold refornhi1 intasmuiiclh as
it wa~itld reuldneo v'ry coisiderably
t,lhe /'ur'rent. ot'Ilnses of the County,
atnd lo) inistitufte i more rigorous
puunishment for the comllissioln of
crimo. The Iirst consi(loration is
suifleient of i1Selt t') commtineid the
pll.an to these who desire roform,
but 'oup1led with that which will
opierate as ai me1(ans of restraining
(evil dIoIrs, It shiould impress itself
most favorablyd~- Timue doos not
admtiit of our entering into particu
Ilars and dletails. These wvill g;g
ges-t theiimsielves to those who will
reileet upon the sulbject,. We hiave
thought the matter millic*iently imn
iort ant to dliret public attention
to it, and here will leave it for the
presenit. To those whio are seoking
leyiit ive' htonors and responsiblis
ti(es we wrould say that the above
sui gestionis aire in (every way worthy
of their niotice, and also' that the
good results thaIt might flow from
their ado opt ion wouil iiroye honi'-~
ei:ul to all claisses of citiz.ens,
"witIhiout regardo to race, color, or
previousI condioition."
We testeem it a proud privilege
'to ho permitted, through thue emi
neni1tly wise action of th e National
Democratic Convention, t~o place at
tho head of our' cohiuins the names
of '.l'ilden andl Hlendricks, as ihe
nuominees of the Democratic Party
for the oflices of Presidont and Vice
P'eesidenit. Hlaving in a modest and
uinproetionus way uvged Mr. Til
don's availability for the Prlesidlency,
it is especially gratifying that the
opportunity is given 11s of annonnue
ing his nomination at St. Louis, andi
it af'ordis us inoexpressilo leasulre
to do so, Of his per'sonial liness
r1( nd qualiticationis for so exalted- a
pbosition as that of chief mtigistraute
of aL great Ppol, there can be lie
quest ion. Hoe needs no plat form
upon which to cnter the conltest,, for
his record as~ a reformer hns been
muade, and uplonl that recordl he hats
planuited huimsielf, anid tlhrowa dl>na
thme go;- of bu~ tle- t~o his political
(lopofet. Hie stands1 to-day bc~.
fore the c, oiuntry, anld woe might say,
b-fore the worl 1' as tho- imist con
spicuona adlvocateof reform that the
auge has produced ; ho has acted up
to his profe'ssions, amnd- iis pulbliC
Iife- lhns exenmpiiliodi his idleas and
dlactrines in. time fullest sense of the
word. Ho 1s inideedl reform piersoii
tid, amid hue is so- regarded by the
honiest hearted masses of, thme p)eop)e,
As Governor of the Emipire. tato of
t~me Unioun ho hais not only elimina
ted i-onm. time body politic corrupt ofl
sials andi dlishones~t public servants,.
but huo lhas instituted suchm nahiitary
able redu6tion in taxation, -and 'has1
lifted from the shoulders of his
people burdens and loads that were
weighing them down. He has been
the steadfast and fearless foo of.cor
ruption in all its varied forms, and
he has never hlsitated to attack it
as Soon as dicovorod. His struggle
in favor of refxpn, and, in the in
terests of pury 4nost govenment,
has been pregni ently -an 'aggres
sive one, and ,.o has noyer faltered
in the face of .ppoitioni como from
what source it might. In his manly
efforts to purify the governhilent of
his own State he has encountered in
the ay his own political assoc:ates,
but these have proved no obstacle,
and have had {t() yield submissively,
Or be ruthlessly trodden under foot.
He has evea] accomipleiod the difli.
cult task of cleansing his own politi
cal househol.?, thoughm tiercoly reis:
ed at every step, and at last finds
himself upon an ilprognalb!p and
undefiled emIIinenen where he reocives
the plaudits and comendlations of
his grateful countrymen. This is
the man the Democracy offer to the
country to be entrusted with the
highest responsibilities of oilleo ro
.cognized under our e~ystem of gov
erntijif. and they do so with, the
full assurance that their estimate of
his distinguished services does not
fall below that formed of him by a
large majority of the American
pegple. It has be0n said that re
publics are ungrateful, but we think
we can pierce the dark vista of the
future, and beholding Samuel J.
Tilden presiding over the destinies
of thin great nation; too in such a
vision a refutation of that which has
boon veiifl 1 on more than one oc
casion in history. Virtuu hits its own
reward, but thorn have been times
when imerit obtained a proper recog
nition, though llapparently insupera
1)l barriers intorvene'l. If Sannel
J. Tilden does not posss s euflieleit
merit to plae himt below 110110 otho1e
in the hearts of his fellow country
mien, then the thing itself is a myth
and a barren ide dlity. We make him no
demni-god, but we advauce him for
ward as a brilliant 40o'eeption of a
man an1dia p t riyt, ai iv+) pron)uneo
him ex-optioially w.)rlthy to receive
the hitliet honors that cai be be.
stowed undi a repuiblican govern
mnent. -
Of . Thomas A. Heiiltickx, the
nominee for t1he Vice-P1 esideiney, we
enl not say munich at thin time, ex
cept that he haA. ilade for himself a
highly credeit bl)10 reputation in public
life, and is thought by a great. n-my
tobe fully a'eals.i)blo of manaingin g ti
reins of Aoverinlent as Mr. Tildan
himself. We' thlink the convention
could not have by any poss58ible meds~i
mado a better selection, for wvhile ,it
is aL yrst recognition'i of his 1):rty
fealty, ij. also pamys a proper tribute
to 1in~ .Abili tLy tal d worth, and( doelaires
its l~ipurpse of pr'eutinlg for populi
i-r suftfrae n > e m 1 I tto hat th me
of et ibish i re u ins for inteir
rty antd hone'ty. Mr. Henldricks
itantds t'eonafd tano m-mI1 in public
or J)n ivateu life in the t possession of
theae attr-ibutes of chnaate'-, nor
,Joes he reqiret a p)latforim to) reme(
ly his shorteomings. At some
future time we hop1) to I my boefo! e
our readers au lml:re satisfac~t ..y
nlotice of himi), for we arei (at:stied
that thia br ief reference does not dlo
him fuil justice.
The St. Louis Cjonvention is
*ertainly to ibe congratmulatedI on its
sork. It h: s acted diwvr-ettly anm)
prud~ently, anid we doe noct doubt hut,
that its selections will he apiprovedl
of by every frienud of reform uund
g;ood govcrnmen iit th rough mt the
country an 1111wo ventuire to say that
under noe pos5ilie ecjCumstanesN
could a better ticket have b~een
agreed upon. The prloceedinlgs were
entirely hamonious, aind the several
hundred delegates of which it was
comnposod ( dischairged their onierous
dluties withi groat fidelity. They ap
p~reciated( their responsibility, and
are entitled to the heartiest tuanks
of their party.
I [coMMUTNIeAr-:",J
A Cent~onnial Handkorchie'.
nbout thrytoby thryinchesi.
it is a blue1 and1< white checked. pure
linen) handk.orcief.. Inu 1768- it wvas
the propert.y of Missm Mary WVood
wvard, who aft erwarids b eame1 Mrsm.
Nel'on. It has bleen preserved. in
the Nelson family si'nee the revolu'
tion. Duiring the inlroads of tihe
B~ritish into South Carolina, it was
hiddein, together with a number of
othe'r things, inl the~ then: vatt cane..
brake on the plantati~on no0w known
as the "Squmire Hall Place" three
and a half. miles south of Winn-.
boroi. Tf there' are anry who are
curious enough to wish to see this
roli of the greoat struggle fo'
Indlependoeo, they wvill he gratified
by cnlling at tihe residoec of Miss
Nelson five and a lf miules below
Winnsboro. SIrInIDAN.
Lotter from Dolaware.
[ 'ront our own irrespondent. ]
HOUSTON DEL., June 28 1876.
Mr. Jditfor -
I want to say through you in an
swor to inquiries,, that excursion
tickets2o alley taut,ylaceg ae
ap thickas blacI Iorrios an Juwig
The Co0tenj bo dinsg h;couie
ission t the (loot w fins- yo
boardig places nj iv'ato falniller
at $2.50 per d:y.
The tLaus-con tinental hotel fur
nishou roomst at $1 per day, and
board on the Etiropmea ykii, and'ii
the daily papers bo.rd is advortised
at $1 por day. There are TI iiie
of boarding.places needing boardcys
'In there i ill be railroads needing
travelers, especially the latter par11
of the season, and much ean be seer
at little necessary expense.
I have visited the grounds severa
times aid muntst say the Expositioi
iCi.osi in magnitude as I learn
1101 0 of it. It is the world i1
msniature, but to sce it to advan
tage, you iiiust proceed ol Romi
plan. A guide book is in lispensa
bie. You need not only to glanc<
at the different countries represent
ed in the Main Building, but t
bring yourself en rapport witl
thems, to freeze1 in Icelanid ands t<
welt in the tropies.
The Knight Temnplitr, on the
Ist of June, had one of the grandes
turnouts over s5,Ien5 inl this country
h'lere wore nea.irly 8J000 in coatI
uniform with i u in e r o 11
I bands of nuisic that mtrebet
for miles through the city.
I aum rnstic..ting until the Fourtl
at hom11e in the1ttitudoof WashingtoI
amid ithe fruit resources of Delaware
Weare shippinag raispberries niow
hut'e shippel strawb erries to tih
amount of fivo bushels per day
Some growers; hive shipped ilt,
bushels per day.
We have one great blessing here
of honest neighbors, thait taike car
ot their stock instead of lotting i
prowl about to the onnoyalee c
everybody. I cai look out 11po11 8
icres of corn and large fields o
wheat, &c., &c., withouti a rail c
fence to protect them. When wi:
South Carolina learn to take care
catle, hogs, &e., and no~t let the;
prey at will upon the crops of neigh
bons. The community will be bette
nat.ulred, and even other thieves 111
learn a lesson of honesty. It can 1:
shown that it costs four times a
much to fenco against cattle runnin
at large, as it dues to fence themii ii
I expect to go upt to Philadel
phia inl time to neo thec illumna~tic
onl the night of the Fourths, antd I
I eadly to enjoy instead of bein
Iweariedi out with the sights an
soundsc1 of the daiy. Then to v'isi
various pl -c) s oS 5rth, beQfore. retur1:
ing~. south, as inicliniation mtay dliree
I spendl miuch of my time exan
inn the bst, systems and1 the her
books adopjte l to coimon scho<s
eduention. Th'is~ is a p~l.mionf wit
me, anid to proImot~e thin I returi
Isouth. .I love to ma~tkei honesit indui
triouis anid econoicauil men an
women01 of all I can. Seminatiles an
iacdemies I leave to othrs. Wit
the on pe1Ulop)le~l thius edlucated Lii
g.overnment will take caire of itsel
Anid I holieve- the races will adjus
I hemseilllves to their pr~1opr plasice
J.'hm salary of the schooil commi1
rionier is Kso reduced as8 to beo n
greait ob ject for the pay, and if w
'anl get 0on0 that will devote $150 t
i, teachers institute for the white
1nd the same for them coloredl, aned thm
:eomaining $200( will pay for the othe
-ecessary duitics of the office, mue1
:;ood may be (1011.
Moi e anon,
Goet your job work dlone at ti
Now .is the time -to subscribe t
the News amnd IIEauJm.
Wheeler was Chamirm~an of t~h
Railwy Comit tee when all th
.ios ere pult thirongh Congres*
Hayen voJted for them all.
Tho New York H~eir consider
Wmi. l'. Dodge's dlitspatch to thm
D~eA'neratie Convention, askingi
to pronounco mig:inst whisky, th
beost joke of the season.
Ins Clarke county, IowaI, there i
said to be a b)oy whto ents hay lik
n ox, andr has a singular aippetit
for raIw vegetalesc. He6 dislike
biread or cooked food, desiring rath
or to Jive on the raw productions o
An agricultural j'urnail~ advertises
a new wasihinig maciihino under the
heading, "Every man his own wash
or womnan," and in its culinary de
1'artmennt says that~ "potrtoos sho10(
always ho boiled in cold water."
Sssnxi Anvxes--You are aked
every (lay through the columns of
neowpaper1s and by your druggist
to tuse something for D)yspepsia andi
Liver Comnplatint that you. kntow
nothing about. You get difscouraeged
speningn money with but little
success. Now to give you satis
estory proof t QasEN's Aizota-r
"Tl"' 11T CS 1'
1ti"cslt Utu"den ei ds.
F111 rupply of fret;li (lardeii Scedo
and Otitoth * "ut.s t n.
jun-lf DIcMAS"1'ER & BRICE.
AFSi I'tth
ir. t l'q;t;i;uerct 8aitrl. Gtnwy ('.Lssiuiere
nutts, White Mtticilles stud linen (hick
'ci4tH, (4ctltze aml Lit{lo thread under
I tt, i
! t't'"
'ull ;1 Ii, mii" realt"-t;ta'k uulaun lre(l \v i
)hints. tt{tt"raut._,l lo lit! (tt
yew 1t'ar:: Mlilli iii .sliit ttttil hest l:nett
)hrajret;t shirts in the tuarket
)icrnmtl a fresh stock ref Intdir:c' silk ties
net, ecru tit"n, week rcttlliiigs, c"ntltrui"ic r
raking ulltlitinnl; (I, ottr HInt"k of dry
,oo'is. nut ions, 5hn"s. 111115 and h11rdwarr,
iL'ca we! will Hell its el c;ti, its vttt be
elsewhere 1" pi
1It:3. 1:3.
t" M
f r r .rG 7 . _.l r -r" ,era{, t'.' ',
{{ ,Y?,y Rr{, __ll_ t- R l.. :; :".' iq" ''' A,, Ali
ti," ',:i;y1J, ,X;IS'ir_ .i t. , .t ". -". ""i:l 4>_y-XSi_ t,{, 7'.;i;7J
t : ^ :} '': !1' f{ t.; t,," //t'".i '""- ;? a:- :1: 'L . l"'." j 1i1 al
.t! " : t, l as; J .{i h:: . " oft
e r ." !. _: ..L_. tl
{ i/ " Ili(; it s.
Zt" "'i t ','. ; titt+5';^ ;":.i. - :"' ' .Kt= a' ?r'' 1"
:" ,Y. T*~t."",3 : nit u_."x: .
FLOv(ER will cure yod of Dyspepsia
and Liver Comp'laiit witil 1 their
effects, stich o Sotir Stomach, Sick
1oaduobe; Habitual,. Costivness,
palpitation of the Heart, Heart- -
burn, Water brash, colniui, up of
food after oating, low spirits &c.,
we ask you to go to your Druggists,
hOMAsTER & BimcE and get a Sam
ple i' )3ottle of GnEEN', Auousr.
FL VJ1R4r 10 cents and t it, or
a' gt Idar Size for 75 cents. Two
doll Will relieve you. "'
A Ubw's Intelligence.
The Ctarson .A))eal ii responsible
for the following "true sWpry:
There is a young inan residing here
oabut who became interested recent
ly in a discssion about anitmial in,
Itinicts. lie said he lud beetn wit
ness of several wonderful evidonces
of those instincts, one of which he
had refrained from relating for fear
he would not be believed. Back in
one of tihe Eastern States, whole he
.was born, he said, atuon" his
father's stock was one remall~kable;
cow. She Was at great pot, and
would leave the rest of the herd for
t the society of all or any one of the
family, to whom she would listen as
if sh1e understood ex.tetly what was
said. His father sold his farmx and
bought another about three miles
distant, and this cow would listen to
the story about it and their proposed
removal to their new home at t (cr
taini timne. This cow was expected to I
beConmo at mother shoritly, 01abu
the time of their renoval ; but when
L the time Caine to remove, the cow
coul nowhere be found. So the
family took their depaltune from
their old horme regretting the loss of
their pot cow ; but on ar iving it
their now home, they were eq'ually
surprised and delighted to find that
their 01(1 pot had preceded theta
three days, where sho hald taken up
her homeo and given birthi a t:) ine
The Germans have )no idea of
losing Metz. A garrison of 12,000
meni is nulatintiine( there, 1111(1 the
- lagiziiics of ammtinition andl storesi
Lre suithient to maintain 40,001)
men for three years. 'TO t!?e seven
forts already in existence that h:ve
been enlarged, four new ones have
been added.
('UUN'lY At l)ITVIP'S (Fli E
1 airfleld ('outi1iy,
Win'suono, MLay 21. .76.
f (1'OI'1: is hereby given thut the Coa
I. ty Audiitor's oie e il- ti O ritor
frte iving5 returns of the prope'rty ofi
Fairfield County frotu the I t stay of tilne
f to the 2''tlh of .July, l87(.
Section j() ofthe tax act reqjuires tiat
every person reqjuired1 by -awr to li-di prop
f crty sbw.ll auaually, bt tween I he first daun
of .Jun and the 20th daty of .1 Sly, make
1 oit nitid delliver to the Atditor of th.eou
- tv in which the property is by law to b.
returned for taxaition, a Idtat eini'nt, eri
t fed by his 0a1,hi. of all the ral e'ttet, wlhi ia
hum eo )4hi or transferredl ince the last
lixtnent of property for whi hh lie was re
e asp~onsalela, sant to whin, nai ia of the per..en
Al piroperty posei-se ly him ,r (i "nder hi
control on the first diay of June of that
year, either no owner, agent, parent, bus
band, guard inn. (Xisintior, admii sta t. r,
traust'ee, ree iver. u ier, pia rtn ier. at'r-t- _ r
hldela~r, w ath the vatea 1 t!n-re on said 1st
i day of:! 'n, . etnod tig naralinig a)to the
rulels'a precribe I bay la w. .\gninast tall i-er.
esons wyho fail Ito maike thir rturnaml with:ini
(lie tiimi pureuihiia byi huw; the pieualt y ot
tifty~ paer cont. wilt ttr
di To fiac ilitato e Ia txprayers ini maid inga
thair returns for the ' iscali year of tSi,7
aix+-ssors will attenad at ther followaing
1 i*s, viz:
L ewlai y, Juane 2:hd nad 2-itIh.
Dok) o, Ju - i i thti.
- i U r'.:naa''s, Jnne 2St'h.
Horeb, July3 :1 iud ith.
daien kini-v ille, July 5i:hI.
YogevillY;e.1Jun 1i9 th aind 2ith.
ni Jain WV' (iongue's. Naih anidfl27th I.
T' P. MIitchtell'a store,. 2:td ntaI 2-It.
Monticeel lo, Ju tne 301th nadIa lyt ti
1 les~i' Fordi~, Julym 2.
W.i~ M. Ygue's storie, tti nal1 7(1h.
TheiAditor's ofine beingia ope-tnao Jum-ia
a-t tea- Jualy 2 'th, l876, after wli h i dae ii
penaal ty of n50 per cnt.L il aittteh en all
e prope'rty not l istedl.
f .W. Ii. I- AIm,
t uno 1--tf. .iAslitor Fl.. C.
e CICe I . i'Ei. s
i'Tobac- 0, Suin it', Pipes, Ac,
Jao MN-ODF,., ) .
. nIAIMunAIn:e, f ( harlot Ie, N. C.
noctII J.y
Money Wanted
& ~
E oetha Hprsn h oeu
W oKodwl a pA NE
fo__nt n~e ha ly. ~
.Ed cMAT4 Ajile
riting Paper andE
I' inv ito iitteiitio II to ou~r $tiuk Of
Note, Letter, 1i11l andl Legas1 ("
or, anid EivolbJpeH. T1o iercl9tp
thug papler by thto maiul, or onivoloj,
the ti orittd, we will Inak ope 4,.
Li14I MI 1lSA1LTUN IMtilw
ags I Rju.
AVE. (1l Int cleani uott44ti nl'r 1 lineni rag
atu oldlr1I osacs atitd we will hu1
in fr'.ill' You1.
ms' jric.a.
tali 21 MOIM.J:; & 11 g
L6' te'., of 1)isehmrgo
Lila anti4 singlamr tho 1 ?itlrel ani
s, hlve.e d io l,1tu lieii.I0)y i~iti!ieod thiit OI
I it tiny ot Jul ne V 3x t, at I!'l s'ccuck
we, isH Exiciiaiir uil E"xrecutrix oft tho'
till of mtildi Iljiitliiiut, , trill -dil l~ii
i1bhiit ('t si.t I or l1~ aiiidl L'oi itv, t
I.. o d801.ischairge~ ft ('111 Sid trt.'l,
S ic~ii 1:.x'. anti Ex't rx.
N 11. .i vO e ia ttis f udelighit fiu iaiu r.:
tr,:aliu. ilsissght for in e ht .t 011511.
K. r 'l iii ti~ti .1 iH s a I)I very '. ..st n t ':c p
e a~t the
r. Ii; X , r 1 'r rstth
4'~~'t. cI i-i ',
V TJhI Lead
till:1 T'Iii of lt1' I e.t whoich I i : zr"
) Lt'J it~ 'h. Lvad, Ifor ioils' at the
'i'd . 1)ICIilA'' I~11' hLItS 1012
srOV(l~ by the hunfdre(Is of
clSl)flialk l'CCCiVC(1 by t he
sI'oI)1'Ie'tOI's. .1 t is fleklI:)\Vl-'
IlIvsiciatlM to be the mlost
t()(IIcc(1 fotr the relief' and
ire ()F'all L~unn complaints,
tid ~ L1 _1s o1!rd ote ul

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