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'POST OFicE 1loun-i..-Tho post
vflice will b opin . daily (Sundays
Excepted) froni 9 A. M., to 12 M.
and firon 2 to 5 P. M. Northern
anA bitb-rn inail close at 8 P. M.
)recisely: .Oi' Mail delivered on
Nundays fritn 8 to 0 A, M. only.
.tl In noAb m7U1 UIE:--1h 0
qn Q. C. & A. 11. R. o*. leave
'iiinshoro an follows: G(ig nl h
12.80 a.i: Golag south, 1.35, a m
AccommodaItion day trains : Going
north, 11.33, a. in. Going Routh,
12.12. These trains sieot at Winns
Pique-M'c'tM ster & Brice.
Notice of Council-Wmi. N. Chan
dlbr3, Clerk.
Packages by express a1re now!1
brought to town on the day trains,
inste.ad of at night is heretoforo.
We are indebted to Mr. W. 5
Rabb for a mess of the finest Irish
potatoes we have Seen this season.
N --- --** ---
Mr. W. 11. Garrison haw laid upon
our table (not an agg) but a glunine
cotton bloom and hell. 11 ho's
We rl'nA th-miiks t > Mr. C. S.
Iotuedy for 0ome very nice poaehies
sent to this oilice Monday. Mr. It.,
expects to receivo freshl friit L very
day. t
As our editor will be post d fully
nhout the Fort Moultrie celebration;1
in Charleston last week, we refrain t
from auny comment thorco)n until his
r noturn home.
learn tli:t this bank has dclarc a :1
semli annuial dlividendl of five ayer
couitul from its eaarnings for the
pat six iolthS.
IEx-rElR1HI.--We nye graltiied1 to)
l1er1 that Mr. W. . Crcight is ;
(lelaning away the ruhhish of Ais t
burnt building, preparatory to -re
buaildlingt his mill. We wish hiin
abundant success. t
C anpbell, formerly of this place,
preachod(i a 0cntonnial sermon before
IIhe PahuutIto Guatrd ini St. Luke's t
.ePi'iscop'd Church, Charleston, last.
H1lund.:y. An outline of it is given
in MoIhnday's 'm e oRnd ('ouwier, and
iA well wvor'i a. )rslsr
)leatse-fl to annunco that our highly
respcIte(l fellow towntlman, ('ol. 1
Jas5. .1 115ion, hasi been~l appointe.d to
re3presen(ft this StaLte on theL NaLt;ona1l
E'xctutivo Commiunttee3 of thi e Dem0- C
E'ratic Pari.y. .N I)I)tter1 ciection '
1couhll have been mlieI.
of M. L. Ikown, lhqj., of (our1 town.
was1 among~ thle graduates1P at the( re
(Cent commen1('1c( ment1 exercises oif
W\lford College.
0Welere glad to meect onl onr
streets yes terdaiy Mr' C. M. Clianid
liir, wvho mloved( to Sp)artanbur'g a
141hort timae ago.
Mrii. Thomas M1. .Jordani has also
r'et.luned home11 to) spenid vacaitionl.
113 has1. been purinTg his studies at
W Joruid Coliege.
gram) (explaiiis itself. Wi knDow'that
It is aL dreadful tihing to fall in love:
Can you anld ------ run1 theC
macine until next woeok '? Demiora
lizddc J. S REYsoians
We againj3 (call the attenftion1 of the
TLown Council to the baso b:ill throw
ing on the str'eats inl the contre Qf'
the town; Weo saw~ a1 lady haveY to
s top) Tuitsday afternboli on 'a Atr'et
crssn, boe.mse a oywa tand-,
ing iln heri '.y1 wiith al'fr outstretched
Ilionsness how long is this to be
tohleraIteid. ' L
The bae-alsaontes.o
b lyiaugurated. The~ol juvnils
(Lvidenltly haive a moniopoly oIf tihe I
the gamlle just atL tis time,- andc the
height (If thie average youngster's
ambUli tioni alppearsl to be to caftch "ai <
Ily." Some of tho voter'an players
like to take in "liies4," not in their
hands, b~ut in somlething rcsemubling
a tumibler.
AN 0C.1 llib~c.-W~e haIve beOfore
us an old dee3(d to 1land(, bealiring dlate
24th April, 1752, gr'antedl unto
Hleniry Kcuchn, by George IL. of
England. Tihe hand convoyed was
4mnlmndred(IW~ acres on 1Y'oad River,
in tis County. The 01(1 dOollcuet,
as well as the land itselfeis now the
lprope3rty of Capt. Thos. M. L~ylen.
We inavite onr patrons t6 call and
examine tis relic of the olden tiriios,
as- we ar'e Ruro it will in'Tiorest them
very muI~ch.
ively times are looked for inl
Phbiiadelphin en th'e 4th of July. A
dloeation from Winnnboro (known
W'1'e aro pleasod to s0 that Oil
young friensd Ghidnwy (ot~herwil
called "Toad") has made so favort
blo an impression in Caindo
whither he wonti a short time sine
He has our best wishes for all til
success he ant'cipates, and v
commend lii to the citizens ,
Camden as well worthy of the
."Fort Moultrie (Ientoinial" is l
exprossive title of a /l/rochure, han
soioly illustrated, and of conside
able literary merit, which we ha
re(Ceivcd in advaneo from 0t l pu
lish9ers, Messrs Walker Evans
Cogswell. Part I., which is in han
is fl an eongnt of-tlie doings at Fo
>nliiltr ie, Juine 28th, 177G Ma
nomw an.1 interesting,, foatures of th
si 11"gglel ari bi ought out wi<ic
give peIlialr vate to tho p:tblie
tion. There are a large nummaber t
liteLrstilng and new engraviings <
laiint old tihilgs. 'arit II, we lot
forward to with great interest, ats
will bean illuts rate-1 nccount of l
grand centennial celebrpAtion. Ea
:Aft :a.. or 25 conts per cop;
1 e edida , :35 cents per copy, an
will be sent per mail, posta0$ pr~
paid, onl receipt of the .price by t1:
DAr Or A ."o01MEi a CmITIZEN 0
FAnwm1lI.n.--A friend sends us th
following, taken fromi a Georgia p1
per : "C"l. Jesso 1). Havis. one
the oldt;I, citizens our coity, die
MonIay' morning at nine o'cloel
He was in his eighty rixth year, lia
ing been born in Fairfield i)istric
S.nith C:t-olina,,in ieptaember 179:
A}tbouigf quite . youth, he was
.sn ier of the war of 1812-15, an
ia Ca ltuin of cavalry and 11inni
man1 diuring the dlay' of the nullili
cation excitement. lie was after
wards elected Colonel of mniliti
ml3 iin his youniger days took a grwe
pride in mcilitLary af tir1s. Col. HIavi
etun to Georgia in 18.13. settling it
BusbyVille, in this county, and ii
1847 camo to Perry to be more co1
venioent to schaool wfor his chilrei
havin aIlwiys been at gre tt. believe
mll edic.tioll. He was at consistL1
uemaber of the Presbyterian luircl
und wats probably the oldest F'rc
Ml::soni inl the count y."
l)AI.i.o-ra:o ArA S-r. TDiers.--13
priviate telegrams from (han-lesto
we learn that the following is L
oflicial ba1lhoting at 5. Louis. F0
1'residn t on first ballot, Tilde
4031, Hendricks 1;33.-, Hlancock 7f
Allen :ii, U ayard :27, Parker 1t
ScConad ba llot, Tfildeni 535, Hen1
dricks~ (1 Himueak 59l, Allen 5
T'iu h i ilnu 22, Parker 18, Blayard 1:
Wh\ olo v..otte cast 7.38, necessary
at ch~oie 4 92. Tihe Pennl~svvai
deetion mtoO 11 vedl t) ma1ke3 L:
nlominiat.ion31 of Mr, Ti lden~ unani
mous11, which was serondedI hv t1:
Indianaidelean, andiu declare
as carrie I by the President of t
Conv~en1tionI iaidst uniprece. !en te
enth.usam. (G.>v. Hemhlaicks<
,buli utaawasinomindie for Vie
:1r'iident h1uaiznously onl the lira
ltionV heded by (jen. 131attoi
voted solid1 for Tfildon from il
to last.
IN Liumo Ac;Ai.-Onx Satur~a
morningU) last. Sher4iff in wasl not1(1
lied that Greevn Jo (hnlson, who wa
oniedof Grand Laurceny at la:l
3LiyV court3, had( esca pe( d fromi (Ii
Pe'nitentiary. Ti'as inlformai]tionl wi
noe sooner received thian a planll
cap11t<1u1e wa.gdot.erined iti upon, an
all tho.n16eed.ary arrangemeintfi (e
fected .. Thle Sh~er ifl'eft town :-Sam
(1d'ay ight iIocompj:mlied by Mr. 1
11. liefo and31 Trial Justice TV. 1
one0 o'clock reieahe:1 the hlouse ?
F'llnders Gour~din, (dn Mr. .Jat
Turnerl~'s1 plaoce a sliort dist-mee h<c
yond~ ' Dnuinpor's Creek, it, be(.n
known that thae escaped convic.t ha
a wife et this place. T1heo hour
whaereina the1 famaiily slept~ was inun<n
dlitely s4urrunded~h', and all Li:
atvenueas of escape safely gnlardet
An entrance was soon maade by t1w
of the par ty thlroungh the front doo
th oteeaiigo gurd onti
outside.-M -001js1n as g ihit wais se
emIi cd, I hec "Dc(torn," as lie is fai
arlly called, was discovered iln the lo
and1( aft(er sonme Coaxinig, which wa
Srenderi d 4%HflIn by~a' co~nspienuou
dlisplay of liire-airni, lie came1 I
teris and' subm 5111itted to bin
mnacled.k Ho was sooni mounute
b'ehid- on36 of the p~arty, an
brloulght afely to Town1y1 and lodlge
in jiail The Slhieiff' IcductedI hii
hack to huik old- quarters in Columbh
yesterday, where it is hoped he i
be seurel y.kupt, and nbt be pei
Imitted 1(o got at largo again.
-We havo hald the plealsure<
examining the'first proof copy of
and c'ompiledl by one of our1 dW
citizon3% and which will ajpear i
a few days for sald by Messnr
McMantor & Brico, agents, bein
now in~ couvse of rubnh1tna by
.',1 the inro Boys) propose starting
rorlllward to-mon' ow night, and WO
vonture to say thatif they are given'a
Fi showing they Will make the quiet
Ad Quakers of Philadelphia open
wide their eyes. One of the party
ias signified his intention of taking
with him a live eagle captured in his
noigh o ,l ' order to prove his
oyalty , h ' d of Liberty."
Uhe folloning delegaition from
Winnsboro loft for the Philadelphia
lenitonnial Friday night : T. W.
Woodward, W. E. Aiken, J. J. Neil,
Lreston Rion, J. A. Frasor, W. G.
fordan, and J. D. McCarloy. We
vish them all the plepur thbve
n1 atnticipationl. MlIaj. 0 ward
atrlied withl hi) a genuine Wash
ngton eagle, labeled Samuel J.
ilden. It is his intention to turn
tii loose n the Cen tolllimil grounuids
f h(e cannot echlanlge hint for
ANo'rli LEAT)r1a ON THiE RAIL.-On
Vednlesday, aibotI 11 o'clock A. M.,
ays the Union .hltrd. while the
011trletion1 train oil the C. C. gnd
R. 1U., wast mloving along art anl
asy pace, just before reachiug A0e
Iouse, between this city and Au
uslta, a white 1an, one of the road
and(s, fell asleep and drpped from
I cars, fallinig with his neck im
1Cliately across the track He had
midly tonehed thirail before the
ail passed over his neck, sevIering
he head from the body. ie leaves
wife and two chilIren to Lunent
is n timh' tking off. The unfor
unate malis n:ue is suppose.1 to
e Jenkins. Ho resides near ginu
Ionse. Y
i)omas-rc )IIam:1e'x-r. -- D r.
Icinitsh sen si the Colhimbia /l9.
') tihe following
1utrid glrount 5, Sinks priv ies,
1anu1re, decaying offal l( ouher
IYenisive Imttert.( , may be deprived
f its noxious oder by coverin'g the
ubstaln)ce several incellos high with
Xy earth, clay or a:hie's. They -act
y absorbigll the gaseous etpinn
ion. For quick dlodoration ofsinks.
3wers and wast'to pipp, i Solution of
ulphate of iron. One pound il
hate of iron (or copperas) and four
all.ns of wrater ; dissolve and aldd
wo OUnlCCS carbolic acid ; dry s:W
rnst Iloistelned with the s5lat1ion
ol strewl at once over the m:tter
effec tive and cheap.
VL~~iN.L.-JnO. 5.- Re~ynold -
. left town last Satturday for
orkville, aid 8passed thronglh this
lace on Monday en route for the
harlesCton1 Centennial. As he was
1 flU decompanyf w-. a1 skc our Charles
ni frienh dO oW U 'io) >k hi :1'>;)i
lindedness18 whide inl the good old
city lby I 1m 3re'."
y, a1 sun1 i0vr of the warI with Mexi
0), lhas gone t a Chai ritIston to pari -
ticpate in1 the celebration there wit~h
h(e "Mexican WarL Veterans."
Gov'. Chamberlain paissed( 11hrough
Vrinnsb~l0o onl MNonlda's south
ouind traii. He was justre'turi itig
'01m (Ciminna ti, having stoppe)(4ber
omo12 thue inl Wasinlgtonl.
WVAs I-r R U-ror~nolo B ?-Mr. E. C.
4rier, of Charilottoe. 1relates tilut
uring tile war Cad Andrew8, who
Qlongedl io hlis r'egimnft, tile
.I'h~iteen North Ii aro linaL, while on
uty' a .11,. Hharp1 shooter, at
hteneraIl H-ayest. Ue, did( not want
r> deliver his~ swoid becancre
flicor ; buIt the captor1 levelled hlis
o hand over the insignia of ran1k
nd aulthlority. Joh3n Youlng, of
diamrance county, was3 (cap1ta:in1 of thle
h~arp, shooto's. :The que'stioni now
rised, Was his * Brigadier'-Geneoral
h 1yes, Rpitherlfordl B ., tlh( presen1it
epulican canididate for ge1slient ?
r*~tcr pays the following comipii,
-ient to ou'r f'3llow townJstnmnu Col.
ames0 11. Rlion :"Y r lae
I) XOQ tat Ja s Hi114I. Rtil1, onaq., of
Vinnshoro, has b eeon appoinlted to
epresent Southi Carolina Oin the
itio nal Ex(Cntive Comiittee of
he Demucrtatic parity. In the~ seee
iont of ColI. Rion for th1is'duty th'o
onvenion dlid lilore thanu pay3 himl at
Leservedc compJ~limenC~t. It placed~ an
thlict-man, ('n1 enldowed with n~
iring 6eegy and1( fine0 exruftfe
bility, inll a position .w'ho those
iulities will tell for' thle cauiS of
lhe Demnocracy and ini the resuiscital
ion to higher h6pe itd resolute
urpose of our -Prostrate State."
We clip) the following, from the
!i'ershdl'o Gaze
"B~y reference to our advertising
142opfis week, it will be seen31
hatk the D~elbI Houis Bar and
lilliardl Saloon invit'es the pnblic2
>trona~ge.- It hIas recently changed
ema~ill a1 fellow as Gladney is. We
anve knowni hiin' of old, and1( 1he has1
iot chianged a par11ticlo since wQ
erst saw him-4he is thra'am'e clever,
fenial and-and--aha-huindsomne fel
ow of by gono days. Heo i in
ir New York houso.
From wlat - we have seen
of it, from the brief time it
our hands, we have-no hesitation it
recommonding it- to the favorabh
e consideration of both old and young
as a beautiful Centennial Souvenir
The typography is of the first order
beautifully illustrated and alpha
betically arranged for references or
t0 important subjects, well suited too
both for the centre table or as n
companion for leisure hours, es
e pecially for the young, and we have
no hesitation in saying that those
& of mature years n il1 find soiething
1, both to interest and amuse, and
t whose bettor judgment can ap
y lreciate it.
is 'a'le first edition of one thonsanld
h copies has been already sold "to the
Trade" at a price that covers the
>f ontfire cost, reserving only a ips
copies to the author, and whicl
k enables him to stereotype the Second
it Edition a price that Wp are grati
11 led to understand will be offered tc
I the people of his native district al
. cost.
d The book contains 225 pages,
octavo, and will be bound in two or
e three different styles. On receipt
of the first hlindrod volumes due
r'!notice w~ill be given b~y the agents:.
0 VENTILAION.-If the estimate of
the doctors, that an ordinary man
vitiates one gallon of air every
minute, be true, we can a1s4snt to
their declaration of the direful train
of he:d-aches, had tempers and
disease that attend bad ventilation.
This thought is suggested by a
a socond visit to Miss KATIE OIu.AR'5
KInnsoxmivI.EN SclIoo In addition
e to the air tube and stove (res
ventilator before mentioned, we
find there now a revolving ventila.
tor that scatters the air through a
window glass, and beautiful ar
rzangemcnts by which pure air
t without draught, dust: or insects,
L is admitted in the lower part of the
two side middle windows. Col.
Rin,, (who we have mentioned built
r the house without "fee or hope of
reward") says these contrivances
are furnished by a Company (the
Protective Ventilator Co., 613
Broadway) of New York who'se
whole business is the construction
of different hinds of ventilators.
Ile has at his .residence and law
office several kinds of these veutila
tors that seem to f.s to be both
u.eful and ornanenttl
We aro told that the health and
:>iits of the ch dren, oo far ad tain
the p~rop~osition .'hat good ventilx
tion is an' indispensable requisite
for ai well regniJ*e.ted school: We
are of the' opinidn though' flhat all
the heautifit'l Rinidergarten con1
trivatnces to interest - ad amnsu.,
whdle instructing,'have their eff'ect
in thIese respect4 also.
When wve went through thiti
e3 School, we wished we "were abo
dI agamin.
porW~ted~ that Blodm1EEfs GERMAlI
St erui hasi, since its introduction in
the Umited States, reached the im.
mlenuse sale of1 40.000 ,dozen per
year. Over 6,000) DmJuggist~s have
ordered this Medicine direct . from
the Factory, at Woodbury N. J.,
and not 01ne hass reported a sitsle
faiilure, but overy letter speaks of
its astoanishinug success inl curing
severe Conghs, Colds settled on the
t .Bre-ist, Consmnption, or any disease
o of the Throat and Lungs. WVe ad
vise any person that has any predia
poi~o to weak Lungs, to go to
their Druggist, McMrs-rUn & BIrIE,
iand get this Medicine, or inqluire
- a~boumt it. Regular size, 75 cen'tsB
-samupi hot tIe, 10) cents. Two doses3
L. will relieve ainy case. Don't neghee
i ~ \\f I lhav' oa nice lot of PIQUE~S many~u
'Vof wht'ich wo offer att less than Now
'ormot. McM.3AHTElR & BIIIlCE.
LiNotIce of C'ount-il,
'3 r I ilIE Marshals of the Trowunare hereby
.LI ordetr.sdl to put a stop' at onIce
to all ball-th rowing, bat-playing, kito
e playing, &c. , within thet streets of the
t own, as4 such41.KJport iso consl1idered a' nui1
sanl)ce Vijolaitors againt this oirder re'
0 potted to the cou ncil will 1be liale to a
1, fine of $1 00) for 'eh offe'nen
Byorder of Connil.
OFvies Cou'NTYv C~O~MssxoNF.Rs,
n5 '1N551noW. K. C., .11n1o 19, 80
a i EALED pr11joosals will be recqivedla
fj' this oftice .for thirty dilys for the
buildling ot a bridlge over Little Rivyer at
Ilrice's old imill, To'uwnip No. 2. All
bdlAd must be acconpaiefd with the namnes
d1 tomiiionersi reserve thet right to'rejedt
anyI aind all buidm if ip their judgrnecnt the
jInteven't. of tlie cunity regnife it Ver dhe
n tails .f plans and~ sp~eaitg y at
this ofilco. i ENoRY , o.
1l junio 21 xT
- WOOD) P'JtE8Imf1gifC
f 'NE Bari ':nowri as foiduuiutt;
~yl t3 fr coalitig . .wodii to piesdtrve
it, either in bujlling or more particular
13' on Fence Poste. .' r sale, by'
a oct 21 -W.;E. P 1xEN.
[a lotice.
'T' is not my l'>sirross whether you go to
I- Lthe Centonuial or not, but 1jleae call
TO-DY ad setloyour Mafrko bill June
29t 187A8.c steW. R. GARRISO.
a june o -1t.
t'ial Jitt Ice.
S' All buginee rentru.ted to him wil
receive prompt attention.
I. A O.AItLA~tt,. JHo. 8 RKYKOrnS
No. 2 IA .IANCR,
J, A. Fraser, Agent.
am agent of the foflowing well eutap.
. li'he4 Are inbran~c co mpnaies. and
recoth:nend thou to property owners as
worthy of their cn'hdeho. Froperty
insured it adequate raters.
rThe Fire Association of Phila-t
de-lphia-Incorporated In 18211.
Assets in -r $3.000,004N.
T1e (itizens' Iufihrance ('onpany
of Newark N. J. -Organitdi in
1869. Val Ital $2,'3110,000. As
setts over 5O10,000.
I The Petersburg Naving, anid In
surance Company .of I'eteis
burg, Virgiui. Assots outr
Call on me and insure your property
without delay. Country buildings a
mar 4 at Winnsboro, 8 0
Just Received a lot nico uncan
vassed Hams, mall sizes.
C. R.' Bulk Sides.
A lot Fresh Augusta Flour,
feb 21
T AM 'ud in -eeiptof le
,5r10 N'( AND 80flMEI#(0001'9;
old a d new o examine~ b'ny
stoek bef-ore making piturchams
Th'Ie fhiest ling ol' Geut.' and
Hof~i I i'r and( St/a'wV 11 ats4 ini
B00TS A~t SNO 810,
Genit' finte Dress Sh irty, Fur
Satchels at SU L WOGLFE'S
Rmay 6
~ GUR1NITURIE, Parlor Ilrackqta arnd
. P'icture Frarnen, for des -n andm
workamaship, unI~~lngulle. em
.her my p~rices are hoyopdi comptittiodI for
the same uality of goldei.
'i P.\ljm~l Wjm{1w ffhades low ii ~rio
dunral,,o'erlei1, that ?devr' o.pf
ords:, and will lasmt lo0i r than, anm other
Shadp. Alattye ,M gnIr,' HallRaoks,
Mirrors And Lutuber fo 'W.
Furritture geatly repairedl at moderato
' ios. S eclmlttention ilven to the Un
41ker's D)epartmet5,' - ' p on hand a
slappl orcae W dr d CoffiAs.
$5 TO~ fit par. My e hom.
t Sataples Worib. $1
free. StirI sopi Co., P'ortlanmd, Mie
risky 10- ly _______
- Vinegar.
1 BPL. of WhitaWine Vinegar for est~
h 3t~ D~rag Store of ATI.
J4 F. fiastor&CJ
" OULD call tiho alttc(ioit of the
yyV Julic to tlaeij eoinplm'te Sicmk of.
Spring null Stllt2br oode,
3Iuit 1lOegivod t. lmimcuc Ce.utenauaid XI rip ',
" A full line ot'1rlott,.villm'
New 1'rite or aill the imtealf
If lanmL. Striped 'tamd l'lnid1
* ~ ~ lrenadinu.., nd P'opinms.
Ortandh:e anud Swisse 3lus
Rel ndImtaio ul:for t it idsa
Our Strmcl of Clothing it; as eomp)1utte AS
ait/I in) towl)
Diagonal Coatse anal Vomatmi
Fancy P1111K P1'at, ('nmSi-ee1',
]ile Flannel's and 1i~t*ts Suitsm,
Bioth in Frock ind Sack (.'oats.
Cale and( see itsi before putr1hmwiajg olmee
where as we cani imizko it it, youi advu
Ingom to bay from itsu.
Cal. I.mnfl( \~A''lteI 'cl ii
1 ('ar IA mad1 ]F'it !'. '-all W~u 1100S
1 ( :nr 1I.ai 1 ,Iel'! 1114':11.
Chsu'loitt", ('01(1(rtbisr..C Augusta
R 'ail Road.
C01.1'MiIA, Dec. 10, 1Nifi
r1' III fo),lowijtg .I'as"engor :(iclhpdttl4
w' ho run over thi's real on and
after thim tlnle :
TIIA1N"-001$0 NOIITIt.
Leave AupnP1a, Q't. itt 4.15 p to
('elnalhin. ti, C., ft 20 p 1
\\'imishoro, 12.80 p 1'
('hester, 2.00 it in
Arrir.' at ( .htt;"lo(fe, N. C. 1.15 i " 1
"rRAUU---nn.,u AOUTII.
Je>sro Charlolti', 1'" O. at .0 40.p' n.
"" Chewer,. , 14.06 at .11,
tv 1it it.-Oh0ro, 1.85 a to
"' Coluutbin, 3.11 .. u1
Art ire .tt ,\ut;(istA 0.0(1 a in
J.AS. ,1N I)Elt "ttN, Crn'l :(ilpf.
A. I'(11'I:,
Gen. Pnssenger atilt 'I ieket Ageht
I . . . .. -o- t
% 1,Alt(11. emi-monthly T.iter,>l'J ..nn(i
]'uutih Pu1'or, cuntllinin f; 213 coloniun"
of 111e 1,11. .",:".t Miset"11i.ncvus matter, iit-.
eluding (lrigintl Serial Storit's by the
hest tvl'itsrs; 1114toriuctl and ]3iogral hiual
Sicrtrht's. Writ (on express ly (tier, ita_
olutnt s; A icu111tru) Im1(lel" ?1'P)n
prop-I'" t1men's lteacl
Inf;, by eoutpett"tit writers; I1lunorons"
Itrndi11(. antl exet'r1 Is from Cho tIOrent;
literatttrr oft he dam. 'Ni) adt"er3"i e, ienti
or matter of eith,"r tt Itwo). or a political.
ehttran(t"r. Neltlly, prinll"d ot1 I III vhitu
paper lteadiii nt"tr nt" tl itdtapted_
to all titntnti r.'td all Hection$ of the coun
Sr ",
'ltt;tivs." Sitiglr a:nbsvi i1 liomu 1 :,O leer.
an1101n, in atlvati(t'; in uluhs of five or
more, $1 21 per veer, and it t"ltluahl(
1.'l"t;miatn, tvortlt 1'r0tu $1.01) to X8500,.
tyellendi11g u1u 11 the numher of mulmeri,
ht'r8 ('t tho imikt"r of thtt t'I111 . % lpeeitneti
ro(iVv ntid lull ltat"lit"tiiitt's of gttr", littoral,
terms to 1 ;;t'nt$ hail tlnh-tuakor.< ao;it oil
nltltliniut i.ut , A4Id reHH ,
i.. \I. (Ittti'1', P1t111i 11or,
Yorkville, S.
May 1:1
.4k. t.iir
\Ij C, 1110 11ndet'Hit-lnrd, (11-s ire to in
forlu tltu 0ilizeu" of \\'inn$boro
anti tiniuit\ Ih'it Uo have itsso(iat..a1 our..
velvt$ unclorIht' firm nalur of J(ms-roN "\,
I't:r'tlt aa: r, 11111 will k:".'1 t"t ns(midV oil
hand it Inrl;e>;I,.,.k of fit+l' \\'Iti$ickts, \\'inea
(Uiu. t\-u. Ako AcE.wltna ;.coti"It Ale
(Iuintlc'SH; 1 rthlilt Portt"r n'td 13 ufiti
(:iui(t'r Ale.. A1.o it luu'1t' sloul: RI' ttotk
nIltl hot >., 1 1i v (i~c1"Ia,' ('J '(Ming, (11"ocerie
1014 t'rtol'vtIii11 11,11;11IV' kr1 t ill it firm-clan
houlti' '1111Ii1?Oiii 04 (Ii n, libel-11l, lmlrollago
lirti! ,tr0du11 Ow old : It '.t P',' \';o sutiuit a
0t.tttit nu11,"0 ofthe 8:11110.
]"NO. JO)lxb'I'ON,
Titllrr. Pi':r'rtcn(Ct','
BE A'F 13110. & SON:

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