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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, July 12, 1876, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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\,Of, XTE.1 W1NITSBOll() S. C.. WEI)NESI)A MOR1NG Y 5 j
I1 Il F 1 1El14!1) 1II[+ It 1111)
V 1 L 1 'IS EA . i
7 "rn.r. --The 1/1E'.I ,I) 22' 1' isli of\ t~'1 k
y inl I lie 'IiIl or IV ill I luo, 2) :3.)
2 in '1 h l l"! 1122 "1C,
c 1'.I If U1/21 1 ii171.V*
A PEI I('i1' 1)A Y.
T i:rit is 2V24i tCl il1i211 ~ n
.Anti t1'ill. IldIa (11' (h Iti222 is' lib( iv,'
A Ill I ae tin . 5"nl11'.\ It1.'lgig (.
As it Illshly:
Anti the1 \wat'hiiig 2si1 11(0 dlcli 2fxit- 2(2(1
As tll! wind tc'1j12. by. ["low'.
And I ll 1r' is 111(1. -'l)'x vi 2~w 12211 ihml Illg
Wi2th 812i11221c'ildrol..11 Itltl- h l 11 ( 504)1 () li
A Ii s 11 41 )1" j l 'l 2211 II I ~' 11121 1" sh
'1111111 tlt' 511112))') Sa'.
lit (ht-' 11(41" (1221 1'2lact.' gr'2i221 :Intl ,'n.'
111,)'. utIe. \'t' hiappy.. till 12:1'2"' ;141'.vs.
'I II 1 t 'dI'~ 111:,1g "
.1)11 141, ie1'n. . til~r 1;411l1i
()It, nu1nrn 1.. 1)1(';l.' ll2221. 1)11'0 is 11)51,
'J=II I .l' i'il'~1 12211 . I dI' ;114(1 :1(? 2 'I .(11
1 ) II" :111( of , i.w 1 ;1 ,1' l. " :y
S~~rct.~~1'. SfG'on11.212tti
1it 11.I4. 2 . '. 11;)11 12228 tti :11 ' ')1 j1 (y
iIl . ii1 ' Iiith 1"1' 12' 1.1 1 I, S1
l0'21 fGo o r'ri 111 1i('I'l \\?1112) 11.18 1)x"1 h022.iIr (2 1
J"(~;.. i 1} 1 ~tfl c; t11:1 122. stuil
'l~haing he,l oll ( l~n21nlot2, AI.sI.go ii
11101n \",L ;liii W ' t o tI(111(In' .t "l. 1 9. ci
1\"11(1n hl(1 Ivu 122 ii~l I (r (":-O'Sl 3211.1
hise r'ai-he Iw u)\o ('1~i, 2') 1(- h (e1)1111.
t.,").11 lina ad)1.1 (2)12111 1v.) s 12(
1101)1 VI', 1111 l\ e (11.1 1l~i 1'1
(1Id 1 1ly 21. (22~11: j' )( lll 1)1' .1 1 (11,
2121( lLh( .; i~l aluI. 11om 12:ill 1 (1) I
11(2 li IS-1 (10( 21. 11221211'I 4)cl e t ldi(t
51'1r il21 11( 1111( S l t e 1:1( Consu(n o hl ..t d litt1. ) t i '~ rtI lii i
('124)\ 1 ; WIS 2 n 1 3 1'h(1221 111 114 t
g ross, 21 11: t .1 85 reiden S. .;1:1(k. (
{::])il It (1ti th21 Colriclissin j1f1$h
Toi 112) ( (1 to 11 ) 211(n 11 1141c1~ t1' llI
tltItdJ IIlit; 14) 1 h(i1 1ec1. tin 1;() 1112
th('nt e 11 1(1 IV s 1)ric,221. in~e
Sea \t nt, lonin l)))in LIoI the1l)1'1'
V"i122.ki l~g' .. re atd he2fl - i a. 11 illi1lI('
211(1 ly lit '))O!Z)it4ni 1.2) t l h(J1i
[V11" 1)t the2 73,111", ti110 11l8 ))') I(1W 21
oif (iovernor ielIclti*kx carried~ himx
1.trug,11 bit, It(. IDItd thIe zidvinitlge
the temki)plerace cut iiiii't oif his
Sititt wits aurayed. , He hasi miaide
tin l1(eCete4tzlhl Go(overnoer, and hias
Oflelid~ecl 01ily ini one rexJaeet.--by
(Joeli1Oi 1IutliiCk~i i 1 loa of11 ,
SocillyhVle is 01,0l of the most Clgr~et
1)'0 i(i tr i)lic lift-, and lie art wt;
flit: iii IbIiiV s'fr Wlhich lie is noted
11to th11e courit. 101)1m 1t8 well IsI tie
X( lli ve ci luer No one niwets
hiii withotMt l(itig chiarizied \l it~b i :
0tciiet.y. HeI 1)0ii~55550 Iit fund oIf
wit 1t1(d iiieedote wich uiiake hits
Irec felici touxly (01105011i. is 1rQitCefld!0
ii Wiyx well] (4oil.-tetllt.ed, and hisx
i( ul tie )n 1111(11t. Ii aid ('isV. H is
)0115(1 is fuill 0i1 booiks andc c)ii iig
tnl although riot .1 x-)polio- inth
iglier 3-.cli5xs. lie is w0e1 V1:rxco I iii
teature zitd hast ixen anI ('spell ully
-loe s t ii~ o1I.f E'nghili andic Ai11(ri
S (c(tij(frl. iiletIIodiCai. anti l)i)ilhl.
iberail withioiut- heing ex' Lii1,t;*l t
In h(1 litis the rejiu1tatt14)1 of living
111 hoest 111111. H.5 uunelm onI tie
iekit! is exec1t!~ 1 t ;111 1n:iciorinilly
.o Jj Xiei' st4re i~ti in the~ W'est.
i1it. iwlof.1l13 this illh prve the( easeO
rill c illy h)4 It (S( in the November
0 i(ihh'.
:o 'rr'aini1' ? .no 1iiiicrcd I.itlc ii
T.'ienty-1'wvo Deys:--Honme Agttin.
I133131 I.e 1 t. .I4)it hlt I lle..
;t.iie"t lv I mm-", %%;ac; I clatedi to out- 'O1
(t-ijlOlid(-lit, ;l I4CvI- daysV3 51("e bly it
,C) y Jil (il 1111 .; h11$ligray r1. sje cii
L 01I,,lit tim ince l-ey(0 1)1 IGha .tie.LVlcy.
8311(11 1(: ii igh Mr. Mel iielt'1'" ,
.'t11("i1, wihiel re .uilrvxlit ]Vht JIik,
i(llcuL~ c-ink-t, s;, shipe ~ICiti full
bluod((1 01 -ht Iit d (" by ("x1l''"'~ Co
hle (It).-~ arri1ved i"1 hiis dIesti lic i.
11id was coin eVt-t iln it Witgoilt 1(3 M".
Wt1; eC Ox1iSe. LW,) 1111 14 Ino nm iit,
blat-c. where lie wa ii i jl ll) ill tihe
mil1 t0 14)r 1 ~l it hisO straying. r1114e
loet 1.1l. Ont(liti 111 'dr 'lWi Ji 1113 julg
111 dlr. voildr 1tu1 1t1 II, kNII+ IleVel
u hie;12 thle l;0 td l l telelidl 11 tr itd
tit; , lt"(;.1leiie:nt. hMAY bee iillincl
.vh14lI h 1(;1 I("ov((1' short ly ;,ier
314 Ii sh i. tihat t11e flog I~i;'? I uokei
L\V.;V 1113$ !(!'t tor put-; Ilinklimvll.
.11i., 1(11-5 was; (l1.tiilV felt biy all the
k("1 ., d jntov*("- I he( wlici (
tlccitX 1,H )w hoeniiaiii hlt. all thti
l is mu t is( ii to~ itiis i~eStil 141111 1
(~3" Illiliily 14s)1 weeks ;iiitl', noe
K;illI \Vh:Li.'ye;" e3)Ii!41 b0 lbtztinil its
o whet lice" lie won Iereel, or. if
4031(111 whi time Chief wax. So, , ft ci
1inin ii 1:1l 11 1IIi"'e1Sfill itti (laI1its
31.V JuiVI-t -iv t:1 deep for sOuit.ioii.
Uhlk 1 1s. Illil I tolru t ide31t(11( lit
[lie tahie 111110 everwl (liete. ec
ginst oleda.< 11 C le, hout t xlid hve
ltlt i vh b110u proidel(
atoe ilitonse exeit (iiliit of 15.17
and1( '18, maused lby thle discve~t.ry (of
g;old ill California, will be ruineni
bocredl by miwy1} of ouri older readter's.
Thle (IXeit (111(11 wit-, tit fever heat in ..M e~nct(rhc hi oll
ilii the woi'kslop, lai'iiiei' left.t Ihe!
plow ini thel farrow, clerk(; left tke
c()1 iIng-loomn, and1( cleigviiteii (14
i'911te he fli oc 14(ks. AJlveulttI('i of.
all classex sw\a riiiec le( blees; 'i p'
*thei (leek of1 each11 (lep i'. v1e!4' of.
Aln ((hll 'ollgloiael'atht,n oif thieves.
g~tI)Il)~' 111and ct t throat s i Il'tt
t i tb1 pii(9ll(41 of the go~spel, dScto)1s
of )11(t? li('i le. lcitiiiel jploI'c):s4 li.
efleiiaiiiate clerkls, etc., aill ben~it 111)01
tOlf) sameli (er'rald, never biefore or1
Since nlehd 111)011 it ship's dleek. A
tip ar1ounld the I Icri'i was the p"op)s1
lli r'out.(' at. that. Lin fue.ill( fol 411'o
six 111011 hs wtei'e "ally occupied1 iin
re'a(hinlg thle land of goild.
Among the numbtier' who ('tlttgit I
the infection was C ha'rles (., at clerk
ill a large w.holesalle dry1 goos hlou
i1 New York. He was but,1 t wentyI
pearsl' of' lite, Lad IL gi 1)41 sitalii~ 1,
was truisted byV hlis t'llj4VC!5. anf 1
had a fair pr'ospec4t of IOIV.tflcelen t.
l1e was oIf an1 it lt'e't'rous ni tthi4e,
and1( haltedl the slow anid (11.1-1 tLti 1S
(Of ()1)10501'(i:dl life. The14 gl~i i )tit- of
1'tc,11511(1ia lie galve t1l) is sit.1111 i )n1,
antl inii t o1)1. ( th le e('hire:(t ie, (41
p:1 ('Iis 11110 sistc si , 1114 baide then)
Weic tviil pa:to over two r'ears of hi
life. The Ilitter 1hii5:411o'.ltIaeist of
1111 11V Z:l )' Jl(5 for 10' weal 1 1~l W 10h'
Net' 'iiik,' \ it"1hi gh hopes; all I c::"
1ecti' n iso~.. tll i(ki('$$ (nhlouti. 1 4
d eter te.1 illt) Off CHi t1lC ()f ni 41der o
thef.t weVuj. I ied1 b II, V'igi Itlce
Co111tusali. . 71111 11ii11g to 1.11' neet;,"t
t\ ork Wt.: 5 till!) ''ol'l',io1t the ('14111!I.
Ad Vet" ' it. is: sa t'e to assert tha t, t-uie
11L'U t. 11s ill thle S tat '14. WIt e c tials,
ll1'e t~r414 41 uiged Iby te, aust 'C~e 'l 1tIlon
1il I tLI)rIi Sn:101lil''11 The test.i
Cl 1114' Itii V(. 11e was P"41-l~lite I tI ( 1
testif i ll is owl b'isali an s d it' li"
file.t ti) s-it isl ' his jll' Iges ('f Ihis
.ll110"'ei"'. hi s ill uish iiza'i was styx sil
;Ind Sur.1
(tlest ('o! Ifue1 toot ('1ili 11 lit l rn
1:ti bad lit ,"1 !"',i'k(t anu 1 a1l)atl.
(144114: 141141 tI' !' lti 1'ais ,r1 ilti ! 1
1h ll( I ' 1;' of tdi~lsi)tj ois I t hoit ('l1lt:c
K';illi l'lt'.:(1. ill lit \e ,1' 1850
WViths Li::-(h (.oi111i:,;. u)(11 I he h~ouse 1'1)1"
5e. s11l genera1':l. who :ilw"tyS ilitflmgtl
o.4 i~iip the to ilerts of1 the gilt otf
thcu' earnings.
One ol" tse lil'st n:it.al.1 g ;1)')ii'4
hells' at ta1: tilii' Wi-s lkep! inS
ed not it word inl reply, for he seemC -
el tdong lueles iaid rspeechlo;s.
':Swhm 1ii' !'' eint fron fully it
hundred thr~oalts ; and the mobu1
pull(d at the rope, and the poor fel.
low's feet hitd anioslt left the ground.
'Hold ! ' cried i foice. "1Htold !"
A nin with one plunge parted
the crowd, acnd with it spring gisp
ed the rope with on1e hi-id. while a
sheath-knlife (111 its strands witlI
the other. 'I'hi'1Ahi' '1l" fell to
the earith is if dead."
"Kill hhll!" "Knife him !" "'lan
him !" yelled the iltudotled crowd.
aSt:uid back !" was the c'alw"
reply. "The first Inim i that ap
proahes ie dies !"
One lld held it cocked pitol,
the other the knife that ha-1 eut the
r(pe. lie was cool, but there was
d~et(iiition in his eyes and
" List cn to ieaisoIn. genttle)Cmen," he
said. "This mnt) is 111) mttrderer.
lie took the life of anotlor to sav i
his own. What mn11 in tli crowd
but would do the same ? I was
at the tab 1e when Slippery Dick
was killed. He drew his pistol in
rage, 1un1 was aiout to fire at, the
heart, of that young ma1n, who killed
himn to save his own life. I appeal
for jiustie only. I have proof of
wI mat. 1 say. Jim, walk forward,
co watrd1 that. you are. You were at.
the Son, t:.hle with 115. Spuak the
truth. or you are at ii dead iman. You
mti C it reliti VP of Slippery .Dick. I
Well know ; but if you lie, a hiull.'t
will go thomagih your brain."
J im walked forward and substtni
inIed all Iiat his compnition had
sa:1. and the leader of the mob
(oiled his rope, aind the rough
(row"d disperawd.
" omi1ig Imam," said the fellow Who
aveil (haries C.'s life, "voi liad
ahtlomt p'ayed1 your last eand here.
Tle rolpe busines os (18 n >t agree
\it h you, I (an etie by th.e color of
yourI f:tce. A vessel lives tis po0 t
for New York toI-morrow )epart
with it, for -.'n Fraincisco ma);y not.
p*ove Ia healthy place for yom to,
live in the :u (tre. Take IIy advie.
I 01:u and (ard0s0: nearly cost yul
your1 lit'(. L det)/:cm alone in the
,'' itture/ !"
(hairles Iook; his ad vice. He do.
parte:1 on the following day. and
ia:; never tsted liqor or handled
:t carid Si ince. .Hle is to day one of
1 he mo10st. wn"a thy ad.i ~ hr.:sperocus
merclits in the (ity of New tok.
An Avaianuhe of Hirs.
As 0h1ow\:n;g tie penalti is wlich
at eI to I. Ie pot:(:1ion of K.nut
wI :1ith, the N ew Y ork //,e.o' 'le
oi ftesi '-11lno11s 'it flie publieni tn
of >menl :-pec'imn s4 iif the' t wo 1.lms
and0; letter~s whic I()lts. tew~art. h-0s
receive I from those who claiml to
bet legitimiitate he;irs of bei denr:sed
hiusha td. '.l'he 1 ttl s for ii . lili ii
ta:res5ting chLapter) of creduliity anid
gr It. f. sems that .II IrS. SeI (warft.
I c Cive. very mn'VIIy le. rf' es every,
day - Irie of whic h aI q ite di - 1tn'
Iie(t: 1 wlile others Iboride'r on ihe
profine. S)me10 of the leIters au-e
luum( rouls and 1(1 1qnest the widow to
procee.1 ti divide the eStitfe 1111 t-)
ie sure nidl :answ r their letters at
onceit. OtI Phes are of a I j Icsp (chl
aete:.r, ami( 01n theP mrt of f~he wrHi (ra
thiere is at stementi~i thit they do) noi.
bel.i ve flhat thc, IyP v t av 'If fthe
blo o1 t11(f fthe Mt arwt ifnl fi Pthlen 'rsn
nl thlei r veints, but t.if thiere is auiv
Iionetiy toI be distrilmI)ted., to pl ease
Senid it alonlhg it (.J-." OneI elim
mL)fIiLIeenli ht in his yoth Ite sl ept
inI the smite 1bed wit MlAlr. StewarIt:
mi :" ano11 fter ipt is fio th wi. Wj
oft thle dle, tSP~ a is "Auty Ste':ir,
vato ini Compa)~ny J," chlimis to) be ia
secondt cor~sint, anid 1is wiig to H! sii
vo' ees. A tiltance1(1 meitum hias aL
mess. ige from the deceasel1, in which
lhe a ;kis his wi~f ) to pay ot his
c hi t i ~ i i eaills a n d f e v e re r eme d e a m n h i s
inteP t'mpjloyeeCs. A Can~la i Ste wart
New York I iit nber of thel f-ui y
wouihld like tetifn tsanId (111lhir s wi if
wih to i i go illto busineass. Thiere IS
a c he.rfuP propitiohn o)verherd( itn
fli Par to1l f kidlbijp AirsH. StwarIt.f
amd (temaniId a ' milljin dollars n
Sevfn ef npt luen1 wviio lerf, Comifort,
iibl'e hiomes ini Wisconin to huttii
gold in) the Blatck liilts, apjplied on)
it recent 1nigt ait thte police 31( Sati'on
lit SL Pautl for Iodging,. hiaving
wal ked fro the fll I slack li ilIs atffm
wiihi fi-hey1 saw~ no~t a girain.
'This is heru es n alo
pierienee on record. Ini a Brhoioklyi
dlivorce~ attit the husband, who wast1 I
sup1 )11!iitfndlenIt, of at hIorse car line
al legs fthat Ii wife ill empi~loyed mu
aL "spotter,"iand that i ~thrigh bie
infhtcwe h1( anis tirned ot of hi:
It is treprted~' that. J-hntt Mi orrssf.
andI( other proinent Demnocrat s roti
teplateI iMar iting at Demikocrato ; or*
orgaun itn WVailigon (City
wvit~h ia pitail (If 4500 ,000 D.
T...............e eel-ninh
Saving Against Stt'tving.
Thec New Yor'k i'.X('flfl14 't I . Ci
"'A- young 11:11 It 0'1(1e k in wit:of, 'orn'
tionsl, ialpIlied to one uof o,4W' (lix- 1:(1.1
ti-i~kniNthc l iiervliitits, whoI iH ita Ot
di'tletor, .oid askcd 11i11j for l1 is inu '
flulte to getL his 8H11l11y lil44. \ 0
Ilillell \~ ourl iIlly 11O\1'? 'we e (
111111411 ('.1 (lolllui4,' Wiaxtt; 1.10 IX.ve r. 111:110
( Qiest io. ,111\ Aj) !I Il('C I d io YEt .11 li
save It ,\ ea ? Answer('. Not (,lit, suet.
(11(9I1. 1 ("111 ('lly just 1,111;0 Both
011(15 711('et. All
'*.,). Whiat I )on't, HIIV4 Il1lvthilg *~fIded
A..'h lti'r 1 cull 'hilt just exist. fri
Q. I m1ake it. It rule to) az*'xt no fr1
(1110 Whol (1oes not,. Hav~e H..111ltlil'' "1'1
eVV(!1.y year. N;, iiiatt (:' illyw s11iI I US4
'1 a3"l~, H6fll-tAiing 141i1 c 111 e lx a\'e(1. j:1il(
JHowi ninlny c'iga&rs do you suio ke--' Nh
andt their' ('ust. Y A. WellI sonic 11. Ui.
three' It clayV, 'ostin1g, togctlI4,2, abl out retell.
t~tveilty (cnts.' le h
8011 wvith y~oui t A. I-g "Hm~ 1)11i1' ("1. o hit
a ('(Zell timeifs (luliig the.. vinite (1 t
wvith ilyi) wife 111i.( siste(r, custil..in ,(11
cliii ing ]'illiOI(l fare.' Hay13' I 1 t/
"'Q. 1)4) volt (111lk 11(1 lilt ):1,i: iIH 10\
tin~e.. lDeer. etc. ? A. I gV1eIi11 'Ily 'li(" 1
lake two glassesi of whisikey 1' ii) ;tlt
*411(1 14ol.tlniex :. g11aus; of 10 t't ;11141 tI
1Ily wilt' at time fri '(oils il(ii.'h ("ei'("U 1
~') V1'Ii Stir 1'1)11 (':aI114)Uf. ,:1ve '~
ve'rlv eXj)e1ilHe for e;:1rd6l. u(11-1111ai: ul th }
01,1l111)1. cosit. le.-, I h:tii ;,2( ) I*1 ii inl thE
WIl~l~ would (14)l il' no ,,14411. toll \\"
(911.1; :L d 1iI'. 'Tly );:Iilig f 1)1 r ix 1t
6":1t ft'11l1 of I11 im e .11a' \v11 ?u111"}Ii i
1)c1nse hoo4k, shlowinig it cleat' siaxi:l :g )(i 4 ii
1i.1I.'E thll jll'4v4i( Ii'ut. It)i I t 4':.o isxIi liii1:
salary 110111 S1,20t(1 it) : 1,50)(. Illn 1("1111
*111 )it,14!' SX 441 ithltt $i Ili Th
hill i4iii1'' 141.1:, mul t. e 111 el" lol.
(U. (town,'i to tut' lliil~ii 2111 iotk itl
1111 Bitch xti cks, 111tH 1. will 1(\f . 1(4lillil
(I emi 111(1 give lti1Il-( 1-, ilits ' has in
']'Iis le~lr i 14\\''1 n:,
11411,1l~, is now (llliIV 114!!i 1 4p)\ ell l' 411111
It1*i'.'1.010lii' 1(1!1-1"141 iii* iIt. t l l"Av
H;111'1I ti 11 Ilits3 tll Its4 1~ Ifs u "t 11 c 1
l\v. SIuX 11
" .-Tlere Ire.0 11(t\ 4111 1'1o lolli (:I Isl 4
(ali e i 1aK thits ci~it. who2. :Ire ' 4'~ly110
c I I Iilt~ th lit. d lie~ k11",\\" \ tile 4. 114
I .:i 1 e h l ,t is t ) ,lII (* 11111'. (1'(:it
I l~sixl;:i' th( :v 1 1I441. I e 1 1'. ( ' ie
tis 141 11:1 I roeeui,l V 41.l !01(1 00} ( i t. ill f1iti
t (3 woldl It '$111\" 'he i t y1111e. iotf .!110..,
from ry (25t 14)l yest.(ll)t it 144011l te
r(tlivxit.1l of1ly wli th te is.thI: olljuj '' li
Ili 'litO fo ' . 1111i 11. I. i I4,) l1 . " i'o' ,iit ii
t3ottI~j Caa'o~l na Nowvs.
' a)1 i'' uinsn:alli' 111ll dlis
t' "1;1 lglt( ~ I 2(izVl'(1 inl A tul es 'i
is2 sI .11'ul 11, 1 fi rs and22j~ I;'1'
1;11 r I'i'i a'a I N ii i 4 ma ( ua ri' of
It ('al )lli~Il. 5111' I1 lI'gi 'al I 4, 1
or1 h 2(I('(lill 101 h
\(I 1101' ~('1 II'lIs. 1 11:1 1(1
1":iii I :e BA in 1t()l jIII 0l4f id he~
('1)111 ( ! 1111 (1 111' ( ~i '.4 014 l(aveII
withdi' '( lit lv ('()l ' I Ccl l1'iiI)('
4re11 1^ H21(' ' 1)1(01+' l. l Ii
but. tw fJdl. 1(1 of ti~14 ()11
Ij; u tW ; 1l, (1 of' t1uti' ofl ('('442 lit
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From 1111+' Augusta ('IiPoflie/e 11(1(1
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the itlt ilt:ct. A Dart., of negro
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It.t"(e t.iu> jus(tim. to have hilivat ret;t,
011. '1'hc" aciOltt;e(1 aft(rw:u'dH refits
tt) L.tl)1)eu'"' arid fli'nt' II) hi H einn
tI'1:V for defenco. '' \clno31s;1 i"ttllt.
ill)-[ 1)ertinas;ion h('i111; illoe'eI itltl
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'It11 tr Hot. iii:t it tit flit' by, I1Ie'
31c ;ro Inilil.ia, a31 1 ohtailed n fori'o
I'r'0in tho' Ivighlu)t'hood and from
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trettelte(I th0It 'ivf't5 Ill' it 1 riel:
building. '1'ltil. a"Itti 'lti'rt"Olutttloil,
Il11tl it contilrtu l fltHila(10 \i'aBB L-cliU
111) tilt over two hotu'H: with lib
pusit.ive relallt. A" 1)ioee of ltrtillery
was then ln"o('mi"od from Angusta,
and the negrol)k in thn ;loin"
si1etic't d. thollgh little dittnagc. \\1tH
11011('. ll'ivo* IIPO.Oes rtftor\".'at"dH
('11d0a6)red t0' (* ti("itlii'' iteroRH a field
auto( uliot.hei' run ill itnot:hcr ,9)'('ti
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iuid tho latter 1611etl. A Oitrt1 \vnH'
afterwitrds ankle, I es ti t.m4 ill Iii
(':11)111'e of l;f I.r"n' of tla negro
! 1/ i'h1'N,' 1:titldn llr I\1"t\ltl'\' limo in till.
A fter\v2u'(1H. i h(' ro11 was Oil1led,- 1)lif
sev('n of I he tt('g;' ro05 caI>t"ttt"ed, o ti
Hidered I inl;"leitlrrs ill the trotlhle,
\vcrv tstl(('tt o11' anti shot, to dIath"
TIM t'I)Iire li',l fools( 111) Ien' nl'I:i"0N4
i'till',l.1)310 \\'hitt nrul kill('(( role(
01111' \votlntipil. As flit! t'ein:tilld(r of
I he I'risusunrsi were tau tied lot s:
Ilt('v w('10 1;1-1"(1 111!011, 11th it. is trot
t'i't 1:1to1Wii Wilt'ihcr ally of t.htsln
wt 1-(c' kill(';( i" )Silt. '1'ho \vhilesi
:lel ell on I Iic s:i410 of Iaw,- Ilse rcltt"0
50llfvtt Ily it colored 11ut;;istritto (it
tloavol"ilig it) ('11l'1 rc.( 111e law. At
last, itc.t'otllli all (>;(.i1('lnetli. hail'
A ::r )tt It t:itrtrlit t1 l: tt)6(ttrl('tt.
A \\'a iiingtoll cot"re:a olldettt,
whose :('til IieI it" l "tsl es; an. ('OItlnlrlltl -
111+1(': says : ''Among I he 1 111 i1H at
I ilo Uonvetit in (it'orl;eto\t"ii i1I (Slie
to \vhltut (:Iii+'ill trnfion of every onm
who til't's; 11(.'1' it, it. 1 nit ittta"Ltetetl ;
s:hc it; ,;(Writ((( 1' si' tl \vitlt ltoft.
trr'a'' (r311'8. W4111414.1 fill Ilair that. liras
11I on i1('r sItOIIIoIers iii t;hin tucritt ,
ulstH,;t's; of I;ol I.:1 fail'. I ;tly fitee. anti
It 1001; lhstl sets: ht'' it part fn )III till
h''' ('1)ntpalliHItS. I'm- :;(niusi H(.('tlls Co
ov(tr14h1111i) t'" I,'i" 't'it tl its. hoalII iful
lnig1ut ' \t'illrrt;. i let' flail((', iH
;1l it's( \1 nla ISO- Kilit if t,'IOU: site he
lon;;r; to an 01(1- :old we had Imad,'
utltlt':1-- I t'ittcely 111011;0 of Bootie
(';,oolitla. which. 1o-her'' Ilit' lilt(' war,
\\a6 1)rn\'.Orhi:tl for its wealth i11141
Ilt,:atlstlit;t', hill. 110\\" iti o1 1}' it taunt)
a!to nit whurh clnxfor sail ntenloricS,
lil.tt.r Ios"I's and I'loke31 hop es;.
i 1 it voic( Hu cl( rtr
:111(1 r-\\"eci stlitl rich if 1141 1-:I rift~ (.hat.
fh:t:x' \%.It() hear lif't' want( alum((; ;
K( ,lot,'1* has 1 r1)1)hes;iv(I it wouderfiii
curt-"'i" I'm. her in fife fnlalre, and we
(al'it''>;Iit" Tinto' it. 111 ;,rill- tttt,.l~ttle..l

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